Dominant Arrow

Title – Dominant Arrow

Author – op223op,

Codes – MF, FF, NC, ANAL, mDOM, rape, F+M, cons, fDom

Celebs – Jorgie Porter, Claire Cooper, Jennifer Metcalf

Disclaimer: This story is not a representation of any of the celebs mentioned and was created by my twisted mind and should not be viewed or read by anyone under the age of 18.

Susanna Thompson let out a slightly bored and uninterested sigh. There was some pleasure coursing through her, but her current pet’s tongue, while enthusiastic, was just lapping away at her exposed pussy like a dog drinking thirstily from its bowl.

At fifty five, Susanna was very proud of her body – slim, fairly pert breasts and nice sized nipples. She had a very nice ass, she thought anyway and the years – plus a good skin regime had been good to her pretty features. She had long, slim legs which were currently covered in lace topped hold up black stockings and shiny black stiletto shoes. Those sexy legs were spread over the arms of the large deep red leather chair she sat in in her living room, allowing her pet full access to her bald snatch.

Susanna had played around with sex a lot in her time, and had more than once used her sexy body to land roles, as a lot of actresses had, even having to play with a few women to get the job done. As she got older, she realised she was more in charge of her sexuality that she first thought, and started to become more dominating in the bedroom. The girls she had been with in her younger days led to seek out hot young actresses, the younger looking the better, and this had led to her current set of ‘pets’.

The pet lapping at her sweet folds, wearing only handcuffs with her hands behind her back, was one of her co-stars on the comic book inspired show Arrow, Willa Holland. Susanna looked down her body, impressed with how she – especially her hard nipples – looked in the glow from the fire in front of them, then locked  eyes with the twenty two year old brunette. God Willa was beautiful and looked not much older than 18, which turned her on-screen mother on even more, the younger ones were always eager to please.

Unfortunately, Willa didn’t have much experience eating pussy, and while Susanna had vowed to show her, the older blonde was getting steadily bored with what she was doing at present. Willa flicked her tongue side to side over Susanna’s clit, but her open mouth had made the area overly wet and it didn’t do much for her.

Susanna had ordered Willa shave her pussy and keep it bald, which she had and it was one of the first ordered she gave to the girl that she had done without question, which meant that Susanna had her right where she wanted her. From there it didn’t take much to dominate the rest of the cast, the two boys weren’t even a challenge while the two girls, who Susanna now turned her head to watch, had been a bit more resistant.

That was until Susanna had them both raped. She had set it up so both Katie Cassidy and Emily Bett Rickards had been kidnapped, taken to a deserted warehouse on the edge of Los Angeles and had their clothes literally ripped off their bodies. The men doing this had told them that the master had wanted them naked and that the next orders were to fuck them senseless. When the inevitable “Fuck You!” came from both the gorgeous blondes, the true number of men in the warehouse was revealed and they had been brutally violated.

When the initial ordeal was over, Susanna had walked in, wearing a long black coat and thigh high latex boots. The men introduced her as the master, and the girls finally hit rock bottom, crying as they asked her why.

“Because you are both now my bitches, and you will do whatever I say, whenever I say it.” came the menacing response.

Both girls told her to go fuck herself, of course, but that just made Susanna smile. Standing, she looked at the naked mass of men surrounding them.

“Boys, are you ready for round two?” she asked, with a dirty smile.

The men laughed and started stroking their cocks as they moved towards the two stars. As the realisation of what was about to happen again hit them, in unison they screamed “Wait!”

“Yes?” asked the older blonde, gesturing for the men to stop.

“We…we will do what you want…” Katie stammered through sobs.

“I can’t hear you”

“We will do whatever you want” she repeated.


“Whatever you want mistress” Emily said quietly.

“Good, now kiss and do not stop until I order otherwise.”

The two naked and raped girls turned to each other and tentatively started to kiss. After a minute or so, they started to get into it and it became a more passionate sight for all observers. Susanna turned to the men.

