Dolly III: Blaxploitation

Here is the 3rd part to my Dolly Parton saga, after this I plan to do a 4 part saga featuring Lynda Carter, as always I hope the reader will enjoy it.

(Note: The following story is a work of erotic celebrity fiction, and should not be read by anybody under the age of 18)

Dolly III: Blaxploitation

By: CelebTickler

Starring: Dolly Parton

Code: FMM, Con, Inter, Oral, Anal, DP, Fetish (Feet/Tickling)

Dolly stood in disbelief as the two handsome, young, black men walked into her Dollywood office. They were easily 6 feet tall, and both
appeared to be athletically built, though one was slightly more muscular then the other. The duo were a dance team, and had hoped to get a big break as an opening act for Dolly’s upcoming world tour. Ms. Parton had originally agreed to meet them as a formality, as she’d already booked her opening act, but now having seen the pair, she thought they just might have what it took to win her over.

“So you two are brothers?” asked Dolly, as she sat at her desk, she could feel her nipples swelling, and her pussy getting wet as she watched the two tall men approach her desk.

“Yes, Miss Parton, I’m Tyler,” began the larger of the two, “and this is my brother Lincoln.”

“Oh please call me Dolly, Tyler, everybody does.” replied Dolly, “And it says here that you two are a pretty hot dance duo, what type of dancing do you do?”

“Well, we can dance just about anything you want, but we specialize in tap mam’… uh… Dolly.” said Lincoln, “Our mother was a big fan of the Nicolas Brothers when she was younger.”

“So was I, my those fellow’s could dance.” said Dolly with a smile, “So tell me, is it true what they say?”

“I don’t know, what do they say?” Replied Tyler.

“Well, I don’t want to embarrass you two, but is it true black men have big dicks?”

Tyler’s eyes went wide with shock, as he slumped down in his chair. Lincoln, the younger of the two, burst out into hysterical laughter. Dolly’s lips parted into a big beautiful smile, and she suspected she knew which of the two brothers would be more fun to fuck.

Suddenly Tyler stood up, a look of fierce anger on his face. He turned and pulled his brother to his feet, and smacked him in the head.

“This is bull shit, and you should be ashamed of yourself Lincoln!” exclaimed the older brother, “What would mamma say if she were here?”

“Um, I think she’d say, yes?” said the younger man in return.

This time it was Dolly’s turn to erupted with laughter at the younger brothers sarcastic response. The corners of Tyler’s lips began to quiver and soon all three of them were laughing hysterically at the situation.

Apparently the young men’s mother was, or had been a sassy old broad like Dolly, and wasn’t above the occasional off colour joke. The two brothers were about to sit down when Dolly began to walk around her desk, stopping in front of both of them, a slight giggle still on her lips.

“What do you say, I find out for myself?” she said, slowly lowering to her knees, “If I like what I see, maybe I can find room for you two on my tour.”

Without waiting for their response Dolly proceeded to caress the crotches of the two young men before her. The woman’s tongue slowly rolled over her brightly painted full lips, as she could feel the brothers big cocks growing even larger. The though of having both of these well hung studs inside her was as intimidating as it was arousing. She could feel her pussy getting so wet that her panties were actually sticking her swollen lips. She unzipped Lincoln’s jeans, and slowly pulled down his slacks, and gasped at the size of the bulge in his red boxer briefs. The mature beauty began to nibble on the young man’s fat cock, through the strained material of his underwear, causing the handsome black teen to sigh and shiver. Dolly watched out of the corner of her eye, as Tyler pulled down his jeans, revealing a bulge equal to his brothers. Reaching up, the singer began to tease his dark manmeat, gently stroking it through his shorts as well.

“I think I’m gonna be walkin’ funny after today.” chimed Dolly with a laugh, “You boy are bigger then a pair of boa constrictors.”

Dolly yanked the two lad’s boxers down, and was slapped in the face simultaneously by their fat dicks. Grasping the two black dicks, the busty vixen began rolling her tongue over their massive mushroom heads. As the singers lips kissed and sucked at the dark skin, Dolly was haunted by one thought, how was she going to get something this big in her pussy. These dick were huge, like a bull’s, and Dolly had been mighty drunk that last time she was fucked by a bull, and it still hurt. ‘Well girl,’ thought the singer, ‘you sure have gotten yourself into a fix this time.’. Pulling back she took a good look at the long, fat, black, dicks before her, ‘But there are worse things that could happen.’ she thought with a smile.

