(Note: The following story is a work of erotic celebrity fiction, and should not be read by anybody under the age of 18)





Dolly Parton


MF, Con, Oral, fetish (tickling and foot)

“Hay Joe!” called a voice, “Ms. Parton wants to see you in her office.”

“What, Ms. Parton, as in Dolly Parton?” replied the Dollywood employee, “Why would she want to see me?”

“I don’t know, but you’d better get in there, Dolly’s cool, but she doesn’t like to be kept waiting.” Rex informed his friend with
a broad grin.

The 19 year old rushed down the path way and into the office building. Joe was new to the town of Pigeon Forge, having moved there from Atlanta, but he was really enjoying the laid back nature of a small town. His father actually worked in an executive position at Dollywood, which helped him to get the job. When he first learned of the move from Georgia to Tennessee he wasn’t very happy at all, but when he learned his old man would be working for the sassy country singer his frustration turned to joy, as he’d had an enormous crush on her since he was 12. His affection for Dolly was so great that he’d turned a still from one of her movies into a screen saver, he had to clean is key board a lot because of it.

Joe could feel his loins stir as he stepped on to the elevator, several floors latter, his face went flush, as he stepped off it. About 50 feet away was the door to Ms. Parton’s office, unfortunately between him and the door were several women working at desks. Joe could feel his face getting warm with embarrassment as one by one each of the women stopped typing and started whispering, he even heard one of them whistle at the bulge in his lose fitting shorts. Ms. Parton’s personal secretary, a slender black woman, with full lips and dark eye’s. was wide eyed and open mouthed upon seeing the young man approach her desk. Joe was a specimen just on his handsome face and strong build, to say the least, but she hadn’t expect him to be so… bulgy.

“Hi, um, I’m Joe Johnson.” said the blue eyed youth, “Ms. Parton wanted to see me.”

“Oh yes, you can go right in.” replied the brown eyed beauty, “By the way, I’m pretty sure you’re going to have a job here as long as you want.” she teased, causing his face to turn even redder.

Joe walked into the large office, but Dolly was nowhere to be seen. The man quickly walked over to the chair in front of the desk, and sat down. Their was the sound of water running, and he noticed a door on the other side of the room that said “Dolly’s Throne Room” on it, she must have been in there freshening up. Looking around Joe saw several award, gold record plaques, and photo’s of Dolly with different singers and actors, like Kenny Rogers and Burt Reynolds, even the Muppets. Though it was great to see all of this memorabilia, Joe’s main concern was the fact that he was going to meet his boss, and he couldn’t lose his chubby.

The sound of a door opening startled him, and he heard high heels clicking on the floor. The smell of sweet perfume filled the horny young man’s nostrils, and her heard the busty country singer humming “Coat of Many Colours” to herself. Looking over his shoulders, the young man sighed, walking towards him was Ms. Parton, the real, true Dolly Parton. The singer’s face was blocked by an open file, but there was no mistaking her. Dressed in form fitting jeans, a clinging whit blouse, and cowboy boots. At 59 she still had one of the best body’s ever, her waist was trim, and her hips were full, and enormous trademark breast jiggled as she strolled toward him. Taking a seat in her chair, Joe was given a glance at his employers ample cleavage, causing him to sigh once more.

“Oh!” exclaimed a startled Dolly, as she put the file down, “Who are you?” she asked.

“I’m, uh, Joe.” replied the man, “I was told to come and sex you.. I mean see you.” the young man’s Freudian slip caused Dolly to burst with laughter, “I’m sorry, I, it’s, I’m really sorry.”

“Oh don’t worry about it honey, people get flustered like that all the time.” Dolly informed him, “I hear there’s two really good reasons for it.”

The two talked for a bit, with Dolly asking him about his plans for the future, how he’d liked living in Atlanta, and what he thought of Pigeon Forge. Joe answered the question as best he could, not that they were challenging, but when you have a 40DD’s worth of cleavage in front of you it can fog your brain a just a little bit. After about 30 minutes or so of Q & A with Ms. Parton, the young man began to feel beads of sweat forming on his brow. Joe was so turned on, just being in the busty songstress’ presents, that his ball ached. Their were times when he was sure Dolly knew of his condition. After all her desk was a large peace of glass on a brass frame, and the lose knee length shorts he wore didn’t do much to hide the bulge of his hard on either.

“Well there’s just one more question I need to ask you before I let you go.” said Dolly, “How would you like a guaranteed job here through out your time at College ?” she asked, “Summer’s and Holidays only because I wouldn’t want your grades to suffer, education is a very important thing” she added sternly, “What do you say ?”

“Well yeah, it would be a relief to know I’d have work during the summer, and when ever I was off school.” replied Joe, “What do I have to do, sign a contract or something?”