“Cum on them” she said with a wink.

The ten men obeyed and moved close to the two girls making out on the floor. Each one jerked his cock until he sprayed his load over the two girls faces as they kissed. When they were finished, the girls were kissing through a thick coating of white goo, the man seed mixing with their tongues so that each girl could taste the salty sweetness. They both had to admit, it was the dirtiest and horniess thing they had ever done, even if it was under protest.

Once the men had left, Susanna told them to stop. She undid the two buttons that held her coat together and dropped it to the floor, revealing her sexy body to the girls, whose eyes widened at the sight, making Susanna smile.

“Emily, come here and eat my pussy”.

The young blonde started to get to her feet.

“No!” Susanna snapped “on all floors.”

Emily’s shoulders sank, but she lowered herself down again and crawled on all fours over to her new mistress. She had never licked a pussy before, or even kissed another girl, despite a couple of drunken dares when she was younger. It did make her want to try it more seriously though, and who better to do it with then the gorgeous Katie Cassidy?

Susanna’s tortue of them had broken her spirit though, and being gang raped had been the worst experience of her life. She would do anything to not have that happen to her, or her friend Katie again. Emily felt like they now shared a special bond, in a weird sort of way, and hoped Katie felt the same. As she reached her new mistress, the younger blonde slid her tongue from between her lips and tentatively licked her soft folds, causing Susanna to let out a slight moan.

“Katie!” Susanna shouted, making the brunette jump, “get over here and lick Emily’s arsehole”

Without hesitation, and taking a queue from Emily, Katie crawled on all fours over to her friends pert round bum and slowly licked, a long lick, between her buttocks. Emily let out a moan as she continued to lick her mistresses’ hole. Susanna, for her part, was pleased. Ever since her friend Elizabeth Mitchell had given her the idea, after telling her that she had done a similar thing with the cast of Revolution, she had planned it meticulously, and amazingly it had all come off without a hitch.

The strange conga line continued until Emily made Susanna cum, then was made to kiss Katie so she could taste her new mistress as well. The older blonde put her coat back on and ordered the two girls outside. It was a warm night, but without clothes their nipples instantly hardened in the open air. The Limo driver stood by the black car, his eyes bulging as his pants started to strain, looking at the two broken and abused, naked starlets.

“Katie, suck his cock until he cums in your mouth, then swallow” Susanna ordered.

“Yes mistress” she brunette said, walking over and dropping to her knees as the driver sprung his now rock hard cock from his pants.

Susanna moved behind Emily, and run her hands over the soft and smooth flesh of her naked body. One hand went to the girls impressive breasts, kneading and fondling them, pulling her nipples.  The other moved down her gym toned stomach and to the small line of hair above her pussy.

“You will shave that and keep it bald for your mistress” Susanna whispered in her ear.

“Yes Mistress” Emily moaned, as her owner slid a finger over her soaking wet pussy, the blonde unable to take her eyes from watch Katie suck the drivers cock vigorously.

Once Katie was finished, all three women climbed into the back of the Limo and the driver took each one home. Susanna entertained herself by having her pets sit opposite each other and impale themselves on a large double ended dildo until the drive was over. Katie was ordered to shave her snatch as well and from that point on the girls were hers to command.

The mistress of Arrow was snapped from her reverie as Katie Cassidy arched her back and screamed, cumming over the black dildo currently being used on her by co-star Emily Bett Rickards, both girls in a sixty nine position on a large plush couch just off to Susanna’s left. The girls wore nothing but high heels and black chokers, as was their mistresses desire.

It didn’t take much longer after that for Katie to return the favour to Emily with the dildo she was using, but both girls continued to fuck each other until told otherwise. Susanna was slightly closer to getting off, but needed Willa to do something different. An idea struck her, and she clicked her right fingers.

