Dolly IV: Sexual Extortion

(Note: The following story is a work of erotic celebrity fiction, and should not be read by anybody under the age of 18)

Dolly IV: Sexual Extortion

By: CelebTickler

Starring: Dolly Parton & Shania Twain


FFM, Blackmail, NC/Con Bondage, Fetish (Tickling & Spanking), Humiliation, Voyeur, & Oral.

It had been a long day for Ms. Dolly Parton, as she and her employees worked out the kinks in her “Here I Come Again 06” tour. The buxom songstress had been working hard all year, what with the opening of her new movie with Shania Twain, and obtaining
the services of Lincoln and Tyler as part of her opening act. The mature beauty smiled as she thought about how much fun it was going to be to have the young black men on tour with her, she’d certainly had fun interviewing them, and checking out their “credentials”. Now she had also learned that young Joe had accepted her offer to work as a roadie for the first 3 months of the tour. That would mean June, July, and August would leave her with 3 dicks to play with. One in her pussy, another in her ass, and a third for her mouth. It look as though the Tennessee native was going to have a very good summer.

“Dolly?” said a voice on the intercom on her desk.

“Yes darlin’, what can I do for ya.” she replied.

“There is a FedEx package marked urgent here on my desk.” replied the receptionist, “Would you like me to bring it in right now or are you… um… occupied.”

“No Sandra, Joe couldn’t come in today.” she said with a giggle, “He had to help the others with some of the equipment.”

A few moments later the tall slender black receptionist walked through the door of Ms. Parton’s office, a large, flat parcel in her hand. The stunning woman had long legs, and always wore short skirts to tease the men that worked in the office, not to mention that she wasn’t lacking in the breast department either, though her 38 C’s seemed small next to Dolly, many of the lads would gasp when she would walk by them, braless, in a clingy blouse. Being that it was an unusually cool day, Sandra’s large nipples had become noticeably erect, not that she cared.

“Good lord Sandra!” exclaimed Dolly, “How do you expect the boys to get any work done around here if y’all are pointing those things at them like that.”

Sandra chuckled, and her bosoms jiggled slightly. Ms. Parton watched quietly as the shapely woman left the room, her experience with Shania after the movie opening had made her much more aware of beautiful women then ever before, and she been plenty aware already. Turning her attention back to the delivery, Dolly slid a long nail under the lip of the parcel, and a CD case fell out. Picking it up, the singer realized it was marked “Play Me”, so she popped it into the disk drive of her computer. Suddenly video began to play on the woman’s screen, and what she saw almost made her vomit.

“As you can see, I have obtained video footage of you and a colleague partaking in consensual lesbian sex act.” said a distorted voice as the video continued, “Follow the instructions listed on a slip of paper in the DVD’s case, and this video will remain of the internet and out of the media, if you involve the authorities I will know and it will be made available to the general public.”

Dolly’s mouth went dry, and she felt her heart sink. Looking at the listed instructions, she wondered if Shania had received a similar note, or if she was involved with this one. According to the instructions, Dolly, was to go to an address in New York City, with $2,000,000.00 in cash. The country singer was to wear a simple black T-shirt, blue jeans, with black panties and no bra. Tear welled in Dolly’s eye’s, she cupped her face in her hands, and began to cry.


The next evening a blue sedan pulled up to a to a harbor front warehouse in New York City. The door opened and a pair of denim clad legs appeared. Stepping out of the vehicle, clad as she was order to was Canadian country singer Shania Twain. The sexy singer raised her sunglasses and looked around cautiously before walking towards the large blue door on the north side of one building. Standing in front of the door was a large black man with a thick gold chain around his neck, and when he smiled the street light shown off the gold of his grill.

“Hello, you must be Shania.” said the large man, as the singer approached the door, “My boss says I’m supposed to frisk you before I let you in.”

“What?” said Ms. Twain realizing how loud she’d said it, “The letter didn’t say anything about getting felt up by some thug.” she said in a softer tone.

