Disney Underground

Title: Disney Underground

Author: Tori

Celebs: Olivia Holt, Jenna Ortega

Codes: FM, FMM, f, gang, oral, anal, pedo, bukkake


This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

“You’ve got a pretty mouth baby.  Now, open up.”  The young blonde on her knees shook her head and pressed her lips together tighter.  The huge black man looked down at her and then slapped her hard.  “LISTEN UP BITCH!  OPEN YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!”  As the mascara stained tears ran down her cheeks, Olivia Holt reluctantly parted her lips.  “WIDER YOU FUCKING CUNT OR I’LL FUCK YOU UP!” he screamed.  Olivia did the only thing she could.  She opened as wide as she could and let the huge black cock into her mouth.  The man grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and shoved his cock down her throat, causing her to gag and blow snot out of her nose.  “That’s fucking better bitch.”  “Glub……glub……glub……” were the only sounds coming from Olivia’s mouth and as he fucked her face, massive amounts of saliva ran down her chin and onto her blouse.  Suddenly, he ripped her blouse open and shoved his cock down her throat.  He held it there before finally pulling out, shooting his load all over her face.  After shaking off the last of his cum, the director yelled, “CUT!  Thanks everyone.  Olivia, do you need a break?”

Olivia wiped the cum from her eyes and said, “Yes please.”  The director handed her a towel and said, “That’s fifteen people.”  Olivia wiped her face off and then stood up.  The black man kissed her cheek and said, “You were great Liv.  A natural.”  Olivia smiled and said, “Thanks Marcus but don’t slap me so hard next time.  That really hurt.”  He hugged her and said, “Sorry baby.  I kinda get carried away sometimes.”  The gorgeous blonde took off her ruined blouse and sat down at the makeup table.  After cleaning up, she brushed her long blonde hair and put on another blouse.  As soon as she was ready, she walked over to the director and said, “Are we doing the DP scene next?”  The director smiled and said, “Yup.  You up for this?”  Olivia thought for a second and said, “Hey, in for a penny, in for a pound, right?”  The director turned and said, “Let’s go people.  We don’t have all day.”

“…and ACTION!”  The cameras started rolling as Olivia made her way onto the set.  The pretty blonde starlet, dressed in a short plaid skirt, white blouse, knee socks and pink sneakers, stopped in front of the huge four poster bed and started to dance.  Although there was no actual music, she knew what song would be overdubbed onto the scene so she imagined it in her head as her body swayed back and forth.  As she did, she ran her hands along her perfect body, massaging her breasts and sucking on her finger.  Olivia slowly unbuttoned her blouse and was joined by two men.  Marcus, the tall black man from her previous scene stood on one side while James, a white guy, stood on the other.  After she took off her blouse, she slowly dropped to her knees and took both cocks in her hands and started to stroke them.  She turned her head and took James’ cock into her mouth and started sucking it.  She switched back and forth, giving each man a wet, sloppy blowjob while she played with the bald pussy.  The men each took turns fucking her face while the other one slapped her with his hard meat.

While Olivia was on set, another young teen was in her dressing room waiting her turn.  The cute 15 year old sat in front of the mirror applying her makeup and thought, “Geez, what am I doing?”  Jenna Ortega brushed her long brown hair and then said, “Fuck it!  I can do this.”  She stood up and put on the outfit they chose for her and then waited for the assistant to come to get her.  She didn’t have to wait too long and when she made her way out to the set, she saw Olivia still lying on the bed, covered in cum with both her pussy and asshole gaped wide open.  Jenna stared at the ruined blonde and then turned to the director.  “Is she ok?”  The director smiled and said, “She’s fine.  She just did one of the hottest scenes I’ve ever filmed.”  He then took notice of the young Latina and started to get hard at the sight of the tiny girl dressed in a black fishnet body stocking and nothing else.  Jenna fidgeted as she watched two assistants help Olivia off the set and as she passed Jenna, she smiled and said, “Don’t be scared, you’re gonna love it.”  Jenna smiled back but couldn’t help but feel apprehensive.  After all, this was going to be her first scene for Disney Underground and wanted to make a good impression on everyone.

She was led over to a bare set and saw thirty naked men all waiting for her.  They were stroking their cocks and watched the tiny teener with lust in their eyes.  The director led Jenna to the center of the set and said, “Look sweetie, it’s simple.  Just kneel down and smile.  These guys will do the rest, ok?”  Jenna got on her knees and said, “I’m ready.”  The director yelled action and one by one, the men gathered around the cute Latina.  She looked from one cock to the next and then suddenly, the first shot of cum hit her on the forehead.  As it dripped down into her eye, another man came up behind her and shot his load on the top of her head.  One of the men got next to her and slapped his cock against her cheek and said, “Open your mouth slut.”  She did as she was told and he shot his load on her tongue.  Jenna naturally swallowed it and then gagged a little.  This wasn’t the first time she swallowed cum but she wasn’t too fond of the taste.  The next man rubbed his cock across her lips and then came all over her face.  Jenna shut her eyes and waited for him to finish but before she could wipe the cum from her eyes, another man did the same thing.  Before she knew it, over a dozen men had cum on her and she felt the nasty slim running down her face and onto her body.

By the time each man had cum, Jenna had swallowed more cum then could have imagined.  Just when she thought the scene was over, one of the men started to piss on her face.  He was soon joined by several others and as the rancid liquid washed the cum from her eyes, one of the men squeezed her nose shut, forcing her to open her mouth.  It was bad enough that she had swallowed their cum but now she had no choice but to swallow their urine.  When the last man shook off his cock, Jenna opened her eyes and then bent over, vomiting on the floor.  As she dry heaved, she heard the director yell cut.  Someone came over and used a towel to wipe off her face and when she looked up, all the men, including the director, started to clap their hands.  They were all applauding the young girl and as she stood up, the director said, “Jenna, that was fantastic.”  She tried to smile and then bent over and vomited again.  After she wiped her mouth off, she said, “Thanks.  Sorry about the puke.”  He put his arm around her and said, “Don’t worry about it, happens all the time.  Welcome to Disney Underground sweetheart.”

After a shower, Jenna got dressed and headed out.  Along the way, she ran into Dove Cameron.  “Hey Dove.”  Dove stopped and said, “All done?”  Jenna nodded and said, “What do they have planned for you?”  Dove smiled and turned around.  She pulled her skirt up and showed Jenna the buttplug inserted in her ass and said, “They’re going to strap me to wooden horse and pull a train on my ass.”  Jenna was stunned and said, “How many guys?”  Dove pulled her skirt back down and said, “At least a dozen, maybe more.”  Jenna was speechless.  Dove just smiled and said, “It’s ok Jenna, I’ve had more than that up my ass before.  This is going to be a piece of cake and besides, pretty soon you’ll get your chance.”  Jenna thought about it for a second and said nervously, “Sure, sure, I can’t wait.”  Dove smiled and walked off leaving Jenna standing in the corridor.  As she turned to leave, she looked back and smiled.  “A dozen guys fucking my ass?  How bad can that be?”

The End

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