Dog Beach

Dog Beach

Asian, F-zoo

Celebs: Jamie Chung, Jessica Alba, Mackenzie Rosman, Kristen Kreuk, Allison Mack, Hayden Panettiere, Alyson Hannigan, Cobie Smulders, Charice Pempengco, Autumn Reeser

Disclaimer: Everything written here is fiction. Just like The DaVinci Code.

Jamie was enjoying a nice breakfast when she heard a light knock at the back door of her beach house. Making her way there she saw her neighbors, Jessica Alba and Mackenzie Rosman, with their dogs in tow. She had first rented the house after her filming for Sorority Row and was excited to find out her neighbors this summer were such huge stars. Even better was their love for dogs. All three of them owned at least one as a pet. Mackenzie had a white and a black Lab while Jessica had a large Great Dane. Her own dog was a golden retriever about the same size as Mackenzie’s dogs.

The three of them arranged regular play days for their pets along the private beach their houses faced. The combined area of their properties meant they had a huge swatch of sand to do pretty much whatever they wanted on.

Today she was going to be dogsitting for all of their pets while the other two went into town to run some errands. She opened the door and welcomed them in. Mackenzie’s dogs, Ben and Jerry, and Jessica’s dog Garcia went to greet her own dog Cale. The dogs milled around the living room adjoining the back hall while the girls talked outside on the deck.

“Thanks for doing this for us, Jamie.” Jessica said.

“Yeah, it’s a huge favour to the both of us”. Mackenzie added.

“Don’t worry about it.” Jamie replied. “I love taking care of the dogs.”

“We’ve already fed the dogs and they’ve had water before they left our houses. Thanks again.” Jessica said before the both of them left.

Jamie went to finish her brunch before going to change into a string bikini with a floral pattern on it. Coming down the stairs she saw all the dogs holding their leashes in their mouths. She grabbed her beach bag that held her frisbee, towel, sun shade, water and water bowls for the dogs. Taking hold of the leashes she led the dogs out.

Out on the sand she unleashed them and tossed the Frisbee for the dogs to fetch. It was fun watching them fight over the piece of plastic. Eventually she found a piece of driftwood and played fetch with the dogs among the waves so she wouldn’t risk losing her frisbee.

After the entire party was thoroughly soaked, Jamie set up her sun shade and rolled out her towel. The dogs rested in the shade and drank some water while she tanned for a while. Not wanting any tan lines on her body she untied the strings of her bikini. Garcia and Ben and Jerry were the more playful of the group. Garcia walked up to Jamie and deftly snatched up her top from under her.

“Hey!” Jamie cried out. “Give that back, Garcia!” She covered her breasts with her arm while she tried to snatch the small piece of fabric back from the dog’s mouth. Garcia ran around their area of the beach, keeping just out of reach. Jamie tried a few more times before giving up. Going back to her towel she saw her bikini bottoms laying on the ground and realized she had been running around naked. Thankful that it was a private beach she laid back down and resumed sun bathing. It wasn’t long before Garcia came back.

He performed his snatch and grab like before, much to Jamie’s ire.

“Garcia!” , she shouted. “I’m not in the mood to play with you now!”

The dog perked up at the word ‘play’, as did the other dogs. Unbeknownst to the Jamie, Mackenzie and Jessica had been training their pets in a special kind of play that only took place in the presence of a naked girl. On days when they hosted the play dates they had been training Jamie’s dog too.

Garcia dropped the piece of fabric he held in his mouth. Though he played with his master and her friend regularly, he was eager to play with this new bitch.

Jamie had turned over and was tanning on her back. The balmy weather was making her drowsy and she was slipping in and out of sleep. The Labs came and joined their playtime pal, eager to take part in playing with their new toy. The black and white furred dogs took position around the prone Asian girl’s upper body. Ben, the black one was to Jamie’s right while Jerry was near her head.

The Great Dane lowered his head between Jamie’s slightly spread legs. His large tongue came out and licked her shaved pink buds. Jamie jolted awake and sat up, hitting her head against Jerry’s belly. She fell back onto her towel, a little dazed and completely bewildered. It felt like she had only closed her eyes for a second. How had she ended up in this situation? The feelings from her most private region brought her back to her current situation.

“Garcia! No! Bad dog!” Jamie shouted, trying to push the dog away with her hands. If Garcia had been a smaller dog he may have been deterred by her protestations but he was a large Great Dane, and he was larger than the other dogs in the pack. Jamie tried to gain leverage with her feet, but she only served to open her legs wider and give him more access. Wanting to enjoy their new plaything as well, the Labs joined in and began licking her breasts.

Jamie was hit by a wave of pleasure. “Ohhhhh.” , she moaned, falling back onto the towel. Conflicting thoughts ran through her head. This felt so good, but they were dogs! It was disgusting! But she hadn’t been pleasured like this even when she went through her lesbian phase and had a group orgy with her sorority.