“Look bitch, we can do this the easy way, or the fun way.” explained the door man, “The easy way is you go along with it, the fun way is my throwing you against that wall and…”

“Ok, ok, do your thing.” replied Shania, putting her suitcase of cash on the ground and placing both hands on the wall.

The guard first ran his finger through Shania’s long brown hair, taking time too smell it. Then he caressed her ears and neck, bringing a surprised stirring of arousal in Ms. Twain’s loins. The black man slowly lowered his hands to the Canuck’s firm round breasts, and he smiled as he felt her hard nipples through her T-shirt. As per instructions, Shania had worn no bra, and as he slipped his hand into her jeans, he learned she wasn’t wearing any panties either.

“Ok baby girl, you’re clear to go.” said the goon, “The boss, and the old broad are inside waiting, just leave the briefcase and your clothing inside the door.”

“You mean I’m supposed to get undressed anyway?” asked Shania, “Then why the hell did you have to frisk me?”

“’Cause it’s fun.” he replied.

Shania walked in to what could be described as a small antechamber. It was basically a small square room, with another door across from her. In the corner to her left were several garments including a black T-shirt and jeans, as well as a briefcase, no doubt filled with money. Looking up the brown haired beauty saw a small security camera aimed directly at her. ‘Great,’ thought the singer as she began to remove her clothing, ‘I come here to pay off a blackmailer, and all I’m going to do is give him more ammunition to use on me.’

“Greetings Ms. Twain, or can I call you Shania?” asked a voice through a speaker in the wall, “Don’t bother to answer it was a rhetorical question.” he added, “Dolly and myself are waiting for you, she was a early so we’ve been having some fun without you.” continued the unseen man, “She is very accomplished sucking dick, but you already know how good she is with her mouth.”

“Pig.” mumbled Shania under her breath


The inner door to the warehouse opened, and Dolly Parton entered the building. The naked songstress couldn’t see much, except a light beaming down from the center of the room. Having arrived a little bit earlier then asked she had hoped to gain favor with who ever was blackmailing her, but in her gut she new she was going to have to pay with more then just money. Ms. Parton still couldn’t shake the feeling that Shania was somehow involved in this, that she might have betrayed her. Shaking her head Dolly approached the center of the warehouse as she’d been instructed, where she discover two set of chains hanging from the ceiling, and another set hitched to bolts in the floor.

“Good evening Dolly, you look well.” said a man dressed all in black, “I must confess I have always had quite a crush on you, ever since I was… well I won’t mention what my age was, but it was in the early 80’s.”

“What do you want from me?” asked Dolly, though she had her suspicions, “How do I know you won’t put that video on the internet anyway?”

“You don’t, but you can be sure I will if you don’t follow my every command.” said the fiend as he caressed the singer’s plump right tit, “Now shackle your self with those chains, and we’ll have some fun while we wait for Shania to arrive.”

“Shania… so she is in on this.” said Dolly, as she wrapped a leather cuff around her wrist, “Why would she betray me, what did I do to her?”

“Oh no, she‘s not in on it.” corrected the masked man, “I’m blackmailing her too, though I prefer Sexual Extortion, it sounds so much… cooler.” he added, wrapping a leather cuff around the woman’s right ankle, “Oh and if she doesn’t show, I will send the film in anyway, so you better hope she does.”

Dolly whimpered and a tear rolled down her cheek as her left ankle was restrained. The vile blackmailer now had her completely helpless, and she couldn’t even object to anything for fear he might follow up on his threat. With a quick yank the mature beauty felt her wig pulled from her head, exposing a bun of white hair. Removing the pins, the man watched, as the snowy locks fell about Ms. Parton’s shoulders. Then on close observation he saw the trail of tear running down her face.

“Oh now, don’t cry.” said the man, in mock sympathy, “I think I know what will bring a smile to your lovely lips.” he continued, stoking the tears from her cheeks, “How about a little tickle?”

“Oh no, not that.” pleaded Dolly, “I couldn’t stand it, not tied up like this.” she pleaded, as the man’s hands slid down her cheek to her neck, “Oh please, don’t do this to me.”


