Divas Together

It was an event nearly three years in the making: The collaboration between pop princesses Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. The two singers had both done collaborations, with the likes of Ricky Martin and Cher. Yet the hottest coupling of all, it was decided, would be the two together. Everyone wanted to see it: The internet and the water cooler abuzz with rumors of the electric duo hooking up. And finally, their managers agreed, it was time Britney and Christina shared a duet.

Despite rumors of the two rivaling and hating each other, Britney and Christina were always very close. In fact, Britney thought of
Christina as one of her dearest friends. The two spent nearly three weeks writing and recording their latest hit. Both Christina and Britney had released their latest albums, and were increasingly confident in their songwriting. In this particular single, they also wrote the music. The hype was phenomenal–all the magazines and websites were frenzied with excitement. Spears and Aguilera’s song was called “Chains of Love,” a sultry, rock-inspired half ballad, half dance tune. After its historical release, Britney and Christina embarked on an American mini-tour, performing “Chains of Love” and songs from their fresh LPs. It would be an unforgettable experience.

Dallas, Texas–The Britney & Christina 2002 Tour

It had been a spectacular performance, confirmed by the thunderous cheers from the jam-packed audience of 20,000 Britney and Christina fans. After the show, Christina and Britney split to their respective dressing rooms. Britney walked offstage, exhausted from her red hot moves. Her golden bronze skin was gleaming from both body shimmer and sweat. Britney was used to being an international sensation, and though eternally grateful for her enormous success, was gradually becoming more weary of the constant attention. She waved off a lurking camera half-heartedly, wanting so much some down time.

Britney and Christina were chauffeured back to the hotel after they gathered their belongings from their dressing rooms.

“Fe, I’m going for my bubbles,” Britney announced, still weary from all her dancing. Of course, her bubble bath was a luxury yet a must after such grueling shows.

“Hurry up,” Fe replied (Felicia Culotta, Britney’s personal assistant), knowing Brit’s bath was not a hurrysome chore. “We need to be up at five tomorrow to catch the flight to Tucson. This time tomorrow we have another show. Get some rest, okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever Fe,” Britney said, opening the door to her room. “I just wanna relax. I just wanna relax.” And she did, so much, Britney’s sinewy body longed for sleep.

“G’night, Brit,” Fe said, and walked off down the long, carpeted hall to her own hotel room. “Beep me if you need anything.”

Britney was glad to be alone in the spacious, well-decorated suite. There was a big leather sectional couch, a minibar and kitchenette, a large spa-like bathtub, a king-sized bed and an assortment of chairs, all covered completely in Britney’s designer clothes. The small table had Britney’s purse and makeup, as well as the fresh-cut flowers she demanded wherever she traveled. She was happy to peel off the sexy outfit of the night–a black and white striped halter with well placed rips that put her infamous abs of steel on display. Britney had worked hard for that exquisite tummy; 300 crunches a night, every night. But not tonight.

Britney examined her buff physique in the floor length mirror, her large, pert breasts now free of the top. She unzipped her black leather hotpants and was now totally nude, having been free of undies. Britney liked not wearing them. In fact, Britney preferred being naked to wearing any sort of trendy clothes. At home, she always went around in her birthday suit. She was a closet nudist, loving the videos where women refused to put on clothes. Britney even went to a nude beach, where she could inspect and compare the penis size of sexy men, as well as the stomachs and breasts of young nymphs much like herself.

Britney turned on the water full blast and poured in the sweet, creamy vanilla bubble bath. The small bathroom filled with steam, and Britney closed the door. She lit some votives around the tub and slipped into the warm, fragrant bubbles.

“Ahhhhh,” she uttered, as the water flowed smoothly around her, her enormous (100% real) breasts bouncing amid the bubbles.

It felt so good, after the long, energetic show with Christina, to at last have some peace and quiet, just pure silence. Britney closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of solitude. Her index finger unconsciously drifted to her pussy, and massaged it gently. Britney moaned softly, enjoying herself.

A knock on the door jolted the singer out of her relaxed bliss. “Brit?” called a young, clear female voice.

“What!?” hollered Britney agitatedly. Who dares to interrupt my bathtime, thought Britney to herself.

“I just wanna talk to you,” said the voice. It was Christina, Britney knew at once.