The naked form of David Ramsay, Diggle in the show, stepped to the side of her chair. His cock wasn’t rock hard, but he was definitely turned on watching the girls do their thing. It was a nice, thick, big black cock and Susanna did love having him use it on both herself and the girls. She leaned over and took it in her mouth, bobbing up and down until it was nice and hard, standing upright with no further help.

She gestured for him to come close to her mouth. She would never kiss a pet, that would be unbecoming of a mistress, but she could tell thats what he thought would happen, at least for a second. Instead, she whispered in his ear a few instructions, and watched as a large smile spread across his handsome face.

He moved away from her, and positioned himself behind the small, naked form of Willa, who to her credit had continued to lap at her mistresses shaved pussy. Susanna could see the girl thought a fucking was coming her way, and it was, just not where she thought it would be. David pointed the tip of his dick at her soaking wet pussy, and collected plenty of her juice on it before sliding it up over her asshole and between her butt cheeks. He did this a couple of times, and Willa obviously found it a confusing sensation, but kept darting her tongue over Susanna’s clit.

It soon dawned on the young naked slut that he was lubing her up, and as he positioned the tip of his cock at the entrance to her tight, virgin asshole, her eyes widened in fear. Susanna grabbed her hair and ground her cunt into Willa’s fear ladened face, nodding to David, who pushed into the incredibly tight hole of the young actress in front of him.

Once the head of his dick was past her sphincter, the large black man shoved his hips forward and buried himself as deep into her as he could. Willa screamed as Susanna continued to grind on her mouth, the sensations now really intense as David slowly pounded the girls ass, steadily getting faster as her body reacted to his invasion. She could barely breath, the pain of being anally raped and Susanna holding her head into her crotch giving her precious little air.

David’s vicious pounding was jolting Willa’s tongue into her mistress and Susanna was loving every second. Her orgasam was building and she couldnt wait to cream her fuck toys face so intensely. Willa kept her mouth open, clamped around her mistresses soaking wet pussy, her neck starting to hurt as Susanna kept a vice like grip on the back of her head.

The groups mistress was getting very close, her breathing heavy and loud, moans escaping her mouth every few seconds. Katie and Emily were still fucking each other, but watched with sexy smiles as their mistress let out a loud, long moan and came over the young girls mouth and face. A few seconds later and David thrust forward, burying his massive cock in Willa’s ass and letting out a guttural roar, cumming inside his victim.

Coming down from her orgasam, Susanna looked at David, breathing heavily, his manhood still deep in Willa’s bowels.

“Stay there” She said.

“Yes Mistress” Came the out of breath reply.

Susanna got up from the chair, leaving a pool of spit and her own juices on the seat, Willa’s head resting in it as she started to regain her breath. She knelt next to her young pet, and whispered in her ear.

“Lick all that up, you little anal whore”

Willa did as she was told, David’s receding cock still not fully out of her. Susanna moved round to her back, and finally told the large black man to pull out and stand next to the fire. She stared into the gaping asshole of Willa Holland, a stream of hot cum dripping out of it. Using her index finger, she scooped some up, and shoved the cum covering digit into Willa’s pussy, finger fucking her quickly. Her thumb clicked the girls clit, eliciting loud moans and sighs as her orgasam built fast.

A minute or so later, and Willa screamed, coming over her mistresses talented hand. Susanna pulled out and smiled.

“Katie,” The brunette sat up as soon as she was spoken to “Clean David’s cock. Make sure he cums in your slut face.”

“Yes mistress” Katie said as she moved over to David, dropped to her knees and vigorously sucked his manhood.

“Emily, come here and lick this out of my little toy’s ass”

“Yes mistress” Emily stood and walked over to Willa, knelt behind her and used her tongue to scoop up the remaining semen and clean around her pussy and ass.

Once Emily was finished to Susanna’s satisfaction, she clicked her fingers on her left hand. Stephen Amell, Arrow’s star and rising sex symbol stepped from the shadows. Like David, he was completely naked, but had been watching the scene in front of him, and needed no help from his mistress to make his member rock hard. Susanna gesturing for him to come to her and he complied, the older women taking his manhood in her soft hand as he stood next to her, stroking the length slowly.

