Disney Girls 8: Getting Stonered

Story: Disney Girls 8: Getting Stonered

Author: Tricksterson

Celebs: Alyson Stoner, Billy Ray Cyrus, Emily Osment, Karina Smirnoff, Mario Lopez, Miley Cyrus

Codes: ff, fff, Mfff, Mf, MFff, exhib, inc, oral, slut

Disclaimer: This is fiction, okay? Fantasy. Under no circumstances do I think any of the people in the story act in any of the ways they’re portrayed as acting. No disrepect is intended towards any of the celebs depicted herein. So bugger off and spend your time doing something worthwhile. 😛

Notes: Alyson is 13, Miley and Emily are

A shout out to Hamster whose request for a story featuring Emily Osment resulted in my completely shuffling the cast (except for Alyson of course)

“What’s the matter hun?”

Alyson looked up in the direction of the soft, southern accented voice from the corner of the curtained alcove where she’d been huddled sobbing to see a familiar, elfin-faced brunette.

“My girlfriend is a whore!,” she blurted out, realizing as she did that she’d had waaay too much to drink. Of course, at the age of thirteen she shouldn’t have been allowed to drink at all even though ahe was one of the two Guests of Honor. It was the real wrap party for “Mike’s Super Short Show”, the Disney Channel infomercial series she and Mike Johnson had been hosting for the past four years. There had been a faux one for the show replacing theirs but this was the real deal where the guests were allowed to let both hair and clothes down and the only limit on drinking was not to let yourself get caught on camera doing it. In fact the niche she was crying her eyes out in was one of several that the hotel euphemistally called “privacy alcoves. The more common term was “makeout rooms” or, even more crudely, “fuck holes”.


Not that the tabloid press would be likely to report it even if they found out. They and the Disney Corporation had an unwritten agreement. After Disney stars flew the nest ala Britney and Lindsay they were fair game. Before that they were strictly hands off. In return no papparazzi would be found mysteriously hung by their camera straps from lamp posts on Disney World’s Main Street or have their houses the subjects of drivebys by mouse earred gangbangers.

This had been an established fact of business ever since a photographer had been either dumb or unlucky enough to be caught taking pictures of then fifteen year old Annette Funicello with her mouth wrapped around “Uncle Walt’s” cock. Both camera and photographer had dissapeared, the latter no one knew where or wanted to, the former, so rumor had it, had been walled up inside Magic Mountain. Since then the word had spread: “Watch out For Goofy” was more than just a stupid song title.


Miley stepped into the alcove, drew the thick curtain shut after herself and sat down next to the other brunette, putting a consoling arm around her as she did so.

“How so?” she asked. She and Alyson were more acquaintances than friends, although friendly ones, but the distraught girl must have needed to vent because the whole story came flowing out of her in a rush of how Julianna had told her about the “business arrangement” with her producer and co-star Max Scheving and the awful fight that had followed ending with both of them walking away in tears.

“So now what?” asked Miley. That she was snuggling against Alyson’s tight little bod, which was clad in a short, iridescent, green dress, showed that she had a pretty good idea of what she wanted “what” to be. The singer herself was wearing a rainbow hued, spaghetti strap top that exposed a narrow strip of tummy and jeans tighter than she ever would have worn in a more public venue.

Alyson looked bleerily at her, not sure if she was reading the signals correctly. “I don’t know. What do you think?”

Miley’s answer was to pull her in for a full on the mouth kiss with one hand and to put her other hand on Alyson’s knee and send it slowly up the young actress’ thigh.

Well there was no mistaking a signal like that! Alyson opened her mouth and eagerly sucked at the tongue that pushed it’s way in, her hands tangling in the lanky pop star’s hair. Miley’s hand tightened around the back of the other girl’s neck while her other hand, having made it’s way to Alyson’s bikini-cut panties, started rubbing the younger girls pussy through them.