It was then the fruits of Garcia’s labour hit her. Her body writhed in pleasure and her hips bucked up and down. “Oh, oh, ooohhhhh! Oh, fuuuuuuck!”

The Great Dane stopped his work and the Labs followed his lead. Jamie lay resting off her orgasm in the shadow of three big dogs, not realizing that they were eyeing her body with hungry looks. She had one arm over her eyes and the other was moving over her breasts and pussy, feeling how sensitive they were and how they practically ached to be touched like that again.

She suddenly felt a sense of guilty pleasure come over her. Never in a million years did she think a dog could give her that much pleasure. It was replaced with sudden panic as she was acutely aware that she was still on the beach. Looking from side to side, she didn’t see any gawking onlookers. She felt an immense sense of relief. The fees she paid to have this piece of real estate were finally paying off.

It was just now that she realized the dogs were still standing around her. Mackenzie’s dog, Jerry, was standing over her, almost completely covering her in his shadow. She also noticed another curious sight. Something was poking out of the white Lab’s belly fur. She reached up and spread his fur apart, trying to get a clearer look at it. .

Jerry growled pleasantly and shuffled forward, letting Jamie reach his cock easier. He bent down and licked the girl’s pussy now that she was making it clear that she wanted to play. “Mmmmm.” , Jamie moaned. “Good boy.”

She moved her left hand to her breast, giving it a squeeze and twisted her nipple before moving further down. She rubbed her clit while Jerry worked her folds. She felt something wet slide into her right hand. Looking up she saw something limp and red extend out from Jerry. It began expanding in her hand as she kept rubbing it, growing longer and harder. Watching it, she felt a primal crave for it. As more of it emerged Jamie soon found herself staring at a thick, six-inch long, throbbing dog penis.

Jamie ran her hand up and down the shaft, feeling its hardness and girth. A pleasant growl emanated from Jerry’s throat and he began licking her pussy faster.

Jamie bucked her hips at the sensation. “Ohhhhhh.” , she moaned. “That’s it, Jerry, lick my pussy!”

Jamie planted her feet on the towel and thrust her hips in the direction of Jerry’s tongue. The dog kept pace with the Asian girl’s motions, working over her hot, wet snatch with long licks all over her labia. Seeing his plaything offer her asshole to him, he went for that as well.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” , Jamie screamed when she felt Jerry’s tongue move over her backdoor. She arched her back to give her asshole more action in this tongue-fuck but found it tiring to keep moving her pussy and asshole in front of the dog’s tongue. She raised her legs up and wrapped her ankles around the dog’s neck, giving him full access to her holes. In this position she could also finally give his cock her full attention.

She grasped his shaft in a firm grip and jerked it slowly from tip to base. She was mesmerized by its shape. It was so different from a man’s. It seemed to be completely opposite. Instead of a bulbous head, the shaft was smooth all the way to the tip. The bulbous part was actually at the base.

The shaft itself seemed to be permanently coated in some kind of fluid that kept it slick. She jerked her hand faster, earning more licks over her holes but it didn’t seem to spread the fluid any thinner. If this was its natural lubrication then dogs were built to fuck long and hard. The thought piqued her naughty side’s interest.

She looked around the beach again to quell her paranoia. There was no one around but the dogs; who were obviously very interested in her. Garcia was sitting on his haunches a short distance to her left, displaying his large, red hard-on to her. The other two dogs circled the couple, their hard cocks dangling beneath their bellies.

She turned her attention back to the dog at hand. She switched her right hand off the dog cock for her left, still jerking him off at a rapid pace. She examined the slickness the shaft left on her. She sniffed it and tentatively brought it to her tongue. It had a slightly gamey odor but the taste wasn’t unpleasant.

Just then Jerry barked and howled, signaling his climax. The first few spurts sprayed Jamie’s face, catching her by surprise. She instinctively aimed the dog cock away from her face, feeling Jerry’s seed plaster her stomach and breasts.

She wiped the goo from her eyes. Like with his shaft slime, she brought the dog cum to her tongue and tasted it. She found it to be more watery than human cum and the gaminess was stronger.

Jerry’s balls finally let up and the dog walked away satisfied with his new plaything. The other dogs saw their opportunity and dove at the prone girl, each eager to be serviced by her.

Jamie instinctively brought her hands up to protect herself. “Stop!” she shouted. To her surprise, the dogs obeyed. She took this opportunity to rest herself. Looking down at the rest of her body she saw she was a complete mess. Her breasts and stomach were coated with dog cum while her pussy and inner thighs were glossy from saliva.

She played with the spunk left behind by Jerry, collecting as much as she could in her hands. She was amazed to see he had dumped almost two full handfuls onto her. She dropped it onto the sand, watching it splatter everywhere.

