Disney Slumber Party 4

Celebs: Anne Hathaway, Heather Matarazzo, Julie Andrews (ns), Kelly Clarkson, Raven Symone

codes: FF, alc, oral, anal, voyeur, first, F-dom

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Standard disclaimer: If you can’t figure out on your own that this is a fantasy, please get help. No offense is intended towards any of the ladies portrayed here.

“So, still crushing on our leading lady?” Raven almost jumped out of her seat at the voice behind her.

“Shhhh! Not so loud.” It was all very well for Heather to say things like that, she was out in the open as a
lesbian. For Raven it was different.

“Hey, the way you make puppy eyes ever time you see her, it’s a surprise I’m the only one who’s noticed.”

“How come *she* hasn’t noticed?” Raven asked, with a bit of a whine in her voice.

“Because, like most leads she’s as dumb as a post.”

“Hey! I’m a lead.”

“In a two-bit cable kids comedy. Doesn’t count. Now would you like some help bagging Miss Perfect or what?”

“But I don’t even know if she’s…”

“She is, she just doesn’t know it yet.”

“Oh all right, what your plan.” Raven hoped it didn’t come out of the Lucy-and-Ethel file most of her shows scripts seemed to originate from.

“First we go talk to Queen Julie.”

“What!” Raven jumped up, then sat down as others in the caf turned to stare at her. She couldn’t imagine confessing her orientation to Julie Andrews, who had become something of a mentor to her on the set.

“Trust me, she knows.”

“You told!?!”

“Didn’t have to, she came to *me*. Let’s go and talk to her.”

As they walked to “Queen Julie’s” trailer Raven wondered why she diddn’t just take Heather up on her numerous hints and offers for a fling with her. It wasn’t just the potential career threat although that was a factor. She might be, at best, a medium sized fish in the small pond that was the Disney Channel but she wouldn’t even be that if her affairs with Lindsay and Hilary came out. But also maybe because, despite the racial difference, Heather’s looks reminded her too much of her own, both with the ugly-pretty faces offset by nice bodies. Raven longed for, if not perfection, at least a reasonable facsimile thereof. Of course a perfect body didn’t necessarily make you perfect. She’d found that out in spades with Hilary and Lindsay. Lindsay’s bipolar personality had finally driven her to find her own apartment but at least her personality went only up or down, Hilary’s was liable to go in every and any possible direction, sometimes in two or more at once.

By the time she was done with her musings the had reached Julie’s trailer, the largest on the lot, even bigger than Anne’s. When they entered it was easy to forget it *was* a trailer because it was carpeted and furnished like a comfortable middle-class apartment.

The chair Miss Andrews was sitting in was just an average, if comfortable plush chair but she made it seem like a throne. As they entered Raven wondered if she should kiss the older woman’s hand like in “The Godfather.”

“Hello dears, what can I do for you?”

“Ummm, well,,,”

Heather was typically blunt. “She’s hot for our Princess but too shy to do anything about it.”

“Ah. Well I think I might be able to help.”

“Ummm, Miss, I mean Julie, how did you know about…”

The aging diva rolled her eyes. “Oh please dear, my voice may be going but there’s nothing wrong with either my eyes or my brain. Your generation thinks it invented homosexuality but it’s as old as David and Jonathon. Now here’s what I’m going to to.”

* * * * * *

The plan unfolded at the party that Miss Andrews threw for the premiere. It was held at Julie’s rather expansive estate and was a veritable orgy of food and drink. A select few, including Raven, Anne and Heather had been invited to stay the weekend.

Anne had, encouraged by both Heather and Raven, been drinking a bit more than she should. She wasn’t precisely drunk but not exactly sober either. The three young women walked down the corridor arm in arm to their rooms, conveniently next door to each other, Anne in the middle. If she noticed that they clung a bit too closely to her or pressed their sides to hers a little too often she didn’t seem to mind. Anne was wearing a black, strapless sheath slit to mid-thigh on one side. Raven herself wore a burgundy number that had a swooping neckline that showed off what she considered her best assets to great advantage. Heather, insisting that “real dykes don’t do dresses” was in a pair of tight chartreuse slacks and a spandex top that covered her front and back but left her sides exposed.

“I’ll leave you two here,” Heather said, somewhat to Raven’s surprise. She had half expected Heather to try to make it a threesome and to be truthful wouldn’t have minded some help in the seduction department.

But, unknown to her friends Heather already had someone waiting in her room for her. it was on the other side of Raven’s room, which was the middle one so hopefully all concerned would have plenty of privacy. When she entered, her partner, with whom she’d had an on-off affair for years was already in bed, covered only by a thin sheet.

“Hello, lover,” cooed Kelly Clarkson. They had known each other since before she had hit on American Idol. It was indeed Heather who had mentioned her as a possibility for the movie’s themesong, “Breakaway”. Now, much to her lover’s delight Heather peeled off her top, exposing her soft plump tits and erect brown nipples. SHe gathered hem in her hands and offered them tauntingly to the brunette songstress while keeping just out of reach.

