Disney Girls Don’t Have Sex – Part 2

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. If you’re under 18 you shouldn’t be reading this story.

Starring: Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez

Codes: Ff, Oral, Rim

Disney Girls Don’t Have Sex Part 2
by MTL (mtl_17.feedback@yahoo.co.uk)

“So, what’s wrong?”

Blinking a few times Demi Lovato awoke from her thoughts to see her best friend/secret girlfriend Selena Gomez reflected in the mirror that the younger girl was sitting in front of.

“Nothing.” Demi said unconvincingly.

“And by nothing, you mean?” Selena questioned as she pulled a stool up so it was behind the one Demi was sitting on, thus allowing her to sit down and gently slide her hands around her girlfriend’s stomach.

Demi closed her eyes and relaxed into the gentle embrace. She could still remember when these gentle signs of affection used to break her heart because she didn’t think they meant anything. Now she knew different.

“Dems?” Selena pushed.

Demi bit her lip as she thought what to say. She didn’t want to upset her girlfriend, but unfortunately it seemed by biting her lip she had accidentally achieved just that, which was why Demi quickly said, “It’s just… it seems so, sneaky.”

“Sneaky?” Selena parroted, unable to stop a smile crossing her face at Demi’s choice of words.

“Well… yeah.” Demi said, feeling a little awkward, “I mean… she’s our friend. It seems wrong to lie to her, and it definitely seems wrong to try and trick her into having sex. Or not having sex, at least not in the traditional sense, but you know… I mean, it’s kind of a grey area, I get that, but it’s not like this is a stupid prank or anything, this is serious stuff. You get that, right?”

“Yes Mom, I get it.” Selena said, emphasising the word ‘Mom’ with the intention of light-heartedly teasing Demi although from the expression on her girlfriend’s face it had been a poor decision. Quickly switching gears Selena said, “Don’t see it as lying or tricking. See it as… withholding certain information and guiding someone in a certain way.”

Demi looked unconvinced.

“And I bet you anything she thanks us afterwards.” Selena said, gently kissing the side of the other girl’s neck.

Demi moaned softly but still looked unconvinced.

Unable to help herself Selena sarcastically said, “Or we could try a more direct approach. Maybe wait about five seconds after the door’s closed before telling her how we’d both really like to lick her pussy.”

“We wouldn’t have to be so crude.” Demi pouted.

“No, we wouldn’t. But can you think of anything we could actually say that would get us what we want?” Selena asked, and then after studying Demi’s face carefully for a few moments added, “You do still want this, right?”

“Sure.” Demi said, not sounding convincing.

“Turn around.” Selena said abruptly as she let go of the embrace and moved back, allowing Demi to slowly turn around on her stool. When they were facing each other Selena leant forward so that her face was inches away from Demi’s, gently cupped her girlfriend’s cheek and said, “Look at me. You are the most important thing in my life. You have been since I was seven. I have been in love with you since the moment we met and that will never, ever change. So if you don’t want to do this just tell me, ok? I won’t be mad. I don’t need this. I don’t need anything except you.”

Demi smiled, leant her head against Selena’s and said, “But this is something you want…”

“Yes, but it’s not something I need.” Selena interrupted quickly.

“Let me finish.” Demi said, kissing the top of Selena’s head, “This is something you want, and I want it too. I’m just nervous. That’s all.”

“You promise?” Selena asked.

“Well… no. I really do feel bad about being so deceitful, but you’re right. She’ll probably thank us afterwards, and this is almost definitely the only way we’ll get to fuck her.” Demi said, and then smiled, “And I want to fuck her. I want to fuck Miley Cyrus.”

“Really?” Selena grinned, “You wanna fuck Miley Cyrus? Lick her pussy? Make her wanna lick our pussies? Turn her into a naughty little carpet munching dyke just like us?”

Demi smiled, “I wanna eat Hannah Montana’s pussy.”

Selena grinned again, “I love you.”

“I love you more.” Demi said just before the two girls kissed.

Unfortunately the kiss was cut short as the secret lovers heard a knocking sound and a muffled, “Hello?”

“Coming.” Selena called out after she reluctantly pulled away from Demi’s lips, unable to stop herself pressing her own against them again briefly before jumping up and heading out of the bedroom.

By the time she reached the door the handle was being turned in an unsuccessful attempt to open the door. Selena smiled at this, and that when she unlocked and opened the door Miley almost knocked her over getting inside.

“Sorry.” Miley said, looking a little embarrassed.

“No worries.” Selena said, locking the door behind her friend, “So, did you enjoy the movie?”

“It was all right.” Miley shrugged, “I don’t remember seeing you or Demi afterwards.”

“I needed to talk to Demi, you know, help set things up, so we left early.” Selena explained.

“Oh…” Miley said, and then after a beat blurted out, “So do you have guys already in here? Are they security guards like last time? Are we… are we going to… take it in turns again?”

“Eager, aren’t you?” Selena grinned.

Miley blushed, “Yeah, well, I…”

“Don’t apologise. Those were good questions, which will all be answered. Soon.” Selena said, a sly smile crossing her face before she turned and headed back in the direction of the bedroom, “Follow me.”

Seeing no reason to argue Miley did as she was told, looking around the hotel room as she did so. It was… ok. Kind of modest. Not small by any stretch of the imagination, but while it was about the size of a apartment building it paled in comparison to the luxury Miley had become used too.

Selena could definitely afford better, and while Miley appreciated saving money and trying to keep a low profile what was the point of being rich at their age if they couldn’t do whatever it took to enjoy themselves a little?

Of course that was why despite her better judgment Miley hadn’t been able to stop herself from coming here tonight.

“Hey Miley.” Demi greeted the other girl cheerily as Miley followed Selena into the bedroom, “Did you enjoy the movie?”

“Hey Demi, it was ok… where are all the guys?” Miley asked with a frown, her eyes searching the room to check she hadn’t missed something.

When it was clear there were no guys to be seen a thought which had been circling around in Miley’s mind all day returned with a vengeance, a thought which was terrifying, mostly because it wasn’t so totally unappealing.

“They’re outside.” Selena said as if Miley had just said something incredibly silly, “Didn’t you see them?”

Miley found herself feeling relieved, and surprisingly disappointed. Trying to shake off whatever she was feeling Miley quickly said, “Well, yeah but…”

“Oh, we’ll be inviting them in soon. If that’s cool with you.” Selena said.

“Oh… that’s cool. It’s just, were we going to talk about it and then do it, or were we going to hang out a bit first? Because I love hanging with you guys, really, it’s just… gosh, I backed out of this like a thousand times in my head, and I think if we don’t do it soon I might not be able to do it at all. You know?” Miley blathered quickly, deeply hating herself for acting like such a dorky virgin.

How was it possible Selena Gomez had more experience with sex than she did? The girl hadn’t even worn anything that revealing in public.

“Oh, we’re planning to get started pretty soon, but first I wanted to talk to you about it. You know, I tell you exactly what we’re going to do first, that way you have time to prepare.” Selena said, not giving Miley a chance to speak before continuing, “I was thinking we’d do it like last time. You watch my pussy getting licked, and I’ll tell you how to give instructions. Then you can try giving the instructions while your pussy is getting licked, and if necessary I’ll give you tips. Does that sound ok?”

“Yeah, I mean yeah.” Miley said, hating herself for how high pitched her first word had sounded and for how much she was blushing. Trying to get a hold of herself she added, “That’s pretty much what I was expecting.”

“Hold that thought.” Selena said, “There is one more thing.”

“What?” Miley asked.

“Well… if given the right instructions a guy can eat pussy ok I guess, but…” Selena trailed off, her confident facade melting away as she stared into the eyes of her friend.

“Selena wants me to do it.” Demi said, recognising her girlfriend was in trouble. Unfortunately this meant all eyes were on her and she panicked, “I mean, it isn’t really a big deal. It would be just like watching a guy going down on her, only better. For her I mean. Not that it wouldn’t be better for you, or that it would be, because it would be the same for you but Selena likes getting her pussy licked by a girl, and I like to lick pussy, and…”

“Ok.” Miley interrupted Demi’s little panic attack.

“What?” first Demi and then Selena exclaimed.

“Ok… I mean, it’s like you said, it’s no big deal.” Miley blushed, “And I’m trying to change my image, and even if I can’t tell anyone about this it would be great for me to… to watch you going down on her. It would be like, the wildest thing I’ve ever done. Or at least as wild as blowing seven guys.”

Silence fell between the three girls, a weird kind of quiet understanding between them.

Miley was almost positive the other two girls plan to seduce her, and while that terrified her on multiple levels she wanted it. She wanted them to seduce her. And she was very sure they knew that.