She got up and headed for the ocean, wanting to get clean. The cool water felt great after baking in the sun for a couple of hours.

She replayed the sequence of events in her head, wondering how the dogs knew how to pleasure a woman. They had played normally with her all day. It was only after she had laid down that Garcia started acting out of control. It could even be termed frisky, if he were a human.

The answer suddenly came to her. “It was only after I was naked!” Jamie exclaimed out loud. Jessica and Mackenzie must have trained them to recognize when someone was naked or not and to behave that way.

“Holy shit! Jess and Mack are dog fuckers!” she continued. The conclusions shocked her so much that she could not contain her thoughts. “But if they’re real dog fuckers then what does that make me?”

Her naughty side awakened and she thought back to when the dogs were licking her pussy. She couldn’t deny that the orgasms Jerry and Garcia had given her were amazing. When she saw Jerry’s full hard cock, the attraction she felt to it was undeniable. When she was stroking it with her hand she knew she had to have it in her.

She looked back at the dogs that were now lying under the sun shade. Occasionally one of them would lift their heads to look at her, as if expecting her to come back. Jamie looked side to side, checking once more that the beach was indeed empty. She walked out of the water towards her sun shade, picking up her towel along the way.

She approached the beach shelter with her heart nearly pounding out of her chest. One part of her was afraid of breaking this taboo. Another was excited she was going to go through with it. She spread out her towel on the largest area of free sand.

“Garcia.” , Jamie called. The large dog perked up and came closer to the girl. “You get to be next.”

The dog seemed indifferent until what Jamie said next. “Wanna play?”

He immediately went for her breasts, licking her stiff nipples. Jamie knelt down and reached between his legs, wrapping her fingers around the cock that had been hard for her the entire time.

“Lay down, boy.” The Great Dane obeyed, flopping onto his side. “This time, it’s my turn to use my mouth on you.”

She lay down on her side as well, bringing her head close to his throbbing member. She brought her lips to the tip and slid them over it, feeling Garcia’s large dog cock fill her mouth. She found that he had a similar gaminess as Jerry’s.

“Mmmmm.” , she moaned, bobbing her head back and forth, sliding her lips over the slick shaft.

Jamie had happened to lay down head-to-crotch, wanting to get some reciprocal action from Garcia. It was a no-brainer for the dog. Seeing easy access to her pussy, he dove right in, slurping long and deep along her labia.

“Mmm. Mmmmmm.” , Jamie moaned in response to the dog’s attention.

The vibrations he felt on his dick drove Garcia deeper between the legs of his plaything.

Feeling the dog’s tongue lick vigorously over both her holes drove Jamie to orgasm. “Mmmm! Mmmph!” , she moaned, wanting to cry out her ecstasy, but also wanting to keep his tasty dog meat in her mouth.

The two lovers lay licking and sucking each other, with an occasional moan from the Asian girl as she came again and again.

After what seemed like a dozen orgasms Jamie felt Garcia’s hips thrust against her, shoving his cock down her throat a couple times. No wanting to gag, she pulled her mouth off his dick. She barely got it half way out of her mouth before her bestial lover began shooting his spunk down her throat.

The first couple squirts caught her by surprise. When she recognized his load for what it was, she relaxed her cheeks and let him fill her up. Within five spurts she could feel her mouth reach its limit.

She slid her lips off the spraying shaft to savour the gooey goodness she had collected. Garcia wasn’t finished however, and ropes of doggy jism plastered Jamie’s face as she swished his load back and forth inside her mouth. She swallowed it slowly, remembering the taste of her lover down to the last drop.

Garcia finished emptying his balls over his new toy and got up and left fully satisfied. Jamie cleaned off her face as best she could, wiping it off with her hands and licking it up. She was interrupted by an extra tongue. Giggling at the sudden sensation she pushed the insistent dog off.

“Cale!” , Jamie exclaimed when she realized who it was. Like the others she knew the rock hard cock poking out of his belly was for her.

“You know, Cale”, she said looking her dog in the eyes, trying to communicate her full point across. “The other dogs took what they wanted. You will be the first to have me.”

With that she got on all fours with her legs slightly spread, exposing her pussy to her dog.

“Go on, boy. I’m your bitch. I want you to fuck me.”

Seeing her willing pussy was enough for the dog, but hearing his master use the command words gave it more meaning. The Golden Retriever leapt onto the Asian girl’s back, wrapping his paws around her waist. Jaime could feel his slick shaft slide over her asshole and pussy lips, smearing its lubrication all over her ass crack. The next few thrusts went the same way, up and down her crack, but nowhere near her holes. She wanted her dog to take her, and guiding him in wouldn’t be the same.

A couple more tries and she felt his cock penetrate her, sliding into her wet pussy.

