Disney Girls 7 – Dance Video Sex Tape

Story: Disney Girls 7 – Dance Video Sex Tape

Author: Tricksterson

Celebs: Alyson Stoner, Haylie and Hilary Duff, Julianna Rose Mauriello

Codes: FFff, ff, FF, cons, exhib, first, mast, oral, voyeur

Disclaimer: This is fiction, to the best of my knowledge none of the ladies portrayed here act anything like they do in my story, unfortunately. So bugger off and leaveth me alone.

Note: Alyson is 13, Haylie and Hilary are 21(despite Alyson’s thoughts on the subject) and 19 respectively and Julianna is 15


“Hey Aly.”

“Hilary? What’s the occasion,” Alyson Stoner asked her sometime friend, sometime co-star and all time girlcrush, Hilary Duff.

Alyson couldn’t remember a time when she hadn’t known she was “different”, she just hadn’t been able to figure out how. When she’d worked for Missy Eliot the rapper, who had sworn her to secrecy about her own orientation, had taken her under her wing and helped her to realize that while she liked boys well enough as friends she wasn’t *just* a tomboy and she’d probably never feel about them the way most girls did. Not that Missy had taken advantage of her. Her mentor had told her she’d know when she was old enough.

And she’d thought she’d known the day she met Hilary on the set of “Cheaper by the Dozen”. It had been puppy love at first sight. She hadn’t even known if Hilary had liked girls or boys and hadn’t cared. It wasn’t until their second movie together that she’d told the older girl how she felt. At least she hadn’t laughed at her but being kissed on the cheek and told she was a “sweet kid” was nearly as bad. It had still been a week before she’d washed that side of her face though. But they had stayed in contact and become friends and Alyson had retained the hope that she would one day make the transition from “sweet kid” to “hot babe”.


And maybe she had. Hilary said her next single was going to be a dance tune and she wanted a video to match.

“…and I thought you might want to come to my house and help me work on the choreography. While you’re at it you can audition for me.”

“A private audition?” Did that mean what she thought it meant? “Are you sure I’m not too young?”

“No, I think you’ve reached just the right age.”

Alyson felt a rush of glee and need run through her. But also guilt and doubt because a complication had come up in the last three months.



It had been at dance class. Although she had studied jazz, ballet and tap it was the most modern styles, hip-hop and krunk, that really set her off and it was at her krunk class that she met Julianna who was only starting out in this form of dance. Since they were close to the same age and Alyson was one of her star pupils, the teacher had asked her to help along the newbie. It wasn’t until the teacher mentioned that the other girl also worked in television that she realized who she was and why she’d had trouble recognizing her.

“So your hair isn’t really pink? That was a joke.”

Julianna smiled and stuck out her hand. “Call me Julie. Or Julianna or Rose or Julie Rose, or even Julia. Just please, please, pleeeease don’t call me ‘Stephanie’ even once or we can’t ever be friends.”

Alyson liked her right off and took her hand, holding just a bit longer and tighter than politeness called for.

“As long as you don’t call me ‘Sally’.”

Julie tilted her head and gave her a puzzled look. “That wasn’t your name in the movies.”

“Don’t you ever watch the Disney Channel? I got my start in a series of infomercials and and my characters’ name was Sally.”

“Oh. You work for the Disney Channel. I guess that means we have to fight now.” She assumed an unconvincing boxing stance. “Because I work for Nickelodeon.” She threw an couple of even more unconvincing air punches. “Pow, Pow! That was a joke too.” Just then the teacher broke up their talk and the lesson began.

Throughout both that lesson and the one they shared two days later Alyson watched her new friend avidly and took any excuse to touch her or brush up against her. During the second lesson she realized that Julianna was brushing back and leaning against her whether she needed to or not and after the next week’s lesson she invited her to hang at her house.

“I don’t know,” the other girl said, ostentatiously raising her arm and sniffing “I seriously need a shower.”

“You can use ours.”

“Okay, but no peeking.” Then she leaned in and whispered “Unless you really want to.”

A thrill went through Alyson. She hadn’t imagined it! She whispered back, “I really really want to.” Julianna smiled back at her.

They called their respective parents and got their respective okays. When Alyson’s mom picked them up and brought them to her house Alyson showed her to the upstairs bathroom which was just across from her bedroom.

As Julianna opened the door she put her hands on the younger girl’s shoulders, looked into her eyes and said, “Want to join me?” Alyson licked her lips and nodded. Fortunately her mother was downstairs and her sisters weren’t in the house. She let Julianna take her by the hand and lead her into the bathroom.

After they closed the door Julianna pulled Alyson towards her. Their lips parted and met. Their tongues slid over each other, gently at first, then more urgently. When the kiss ended Alyson asked, “How did you know?”

