Disney Rape Club (Part 1 – Stefanie Scott)

Title: Disney Rape Club (Part 1 – Stefanie Scott)

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Stefanie Scott

Codes: MF, rape, oral, viol

Summary: Stefanie Scott unwillingly meets Donald Duck

Disclaimer: The following is a non-consensual story featuring a real adult female and a fictional adult male. Any similarity to reality is coincidental.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – thebiglove126@yahoo.com or chat with me on YIM. When it comes to requests, I am currently not taking them anymore. I’ve allowed too many to go unfulfilled so it’s not fair to say I’ll take them and then do nothing.

Stefanie Scott woke up on a rare rainy day in Los Angeles, California. When she opened her eyes without the sunlight shining through her window, the nineteen-year-old former Disney star knew it would be a different day. She tossed her sheets off and pulled her naked body up on her feet. She rubbed her eyes and strolled to the bathroom to let nature wake her up. Minutes later, she returned to her room and dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans.

After walking downstairs and grabbing a protein bar for breakfast, the brunette heard her phone vibrating on the table. She picked it up and gave it a confused look.

“Twenty will make you cry,” she read out loud. “What the fuck does that mean?”

Stefanie noticed that the text was from a blocked number. She shrugged and put the phone down. It was only a few days before the girl’s birthday, her twentieth in fact, which made her think it was just some weird birthday message from a friend. Because of this, she put it in the back of her mind and planned her day.

Once her breakfast was gone, Stefanie grabbed her workout bag from the chair next to the front door and headed to the gym for her regular morning workout. For the first time in seemingly forever, she had to grab pink raincoat on the way out as it poured down over the normally dry city. Early morning traffic was worse than usual but she still made it to the gym by nine o’clock. As she walked in, she heard a loud horn which caused her to turn around. She saw a black van with blacked-out windows driving by with the horn blaring in rhythm.

“Jackass,” she said as she pulled her hood down and walked in.

Nothing was out of the ordinary as Stefanie spent nearly an hour and a half in the gym. By the time, she came back out, the rain had lightened up a bit but she still pulled her hood up and walked to her car. The same van from earlier drove by again but the teenage did not notice, she was instead focused on getting home to have a Skype chat with her boyfriend, who was on a trip with his family.

Traffic was still bad as the people of Los Angeles were so used to clear weather that the slight invasion of a few rain drops through their minds into frenzy. Stefanie stared forward at someone riding the brake over puddles, wanting to strangle the middle-aged woman in the SUV. Eventually she could pass the vehicle, a stiff middle finger pointed straight at it as she went by.

Stefanie got home by noon and made her chat in time, staring into her tablet as she lay on her bed. She and her boyfriend talked for nearly an hour, making plans for her birthday in a few days. He would be back in time to help her celebrate a new decade of life.

“I can’t wait until you’re in my arms again, baby,” she said, blowing a kiss at the screen. “I’ll let you go, I need a shower and a cup of coffee.”

Stefanie ended the chat and got off the bed, peeling her tight white tank top and even tighter black yoga pants off her body and placing them on the edge of the bed. She walked her naked self into the bathroom to take a long, hot shower, washing the workout-induced layer of dried sweat from her body. Once she was done, she emerged from the steaming bathroom with a purple towel wrapped around her from breasts to knees. She glanced over and saw her clothes in the center of her bed.

“I thought I put those on the edge,” she said to herself. “I need my coffee.”

The brunette walked downstairs and brewed herself a cup of coffee, turning the television on to watch a movie. With her workout out of the way early, this rainy L.A. day was going to be nothing more than a lazy day for the teen. She lounged out on the couch, slowly sipping from her cup as she browsed for the right movie to watch.

“Who keeps letting Kevin Smith make movies?” she asked out loud.

As she scrolled through Netflix, behind her a stealthy male figure emerged from the foyer. The tall figure quietly shuffled his way through the kitchen, throwing Stefanie’s clothes from earlier onto the table, until he was just inches from Stefanie.

“Why does Disney keep making crap?” Stefanie asked out loud again. “It’s gone to shit since I left.”

The man held a damp rag in his hand and lunged forward, pressing it against Stefanie’s face. The girl had no idea it was coming and by the time she could realize enough to fight back, her eyelids fell and her brain slipped into a deep sleep.

“Rest, sleeping beauty. Rest,” said the gravelly voice of the man.

The man pulled a large burlap sack out from under the couch, one he had hidden while the teenager showered upstairs. He threw it over the girl and lifted her up, carrying her like nothing more than a bag of trash. After grabbing her clothes once more, he carried her through the foyer and into the garage, where his black van with blacked-out windows waited. He tossed her in the back, got in the van and drove off but not before tossing a Mickey Mouse ear cap onto the garage floor.

