Dolly II: Country Girls In Heat

(Note: The following story is a work of erotic celebrity fiction, and should not be read by anybody under the age of 18)

Dolly II: Country Girls in Heat

By: CelebTickler

Starring: Dolly Parton & Shania Twain

Code: FF, Cons, drugs (alcohol), Reluc, Fetish (Tickle) Oral, Toys, Anal, DP, Mmast, & voyeur

It had been a tremendous evening for Dolly and Shania, as the two country singers had seen the successful debut of their new film “Distinctive Relations”, about a woman (played by Twain) who goes to live with her lovers wife (played by Dolly) after he dies.
The two had not only pulled off the bizarre lesbian love story, but they did it without a nude scene. After reading the script, both were very interested in the project, but neither was willing to go nude on film. The farthest things went was a long passionate kiss, and Shania fondling Dolly’s big tits. Now, back at Dolly hotel room, the buxom country queen can’t help but wonder if she’d missed out on something.

‘God she is so beautiful’, thought Dolly as she watched her co-star walk towards her, ‘I wonder what it would have been like to do a crazy love scene with her. What does she look like under that stunning green gown. She is just gorgeous.’ Dolly smiled at her friend, her happy expression hiding her feelings of curiosity and arousal. This wasn’t the first time Dolly had considered being with another woman, but it was the first real chance she’d had to act on it. How would Shania feel about it? If she didn’t like it would she go to the media? It was a big risk, but (checking Shania’s tight little body out) she decided it was worth it.

“Dolly,” said Shania, as she sat on the couch next to idol, “…do you regret not doing the love scene the director asked us to do.”

“Hell no!” replied Dolly, “They haven’t got enough money in the world to get me to put these on film” she joked thrusting her breast forward.

Shania’s grew wide with surprise as Dolly’s strapless gown looked like it would rupture under the strain of containing her massive tits. The younger songstress began thing of how it had felt when she‘d held her co-stars boobs in the film. Unexpected feelings of desire began to well up inside her. The urge to grab hold of her idol and kiss her hard on her brightly painted lips was causing her pussy to become wet, and her nipples stiffened under her satin gown. The only problem was she had no way of knowing how Dolly would react, and even if it was positive, what if the media found out? Shania had her husband and child to think about. Sometimes it’s best to let a fantasy remain a fantasy, and this was probably one of those times.

As the two women giggled, and chatted they were unaware that a third party had joined them. A man dressed in dark clothing, and a Ski mask hid behind the long red drapes, a mere 50 feet from where they were seated on the sofa. Unlike most members of the male gender, this burglar was not pleased by the sight of the two country singers in the least, as it had been his intention to rob Ms. Parton’s hotel room of any valuables he could carry. Now he was going to have to sneak out the window empty handed… or so he thought.

“Dolly, no… what are you doing!.” squealed a voice, “Please, oh stop that.”

Peering through the thin gap between the curtains, the thief watched as the two singers seemed to be wrestling on the couch. It was like something out of a cheap Cat-Fight video, as the two rolled off the plush cushions and onto the white floor. The burglars cock stiffened as Dolly’s tits exploded out of her strapless gown, and Shania’s, black, thigh high stockings and garters were exposed when the green gown road up past her hips. The older woman soon took charge as she pinned her friend face down on the floor, and grabbed hold of her left ankle.

“Oh come on Shania, you know we both need to let off some steam, and what’s better then a good ol’ fashion tickle fight?” asked Dolly.

“Oh, not that!” pleaded Shania, as the 6” heel was knocked off her left foot, “Please, don’t tickle my feet, hehehehehe, hahahahaha, oh the nails, hehehehehe, hahahahaha, they’re killing me stop!”

The hidden intruder felt his cock stir, as he watched the two women wrestling around. Despite her best efforts Shania seemed no match for the grappling skills of the older woman. Soon Dolly had her friend’s shoulders pinned down, while she ran her long finger over the sensitive pockets of her under arms. The Canadian beauty squealed, and laughed uncontrollably as her legs kicked in the air. ‘What am I doing’, thought the burglar, ‘I should be recording this with my cell phone.’ The thief bent down, and pulled his phone out of his little black bag, and realized Shania had stopped laughing. Peering into the room, he was shocked to discover that Ms. Parton was now sitting on her helpless friend’s face, while continuing to tickle her sides.

Turning on the phones Camera options, the burglar watched mesmerised as the mature beauty began to grind on the other woman’s face.

Shania squirmed and kicked, as her friend mercilessly stroked her sides, and smothered her with her cunt. It was all the burglar could do not to cheer the older woman on as she relentlessly tortured her friend into submission. Suddenly with her last bit of strength, Shania wrapped her arms around Dolly thighs, and forced her onto her back. Once again the younger woman found herself on top, but his time she aimed to keep in control.

