Disney Girls 9: Mileypalooza

Story: Disney Girls 9: Mileypalooza
Author: Tricksterson
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Celebrities: Alyson Stoner, Demi Lovato, Emily Osment, Katy Perry, Kellie Pickler, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift
Codes: FF, Ff, F+, anal, ATM, catfight, cons, foot, inter, oral, orgy, rom, spanking, toys, viol (catfight)
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not, unlike those other works of fiction called newspapers, claim that anything written here is true. I do not believe that any of the young women written about here act in any way like how they act in the story. Alas.

Note: Alyson Stoner is 17, Miley, Selena and Demi are 18 (Miley by only a few days), Emily is 19, Taylor is 20, Kelly is 24 and Katy is a decrepit 26.

Note 2: There’s a debate currently going on as to whether or not to keep inter as a code but until it’s resolved one way or the other I’m keeping it.

“So what are you planning?,” Miley Cyrus asked her friend and lover Emily Osment.

“Something,” the young blond answered in a teasing tone. The two starlets were lying together naked on Miley’s bed having recently woken up together, their legs intertwined. Well, it was only technically Miley’s bed since they weren’t in Miley’s house but one of the corporate hideaways maintained by the Disney Corporation that allowed their stars, most of whom were horny and many of whom were underage, to entertain themselves and each other discreetly. In this case Miley was celebrating both her eighteenth birthday abnd her impending release from “Hannah Montana”, the show that had made her a star and she had put Emily in charge of it, her only stipulation being that none of her family be invited because she wasn’t talking to any of them currently.

“Tell!,” Miley said, playfully punching her friend in the shoulder.

“You know I could always look up the word ‘surprise’ for you in the dictionary if you need me to.”

The young brunette looked pouty and thrust out her bottom lip which was Emily’s cue to take it between her teeth and slowly pull it between them.

When that was done Miley asked plaintively, “Can you at least tell me who you invited?”

In answer the blond minx just smiled and said, “Hot young sluts, just like us.”

“All right, you asked for this,” Miley said in a husky snarl then stuck her hands in Emily’s armpits and started tickling.

“WAH!,” her co-star shrieked and immediately lauched a counter attack on the pop star’s ribs and belly. She also rolled on top of her, trying to pin her arms. Instead Miley ducked under her and blew a razzberry on her tummy.

“Gahh!,” Emily shouted and then, “Mmmmm,” as her girlfriend went lower and licked up and down her slit. Evidently Miley had decided to try persuasion instead of agression.

Well it wouldn’t work but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t let her brunette partner try as hard as she wanted. She leaned back and spread her legs. The other girl got into a more convenient position, crouched between her knees, head between her pale, smooth thighs and thrust her tongue into the slit in the middle of the narrow, trimmed patch of blond fur. Those same thighs soon clamped like a vice around Miley’s head and slender but surprisingly strong fingers wrapped themselves in her hair. Emily’s head hung over the edge of the bed, a string of drool dangling from her mouth as she shook, moaned and came.

“Well?,” Miley asked as she helped her friend move up next to her and snuggle. “You gonna spill?”

“Nope,” said Emily with an infuriating grin. “But,” she said as her lover glared at her, “I will return the favor you just did me.”

“You better,” Miley growled.

“Now where did that dildo get to last night?” the blond beauty muttered. “Ah, there it is,” she said, pulling it out from under a pillow.

They shifted positions, Miley, lying down, legs spread, Emily on top as they kissed passionately, one hand playing with the brunette’s tits, the other pushiing the dildo inside her then moving back and forth. As the kiss ended the blond girl’s mouth joined her hand on her girlfriend’s tits, licking and sucking.

“Mmmm,” Miley purred and then went “Oh!’ as the other girl bit down on a nipple at the same time she sped up her dildo thrusts. Her hands moved to stroke and pich the blond girls slightly smaller tits.

“Oh! Oh yes! Fuck me! Make me your bitch! Make me your little whore! Fuck meeee!,” Miley screamed and then called out a name as she came.

It wasn’t Emily’s.

It wasn’t the first time and it was always the same name. It didn’t happen often but it still hurt. It wasn’t that she minded sharing, she was an even bigger slut than Miley, especially when it came to guys, whom Miley wouldn’t touch unless they were related by blood, at least until recently.

But this was why she wasn’t telling her lover anything about the party, especially not about the extra special guest she had invited.