“No, no contracts, your word is good enough for me.” replied Dolly, getting up from her chair, “There is one small task you could perform for me though,” she continued as she walked around the desk, “Nothing major, but it would mean a lot to me.”

“Sure, I’d do anything for you Ms. Parton.” answered Joe.

“Please, call me Dolly.” she said, “I prefer to keep thing as informal as possible.” she continued, looking down at his lap, “Now why don’t y’all just slip out of them cloths, and fuck my brains out.”

Young Mr. Johnson stared up at his employer with a look of disbelief on his face. Dolly, however, crossed her arms in front of her, with an impatient look on her face. Realizing that his employer wasn’t kidding, he immediately stood up and began to undress. The busty songstress leaned back against her desk and watched the younger man pull his T-shirt up over his head, and slowly licked her brightly painted lips. Joe’s body was perfect, he had chiselled pecs, a washboard stomach, and not an ounce of fat was visible. Just as his shirt was almost off, the singer grabbed his biceps and instructed him to stop. With his vision obscured by the pulled up shirt, he could feel Dolly’s free hand caressing his torso, she leaned forward and began to gently kiss and nibble and lick his left nipple.

“Now don’t move.” instructed Dolly when the young stud tried to move his arms, “Remember, I’m the boss here, and I want to enjoy every moment of this.”

With his vision obscured the 19 year old could only make out a hazy shadow of his diminutive employer. It was, however, the most exquisite silhouette he’d ever seen. The fact that he could make out any details only increased his desire for her, and she knew it. Joe sighed as he watched Dolly’s shadow pulling off her blouse, revealing what he knew would be the most spectacular sight he would ever see. The singer giggled lightly, at the sight of the young man‘s dick flexing within his shorts. Turning around, Dolly kicked off her shoes, and slowly pulled down her tight jeans. The singer now stood before her employee in her black lace braw and panties, with matching garter belt and thigh high stockings. Reaching out she ran her hand over the young mans upper body, the coolness of her touch sent chills up his back.

“You are just a sexy little thing..“ she said, as her hand traveled down his torso, “Well maybe not that little.” she giggled, as she rubbed his cock through his shorts, “If there is an up side to being short, it’s that you don’t have as far to go when your kneeling down.”

The singer squatted down, and slowly pulled down the blue shorts, bringing the biggest smile that had ever been on Dolly’s face. Never in her 59 years had she seen such a perfectly constructed penis, and she’d seen a few. It was nearly 12 inches long, and ivory white.. It‘s fat head resembled a large mushroom, with a foreskin designed to tickle a woman‘s insides. She positioned it under her nose and sniffed it like a cigar. The singer was in ecstasy, and was glad she’d told her secretary to hold all calls until noon.

The exotic smell of wet pussy filled Joe’s nostrils, as he felt the singers soft lips kiss the sticky tip of his dick. Her big eyes looked up at him, as she ran her tongue along the length of the meaty organ. The woman’s left hand caressed the inner part of Joe’s right calf. Slowly it traveled up his inner leg, her long nails gently tickling him along the way. The young man groaned from under his shirt, as he felt Dolly’s fingers gently caress his aching balls. Pointing his throbbing hard-on upward and began to lick and kiss the underside of his dick. If there was one thing she’d always known how to do it was tease a cock.

“Ms… uh… Dolly, can I put my arms down now.” pleaded the horny young man.

“No, I’ll tell you when.” Replied the busty belle in a firm tone, “Just remember who you work for.”

Dolly opened her mouth wide, engulfing his scrotum with her full lips. As the singer sucked and hummed at the salty ball sack, she could hear him moaning softly. Ms. Parton began to hum to the tune of “I will always love you” while she slowly stroked the man’s pulsing skin flute. Joe’s legs began to tremble, as the pleasant sensations brought on by his employers testicle teasing lips drove him deeper into lust. Then he felt his bring his dick level, so she could wrap her full red lips around it.

The young man was speechless, as he felt his wet dream being made real. Dolly gave head like a pro, better then anything he could have imagined. The mature beauties skills definitely surpassed those of any girl he’d dated in high school, and why would they she was a real would not some teenager. Unlike his last girlfriend, Dolly was able to accommodate his entire organ. The temptation to lower his shirt and take a look, was surpassed only by the fear that the fun would stop, and he definitely didn’t want it to stop. Dolly began to quicken her pace, causing Joe to grunt loudly. There came a loud popping sound as the older woman slowly slipped her lips of the end of his dick, she loved how he tasted.

“Not bad for an old broad huh ?” asked the singer of her stunned stud, before getting back to sucking his cock.