“You fucking bitch!” she exclaimed, quickly slipping out of her torn gown, “Now you going to get it.”

Dolly burst out in hysterical laughter as she felt her friends fingers dig into her sides. The singer’s busty little frame jiggled and jerked as she tried to pull away, but she couldn’t. Soon Shania has her face down on the carpet, pounding the ground with her fist and pleading for mercy, only to have her friend tickle even harder. The two women wrestled around until they found themselves exhausted and nearly naked. The tickle fight had left them both hornier then they had been when they had gotten to the hotel, not to mention nearly naked.

Dolly looked at Shania, in her black lace bra, and matching panties. The older woman’s pussy had never felt so hot, and she thought her juices might just burn a hole in her own knickers. Grabbing her friend by the face, she pulled her in and kissed her hard on the mouth. Shania began to slap and try to push away, at first, but soon found herself caressing Dolly’s large breasts.

“Holy shit…” whispered the burglar, who almost dropped his cell phone, “… this is going to make me millions on the internet.”

When the lip lock was finally broken, a thin strand of spittle stretched between the two women, until Shania’s tongue rolled over her own soft lips. The brown haired Canadian leaned in and began to lick and nibble hungrily at Dolly’s right ear, and neck. The Tennessee native groaned and her long nails clawed at the other woman’s tanned back, working there way down until she grabbed hold of Shania’s firm round ass. The burglar thought his head would explode, as his present situation rendered him unable to relieve the aching in his balls but knowing the profit potential in the images he was capturing helped alleviate some of his anguish. Just the footages of Shania sucking hungrily at Dolly’s fat nipples was going to make him rich, hell this would be the first time anybody had ever caught Dolly Parton nude on film before, let alone banging another chick.

It wasn’t long before Dolly was on her back, with Shania licking and sucking at her big tits. The older woman groaned as her friend’s tongue licked playfully at her fat nipples and her fingers worked her areola. The younger woman buried her face within Ms. Parton deep cleavage, licking and kissing her warm flesh, before starting the journey down her naked body.

“Mmmmm, darlin’ you sure know how to make a friend feel welcome.” said Dolly, as her flat belly was lovingly kissed, “Oh, mmmmm, my belly button is a definite hot spot. Lick it.” she purred softly.

Soon Shania’s hungry mouth was at the dark curls of Dolly’s pussy. The younger woman spread the pink lip, and slowly ran her tongue over the juicy slit. The burglar sighed behind the curtain cursing that he couldn’t get a close up on the younger singer’s cunt licking. He did make sure to zoom in, as best he could, on Dolly’s expressions of ecstasy and delight over Shania’s actions. The hidden intruder’s balls were becoming unbearably tense with arousal , but he persevered, knowing he could give away his position, and screw up a tremendous opportunity.

“Oh, that’s it, suck my clit.” said Dolly pleadingly, “Don’t tease it, suck it, oh, please suck it.” she continued, “Hmmm, yeah, that’s it girly, suck that juicy clit.”

The cameraman pulled back just in time to catch Shania’s juice covered face as she sat up. He was able to zoom in on the trim dark bush of Dolly Parton’s, as the Canadian singer slipped two fingers into her snatch. The Tennessee native squealed as her friend finger fucked her with more and more vigour, pulling them out once to suck the sticky cream from them. Dolly’s hips thrust upward, and Shania slowed her pace as she grew closer an closer to orgasm.

“You want to cum Dolly, huh, do you?” asked Shania tauntingly, “Tell me, tell me you want to cum, you nasty old bitch.”

“Oh I want to, oh please, I need to cum, make me cum… you nasty little bitch.” replied Dolly.

Pussy juice dripped from the mature beauty’s pussy, as Shania began to finger her faster and faster. The younger woman leaned in and began to suck on her friends throbbing clitoris. Dolly squealed, and pulled at the younger woman’s long dark hair, as she ground her snatch into the other woman’s pretty face. Shania felt Dolly’s hot juices running down her chin, and her thighs wrapped tightly around her head. Then Dolly screamed, “Oh god, oh shit, I’m cuming, oh yes, oh god it’s so good!” as she squirted juice all over Shania’s sticky face.

Dolly lay exhausted on the hotel floor. She’d cum so hard under Shania’s manipulating touch that she thought she would sleep for a week. Unfortunately Shania wasn’t about to let that happen, as she poured ice from the wine bucket all over her friends sweaty body. Dolly sat up yelping, and glared at Shania. The busty country singer tackled her young friend to the floor, and another tickle fight ensued, with Ms. Twain finding her self pinned beneath her friend once more.

