Do Not Disturb

The following story is a complete work of fiction and does not say anything
about the true sexuality of Britney Spears. Feedback can be emailed to


Belle and her friend,Timothy, rode the elevators of the hotel, giggling
like crazy. It was rumored that Britney Spears was staying in this hotel.
She was in town to do a show. They stopped on each floor, walking up and
down the hallways, looking for a long-legged blonde/brunette with chestnut
eyes. Belle said,"I think we should just go to our room for awhile and
up for a while. We’ve been looking for a good 2 hours."
"Yeah, but I just bet as soon as we close our door, we’ll miss seeing
somebody," Timothy complained.
"You mean TJ don’t you?" Belle teased him. He shot an annoyed expression at
"Yes," he said after pausing. "I do mean him! Who else IS there?"
"Oh, just Britney," Belle said,her breath quickening.
"Yes, just Britney," Timothy declared loudly as he danced in teh elevator.
The elevator stopped and opened onto the top floor.
"Let’s do this floor and then we’ll go rest up," Belle advised Timothy.
"Belle, we can’t DO the whole floor. We’d be exhausted by then!" They
laughed, but stopped when they saw TJ coming out of a room. He was checking
for his card key in his backpack. He pulled it out and put it back in, and
turned toward them, staring at Tim’s athletic form in his wifebeater and
jeans. TJ smiled at them and walked quickly to them.
"Hi!" he said to them, smiling at them both, but then fixing his gaze on
"Hi, TJ, how’s it going?" Tim said.
"Oh, I see you know who I am. But who are you? It’s going good…even better
now," he said.
He and Tim looked at each other, their eyes searching for – a connection.
"I’m Bella, and this is Timothy. Timo-" she looked at him. He looked like he
was gonna jump on TJ. And TJ looked like he wanted to jump back.
"Were you getting ready to go rehearse? " Bella asked him.
"No, just downstairs to the gym. Did you guys want to join me, maybe? You
look like you could lift some things," TJ said suggestively.
"Yeah, I wouldn’t mind helping you do some sets," Tim replied, taking TJ’s
hook, line, and sinker.
"Is Britney here?" Bella asked, anxious now that she realised she was
becoming a 3rd wheel. A door opened and closed down the hall.
"Yah, she’s here, but she’s chilling out today,"TJ said, throwing his hand
"Oh! Well, I’m not in the mood for exercising. You two go on without me,"
Bella said, even though they weren’t really listening to her. She pushed
Tim as he walked away.
"Ow! What?!?" he said.
"Have a great time."
"I will. We’ll hook up later. You really do look tired. You going back to
the room now?"
"Uh, yeah, I’m gonna get something to drink first."
The two men got onto the elevator together, talking excitedly. Bella laughed
at them and went to find a drink machine. She said to herself as she dropped
the coins in the slot,"Well, gee – he sure lucked out. What about me?"
She walked out of the room and continued down the hall, noticing the food
trays on the floor in front of the rooms. She could hear activity behind
some of the doors. The Ocean Sprays in her hands were freezing, and she
wished she had something to wrap around them. She glanced down at some of
the trays, looking for a clean napkin. She couldn’t find one. She went to
the end of the hall,and saw a huge tray by a triple set of doors. It hadn’t
been touched, and was loaded to the max with lunch foods. There was a huge
stack of sparkling cloth napkins on the side of the tray. "They can’t
possibly need all of these," Bella smirked.
She walked up to the tray quickly and bent down to get two. The door flew
open and Bella looked up and into the face of Britney Spears. "I just needed
some napkins…uh…sorry.." Bella said, dropping the napkins and the Ocean
Sprays. Bella’s eyes dropped and traveled up Britney’s full form, encased in
a pair of jean shorts and a blue tube top. Bella could smell Britney’s
unique scent, and shook her head to pull herself together. She stood up,
surprised to find that they were the same height.
"Don’t worry about it," Britney said quickly. "Quick, come in."
Bella stepped in, and Britney dragged the tray in behind her. Bella looked
at the rise of Britney’s jean shorts, swallowing as it exposed more of her
thick thighs.
"Would you like to have lunch with me? I’m so lonely in here…" Britney
asked Bella coyly.
Britney walked over to the tv and picked up a "Do Not Disturb" sign. She
opened the middle door and hung it around the doornob.
Bella’s eyebrows raised.
Britney walked back over to where Bella was standing, and looked her up and
down slowly, passion building in her eyes.
She stared into Bella’s eyes, searching. Bella stared back.
Bella said, "I can imagine that you get lonely, Britney. I’m lonely too."
Britney motioned for Bella to follow her.
Bella thought if she saw Britney switch one more time she would rape her.
"We can eat on my bed."
"Is anyone else…in here?" Bella asked, looking around at the huge suite.