When they broke the kiss Alyson asked, panting, “What…about…Emily. I thought you two were…”

“It’s an open relationship,” the southern hottie replied. Just how open she wasn’t going to tell the other girl. Not just yet anyway.

“Oh. That’s okay then,” Alyson said and lifted her tight little rump so that the other girl could slide her seafoam colored panties off and then push two fingers into her tight, peachfuzzed slit. The young brunette slut closed her eyes for a moment, reveling in the sensation then opened them, pulled the straps off of Miley’s shoulders and her top down off her chest then started sucking at one small tit while her fingers played with the hard, brown nipple topping the other.

The sucking became harder and the hand that stroked and caressed now clawed as Aly’s clit popped and the other girl’s fingers found it then started rubbing and pinching at it. Finally she threw her head back and let out an explosive grunt, her eyes rolling back in her head as she came.

As soon as she caught her breath Aly eagerly reached towards her new friend’s jeans to return the favor but Miley stopped her, holding Alyson’s hands in her own, one of which was still sticky with girlcum.

“I have a better idea. What do you say to a sweet little slumber party? You, me and Emily?” Still halfway in an orgasmic trance aand not quite up to talking Alyson just nodded.

“Will you parents be cool?” Again the other girl nodded. Like most parents in the entertainment industry, as long as their faces weren’t rubbed in unpleasant reality and the money kept coming in, her parents turned a blind eye to anything she did.

‘I’m glad my daddy isn’t like that,’ thought Miley. She knew her father cared, he proved it every chance he got and had been proving it ever since her eleventh birthday. Just like he and her mom had with all their daughters. But she was his favorite.

She raised the hand that had so recently been between Aly’s legs to her new friend’s mouth and they both licked it clean. Then she said, “I’m going to go collect Emmy and meet you at the limo, okay?”

“Sure,” Alyson croaked, finally finding her voice. Sort of.

She had to pull Emily’s head off of a waiter’s cock but finally had her in tow. As they waited in front of the hotel for their limosine she called her father.

“Hey lover, it’s me. We’re leaving the party early so we can have one of our own.”

“Boys and girls, or just girls?”

“Just girls. We’re bringing a new friend with us, the GoH at this shindig, Alyson Stoner.”

“Are you sure you don’t want me as…chaperone?”

“I think she’s kind of guy shy. We’ll surprise her in the morning and you can work your charms on her. Love you daddy.” Her voice dropped into a sexy purr. “Love you sooo much.” She saw Emily miming giving head. “Emmy sends her love too, bye.”


By the time the limo pulled up the driveway to the Cyrus house, a driveway that looked like a small street, all three lolitas were ready to explode. During the trip from the hotel their hands, lips and tongues had been all over each other. But not inside. Emmy had long since accepted her co-star as the queen bee of their relationship and Alyson had also decided to play along and Miley had declared that noone was getting off until they reached her bedroom. Likewise no clothing had come off, although unbuttoning and reaching underneath had been allowed.

At last they reached the back door of the house as Miley had directed.

“Finally!,” exclaimed Emily. “I’m so hot I’m surprised there aren’t scorch marks on the upholstery.”

As soon as they were out Miley announced, “Last one to my bed has to come last! Onetwothreego!,” and sprinted off, closely followed by Emily who yelled, “Cheater!” Alyson followed gamely but wondered how she could possibly win when she didn’t even know where Miley’s room was.

Sure enough she came in last but at least she’d managed to stay close enough to Emily so that she didn’t get lost. When she came through the bedroom door Miley was already lying on the bed, legs slightly spread. Emily was standing up but bent over, hands on knees, catching her breath and giving Alyson a splendid view of her panty clad bottom.

“Undress me bitches,” Miley commanded.

Dutifully her blond playmate bent down, pulled off her boots, then crawled onto the bed to unbuckle and unzip Miley’s jeans, after which she pulled them slowly off her lover’s long, slender legs, leaving her lower half clad only in a thong that matched her rainbow colored top.