As Shania neared the center of the room, what she saw repulsed her, yet she could not turn away. A man in dark clothing and a ski mask sat in a padded wooden chair, his pants down around his ankles, while a white haired woman knelt before him. The head of the woman bobbed furiously between the man’s legs, and the singer knew it must have been Dolly. The singer felt her stomach turn, and thought she was going to be sick. The slender beauty thought about running away, but she couldn’t make her legs work, because she knew what would happen if she did. Not only would her image and singing career be over, but so would her marriage to Mutt Lang, and who knows what this piece of shit might do to Dolly if she ran off.

“You can’t leave, if that’s what you were thinking.” said he masked man, “The door locks automatically, and the key is safely put away, so why don’t you be a good girl, and bind yourself.”.

“And what if the two of us were to just kick the shit out of you, and get the key from you?” asked Shania, stepping under the spot light, “You don’t look so tough that you could handle us if Dolly bites off your dick.”

“Because I have a specially timed E-mail, programmed to send a files of your encounter with Ms. Parton here.” said the man, as Dolly licked his balls, “If I’m not there by a certain time, well the E-mail will get sent to several tabloids, and a friend of mine, who will then post it on his web site.” he added, “Could you chain yourself with your back facing me, I’ve always liked your ass and would like to look at it when I cum”

Shania’s heart sank, she didn’t know if the man was telling the truth, but she couldn’t be sure he was lying either. Choosing caution as the better part of valor, the Canadian cutie proceeded to bind her ankles to the floor chains, followed by her wrists. Like Dolly before her she felt tears welling in her eye’s and began to sob quietly. ‘Oh God,’ thought Shania, as she wrapped the cuff around her left wrist, ‘Why couldn’t I have just been faithful to my husband?’ she asked, ‘Is this your way of punishing me, for my infidelity?’. As the bound beauty considered the irony of her situation, she heard a loud grunt, as the man shot his load into Dolly mouth.

“Swallow it.” he instructed, holding her head firmly, “That’s it, drink it down.”

When Dolly was finished swallowing the big load of cum, the man got to his feet, and pulled up his pants. Snapping his fingers Ms. Parton was up on her feet as well, naked except for a pair of black heels which clicked on the floor as she walked alongside her new master towards Shania. Looking the singer over, the man ran his hands her shoulders, and down her back. Soon he came to her firm round ass, his favorite part on Shania’s lean form. Bringing back his hand he delivered a firm spanking to the helpless woman, causing her to wince, and yelp softly. The villain’s hand gently caressed her ass, and finger traced the woman’s perfect tan line, before striking her on the opposite cheek. The man repeated this action several times, until Ms. Twain’s curvaceous buttocks were a nice shade of pink. That’s when the man heard the Canuck’s sobbing.

“Dolly, is Shania crying?” he asked.

“Yes… master.” replied the buxom woman, reluctant to call anyone master.

“Well, we can’t have anyone crying, now can we Dolly?” he asked rhetorically, “I guess there is only one thing we can do to put a smile on her face isn’t there.” he added, staring intently at the singer through his mask, “Why don’t you do the honors.”

“Oh no, please… master, she, I, don’t make me do that to her, it’s so cruel.” pleaded Dolly on her friends behalf.

“Do it now, or I’ll do it to you.” he replied with a firm whisper.

“I’m sorry Shania, but I…” began Dolly.

“DO IT NOW!” screamed the man as he flashed back to when he had been doing the same thing to the older woman


“Oh no, please don’t do this!” pleaded Dolly as she felt the fiend’s fingertips gently stroke her sides, “Please, hehehehehe, hahahahaha, I can’t stand it.” she squealed, “Please don’t, hahahahaha, hehehehehe, hahahahaha, it’s torture… STOP IT!”