"No, just me," Britney said as she situated the tray on the bed.
"I’ll help you pull it…towards the middle, right?" Bella said. She leaned
over and helped pull the tray, excited. When she looked up, Britney was
looking down her shirt. Bella licked her lips and cleared her throat.
"What kind of things do you like to eat?" Bella asked, eating a french fry.
"Oh, honey, all KINDS of things," Britney replied, sipping a milkshake.
"What about you?" She toyed with her straw, running her tounge around the
"Oh…." Bella swallowed entranced with the sight. "The same….sweet and
sour things…but I like chicken the best."
"Do you like me?" Britney asked.
"What do you mean?"
"Do you like me…for me? I’m sure you know who I am?"
"Yes, I do. I think you’re very sexy woman, and love what you do for
music." Bella said honestly, sitting her french fry down, starting to lick
the salt from her finger.
"Let me help you lick that off," Britney moaned, and Bella held out her
finger. Britney leaned over and drew it deep into her mouth, moaning around
it. She sounded so good moaning.
Bella’s pussy began to throb madly."Britney….Brit-" she moaned.
Britney began kissing her whole hand slowly.
"I guess you know by now that I love women." She smiled softly as she
licked. Her lips moved up Bella’s arm. Bella’s eyes were closed.
"Let’s move this tray. Are you still hungry?" Brit whispered.
"Yes, but for you."
The girls moved the tray, but Britney kept a bottle of Hershey’s syrup and
put it on the side of the bed.
She laid Bella down and got on top of her, straddling her waist with her
smooth thighs.
Bella ran her hands up and down them, reaching under the hem of Britney’s
jean shorts, searching for her warmth. Britney gazed down at her, and said,
"I want some of your Ocean Spray".
"They’re over there, on top of the tv." Bella said, totally relaxed.
"No honey, I mean, THIS Ocean Spray," Britney said, and ran her finger under
Bella’s dress and in between her wet thighs.
"Oh, lordee….." Bella moaned.
"Yes, you can surf the tide." Bella said a minute later as she realised
Britney was kissing her neck.
Britney’s hair smelled like Herbal Essences, and it feathered all over
Bella’s face and neck as Britney licked her nape. She moved back up to
Bella’s lips, running her tounged in between them, darting in and out
Bella poked out her tounge, and Britney sucked it into her mouth. Then Bella
did the same to Britney.
Slowly, Bella lost all of her clothing. Britney kissed her way down her
body, leaving erotic imprints everywhere.
She did figure eights around Bella’s nipples and belly button, making Bella
arch her back, moaning for more. Bella massaged her aching nipples as
Britney licked and teased them.
Britney could smell her womanscent,and it was killing her. But she loved the
sweet torture she was putting them through.
She slowly peeled off Bella’s soaked panties and wrapped her thighs around
her neck. She spread the syrup all over Bella’s pussy, then dove in without
abandon, sucking and licking like a woman gone sane.
"Uh, yeah…baby, yeah……!!!!!" Bella said, pumping her thighs into
Britney’s face. Britney moaned, aching to get as deep inside Bella as
Britney ran her tounge up and down the grooves of Bella’s outer lips, then
slowly, maddeningly, ran then up inside the inner ones, up and down, up and
finally, she slid her tounge in as deeply as she could go.
She slid in and out repeatedly, grabbing Bella’s asscheeks to spear (no pun
intended, lol)her deeper.The taste of her was…..indescribable. It was
Their echoing moans filled the suite.
‘I wonder if Timothy can hear us,’ Bella thought, smiling but soon moaning
again. Bella bucked against Britney’s tounge as it swirled and tugged around
at her clit.
"Damn, baby, you do this well…." Bella said, on fire.
"I’ve had some experience." Britney looked up from between her thighs, face
drenched. She smiled and went back down to Bella’s clit, sucking it deep
into her mouth, teasing it with her tounge.
"Bri…..Brit……Britn….." Bella moaned, gasping.
"I’m getting ready to…" Britney buckled down and tounged her whole pussy
at one time, clamoring for Bella’s release.
Bella gave it to her with one long moan that was heard up and down the hall,
her thighs quivering.
Still Britney pressed on, mad with need as Bella’s pussy juices flooded her
mouth and face. Beautiful.
She licked and ate Bella until she was dry, and still wanted more.
It was driving her crazy.
"Bella……damn, I can’t do this all the time. I have to perform sometimes!
But damn if I don’t want to."
"Well, we have these few days. I’ll be here. But I’m hungry too!"
Bella tried to sit up, but was too exhausted. Britney laughed at her.
"You can eat later. Right now it’s all about you."
Britney unlocked herself from Bella’s thighs and moved up to where Bella was
at the head of the deluxe bed. They kissed, Bella licking herself off
Britney’s face. They drifted to sleep.


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