“Ladies and…ladies! Are you ready to rumble?,” Emily’s voice rang out over the room. This wasn’t difficult as the room was fairly small as areanas went. this was fine since the audience consisted solely of Miley in a beige halter top and skin tight pruplr jeans. Off to to one side Emily. in a tight red sweater and white shorts played announcer.

In front of Miley was a shallow pit filled with heated oil, across which two pairs of beautiful, bikini clad women glared at each other. On the right side were, as Emily called them, “The Heartbreakers”, Taylor Swift, whose bikini was a patriotic red, white and blue and Selena, in black. To the left were “The Psycho Exes”, Kellie Pickler in bright red and Demi Lovato in white.

“Let the battle begin!”, said Emily as Alyson Stoner, wearing a pale grey one piece bathing suit that, since it was backless and it’s neckline plunged almost to her shaved pubic zone circled the pit holding up a sign saying “Round 1”.

After each sharing a quick kiss with their partners Taylor and Kellie moved cautiously out onto the slippery surface, warm oil halfway up to their pretty ankles. Kellie knew that her ex-girlfriend had a much longer reach so as the taller blond grabbed for her hair she ducked and charged, tackling her opponent around her slender waist, sending them both to the floor. Soon the two were rolling around, clawing and pulling at each other and getting increasingly slippery. Soon both were topless.

This all had a marked effect on those watching. Miley leaned forward licking her lips, unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and slipped her hand inside. Emily was occupied likewise, aided and abetted by ALyson who stood behind her massaging her shoulders and pressing her small, perky tips against the back of the blonde’s head. Meanwhile, back in the pit, Kelly had managed to pin Taylor and was licking her neck while rubbing their crotches together in an effort to make her come which would put her out of the match. In desperation the lanky songstress reached out an arm and managed to tag her partner who quickly jumped into the battle zone and kicked Kelly in the face. Unfortunately for Selena this caused her to slip on the oily surface and land on her exquisitely shaped rump.

“Bitch!,” yelled Kellie and lunged for the latina hottie.

Taylor took this chance to roll out from under her opponent but instead of getting out of the ring she grabbed her ex-lover by one leg, pulled her back and bit her on the calf.

“Hey! That’s cheating!,” protested Demi from the sidelines.

“I’ll allow it,” said Alyson who was doubling as referee and had pulled off Emily’s top and was rubbing her breasts.


“Because it turned me on.” No one could argue with this logic, especially since Miley and Emily both chorused “Ditto!” after her.

Fine,” Demi muttered then reached out and grabbed one of Taylor’s phenomenally long legs and pulled her backward then licked the sole of her foot, The blond country-pop star didn’t even waste her breath arguing but instead pistoned her other leg into the Tejana’s gut. The air went out of her and she staggered back but she recovered quickly and leaped into the pit with a snarl.

“Puta! You stole mi amor!,” she shouted as she wrestled the lanky blond to the pit floor. On the other side of the oily arena Kellie also had her opponent pinned, between her thighs in this case, with her hands pushing Selena’s face into her crotch and forcing the sexy latina to pleasure her. Who came wasn’t the important part in this fight, it was the establishment of dominance that mattered.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned, “What a hot,sweet little slut you are! Stick that tongue in there and make your mama cummm!”

Hearing this Taylor figured correctly that her partner was down and that she was on her own but like a true child of the South she continued being defiant long after it made any sense.

“I didn’t steal her you stupid bitch,” she replied angrily. “The coke you put up your nose had already stolen you from her!”

Demi knew she was right which only pissed her off more. She pressed her weight down on the you singer and mashed her mouth down on hers, taking taylor’s bottom lip between her teeth and biting hard enough to draw blood while sucking on it hard enough to bruise.

However, on the brink of defeat the tall blond found an inner reserve of strength and will. She pushed the young Hispanic slut off her then rolled on top, pulled down her bikini bottom and jammed two fingers into her fur trimmed slit.

Demi stiffened and shook as her opponent’s fingers moved inside her then moaned as Taylor pulled off the brunette’s top and lowered her bloody mouth to suck on one of her nipples. Even when the tall blond bit down hard she only moaned louder.

“You’re a real slut, aren’t you?” Taylor sneered.

“Yess!,” the other woman whimpered as she arched her back.

“Whose slut?”


“Who owns you?”

“You do! You dooooo!,” Demi screamed as she came.