Meanwhile Demi and Selena were pretty certain Miley knew what was really going on and was ok with it. Of course they had been expecting her to figure it out, most likely sooner rather than later, and they had prepared to spend a long-time talking her into it. They hadn’t expected her to be so willing and as a result they were left speechless for a short while, although that quickly passed.

“Ok then.” Demi said, “You don’t mind if we start off with a little foreplay, do you?”

“Sure, go right ahead.” Miley said, settling herself down in a nearby chair and watching in fascination as Demi gently kissed Selena.

Miley felt like watching Demi and Selena kiss should have been weird, shocking and maybe even a little off putting but it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. Demi and Selena had been so close for so long that Miley had wondered if there was something more than friendship going on between them. Now there was no doubt in her mind, and Miley couldn’t be happier for them.

What did shock Miley was just how much she enjoyed watching Demi and Selena kiss. But she couldn’t help herself. The first kisses were just so cute, and the later kisses so heated and passionate Miley felt herself being drawn in, watching the other two girls making out with more interest than she could have ever imagined.

One of the things Miley found most interesting was how Selena and Demi seemed to become totally lost in each other. Miley wasn’t even sure they remembered she existed. They certainly didn’t acknowledge her when they broke their kiss so Demi could pull Selena’s shirt up and off of her, Demi crashing her lips down onto Selena’s the moment the offending item was removed.

Clearly those few moments of not kissing had been way too long as the two ‘friends’ didn’t part their lips for the removal of Selena’s bra, Demi easily unhooking it without looking. Miley guessed she had done that before. She also guessed it wasn’t her first time playing with Selena’s boobs, the older of the two moaning into the other girl’s mouth as Demi worked her magic.

After what seemed like an eternity they finally ended the kissing session, although Demi couldn’t seem to keep her lips from the other brunette for long as she quickly began licking, sucking and even biting at Selena’s neck.

Selena moaned loudly and laid back with eyes closed for a little while, just enjoying the attention. Then she slowly opened her eyes and turned her head so she was looking at Miley, “If you’re in a hurry you can forego foreplay, or at least speed it up, but, mmmmmmmm, whenever you can, I highly recommend taking the time to really let your lover explore your body with their mouth and tongue. Oh, make sure they spend plenty of time on your most sensitive areas, like your neck or your tits.”

There was a pause, a coughing sound from Selena, and then Demi finally obliged by quickly kissing down Selena’s chest to the area her girlfriend wanted her lips to be. Wasting no time Demi slid her tongue around Selena’s right nipple before taking it into her mouth for quick sucking sessions, moving to the left before going back and forth, repeating the process over and over as Selena moaned happily.

“You, oooooohhhhhh, you should, mmmmmmmm, make sure your lover spends plenty of time on your nipple. The, mmmmmmm, the longer the better.” Selena said, fluttering her eyelids closed for a few moments as she simply enjoyed the sensations before adding, “But there’s a difference between building up anticipation and torturing in the name of teasing. If your lover truly cares about you she, or he, will know when enough is enough. If they don’t, you’ll just have to tell them.”

Demi resented being put to the test, but she passed with flying colours, waiting until the moment things began to get too much for Selena before kissing her way down her girlfriend’s stomach. With one quick motion Demi grabbed hold of Selena’s pants and panties and pulled them both down together in one go, only stopping briefly to fiddle with Selena’s shoes and socks which she also removed before moving her body back upwards, her lips connecting with Selena’s inner thighs which she began gently kissing.

“I, oooooohhhhhh, I can’t speak for everyone, but I love it when my inner thighs are kissed. It’s like the final tease before the real pleasure begins.” Selena moaned as Demi’s lips covered her inner thighs in kisses, “But there are other ways to tease at this point. Like having your lover licking along the outside of your pussy lips. Mmmmmm, yes, just like that Demi, just like that. Oh, and, mmmmmmm, yes Demi, just feeling your breath against my cunt is pretty hot, and there are a few others, but nothing beats the first lick, especially if it’s nice and slow.”

Immediately after Selena mentioned a new way to tease Demi demonstrated just like she had promised too when Selena was explaining her plan. However Demi deviated from the plan somewhat by not immediately licking Selena’s pussy on cue.

This both frustrated and delighted Selena as she found herself both loving and hating the anticipation.

The pause seemed to last an eternity for all three girls, although in reality it was only a couple of seconds in between the cue and the moment Demi stuck out her tongue, pressed it to the bottom of Selena’s pussy, and then slowly slid her tongue all the way up to Selena’s clit.

Selena’s mouth fell open as pure pleasure washed over her, her brain seeming to momentarily shut down before the second lick rebooted her, and the third set her mind whirling again.

She certainly hadn’t been lying about the first lick. There were some stronger feelings of pleasure to be had, caused by a variety of different things, but for Selena Gomez the feeling of a first lick to her pussy was right up there among her favourite things ever because it signified the fun was really getting started and promised so much more pleasure to come. The fact that it was a lick given by her girlfriend Demi Lovato only made it even better.

Focusing on the other girl in between her legs Selena smiled happily as she watched Demi work, her secret lover gently lapping at her pussy lips just like Selena had wanted. The sight was so beautiful Selena found herself becoming lost in it, the star of Wizard’s of Waverley Place completely forgetting her plan and even that anyone other than herself and her girlfriend existed. Then she heard a soft, “Gosh.”

For a second Selena panicked as she feared Miley was freaking out, but her fears were quickly proven unfounded when she looked up to see the other Disney star was just as enthralled with what was going on as Selena had been two years ago. And from the look on Miley’s face it was clear that for ‘Hannah Montana’ this wasn’t an ‘this is gross but I can’t look away’ kind of enthralled. Figuring out exactly what kind of enthralled Miley was in was a little tricky as Miley’s face seemed a mask of different emotions, although none of which seemed to suggest anything bad.

Rather than draw attention to this and possibly risk freaking Miley out Selena asked, “Do you want to know the main reason why I’d rather have a girl going down on me than a guy?”

Selena’s word startled Miley out of the daze she had been in. The daze had been so powerful that Miley literally wasn’t sure where or even who she was for about a nanosecond, and then everything came flooding back and she found herself blushing at being caught staring so intently. But how could Selena or anyone possibly blame her? She was watching a friend going down on another friend. A girlfriend… a friend who was a girl going down on another friend who was also a girl. Two girls who she had known for years, and were part of the same children’s entertainment umbrella Miley herself was under, were having sex right before her eyes. And it was sex. Screw whatever Selena said…

This thought had Miley concentrating on the question she had only barely heard, although she had heard enough to give an answer to Selena who was staring at her expectantly, even if her answer was only a weak, “Ok.”

“It’s because with guys you can give them a roadmap, a multi-page instruction booklet, and even an entire book and they still wouldn’t eat pussy as good as a girl… because a girl knows what to do without being told.” Selena said, giving Demi another cue, “I mean, oh, the very first time I let Demi in between my thighs not only did she do everything I like, mmmmmmm, but she introduced me to new things, ooooohhhhhh, things she can do with her wonderful little tongue which I couldn’t have even dreamed of. Like, oooooohhhhhh, oh my gosh, like licking around my pussy lips instead of just licking them up and down. Oh, like she’s doing right now. Mmmmmm, can you see?”

“Yeah, I can see.” Miley said without hesitation.

“Well, uuuuuuhhhhhh, uuuuhhhhh, oooohhhhh fuck!” Selena exclaimed as Demi’s tongue did a number on her clit, playing with it almost roughly for a few long seconds before sliding back down to tease the entrance to Selena’s love hole, thus allowing Selena to moan, “Did you see that? Did you see how she licked my clit? Mmmmmmm, I thought I was going to cum for sure, but she’s just setting me up for a bigger, harder cum later. Oh, mmmmmmm, oh, and the timing was perfect. Oh, I, mmmmmm, I love guys… I love cock, but no guy has ever licked my pussy this good. I don’t think they could even come close. And oooooohhhhhhhh fuuuuccccckkkkk! Ooooooohhhhhh gooooooooddddddd!”

Selena’s head snapped back as Demi thrust her tongue inside her, the soft invasion of her pussy leaving Selena incapable of speaking as she became overwhelmed with pleasure.

Miley barely noticed as she was to captivated by the sight of Demi clearly pushing her tongue into Selena’s cunt, her mouth then closing around Selena’s pussy as if Demi was literally trying to devour the other Disney girl.

A few seconds later Miley realised her right hand had invaded her panties and two of her fingers were rubbing her pussy which was wetter than she could ever remember it being, and that included earlier when she and Selena had sucked seven guys.

Miley could pretend she was upset with her treacherous body, but the truth was Miley knew this was probably an inevitable occurrence and if anything she should be grateful to her body. After all maybe this way she could make herself cum while Demi and Selena were preoccupied, and then make up some excuse to leave so she could avoid being dragged into a lesbian threesome. Although as she pushed two fingers inside herself and watched Selena moan, scream and whimper in pleasure as Demi enthusiastically ate her best friend’s pussy Miley was having trouble remembering why having sex with Demi and Selena would be such a bad thing.