“Ohhh.” , Jamie moaned. A long, hard cock was just what she needed and her dog was filling her up. He started slow at first but the felt him pumping faster and faster until he was thrusting in and out at a jackhammer’s pace.

In between her moans Jamie could hear the ‘shlick-shlick’ sound of her wet pussy lips slapping against the hilt of Cale’s cock. She remembered the large, bulbous part at the base of Jerry’s cock and wondered if this was its purpose. It certainly felt pleasurable enough.

Jamie’s breasts swung back and forth with every one of her dog’s thrusts. Her hair clip had fallen out during her sixty-nine with Garcia and her hair swayed with her motions; sometimes getting in her face. She was far too preoccupied to brush it away. Jamie felt Cale thrusting harder into her and pulling against her waist at the same time. She could feel something harder and wider than his cock shaft being pushed into her. She remembered the bulbous end at the hilt of Jerry’s penis. It didn’t enter her mind that a dog used it during sex, but she could feel Cale trying his best to stuff it into her. With each thrust a little more was forced past her stretching pussy lips.

“Mmmmm!” , Jamie moaned with each thrust. She was only too glad to take it. She thrust back against him, wanting to get as much of her lover into her as she could.
Suddenly she felt the rest of the thick end of his cock thrust past her pussy lips

“Aah!” Jamie cried out at the initial penetration; then moaned in orgasm as she felt her dog shoot his hot dog cum into her. A few shots were all it took to fill her pussy but he kept cumming. She could feel the overflow start to leak out of her pussy. The hot liquid flowed out her plugged pussy, over her swollen clit and dripped down onto her towel.

“Ohhhh, fuck, yes.” , Jamie moaned. She had never been fucked like that before. She felt Cale flop down on her back; his head resting between her shoulder blades. Jamie reached between her legs and ran her fingers over her pussy. Her labia felt swollen, sensitive and slick. She was glad she kept herself shaved. It would be a lot harder to clean up the evidence leaking out of her pussy otherwise.

She felt Cale moving around on top of her. She felt the dog get off of her and then his tail was wagging between her butt cheeks. She turned her head to see what was going on. The Golden Retriever had twisted around so he was facing away from her. However, his dick was still stuck in her pussy.

Jamie brushed the hair back from her face and thought back to her first sexual encounter with dogs. It likely wasn’t even an hour earlier and she had gone from dog sex virgin to hand job, to blowjob and sixty-nining and had now been fucked by her own pet. Despite all these new encounters, she wasn’t satisfied. She had awakened a craving deep inside of her and it was making her want more.

She looked around her for Ben, the black Lab. As she was scanning her surroundings a couple things caught her eye. Garcia and Jerry, the last two dogs enjoy her sexy body were nearby. Both were sitting on their haunches; their cocks standing straight
at attention.

She realized then that they had been watching her have sex with Cale and it had turned them on again. Not that she minded. She wanted their cocks again as much as they wanted her pussy.

She felt a slight tug as Cale pulled his softening cock out of her. The dog walked around to where Garcia and Jerry were and laid down on his side to lick his cock clean.

Almost as soon as Cale left she felt another dog straddle her. It seemed Ben had been eagerly waiting his turn. She braced herself for his added weight when he mounted her but it never came. She realized that although Ben was a Lab like Jerry, he’d grown up to be taller. He didn’t need to mount her. He just straddled her body. His front paws were almost right beside her arms. She felt his cock slide between her cheeks and over her back several times before finding her asshole.

“Wait, no, no there- ugh!” , Jamie cried out as her anal virginity was taken by a thick dog cock.

Ben thrust slowly into his bitch. This one was extra tight but he could feel her loosening up as he pumped into her. Soon he felt her relax completely and he sped up the pace of his thrusts until he was sliding in and out as fast as Cale had been.

She was glad for the dog’s natural lubrication. Otherwise she would have been fucked raw.

She slowly relaxed her sphincter as she got used to the girth. Ben fucked her hard and fast. Mostly fast. She figured Ben must have been really turned on because, compared to the others, he didn’t seem to last five minutes before he was filling her ass with his cum. It was a shame; she wanted to feel his knot in her. At least he had a large load to make up for it.

Jamie collapsed onto her stomach, enjoying not being on her knees for a bit and the warm breeze. She rested her head on her folded arms and watched Ben lick himself clean. She wondered how his cock would taste like with her juices all over it. She could feel Ben’s hot load leaking out of her ass, over her pussy lips and drip onto the towel.

She reached her right hand down to her pussy and collected some of the cum her two lovers left in her. She licked her hand, noting the difference between her lovers but she could hardly detect her own tanginess in the mix.

