Dominated By Giants

If you are under the age of 18, leave. This story is complete


by rawballz


Patricia Arquette : 5’1″

Catherine Bell : 5’10”

Natasha Henstridge : 5’10”

Nicole Kidman : 5’11”

Jada Pinkett : 5’0″

Sean Young : 5’10”

Jada slowly opened her eyes. She was still very groggy from the
injection she’d recieved a couple of hours ago.

She felt the stickiness of the duct-tape over her mouth. She could
move the very from of her lips a little. The gum was a little melted
from her hot breath. She slowly lifted her
head up & saw her wrists
shackled to the cold stone wall behind her. Her arms were already
feeling numb. She looked down & saw her ankles were confined as
well. Whomever had done this to her had already removed her shoes &

The entire room was dimly lit from a few candles placed here &
there. It was very cold in this place. The wall behind her felt like
a large sheet of ice. Jada tried to keep her back off of it, as best
as she could. A shiver ran up her spine when she noticed another
woman, chained to the wall, about five feet from her right side. The
blonde woman was still passed out, but Jada could see her face &
thought she recognized her. “Arquette.”, Jada thought to herself.
“One of the Arquettes I’m sure.”

Jada heard a door open from across the room. She could see light
shining from the opening & saw tall figures walk in. As they got
closer, Jada could see their faces. There were four women dressed in
dark red cloaks. They held their hands in front of them, as if they
were saying a prayer. Jada could hear them mumbling something,
sounding like a chant. They stood in front of the two women, side by
side. The chanting didn’t even sound like real words, just sounds in
a rhythmic tone.

Jada looked over & saw that Patricia had woke up. She was pulling at
her restraints with a frightened look in her eyes.

She looked back & the four cloaked women pulled their hoods back.
From left to right there was: Natasha, Nicole, Sean & Catherine. The
women then untied the belts around them, opened their cloaks &
dropped them to the stone floor. They were completely naked
underneath. Their nipples were rock-hard & pointed straight at the 2
captive women. They stopped the chanting. “Let our offering be
pleasing to the Goddess Briniel!”, Nicole shouted. “Stomp out
shorty.”, the three others replied. “We are prepared to rid the
world of short females that plague our lands!” “Stomp out shorty.”

Jada had the most confused look on her face that she had ever had.
“This is totally insane!”, she thought to herself.

Nicole pointed at the 2 women. “Strip the shorties!” Natasha began
walking towards Jada. Catherine slowly walked up to Pat. Nat ripped
opened Jada’s pink blouse, exposing her black bra. Her tits were
right in Jada’s face. She grabbed the side of the blouse & began
ripping it off of her. The fabric tore from her petite body.

Cat shredded Pat’s green blouse off of her. She then grabbed the
front of her white bra & with one motion, tore it off too.

Nat placed her left barefoot on Jada’s stomach & grabbed her bra
with both hands. She pushed on her tummy & pulled at the black bra.
Jada let out a muffled screech from the cold wall on her bare back.
The bra ripped off her. Nat then bent down & grabbed the bottom of
her black skirt & began lifting it up. Jada’s pink panties were
exposed for everyone to see. Nat lifted them up until the waistband
was right under her bare breasts. Nat placed her left hand on Jada’s
chest & pulled at the skirt with her other. The skirt’s button &
zipper were digging into her back. Finally, the skirt split down the
middle & was yanked from her body.

Catherine unbuttoned & unzipped Patricia’s jeans. She pulled them
down to her ankles. As she stood back up, she grabbed her panties &
tore them off. Pat’s bare ass slapped against the cold wall.

Nat reached around the back of Jada & grabbed the top of her panties
with both hands. She lifted them up. Jada felt the panties bunching
up her ass. The pain was becoming more & more as the panties were
climbing into her asscrack. Nat lifted them up further, almost to
the back of Jada’s neck. Finally they tore apart. Natasha threw them
to the side. Both women were completely naked, except for the jeans
around Pat’s ankles.