“I’m, ooooohhhhhhhhh, I’m sorry Miles!” Selena moaned, the fact that these were the first coherent words she had uttered in a while immediately getting Miley’s attention, “I, ah, I haven’t been doing a good job of telling you what you’re supposed to get a guy to do to you. Mmmmmmm, I’m so sorry, it’s just, h, hard to concentrate when there’s a tongue inside you. Oh gosh, mmmmmmm, especially such a skilled little tongue. OH… oh fuck! It’s fucking me! Demi’s tongue is fucking me sooooooo gooooodddddd! It’s sliding in and out, mmmmmmmm, twirling and curling inside me, like this.”

Miley was already blushing from hearing Selena dropped the F-bomb, and pretty much everything else, but seeing Selena stick out her tongue and twirl it around and curl it upwards made Miley blush like never before, mostly because it made Miley imagine Selena’s tongue was inside her pussy while doing it. This thought almost made Miley cum, and probably would have if Miley had been finger fucking herself a little faster, a problem she quickly rectified.

“Make sure whoever you’re with does that when their tongue is inside you. It will help them find all your sweet spots, mmmmmmmmmm, yes Demi, the G-spot in particular. Mmmmmmmm, you can, ooooohhhhh, you can simply tell your partner to curl their tongue upwards to get that.” Selena explained in between long moans, “D, Deeeemmmmiiiiiiii! Demi’s a expert. She knows just where to touch. And when. Mmmmmmm, oh, I, oh, I can teach you what you do, but, aaaaahhhhhh, but timing is everything.”

Demi definitely agreed with this last statement. It was really something to live by in just about every aspect of life. Right now was a perfect example, because thanks to all the reasonably slow build up Demi knew she could make Selena cum quickly with just a few well timed strokes of her tongue.

It was something Selena had made crystal clear she wanted. To be able to cum as hard and as quickly as possible to show Miley the pleasure she could be receiving, and then offer it to her without giving her much chance to think about it. And seducing Miley was something Demi wanted too, and even if it hadn’t been just the chance to make Selena happy was good enough for Demi. Of course that was the exact reason she was hesitating to make Selena cum.

As a result of all the ‘fun’ Demi had been having with Selena she had learnt that the longer the build up the harder the climax. So just by prolonging the pussy licking a little bit it would add to Selena’s eventual orgasm, and surely make Miley even more susceptible to seduction. Plus the longer Demi was in between Selena’s thighs the longer she could give her pleasure, and there was nothing in the world Demi liked doing more than that. And… Selena just tasted so good. Demi could never get enough of her lover’s delicious pussy juice so it was always hard for Demi to give Selena the final push she needed to cum.

Of course Selena knew that, “Oh Miley, Demi is soooooo goooooddddd. Demi is so good at eating pussy. Ooooooohhhhhhh, ah, I’d take her tongue over seven guys’ tongues any day. Mmmmmmmm, I’d take her tongue over seven thousand guys’ tongues any day. It’s a heaven, mmmmmmmmm, a dream I never want to wake up from, but, oh, as much as I love it… sometimes I just need more. I need… I… I neeeedddddddd oooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssssss! Oooooohhhhhhh Deeeeeemmmmmmiiiiiiiiiii!”

Any further words Selena tried to make were pretty much gibberish as she threw her head back and thrust her pussy into Demi’s eager mouth, that mouth remaining glued in place as Demi happily swallowed her girlfriend’s cum. There was so much of it a good portion ended up covering Demi’s face, but Demi was confident she took most of it down her throat, her eyelashes fluttering as she tasted the sweetest flavour in the world. Selena’s pussy juice tasted good, but her cum was like pure heaven in liquid form. Drinking that sweet nectar was right up there with making Selena feel good, and there was nothing more important to Demi than making Selena feel good.

Whenever they had time to spare Demi would spend hours in between Selena’s legs, making the other girl cum over and over again before inevitably Selena returned the favour. Sadly this was one of the far too often times when Demi couldn’t linger in between her girlfriend’s thighs. She had made a promise to Selena that she wouldn’t, and while Selena would sometimes let her break that promise and let them be late for something this time Demi knew it was important to move on.

So, after making absolutely sure there was no delicious girl cum left to lick up, Demi gently kissed her way up Selena’s body, only briefly stopping to suck on her nipples for a few moments before completing her journey to her lesbian lover’s lips, pressing her own to them in a soft and passionate kiss.

For the past few moments there had been nothing in Demi’s world except Selena’s pussy and the sweet nectar flowing from it, so to her Miley’s orgasm went completely unnoticed.

Selena noticed it though. Her mind was barely functioning thanks to her own powerful climax, but she heard Miley cry out and she even looked up just in time to see the other girl tents up, their eyes meeting at the moment it happened as powerful feelings of pleasure washed over them.

Miley blushed and looked awkward as she came down from her high, but noticeably didn’t remove her hand from her pants. It was hard for Selena not to grin at that, but in the name of not freaking Miley out she just about managed it. Instead Selena concentrated on enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm, and then the feeling of Demi’s lips as they travelled over her body and then connected with her own.

Again Miley found herself watching in fascination as her two friends kissed passionately, Selena and Demi making out for what seemed like an eternity but was probably only a few moments. Then when the kiss ended they only pulled away a few millimetres, their foreheads resting together and the two girls looking into each others eyes in a way Miley had never seen before. It was a look of such mutual love and devotion that there wasn’t a single doubt in Miley’s mind that Demi and Selena weren’t just dating, they were in love.

Of course this revelation made what happened next even more surprising.

“So… Miley, are you ready for your turn?” Selena asked after she finally pulled her attention away from her secret girlfriend.

“W, with Demi?” Miley stammered.

“No, I meant with our security guards.” Selena laughed, “But if you’d prefer…”

“NO! No, no, no I couldn’t. I, I couldn’t.” Miley said, not sounding convincing.

“Are you sure? I can guarantee Demi would make you cum way, way harder.” Selena said.

“I… I’m… I… I’m sure. I mean… I’m not gay. I have no problem with it. It’s cool. You guys are cool. It’s all cool. It’s all really, really really really really cool. And you two are… really cool. Ha, pretty cool. Really pretty cool. Sooooo, pretty cool. I’m just not…” Miley said, slowly turning into the caricature of herself on Saturday Night Live.

“Miley, Miley!” Selena said softly, silently grateful for having prepared for this, “Relax. We’re your friends. We would never make you do something you really didn’t want to do. But you know, this wouldn’t necessarily be gay.”

“It wouldn’t?” Miley questioned, not sounding convinced.

“Of course not.” Selena said, “It isn’t gay if you’re the receiver.”

“It… it isn’t?” Miley frowned.

“Of course not.” Selena insisted, “All you’d be doing is getting your pussy licked. Demi would be the one acting gay, and she doesn’t mind, do you Demi?”

“No, I love licking pussy.” Demi blushed.

“See, Demi’s the only dyke here.” Selena said.

There was a pause and then Miley said, “I… I don’t know.”

“Didn’t you say you wanted to do something wild?” Demi questioned, slowly moving towards Miley who blushed and stammered incoherently before Demi interrupted her, “You could always try it and if it’s too weird you could tell me to stop. I promise I would. I just… I just really want to make you feel good. The way I made Selena feel good.”

Miley knew that if she was going to leave the time to do it would be now. She had cum watching something incredibly wild, and while she couldn’t tell anyone about it she still felt a hell of a lot less innocent for it. However her orgasm hadn’t been half as satisfying as Selena’s had seemed to be, watching something like this was nowhere near as wild as experiencing it, and letting another girl go down on her would probably take-away that feeling of innocence she wanted to shake off forever.

So gently nodding her head Miley said, “Ok.”

“Are you sure?” Demi asked cautiously.

“Yes. I’m sure.” Miley said more confidently, and then smiled, “As long as this isn’t gay or anything.”

Demi smiled back then slowly began to lean forward.

Miley thought Demi was going to kiss her, just the thought making her heart race with mostly excitement, mixed in with a little anxiety and half a dozen other emotions. However Demi’s head dipped down so she was pressing her lips to Miley’s neck, covering it in light kisses and eventually gentle sucks and licks, making Miley moan.

This was something pretty much every guy Miley had ever been with had done to her at some point, and yet none of them made her feel as good as this. Demi was just so… thorough. So knowing. Miley already knew she had made the right decision because she couldn’t wait to feel those lips on other places. Literally, she couldn’t wait.

“I… I need to be wearing less clothes.” Miley moaned.

“Yes you do.” Selena said as she watched.

“Definitely.” Demi smiled as she pulled away from Miley’s neck.