Joe grunted, and his balls were blue with desire. Dolly was such a master at giving head that she knew exactly when to slow down, and how long to blitz. At times her head looked like a blur of blonde hair, then she would look like she was moving in slow motion. Truth be told, Ms. Parton could have had a very successful career as a porn star had her singing not worked out. The young man felt Dolly’s hand reach around and firmly grip his ass, while inch by inch the young man experienced his first deep throat. It wasn’t easy, and a few time the singer almost choked, but with that perseverance she is famous for, Dolly eventually had that tool balls deep in her mouth.

The country star slowly pulled the long white cock from her mouth, but only to take a breath. Soon she had her lips wrapped around the sticky tool again, but this time she was taking no prisoners. The petite woman’s head bobbed furiously on the Joe’s fat rod. The young man buried his head in his hands, and felt his knees begin to wobble, but Dolly didn’t care. She wanted him to cum now, she wanted to taste his salty load as she swallowed it. He was young, he would be sporting another erection for her to play with in minutes,. she just wanted to swallow his cream.

“Oh shit, I’m going to cum.” gasped the young man, “Oh god, I‘m so close, please don‘t stop.”

“I won’t stop sweetheart.” assured Dolly, as she locked her lips around the head of his dick, and began to vigorously jerk him off with her right hand. Soon Joe let out a loud grunt, and Ms. Parton felt his cream coat her tongue and the roof of her mouth. With a hard gulp the singer swallowed his load, and said, “That was a good round one, are y’all ready to return the favour.”


Dolly let out a small burp as she got up off the floor. The country singer had never had a dick, or load, so big in her mouth before. She’d given head to all sorts, White Black and Latino, younger men, and older (when she was in University), but none of them had been quite like Joe. The busty woman chuckled as she saw he was still holding his shirt in front of her his face. Her lace covered tits pressed against his rippled abs as she reached up and pulled his arms down. Upon seeing Dolly’s incredible figure he almost fainted. Dolly smiled, and did a spin so as let him see all of her. The black lace lingerie looked incredible on her. Unable to wait any long the young man wrapped his arms around Ms. Parton , and lifted her up onto the glass table top of her desk. When he tried to caress Dolly mammary, he was surprised to feel his hands slapped away.

“If y’all want these,” began Dolly, pointing at her knockers, “then ya better do a good job licking that.” she continued, looking down at her pussy, “The sooner you get me off with you tongue, the sooner you can play with my tits.”

“Ok, I’m sorry Dolly.” replied Joe, as he pulled down his employers panties, “I only want to make you happy.”

“Then shut up and get my panties off, stud” she ordered, spreading her legs.

To Dolly’s surprise, the young man didn’t grab for his employers panties right away, he began by slowly rolling down the stocking of Dolly right leg. The singer was about to protest, when she felt a strong hand caress her firm calf. The mature beauty decided there was something to be said for an employee who showed ingenuity and could take the initiative. It had been some time since she’d had a chance for a massage, so if Joe wanted to give her a hard sensual massage who was she to disagree.

“Oh my, y‘all have such strong hands.” complimented Dolly, “You really know how to make a woman feel good.”

The busty songstress began to moan as she felt her young lovers lips gently kiss the souls of her tiny feet. There was nothing Dolly loved more then to have her feet played with, it didn’t happen very often because there was always so much focus on her tits, but the best way to a girl’s heart is through her feet. The young man’s tongue licked lovingly at his employers perfect arches, and under her toes. Soon he had his dream girl cooing, and pleading for him to suck her toes, which he did without hesitation.

“Oh, god, your so good at that.” sighed the country singer, “Oh, wait, don‘t do that, ah, oh no, hehehehehe, stop that, it tickles, hehehehehe.”

The singer looked up to see Joe dragging his teeth over the sensitive soul of her foot. The woman bucked and squirmed on her desk, as she squealed for him to stop. Dolly tried to kick him away but he simply grabbed her other foot with his free hand, and then started to nibble frantically at her right foot. The woman wriggled about on her desk, pleading for the tickle torture to stop, but it seemed like it went on forever. It wasn’t until Dolly threatened to fire him, that Joe ceased his action.

“I’m Dolly, not Julia!” said the flustered woman, “Now get your head between my legs and lick my pussy clean.”

Joe pulled the older woman’s panties off, and licked his lips at the sight of her trimmed snatch. The singer, sick of all the stalling, wrapped her right leg around the back of his neck, and pulled his head into her mons veneris. Soon Dolly felt the man’s strong tongue lapping the warm juices from her swollen labia, causing her to moan, and squeal with delight. The young man’s lips sucked as her hard clit, teasing mercilessly. Ms. Parton had never been so horny in her life, the man was talented beyond his years, he must have been quite the lady man in school, based on the way he ate pussy.

“Oh god, that’s so good.” moaned Dolly, as the lad slipped a pair of fingers into her snatch, “Don’t stop, I’m so close.” she pleaded.