Turning her attention back to the pack she was surprised to see all four dogs sitting before her with their cocks standing at attention; Ben’s included even though he had just fucked her. She was amazed at their stamina. If she continued to take them on one, two, or even three at a time there was always at least one left over. While she was satisfying him the others would be ready for another round. The thought of having sex with these dogs for the rest of the day turned her on but Jessica and Mackenzie would wonder where their pets were and come looking. She would have to fuck them all at once.

After going through various positions and combinations in her mind she settled on one that would get her off her knees.

Jamie called the dogs over. “Come on boys. We’re going to play one last time.”

When Cale approached her she held his head in her hands. “Boy, the others took my virginities before I could give them to you but I still consider you to be my first.”

She got Cale to roll over onto his back on the towel. She held his throbbing erection in her hand while she got into reverse-cowgirl position. “Take my ass.” , she said as she lowered herself onto his cock. She moaned softly, taking the entire shaft into her up to the knot.

She leaned back against him, feeling his fur against her back and his panting breath against her hair. She spread her legs wider, giving an inviting view of her bald pussy.

“Come on, Ben.” Jaime called out. “You couldn’t handle my ass. Think you can do better in my pussy?”

The big dog came up as if he understood the small girl’s challenge. Even though she was laying down on Cale, Ben was still tall enough to stand above the both of them. Barely, though. There was enough space between them that the dog couldn’t mount her properly, but was still close enough that it wouldn’t matter.

Jamie felt his fur rubbed against her body as Ben tried to clumsily mount her. She felt his cock slide up between her thighs, slightly part her labia but missing her pussy entrance and go over her clit. She shuddered with pleasure when she felt his hot rod going over her sensitive nub. She felt the fur of his underbelly go over her body, tickling her tummy and brushing over her breasts. Her nipples felt like they were being tickled with feathers. Again and again, the dog tried to find her pussy without success.

“Ohhh, yes!” Jaime moaned. She was getting close to orgasm simply being rubbed by the dog. She knew it wasn’t his intention, but she couldn’t stand being teased anymore. She reached down and grabbed his cock. Ben humped harder against her hand when he felt her tight grip.

“Hold on, boy.” Jaime said. “You haven’t felt the best part yet.”

As if he understood, Ben stopped while she guided him to her pussy entrance. She inserted the tip into her, feeling an inch go past her labia. Ben took care of the rest, thrusting his entire length into her love tunnel.

“Ahh!” Jaime squealed as she felt his hot shaft penetrate her all the way to his knot. She loved that large, hard, round thing at the end of a dog’s cock. Not only did it feel great when it slapped against her pussy lips, when it thrust into her and tied her to the dog it made her feel right at home. Like she belonged there.

“Mmmm.” Jaime moaned as the sex got underway. The two dogs sandwiched her completely between them. Ben began thrusting in and out of her, enjoying this bitch’s pussy for the first time.

Jamie could feel both dog’s knots against her holes. The thought of tying with both of them excited her. She thrust against Ben, hoping to get some motion from Cale even though he was in an unnatural position beneath her. She soon gave up, not wanting to tire herself out and let the dogs fuck her any way they wanted.

She wrapped her legs and arms around Ben’s body, pulling him close and lifting herself off Cale’s body a bit. Her large breasts pressed against Ben’s body, his fur rubbing against her sensitive nipples and clit. Ben’s thrusts pushed her back and forth on Cale’s cock.

She was so caught up in her pleasure that she almost forgot about the other two dogs. She heard them whining beside her but didn’t register them until they licked her face.

“Ack!” Jaime exclaimed at the unexpected distraction. “Sorry boys. Let me make it up to you.”

She let her arms go from around Ben’s neck, leaving herself being supported by her legs. She reached out for the closest dog, which turned out to be Garcia, and pulled him closer. She did the same to Jerry. Reaching for their penises, she guided them each to her mouth. She licked and sucked on them, alternating between giving one a blowjob and the other a hand job.

She continued this treatment on their cocks until Garcia seemingly got tired of sharing her mouth. He turned himself around and mounted the threesome. He only just reached the top of the sex sandwich, with his front paws resting on top of Ben’s shoulders. In as good as a position as he was going to get, he began thrusting his cock at her face. Jamie was surprised at this sudden turn of events. She closed her eyes, feeling Garcia’s cock slide all over her face. Wrapping her hand around his stiff rod again, she tilted her head back and slightly to the right to accept his humping shaft in her mouth. She lay there, letting the Great Dane face fuck her. She kept jerking Jerry’s cock at a slow pace; wanting him to last should he want to plug one of her holes as well afterward.

Ben pumped happily in and out of his Asian bitch, thoroughly plowing her pussy for all she was worth. Jamie had cum countless times because of that hot piece of meat between his legs. Now she felt he was going to give it to her completely. The knot that had been slowly spreading her pussy apart this whole time was about to be fucked into her.