“Don’t tease!” Kelly pouted. In response Heather pinched and rubbed at her nipples while sticking out her tongue. To get back at her Kelly removed the sheet and spread her labia with one hand while slipping a finger of the other into her love-hole. Heather stood fascinated while her lover masturbated, slipping another finger in and rubbing faster and faster at her clit, writhing and moaning as she came. She then withdrew her fingers, gleaming with juice and slowly licked them clean.

No longer able to control herself Heather threw herself on top.

* * * * * *

In the meantime Raven’s attempt at seduction was proceeding apace. In fact, maybe a little too easily she thought. Maybe Anne hadn’t been as unaware as she thought. Not only had Anne had no problem with her coming into her room but had asked her help in undressing, pleading tipsiness. Raven of course was only too happy to comply. As she unzipped Annes dress and let it fall to the ground she reveled in the sight feel and smell of the other woman’s flesh, clad only in lacy black bra and panties. She ran her hands over the creamy shoulders and back in a feather-light massage.

“You want me to do your bra too?” she asked, trying to keep a tremble out of her voice.

“Oh yes, please.” Was that a teasing note she heard? Was Anne playing her? Well, if so Raven was happy to play along. She took a deep breath as she unhooked the bra and then slid her arms around the slender waist of her not-yet paramour kissing the back of her neck as she did so.

* * * * * *

Kelly and Heather were a tangle of limbs as they wrestled playfully for top position. Finally, among much tickling and kisses randomly deployed on faces, necks, breasts, buttocks and bellies Heather emerged the victor, pinning the slighter woman to the mattress. She grinned in triumph and licked slowly between her lover’s small pale breasts, taking one pink nipple between her teeth and pulling until it stretched.

“Mmmmm, hurts nice,” whispered Kelly.

“You lost so hush up and do your duty,” said Heather, winking to take the edge off her words.

“Yes, mistress. But why do *I* always lose?” was the pouting reply.

“Because you want to?”

“Oh yeah,” the singer replied with a grin. Heather then straddled her face and lowered her bushy cunt onto her eagerly waiting mouth. But, like every good bottom Kelly knew her top’s weaknesses and had a trick up her sleeve. While Heather moaned and fondled her tits while she rode Kelly’s tongue one hand strayed from clutching at Heather’s shapely ass to slip under a pillow and come out with a large plastic vibrator.

“Oh! Oh yeah, you eat me soooo good!” Then Heather started with surprise as the dildo was pushed into her ass.

“Ow! You bitch! Ow ow owohhhh yeeaaah! That’s it, that’s my good little bitch!” Once the initial pain was past she found the vibrator’s friction quite…stimulating.

“That’s Miss Bitch to you,” Kelly said smiling then went back to tongueing her lover’s front even as her fingers and the vibrator worked her rear.

* * * * * *

“Raven, what are you doing?” Anne sounded surprised but not entirely unhappy as the buxom black woman pressed her tits against her back and her lips to her neck while her strong hands slid from the narrow waist to the full creamy tits.

Raven reluctantly released her hold on the other woman’s breasts and moved around to face her.

“I…I couldn’t help myself. You’re so…beautiful.”

Anne blushed at this. “I’m not really,” and tralied off into something Raven couldn’t quite make out. She thought, or maybe just hoped, she knew what it was.

“What was that at the end?” she asked, mentally crossing her fingers.

In a subdued voice the other woman said, “No more beautiful than you are.”

At this all inhibitions left Raven and she wrapped her arms around the other actress and planted her lips on Anne’s. The other woman pulled back briefly then, seeming to reach a decision returned both embrace and kiss. As their lips and tongue met with molten heat her hands undid the fastenings of Ravens dress so that the pressure of their bodies was the only thing holding it up. Anne backed up just enough to let it slide to the floor and then ducked her head into the deep valley beteen Raven’s tits, tongue licking eagerly. her hands reached around and undid the strap releasing them from their confines.

“Raven, your breasts are…”

“The Eighth Wonders of the World?” That’s what Hilary had called them once but she shoved Hilary and Lindsay (whose tits had been dubbed the Ninth wonders, setting off a fight over pecking order) out of her mind. They had no place here and now. She took her new loves hands and guided them over, under and around the marvelous geography of her globes, closing her eyes and wallowing in the sensation.

“Mmmmmmmyesss.” Still embracing the two women staggered to the bed and fell into it. Raven’s fingers peeled off Anne’s soaked panties and slipped two fingers inside the tight canal of her vagina. The lovely brunette bit her lip and arched her back in passion then lowered her lips onto Raven’s huge dark nipples. A moan escaped Raven as she sucked. A thought struck her and she strated to push the other woan off her but Anne would have none of it her hands clutching and molding her lover’s plump round ass, her tongue sliding all over the massive orbs of her tits.

“Mmmmmm, let me up, I’ll be right back.”

“But why?” Anne asked with a bit of a whine.

“You’ll see.”

Fortunately their rooms, by not so coincidental convenience connected through the bathroom. She certainly didn’t want to get dressed again and she didn’t think the servants would react well to seeing her naked booty roaming the halls. Or maybe they would. She had to wonder if this was the first time Julie Andrews had let her estate be used for a hookup.