While Emmy attended to Miley’s nether parts Aly addressed her top, pulling the spaghetti strap confection off the singer’s braless tits. She started kissing and licking them while Emily peeled off the thong and started licking Miley’s pussy.

Miley took her brunette partner’s mouth off her tits, licked her lips and said “Strip for me.”

She meant it as a simple order for Alyson to take off her clothes but being a rofessional dancer the brunette nymphet took it to heart. A quick scan around the room located the CD player and a stack of CDs.

“I said strip, bitch!”

“Shh,” Alyson said soothingly. “I want to do this right.” She sorted through the CDs quickly and soon “Glamourous” was playing in the background as she held her hands over her head in a bellydancer’s pose and twitched her hips enticingly to the beat. She reached her hands behind her and unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor, cupping her own bare tits at her new mistress then turned slowly around giving the entranced southern slut a full view of her ripening young body.

When she was once more facing her partners she wiggled her hips, hooked her thumbs in her pale green panties and slid them past her hips then backed her way to Miley’s makeup table, perched on it and lifted her legs so that her feet were over her head and her entire body was balanced on her ass then slid the panties off and tossed them so that they landed on Miley’s taut tummy.

Miley picked them up, sniffed them, then said “Unnnh… now pull off our sweet Emmy’s undies…ohhhyeahhh!” She moved her hands onto Emily’s blond head and pushed it, if possible, even deeper into her crotch.

Alyson tottered forward on the pumps, that, like her new mistress, were the only things she was still wearing and pulled the soaking wet polka dotted panties down to Emily’s knees at which the blond girl raised her head, looked back and growled “Rip ’em off! Rip ’em!” after which her face was shoved back down onto her lover’s pussy.

“Shut…up and lick! Almost…almost…ohhhHHHFUCK ME EVERLOVING JESUS!!!”

RIp them off,Aly did, although it took her a couple of tugs and then pushed her hand to rub Emily’s still sparsely haired pussy lips, bringing a muffled gasp from the blond nymphet in front of her whose face was still buried between Miley’s thighs. Aly started to rub her own legs but was stopped by a gasped command from a recovering Miley.

“No! Bad Aly! You cum last. Besides, you already came once tonight. Alyson had to admit, reluctantly, the fairness of this. “Dresser. Bottom drawer.” the other brunette ordered her. She obeyed and on opening the drawer saw and took out a seven inch strapon.

When she turned around she saw that the other two had rearranged themselves. Emily’s lower half was now hanging over the end of the bed, read to be done doggie-style while Miley was licking her pussy juices off her friend’s face.

Miley looked up and asked, “You need any help getting that on?”

“Nah, I’m okay,” Alyson replied as she struggled to get it on and secured. Just as she was about to enter her fellow lolita she gasped as a pair of hands reached from behind to grope her own developing tits. She’d been so focused on putting on the strapon that she hadn’t noticed Miley getting off the bed and sneaking up on her.

Emily let out a long, low moan as Aly pushed into her, a moan that was echoed by the other girl as Miley’s fingers pinched and stroked her nipples and the singers lips kissed the back of the dancer’s neck and shoulders. Alyson felt her new lover’s own small breasts push against her back and the other girl’s pubic bone shove against her ass crack every time she thrust into Emily. It was almost like she was both fucking and being fucked.

“Fuck her,” Miley whispered into her new girltoy’s ear even as she licked it. “Fuck her like the little whore she is. Make her cum!”

Indeed it didn’t take long before that happened. Soon Emmy was arching her back, clawing at the bedsheets and letting out a high pitched, wordless shriek that seemed to go on for hours.

When the pale, ripe body in front of her stopped shaking Alyson slowly pulled out and let Miley take off the strapon then lead her onto the bed while the triad’s third member stood up shakily and finished undressing.

When Emily climbed back onto the bed Alysons legs were already spread wide, her hands balled into fists, while Miley squatted between her legs and ate her out, both girls faces pictures of intense concentration.