The man simply smiled under his mask as his finger ran, playfully, up and down Dolly sides. The helpless woman’s pleas for mercy only seemed to encourage him. Unfortunately she couldn’t help it, it was an instinctive reaction. The singer jerked and wiggled, her big titties even seemed to bounce despite being implants. Every stroke of her toned body made her squeal, and plead for her tormentor to stop. All the while he would laugh at her plight, and could feel his dick getting harder and harder.

“Oh, oh no, not my pits!” screamed Dolly as the man’s finger stoked the rim of her under arms, “I can‘t bear it… please!” she screamed before erupting into hysterical laughter.

The masked villain ruthlessly worked his finger against Dolly‘s sweaty pits. Relatively silent, he chose to focus on the act rather then adding taunts to his victims hellish predicament. Perhaps when, or if, Shania arrived, he would have Dolly do the same to her, that would be a pleasant sight. On the video it was a tickle fight so both women could wrestle with each other, but it would be fun to see what would happen if one friend was forced to humiliate the other with tickle torture. ‘Yes, I think it would be a lot of fun to watch Dolly tormenting Shania like this.’ her thought to himself, ‘I am really happy Ms. Parton decided to show up early today.”

With his mind made up the burglar crouched down and pressed his lips against the mature beauty’s flat belly. Blowing hard he could hear her scream for mercy and then break into hysterics once more. Her body trembled and he reached around to grip her firm ass, as he delivered another raspberry to her , making her scream again. Gripping the bound woman’s thighs he began to gently massage them, and playfully squeezed her knees. Suddenly no sound came from Ms. Parton, though her body still trembled from his tickling touch. Looking up he could see the woman’s mouth was wide open, like she was still laughing, but she wasn’t able to make any noise. Then with a long drawn breath Dolly began laughing once more.

“PLEASE, HEHEHEHEHE, HAHAHAHAHA, HEHEHEHEHE, I CAN’T STAND IT ANY MORE!” pleaded the busty songstress, as tears streamed down her cheeks, “DON’T TICKLE ME ANY MORE PLEASE!”

“Oh I think you can endure it some more.” said the fiend as his fingers gently raked the backed of the woman’s legs, “Because you have no choice, I’m enjoying this way to much to stop now.”


The brute wrapped his arm around his victims left ankle, and began to drag his timed finger nails over her helpless sole. Dolly pulled desperately with her leg, but because the man was now standing, she couldn’t get any leverage. Not that it would have mattered, if she had pulled loose, he could simply grab hold of it again. There was nothing the country star could do, she was at his mercy, and could do nothing but laugh until he grew bored with tickling her.

“Hahahahaha, hehehehehe, hahahahaha, hehehehehe….”

“Ok.” said the man as he rose to his feet., “I think it’s time you sucked my dick.”


Shania collapsed to the floor, and rolled into a ball. Never before had she felt so utterly helpless as when Dolly’s long nails had be tickling her naked form. The singers body trembled, as she got on to her hands and knees, and crawled over to the man responsible for her degradation. ‘No, this is my own fault.” Shania told herself, ‘If I hadn’t cheated none of this would be happening.’ she decided as she reached her new master and knelt before him. Looking down at his brown eyed plaything, the masked man pulled down his pants, revealing his fat 9 inch cock to her. The beautiful Canadian took hold the tool by the shaft, and began to roll her tongue over it’s bulbous head. Reaching down the masked man patted Shania on the head, and smiled at Dolly who stood alone by the chains.

“Get me a chair Dolly, I’d like to sit for this.” instructed the man, “I think Shania is going to prove herself a capable cock sucker too.”

“Yes master.” said Dolly, who retrieved a chair from the other side of the room.

The fiend sat down, and began to run his fingers through Shania’s hair. The younger singer opened her mouth wide, and wrapped her soft lips around the fat dick. Turning his head he could see Dolly trim muff inches away, so he pulled her in close, and began licking the older woman’s pussy. Shania looked up and saw what was happening, and felt sorry for her friend. The indignity of having this bastard touch her in such away, then, unexpectedly, she heard Dolly start to moan. Could it be that her friend was starting to enjoy this humiliating treatment.