Ben howled on his final thrust, pushing his knot in and tying with his bitch. Jamie moaned around Garcia’s cock as she came with the dog. She felt Ben fill her cunt up with white hot jets of jism, his cum mixing with her own inside her. Not a drop of it escaped her pussy.

Jamie’s orgasm triggered Garcia’s. The dog howled as loud as Ben and began shooting into the girl’s sucking mouth. Jamie was intimately familiar with the size of Garcia’s load. She was surprised to find that the previous blowjob she had given him hadn’t drained him in the least. The dog filled her mouth in five spurts as before and kept going. Some cum dribbled out from the corners of Jamie’s mouth as she slid her lips off the swollen member. As she swallowed the dog’s tasty jism she felt her face being plastered with ropes of dog cum.

When he was finished, Garcia dismounted, letting Ben get off their bitch as well.
Jamie watched as Ben turned himself around, his cock still knotted to her. Aware that she was still stroking Jerry’s cock, she guided him to her, ready to give another blowjob.

As the tip of the large red penis approached her face she got a sudden flash of inspiration. Instead of bringing it to her mouth she guided him further down to the valley between her breasts. She pressed them together, enveloping his red hot hardness and began stroking him. It didn’t take long before the dog began thrusting on his own.
Jamie wrapped her legs around the Jerry’s strong neck and used his motions, like she did with Ben, to fuck herself on Cale’s cock. She had never enjoyed anal sex but it was completely different with a dog. Combined with the sensation of her hard nipples and clit rubbing against Jerry’s fur she was about to cum again.

Jerry and Cale hadn’t had the vigorous fuck session the other two did but nevertheless their orgasms had been building as they enjoyed their Asian bitch’s hot body. The two dogs howled as one and emptied their balls. Cale instinctively thrust his cock into his bitch, even though he was in an odd position.

As the first spurt hit her anal walls Jamie moaned out loud as she came. Being already full of Ben’s cum as well as her own from earlier, this new batch forced some of the old mixture to leak out of her pussy. Ben’s knot was still rock hard so the cum followed a path from her swollen pussy lips and down to her asshole. This extra lubrication combined with Cale’s efforts forced his knot into her backdoor.

Jerry himself came with long spurts shooting down the length of Jamie’s body, covering her stomach down to her crotch with dog cum. Jamie let her arms fall limp at her sides. Free from the support of her breasts, Jerry’s cock dangled naturally, spraying Jamie’s large tits with the last of his load.

Jamie lay limp on top of her pet. She wished she had taken the pack back to her bedroom so she could see herself in the mirror she had above her bed. She must be quite a sight with her face, body and probably her hair covered in dog cum and with two dogs tied to her.

She felt Cale shift below her. She slid off his body and onto her side. While she waited for Cale and Ben to pull out of her Jamie felt herself getting tired. She soon drifted off to sleep, leaving the dogs to tend to themselves.

A while later Jaime woke up from her orgasm induced slumber to find herself alone on the beach.

“Oh, crap! I’ve lost the dogs. They’re going to kill me!” she thought. She looked around for her sunshade, towel and bikini but found none of her belongings around her. ‘The dogs could have taken the towel and my bikini.’ she thought. ‘Maybe the wind blew the sunshade away?’

She normally didn’t wear a watch with her bikini so she didn’t know how long she had slept. The sun was still high in the sky so it couldn’t have been that long. Still, it would be near impossible to track down four dogs on this vast expanse of sand.

The wind picked up and she heard something fluttering nearby. Looking around she saw
a piece of paper with a rock on top of it weighing it down. The rock was only on top of half the piece of paper. It seemed to be deliberately weighted down in such a way that the paper was supposed to flutter and catch her attention. Jaime bent down and picked it up

Unfolding it, she read: ‘We loved the show you put on. It’ll make a great rainy day movie. If you want to see your clothes and dogs again come see us.’ Mr. Ja.

There was a crude drawing of the beach with some of the beach houses indicated with squares. There was a U indicating where she was and an X showing where she should go.

Anxiety and fear overtook Jaime. Someone had a video of her fucking a pack of dogs. What if it was paparazzi? Her career would be ruined if it was released. She didn’t want to bend to this blackmailer’s will but she had no choice.

After cleaning herself in the ocean she set off in the direction indicated on the crude map. After about twenty minutes of walking, Jamie could see the first beach house coming up on the horizon, where the map said she should go. As she got closer she realized it was Jessica’s house. She reexamined the map with a clearer head. It was then she realized that Mr. Ja wasn’t a name. It was the disguised initials of Mackenzie Rosman and Jessica Alba.

She crouched down so she would be hidden by the fence surrounding the beach front patio. She could see both girls through the large picture window. Both of them were wearing her bikini. Jessica was wearing the bottom half, letting her fantastic breasts hang free. Mackenzie was wearing the top, which was a bit big for her. She was bare bottom and it seemed she didn’t mind flashing her shaved pussy around.