On her hands and knees the blond lowered her lips down to Alyson’s open mouth, then kissed down her neck from where her tongue traced a trail between the brunette’s modest sized breasts to her belly. At this point Emily swung a leg over Alyson’s face and lowered her dripping wet cunt onto the younger girl’s eagerly awaiting mouth. Aly’s hands reached out to stroke and caress her ass and pull her yet closer in.

“Mmmm,” Emily moaned as her mouth worked it’s way downward to join Miley’s in a double-pronged attack on the dancer’s clit. This assault turned Alyson’s sex flower into a point of white hot fire making her dig her fingers into Emmy’s tight round buttocks and thrust her tongue ever deeper into her pussy, bringing a muffled scream of pleasure before the three of them collapsed into satisfied exhaustion.

As they untangled from each other, Miley asked her new friend, “So, you feel better now about your girlfriend?”

“I had a girlfriend?,” Alyson replied with a smile.

Alyson had already cleared her staying overnight with her mother and Emily practically lived at the Cyrus house so it was without further ado that the three lolitas fell asleep, all in the nude of course.


“Rise and shine ladies!,” said Billy Ray Cyrus as he walked into the room carrying a loaded brakfast tray.

The three girls had been fast asleep, recovering from their night of partying and sex. Emily’s cute blond head had been resting against Miley’s small, bare right tit, her arms around her lover’s waist. Alyson’s head was on Miley’s left shoulder, one arm under the singer/actress’ neck, the hand tangled in Emily’s hair, the fingers of the other hand cured around her left breast. Miley’s own arms had been around her lovers’ shoulders. Now all three adolescents were startled awake.

Aly shrieked and tried to cover herself with the thin sheet that was the only thing any of them was wearing. The reactions of the other two couldn’t have been more different.

Emily shouted “Uncle Billy!,” scrambled out of the bed and launched herself at him just as he put the tray down on the dresser drawer, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and her legs around his waist while his large brawny hands cupped her firm little ass in support.

For her part Miley sat up and went into a long elaborate stretch, apparently oblivious that she was showing off her naked body in front of her father or that her equally nude lover and best friend was rubbing her crotch against the Speedos that were the only thing he was wearing and had her tongue shoved as far as humanly possible down his throat.

Alyson watched, jaw dropped as Miley got on all fours and crawled with catlike grace across the bed where Emily was unwinding herself from Billy. She got on her knees and gave him an anything-but-daughterly kiss while rubbing the major league bulge that had grown in his Speedos.

“Hello lover,” she said in a husky voice as they disengaged.

‘”Lover?,” thought Aly, stunned by what she was watching. ‘She…her DAD!?!?!’ She saw Billy Ray looking at her and pulled the sheet all the way up to her chin.

“Honeybear, I think our guest just put two and two together and came up with ‘What the fuck?’. His arm went around Miley protectively and his eyes softened as he continued. “Alyson, all I can tell you is that I’ve never done anything to Miley, Emily, Miley’s sisters, or any other girl or woman that they didn’t want me to or that my wife didn’t know about. Before you condemn us, just give a thought to what people would say about what you and the girls had been doing if they knew.” Both girls nodded at this and pushed him away from the bed so the could access his front better. While Aly watched, slowly getting turned on despite herself Emily licked one of his nipples then slid down his body to join Miley who had gotten off the bed and was kneeling in front of her father. Together they pulled down the bathing suit, exposing a magnificent eight-inch erection.

Miley looked straight at the still gaping Alyson, with a bit of defiance and said, “He’s right Aly. I love my daddy and I looove his cock.” With this he joined her blond partner who was already giving the organ in question a thorough tongue bath.

For her own part the brunette dancer-actress wasn’t sure of she was more shaken by this revelation of incest or by the fact that for the first time in her admittedly young life she was feeling horny about a man.