“I just did.” As she was saying this Julianna was taking off her tan t-shirt then took off Alyson’s denim jacket and white tee. They kissed again, running their hands over each others now bare torsos. Neither had much in the way of breasts but Alyson, feeling bold, took one of her new love’s brown nipples and sucked, bringing a gasp of pleasure from her. In response Julianna reached up to the younger but taller girl’s own nipples and rubbed them between thumb and index finger, making Alyson close her eyes and bite down on her lower lip.

Soon Julianna’s leather skirt and burgundy panties fell to the floor and were quickly joined by Alyson’s jeans and leopard print bikini bottoms. The two girls looked at each other. Neither had anything but the slightest bumps on her chest but both had superb legs and, as they turned around for each other really nice asses, especially Julianna. Julianna also had more hair between her legs although, like most dancers, she kept it trimmed to a narrow strip around her slit. Alyson as yet only had a peach fuzz.

Giggling, the two nymphets stepped into the shower together. Alyson turned on the water and adjusted it to where she wanted it. She let the water play over her front and felt Julianna’s hands reach out from behind and roam over her chest and belly. She leaned against the other girl’s chest, enjoying the feel of the tiny titties against her back then turned around and kissed her, thrusting her tongue into her new lover’s mouth and pushing her against the shower wall. Julianna turned them both around until it was Alyson’s back to the wall and then moved her hand between the younger girl’s legs, spreading her labia apart and slipping a finger in. At the same time she straddled Alyson’s leg and rubbed her vagina against it.

“Unh!” Alyson grunted. This felt sooo good! She’d barely begun playing with herself, to have this beautiful older girl doing this to her was just incredible! She rubbed the palm of her own hand against Julianna’s pussy mound then slipped two of her own fingers into the older girl’s slightly looser vagina, bringing an appreciative moan.. Julianna’s free arm brought Alyson’s mouth in for another passionate kiss while Alyson’s played with her lovers tiny breasts. The two girls worked their fingers inside each other, Alyson copying the actions of the more experienced girl. When Julianna found her clit and pinched it she just plain lost it.

“Ahhh!” She screamed before Julianna clamped her hand over her mouth.

“Shh! Your mom will hear!” the other girl said in a fierce whisper.


“If she finds out, we won’t be able to see each other ever again.” Feeling her own orgasm building up now that Alyson had found her own clit Julianna solved both problems at once by fusing her mouth to he new lover’s and shoving her tongue down Alyson’s throat.

Drained by their climaxes the two girls, arms around each other sank to the bottom of the tub.

“Have you ever…?” asked Alyson

“Not with a girl.” replied Julianna.

“You mean you’ve…with a boy?”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Julianna said, placing two fingers on her new girlfriend’s lips to silence her. The truth was that since she’d gotten the role of Stephanie she’d been having sex with Magnus Scheving, her co-star and the producer of “Lazy Town”. as a condition of her employment. But she didn’t want Alyson to know. Not when what they had seemd so good, so clean, so right.

“I guess we didn’t clean up too good,” she joked, to change the subject.

“Yeah but being dirty was so much fun.”


Prologue Redux:

Since she’d met Julianna, Alyson hadn’t exactly thrown out her crush on Hilary but she had put it in a box and locked the box in a closet. Now the lock shattered, the door burst open and the box bounced out all bright and shiny. But she hadn’t opened it. Not yet.

“Um…I have a…friend.”

“Girl or boy?”


“Can she dance?”

“Oh yeah, professionally.”

“Bring her along.”

“I’ll ask.”


“So, do you want to?” They were in Julianna’s room and, after making love, Alyson had told the other girl about Hilary’s proposition. Alyson was on her back naked except for a rainbow colored thong. Julianna, wearing Alyson’s hot pink t-shirt, was on her side snuggled up against her and one hand was tweaking at the younger girl’s nipple while the other was under Alyson’s neck. Alyson’s right arm was around her girlfriend’s shoulders and the other was streatched out on the bed.

Julianna kissed the other girl’s neck. “Do you love me?”

Alyson looked into her eyes and said, “More than anything. If you don’t go, I don’t go.”

How could she say no when she was still fucking Scheving? She didn’t feel guilty about the sex itself, that was just business, but she did about hiding it from Alyson. But the younger girl just wouldn’t understand that love was love and business was business.

“Then let’s go”, she said aloud. “If we really love each other then we’ll still be together after this. Besides, it sounds like fun.”

“Yeah, Hilary’s sooo hot!” Then Alyson blushed. “I mean, you’re hot too.”

“It’s okay, she is hot. You think this video thing is for real? Or is it just an excuse to get us naked?” If it was real, maybe she could have a career away from the show and save herself for Alyson and other people she actually liked and wanted.