Victorious, Taylor looked around to see Kellie, her former lover, staggering to her feet, thighs slick with Selena’s spittle.

“Ding, ding!,” called out Emily, raising her head from nuzzling Alyson’s breast. At this point both were naked and Aly was on the blonde’s lap.

“Time to step things up,” Emily said and reached down under the table to bring out a pair of large, fleshtone rubber coated dildos. She handed them to Alyson who carried them along with the Round Two card to the ring, handed them to the remaining combatants then cirlcled the arena, waving the card and wiggling her ass.

Holding the dildos like daggers the two blond singers circled each other while Demi and Selena pulled themselves out tof the combat area. Emily pressed a button on the table and the combat theme from the original Star Trek started playing.

“Really?,” Alyson asked from under the table, where she had crawled in order to give Emily’s pussy a good licking.

“Hey, you know I have a geek side. Now get to work.”

Meanwhile, watching from the sidelines, Demi and Selena had moved close to each other.

Was I really that fucked up?”, Demi asked.

Selena looked sadly at her ex, sighed and said, “Yeah, you were. I just couldn’t stand to watch you destroying yourself.”

“So what’s with the blond twat?”

“I get horny and she’s hot…and sweet.” She paused then looked into the other Latina’s eyes. “But I only have one soulmate,” she said and stroked Demi’s cheek gently.

“Aww, how sweet,” Kellie commented sarcastically.

“Don’t be mean,” Taylor said. “I wish I felt like that about someone.”

“What was I, a plate of grits?”

“You were a great fuck and a lot of fun and don’t pretend you felt any different about me.”

“So why am I here?”

“Wounded pride?”

“Less talking, more sex!,” shouted Miley who had shed her clothes like everyone else in the room and had been masturbating furiously but was bored now. “Don’t forget who the birthdaygirl is.”

Kellie decided that their hostess was right. Things were getting too serious. She looked at Taylor with a mischievious grin.

“Are you pondering what I’m pondering, Pinky?,” then both of them said together, “Daisy chain!” Considering the number of hot naked young sluts in the room it was a natural conclusion for them to reach.

“That sounds good,” commented Selena dryly, “But I’d like to get clean first. Is there a hot tub big enough for four around here?” This last was directed at Emily who was squirming under the ministrations of Alysons tongue and fingers in her pussy.

“Yeah,” she answered distractedly and gave a quick set of directions punctuated by moans and squeaks of pleasure. The four former foes left, eager to both clean up and get dirty in the hot tub.

“Hey!,” Miley protested. “This is *my* birthday!”

“It’s…okay,” said Emily.

“Sure, you can say that, you have Aly munching on your carpet.,” the young songbird retorted, eying the brunette’s pert bum wiggling underneath the table.

“That was…ohgod…just appetizer. Main…mmm… course…unnnh…coming up.” With that she pressed another button and music started playing.

“A look of rage came upon Miley’s face. “I *told* you never to play that fucking song!” Then she realized that it was a live voice singing, that it was coming from behind her and that the lyrics were just a tad different.

“I fucked a girl
And I liked it.
The taste of her pussy
As I licked it.”

Miley jumped out of her chair and spun around to see Katy Perry, who had been first one of her backup singers, then her first lover outside of her family coming through the double doors wearing gold lame booty shorts and matching bra.

“That doesn’t even scan,” she said angrily.

“Hey, you helped me write it,” Katy said, her voice a seductive purr as she moved closer to her one time lover.

“Until you stole it, changed the lyrics and kicked me to the curb.”

“I don’t think Disney would have wanted everyone to know who the girl I kissed was, do you? Or that we did a lot more than just kiss.”

Off to the side Emily, who had just experienced a fist clenching, table pounding climax at the fingers and tongue of Alyson, pulled the brunette cutie out from under the table and said, why don’t we leave them to this and finsh things in my room?” Alyson nodded and they snuck off hand in hand, Aly’s face and fingers still smeared with the other starlet’s juices.

Their exit was ignored by the other two who were now face to face. “Why did you come here?,” Miley asked suspiciously.

“To renew old acquaintances,” Katy said as she eased a bra strap off of one shoulder. “To heal old wounds.” The other strap came off. “And to see what my girl has learned now that she’s all grown up.” This last was accompanied by an inviting smile.