As soon as Demi was a safe distance away from her Miley tore off her shirt and jewellery, kicked off her shoes and quickly removed her socks. She then stood up to pull down her pants, at which point her nerves finally got the better of her. As she remained there frozen Demi helped push her pants all the way down, allowing Miley to step out of them. Demi then gently guided her to the bed, quietly instructing Miley to lay down were Selena was moments ago.

Once Miley was lying on the bed Demi slowly crawled on top of her until their faces were inches apart. Again Miley thought Demi was going to kiss her and again she was wrong. Just as the other girl leaned in and Miley closed her eyes Demi reached down to grab Miley’s hand and bring it up to her face. This confused Miley at first, until she remembered that was the hand she had been fingering herself with. More accurately she was reminded when Demi grinned mischievously, took Miley’s index and middle finger into her mouth and then slowly sucked them.

Although Miley hadn’t wiped her fingers there was only a few remnants of her cum and pussy juice left on them thanks to the fact that she had used both hands to undress. However Demi could definitely detect those sweet flavours that she craved so much, that heavenly taste causing her to suck greedily and moan softly.

Even though it was quite a soft moan it sounded deafening to Miley who was captivated by the sight and the feeling of Demi sucking her cum and pussy juice off her fingers. For Miley it was so hot she could barely think.

Another girl was tasting her. Another girl was sucking her cum and pussy juice off of her fingers, and clearly loving it. And who knew having your fingers sucked could feel this good?

Several long moments after she was sure Miley’s fingers were completely clean Demi slowly pulled her mouth away, gave a playful smile and said, “Wow, you taste delicious.”

Miley just stared at Demi for a few seconds and then she suddenly moved forward, crushing her lips against those belonging to a surprise Demi.

While she continued to be surprised by this action Demi quickly got over it enough to kiss Miley back. Shortly after she did Demi found her mouth invaded by the other girl’s tongue, her own tongue happily playing with it as the kiss became increasingly passionate, almost needy.

This kiss continued until oxygen became an issue, at which point Miley pulled away and panted, “Sorry.”

“It’s ok. You really don’t need to apologise.” Demi smiled softly, “You’re a good kisser.”

“Thanks. I just… wanted a little tongue first.” Miley said, a huge blush quickly crossing her face, “I meant…”

“I know what you meant.” Demi smiled as she leaned in to kiss Miley’s neck again.

“Oh.” Miley moaned softly, and then after thinking about it added, “Besides… I… I wanted to kiss you.”

Pulling away from Miley’s neck Demi briefly studied the other girl with interest and then asked, “Wanna do it again?”

Miley gently nodded and then slowly leant forward, Demi’s lips welcoming Miley’s as they kissed again, this time lingering on the softness before inevitably the kiss became more heated.

It was difficult for Selena to just sit back and watch the action but it was important to her stupid plan that she did. Her stupid, stupid plan which resulted in Demi being the first person ever to go down on Miley Cyrus. It was an accolade Selena was loath to give up, but it was only fair as there was another one of Miley’s cherries that Selena wanted even more. But that would have to wait. For now all she could do was watch her two hot fellow Disney stars making out, comforting herself with the knowledge that if all went well she would be joining them soon.

Unfortunately for Selena she was left watching for quite a while as Demi and Miley seemed to become lost in kissing each other. It wasn’t surprising as Demi had been crushing on Miley for a very long time and was revelling in the chance to finally be with her like this. Meanwhile Miley had never really kissed a girl before. Sure, she had dished out a few playful pecks here and there to seem daring, but those were nothing compared to this, and Miley regretted that. She regretted never taking the time to really appreciate just how soft another girl’s lips could be, or how knowing her tongue was, which of course made Miley think about what was to come, although even the promise of that couldn’t pull her away.

Finally it was Demi who decided it was time to move on, sliding her arms around Miley mid-kiss, unhooking her bra and skilfully removing it without even looking. She then quickly slid her lips down Miley’s body to her breasts, the star of Hannah Montana gasping as her fellow Disney girl kissed around her nipples for a few long seconds, and then she cried out happily as Demi took one of her nipples into her mouth and gently sucked on it.

“Oooooohhhhhhh Gooooodddddd!” Miley half moaned, half whimpered over and over again along with a few other incoherent sounds as Demi began moving back and forth between her nipples, at first just sucking on them gently, but the pressure quickly increased in the most wonderful way. Demi also started to slide her tongue around each nipple, and flick it, and lick it, and things Miley wasn’t certain she could even describe.

“More, more, please mooorrrreeeee!” Miley started repeatedly begging as the tit worship became torturous, repeating several times, before finally adding, “Go down on me. Please. Just… eat me. Eat my pussy. Lick it. Please Demi… fuck me!”

Actually hearing Miley swear finally got Demi’s attention, the slightly older Disney star looking up at the other girl, giving her a wicked smile and then slowly kissing her way down her body. This had Miley squirming with anticipation, but she was left feeling incredibly disappointed when Demi grabbed hold of her panties and instead of pushing them down and immediately getting to work Demi slowly slid them down Miley’s legs to take them off completely and then bring the garment, which was soaking wet, up to her nose giving it a long sniff.

“Does she smell as good as she tastes?” Selena asked curiously.

Demi started to nod, thought about it and then handed Selena the panties, “You tell me.”

Grinning widely Selena held the panties to her nose, breathed in heavily and then a second later placed them in her mouth. Selena moaned as she sucked on those panties, immediately putting them back in her mouth after she had said, “Definitely.”

With a smile on her face Demi had turned her attention back to Miley whose eyes were pleading with her to get on with it. Instead of complying Demi followed the next part of Selena’s plan, a rather risky stage involving Demi removing her clothes. It was risky because her excuse for doing so was all this work was making her sweaty, which while technically true could have left Miley feeling suspicious, or perhaps even freaked her out. Luckily it seemed Miley was to captivated by what was going on to complain.

Once Demi was naked she paused for a moment to allow Miley’s eyes to travel over her body, happy to see an encouraging look of lust in those eyes as they eagerly took in the sight of her. Then Demi slowly crawled onto the bed and up Miley’s body, briefly pausing when she reached the younger girl’s pussy, but then passing it in favour of heading for her tits.

Miley didn’t like this, “NO! No please, no more teasing. I can’t take it. Please just lick me already. I need you to lick my pussy. Please Demi, I’ll do anything if you just lick my pussy.”

“Anything?” Selena grinned.

“Yes.” Miley quickly agreed, “I’ll do anything you two want, just please, please lick me and make me cum. L, lick me and make me cum, lick me and make me…”

As Miley was speaking Demi was quickly sliding her lips downwards until they were hovering over the other girl’s pussy, Demi pausing there for a few brief seconds, waiting for her moment to strike. When she did strike it was quick at first, her tongue shooting out of her mouth and sliding over the bottom half of Miley’s pussy, but then she slowed down, making it look like Demi couldn’t decide whether she wanted to lick fast or slow. In actual fact Demi knew exactly what she was doing, and it worked like a charm.

The first part of the lick was to get Miley’s attention, which was definitely successful considering how Miley fell silent mid-sentence. From the second part of the lick onwards was when Demi would really start to tease her friend. As an added bonus Demi really got to savour the taste of Miley’s pussy, the flavour dancing on her taste buds as she completed the first lick and began dishing out the second, and the third, and then fourth and so on.

Each of these licks were as slow as they possibly could be, Demi dragging her tongue away from the bottom of Miley’s pussy to the top.

On more than a few occasions while doing this Demi looked upwards to see how Miley was doing. It was inconclusive at first, Miley’s head rolling back so it was hard to see her face, and when she wasn’t doing that the expression on her face was hard to read. She was also making these little sounds, half of which were made up of pleasurable moans, the other half made up of gasps and whimpers which might have been also a sign of pleasure but it was hard to tell. Then she started repeatedly mumbling, “Oh God, oh God, oh God.”

At first Demi wasn’t sure whether this was a good sign or not. However a short time later Demi found herself smiling as the sounds coming from Miley became unquestionably pleasurable and her word became much clear, “Oh, oh Goooooodddddd yes! Lick me! Lick me just like that. Oh, ooooooohhhhhhh, ah, yes, lick me. Oh Demi. Oh Demi! You’re making me feel so good. Soooooo goooooodddddd! I didn’t know it was possible to feel this good.”

“I told you girls were better.” Selena grinned, crawling closer to a blushing Miley like an animal ready to pounce on its prey.

“And now, oh, I believe you.” Miley moaned as she switched from staring at the unbelievably erotic sight of another girl’s head in between her legs to the sight of Selena now hovering over her with burning desire in her eyes.

“I knew Demi would make a believer out of you.” Selena said proudly, glancing down at her girlfriend before looking back into Miley’s eyes, “And she hasn’t even stuck her tongue inside you yet. When she does you won’t even want to try a guy’s tongue. Mmmmmmm, Demi is going to make your pussy just like mine. For girls only.”

