Disney Girls Night Out

Title:  Disney Girls Night Out

Author:  Tori


Subject:  Stefanie Scott, Bella Thorne, Sierra McCormick and Peyton List

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal

It all started out as a simple publicity tour for the young Disney stars.  Sierra McCormick, Stefanie Scott, Bella Thorne and Peyton List were on tour in Europe to promote their shows.  They traveled from city to city by train and stayed at the finest hotels.  Their every whim was seen too and they also got in a lot of sight seeing along the way.  The tour was coming to an end and Stefanie called everyone to her room to see about skipping out that night and hitting some clubs.  The other girls were up for it but didn’t know how they would ever be able to sneak out of the hotel without their chaperones catching them.  Stefanie had made friends with one of the bellboys and he was going to help them get out through the kitchen.

They all met at 9pm and headed down the back stairs.  They had on their best dancing outfits and wore makeup that made them look much older then they actually were.  The bellboy met them and escorted them through the kitchen and out the service entrance.  He had a cab waiting for them and told the driver to take them to the hottest club in town.  What they didn’t know was that the bellboy and cabbie were part of a sex trafficking ring and had other plans for the four girls.

The cabbie let them out in front of the club and they headed inside.  The music was loud and pounding and the dance floor was filled with young people dancing and having the times of their lives.  The girls headed out on the floor and danced with each other.  Soon, several young men made their way over and started dancing with the girls.  They danced and danced for almost an hour when Sierra told the others she was going to take a break.  She and Stefanie found a table in the corner and ordered some drinks.  The waiter never asked for ID and soon he brought them four glasses of champagne.  Bella and Peyton joined them at the table and they drank their champagne, enjoying the music and watching the other people dance.  The waiter brought them four more glasses, compliments of some gentlemen at the bar.  They smiled and waved and invited the two men to join them.  They chatted with men and acted like they were adult enough to know how to handle the situation.  Bella excused herself and headed for the ladies room.  Sierra joined her leaving Peyton and Stefanie alone with the two men.

The ladies room was jammed packed and it took almost thirty minutes for the girls to get back to the table.  Stefanie and Peyton were nowhere to be found.  They searched for them on the dance floor but couldn’t find them.  They were getting worried so Bella asked the bartender if he had seen where they went.  He said the last time he saw them, they were headed upstairs to the VIP lounge.  The two girls were relieved and headed up the dark flight of stairs to join their friends.  There was a large man at the top of the stairs and they asked him where their friends went.  He pointed to the last VIP room at the end of the hall.  Bella opened door and stood there in horror.  Sierra asked her what was wrong when she saw her friend Peyton.  She was bent over the end of a couch and one of the men was fucking her.  Her dress was up around her waist and her panties were down around her ankles.  Stefanie was on the other side of the room on her knees sucking another mans cock.  They stood there watching and didn’t hear the large man they’d met at the top of the stairs come up behind them.  He pushed them into the room and shut the door behind them.  He locked it and told them to join the party.  Peyton looked up and Bella could see she was crying.  Sierra looked over just in time to see the man fill Stefanie’s mouth with cum.  She was horrified.  She was only 14 and had never seen such a thing.  Stefanie leaned over and spit the cum onto the carpeted floor.  Bella turned around and saw two more men sitting on a large couch.  A well dress man in his 50’s stood up and told them that they were here to serve him and his friends.  He grabbed Bella and pulled her over to the couch.  With both hands, he tore the dress from her body leaving her naked except for her panties.  He reached down and ripped them off and pushed her to her knees.  He unzipped his pants and told her to take out his cock.  She didn’t know what to do and when she looked over at Peyton, she saw that one of the large man had shoved his cock in her mouth while the one behind her continued to fuck her.  Stefanie had been pushed down on her hands and knees and she was also being fucked from behind.  Bella reached in and took out the man’s massive cock and took him into her mouth.  She had sucked some of her boyfriends before but they all had smaller cocks then this man and she found it hard to get her lips around it.  She heard Peyton scream and looked over to see that the man had forced his cock into her ass.  She couldn’t believe that her friend was being sodomized in front of her.  The man grabbed Bella by her long red hair and shoved his cock deeper into her mouth.  He held her head and began pumping in and out making her gag.  She almost threw up but continued the best she could.  Meanwhile, the last man got up from the couch and took Sierra and bent her over one of the barstools.  He pulled her skirt down and ripped off her panties and was soon fucking the little 14 year old in the ass.  Sierra was screaming out loud as the man sodomized her.  Tears were running down her face as she felt the pain and humiliation of being assraped.  She wished she had never come out with her friends and could only hope that it would end soon.  Bella’s mouth was soon filled with cum and the only thing she could do was swallow it.  The man finished cumming and pulled his cock from her mouth.

The five men raped and sodomized the four teens for several hours.  They each took turns with the girls.  Several times, they took two and even three cocks into their holes while the other girls were forced to watch.  Sierra, being the youngest, was the one that paid the heaviest price.  It seemed that all the men enjoyed fucking the little 14 year old beauty.

After they finished, they led the girls down a back staircase to a waiting truck.  The girls were naked except for their heels.  They smelled of sex and had cum caked in their hair and dripping from their abused holes.  Two men with machine guns rode in the back of the truck with them.  One of the men pulled out his cock and made Peyton suck him off.  The other man took Bella in her ass.  Stefanie and Sierra sat in silence as their two friends were violated once again.  They traveled for several hours and it was starting to get light when the truck arrived at its destination.  The girls were pulled down from the truck and found themselves in the courtyard of a large castle.  The building was surrounded by high walls and when they looked up, they could see armed guards along the top of the walls.  They were led into the basement of the house and placed in their own cells.  The cells had a cot, a sink and steel toilet, nothing else.  The cell doors slammed shut and the girls heard them locked from the outside.  There they stayed, alone, in the dark for the rest of the day.  That night they lay in their cells and listened to the screams.  They could only imagine what was happening outside of their cells.  They all prayed that they would leave them alone.