“Come in,” Britney said warmly, stepping from the tub. “I’m in the bath, I’ll be right out.”

“Don’t bother,” replied Christina, smiling to herself at the thought of Britney’s cute, shimmering boobs floating in the water. She turned the knob to the bathroom before Brit had a chance to grab her fluffy pink bathrobe.

“Christina!” exclaimed Britney, her doey brown eyes wide with panic. “Wha–”

“Don’t be embarrassed, I’m a girl, too. Nothing I haven’t seen before.” Christina emitted a nervous giggle from her pink-glossed mouth.

Britney was standing there, like a deer caught in the headlights. Her nubile body was on full display–for Christina at least. Nothing covered her except the beads of hot water dripping from her. Britney was suddenly shy, wanting to cover her large brown nipples so that Christina would not see. Instead, she stood there, letting Christina take in every detail of her nude self, including the strip of dark hair between her legs.

Christina soaked it up like a sponge. “Wow,” she whispered, not taking her eyes from Britney. “Brit, you look amazing.”

It was Britney’s turn to giggle nervously, as she grabbed her bathrobe and wrapped herself in it, glad to be covered. “Thanks….” she whispered hoarsely, looking about awkwardly. “Um, did you wanna talk to me about something?”

Christina’s beautiful face fell now that Britney’s muscular body was no longer exposed. “Yes,” Christina said. “Let’s go in here.” Christina led Britney to the main room by the hand.

Britney was getting very curious. Why was Christina acting so strangely? Never had she known the pint-sized diva to be so…so…weird! The two superstars sat across from each other on the sectional, Indian style.

“Okay, shoot,” commanded Britney in her Southern drawl. “What’s on your mind? I’ve known you for a long time, and now we’re truly a team. You can tell me anything.”

Christina was relieved to know that Britney could be understanding and trustworthy. “Well, it’s Jorge,” sighed Christina.

Christina and her former fiancee Jorge Santos had broken up shortly after her fourth album’s release. Christina thought it was the real thing, and had been suffering terrible heartache. Even worse, she rarely had a confidante on the road. So she was glad she and Britney were touring together.

“What about him?”

“I miss him so fucking much!” Christina wiped a tear from her blue-shadowed eye.

“Now, now, honey, don’t cry,” consoled Britney. A shift of position raised her bathrobe so that her pussy was in Christina’s view.

Christina’s pale blue eyes grew wide at the sight of Britney Spears’ privates. It was something any straight man would give hundreds or thousands of dollars to see. It drove them to websites that pawned off fake Britney nudes as the real thing so guys could jerk off to her picture. Since Britney was a virgin, there were no pornographic pictures of her, not even any nudes. People complain more about the fact that Britney Spears was wearing a sexy tube top than the fact that women are being photographed with penises up their asses. And wouldn’t that hurt?

At that moment, when Christina’s eyes were filled with tears of heartbreak, instinct seemed to wash over Britney. “Honey, you look so beautiful,” she tried.

Christina looked at Britney wondrously. “I do?” Christina did, indeed, look stunning. Britney was proud of Christina for giving up her “ugly phase” of braided extensions and that tacky nose stud, even the hideous ghetto-inspired wardrobe. Christina still hadn’t changed from her concert attire: An identical top to Britney’s, but with pink and black stripes. She, too, wore black leather hotpants and a pink glitter belt slung around her shapely hips.

“More dazzling than I’ve ever seen you,” Britney said. She ran a hand through Christina’s hair, dirty blonde with some pink pieces woven in. “You are better off single,” Brit continued. “Jorge was just some hoodlum guy who was there for a reason, but only temporarily. I knew he wasn’t right for you.”

“You did?” Christina smiled slightly, a tear sliding down her cheek. Britney seemed to know so much. She may be a young superstar, but she is so wise.

Britney nodded, and leaned towards Christina. It felt so right. Just so right. Their lips met, and within seconds they became locked in a passion-filled, juicy kiss, their tongues craving each other ravenously. Their breathing intensified as Britney shrugged off her bathrobe and wondered incredulously why she had been so shy before.

Britney helped Christina off with her own top, and paused to enjoy the sight of Christina’s perfectly shaped, fake-tanned breasts. Britney touched them tenderly, as if they might break if she was rough. She touched them, rubbed the fawn-colored nipples till they hardened between her fingers. They had ceased smooching to examine each other’s highly publicized, enormously sought-after bodies. Britney hadn’t known how long she’d waited to kiss and lick Christina’s long, lean belly. Christina gasped and moaned with pleasure.