Maybe that had something to do with it, that he was a man, not a boy, with a calm assurance and charm totally lacking in the guys her age who had come on to her. He looked different as well, more…finished. Nor did he look the least bit like the fat, greasy production assistant who had groped her ass last year and that she had promptly had fired.

Billy Ray of course could know nothing of what was going on in her head. What he saw was her staring intently at his erection which was busy being stroked and licked by the two nymphets kneeling in front of him.

“Want to join in?” he asked, in a disarmingly casual tone.

“I don’t…I mean… I’ve never…” but even as she was saying this she was getting off the bed and getting in front of him, then sinking to her knees. Miley and Emily moved aside for her,each of them taking a testicle in her mouth and sucking vigorously.

Billy put his large hands on either side of the small girls head and massaged her temples, relaxing her and at the same time gently guiding her face until she was less than an inch away from his large cock.

“It’s okay honey, just listen to me and do what I say, alright?”

She nodded, reassured by his soothing tone and gentle but strong hands. She also noticed another difference between him and the boys her age, namely that he’d clearly showered before coming into his daughter’s bedroom while most thirteen-year old boys wouldn’t wash more than once or twice a week unless you hit them with a stick.

“Make your mouth into an ‘O’. Just a little bit bigger darlin’, that’s it. Now put your hand on my shaft and guide it in, yeah, that’s good. Watch the teeth! They have their uses but we’ll save that for the advanced course. Mmm, good. Now give it a suck. That’s real nice, now harder, yeah, youve got a definite natural talent. Now slide your mouth down, just as far as you’re comfortable with, now slide back, suck onon the backslide and exhale on the downstroke, that’s why they call this a blowjob. Now just keep that up. Oh Lordy, you’re a good little cocksucker aren’t you?”

And then the doorbell rang.

The other two girls, who had pulled back to give Alyson room while they watched and masturbated, looked startled. Alyson stopped what she was doing and also looked up.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I invited a couple of friends to the party. Just then a woman’s voice came from downstairs. What she said was indistinct but her voice had a definite Russian accent.

Emmy and Miley both perked up at the evidently familiar voice.

“Auntie Karina!,” shouted Emily as she jumped up and ran out the door, apparently uncaring of the fact that she was stark raving nude.

“You can go too, ” Billy told his daughter as he reluctantly pulled Aly’s mouth off his dick.

“You don’t want me here?” Miley asked, her voice sounding both hurt and jealous.

“Honey, You know i love you more than anything, right?”

Miley nodded reluctantly.

“And that you’re my favorite fuck ever, right, even more than your mom?”

Another nod.

“So just trust me okay? Besides as the lady of the house you’re obligated to entertain our guests.”

Miley got up and headed towards the door. “Okay, but I won’t enjoy myself,” she said sulkily.

“Yes you will.”

“No I wooonnnn’t,” This time though, her voice was more treasing than sulky. as she exited the room.

“Yes, she will,” Billy assured Alyson who has been watching the father-daughter byplay and musing that cock didn’t taste nearly as bad as she’d thought it would.

“Nooo, Iiii, wooon’t” came faintly from the top of the stairs.

Billy Ray shook his head, amused. “She just has to get the last word,” he whispered to Aly as he pulled her to her feet and guided her to the bed where he sat on the edge and pulled her down next to him.

“You know what I want us to do right?”

“You want to…,” she gulped, took a deep breath and said, “fuck me.”

“Do you want to?”

“I…think so…but I’m mostly a…girl’s girl. Could we…take it slow?”

“Of course, hun. How about we start with a kiss?” He leaned in towards her as he said this. Since she’d just had her mouth on his cock, she didn’t see how she could say no. Besides she was curious as to how kissing a guy was different from kissing a girl.

It was different all right, less playful, more…concentrated, as if his every thought was focused on the kiss. Not overbearing exactly but defintely forceful, as if there whole lot of power under restraint, like a lake behind a dam.