Stephen was staring down at the two girls on their knees in front of him. Emily still licking Willa’s pussy and asshole, while the younger girl panted heavily and pulled on her handcuffs, her cheek on the seat of the chair. Susanna smiled as she felt his cock get stiffer in her hand.

“Now you fuck her ass”

Stephen smiled and knelt behind his young lover.

“Emily, stand up and bend over” The younger blonde did so instantly, her beautifully round ass pointed straight at her mistress, the light of the fire danced across the perfect skin. Her pussy was clearly soaking, which pleased her mistress.

Willa tried to protest as Stephen positioned the tip of his love sword at her opening. Susanna rushed over and pulled her head up by her hair.

“Listen you little whore,” she snarled, “If you don’t him to do it, I can always go get my dogs. Either way, your getting another ass fucking, and your going to love it like the anal slut you are. Do you understand me?”

Willa’s eyes widened with fear, Susanna slapped her dangling, sweat covered tits hard.

“I said, do you understand me?” another slap to each breast.

“Yes, yes mistress” Willa yelped.

“Good. Now for your disobedience, you can suck David’s cock at the same time.” David looked up from watching Katie blow him and Susanna gestured him over. His cock made an audible pop as he pulled it out of Katie’s mouth. Stephen looked at his mistress, who nodded, and he impaled Willa on his dick. The girl yelped as he stuffed himself into her all the way to the hilt, then pulled her tiny frame back to allow David to sit in the chair. Willa opened her mouth and David guiding his member in, stretching her around his manhood. He placed a hand on the back of her head and pushed her down, getting as much of himself in her as he could. Katie was much more experienced at sucking, so could take a lot more of him than Willa, but he was sure his mistress would rectify that in due time.

“Katie, join Emily” Susanna said as Stephen started to fuck the girl whose ass he was buried deep within.

Katie did as she was told, standing next to her friend and bending over, her legs straight, accentuated by the stilettos and nicely smooth. Susanna watched the two boys spit roast Willa then moved over behind the two girls. Both of them had perfectly smooth cunts, and both glistened slightly in the fire light, indicating an extreme level of arousal.

Susanna knelt behind Emily, and run a hand up her toned legs, tracing a line over her round butt. The younger blonde let out a quiet moan of pleasure at the tender touch, and another as her lover ran the flat of her thumb through the soft and soaking wet flesh of her labia. With her free hand, Susanna made a similar movement up and over Katie’s legs and bum, before lightly touching her most intimate, soliciting an groan from the brunette as well.

She slipped fingers into each of them, and slowly, gently, fingered fucked both girls. Their mistress herself was extremely wet as she pleasured them, but would wait until she had rewarded her toys.

“You both have been such good pets tonight. Your reward is twofold,” she said to them softly “First, I will make you both cum. Then you may leave and have two days off from my orders, to do whatever you want, with two exceptions. If you are at home alone, you will wear only what you have on right now, and if you go out, you will not wear panties or bra’s. Do you understand?”

Both girls moaned loudly as she rubbed their clits with her thumbs.

“Ye…Yes Mistress” They said in tandem.

“Good. I hope you enjoy this”

Susanna stuck out her tongue, and slid it between the soft folds of Emily’s pussy, probing her sweet tasting hole. She adjusted and continued using her thumb on the blondes clit, the younger women soon moaning loudly. Susanna changed and used her tongue on the clit, and moved her hand around to play with the perfect round orbs on Emily’s chest, her nipples standing to attention. It wasn’t long before the women flicking her bean made her cum, and coat her tongue with sweet girl cum.

Susanna told Emily to kiss Katie while she made the brunette cum, then both girls picked up the coats they had arrived in and left. She looked round and found both men still going to town on the young Willa Holland. It was actually an impressive feat of self control on both of them’s part, but it was time to give them a treat too.

