Doctor Who’s Nicola Bryant And A Fan

Doctor Who’s Nicola Bryant and a Fan
By Califrax

Jack had driven over six hours to get to the convention. He’d been
a fan of
DOCTOR WHO all of his life, and had been to a few gatherings before.
this time it was different. This one had Nicola Bryant.

He remembered seeing her in "Planet Of Fire." He’d fallen in love
as soon as
he’d seen her in that bikini. The 18-month hiatus had been one of
periods in his life. And now, finally, he was going to see

Jack stood patiently in the autograph line far over an hour.
Finally, he
made his way up to the front. There she was! Still a beautiful
woman after
all these years! She was wearing a black sweater, and Jack could
see the
outline of her perfect breasts against it. He’d bought a color
picture of
her to sign, and once it was his turn he handed it to her to sign.

She smiled at him, and said, "Hi. What’s your name?" Jack told
her, and she
began writing on the picture. "Enjoying the convention, so far?"

"Yeah. Well, I really just came to see you." She looked up a
moment at
this. "Oh! I mean I’ve been a big fan of yours for years.
You’re so

"Oh, thanks Jack." She looked back down, writing.

"You probably hear that all the time, though, being an actress."

She laughed. "Sure, but sometimes it’s just a come-on, you know."

"Well, you should listen to them, cause you’re jhust as hot now as
when you
started on WHO."

Nicola finished signing, and lifted the picture up to her lips,
planting a
kiss on the surface. She handed it back to him, and said, "Thanks,

Speechlessly, Jack took the picture and stepped out of line. Once
he got to
the side, he looked at the photo. Beneath her red kiss she wrote in

"Jack, room #413, tonight at ten. N."

His heart was racing throughout the rest of the day. What did
Nicola mean?
What did she want? Every fanboy thought went through his mind as he
tried to
figure it out. His stomach tumbled and turned. The rest of the day
on, and he wandered through the convention in a daze.

Finally, around 9:30, he showered and changed. What could he
expect? And
how could he approach her without jumping to conclusions? He took
elevator to the fourth floor. Jack’s heart was in his throat with
every step
he took. 409, 410, 411, 412. Finally, 413. He swallowed dryly,
and lifted
a hgand to knock on the door. Nicola’s voice came from beyond.

Jack gasped. "Yes."

"Come in." He turned the knob and entered. He looked over the
room. He was
very nice, with a small cooler and a large bed. Her voice came from
a closed
door. "I’ll be just a moment. Grab a seat and get yourself
something to

"Ok." He went to the small cooler and opened it, pulling out a
bottle of
water. He sat in a chair and opened the bottle, taking a drink.
His throat
was so dry. He heard the door open, and Nicola came out. He nearly
spit out
the water.

Nicola was wearing a small pair of black panties that Jack could
easily see
were crotchless. She also had a matching black bra on. Her breasts
against the material. Her hair was perfect, hanging down her
shoulders. She
wore just a hint of makeup and lipstick. She hushed Jack before he
speak. "Jack, let me explain something. An actress can get very
lonely on
the road, away from home. And it’s even worse at conventions, when
you’re in
one city for a few days, then gone again. Every now and again, I
someone – a fan – and I" She smiled, giggling, "show my
gratitude for
all those years of appreciation. But there’s one rule. You have to
Jack. Just say yes, and I can make your fantasy come true."

Jack blurted out, "What?" His cock was hard in his pants.
"Whatever it is,
the answer’s yes!"

She laughed, and tossed her hair to the side. She walked over and
lay down
on the bed. Her breasts stood firm in the bar, and her beautiful
legs were
slightly spread, giving jack a wonderful view of her pussy. "You
have to
agree, Jack, not to say a word about this to anyone. This is our
You’re what I need, and I’m here to make your dream come true."

"Yes! Oh god, I can’t believe this is happening!"

Nicola giggled again. "Then, what are you waiting for, Jack? Get
naked, and
get over here."

Jack put the water shakily by the TV and rose. With nervous hands,
he took
off his shoes and socks. Then his shirt. He pulled off his belt,
and pants
His cock was poking against his underwear. Taking them, he pulled
off his
shorts, and his dick sprang out, completely hard.

Nicola rose an eyebrow. "My, my, Jackyou are a BIG fan, aren’t

Jack felt a warmth flow over him at the compliment. He crawled into
bed next
to Nicola. His heart was beating. Nicola could tell his was
nervous and
laid a hand on his chest. "Don’t be nervous, Jack. I’m just a
woman." She
leaned in and kissed him on the lips.

Jack’s fears melted away as Nicola’s tongue entered his mouth. His
met hers, soft and wet. Reaching out, he laid a hand on one of her
It was so soft and warm through the bra material, and he gentle
squeezed it.
Nicola moaned through his mouth, her breathing increasing. He could
feel her
nipple stiffen through the bra – he was turning her on! God, he was
turning Nicola Bryant on!

Nicola pulled her lips away and began kissing at his neck. She
"Oh, Jack, I love how you touch me."

Jack needed to see those beautiful breasts for himself. He took
hold of one
of the bra cups and pulled it down. Nicola’s firm globe bounced
out, free.
Her aureole was dark brown, and at least an inch-and-a-half big!
And her
nipple was small, but hard. He stared at it for a moment, in awe.
purred, "Suck me, Jack."