Anne used the brief time that Raven was away to masturbate impatiently She had noticed and been attracted to Raven since the first time they had met on the set but hadn’t dared make the first move. In the world of show biz the bigger you were they more they looked for an opportunity to tear you down. Look at what had happened to Ellen and Rosie when they had come out. Well, okay Ellen had made a comeback and Rosie being a borderline psychotic probably hadn’t helped her one bit, but still. She might not be doing this at all if the booze hadn’t loosened her up but it had all felt so good so far she didn’t think she’d have any regrets in the morning.

After what seemed like hours but was actually less than five minute Raven returned with a black fourteen-inch doubleheaded dildo clutched in her hand.

“What’s *that*!?”

‘She doesn’t know what a dildo is?’ thought Raven, ‘Maybe Heather had a point about lead actors. Then again it’s not really her mind I’m interested in, is it?’

Aloud she said, “Let me show you hun.” She spread her lust objects legs apart gently and works the head in slowly.

“Mmmm, I’ve never had a black cock in me before,” joked Anne.

“Have you ever had *any* cock in you?” Raven asked, raising a question that had popped into her head when she first realized how tight her love’s pussy was.

“Ummmm, no,” was the embarrased answer.

“That’s okay, babe, I lost mine to another girl too. No, not gonna tell you who. Well, not yet. Maybe later” Maybe in the morning if Anne didn’t wake up next to her with a hangover and full of regrets, was her thought. She slowly moved the dildo in until she could feel the hymen.

“Okay, this is going to hurt a little but let me see if I can make it easier.” She bent down and started licking arond the expanded lips, then worked around to the hooded clit. She could feel Anne responding, her hips moving back and forth along the dildo, small squaks and moans of pleasure escaping her.

“Are you ready, babe?”

Anne smiled, “Yeah, real ready…want it…want it bad.”

Raven pulled it most of the way out, admired how it was slick with her student’s juices and then pushed it in. A gasp of pain escaped Anne as her barrier tore. Raven licked away the blod that flowed out, the taste oddly turning her on. Soon, between the stroking didldo and licking tongue gasps of pain turned to moans of passion.

“Oh! So…good. Should have…done this…long time ago. Oh, fuck me Raven, fuck me!”

Raven paused only long enough to position herself on the other end and slide herself down. It took some coaching from her to slow Anne down enough for them to match rythms but soon they were humping away, pussys meeting and grinding away at each other somewhere in the the middle.






* * * * * *

“Ohhhhhh! YEEEAAAHHHH! Fuck my pussy! LIck my ass, you little whore!”

Kelly burst into a spate of giggles because her lover had gotten things backwards, so far gone in ecstasy she was. She blew a rasberry straight onto Heather’s clit sending her into a final orgasmic spasm.

“Funny, huh? Wait until I get this out of my ass.” But this only sent her lover into another bout of laughter. When she subsided, she took the vibrator out, wiping it on the tissues next to the bed.

“Ready for revenge sweetie?” she asked while offering Heather the vibrator, emphasizing her Texas accent because she knew it turned Heather on.

“Oh, yeah, you bet.”

Only half-kiddingly Heather growled and lunged, pinning the slighter actress once more to the mattress. She took her upper lip between her teeth and bit down then pulled hard on it.


“Yeah, baby, make me your bitch, you know I want want it rough,” Kelly simpered. Her actress dom took both nipples in her hands and twisted painfully bringing tears of pain to her eyes but also fanning the simmering fire between her legs.

“Who *owns* you?”

“You do, oh you do Heath!”

“Damn right!” She bit down on one ripe tit while savagely plunging the vibrator into Kelly’s wet twat. Matching waves of pain and joy washed through the submissive songstress. Yes! This was what she’d wanted, oh yes!

“Oh, fuckme, hurt me, yeahyeahyeah!” Hether straddled her thighs now punctuating each thrust of the vibrator with a slap to her face or belly. Soon every muscle in her body clenched with shocks of pleasure-pain. Finally she collapsed. Heather then turned more gentle stroking her hair and kissing the pain away.

“Who’s my little slutbaby?” she cooed.

“Me.” was the soft answer.

* * * * * *

The next day, Julie Andrews reviewed the tapes, recorded by the hidden cameras and microphones in the rooms of her guests. Even by her standards they were hot and sent a thrill through her loins she didn’t get often anymore. Heather of course knew about the “recording sessions” and in fact, luring Anne and Raven to the estate had been one of the many favors she’d done for Julie. The veteran actress had been doing this for years, it was one of the keys to her survival in the industry. Some of her “clients” would be let in on the secret, the ones she wanted back or found useful. She suspected that Raven would take things in stride but hathaway was perhaps a little too innocent, like Clarkson, she might spill the beans in a panic. She’d make that decision later at the end of the weekend.

She didn’t see herself as a blackmailer, for one thing many of her subjects never found out was was done. On the plus side she gave them a safe haven for what many of the public would see as perversions and rarely took advantage of them except in a business sense.

On the other hand, maybe next time she’d have Raven and Heather kiss her ring when they wanted a favor. She’d always been fond of The Godfather.

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