“Oh no, not again!” squealed Shania, as the other woman pinned her shoulder down, “Please, hahahahaha, don’t tickle me again, hehehehehe.” she pleaded as she wriggled desperately, “I can’t take it, giggle, snort, please stop.”

“Dump ice on me will you, you little brat.” replied Dolly, as her long nails scrambled over Shania’s sensitive flesh, “I’ll teach you a lesson you’ll not soon forget.”

The burglar watched as Dolly grabbed an Ice cube off the floor and circled it over her friends stiff nipple. Shania giggled and sighed, as the cold water dripped from the cube, and ran down her lovely breast. The older woman smiled at the sight of her friend’s nip-on’s and gripped them between her fingers. Shania winced, and cooed as the busty woman playfully tweaked her nipples, leaving her some where between pleasure an pain with ever twist.

“Oh, mmmmm, ouch, oh, more.” sighed Shania, as her friend took control of her body, “Do what ever you want to me Dolly, just make me cum.”

Dolly leaned in and began to lick and suck on the matching pair of long nipples, like her fiend had done to her. Unlike Shania, she was a bit rougher, as she gently bit at her inner and outer tits as well. Soon the young Canadian was groaning and yipping, loving ever little sensation that her American friend brought to her tanned, toned, form. Pinching, licking, nibbling, it didn’t matter to Shania, she just loved having Dolly touch her, anywhere and everywhere.

Dolly rolled her friend onto her belly, and began lick her ears, and nibble at her shoulder. Shania cooed, and buried her face in her arms. She couldn’t believe that another woman could make her feel so aroused, having never been with one before. Dolly on the other hand was fully aware of her attraction to pretty women, but simply hadn’t acted on it before, but judging by her friends reactions she was doing a pretty good job.

“What are you doing?” asked a started Shania, as she felt her ass cheeks being spread, “Oh my god… that feels so, mmmmm, dirty.”

The burglar almost dropped his camera as he watched Dolly’s face burrow between Shania’s near perfect ass cheeks. Shania squealed and through her head back as Dolly slipped two of her finger into her moist tight snatch, while continuing to lap at the Canuck tight little sphincter. The thief could feel the tip of his cock getting damp as pre-cum oozed from it’s tip. He was in an excruciating state of arousal and could feel his legs starting to shake with excitement. He wished he could step out form behind the curtain and just fuck the shit out of the pair of country cunts, but he had decided discretion was the better part of finance and simply rubbed himself though his black sweats.

“Oh yes, lick my corn hole!” bellowed Shania, as she was vigorously finger fucked, “I want it, make me cum you bitch.” she demanded.”

“Do ya want me to stick it in your ass?” Asked Dolly, as she pulled a vibrator out of her purse, “I’ll fuck you so hard your eye’s will pop out.”

“Yeah, fuck me in my ass!” exclaimed Shania, “Fuck me hard in my fucking ass!”

Dolly pulled Shania up onto her hands and knees and horked a big gob of saliva onto her friends ass hole, then slowly began to insert the sex toy into her. The dark haired woman through her head back, revealing a looking of shear ecstasy. Sweat ran down the horny vamps face, as she began to trust herself back upon the humming, 12” silver bullet while Ms. Parton slipped 2 fingers into her wet snatch.

“Oh yes, finger me hard, fuck my ass, make me cum!” screamed Shania, as Dolly fucked her every which way she could, “Give it two me, ram that ass, fuck me!”

“Oh yeah, double penetration of the Lesbian kind.” whispered the burglar.

Dolly disappeared from the cinematographers view, but it didn’t take a genius to figure out what she was going to do. Laying on her back, the mature beauty brought her full lips up to Shania’s trim, wet, pussy, and began lapping at it, while continuing to work her ass with the vibrator. Soon Shania’s entire body began to tremble, and sweat glistened her tight physique. At the same time the masturbating burglar was nearing his climax.

“Oh yeah.” groaned the thief as he pulled down his pants, “Fuck that little slut.”

“Oh yes, oh fuck me harder, give it to me!” screamed Shania, as her ass and pussy were being worked over, “Make me squirt on you face!”

“Yes, that’s it bitch, work her ass hard.” sighed the onlooker, getting closer and closer to dropping his load.”

“OH SHIT, THAT’S IT, I’M CUMMING, OH GOD I’M CUMMING!” screamed Shania, as he hot wet pussy juiced squirted out at the same time as the burglar dropped his sticky load.

Exhausted Shania collapsed on her friends busty form. The two country singer rolled up and cuddled each others. Suddenly Dolly heard a creaking sound and turned her head towed the source, only to see the curtain flapping as a cool breeze blew in through an open window.

The End

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