“Suck my balls Shania.” instructed the man, slipping two fingers into Dolly’s snatch, “Lick the sweat off my hairy sack.”

“Yes master.” replied the Canuck, doing as she was told.

Dolly’s sighs grew louder, as she felt the man’s thumb rubbing her fat clit. Looking up in disbelief himself, the masked man began to increase the pace of his fingers, that were bringing the mature beauty closer to climax. Leaning forward he began to kiss the older woman’s belly, thinking about how great it was going to be to fuck her with all his might. He could feel Shania starting to hum, as her had slowly stroked his shaft, and with one quick movement he stuffed his cock back into her mouth. Now it was Shania’s turn to bob her head furiously on his fat rod, and she knew what the end result would be.

“Stand up slave.” ordered the man, “I want you to stand up while you give me head, so Dolly can eat your pussy.”

The singer was surprised at the order, but followed her masters command, extending her firm legs with out missing a beat. With a snap of his fingers Dolly ran behind her friend and leaded over to lick her wet pussy. The younger woman placed her hands on her masters thighs, and took his dick deep into her throat, an act that both surprised and delighted him. The masked thug watched as Ms. Parton pulled her head back from Shania’s pussy, and slipped 2 fingers into her tight wet hole. The feel of her pussy being rammed by her friend was tremendous, and Shania soon found herself on the verge of cuming, though the thought of climaxing in front of this pig disgusted her.

“Oh, mmmmm, oh no please, don’t make me cum Dolly.” groaned Shania, “I don’t want to cum in front of him.”

Grabbing Shania’s head the man shoved his dick inside her mouth once again, and began to fuck her face. The Canadian could do nothing to resist, and sucked as hard as she could on his tool. Juices ran down Shania’s inner thighs, as her pussy grew ever so close to orgasm. The brown haired beauty felt her legs getting weaker and her pussy tightened up around Dolly’s long slender fingers. Suddenly Shania felt her master pull his dick from her mouth, and shoot his sticky load all over her face.

“Now get on your back, slut!” ordered the man, “I won’t Dolly to sit on your face for a while.”

Dolly squatted on her friends face, and began to lick her masters big balls. The older woman had started to get off on what was going on, though she wasn’t sure why. Maybe it was because she had so much responsibility with running her company, and being the boss, that maybe she just needed to let somebody else be in control for a change, and sitting on Shania’s face wasn’t exactly a bad thing to experience either.

“Oh master, she is so good at sucking my pussy.” said Dolly, “Please let me cum on her face.”

“Oh no.” said the man, his fat dick hard once more.” I have other plans for you.”

Taking Dolly by the hand he directed her to the younger woman’s pussy. The busty vixen sighed and laid on the floor to eat Shania’s pussy again. However that wasn’t entirely what her master had in mind. Grabbing hold of Dolly’s hips, he pulled her round ass into the air, and shoved his dick into her surprisingly tight snatch. The white haired beauty let out a shrill scream as she felt her pussy being penetrated, followed by a stead flow of loud moans as her master’s long deep strokes filled and re filled her pussy with hard dick. With new found enthusiasm Dolly buried her head in Shania’s twat again, this time sucking and licking like she was possessed.

“Oh, oh no Dolly.” squealed Shania, “Not here, not in front of him, please!”

“Oh yes master.” squealed Dolly, “ Fuck me harder, make me cum!”

“Eat that pussy slave!” ordered the masked man, “Make that little slut cum!”

The scream of passion , and exhilaration echoed off the wall of the wear house. Shania’s pleas for her friend’s to stop were replaced with her conceding to desire. Dolly howled with delight as she was fucked as hard as she ever had been. After a while the vile blackmailer pulled his dick out of his busty slave girl, and shot his spunk onto both his victims faces.

“Now this is the type of blackmail I could get used to.” sighed Dolly.

“I may have to agree.” added Shania, changing her tune in the aftermath, “So I guess this settles us up?”

“You’ve got to be kidding.” said the man with a laugh, “That was just the first installment,”

The End

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