Miley cried out joyfully as Demi chose that moment to press her tongue against Miley’s entrance, increasing the pressure until the younger girl was sure the older girl’s tongue was about to enter her. However at the last possible moment Demi pulled away and went back to licking Miley at the exact same slow pace she had been using for what seemed like an eternity.

After whimpering in frustration Miley moaned, “It, oh, it’ll be girls only, I promise, just make her do it.”

“Do what?” Selena asked, almost exceeding in sounding innocent.

“M… make… mmmmmmm, make her fuck me. I wanna be fucked. I, ah, I need to be fucked. Mmmmmmm, I need to be fucked by another girl. I, oh, I need to be fucked by another girl’s tongue. Is that what you want to hear?” Miley whimpered, “If it isn’t just tell me. Tell me what you want me to say, ah, oh, and I’ll say it. Mmmmmmm, I’ll say anything, do anything, if you just get Demi to fuck me and make me cum.”

After smiling softly Selena leant forward so that her lips were hovering over Miley’s. Obviously expecting to be kissed Miley closed her eyes and leant forward, but Selena went back out of reach. She had another idea in mind.

“Make her cum Dems.” Selena said softly, although it sounded deafening to the other girls.

Miley’s eyes shot wide open, her mouth quickly following as a ear piercing scream erupted from deep within her in reaction to feeling Demi’s tongue slamming as deep as it could go into her pussy.

Instead of giving Miley a chance to get use to the feeling of a tongue inside her Demi started pumping her tongue steadily in and out of her, making Miley continued to scream and claw at the sheet as she tried to comprehend what she was feeling.

Miley had dated, even had a serious boyfriend on more than one occasion so she understood why her songs about relationships were so popular. But until now she hadn’t truly understood why sex was such a big deal. She had wondered, dreamed and fantasised, but none of it had done this justice. None of it could.

The feeling of Demi’s tongue moving in and out of her was indescribable. She tried to put it into words, or a song, but nothing she could think of seemed appropriate.

Then Demi started moving her tongue in certain angles, finding places inside her that Miley had no idea existed.

After a thorough search of Miley’s pussy Demi started increasing the pace of the tongue fucking. As she did this Demi twirled her tongue inside of Miley, attacking all of her friend’s most sensitive areas with every thrust.

Ever since Miley had felt Demi’s tongue entering her she had felt a orgasm like no other rapidly begin to approach her. When Demi started increasing the speed of her tongue thrusts and twirling it inside of her friend Miley quickly found herself hurtling towards that orgasm, Demi not even reaching full speed before Miley’s world came crashing down around her.

The build up had been so intense that in the moments before she came Miley had wondered if there was any way it could possibly live up to her expectations. After all this was a moment she had been dreaming of for a very long time. The first time someone else made her cum. She had tried to realistically prepare for disappointment while remaining hopeful, but Demi’s talented little tongue had made it impossible for her expectations not to be raised to a perhaps unrealistically high level. However when Miley finally came her expectations weren’t met, they were surpassed.

It felt like a nuclear bomb went off inside her, or at least inside her head as for a brief moment she couldn’t even think thanks to the intense feeling of ecstasy that rocked her body. Only after the initial hit was over with did Miley realise just how much she was shaking, and how loud she was being. It was a little embarrassing, but it was hard to care when Miley was coming off the best experience of her life.

The aftershocks vibrated through her for a long time after the initial hit, Demi never quite letting Miley comedown from her high, instead keeping her close to the heaven she had just enjoyed but never quite close enough to make her cum again.

At first Miley was grateful for this as she didn’t think she could handle another Demi induced orgasm, but as that wicked tongue worked its magic Miley found herself whimpering, “More… please… more.”

“More?” Selena questioned as if she was trying to figure out exactly what Miley meant, “What are you trying to say Miles? You want Demi to make you cum again?”

“YES! Please, ah, I need to cum, oh, cum like that again.” Miley moaned.

“Well, I guess that would be ok… but I’m kind of getting a little tired of just watching.” Selena said, pretending to think about it before adding, “Hey, how about we fool around a little? I mean, I’m not a pussy licking slut like Demi, but I’m a teeny bit into boobs, and your lips look extremely kiss-able.”

There was a brief pause and then Miley reached up, grabbed hold of Selena’s face with both hands and then roughly forced the other Disney girl down on top of her. The second their lips connected Miley shoved her tongue down Selena’s throat, the two girls engaging in something which seemed more like a fight than a kiss.

It lasted until oxygen became an issue, at which point they pulled away just long enough to get some much needed air before returning to the kiss, the two Disney stars passionately making out for several minutes before Miley pulled away and softly said, “Can I cum now?”

“Just a second.” Selena said, dipping her head down to Miley’s neck and beginning to kiss, lick and suck on it. At the same time she reached down and began tweaking Miley’s nipples. After a few seconds of this Selena stopped playing with Miley’s neck just long enough to call out to her girlfriend, “Ok Dem, you can make her cum again.”

Selena then grinned into Miley’s neck and bit down on it softly as her friend cried out joyfully and arched her back, pushing her pussy deeper into the mouth and tongue which was giving her so much pleasure, happy sucking sounds in that particular direction letting Selena know that Demi was seemingly enjoying herself just as much as Miley.

A few moments later when Miley’s orgasm had subsided Selena kissed her way down to Miley’s boobs, taking one nipple into her mouth and gently sucking it before doing the same with the other nipple. Selena went back and forth, first just sucking Miley’s nipples, but a short time later she was licking them too, her mouth and tongue, and of course Demi’s mouth and tongue, quickly driving Miley to another orgasm.

This time there was no pause, no begging, no nothing except Selena taking her mouth away from Miley’s tits long enough to tell her girlfriend, “More Dems. Make Miley cum as much as you can.”

Taking Selena’s words to heart Demi removed her mouth from Miley’s pussy and replaced it with two fingers, Demi beginning to finger fuck Miley as she closed her mouth down on her clit, the sensations almost immediately making Miley cum.

Instead of gently bringing Miley down from her high Demi fucked the other Disney star harder, quickly sending Miley over the edge of another orgasm, and then another, and then another. However Demi was unable to continue the finger fucking for long as in her current position she could smell Miley’s cum coating her fingers. Demi resisted her desire to taste that sweet liquid for as long as she could, but ultimately she found herself gluing her mouth back to Miley’s pussy and greedily sucking out every drop of girl cum she could get.

Miley’s pussy was so sensitive that the hard sucking Demi gave it was enough to trigger more girl cum to slide out of it, into Demi’s mouth and down her throat. This of course had Demi sucking harder and reintroducing her tongue to Miley’s welcoming fuck hole, Demi happily tongue fucking Miley to another couple of orgasms before switching back to the finger fucking, after making sure to suck the cum off her fingers of course.

Miley had heard that women could have multiple orgasms but no matter how much she tried she had never achieved anything like that on her own. One orgasm had always seemed satisfying enough and any attempt for more had always made her feel dirty. After all she was still technically a teenager with hormones racing through her, and that had been certainly the case all through her teens, so she couldn’t be blamed for taking the edge off here and there, but even as she tried to become wilder the idea of more than one orgasm seemed so… slutty. Of course that had been part of the appeal, but at the same time it created a feeling of awkwardness to stop it from happening.

Now, oddly enough considering two of her female friends were having their way with her, there was no awkwardness. Miley did feel dirty though. And very, very slutty. And she loved it.

All the pleasure seemed to melt together so that Miley felt like she was in heaven, every orgasm sending her higher into the fluffy white clouds. In the back of her mind she even wondered if the illusion was in fact reality and the other two girls had overloaded her with so much pleasure they had given her a heart attack or something and she really was in heaven. However before that could happen she faintly heard, “Demi, if you make Miley cum again she’s going to faint.”

Then Miley whimpered as she came crashing down from the clouds, soft mouths and tongues removed from her body and thus ending all the pleasure she had been receiving.

Miley felt more sexually fulfilled than ever before, but she still wanted more. Her friends had turned her into a total junkie for getting her body pleasured by girls and Miley already knew she would do anything to get another fix.

Rolling over onto her side Miley noticed that Selena was now lying on her back next to her, Demi crawling up her BFF’s body while staring at her with a powerful look of love and lust. That look was returned by Selena who welcomed Demi’s lips with her own once they were face to face, Miley once again finding the sight of her two friends passionately making out to be something that was beautiful beyond words.

Demi was on top of Selena for only a few moments before she was flipped onto her back, the kiss not pausing for a second when this happened or moments later when Selena’s hand shot down to Demi’s pussy.

Selena first made Demi whimper and then cry out into her mouth as she first circled her secret girlfriend’s entrance and then push two fingers into that eager love hole.