Miley hesitated, torn by old anger, mostly buried love and raging lust. Finally she stepped forward and reached around her former love to undo the bra and let it fall to the floor. At the same time she buried her face in the other woman’s massive cleavage then moved to the breasts themselves, licking and sucking at them. Katy’s hands moved to the younger woman own tits, stroking and caressing, her thumbnails scraping across the erect nipples.

“Well, you’ve grown up in at least one way,” Katy remarked. Indeed what had barely qualified as Bs back when they had been lovers were now well into C territory.

Reluctantly pulling back from Miley’s suckling of her nipples the raven haired singer took her by the hands and maneuvered her over to the plush, thronelike chair she had been watching the celebrity catfight from. Smiling, the younger woman sat down and spread her legs while Katy Kneeled down between them.

The older chanteuse rubbed her cheek against her past and present lover’s inner thighs, enjoying their smooth softness then gently kissed her way upward until she reached the tulip bulb of Miley’s labia. First she played around them , taking each fold into her mouth and sucking, then inserted her tongue between them.

Somewhat raggedly the barely legal strumpet began to sing the song that had been *their* song before Katy had changed the lyrics and made it into her first smash hit.

“We girls
So magical
Pink slit
So lickable
Too good to…oh…deny it. Oh Gawd! Yes! CUMMMING!”

This last part wasn’t technically part of the song but, as now, had often featured.

“Stop that!,” Selena said with a giggle as taylor kicked water towards her. They were on opposite sides of a hot tub the size of a small pool. On the Tejana hottei’s left was Demi and on her right Kellie. All four of them were naked.

The four young beauties had agreed, for now, to put aside their differences and concentrate on what they had in common namely that all were gorgeous and all were horny.

This was easiest for Kellie. While she and Taylor liked each other their affair had been mostly one of physical attraction. Demi and Selena on the other hand had grown up together and had considered each other soul mates. Too some extent they still did. Taylore and Selena’s relationship was somewhere in between, not having gone on long enough to become fully defined.

But for now personal issues could wait. What they wanted at the moment was fun and sex. So when the lanky blond made a face at her and kicked out again Selena reached out, caught the foot and then started massaging it.

“Mmmm,,” purred Taylor, followed by, “Wha?,” then “Ow!” when Demi moved next to Selena, grabbed her other foot and pulled her off the bench that ran around the inside of the tub and up to her neck in warm water.

“Hey! I thought we were cool!”

“Oh, don’t be a baby,” Demi said, liftimg the foot up to her mouth and sucking on the toes one by one, making the young blond purr again.

Demi grinned at the girl who was still the love of her life and said “Make a wish?”

“Hey!,” protested Taylor once more and looked to Kellie for help but the other blond just watched in amusement while idly stroking her fingers up and down her body. her two “captors” smiled at her and licked their ways down her shins and calves while their free hands stroked up her thighs. Soon each of them had a finger in her pussy and they were tongue kissing over her body.

“Ohhh,” Taylor moaned and leaned her head back to find that Kellie had moved behind her and that her head was nestled between the other blonde’s prodigious tits. Kellie’s hands moved to cup the smaller breasts of her ex-lover.

“Since none of us can breathe water let’s move to somewhere more convenient for fucking,” Kellie suggested,as she moved back and up to the tiled floor surrounding the sunken hot tub.

“Those tiles look cold,” Selena commented.

“We can always warm them up,” the country singer suggested with a salacious grin.


Reluctantly, *very* reluctantly, Taylor disconnected herself from the fingers inside of her and joined her friend on the floor with spread legs. The two Latinas followed, licking her juices from her fingers.

Taylor quickly got on all fours and settled her face into Kellie’s crotch. Selena got onto her back, between the blonde’s long, slender legs and, grabbing a firm hold of her tight and yummy buttocks pulled her pussy down onto her open mouth and eager tongue. She expected to feel Demi’s tongue in her soon, forming the delayed daisy chain but as was often the case her ex had her own ideas.

This time however it was a good one. Emily had made sure when she booked the house that all rooms pblic and private were well stocked with everything she, Miley and their guests might need in the way of sexual entertainment. Demi went to the “toy chest” and took out a large, bright yellow dildo with a smiley face on the cockhead folowed by a jar of vaseline.

Kellie, hands pushing Taylor’s face deep into her crotch saw what the other woman was up to and voiced her approval. “Yess! Fuck her in her tight little asss!!”