“I don’t know, ” Alyson admitted. “With Hilary it’s hard to tell. She can be kind of…odd.”


“Yeah,” Hilary admitted as she led them through her house to the dance studio. “It was pretty much an excuse to get you to strip for me. You mad?”

“Mm, not really,” said Alyson.

“Not mad,” added Julianna. “A little dissapointed. I won’t be able to pass for eight forever. Still, getting naked is good.”

“Well I really did want Alyson for my next video but the director has a “vision”. Besides we really are going to do a video, but just, you know, for us.” She grinned. “And I get to direct.”

“Are you going to be in the video too?” asked Julianna.

“You bet. You think I dress like this normally?” She was wearing a 20s flapper style dress with gold fringe that only came halfway down her thighs and glittering silver stockings.

The dance studio was big enough to hold a ballroom competition and on one side was all mirrors with a line of exercise bars opposite. The only furniture was a stool on which was perched Haylie, Hilary’s older sister dressed in a charcoal grey leotard and sheer black tights.

She smiled at the look of surprise on Alyson and Julianna’s faces when they came in and saw her.

“Someone’s got to film it girls and who else is my darling sister going to trust? Now come over here and kiss Aunt Haylie.”

Alyson hesitated for a second. Haylie was so *old*, she must be nearly twenty-five! Still, she seemed to have a thing for older women and Haylie was still really pretty.

She was also a really good kisser. Before their lips touched her tongue flicked out to trace first Alyson’s lower lip, then her upper, then the line between. When the younger girl’s lips parted Haylie’s tongue entered not to wrestle but to dance and tease, luring the other tongue into her own mouth where her teeth trapped it gently but firmly and where an equally firm and gentle sucking was applied. By the time Haylie released her Alyson’s entire body was trembling.

As she stepped back from Haylie’s arms and Julianna eagerly stepped into them she felt Hilary’s arms wrap around her tightly and the older girl’s lips nuzzling at her neck. When Julianna stepped back, also trembling, Hilary glared at her sister.

“*My* girls! You can’t have them.”

“I know that sis,” Hilary said with a smile. “I just wanted a little taste, that’s all.”

“Does that mean you won’t be playing with us?” said Julianna with a dissapointed pout. Now it was Alyson who felt jealous.

“Not right now, sweetie. Maybe later.”

“Maybe,” agreed Hilary grudgingly. “But right now we have a dancevideosextape to make.”


Dancevideosextape Scene 1:

Alyson and Julianna, dressed in differently colored versions of Hilary’s costume, Alyson in red with sparkly green stockings and Julianna in the reverse, enter dancing to the tune of Hilary’s “Play WIth Fire” from stage left and right respectively, headed towards center stage. As they meet they give each other a quick peck on each cheek, dance back two steps then forward again, place their arms on each others shoulders then join in a far deeper, more lingering kiss on the lips.

During this kiss Hilary twirls into view, winding up behind Alyson and Julianna as they break off the kiss, turn towards the camera, smile and then join Hilary in a long, involved threeway kiss as she puts her arms around the two of them.

When the kiss ends Hilary steps between and beyond the two younger girls then Alyson steps behind Hilary and Julianna behind Alyson. They are momentarily hidden then Alyson’s head pops up from behind Hilary’s right and Julianna’s from the left. At the same time, hidden from view, each girls is unzipping the dress of the hottie ahead of her. Hilary puts her hands crisscrossing in front of her bosom as Alyson slides off the straps holding her dress up so that Hilary’s hands are the only thing keeping it up. She flashes a brilliant smile at the camera then dances behind Julianna and unzips her while Julianna slips the straps off of Alyson who holds her dress to what hopefully will one day be her breasts. Shoulders bare, dress straps hanging Alyson dances to the rear and the process is repeated with Julianna.

Hilary is in front again. She moves her hands away from her chest and lets her dress fall to the ground leaving her wearing only in her stockings and a gold lame garter belt, her pubic hair a trimmed blond triangle. Alyson’s hands immediately come from behind to cover her and then to pinch and stroke her tits then slide down the sides of her body to her hips.

Unlike previously Hilary doesn’t go to the back but steps sideways and turns ninety degrees to present a sideview of her luscious, slender body to the camera while Alyson lets her dress drop and is fondled by Julianna. Afterwards she gets in line behind Hilary, puts her arms around the other girl’s waist and they begin a sinuous humping motion, forming the letter “S” with their bodies over and over again. After letting her own dress drop and pouting at the camera as if to show what she thinks of not having anyone to fondle her from behind Julianna joins them.



“Cut! Print it!” called Haylie, then giggled, “I’ve always wanted to say that.”

“On to the next scene,” said Hilary, her arms draped around her co-stars.