“You’re so wet Dems.” Selena panted huskily once she had broken the kiss and began gently sliding her fingers in and out of the other girl, “It’s like you’re going to cum already, and I’ve barely touched you. Why is that? Are you such a little pussy loving dyke that you almost came just from licking me and Miley? Does eating pussy turn you on that much? Does it?”

“Yes.” Demi whimpered as Selena finger fucked her at an increasingly hard pace, “I can’t help it. I love eating pussy so much. Oh, mmmmmmm, I’m a pussy loving dyke. Your pussy loving dyke.”

“That’s right, you’re my pussy loving dyke. My little lesbian slut. My personal cunt licker who can’t get enough of being in between my thighs.” Selena taunted, using the exact kind of words she knew she needed to make Demi cum hard and fast.

“Yeeeeessssssss! I’m your pussy loving dyke. Ooooooohhhhhhh, your little lesbian slut. Ahhhhhhhh, your, mmmmmmm, your personal cunt licker who, oh, ah, ohhhhhhh, who can’t get enough of being in between your thighs.” Demi practically wept as her girlfriend began fucking her hard, “I’m yours Selena. All yours.”

“And I’m yours.” Selena said softly as she curled her fingers upwards to attack Demi’s G-spot and rubbed Demi’s clit with her thumb.

Usually it would take more to make Demi cum, but she had been incredibly turned on from the moment Selena told her all about her plan to seduce Miley Cyrus, and going down on her two beautiful fellow Disney girls had made Demi so wet and ready to be fucked it was surprising to her she lasted as long as she did.

When Selena started talking dirty to her Demi quickly found herself hurtling towards the edge, and when they had exchanged vows of belonging to each other Demi couldn’t stop herself from cumming if she tried. Of course Selena’s skilled fingers more than played their part, Demi completely soaking them in her cum as her orgasm rocked her body.

The whole time Demi was cumming she was looking up into Selena’s eyes. This was something they both loved as it allowed them to share a moment of true intimacy, the whole world falling away so the only thing in existence to them was each other.

Once Demi had gone over the edge Selena had really begun to slow down the finger fucking until she was pumping in and out of her girlfriend at a gentle pace, keeping Demi on a high while at the same time allowing her to relax after her orgasm.

Selena kept this rhythm up as she slowly lowered her lips down to Demi’s, giving her a quick and yet still intense and loving kiss before pulling away, smiling and then turning to Miley, “Sorry about that Miles, didn’t mean to ignore you but Demi really, really needed to cum.”

“That’s ok. It was really hot.” Miley said softly.

“I’m glad you think so, because I was thinking after the great job Demi did going down on us she deserves more than one orgasm… and as much as I love fingering her I just don’t think it’s the proper way to thank her, you know?” Selena questioned rhetorically.

Miley nodded, softly gulped and then said, “So… so you want me to… you know… go down on her?”

Selena smiled, partly at how softly Miley had whispered the last part, and partly because of how well her plan was going, “Well… I was just thinking I would go down on her, but if you want to try…”

There was a pause and then Miley said, “I thought you said you didn’t eat pussy?”

“Well, I might have bent the truth there a teeny bit.” Selena said, biting her lip and then adding, “But if you’re not up for it that’s fine…”

“I didn’t say that.” Miley quickly interrupted.

There was another pause and then Selena asked, “So, what are you saying?”

“I’m saying…” Miley began, honestly unsure what she was in fact saying, the tween star quietly debating what she should do for several long seconds before finally adding, “I’m saying, get out of my way.”

Selena smiled and did just that, slowly rolling over so that she was on her side next to her girlfriend where she could watch Miley slowly crawl over so that she was on top of Demi.

Miley looked the other girl in the eye for a few moments, and then gently lent down to kiss her. Demi was happy to return the kiss, Miley grateful that her fellow Disney star didn’t push her and allowed the kiss to remain soft right up until the end when Miley pulled away and softly said, “No one ever made me feel like you just did. I want to thank you.”

Demi smiled softly, “You don’t have too, if you don’t really want too.”

Returning the smile Miley said, “I really want too.”

Out to prove that fact Miley kissed Demi again, this time sliding her tongue over the other girl’s lips in a request to enter her mouth. Demi was quick to grant the request but cautious to massage Miley’s tongue with her own, something which proved unnecessary as Miley not only roughly attacked Demi’s mouth and tongue with her own but roughly grinded her own body down on top of the other Disney girl.

When oxygen became an issue Miley pulled away and quickly kissed down Demi’s neck to the other brunette’s nipples, not even hesitating to take the left into her mouth and suck on it. Miley did the same with the right nipple and then move back and forth between them, trying to copy what her friends did to her and finding Demi’s moans encouraging.

Although Miley lacked Selena’s skill she did have an enthusiasm which Demi couldn’t help find intoxicating. Also even though she had hoped Selena’s plan would work Demi honestly had a hard time believing it would go this far. After all talking Miley into receiving a girl on girl pussy licking was one thing, talking her into actually licking pussy was another. However Miley sucked on Demi’s nipples eagerly and after a while even slid her lips downwards so her head was in between Demi’s thighs.

At this stage Demi thought for sure Miley was going to freak out, or at least hesitate, but the moment she was in position Disney’s biggest female star stuck out her tongue and slid it over Demi’s pussy lips.

A second or two ticked by and then Demi felt Miley’s tongue sliding repeatedly over her downstairs lips, the other girl licking her first pussy with surprising enthusiasm.

Demi wasn’t even sure she had shown this much enthusiasm during her first time, and she had been going down on Selena, a girl she had been in love with since the moment she met her.

“Good work Miles.” Selena said softly, reaching down to stroke her friend’s hair as she licked her girlfriend’s snatch, “Remember what I taught you. Lick around Demi’s pussy lips, not just up and down her slit.”

Much to Demi’s delight Miley was quick to do as she was told, her tongue becoming more adventurous as the pussy licking continued. At first Miley’s tongue just slid clockwise and anticlockwise as well as up and down, just like Selena had reminded her to do. But soon Miley was teasing Demi’s entrance by pushing her tongue so hard against it that she almost but didn’t quite enter her. Then Miley began licking Demi’s clit, softly for the most part but occasionally she flicked it so hard Demi was practically whimpering with joy.

When Miley took Demi’s clit into her mouth and sucked on it she literally had Demi whimpering with joy for her, “Oooooooohhhhhhhh Miley, yes, ohhhhhhhhh, suck my clit. Ah, lick it. Oh, mmmmmmmmm, lick it, suck it, mmmmmmmm, oh, lick my pussy, yeeeeeeessssssssss! Just like that! OH!”

With Demi moaning happily and Miley seemingly more than content with licking pussy Selena put the next part of her plan into action.

Watching had been a lot of fun, especially considering she had a couple of fingers soaked with Demi’s cum to suck on, but by now those fingers were completely clean and Selena was eager to rejoin the action.

So Selena quietly positioned herself behind Miley so that her face was inches away from her friend’s wet centre, Selena licking her lips as she saw all the girl cream just waiting to be devoured.

It was incredibly difficult not to bury her face in Miley’s yummy looking cunt and try and suck her dry, but the opportunity to tease her friend until Miley was begging for her tongue was almost just as good. Selena quickly started this process by leaning forward and placing a soft kiss about a millimetre away from Miley’s pussy lips. The second kiss was even closer. The third wasn’t close at all, but the fourth one was, Selena covering the area around her ultimate destination in gentle kisses as she listened to Miley moaning.

Miley had been moaning softly before she tasted Demi’s sweet pussy juice, but she was definitely moaning more now, the vibrations from those moans causing Demi to moan, which in turn made Selena smile. She was essentially creating a domino effect, giving pleasure to both her fellow Disney girls at once. The thought was very thrilling, and once again made her want to just slam her tongue as deep as it would go into Miley’s pussy, but she still didn’t technically have permission for that.

Immediately after Selena had begun her teasing kisses around her friend’s juicy love hole Miley had spread her legs wide to provide Selena with all the access she could possibly need. This had made Selena smile, but it wasn’t what she wanted. Neither were Miley’s moans, groans and whimpers. So Selena continued to tease, kissing all around Miley’s cunt, her lips slowly moving further and further away until she was kissing all the way along from her friend’s needy hole, down her thighs to her knees and back again, moving up and down each thigh in turn until she could hear Miley literally weeping.

Deciding this meant Miley just wasn’t getting the hint Selena loudly called out, “Miley… I’m really tired of being left out, I’m the only one who hasn’t licked pussy yet… and your pussy tasted so good on Demi’s lips… so I was wondering… would it be ok if I licked your pussy? Because you smell so good, and I’ve wanted to make you cum for a very long time now.”

“Yes!” Miley said, barely giving Selena a chance to finish before she lifted her head up and pleaded, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, please Selena lick me. Lick my pussy. I oooooooohhhhhhhhhh!”