Jack’s head went down and he put his mouth around the tit. The
flesh was
soft against his lips and he pressed his tongue against her nipple.
gasped and Jack began sucking. "Ohhhhhhh" Nicola’s hands
trailed down his
chest to his cock and balls. Her slender fingers cupped them,
cradling them

Jack was sucking more boldly now. He’d pulled her second bra cup
down, so
both breasts were hanging free. As he sucked, he squeezed and
played with
the other breast, pinching the nipple. He pulled away and kissed
again, moaning into her mouth. "I want you so bad, PeriI

"Shhhhh. I know. Lie back." Jack rolled onto his back and Nicola
moved so
she laid on him. Her breasts were mashed again his chest. She
trailing kisses on his chest, sliding down his belly. Jack shivered
as the
feeling of her hard nipples and long hair tickled his skin. She
stopped down
at his cock, and looked up. "Jack, did you ever imagine Peri
sucking off
some guy? Sucking YOU off?" She snaked out her tongue and licked
the side of
his cock.

"Ahhhhhhhh! Oh yes, Nicola. All the time…."

"Really?" She held his cock. It was more than seven inches across,
but it
was very thick and hard. She brushed her hair over so it covered
her face
and his cock. Suddenly, Jack felt Nicola take his cock in her
mouth, and he
moaned out.

"Oh god!" He reached down to move her hair, wanting to see her
face. But
Nicola’s hands left her cock and she sucked him freely, taking his
keeping them away. All he could see was Nicola’s head bobbing up
and down on
his crotch, and the feeling of her tongue sucking him deeper into
her throat
Her mouth was hot and wet, and she sucked him so good.

"Oh….. oh yes Nicola….. oohhhhh, please….." Her hands
released him, and he
reached down and moved the hair away. There she was – her beautiful
face was
on his cock, her red lips spread wide, sealed around his cock,
sucking. She
opened her eyes, and looked up at him.

Jack groaned out. Her mouth was so hot and wet! Gentle slurping
whispered past her sealed lips. God, he felt like he could cum
right then!

Nicola must’ve sensed that, because she pulled off his cock, now
with her saliva. She crawled up near him and reached into her
She pulled a condom from the drawer and handed it to Jack. "Put it
on, Jack
and take me any way you want!" She kissed his shoulder, biting

Fingers trembling, Jack peeled open the condom and rolled it onto
his meat.
Then with a smile, he said, "Bend over, Nicola. I want you from

Nicola seemed to melt, and purred as she climbed onto her hands and
her perfect ass facing him. He got on his knees behind her, and ran
hands over her china-white ass. It was warm, and firm, and he
couldn’t help
raising a hand and smacking it gentle. "Ooooohhhhhhh!" Nicola
moaned out,
and arched her back at him. He could see her pink pussy through her
public curls, and reached under her to feel it. It throbbed against
hand, moist. He wanted to taste it, run his tongue along it – but
even more,
he wanted to fuck it.

Nicola felt him sidling up behind her. "Oh Jack" She said,
tossing her
hair back and looked back at him. "I want to feel it in me,
please" Jack
moved in, cock in hand, and pressed it against Nicola’s cuntlips.
With a
groan, he pushed it into her.

Her response was instantaneous. Nicola’s head went back, eyes
closed, and
she felt out a throaty moan. Jack smiled wide, and started pumping
his cock
into her pussy. "Ohhhhh Nicola, oh yessssss" Her pussy was so
tight, and
he could hear faint wetness sounds from his fucking. His hands were
on her
hips, holding her, but he lifted a hand again and began spanking her

"Ahhhhhhhh! Oh! Oh, yes Jack!" Nicola was speaking in a low
animalistic tone
as she breathed faster. "Oh, fuck me!" Her fingers clenched around
sheets as she felt herself getting stretched inside. Her large
breasts shook
with each thrust.

Jack released her ass and reached under her chest, grabbing her
swaying tits,
squeezing them. Warmth melted in his hands and he began playing
with them.
Lifting, squeezing, mashing and them finally taking hold of her
nipples. He began pulling and pinching them, stretching them, which
Nicola scream out even more.

"Oh! Oh, Jack ….. ohhhhh" Jack’s thrusts increased, his balls
hanging low
and slapping her mound faster and faster. All nervousness and
were gone in Jack’s mind now. She wasn’t Nicola Bryant, TV star and
WHO actress. She was Nicola Bryant, horny bitch, with his hands and
making her moan.

Nicola’s pussy hummed each time his cock entered her. Her face was
red, and
sweat shone from her skin. God, she’d needed a good fucking like
this for a
long time. Some fans, when given the chance, disappointed her –
by the idea of fucking "Peri." They came quickly, and were too
nervous to
truly satisfy her. But Jack he was different. He was going to
make her
cum, and very soon.

"Ahshit, Nicola" Jack moaned, "I – uh – I’m think I’m gonna

"Do it" Nicola turned back to look at him, eyes blazing.
that’ll be enough to make me cum, tooooooooohhhhhhh…. "

Jack’s thrusts went faster and faster. His hands letting go of her
tits and
back to her lips. Finally, he let out a groan and jerked into her
completely. Nicola could feel his cock tensing inside her – filling
condom with his hot cum. Jack pounded slowly into her, each move
slower than
the last. But it was enough. Enough to push her over the edge.

Nicola felt her pussy explode. Shivers ran over her skin.
"Oh….ohhhhhHHHHHHHH!!!! Ohhhhhhhgodddyesssssss!!" She screamed
clenching her pussy-muscles around Jack’s cock. Her eyes were shut
teeth gritting as the incredible orgasm rocked her whole body.
Ohhhhhyesssssss Jack!!!"

The mattress shook as both Nicola and Jack’s orgasms faded. Jack
pulled out
of her, his cock going limp. He looked down – the latex sheath
around his
cock was filled with white cum. He rolled onto his back as Nicola
sank down
onto her stomach, panting.

Jack looked over at her and smiled. "That was" He laughed.

Nicola blinked and smiled back, laying a hand on his sweaty chest.
Her big
tits were mashed onto the sheet, spread out on her sides. "Now
Jack, you
know why I enjoy conventions so much"

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