“Oh Miss.,,, uh… Dolly, your lips are so sweet.” moaned Lincoln, “Oh yeah, mmmmm, that the shit.”

The country diva struggled to get her lips around the younger of the two men’s dick, she stood up and motioned for Tyler to get behind her. The other man did so, reaching around to undo her belt. Soon Dolly’s jeans and panties were down around her ankles, and the 21 year old was licking her pussy. Something the singer hadn’t experienced before was the feeling of the older brothers’ fat finger sliding in and out of her tight asshole, but it was something she felt she could get used to.

“Maw, maw, muff, maw.” mumbled Dolly, as she bobbed her head on Lincoln’s dick, “Aw maw go, if eel saw grew.” she continued.

The next thing Dolly knew, Tyler’s big hands had pulled her ass open, and his big tongue was burrowing into the older woman’s asshole. The black man’s big tongue forced the singer’s sphincter to spread wider then it ever had before, and she nearly bit his brothers dick from the surprise. The juice from her pussy began to run down her legs into her thigh highs, and two large fingers pushed there way into her hole, fucking it with merciless vigour.

“Oh god, that feels so fucking good.” groaned Dolly, as she stroked Lincoln’s dick, “Oh yes, oh God yes.” she gasped and could feel her knees starting to buckle, “Lay down and eat my pussy Lincoln, while I suck your brothers cock,” instructed Dolly as she removed all her clothing, except her stockings and garter belt.

The singer looked down at the young man laying on the floor then placed a foot on either side of his head as he licked his full dark lips in anticipation. Unlike his brother, Lincoln had no qualms with Ms. Parton’s off colour humour, nor did he mind fucking the busty older woman. He’d always had a thing for older women, and didn’t care about their ethnicity either, whereas Tyler preferred black women who where closer to him in age. However even the elder brother had to admit Dolly was turning out to be one wild fuck.
The petite Tennessee native rubbed her wet pussy as she lowered herself towards the 18 year olds face. When she was scant inches from the handsome lad, she stopped and slipped two fingers into her warm dripping hole, and began to vigorously frig herself. Juices ran down the older woman’s fingers and dripped onto Lincoln’s face, which he hungerilly lapped up.
“Bombs away!” exclaimed Dolly as she brought her tight posterior down on the man’s face, “I hope you’re hungry.”

Dolly took a firm grip of Tyler’s big dick and began working ‘s head with her tongue and lips. The singer’s toned little body trembled as she felt Lincoln’s full lips sucking on her clit and pussy lips. She cooed and sighed as she ran her tongue along the length of the older brother’s meaty, black, dick. Ms. Parton’s free hand began to squeeze at her big tits, while her lips wrapped around the black man’s ballsack. Soon Dolly was humming the lyrics to “Coat of Many Colours” with Tyler’s sensitive scrotum in her mouth.
“Oh shit.” said Tyler, his eyes bulging with delight, “You weren’t kidding Link, this bitch is awesome.”

Dolly chuckled as she began to slowly stroke the younger man’s cock, and grunted at the tonguing her snatch was getting from his younger brother. The older woman had never been happier, and she hadn’t even had a dick in her yet. Reaching down she grasped the top of Lincoln’s head, and began to grind on his face. Suddenly Ms. Parton threw her head back and squealed. A steady flow of hot stick liquid spewed from her cunt, and covered the face she was sitting on. Falling back, she could feel her body trembling. She’d never cum that’s hard from oral before.

“Whoa, are you ok Dolly?” asked Tyler, “Do you need some help.”

“I only need you two to help me onto my desk.” replied Dolly, “So you can fuck me hard.”

Lincoln helped Dolly to her feet, and Tyler cleared off the desk. The brothers then lifted the tiny white woman up and laid her down on the counter. Right away the older woman grabbed hold of the older brother’s cock and began sucking, while the younger brother pulled off her left shoe. Before the singer could object, Lincoln brought the tiny foot to his full lips, and began sucking on her sensitive toes.

“Oh no, wait, please not the feet.” pled Dolly, pulling the cock from her mouth, “M-my feet are so ticklish, please don’t.”

The du o looked at each other, and big bright smiles appeared on their faces. The singer panicked as she felt her arms being pinned to the table by Tyler, and began to squeal her disapproval as Lincoln started on her ankles.

Terror filled Dolly’s face as she felt her second shoe being removed, and then felt fingertips stroking her nylon covered soles.