Christina gently laid down on top of Britney, kissing her neck and chest, licking down her golden, hard body. She stopped longer at her belly, where Britney’s beautiful navel ring was. Christina touched it, carelessly fingered the star-shaped rhinestone. She kissed around it, and Britney moaned excitedly with pleasure. Her body trembled with excitement. Finally…someone who knows exactly what a girl wants!

“I’ve waited so long to do this,” Christina whispered, her steamy breath tickling Britney’s lower belly.

“Me, too…” moaned Britney, rubbing her breasts, letting her mind savor the moment. She almost entirely forgot Justin Timberlake, her steady boyfriend. He could never make her feel this good, this sexy–not even if he tried.

Britney and Christina lay sprawled on the sofa of the hotel room, their clothes scattered about the floor. The lights were low, it was around midnight. No one was around, it seemed. The shades were drawn, the door was locked. It was a beautiful moment.

Christina easily lowered her lissome body so she could get access to Britney’s pussy. She took a deep breath, as did Britney. It felt so right, they both seemed to think. Christina grasped Britney’s tanned, muscular thighs and began to tenderly flick her tongue, barely making butterfly touches to Britney’s clitoris.

Britney emitted a moan of delight, even at the slightest touch of Christina’s tongue. Britney, the Virgin, had only experienced her own finger, and this was ten million times more erotic. “Christina,” she said slowly. “Yeah.” Brit spread her legs wider so Christina could better pleasure her, which she did gladly.

“You’re welcome,” breathed Christina into Britney’s nook. Her hot pink manicured nails ran across Britney’s sculpted stomach, making Britney shiver with sensuality as Christina began to steadily stroke Britney’s pussy lips with her tongue.

“More,” sighed Britney. “More.” Her pussy began getting slippery, and very wet.

Christina knew this was her reward for giving such good fellatio. She had given many blowjobs, but never had she done this. But somehow she knew what would feel good to Britney. Christina greedily licked Britney’s juices, and thrust her tongue into her pussy, and back out. In and out, she tongue-fucked Britney like a dirty girl. It didn’t feel dirty. It felt sexy and erotic.

Britney enjoyed it just as much. “Oh! Oh Lordy! I’m cumming! Ohhhhhh! Christina! Yes! More, more, more!” She yelped as Christina thrust her tongue deeper into the hole. Brit’s body felt as though it was charged with red hot electricity. Her body was still wet, but this time it was from sweat. Not to mention her juices and Christina’s saliva dripping down her legs. It was like heaven. She put her head back on the pillow and moaned, until she felt something very new. Her back arched, and her pussy was charged, her whole body seemed to shake. She was about to reach her orgasm. She groaned, and moaned, and screamed “Go Christina!” so loud, it was a coarse roar. Her body shuddered and tried to relax, but couldn’t, it felt too good.

Nothing stopped Christina, who was enjoying the erotic moment herself, pleased with herself for pleasing the most famous, sexy girl in the world. Her tongue did swirls inside Britney’s vagina. Then she started to suck on Britney’s clit, like it was a tiny cock, running her tongue up and down. Britney moaned, groaned and whispered, “Christina,” because she was in ecstasy; never had she felt something more beautiful or wonderful. It was with the right woman. The only woman who could ever please her, one so beautiful, talented and willing, on-stage and off.

After Christina finished licking Britney, Britney was eager to return the favor.

“Shall I….for you?” Britney asked, sitting up. Both women were naked their bodies sweaty and happy.

“Nah,” breathed Christina, licking the final traces of Britney’s sweet cum from her lips. “We’ll do that tomorrow,” she replied with a wink. “Let’s just sleep. We gotta get up early for the flight tomorrow.”

“Yeah. You’re totally right, Christina.”

The two moved over to the bed, stretched out beside each other, and slept. Their young, tight bodies pressed together in pure comfort and happiness. They had not only created a beautiful hit single together, but they’d done something even more beautiful together. They slept peacefully, dreaming of all the fun they shared, and were going to share. Already an on-stage/on-screen duo, they planned to keep connected sexually as well. After all, two divas deserve each other.

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