Hours later, Stefanie awoke in a dark, cold room, the sound of raindrops blasting against the small window in the corner being the only noise she could hear. Once her brain finally realized what was happening, she went to scream but could not. Something was lodged in her mouth, which she would later learn were the panties she had worn during her morning workout. She tried to get off the wooden chair but ropes around her feet and wrists kept her in place.

Stefanie’s eyes darted around, trying to figure out where she was but with the only light in the room being from the window, along with it being a dreary day outside, she could barely see anything. She looked down and saw her clothes back on her body. Instantly, she was horrified as she remembered her last thought being in a towel. She knew that somebody had seen her naked, not knowing what, if anything, that person did to her while she could not defend herself.

As Stefanie’s mind raced, she started to hear footsteps coming from behind her. She turned her head to see the door fly open, the light blinding her. After her eyes adjusted, she saw a shadow walking towards her. She was confused as it had the body of a regular man but an oddly shaped head. The figure reached up and turned on the single lightbulb above her.

Stefanie was horrified as standing before her was a fully naked man, except for a Donald Duck mask covering her face. She did not know whether to stare in horror of his erect six-and-a-half-inch cock or stare in curious horror at the mask.

“Hiya, toots,” he said in an eerily accurate Donald Duck voice, making it nearly impossible for the girl to understand him.

The man walked around until he was in front of her. He could smell the fear emanating from the tied-up woman. The swinging lightbulb showed the film of sweat covering her shaking face. He reached out and gently stroked her hair, causing her to flinch and pull back. He raised his hand and laid a stiff slap across her round cheeks before pulling the waded-up panties out of her mouth.

“Don’t be like that, Stefanie,” the man said.

“Huh? What?” she stammered, trying to keep her eyes on the mask and not the stiff cock at eye level.

“You’ve been a very bad girl, Stefanie,” he said, still barely coherent. “You’ve never thanked us.”

“Wh-why would I spank you?” she asked, very puzzled before receiving another hard slap.

“Thanked! Thanked, you stupid bitch,” he said, slightly more understandable. “It is time for you to THANK us.

“Thank you for what? And what do you mean ‘us’?” she asked, tears starting to drip down her red cheeks.

“We are Disney and you never thanked us for turning Stefanie Scott into a star,” he said, stroking her hair. “It’s not nice to ignore the people who made you.”

Stefanie had a confused look on her face as she struggled to understand what the Donald Duck impersonator was saying. Even though she barely understood, the fact that he was naked and had a solid erection, it was not hard for her to figure out what was about to happen.

“Please, I don’t want to do this,” Stefanie said, trying to break free of her restraints. “I’ll do anything! I’ll, I’ll publicly thank Disney. I’ll do appearances as Disneyland. Anything!”

“Silly Stef, it is way too late for that,” he said, getting in her face. “Donald Duck wants to fuck.”

The man grabbed Stefanie’s shirt and ripped it in half, exposing her perky little breasts. She stared down and felt her face fill with embarrassment. She noticed the man’s cock twitch as he started to grope her. Instantly, she closed her eyes and wished to wake up from this nightmare but immediately lost hope when she felt her yoga pants being yanked down. The rush of cool air blowing past her freshly-exposed pussy sent chills throughout her body.

“Donald likes hairy puss,” the man said, tugging at her short pubic hair.

“No!” she howled, trying to wiggle away from him.

Donald’s fingers went away from her hair and down to her perfectly pink pussy. He traced his index finger up and down her dry lips, stopping to tickle her clit with every pass. Stefanie’s tear-filled eyes watched the digit touch her in her most sacred area.

“Please,” she whispered before his finger disappeared inside of her. “Ahh!”

Stefanie tucked her chin and started to sob as his palm pressed against her cunt, the finger in as deep as it could go. Slowly he pulled out, admiring the light glaze of her juices left behind. He added his middle finger and, with a little bit of effort, wedged it in her extremely tight entrance. With his free hand, Donald continued to grope her chest, occasionally stopping to slap her and make her watch. Stefanie quickly learned to keep her eyes opened.

Donald started to slam his fingers in and out of Stefanie’s snatch as fast as he could, the loud slapping against her lips filled the cold, damp room. The only sound that rivaled the contact was the teenager’s unintentional moans. While to her, the moans were more a way to cover her pain than express pleasure, to Donald, they only fueled him to continue. He pulled his wet fingers out and shoved them down her throat while his other hand had their chance to get wet with pussy juice.

Stefanie grimaced as the disgust of her unwanted lubrication covered every taste bud on her tongue. Adding to the grimace, the man’s other hand was sending intense shocks of hated pleasure through her nerves. She felt nauseous as her orgasm built closer. Seconds later, the brunette’s body betrayed her, twitching and shaking while her pussy leaked out her sacred nectar. Donald pulled his fingers out and rubbed her clit like he was trying to rub a stain out, causing her juices to spray onto the dark concrete below.