Natasha & Catherine walked back to where they were before. Nicole
walked up to Jada, holding a clipboard in her hand. “Will you sign?”
Jada looked at the paper. It was a contract of some kind. “This
states that you will become our slaves forever and all that other
stuff.” Jada shookher head & tried to say something. Nicole grabbed
the tape & ripped it off her mouth. “Owwww fuck!”, Jada screamed.
“I’m not signing shit, bitch!” Nicole tossed the clipboard across
the floor. “You were given a chance. I try to do this the nice way &
you call me a bitch. It doesn’t really matter, you’ll be gone
anyway. Once we get rid of the two of you, we will work our way up &
rid this country of shorties.” “You’re nuts!”, Jada yelled back at
her. “What do you have against people who are shorter than you?”
“Everything, my dear. They have infested this country from the
beginning of time. The only shorties that will be gone are the
famous ones. I have nothing at all against the ordinary. They do
their jobs & go unnoticed. But the ones who have power & are looked
up to, these are the shorties who must be banished from the public
eye forever.” Jada didn’t know what to say to that. It was complete
insanity. “You’re different.”, Nicole said as she looked her in the

Nicole stuck her finger in her mouth & got it wet. She lowered her
hand & ran her finger up Jada’s pussylips. “Stop touching me you
bitch!” Nicole knelt down & spread her pussylips apart with one
hand. She rubbed at the inside of her pussy with her finger. “Keep
you’re fucking hands off me!” Nicole rubbed at her clit lightly. She
stuck her tongue out & licked at the clit. “Godammit! I said…”
Nicole stopped & stood back up.

Sean walked over to Patricia & placed some small clamps on her
nipples. Pat yelped in pain through the tape over her mouth. Sean
ripped the tape off. “Jesus christ!” The small teeth dug into her
nipples. She bet over & clipped another one on her clit. “Fuck! Take
it off! It hurts!” Sean walked back to the line.

Nat walked back up to Jada. “Don’t you even think about putting
those godamn things on me!” Nat proceeded to place the clamps on her
nipples. “Did you hear me, bitch? I said…..Owww!” Jada tilted her
head back in pain as the clamps bit her nipples. Nat placed the
other on her clit. “Dammit!” Nat walked back.

Nicole was standing behind a large panel with buttons & switches all
over it. “Will you sign?” “Fuck you!”, Patricia shouted in pain.
Nicole pressed a button. Electric shocks began running thru the
women’s bodies. Jada eyes widened. She felt the electricity racing
into her naked body. “Ohhhhhhh shit!” The shocks swared into Pat’s
body. Her huge breasts were heaving with sweat dripping off them.
“Will you sign?” Jada shot Nicole a bird with her right hand. Nicole
pushed a lever forward. The jolts became stronger & faster. Jada
shook there with sweat pouring down her beautiful body. Pat’s head
fell back & she closed her eyes. Her body glistening from the sweat.
Both women were on the verge of passing out. Then the electric
currents stopped. “Take them to the beam!”, Nicole shouted.

Jada & Pat, half-dazed found themselves bent over a wooden beam.
Their ankles were shackled to the floor, their legs were spread
wide. Their wrists were tied to the floor on the other side. The
beam ran right under their stomachs. Their asses were pointing
straight up into the air.

Jada felt a metal tube touching her buttlips. “What the fuck?”, she
spoke softly. The lip of the tube slowly made its way into her
rectum. Jada jumped, her asshole began to shut around the
metal-feeling tube. It made its way about four inches into her
butthole & stopped. She looked behind her & saw Catherine walk back.
She saw a green hose coming from what must be in her asshole. “Holy
shit. That’s a garden hose!”, she thought to herself.

Patricia watched as Sean walked up to her & felt as she spread her
buttocks apart. “No Godammit! Please stop!” She felt the metal
nozzle intrude her anus. Her butthole automatically closed around
the nozzle. Sean walked back. Both women laid over the wooden beam
with garden hoses shoved up their asses.

“Will you sign?”, Nicole asked again. “Go to hell!”, Jada grunted.
Nat turned the knob. The hose leading to Jada’s anus tightened up. A
burst of water exploded into her rectum.