“Stop!” She shouted, and both of them stopped in their tracks.

“David, lie on the floor on your back. Stephen, put my little whore on the couch so she can watch us. Put this is in her pussy and turn it on full”.

She reached into a small metal box on a table next to the couch, and produced a medium sized pink vibrator, handing it over to her on screen son.

“Do you not pull out of her until she is on the couch”

“Yes mistress”

David pulled his cock out of the young girls mouth, and she almost looked disappointed. He lifted himself from the chair, and laid on his back in front of the fire. Stephen reached around the tiny frame of his on screen sister and used his muscular arms to lift her up, keeping himself firmly wedged inside her tight asshole. Willa herself yelped, screwing up her face in pain as he moved her over to the couch and set her down. He finally pulled out of her, and spun her around to face David.

Stephen twisted the bottom of the vibrator fully, then slid it down between the incredibly pert breasts of his young charge, her nipples harder than they had ever been. He moved it down over her flat stomach and over the top of her bald snatch. He had to adjust her slightly, but slid it in with ease, moving her back so it was stuck between her and the couch, having no way to slide out again. Willa moaned loudly as the pulsing toy started its work on her already tender and wet pussy.

Susanna moved over to David and straddled him, reaching between her legs, she took hold of his member and positioned it at the entrance to her own love hole and pushed down until it was fully inside her. The evenings activities had made her extremely horny so it wasn’t difficult to get his massive cock all the way in her.

“Mmm that feels so good, “ she moaned “Stephen, come fuck my ass”

He eagerly obliged, positioning himself behind her and slowly pushing his way into her tightest hole until he was all the way inside.

“This is your reward for being good boys. Fuck me until you make me cum, then you may cum inside me. Fuck me hard boys.”

“Yes mistress” They said in tandem, and eagerly began to pound her holes.

Willa watched her mistress get fucked, hard. The boys pounded her, David pulling himself up to lick and play with her gorgeous tits. It only took a few minutes for her to  scream and cum as they continued to pound her. A minute or so later, she came again, just as the vibrator inside Willa had the same effect on her.

Both men groaned loudly and shot stream after stream of hot man seed into their mistress’ holes. Susanna struggled to regain her breath, staring at the young girl in the midst of cumming again on her couch.

“You see my little whore, that is how you fuck.”

“Y…Yes…Mis…tress” was the breathless reply.

The boys pulled out of her and she stood, cum dripping from her.

“Now boys, you may leave.”

As they got up to dress and leave, she pulled them both in and whispered in their ears.

“For the next week, go round to my little sluts place and do what you did tonight. I want her to taste your cum everyday and get fucked in the ass everyday, understand?”

“Yes mistress”.

“Good, now go. Oh and if she has any clothes on, rip them off”.

“Yes mistress”.

The boys gathered their things, dressed and left. Susanna went over to Willa and tugged on her nipples to make her yelp, then removed her toy and turned it off. She removed the handcuffs, which had bruised the poor girls wrists, and adjusted herself so her legs were spread on the couch. Grabbing Willa’s head, she forced her down to her cum covered snatch. The girl opened her mouth and started to lick.

“Good girl, you know what to do. Clean the cum from me, then you may go upstairs and shower. You will sleep in my bed tonight, and you can go home tomorrow. Mmm”

Willa’s tongue probed her pussy before she said “Yes Mistress” and went back to work. It only took a few minutes for Susanna to be satisfied and allow her young lover to shower.

The next week saw the boys do as ordered and spit roast Willa everyday. Several items of her clothing were destroyed, but eventually the girl just stripped every time they showed up at her door. Katie and Emily had spent their two days off naked sunbathing in their yards, but one night both went out in sexy little dresses and found a couple of guys to fuck them. No bra’s or panties certainly helped with that.

Susanna was pleased, her little plan was a success and she was having the best sexual time of her life. Now, if only she could convince Elizabeth to swap casts for the night…

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