“Good Stefanie,” he said, slapping her with a wet hand.

Before Stefanie could fully recover, Donald grabbed hold of his almost-seven-inch cock and shoved it into her agape mouth. Stefanie’s hazel eyes shot open in horror, feeling the bulbous head slide across her tongue. She started to bite down but received a hard slap to the top of her head. She looked up in time to see Donald flick her between the eyes with his middle finger.

“Do that again and Donald will knock your fucking teeth out,” he said, slightly more coherent to get his point across.

Stefanie froze while he grabbed hold of the back of her head, beginning to violently thrust down her throat. Never had Stefanie’s lack of a gag reflex made her so disappointed. Her body still was not fighting the assault, continuing to make her sick to her stomach. She held her eyes closed, not wanting to see any part of the man. Noticing this, he pulled out and waited. As soon as she opened her eyes, he whacked her with his member.

“Stupid Stefanie,” he said as he pulled the restraints from her wrists. “I guess you don’t want it in your mouth,” he continued, the ankle restraints being undone. “That’s okay, Donald will gladly take another hole.”

Even through the horrible speech impediment, Stefanie understood exactly what he said. What she could not understand is why he had released her from the chair. Taking her opportunity, Stefanie stomped on Donald’s foot and made a run for the door. She turned the handle to find it locked.

“Come on, come on,” she said, franticly trying to open the door.

Donald pressed his entire body against hers, sandwiching the teen against the cold door.

“Oh, I’ll ‘come on’ wherever you’d like,” Donald whispered while Stefanie flailed her arms.

Donald, staring nearly a foot taller on Stefanie, slid the girl up until his cock was pressing against her soaked slit. The girl punched the door, hoping someone, anyone would hear her and come save her. All hope was lost as she felt the head of his cock slide past her cunt lips and make its way between her tight walls.

“No! Get out of me!” she screamed.

The actress went limp once she felt his balls press against her. She had nearly seven inches of a rapist’s weapon wedged tightly in her sacred area and there was not a damn thing she could do about it. He kept all his weight pushing against her, holding her in place against the door while his hips violently thrusted back and forth.

Stefanie’s fist pounding against the door started to slow down until she rested her palm against it and started to sob hysterically. She felt the man’s hand grab her by the neck, pushing her face into the door as he pulled his weight back, allowing him to hold her in place. He started to take long, slow strokes inside of her cunt.

After a minute, Donald wrapped his other hand around her neck and carried her to the center of the room, dropping her on her back to the concrete. Quickly, he jumped on top of her, getting between her legs before she had the time to close them. Stefanie looked straight up into Donald Duck’s cartoon eyes as she felt his cock enter her again.

“Keep looking at the duck,” he said, grabbing her throat.

Stefanie’s hazel eyes were as big as possible, unable to look away from the mask, even with her cunt being filled. Every childhood memory of the Disney character was slowly being erased from her mind and replaced with the horror of rape. The once cute cartoon character would now be a symbol of pain and distress.

The man viciously humped away at her, allowing the sound of his balls slapping against her cunt to fill the empty room. In Stefanie’s mind, she was defeated. There was nothing she could do but pray for this attack to end as quickly as possible. Once again, she felt her body betray her as it spasmed around his cock. Her eyes faded to barely half-opened as she stared up at the mask.

“Slutty Stefanie,” he said before spraying her insides with a sticky layer of cum, the final bout of humiliation he could inflict on the poor girl. “Give Huey, Louie and Dewey a cousin,” he said as he grunted out a few more shots into her.

Donald pulled his dripping cock out of the teenager and shoved it into her mouth, choking her with taste of his sexual fluid mixed with her own. Her limbs flailed around for a few seconds before the lack of air and lack of fight caused her to slip back into unconsciousness.

“Sleep, slut,” Donald said before she passed out.

Hours later, Stefanie awoke back in her bed. She jumped out of bed and looked around, hoping that it was not a trap or anything. She pinched herself repeatedly to make sure it simply was not a dream. She felt her mouth, feeling dried semen still on her lips and horrifying her.

“It wasn’t a dream,” she quietly said to herself before hearing a loud noise from the living room.

Stefanie grabbed an umbrella and crept down to the living room, ready to strike anything unusually that crossed her path. She looked and saw the television on. Her eyes grew wide as she saw a Donald Duck cartoon playing on the screen.

“Happy birthday!” the cartoon duck said.

“AHHHHHHH!” she screamed as she ran out of the house and fell to the fetal position on the wet grass of her backyard with only a single streetlight shining down on her.

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