“Just a minute Hil,” said Haylie as she skinned out of the leotard. Watching you three got me way too hot and moist for these clothes. Indeed, her light brown nipples had been trying to rip their way through the fabric as she’d been filming and there was a definite wet spot in the crotch of her clothes. As she stripped, more slowly than seemed strictly necessary, the younger girls watched avidly, eyes glued to her small conical breasts, tight firm ass, shapely legs and the trim, if damp, blond thatch of her pussy.

“Show off,” sniffed Hilary.

“After that performance, you’re calling *me* a showoff?,” she said with a raised eyebrow. “It was hot though,” she conceded.

“And the best is yet to come.”

Dancevideosextape Scene 2:

Hilary lies on her bed still wearing only the glitter stockings and garter belt, legs slightly spread, Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back” playing in the background. Alyson and Julianna climb in bed with her from right and left and start suckling at her tits. She closes her eyes, gives a soft moan and strokes her hands up and down their backs. She whispers instructions to them and Alyson kisses her way down Hilary’s belly to plant her face between the older girl’s legs while Julianna straddles her face and grinds her crotch down onto it.

The camera moves from the foot of the bed first to one side then back around to the other to capture a full view of the copulating cuties then stops and settles down to one viewpoint as it’s wielder sits.

“Oh God, Hil, I’ve got to do myself, it’s just too much!” comes Haylie’s voice from offscreeen, followed by soft moans as her fingers rub and probe at her hot, wet twat.

Muffled moans and groans also come from the other Duff sister as Alyson’s inexperienced but enthusiastic tongue and fingers bring her closer and closer to coming.

However both older girls are drowned out by Julianna. “Oh *fuck*! Oh GodohGawd!!” she screams as she orgasms, rocking back and forth on Hilary’s face and pounding at the wall with her tiny fists while the blond beneath her clutches and claws at her thighs and ass as her own climax hits.

Julianna climbs weakly off of Hilary to lick the older girls juices off of a grinning Alyson’s face.

Hilary props herself up on her elbows. “When you’re done with that Julie could you get me something from under the bed?”

“Sure, what is it?”

Hilary grins like a fox eating shit through a wire brush. “You’ll know when you see it.”

The petite nymphet obeys and sure enough realizes what Hilary wants and comes up smiling with a large vibrator.

“You lie down now,” Hilary says to Alyson who also obeys, spreading her legs, anticipating what’s about to come. The younger Duff turns on the vibrator and rubs it it against Alyson’s labia. She pushes it in just a bit, bringing a moan from her young partner.

“You want it, don’t you?”

“Yes, yesss, I dooo!”

“What do you want?”

“I want you to bust my cherry! Do it! Doit!”

Haylie’s voice interrupts from offscreen. “Julianna honey, why don’t you come make Aunt Haylie happy while they’re busy?” Julianna looks pleadingly at Hilary.

“Oh all right, go ahead,” is the grouchy reply.

The camera view shifts to follow Julianna as she gets on all fours and crawls towards Haylies spread legs. She kisses her way up the elder Duff’s silky smooth thighs and Haylie’s hand comes into view to press her dark tressed head into her pussy.

“Hey!” comes Hilary’s voice from off camera. “I’m the star here, you’re just the humble cameragirl!”

“Sorry.” The cameraview shifts again to show Hilary lying alongside Alyson thrusting the vibrator vigorously into the younger girl’s cunt while she clutches at the older girl’s back and hair and their mouths fuse together rapturously. As Justin changes to Chritina Aguilera’s “Dirty” ALyson throws her head back and screams, “Fuck me, fuckme, OHGAWDFUUUCKKMEEEEE!”

Nor is the brunette tartlet alone in her passion. From the corner of the camera’s view, Haylie’s thrashing legs can be seen and her voice cries out “Oh yes, sweetie, make your Aunt Haylie cum, MAKEHERCUMMM!”


Alyson and Jamie sat in the limosine that had driven them to the Duff house, now on their way home holding hands. Julianna turned to her girlfriend.

“So, still love me?”

“Of course, silly,” Alyson replied and kissed her long and slow. If the chauffer happened to see anything in the rearview he kept it to himself. He’d seen stranger and worse.

After they broke off Alyson looked into her lover’s eyes and asked, “Do you…?”

“Of course silly.” They kissed again and Julianna resolved to talk to Magnus the next day. Either they stopped what they were doing or she quit.

Back at the house Hilary sat on the edge of her watching the tape she’d just made as her sister knelt in front of her licking and sucking at her pussy. Hilary’s hands clutched at the blond head between her legs as on the screen Alyson’s head licked at her and Julianna’s tight little ass rocked back and forth on her face.

“God, I love you!” she screamed. “I love all you little fucking whores!!”

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