First, Demi greased up two of her fingers and pushed first one, then both into the blond girl’s bunghole. After a few probing thrusts she pulled them out, straddled Selena who was still prone between Taylor’s legs muching her carpet enthusiastically, kneeled down and pushed the dildo into Taylor’s sweet, round ass.

Whether the squeks and groans of pleasure coming from the tall girl, muffled by having her face buried in Kellie’s pussy were from the tongue buttfucking, the pussy eating or both was unknown but they were definitely building towards an explosion. Kellie’s vocals on the other hand were anything but muffled or subdued.

“Oh! Fuck! Yes! You sweet long legged bitch you! OH! Fuck me with your tongue you beautiful slut!” Taylor’s orgasm was of necessity a bit quieter but, from the spasms that racked her body, every bit as satisfying.

Selena pushed herself out from under her current lover at the same time her former onepulled out the dildo. She rolled over onto her hands and knees and took the dildo in one hand and sarted licking it clean while reaching between Demi’s legs to her the other dark haired hottie’s pussy. Soon they were joined by Kellie who had crawled over on her hands and knees. Soon she and Demi were exploring each other’s upper bodies with lips, tongue and hands while Slena slipped fingers into both their pussies and Taylor watched, smiling and playing with herself for a bit before crawling over to put her mouth on Selena’s pussy and give her the oral release she needed.


Here we are!” said Emily, carrying Alyson across the threshold of her bedroom as if they were bride and groom. Or bride and bride as it were. Then with much less ceremony she tossed her toothsome burden on the bed who half bounced, half rolled to a stop then arranged herself to face her partner, propped on her elbows, legs spread and with an enticing grin.

“Well, are you coming?,” the young brunette asked in a teasing tone.

“Already did thanks to you and now I intend to return the favor,” Emily replied with a smile as she opened a drawer and took out a vibrator. She lay down alongside her friend and they kissed, long and slow, while she ran the buzzing sex toy all over Alyson’s smooth, trim little body.

“Mmmm,” purred the young dancer. “feels good. Put it in me?”

“Say please,” Emily replied as she kissed Alyson pointed, elfin chin, then her throat while she rubbed the vibrator along the other girl’s slit without actually entering.

“Pleeease! I want it! I neeed it! So much!” One of her hands went down between the blond girl’s legs. First one, then two, and finally three fingers went into Emily’s cunt, making an even stronger argument than her begging.

Their free hands explored each others bodies, familiar but well loved territory. Emily’s stroked up and down the other woman’s back and then her small, firm ass, inserting a finger. Alyson’s hand, along with her lips and tongue, roamed the blonde’s tits, stroking, pinching, licking and sucking.

Soon their fingers and Emily’s thrusting vibrator fell into a rhythm with each other and both felt their orgasms approaching.

“Yeah, baby!” the blond girl moaned. “You feel sooo goood! Yeah, yeah, yeah!”

“Oh Emmy! Fuck me! Make you little Aly cummmm!”

Their bodies shook and their backs arched in mutual orgasm, causing their ripe young breasts and smooth, taut bellies to press and rub against each other as they came before collapsing into each others arms.


The next morning when the ladies sauntered down to the kitchen they found that Katy and Emily had already cooked and laid out a diverse breakfast. Scrambled eggs, sausage both meaty and vegetarian, home fries, pancakes, milk and three different kinds of juice. All made by the two young women who were currently licking pancake batter off of each others tits. Katy was dressed as a French maid while Emily wore a white apron that read “EAT THE COOK!” in big pink letters that covered her front from about halfway up her breasts to about halfway down her thighs and her rear not at all. A small brass gong sat on the table which was what she had used to summon her fellow young sluts.

They came down in pairs and holding hands. Miley and Alyson came first. Unlike the other two pairs they hadn’t woken up together but alone since their respective partners had gone downstairs to cook. But they had met in the corridor and having been fuck buddies for several years decided to go to breakfast together. Miley wore jeans and nothing else, Alyson a pair of rainbow colored bikini bottoms and a lavender half-shirt short enough to show off her underboobs.

In contrast to the guest of honor’s toplessness Taylor was in full blown cowgirl drag. Tight jeans, denim shirt, leather vest, boots and hat. Everything but the had clinging to her long, lean fram like a second skin. Kellie had chosen to play girly-girl to her partner’s tomboy, wearing a white, semi-transparent baby doll negligee embroidered with pink roses that barely covered her crotch and ass.