When they broke off she whispered, “Yes…I want to.” He gently maneuvered her onto the bed where she lay, waiting for him. Again, he went against the stereotype she’d had in her head. Instead of pushing her legs open, rolling on top and shoving his cock into her the first thing he did was open a drawer in Miley’s niightstand and pull out a condom.

“Emergency supply. Miley and Emmy are on the Pill of course but you never know.” he saw the look of surprise on her face he seemed to read her mind and said, “Baby, not all guys are like that. Way too many of ’em yeah, but not all and not me.” With that he lay, not on top of, but next to her, one hand stroking down her slender young body while they kissed again. As they broke off and his mouth moved to her throat his hand reached her crotch and her inserted one thick finger into her, bringing a gasp.

“Unh…unh…oh…good!” she moaned as his finger brought her closer and closer to orgasm,only to be withdrawn just as she was on the verge of cumming. A growl of frustration started to come out of her, a growl that turned into a happy purr as the finger was replaced by lips and tongue. Like his upper kiss, his lower tongue work was forceful, less complicated than a girls, pushing, rather than teasing her towards the heights of passion.

“OH! YEAH! Want it! Want itttt!”

“Want what, darlin’?” asked her seducer with a knowing smile.

“Your cock in me! Want it now! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me NOW!”

“Happy to oblige, Miss,” he said with a grin. He opened up the condom and showed his new lolita how to put it on then slid it into her, slowly at first, then picking up the pace at her urging.

“Oh God! Oh Goddd!!” she screamed as he pounded into her. She’d never thought a man could make her feel like this. As she came her fingers dug into his back and her legs locked around his hips, trying to pull him deeper inside her. She felt his penis pulsing inside of her as it poured it’s load of jizz into the rubber. The part of her that was Primal Woman wished he wasn’t wearing it, that she could feel the hot stream of his cum pouring into her instead of the condom, planting his seed in her belly, but it was not to be.

As he pulled slowly out of his new conquest Billy smiled, kissed Alyson gently on the lips and said, “Welcome to the family.”


“Nooo, Iiii wooon’t,” called Miley as she descended the stairs to greet their guests and supressed a giggle. She knew of course that she would. Karina Smirnoff was a very hot number but she couldn’t resist teasing her father plus it helped defuse the mild jealousy she knew she shouldn’t feel but did.

When she reached the foyer, noone was there but it didn’t take long for her to figure out where Emmy and that other two had gone.

“The playroom,” she said to herself.

When she got there, play was in full session. Taking up the mansion’s entire basement half of it looked like a normal rec room with a pool table, poker table, four foot flat screen TV and a small stage complete with kareoke machine but the other half had a king sized waterbed, two plush couches, and numerous pillows and blankets strewn over the lush shag carpet. For that matter, the TV was mostly used for viewing porn videos, many of them homemade, the most common form of poker played down there was strip and the stage was also often the site of strip shows which was why there was a pole in the middle.

In fact Karina was on the stage right now and was down to garter belt and silk stockings while she hung upside down on the pole and watched Emily, still completely naked, giving her boyfriend Mario a lap dance on one of the couches. As yet he was still fully dressed in black jeans and muscle shirt but everyone knew that wasn’t going to last.

“Come join the party, chica, ” Mario called as he kissed the back of Emmy’s neck while she slid her firm young body against his older but still well built torso and his fingers wrapped themselves around her hard pink nipples.

“Don’t bother baby,” purred the young blond. “When it comes to guys our Miley’s heart and pussy belong strictly to daddy.”

“Unlike Emmy,” retorted the brunette lolita,” who’ll fuck anything on two legs.”

“Hey, that’s a lie,” said the blond slut with mock primness. “I don’t do chimpanzees or gorillas.”

“Only because they have small dicks.”

Th other girl frowned prettily. “True.” Then she turned around on Mario’s lap. “But that’s not true of you, is it, you yummy hunk of manmeat?” As she said this she took off his shirt and ran her hands all over his muscular chest.

“I don’t think you’ll have any complaints.”

