Dolly’s Delight

Dolly’s Delight

By ASp1

Starring Dolly Parton

It was a warm Saturday night in Memphis Tennessee, and country singer Dolly Parton was out on the town. The shapely legend was at her favorite barr…the Red Molasses, and was aiding some local boys in finishing off their pitchers of Bud’ when the door to the establishment swung open. In walked one of the tallest, handsomest men Miss Parton had ever seen in her life. He was over 6 feet tall with long strong legs, and his ass really filled out his pant just so. Dolly could feel her nipples throb and her pussy getting wet by the second. Of course she was heavily buzzed
from the 3 or 4 pitchers she’d had with her friend’s, but this cowgirl needed to rope that young stud.

Every man in the saloon new what Dolly was like when she drank, that why she had so many bought for her. How ever tonight she was under the spell of this new comer to town. The sassy songstress also knew how to get a man’s attention, by pressing her money makers against him on the dance floor. The drunken beauty walked up and slapped the man on his firm backside, and smiled at him when he turned around. Dolly had that wild woman streak, but with a country girl innocents, a very sexy coronation few could resist. This stranger was not among the minority, and when she looked at the crotch of his jeans, was Dolly glad.

The duo stepped out onto the dance floor, just as a slow song came over the speakers. Dolly ran her hands down the man’s sides and took a firm grip of his toned ass. Dolly could feel the man’s cock hardening as she pressed herself against him. His pant where so tight that if he had been Jewish she’d have known it. The busty singer brought her hand up to his crotch and began to stroke his rod threw his jeans. He was so big, like a Texas long horn, and she could see his eye light up from her touch. She pulled him as close as she could and unzipped his fly, he tried to pull away but she squeezed his ass cheek and shook her head.

“Don’t move honey and every thang will be just fine.” instructed Dolly.

Dolly began to slowly stroke her hand over the shaft of the stranger long dick. She could feel his breath become shallow as her finger tips teased the head of his rod, and tickle his big balls. The singer could feel her panties getting soaked with the juice of her loins, and all she wanted was to feel him inside her. Looking around Dolly saw no one was watching them, the people around them were either drinking, playing pool, or dancing themselves. Carefully the horny woman lifted the hem of her knee long skirt over the stranger cock, and rubbed it against the damp lace of her panties.

“Mmmmm, your sooo big and hard.” groaned Dolly, “I’ll bet your desperate’ to get in side a hot pussy right now.”

The man grunted in agreement, and to his suprise heard a tearing sound as Miss Parton tore out the crotch of her panties. Spreading her leg slightly, she slipped the fat head of his dick between her surprisingly tight cunt lips. Soon she began to grinned on him, with Dolly’s skirt covering most of the action. The arnery country girl groaned, and brought her right leg around the man’s hips. She became unaware that her gyrations had cought the eye of a few of the patrons. Soon Dolly began to grunt and moan with greater zeal, as the pumping of her snatch increased.

“Oh god…fuck me harder!” screamed Dolly, who hadn’t realized the band had stopped playing, “I need to cum so badly.” she continued wrapping her other leg around the mystery man, “FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!”

Dolly turns around and leans on a nearby table. The man grabs her full hips and start to pump her doggie style. The singer screams out and even bark like a dog. The patrons start to whoop an cheer as she get closer and closer to orgasm. Soon her body start to tremble and she let out a tremendous scream, then the man pulls out his cock and cums on her firm round ass.

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