Selena and Demi brought up the rear, not least because they stopped to kiss every second or third step. Selena was wearing tight leather pants, a black silk shirt with a plunging neckline and a red and white striped bandanna on her head all of which combined gave her a rather piratical appearance. Demi wore a pair of Daisy Dukes and a half shirt much like Alysons, only pink and with “Girl Toy” written on it in glitter.

As the eight of them settled around the table talk mainly centered around the farewll orgy scheduled for after the meal that would bring “Mileypalooza” to a close. In fact that was what they were all dresses for. Of course they could have all gone stark raving nude but aside from being more than a bit unsanitary where cooking and eating wasd involved they all felt that having to go to the trouble of taking each other’s clothes off added tyo the fun and also that their costumes expressed their personalities.

“Um…about the orgy,” Selena said.

“What about it?,” Miley asked, the other woman’s hesitant tone making her suspicious.

“Demi and I won’t be participating…exactly.”

“What do you mean, ‘not exactly,’?, ” Emilty asked. Unlike Miley she sounded more curious than hostile.

“We’ve found each other again.” As she said this Selena and Demi took each other’s hand and leaned in for a long , slow kiss. By the time they broke off the toothsome twosome had the undivided attention of everyone ion the room.

“Right now we don’t want to share it with anyone else. It’s too fragile,” Slena contued explaining and then broke into one of her patented dazzling smiles. “But we don’t mind if you guys watch.”

“I…guess that sounds reasonable,” Emily said to nods of agreement from the others.

Except Miley who turned her glare on Taylor and Kellie. “So are you going to opt out too?”

Taylor answered for them both.

“Nah, it’s not like that for us. We like each other and we surely do love fucking each other but we’re not exclusive and we definitely want a taste of you all’s pussies.”

“Oh. Well, that’s good then,” Miley said, mollified. So are we done eating and ready to fuck?” She was answered with a chorus of cheers.

When Emily had made the arrangements for the house she had been quite specific about certain things. The arena where Taylor, Kellie, Demi and Selena had battled had been one. This, the orgy room, had been another.

A thickly padded leather couch ran around the border of the room although the seat was broad enough to accomodate two as long as they were spooned together or one on top of the other. The carpet was an extra thick and unbelievably soft shag. The room itself was large enough to accomodate as many as a dozen people in the horizontal position. A large plastic crate filled with sex toys sat in the center. Selena made a beeline for it and started tossing paraphenalia out and about the room at random until she encountered what she wanted, a ping-pong paddle.

“Come over here,” she told Demi as she sat down. “You’ve been a bad, bad girl and need a spanking.”

Yes, Mommy,” her girlfriend said, affecting a little girl voice as she draped herself over Selena’s knees, let her pull down her Daisy DUkes and thrust her fetching rump upward as the other girls watched fascinated.

“Ow! Ow! Ow! Yes mommy! Punish your bad, baaad girl!”

While keeping her eyes on the pair of Latina hotties Miley sat down on the opposite side of the room and motioned Kellie to come over.

“So, you want to do some spanking too?,” the buxom blond asked with a mischievious grin.

“Not unless you want me to. Why, have you been a bad girl too?”

Oh no, I’m a very good girl. Would you like me to show you just how good I am?” As she said this, Kellie climbed onto Miley’s lap and put her arms around the younger woman’s neck.

“I most defintely would,” she answered then reached down and pulled up Kellie’s baby doll nightie up over her head and threw it down on the floor leaving her clad only in a frilly white thong. Of all the girls there she was the only one the Disney diva had never fucked which she considered a great wrong and intended to correct. The two young hotties soon had their lips and tongues together and were fondling each others tits.

This left the other four pretty much where they wanted to be because if Miley was the only one in the room not to have had sex with Kellie she was also the only one who’d had sex with Katy, a situation Katy, Emily, Alyson and Taylor all planned to remedy.

The horny threesome guided the dark tressed songbird to a spot halfway between Demi and Selena and Miley and Kellie and sat her down. The two blonds arranged themselves with Taylor on her right and Emily on her left and had soon undone the top of her Frrench maid outfit and removed it. Emily’s apron soon followed, leaving her completely naked. While the other two suckled on Katy’s tits Alyson first took off Taylor’s cowboy shirt and hat then, after putting on the hat and giving the country-pop singer’s tits a quick fondle,kneeled between katy’s legs. pulled fdown her lacy black pantiesd (French-cut of course) and ducked her head under her skirts. Which knocked off the hat alas.