Grinning happily Selena leant forwards before Miley had the chance to finish and gave the other Disney girl’s pussy a long, slow lick.

Instantly loving the taste Selena eagerly began licking Miley’s pussy at a slow but steady pace. At first she just licked up and down but soon she was sliding her tongue clockwise and anticlockwise, and then teasing Miley’s entrance, and then gently playing with her clit, Selena using every trick she knew from her countless hours of rug munching as she finally fulfilled a dream she’d had for years, namely licking Hannah Montana’s pussy.

While Selena was fulfilling a dream ‘Hannah Montana’ was finding herself a little overwhelmed. She was sure there was something she was supposed to be doing, but at that moment her entire world revolved around Selena’s soft little tongue.

Luckily Demi was happy to remind her in a gentle whimper, “Please Miley, don’t stop. You were licking me so good. Please lick me some more. Lick my pussy. I really, really want you to lick my pussy. It… it would be pretty cool.”

Miley glared at her friend’s attempt to mimic the spoof version of her found on Saturday Night Live, however instead of punishing the other brunette she simply smiled and then dived back downwards, burying her face in Demi’s pussy.

“Oh my gosh! Oh yes! Lick me Miley! Oh Miley, oh… oh Miley.” Demi moaned, throwing her head back as her friend again eagerly licked her needy centre, “Mmmmmmm yes, just like that. More. Oooooooh yes, mmmmmmmm, Miles, lick me, lick my pussy, yeeeeeessssssss ohhhhhhhh!”

Miley rejoiced at being able to make Demi talk dirty. The other girl had been hesitant to do so at first, and Miley had been grateful as she was getting used to licking pussy, but now she wanted Demi begging and pleading for more, and she got it, “Yes, oooooooohhhhhhh yes Miles, lick me. Oh, lick my pussy just like that. Mmmmmmmmmm, taste my pussy juices. You, mmmmmmmm, you like the way I taste? You, oh, you like the taste of pussy?”

“Yes! I love the taste of pussy.” Miley moaned after she pulled away from Demi’s love hole, “I love the taste of your pussy. Mmmmmm, it makes me want to be a pussy loving dyke just like you. You’ve made me want to be a pussy loving dyke just like you Demi.”

“Prove it!” Selena challenged, momentarily removing her mouth and tongue from Miley’s wet hole, “Stick your tongue in Demi’s hot little cunt and fuck her. Prove what a good little pussy loving dyke you want to be by fucking my girlfriend with your tongue. If you do, I’ll fuck you with mine.”

Before Selena was done promising to return the favour Miley was shoving her tongue as deep into Demi as it would go.

This would have seemed weird, even unappealing, only a few minutes ago, but at that moment Miley couldn’t get her tongue into Demi fast enough. She barely even paused to feel Demi’s pussy walls clamp down on her tongue before she began pumping it in and out of her friend, tongue fucking her fellow Disney girl at a quickly increasing speed.

“Yeeeeeeesssssssss! Oh Miley! MILEY! Oh yes! OH FUCK! Fuck me. Mmmmmmmmm, fuck me with your tongue!” Demi pleaded shamelessly as Miley did exactly what she was asking her to do, “Oooooooohhhhhhhh fuuuuuuccccccckkkkkk! Oh fuck! Oh Miley, your fucking me so good! Mmmmmmmmm, more, harder, yes, yes, yeeeeesssss! Just like that. Eat my pussy. Lick it, suck it, fuck it. Tongue fuck my cunt and prove you wanna be a pussy loving dyke just like meeeeeeeeee!”

Miley felt she was doing a pretty good job of proving what she wanted considering how hard she was slamming her tongue in and out of Demi’s sweet little snatch, but before she could point this out she found herself crying loudly into Demi’s pussy as her own was filled by Selena’s soft tongue.

A second ticked by, Selena allowing Miley to get used to the sensation, and then the real fun started, Miley moaning happily into Demi’s cunt as Selena began to tongue fuck her.

Selena started out slow but her talented little tongue moved around inside Miley’s pussy in the same way Demi’s equally talented little tongue had done, quickly and easily finding all these little places inside the teen sensation and then attacking them with increasing speed.

The pleasure was so intense Miley almost forgot what it was she was supposed to be doing again. There were a few seconds when the speed of her tongue thrusting slowed, and almost stopped, however before Demi reminded her of what she was doing Miley worked herself up and redoubled her efforts.

Reaching underneath the other brunette Miley gripped a firm hold of Demi’s ass cheeks and began bobbing her head up and down, tongue fucking Demi as hard and as deep as she could. Under this assault Demi seemed to lose the ability to talk, the poor girl a writhing, moaning and screaming mess as Miley fucked her to climax.

When Demi screamed extra loud, her body shook and a liquid even more yummy than regular pussy juice flooded Miley’s mouth Disney’s biggest female star felt an incredible rush of pride. Miley had just made another girl cum. She had just made a experienced girl cum in her mouth. It was the wildest moment of Miley’s life and she happily swallowed her reward, quickly continuing the tongue fucking shortly afterwards in an attempt to get more yummy girl cum.

Miley succeeded a few times while Selena kept her on the edge of an orgasm, Miley so concentrated on making Demi cum that she didn’t even really think about how much her own body was aching for a climax. As a result when Selena suddenly sped up the speed of her tongue fucking Miley was completely unprepared for the orgasm which rocked her body, the biggest star amongst the three forced to pause her work so she could scream incoherently as she became lost in the pleasure.

Selena didn’t let up for several long minutes which felt like an eternity to Miley as she was made to cum several times by her friend’s incredibly talented tongue. Then Selena replaced her tongue with two of her fingers, slowly bringing Miley down in the process so that the youngest out of the three could do the same to Demi, pushing two fingers inside her while beginning to gently lick her clit.

Miley expected, and kind of hoped, Selena would lick her clit in return. She didn’t, but what she did do had Miley’s eyes practically falling out of their sockets.

It started with Selena using her free hand to gently spread Miley’s left ass cheek and then spit on Miley’s ass hole, which in itself was weird enough, but then Selena actually stuck out her tongue and slid it over Miley’s ass hole. Miley almost couldn’t believe it, but she repeatedly felt a sensation which could only be a tongue licking her back there, and when she briefly looked over her shoulder she saw Selena pressing her face in between her butt cheeks so she could get better access to Miley’s puckered little rosebud.

Miley was appalled and disgusted, first at Selena for licking her ass hole, then at herself for enjoying it.

Although it seemed impossible, or at least improbable, that she would enjoy something so perverted Miley couldn’t deny that the feeling of Selena’s tongue gently lapping at her butt hole was pleasurable. So much so in fact that while Miley knew she should tell Selena to stop, that she wasn’t that kind of girl, etc instead Miley refocused on fucking Demi’s pussy with her fingers and licking her clit with her tongue.

A short while later Demi was cumming again, her pussy clamping down on Miley’s fingers as her cum coated them. The smell was too good to resist so once Demi’s orgasm was over Miley removed her fingers and sucked the cum off them. She then shoved her tongue back inside of Demi’s pussy, happily fucking her friend to another climax before inserting her fingers again.

Over and over again Miley switched between her fingers and her tongue, only briefly stopping every time Selena made her cum, the other girl continuing to relentlessly finger fuck her before eventually she switched hands. Miley assumed this was because Selena’s hand was tired and needed a break. She quickly learned she was wrong when she felt Selena’s pussy juice coated finger pressing at her spit covered virgin ass hole.

Before Miley could complain her butt hole was entered for the first time, Selena’s finger slowly pushing through her back door and as deep into her virgin ass as it would go. Then Selena’s finger began gently moving in and out… the other Disney girl beginning to fuck her ass.

The mental and physical stimulation of being ass fucked by the fingers of another girl, combined with the feeling of fingers still steadily pumping in and out of her pussy, made Miley feel like she literally exploded as her biggest orgasm yet rocked her body. After that she couldn’t possibly complain, so she just let Selena have her way with her pussy and ass.

Selena was only too happy to take advantage of this, finger fucking, licking and sucking which ever hole she wanted to as she made Miley cum several more times before getting up, lying down beside Demi and softly calling out, “Swap.”

To Miley’s disappointment Demi gently pushed her away and got up. Then Miley figured out what Selena meant and suddenly she wasn’t disappointed anymore, especially when her beliefs were confirmed and she felt Demi’s talented little tongue beginning to work on her pussy again, at first just gently licking it but quickly beginning to slide inside her love hole for a few quick thrusts. At the same time Selena scooted over so her pussy was right in front of Miley’s face.

Miley looked up at her friend, grinned, and then buried her face in Selena’s cunt, giving the outside a few quick hard licks before pushing her tongue deep into the other girl.