The small blond reached down to check and indeed found when she pulled it out of his jeans that while not quite as big as Billy Ray his cock was more than adequately sized for the task she had in mind. She wasted no time in lowering herself onto it while the Hispanic hunk sucked and fondled her perky, young tits.

While this was going on Miley made her way down the stairs and over to the stage where she pulled Karina off the stage and down to the carpet on top of her. The two of them rolled around on the floor a bit, wrestling playfully at first then getting down to more serious business as they stroked and kissed each others legs, tits and sundry other body parts in a mounting frenzy of lust that ended with the older hottie on top, pinning her nymphet lover to the thickly carpeted floor.

They paused, looking into each others eyes and panting from the exertions of their playful struggle then the Russion seductress lowered her mouth onto the younger slut’s. Lips and tongues met with urgent hunger.

When the kiss broke off Miley smiled and said, “Mmmm, nice, but that’s not where I want your mouth on me. Quickly taking the cue Karina repositioned herself so that they were soon in a sixty-nine position, kissing and licking their way along each others inner thighs then lapping at their respective pussies. Soon their hands were caressing each others smooth flanks and buttocks while soft muffled moans came from both of them.

These soft moans however were pretty much drowned out by the sounds eminating from the couch as Emily frantically rode Mario’s meat pole.

“Ohhhhhyeahhhhh! Fuck me papi! Make Emmy cummmmm!” This he was more than happy to do, strong brown hands on her slender hips and mouth roaming over her small, firm tits.

Soon their mutual efforts bore fruit as she came, throwing back he head and screaming, “OHHHHHHFUUUCCCKKKKK!!!” then, after a few more spasms collapsing forward onto her partner. After a moment she pulled herself off him and they settled down next to each other as he watched his girlfriend eating hers and the young blond bent down to lick his cock clean. Soon he was erect again and coming into her mouth as Karina and Mylie’s muffled moans became muffled shrieks and their gentle caresses became frantic clawing.


Mylie sighed as the hot water hit her face and she turned to let it soak her long brown hair. Alyson and Emily had left with Karina and Mario. She suspected that there would be a detour along the way for another round of fucking before the girls were dropped off and wished them all well. Right now she was content to be alone in the house with her Number One Guy. God how she loved him! She loved her mom and sisters too of course, in every sense of the term but her dad was the center of her life. Someday she knew she would have his baby. Not yet, he and her mom had made her promise to wait until she was until eighteen and they could find some nice young gay man to be her screen. For now she and her father had to settle for fucking their mutual brains out at every opportunity.

She smiled as she heard him come into the bathroom and turned as the curtain swished back and he stepped into the shower with her. She licked her lips as she saw that he was already erect then sank to her knees and wrapped those lips around the head of his cock. Slowly she worked her way down until she had deepthroated the entire eight-inch length then let her throat muscles massage it’s iron hard length then pulled back, after which she let his powerful hands guide her up and down it’s length. Finally he pulled her off and lifted her to her feet.

“Want it daddy!,” she moaned. “Neeed it! Right here! Right now!”

“What do you need, ” he asked teasingly as he pushed her young body against the shower wall and water contnued to spray down on them.

“Your cock, your cum, your fucking! Need it soooo baaaad!” She sighed happily as he entered her, arms and legs braced to take her weight as her legs came up and wrapped themselves around him.

“Ohhhh yessss,” she hissed as he pounded away inside her cunt. “Fuck me! Fuck your little whore! Fuck your horny little slut! Love you daddy! Your little whore loves you!”

“I love you too baby doll,” he muttered, concentrating on proving it.

“Make Miley cum daddy! Make your Mileywhore cummmmm!” The last word ended in an incoherent moan as her legs tightened around his waist, her nails drew blood from his back and her teeth sank into his neck. Seconds later his own climax hit and he poured his load into his favorite little fuck then the two lovers sank down together, still tangled in their incestuous embrace as the hot water washed them both clean.

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