Disney Girls Gone Wild

Story Title: Disney Girls Gone Wild
Written By: TheLW
Celebs Featured: Hilary Duff
Codes: Mast, MF, Oral, Voy, Inter

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, to the best of my knowledge the events in this story have never happened.
Authors Note: This story is set in an alternate universe where Disney is the #1 porn company in the world and their girls (past and present Disney actresses) are some of the biggest porn stars in the industry today.


We see a gorgeous blonde babe sitting on top of a kitchen counter wearing a sexy red lace bra and her panties already off as a completely nude African American male, has his face buried deep in her shaved pussy, eating her out to moans of pleasure. This goes on for several minutes until they are interrupted by a brown haired Caucasian male whose roughly 5’10, walks in on them.
“Hilary, what’s going on?” the Caucasian male continues on. “Who the hell is…”
Before the Caucasian male can finish his sentence, Hilary Duff hops down from the counter and slaps him hard across the face.
“Don’t Mike! Don’t you dare come into our…no, into MY house and disrespect Derek.” the sexy blonde says to her husband. “…as for what this is, well this is me finally getting a real cock, instead of the tiny thing you think passes off as a penis.”
Derek lets out a chuckle as he watches this amazingly beautiful woman berate her husband’s dick in front of him.
“This is what’s going to happen.” Hilary looks her husband straight in the eyes so that he knows she is serious. “Derek and I, are gonna go upstairs where he is going to give me the fucking I rightfully deserve…as for you, well you can either come up and watch or…to be honest, I’ll be too busy to even care.”
The six foot tall African American stud is seen heading upstairs, carrying a now completely naked Hilary Duff over his shoulder as her husband watches on in dismay. As they enter the bedroom, Derek gives Hilary’s oh so fuckable ass a good squeeze causing her to let out a squeal as the black man drops her onto the bed. The Texas native doesn’t waste any time as she quickly grabs the black dick in front of her and gives it a couple of strokes, before wrapping her cock-hungry lips around his impressive ten inch shaft.
Derek moves a strand of blonde hair to the side of Hilary’s angelic face before commenting “You like sucking that dick.”
“Yes, yes I do.” Hilary answers. “Anything’s better than Mike’s tiny four inches.”
The stunning blonde spits on her new lovers dick before she once again goes back to bobbing her head up and down on the well endowed cock, as her husband walks into the bedroom and has apparently decided to watch his wife engage in sexual activities with another man.
“Look who finally decided to come upstairs.” Derek says as Hilary sucks him off. “Does it turn you on to see your wife giving me head?” Derek continues to taunt the man who is married to the gorgeous woman currently taking seven of his ten inch shaft down her throat.
Out of the corner of her eye, Hilary notices her husband has taken his shirt off and is about to remove his pants as well, causing Hilary to stop giving her lover head.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Hilary says to her husband with an annoyed tone in her voice.
“I just thought…”
“You just thought what?” Hilary cuts him off. “That I would just let you join? Are you kidding me. Why would I want a little thing like that when Derek is more than twice the size.”
Once again Mike has earned a hard slap across the face from his wife.
“Go grab a seat in that chair in the corner.” Duff continues. “You just get to watch, that’s about all you get to do.”
Derek comes from behind and pulls Hilary back onto the bed before he moves into position between her legs, the black stud doesn’t hesitate as he slowly starts to kiss Hilary’s thighs working his way up to her pussy, eating her out in front of her husband. After eating Hilary out for several minutes, her African American lover makes his way up her stomach with kisses, and eventually her beautiful tits as he goes back and forth from sucking on one and then the other, as Hilary Duff lets out moans of pleasure before begging him to just fuck her.
“Fuck me Derek!”
Doing as Hilary asks, Derek takes his ten inch shaft and slowly starts to insert it into her, fucking her missionary style as he proceeds to pick up the pace, getting more of his dick inside of her. Hilary wraps her legs around the waist of her black stud lover, who continues to thrust back and forth into her sex hole, leaving a look of pure bliss on the sexy face of the woman getting fucked by another man, in front of her husband.
“Oh god. Oh god.” Hilary moans. “Fuck me harder!”
“Take that fucking cock.” her lover tells her.
“It feels so fucking good!” Hilary cries out in pleasure.
Eventually Derek starts to slow down his pace and rolls over onto his back, as the married slut that is Hilary Duff straddles his cock and lowers herself onto it, bouncing up and down as she rides his big black dick. With the sexy songstress riding her black lover, he takes the time to admire her beautiful body and once again plays with her magnificent tits.
When Derek is finished playing with the gorgeous blondes tits and admiring her body, he has her get off of him so he can fuck her doggy style. Hilary’s black lover get’s behind her and starts fucking her from behind, thrust after thrust, each one bring a moan out of the singer.
While still buried balls deep inside Hilary’s love mound, Derek grabs a handful of her long blonde hair, pulling her head back and whispers in her ear. “Tell your husband how much of a slut you are…tell him that you love having a big black cock inside of you.”
Derek let’s go of Hilary’s hair as she looks at her husband sitting in a chair, in the corner of the bedroom. “Honey baby, I’m a slut, a fucking slut that loves having a big black cock inside of her.”
“Make me cum baby, make me fucking cum.” Hilary begs her big black stud. “Oh god. I can feel it building up.” Once again, Derek picks up the pace as he continues to slam into the married slut from behind.
After several more minutes of fucking, Hilary’s black bull finally brings her to an orgasm which rocks the blonde starlet, as she feels sexual pleasure that she never would have felt with her husband’s little penis. The black stud pulls out of Duff and drags her over to the edge of the bed, telling her to look up and put on a pretty smile. Derek then jerks his dick for a good ten seconds or so before his jizz shoots out rope after rope covering Hilary’s beautiful face and perfect tits.
An exhausted, well fucked, not to mention cum covered Hilary Duff turns to her husband and grins. “See baby. If you actually had a bigger dick, I wouldn’t of had to find Derek here to give my pussy a good pounding.”
Hilary lets out a cute little laugh before continuing. “Oh and by the way, I’ve decided that I’m going to give Derek the extra key to the house so he can stop by and fuck me any time he feels like it.”
Hilary then turns her attention back to Derek, as they share a passionate kiss with one another.

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