“Oh fuck yeah, eat me Miles. Eat my pussy. Mmmmmmm, good girl.” Selena moaned happily as Miley’s mouth and tongue eagerly went to work on her snatch, “Mmmmmmm, yes, oh Miley, fuck me with your tongue. Oh that’s good. That’s a good pussy loving dyke!”

Selena continued taunting her but Miley didn’t let it distracte her from eating her friend’s pussy. Demi’s mouth and tongue were even more potentially distracting, especially when they moved from Miley’s pussy to her butt hole, but even though the passionate rim job Demi gave Miley was just as if not more skilled than the ass licking Selena had just dished out Miley continued to concentrate on ramming her tongue in and out of Selena. Even when Demi began finger fucking both her pussy and ass hole Miley remained focused on making Selena cum.

As Demi worked her magic it became harder and harder to concentrate, but Miley just use that, and Selena’s words, to fuel her passionate desire to thank Selena for seducing her into this lesbian threesome. She had already thanked Demi for playing her part, now it was time to thank Selena.

With that in mind Miley used her tongue to frantically fuck Selena as hard and as deep as she could, not even pausing to suck down some pussy juice, instead allowing the delicious liquid to flow directly down her throat and all over her face. At the same time she desperately tried to hold off her own orgasm, a fact Demi seemed to realise and actually help her with by bringing Miley to the edge time and time again but not allowing her to cum. As help goes it was hardly Miley’s favourite of all time, but it did avoid giving her a distraction she couldn’t have ignored.

Of course since getting her cunt licked by her girlfriend Selena had finger fucked Demi’s pussy and licked, sucked and finger fucked Miley’s pussy and ass so right from the moment Miley started licking her pussy Selena was ready to get fucked hard, and it wasn’t long after that she was ready to cum.

Selena tried to hold back, partly because she wanted to make Miley work for it, and partly because she was just enjoying the X-rated Disney show. It certainly wasn’t something anyone was going to see on the Disney channel, or any other channel for that matter, which was a shame because it was one hell of a show. And Selena was responsible for making it happen. She was the one responsible for manipulating Disney’s biggest female pop star Miley Cyrus into her current position in between her thighs, the Hannah Montana star shamelessly eating her pussy while behind her Selena’s girlfriend Demi Lovato used her talented tongue, mouth and fingers on Miley’s pussy and ass.

It was a moment Selena wanted to commit to her memory forever, but she didn’t get to savour it as much as she would have liked as while Miley’s mouth and tongue were inexperienced it wasn’t long before they got the job done.

As Selena felt herself crashing towards the edge she decided to go out in style, “Fuck yeah Miley, you’re just like us now aren’t you? Yeah, you’re a pussy loving slut just like me and Demi. Mmmmmmmm, not a dyke though. Aaaaaahhhhh, oh, you like cock too much for that. Ohhhhhh, I, mmmmm, I saw you suck cock, remember? I know how much you love it. I know how much of a cock sucker you are, and, mmmmmmmmmm, fuck, oh, that’s ok. Mmmmmmm, me and Demi are cock suckers too. And there’s something else guys are good for too, mmmmmmmmm, but I’m not done having fun with you yet Miles. Ooooooooh, fuck, gonna make sure your tasty little pussy is girls only first. Gonna make sure that pussy gets only the best. Mmmmmmmm, only girls, ooooooooohhhhhhh, only girls should get to eat your yummy cunt Miley, mmmmmmmmm, hot girls like me and Demi, oh fuck, fuck, you’re going to make me cum! You’re going to make me cum like a good little pussy loving slut. Oooooooh, you’re a pussy licker as well as a cock sucker now Miles, oooooooohhhhhhhh, oh, oh fuck, mmmmmmmmmm, Miley pussy licking Cyrus is, oh, going to make me cuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm!”

Miley’s mouth was filled with the taste of girl cum, a taste she was becoming increasingly addicted too.

Almost at the exact same time Demi increased her thrusts which made Miley cum. After that everything was a pleasure filled blur.

Miley was aware that Selena and Demi began continuously switching places, feeding her their yummy pussies as they fucked her with their mouths, tongues and fingers, always keeping Miley the meat in the Disney girl sandwich. Or was she the meat getting spit roasted? Miley wasn’t sure, not that it really mattered. All that mattered was that by the time the other brunettes let her completely exhausted body collapse onto the bed and roll away she felt more satisfied than she ever thought possible.

She laid there for quite a while, the sounds around her telling her that Demi and Selena somehow still had the strength for one more round and were happily fucking each other to yet another climax. Turning just in time Miley saw it happen, Demi writhing on top of Selena as the two girls came on each other’s fingers before then gently feeding the fruits of their labour to each other and then sharing whatever was left in their mouths with a soft kiss.

When it was done they gave each other this look Miley had seen before, a look which prompted Miley to ask, “So, how long have you two been together?”

Demi and Selena looked over at Miley, briefly glanced back at each other and then Selena grinned and said, “Depends who you’re asking.”

“We disagree on it.” Demi explained as she rolled over onto her side, Selena quickly spooning her from behind like she knew her girlfriend would, “See, I have this crazy idea that we weren’t together until two years ago when we finally admitted our true feelings to each other and started dating.”

“But, we’ve pretty much been girlfriends since day one.” Selena pointed out, “The only difference is it was unofficial.”

“And we were actually dating the boys we claim to be dating.” Demi said.

“Well… yeah, that too. But I wasn’t half as close to them as I was to you.” Selena said, turning her full attention to Demi, “And they never made me feel as happy as just hanging out with you did, and we spent so much time together it always felt like I was dating you instead of them.”

“Still not the same as actually being together sweetie.” Demi said.

“Really? Is there anyone we’ve come out too who didn’t think we hadn’t been together for years? Has there been anyone who has even been surprised?” Selena questioned before turning to Miley, “How about you Miles? Are you surprised?”

“Not really.” Miley admitted.

“See.” Selena grinned.

“That’s just because we were so obvious at first.” Demi huffed.

“Please, like anything changed. We were always all over each other before. That’s why we stopped hanging out so much in public and I got a beard.” Selena said.

“Mm.” Demi murmured before turning to Miley, “Hey Miley, was there ever any point you actually thought Selena was really dating Justin Bieber?”

“Well… no. You always seem to be trying too hard with him, like at least one of you was trying to hide something. Like you were gay… or he was gay.” Miley told Selena, before raising an eyebrow, “Is he?”

“No.” Selena said.

“Or so he says.” Demi added.

“Demi, I love you, but you’re the last person who should be accusing anyone of not being entirely straight.” Selena pointed out.

“Hey, maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, all I know is there’s something seriously wrong with him if he’s really not into you like he publicly claims.” Demi said, “I mean I get you not really being into him, but how could anyone not be into you?”

“Awww, so sweet.” Selena said, kissing Demi’s forehead before turning to Miley again, “Isn’t my girlfriend sweet Miles?”

“Yeah…” Miley trailed off, silence falling between the three as it seemed like Miley had something she wanted to ask, which she eventually did, “So… you two love each other? For reals?”

“Yes.” Demi and Selena said together without hesitation.

“So… why…” Miley stammered, trying to think of a delicate way to ask what she wanted to ask.

“Fuck you and other people?” Selena finished for Miley, who nodded at her, after which Selena said, “Because, most people spend their whole lives trying to find their soul mate, and I found mine when I was seven. Some people would call that lucky. I found who I’m supposed to be with and now I can spend the rest of my life happy with her. And I could. But, while people are looking for their soul mate they end up having a lot of fun along the way, and it’s not fair that me and Demi don’t get to have that. So, Demi and I made a deal. You wanna tell her Dems?”

Demi nodded softly, “Because we deserved to enjoy our youth we have an open relationship, but that means we tell each other everything about what we do, and try not to… do too much without each other.”

“The couple who plays together, stays together.” Selena grinned.

“But.” Demi said firmly, “If one of us wants to stop, it stops, no questions asked. Because this isn’t going to be a permanent thing, and in some ways I can’t wait until we’re exclusive, but honestly, an open relationship has its perks.”

“Like fucking Hannah Montana.” Selena grinned.

“I thought we weren’t having sex?” Miley pointed out dryly.

“We’re not. We’re fucking, but avoiding having ‘real’ sex.” Selena insisted, using air quotes for the word real, “And, when we’re ready Demi and me are going to officially lose our cherries to each other. Until then, we’ll just have to be satisfied with licking each other… and other things.”

“Other things?” Miley frowned.

“Oh, you’ll see.” Selena said, “That is, if you want to maybe do this again sometime.”

“I’m free tomorrow.” Miley said, barely giving Selena a chance to finish.

“Good.” Selena grinned as she slowly untangled herself from Demi, the two of them slowly crawling over to their friend, “But tonight’s not over yet, and we’ve only just started not having sex with you.”

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