The dogs walked into view. The girls picked up a few of their toys and played with them. A couple short tug-of-wars and the toys were tossed for the dogs the fetch. Mackenzie dropped below the window sill. Jamie assumed she was lying down on her stomach. Jessica remained standing.

When the dogs came back they started acting frisky around the girls. Jamie could see Jerry and Cale sniffing and pawing at Jessica while Garcia bent his head down around the area where she last saw Mackenzie. He quickly came back up with her bikini top. Mackenzie stood up and tried to take the piece of clothing back but Jamie could tell she wasn’t really angry.

Jerry and Cale were messing around with the ties on the bikini bottoms Jessica was wearing. After a few minutes they managed to untie it and pull it off the girl. Like Mackenzie, Jessica pretended to be mad. It was then Jamie realized they were pretending to be her. She was part of a role play in their sex fantasy.

Jerry jumped up, trying to mount her while she was still standing. He managed to get his front paws up on her shoulders. The pair balanced awkwardly like that as Jessica tried to support the dog’s weight. While the moved around Jamie caught a glimpse of the dog’s red cock, fully erect and pressed against Jessica’s stomach. Jessica fell backward suddenly and landed on the couch. The dog took advantage of this change in position and thrust into her. Jamie watched as Jerry sped up his pumping.

Mackenzie came back into view with Garcia. She was now blocking Jamie’s view of Jessica being banged but she was treated to Mackenzie stroking Garcia’s large penis. The girl crawled underneath the dog and was about to wrap her lips around it when she suddenly stood up. She made a motion that looked like she had forgotten something and would be right back.

Suddenly the porch door opened and Mackenzie walked out onto the patio. Jamie ducked down but could still see her through the slats. Mackenzie hadn’t bothered to cover up.

“Are you coming in Jamie?” Mackenzie shouted. “We could see you from inside.”
Having no need to hide anymore Jamie stood up and walked through the gate.

“The hell is with this note?” she demanded, showing Mackenzie the crumpled piece of paper in her hand.

“Sorry for scaring you like that, but would you have come so soon if we didn’t leave that note? You didn’t even go back home for some clothes.”

Mackenzie hugged Jamie. She could feel the shorter teenager’s hard nipples against her breasts. “Come on, you’ll understand everything once you come inside.” Taking her by the hand Mackenzie led her inside.

Jamie followed Mackenzie through the house until they came to the living room. She had heard the sounds of sex from the moment she walked in but actually seeing another girl having being fucked by a dog was a sight to behold. Jessica was on her back on the couch supporting herself with her legs on the floor. Jerry’s motions were pulling her off the couch and pushing her back on as he thrust in and out. The movie sensation was moaning loudly and uninhibited. Shortly Jerry joined in with a howl and Jamie watched the famous Jessica Alba being pumped full of dog cum.

The dog dismounted once he was done and Jamie saw he hadn’t tied with her. Jessica took a minute to catch her breath before standing up to greet her guest.

“Jamie!” she greeted her cheerfully. She walked up to her and gave her a warm hug. Jamie hugged her back, feeling some of Jerry’s jism drip down onto her foot.

“I’m sure you have lots of questions and I’ll try to answer them as best I can. First let me explain what we’re all about. We’ll relax in the hot tub at the same time while Mack has her turn with the boys.”

Jamie followed Jessica through the house, watching Jerry’s cum drip down her legs. They came to a side exit that opened out to the private pool area. Jessica turned on the hot tub and the two slid into the warm water.

“Ahhhh.” Jamie sighed as she felt the heat dissipate through her tired muscles.

“I love a good soak after fucking.” Jessica said. “Now, obviously you know Mack and I like to fuck dogs. The fact is we’re part of a club of like-minded girls. We each own or rent a house on this beach so we have complete privacy.”

Jamie head reeled at what Jessica was telling her. There was an entire group of celebrities who engaged in bestiality. She was likely friends with some of them and lived next to them all this time. She wondered how many of them Cale had fucked.

“So when you wanted me to walk the dogs it was some kind of initiation? What if it didn’t turn out the way it did?” Jamie asked, trying to deal with this huge piece of news being dropped into her lap.

Jessica smiled coyly. “Mack and I have lots of experience with this kind of thing. Let’s just say we had a feeling it would work out.”

Jamie looked at her, amazed that they knew her better than she knew herself. “So this club -“. Jamie began.

“Right.” Jessica interrupted. “We’re having a meeting today at our house. In about an hour, actually. We originally intended you to walk the dogs and when you dropped them off we would have your initiation.“

“Jeeze, so I gotta do this again in front of people?”

“No, we already have you on tape. Why are you worried about that when we have video evidence of you?” Jessica asked.

It was a good question. Jamie didn’t know.

“Don’t worry. Once the other members see it we’ll delete it.”