Knowing the sooner he could get her off the soon he could play with her tits was all the encouragement the young man needed. Soon the man was fingering his boss vigorously, while licking and sucking at her hard rosebud. As the climax built deep inside her, Dolly reached down and pulled her lovers hair. The woman’s moans became louder, and she began to grind her pussy into the man’s face. Suddenly Joe felt his employer’s strong legs wrap around his head, and her pelvis thrust upwards. The singer screamed, as her love juices sprayed all over the young man’s handsome face.

Just as Dolly had predicted, the young man’s cock was already hard and read for action. The libidinous cougar reached around her back and unhitched her bra. The lacy piece of lingerie fell to the hardwood floor, leaving only Dolly’s right arm to cover her large breast. The young man’s eyes opened wide, as she teased him with several quick flashes of her areolas, making her to giggle playfully.

“Do you think you can handle it ?” asked the teasing singer, “Y’all might lose your mind, it’s been known to happen.”

The young man looked at her with pleading eyes, causing Dolly to giggle again. Then, with out warning she threw back her arms, exposing herself completely to her lover. Joe couldn’t believe what he was seeing, never in his life did he think to ever get to see the country singer abundant bosom, then again he never thought he’d get a blow job from her either. They were spectacular, though it was obvious she had them enhanced over the years, but still a glorious sigh. Dolly put her hands on her hips and shook her head, this always happened when she showed her tits to a new boy-toy, that’s why she usually insisted on getting them going down on her before hand.

“Well you wanted them, now come get them.” said Dolly.

Joe needed no more encouragement, as he rushed his new boss. Picking her up, the horny young man buried his face into Dolly’s cleavage. The feeling of her lover kissing and licking her gigantic tits brought a smile to the singers face., she laughed as she felt him blow a raspberry between them. Soon his lips found their way to her hard nipples, and his tongue licked her wide areolas. He was in absolute heaven, it was like a dream come true for any Dolly fan to get a chance to play with her large breasts, but he’d never thought he’d get to.


“There’s something I want to do, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do since I could get a hard on.” sighed Joe as he laid Dolly on the floor, “I want to…”

“Fuck my tit’s right.” interjected Dolly with a smile, and a sigh, “What is it with you men and titty fucking anyway.” laughed Dolly.

“So can I?” he asked with puppy dog eyes.

“Hmm, if you can get me off with your dick, I’ll let you fuck my tit’s until you cum” replied the singer.

No sooner did Joe agree to his boss’s terms, and he found himself on his back with her stand over him. His sexy boss rubbed her wet snatch, and squatted over his dick. Pointing his magnificent tool upward Dolly rubbed her twat with it. The older woman’s pussy was a lot tighter then Joe had expected, especially with her public admissions to an very active sex life. Joe watched as Dolly’s tiny frame rose up and down on his big dick, he reached up and firmly grasping dolly right tit. The singer cooed as he tweaked her stiff nipple, and began to increase her pace. Joe began to thrust upwards as Dolly came down on her, and soon a loud smacking sound could be heard as their body slammed together. The singer moans became louder, and Joe could feel her cunt tightening around his tool.

“Oh, what are you doing now.” said Dolly as she was rolled onto the floor.”

“I’m going to fuck you as hard as I can, in the best position I know.” replied Joe as her rolled his boss face down, “I’m going to make you cream on my dick like you’ve never done for anybody else.”

Pulling Dolly’s ass into the air, the young man shoved his big cock into her snatch once more. The singer moaned and whimpered as she felt her young lover keep his word, never before had anybody balled her so hard. The man’s strong grasped reached around the woman’s petit frame taking firm grip of her massive jugs. The singer screamed as the man’s massive dick kept going faster and faster, her juices ran down the shaft of his dick, and dripped from his balls. The busty belle trembled with pleasure as her second orgasm of the day built inside her.

“OH GOD, I’M CUMMING, I‘M CUMMING!” screamed the country singer as sweat, and tears rolled down her cheeks, “DON’T STOP, PLEASE DON’T STOP, I LOVE IT, FUCK – ME – HARDER!!!”

The mature beauty collapsed on the floor, her massive, sweaty , breasts heaving as she tried to catch her breath. The man climbed on top of her and placed his dick between her glistening tits, which Dolly then pressed together. Joe’s big dick vanished between the singer massive tits, even when it was balls deep between them it still didn’t pop out on the other side. Still them an pumped faster, sliding his manhood back and forth between her fun bags. It had been his fantasy ever since he was a teenager to cum between the country singers breasts. Now it was hard to believe it was coming true.

“That’s it baby, fuck those big ol’ titties.” said Dolly encouragingly, “I want to feel the hot spunk all over me.” she continued, “Cum for me sweaty, cum for Doll, shoot that sticky stuff all over my face.” with those last remarks, a thick stream of warm cum shot out from the dark depths of her cleavage, coating her face and chin.

The End

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