“No, hehehehehe, hahahahaha, hehehehehe, please stop, hahahahaha, I can’t stand it!” exclaimed Dolly as she squirmed violently on the table, “Don’t tickle me, hehehehehe, hahahahaha, hehehehehe, hahahahaha!” she continued hysterically, “Mercy, mercy, Hahahahaha, hehehehehe, snort, giggle, I’m begging you!”

“Oh no, see my brother has to get in on this too.” said Lincoln, “Am I right Tyler.”

“Oh indubitably my brother.” added the other black man staring down at Dolly, “I believe armpits are a sensitive spot on most people?”

“Why, I do believe you’re right.” Link concurred, “ ’’Specialy on older white women.”

The country star squirmed frantically as the large black man climbed on top of her, but it did her no good. The man’s cock fit nicely between her big titties, with it’s fat head peering out from between them. Wiggling his fingers in the air, the handsome man slipped two finger into each of Dolly’s armpits. The singer screamed, and erupted with laughter. Her tits bounced around slapping the man’s cock, giving him an unintentional tit fuck, but one he enjoyed nonetheless.

“Enough please, hehehehehe, hahahahaha, hehehehehe, I CAN’T STAND IT ANYMORE!” she screamed, desperately trying to buck the man off her, “No, no, not both at the same time, HAHAHAHA, HEHEHEHE, HAHAHAHAHA, giggle, snort, snort, pant, HAHAHAHAHA, HEHEHEHEHE!”

“Ok, ok, let’s just give her what she really wants.” said Lincoln, whose balls ached for release, “My balls are blue enough from all this teasing.”

“Yeah fuck my pussy.” sighed Dolly, spreading her legs on the desk, “Fuck me hard, while your brother fucks my big titties.”

The singer smiled, and Tyler began sliding his tool between her massive breasts. The horny black man grunted, and Dolly squeezed her money-makers tightly against his throbbing black cock. The older woman felt Lincoln raise her legs into the air, and screamed as she felt his monster dong spread her labia. A tear tickled down Dolly cheek as the man began to hump her wet twat, his pace quickening with each passing moment.

“Oh my god!” screamed Dolly, as her little pussy was being mercilessly fucked, “Oh shit, it so fucking huge… ah, oh, uh… oh god, oh god oh god!”
The mature beauty threw her head back and screamed again, as Lincoln’s pace quickened. Almost knocking his older brother off the table. Dolly was being fucked so hard she couldn’t tell where she was, only that something big was pounding at her cunt. She squealed and grunted as she grew more accustomed to the massive black dick, and gradually her senses came back to her. Eventually the older woman began yelling words of encouragement, until she felt her second orgasm of the day hit her.

“OH GOD, FUCKING MAKE ME CUM YOU BASTARD!” screamed Dolly, much to the amusement of the two men, “GOD, THAT DICK IS SO BIG, MAKE ME CUM WITH IT NOW!” she continued, as her love juiced coated Lincoln’s tool.

“My turn.” said Tyler with a smile.

“But I didn’t cum yet.” interrupted Link, “That’s not fair.”

“Shut up Link, I know what I’m doing trust me.” he replied, “Come one Dolly, time to ride a black stallion.

Though she was exhausted, the woman remained insatiable and was ready for even more. Dolly smiled weakly as she climbed onto the naked man, impaling herself on his massive dick. The singer sighed, and grunted as she slowly rode the length of the long black shaft. The dick stretched her pussy so wide that she couldn’t help groaning, reaching down she began to rub her clit, witch was as hard as a rock. Sweet love juices ran down the man’s shaft, and coated his bouncing nut sack, it seemed as though this was Dolly’s night for cumming, and cumming hard.

“Ok Link,” began Tyler, as he spread Dolly’s ass cheeks, “slip it in!”

“Oh damn!” yelled Dolly as the black cock violated her tight ass, “You two are gonna kill me!”

For a brief moment the room when silent, as the two men fucked both of Ms. Parton’s holes. Only the slight sobbing of the older country singer could be heard as she endured the painful reaming. Then the two men began to grunt, as their sweaty bodies moved in unison, like a big black fucking machine. The older woman bounced violently between the two men, as yet another orgasm built up inside her over stuffed form.

“Oh shit, not again!” screamed Dolly, as her body trembled with ecstasy and she collapsed onto the floor, soon followed by a shower of hot, sticky spunk.

The End

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