The blond twosome broke off sucking Katy’s DoubleDs to share a threeway kiss while their hands replaced their mouths on her ta-tas. Katy’s hands were also busy, her left slipping a finger into Emily’s moist twat, the other unzipping Taylor’s jeans to do the same. Taylor broke off the kiss just long enough to stand up and finish undressing. Then she pulled Alyson out from licking and sucking Katy’s clit just long enough to strip her and give her a quick kiss and fondle as well then returned to sucking one of Katy’s nipples.

On the righthand side of the room Selena had stopped spanking her lover and was now thrusting two fingers in and out of Demi’s pussy.

Are you going to be a good girl now?,” she asked with mock sterness.

“Ooohh, yess the other woman promised , eyes closed from the mixture of pain and ecstasy. “Very, very good! Ohhh! I love you Selena! Your Demibaby loves you!”

Across the room Miley was motorboating between Kellie’s tits while the blond’s shapely legs were wrapped around her waist. Gently the brunette maneuvered her partner so that she was on her back on the plush leather cushions of the bed couch, Miley’s face and tits hovering over her. After some mutual tongue kissing and tit fondling the Disney star sarted wroking her way down, starting with a chaste kiss to her partner’s forehead, then her eyelids, the tip of her nose, her lips, her throat, the deep valley of Kellie’s cleavage where her hands were still busy, just as Kellies were on her breasts, down her stomach and finally to the shaved slit between her legs. As she moved down Miley, except for her head moved out of the range of the other woman’s hands so Kellie contented herself with pressing her lover’s face down into her crotch.

At center stage, as it were, the four lovelies there had taken their act down to the plush carpet. Katy was at the center of the arrangement on all fours. Emily and Taylor had visited the toy box and were equipped for double penetration, the blond minx of the pair with a strapon aimed at the bosomy singer’s ass and Emily underneath with a dildo already inside the dark haired singer’s pussy. Meanwhile Alyson was in front of the raven haire slut, legs spread wide and katy’s face dipped between them, tongue thrusting urgently into her twat.

A muffled moan came from Katy as her ass was penetrated. A louder one came from the other brunette as her clit got sucked.

“Ohfuckyeah! Make me cum! Make me your whore!” Alyson’s legs came up and wrapped themselves around the other woman’s head as her back arched, pushing her small breast upward, nipples hard as a wave of orgasm swept through her.


Katy detached her mouth from the pussy in front of her and immediately switched it to the one beneath her, compelled by a hunger that was fueled by the two rubber coated rods thrusting back and forth inside her.

Emily felt first Katy’s, then, after she had recovered enough to become mobile, Aly’s tongue in her cunt and sped up the thrusting of her dildo, pushing so hard that it occasionally bumped against Taylor’s through Katy’s flesh. She felt the body above her start to tremble and shake in the telltale signs of oncoming orgasm. She reached up with her free hand and dug her fingers into a smooth butt cheek foir support.

“OH! OHHH!!,” Katy raised her head to scream ecstatically. “That’s IT! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my Ass! YESYESYES!!!!”

Slowly Taylor and Emily pulled their instruments of pleasure out of the pop star’s orifices. Taylor stepped back for a moment from the sexual melee to free herself from the strapon then traded dildoes with Emily after which they proceeded to lick them both clean.

Once more positions got changed. Katy rolled off of Emily to be replaced by Taylor and the two blonds started sixty-nining each other while Alyson moved off to watch them and the other two pairs while she masturbated.

To one side Selena, now naked, and Demi lay on the couch-bed in a sixty-nine reflective of Taylor and Emily’s, Selena on top, her hands stroking up and down her lover’s thighs while the other latina hottie just as eagerly ran her hands over her sweetie’s back, shoulders and ass.

On the other side Kellie had gotten a strapon from the seemingly bottomless supply in the crate and was vigorously plowing away at Miley’s pussy. The younger woman’s ankles were locked behind the blond’s back and her eyes were closed. The words coming out of her mouth clearly showed thatshe was in a world of her own design.

“Ohhh yeah! Fuck me daddy! Fuck your little girl! I love you daddy! You and your great big cock!,” she screamed, apparently oblivious to the fact that even a blind man wouldn’t mistake Kellie for a man, much less Billie Ray Cyrus.

Alyson closed her eyes and let her ears throb, like her clit, to the sounds of coming that soon echoed through the room.

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