“So who is in this club?” Jamie asked.

“Some pretty big stars.” Jessica said mysteriously. “You won’t find out until they get here. Today is an initiation day. We usually wait until we’ve all found someone we want to initiate into the club. You’re my initiate. Normal meetings take place weekly and whoever can come, will show up. All the other members will arrive shortly bringing someone who they feel would be welcome in our club. Come on. We should get ready.”

Jessica got out of the hot tub and grabbed some towels from the poolside cabana. She handed one to Jamie as she climbed out. The two toweled dry and went inside. Jamie had automatically wrapped the towel around her body while Jessica had left hers to dry outside.

“Ah, ah, ah.” Jessica chided. “You have to stay naked at meetings.” With that she deftly pulled Jamie’s towel from around her and threw it outside to dry with the other one.

The two of them made it back to the living room where some new girls and some more dogs had arrived. She recognized all of them from television shows. Alyson Hannigan and Cobie Smulders played Lily Aldrin and Robin Sherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother. Charice Pempengco played Sunshine Corazon from Glee. They were all wearing bikinis and carrying back packs. Between them they had a pack of dogs larger than Mackenzie, Jessica and herself combined.

Alyson had two rottweilers, Cobie had pack that included a Dalmatian, a St. Bernard, a Golden Retriever and some sort of mixed breed. Charice, the smallest girl there had the largest dog of them all, an Irish Wolfhound. The dog was taller than the girl herself, and was nearly as tall as Cobie, the tallest girl there.

Alyson stood in front of Mackenzie and Jessica’s dogs with her arms slightly away from her body. Jamie thought she was going to hug them but the dogs paid more attention to her hips, breasts and back. They soon managed to get her bikini bottoms off like they had with Jessica earlier. The top was pulled down so her breasts were exposed but that was all.

Alyson turned to tell Cobie and Charice that the dogs decided how dressed they wanted the girls to be. Initiates would have to be completely naked, though. The two of them obediently took off their bikinis and stored them in their back packs.

Jamie heard what sounded like hooves from outside. Curious, she looked out the window and saw two more girls riding in. One was on a black horse and the other was on a brown one. They dismounted, tied the horses to the fence and came into the patio. As they got closer she recognized them as Kristen Kreuk and Allison Mack from Smallville. Looking at the horses she wondered if they only fucked dogs in this club.

“I know what you’re thinking.”

Startled, Jamie turned to her left to see Alyson Hannigan there.

“Don’t worry.” She continued, “You won’t have to fuck a horse unless you feel comfortable with it. Even among us members only Kristen is a Mare.”

“Mare?” Jamie asked.

“It’ll all be explained later.” Alyson said with a comforting smile. Then she looked down at her breasts with a slight frown. “Despite what the dogs want me to wear I always feel best when I’m completely naked.” She tugged at the strings holding her top on and took it off. “I’m going to go put this away.” she said and walked away.

Jamie watched the red-haired actress walk away, admiring her tight ass. When her eyes came back up she found she had caught the attention of Charice. The shorter girl waved and walked up to her.

“Hi.” she said cheerfully.

“Hi.” Jamie replied.

“This feels kinda weird, right? But kind of good at the same time.”

“Weird, definitely.” Jamie agreed.
“Yeah, like, I never knew there were so many girls who liked to do what I do.” Charice continued. “… with dogs. And it feels good to not have to hide it.”

Jamie found herself agreeing with everything she said. “Is that your dog there? That huge one?” she said, pointing to the Wolfhound.

“Yeah.” Charice nodded. “I got him when he was a puppy and he was this small.” She measured out about a foot with her hands. “Then he had a huge growth spurt. We all thought he would stop when he was about the size of your dog.”

“How do you – you know.” Jamie said.

“Fuck him?” Charice filled in for her. “I used to let him mount me when he was smaller. Now I just get him on his back and ride him.”

Jamie was starting to get used to how open the girls were about bestiality. From the conversation she had with Charice it seemed like it was a normal thing to them.
Charice’s attention was distracted by something she saw through the window.

“Hey, look there’s more people.”

Jamie turned to follow Charice’s gaze and saw four more girls come through the gate. She recognized Grace Park from Hawaii Five-O, Anne Son from My Generation, Hayden Pannettiere from Heroes and Autumn Reeser from No Ordinary Family. All of them had leashes in hand leading a dog each. Grace and Anne each had a Great Dane. Hayden had a Mastiff and Autumn had a St.Bernard.

When they entered the house they were welcomed by the other girls with hugs and big slobbery kisses by the dogs. Anne and Hayden placed themselves to be disrobed by the dogs while Grace and Autumn took off their own bikinis.

“That’s fifteen dogs and two horses.” Charice said, wide-eyed. “This is going to be some initiation.”

Jamie nodded in agreement, eager for it to begin.

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