Sean turned another knob & a strong current of water burst into
Pat’s asshole. “Will you sign?”

There was no answer for a few seconds, as the two women were
engulfed with water. It filled their asses with water & it came
leaking back out in rivers. “Fuck you!”, Pat moaned. The water was
then turned off. Nicole walked up behind Jada & yanked the hose out
of her ass. Sean pulled the hose out of Pat’s butthole.

“Will you sign?”, Nicole asked. “Eat shit!”, Jada screamed. Jada
felt her ass being spread apart again. “God! Now what!” Nic placed
the head of the dildo at her anal entrance. She pushed her hips
forward, forcing the strap-on dildo into her wet asshole. “Godammit!
You fucking bitch!” Sean spread Pat’s buttocks & sunk her dildo 3″
inside her. Pat tensed up. “Will you sign?” No answer. Nic pushed
forward & the dildo creeped 5″ into Jada’s rectum. “Fucccckkkkkk!”
Jada looked over at Pat & saw that Sean was already fucking her ass
hard. “Ohhhhh!”, Pat screamed. Her ass jiggled with every push. Sean
grabbed her hips & fucked her wet asshole faster & faster.

Nic slowly began slipping her dildo in & out of Jada’s butthole.
“You fucking bitch!” Nic picked up the pace. She started slamming
into her. Jada closed her eyes tightly. Nic pounded away at her.
Jada felt the juices start flowing in her wet pussy. “God no! I ca’t
be getting off on this!”, she thought. “Will you sign?’, Nic asked

“F…fuck….you!” Nicole pulled the dildo out of her ass & slammed
it into her pussy. “Oh God!” the dildo reached 12″ inside her
quivering pussy. Jada didn’t want to show it, but that was the itch
that was being scratched. She almost came as soon as it entered her

Sean had both hands on the beam & slam-fucked the hell out of Pat’s
ass. Patricia’s tits were bobbling everywhere. Sean pulled out &
shoved it into her pussy. “Oh fuck! Yes! Fuck me hard!” Pat bit her
bottom lip. “Will you sign?”, Sean asked her. “Yes. yes. Yes I’ll

“Sell-out bitch.”, Jada thought. Her body shook uncontollably. She
was cumming hard. She closed her mouth & grunted loudly. “I see we
got off on that.”, Nicole stated. Jada laid there panting. “So what?
I’m still not signing anything.” “Always the stubborn one, huh?”,
Nic said while pulling the dildo out. She stepped back & Sean shoved
her dildo into Jada’s asshole. “Fuck! Not again!” Sean began
pounding away.

Patricia was unshackled. She slowly stood up & turned around. Nicole
handed her a pen & presented the contract to her. Patricia signed on
the bottom line. Nicole looked at the signature & smiled.
“Catherine, Natasha, she’s all yours!” “What?” Cat & Nat grabbed
Pat’s arms. Natasha laid down with her back on the floor. Cat shoved
Pat down on top of her. Nic grabbed Pat’s arms. Cat aimed Nat’s
strap-on dildo up to Pat’s butthole. She was kicking, but Cat held
her legs. Nat shoved the dildo into her asshole. “Fuck!” Cat leaned
over her & crammed her dildo into her pussy. “Godammit, you said
you’d let me go if I…” “I said no such thing.”, Nic replied. “We
still have some unfinished business.” Cat & Nat pounded away at the
helpless shorty.

Nic untied Jada & laid underneath her. She shoved her dildo up her
ass as Sean began fucking her pussy. “Will….you….sign?”, Nicole
panted. “Yeah, yeah, ok I’ll sign!” After another hour of fucking
the women, swapping them back & fourth, Jada signed the contract.
The two women were going to be their sex slaves for the rest of
their lives.

Pat & Jada were forced into doing a 69 with one another. Jada laid
on top of Pat & shoved her tongue into her pussy. Pat spread Jada’s
buttcheeks apart & darted her tongue into her asshole.

The four women sat back & watched the show. “So, who’s next, Nic?”,
Sean asked. “I think we’ll pay Brittany Murphy & Lorrie Morgan a
little visit.”, she said with an evil grin.


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