Peyton had drifted off to sleep but was awoken when she heard the door unlock.  A man dressed in a military style uniform with a pistol on his belt came in the took her by the arm.  He pulled her down the hallway and opened the door to a large shower room.  He told her clean herself up.  She washed her aching body and hair and when she finished, he threw her a towel.  She dried off and he told her to follow him.  She was led into another large room that had a round platform in the middle.  Sticking up from the platform were two posts about 8 feet high.  The man pulled her up on the platform and handcuffed her wrists to each of the posts.  She stood there, naked with her arms stretched wide.  Another door opened and she was soon surrounded by a dozen men.  They were all naked and wore black hoods over their faces.  One by one each of them came up behind her and fucked her.  Some of them took her in the pussy but most took her in the ass.  She passed out several times only to be brought back with a bucket of cold water thrown on her.  When they were finished, she hung there, limp and drained with their semen running down her long, thin legs.  The man in uniform uncuffed her led her back to her cell.

Several minutes after Peyton had been taken out of her cell, Stefanie was being led to another room by a large woman, also in uniform.  She was allowed to take a bath and clean herself up.  After she finished she was led into a bedroom with a larger than king-sized bed.  She was told to wait there.  She stood there, naked, when a tall, black man came in.  He was also naked and his 10 inch cock stood erect in front of him.  He picked up the little blonde teen and placed her on the bed.  He pulled her legs apart and pushed his manhood inside of her once virgin pussy.  He fucked the teen starlet with his huge cock and only pulled out to cum on her face.  She hadn’t heard the door open when the next man came in.  He was also black and had a huge cock as well.  The first man left and the new one rolled her over and shoved his cock up her ass.  He didn’t have any problems entering her ass since she was still wide open from the night before.  He filled her asshole with his hot load and was replaced by yet another man and then another.  All told, the beautiful blonde teen was fucked by 15 black men that night.

Sierra was curled up in a ball in the corner of her cell when they came for her.  She kicked and screamed as she was carried out.  They took her to a small room where a skinny woman washed her from a bucket of water.  She was then bent over a wooden bench and had her wrists handcuffed to her ankles.  She heard the door open and one by one they came.  Her head was pulled up by her hair and she had a cock shoved down her throat as another man shoved his cock up her ass.  The men took turns defiling the young girl for several hours.  She was forced to suck their cocks after they had been in her ass and she must have swallowed a gallon of cum before they were finished with her.

Sierra was taking her tenth cock in her ass when they came for Bella.  She was taken to the same shower that Peyton had used earlier.  When she was finished she was taken to another room where she was given access to makeup and told to make herself presentable.  She was then given a beautiful green dress and matching heels.  They took her into a large room where there were a dozen men in tuxedoes drinking cocktails and smoking cigars. She was the only female in the room and soon found herself surrounded by the men.  The pushed her to her knees as they took out their cocks.  She took them in her hands and stroked them while she was fed cock after cock.  Several of the men came in her mouth while some of the others covered her pretty face with their loads.  Her dress was removed and one of the men got behind her and started fucking her pussy.  She continued sucking on cocks while the men took turns fucking her.  She was pulled on top of a large, fat man and had another man fuck her in the ass at the same time.  Two of the men had their cocks in her mouth and she was stroking two more with her hands.  She felt a second cock enter her asshole and winced at the pain of double anal.  The skinny redhead was gangbanged for several hours before being taken back to her cell.  On the way back, she passed a room and the door opened.  When she looked inside, she saw Sierra bent over getting sodomized by a large black man.  She quickly looked away and when she was finally alone in her cell, she collapsed and cried herself to sleep.

The next day, all four girls were taken into the shower room.  They hugged each other and Bella tried to assure them that everything would be alright.  Stefanie and Peyton told her what had happened to them but Sierra didn’t say word.  All she could do was cry.  After they showered, they were taken to the makeup room and told to make themselves desirable.  They put on makeup and brushed their hair.  When they finished, they were taken down a long, dark hallway which led to stage.  They were taken out on the stage and stood there, naked.  There were at least a hundred men sitting in front of them.  The well-dressed man from the club stood at a podium and banged his gavel.  The room fell silent and the bidding began.

First up, Peyton List, 15, young star of the Disney show “Jessie”.  The bidding started at $50,0000.00.  She was sold to a large European man for $250,000.00.  Stefanie Scott, 16, star of the Disney show “Ant Farm” was sold to an Arab for $275,000.00,  Bella Thorne, 16, star of the Disney show “Shake It Up”, was sold to a Chinese man for $300,000.00 and finally, Sierra McCormick, 14, also a star of the Disney show “Ant Farm” was sold to a Japanese man for a record $450,000.00.

Their story ran on the news for weeks.  The girls had gone missing from their Hotel in Berlin and no one knows what happened to them.  The FBI and Interpol suspected that they were victims of sex trafficking but had no leads.  Several weeks passed and the story faded into a memory.  Several years later, an American service man stationed in Japan was telling all his buddies about the young blonde whore he’d fucked the night before.  He told them all about how she looked just like the girl from the Disney show reruns.  They all laughed at him and told him he was full of shit.

The End.

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