Dominating Sophie

Title: Dominating Sophie

Author: CHLP

Celebs: Sophie Howard, Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh, Christina Hendricks, Kitty Lea, Alice Goodwin, Leah Francis, Sarah Randall, Casey Batchelor, Sammy Braddy

Codes: MF,FF, MFF, tittyfuck, anal, DP, throatfuck, spit, puke, domination, DAP, throatfuck, lesbian, strapon, cum swallow, big tits, WS, bukkake, gokkun

Disclaimer: This story is purely fiction, it has never happened. Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.



I arrived for the weekend at the mansion, eager to see what the girls had in store for Sophie.  Malene greeted me at the door with a grin, “hope you are ready” she said leading me into the lounge.

I found the girls gathered together ready, Lucy, Michelle and Casey were here, along with Sammy and Gemma Merna.  New girl Sarah Randall, Charley Green, Christina Hendricks, Gemma Atkinson and Jen were also here.  They were joined by Kitty Lea, Leah Francis and Alice Goodwin.

“Wait here a moment and I shall go and get the star” Malene said.

Malene was wearing a tight white bikini, the other girls were equally as skimpily dressed in swimsuits.

“Mmmm I hope you are ready for today” Lucy said, leading me over to sit on the sofa, “We have some filthy ideas for what to do” Michelle added.

Malene returned, leading Sophie, who was on all fours crawling along, she had a black leather collar around her neck, and was being pulled along on a leash.

“Good whore” Malene said reaching down and unfastening the collar, tossing it to the side.

Casey walked over to her and gripped her roughly by the hair, tugging her head up she bent down so their noses were almost touching, “Fucking filthy bitch” she snarled, pulling Sophie’s hair hard.  “I am going to ruin you”.  She softly kissed Sophie’s trembling lips, before releasing her hair.

“So” Malene said, “here are the rules, there are none!” the girls laughed at this, Sophie looking around at them all.

“The slut here is ours to use as we please until later this evening, then she gets her turn to do what she wants.” Malene continued, “We all get some time with her, as well as a few ‘special’ events lined up”

Jen walked over to Sophie, lifting her up she dragged her over to the large coffee table in the middle of the room.  “Take off your knickers whore” she said, before tossing a couple of large cushions onto the table.

Lucy and Michelle moved over and started to stroke my shaft, Michelle rubbing my cock, Lucy fondling my balls.  Jen pushed Sophie down onto the cushion covered table, “I want to see the bitch get fucked up her dry asshole” she sneered.

I moved around behind Sophie, knowing that this was going to be good, “Stick it up her” Jen said.

I moved into position above Sophie and pushed my hard cock against her ass, she struggled as I tried to push into her dry anus.  “Spread your ass whore, give it to him willingly” Jen told her.

Gripping her waist I pushed into her ass, she squealed as my shaft burrowed up inside of her.  Sophie gripped the far side of the coffee table, as I ground my crotch against her ass cheeks, my whole length up her dry asshole.

“You can scream whore, make as much noise as you want, and cum when you want, I give you permission for this first section” Casey said walking around and stroking Sophie’s hair.

“FUCK!” Sophie shouted, “That’s fucking tight in my ass!!”

I gripped her hips, and started to fuck her ass, she screamed and screamed as my cock sawed in and out of her dry hole.   “FUCK! FUCK!! OOOH FUCK!!!” She howled as I pounded into her, faster and faster.

The girls were all sat, most of them watching Sophie, rubbing their pussies and playing with their tits.

I kept pounding her ass, harder and harder as she screamed and cried, her tight ass pummelled by my cock.


“Oh fuck yeah I bet it burns” Lucy said watching Sophie.

Clawing at her ass cheeks, I slammed furiously up into Sophie, as she screamed and cried, her body shaking.


Casey was fastening a large 14 inch strap on to her crotch, as she walked up to me,

“Let me take over before you cum babe, I am gonna make this bitch cry and beg

when I stick this up her dry ass” Casey said.

“Noooo, noooooooo” Sophie wailed, as I pulled from her ass, and Casey stood behind her.

“Spread your fucking ass cheeks bitch, I told you I would destroy you” Casey sneered.

“Pleaaase Casey, please lube it up a bit” Sophie whined, moving her hands back to spread her soft ass cheeks wide.

“Fuck you slut!” Casey snapped back, pushing the head of her shaft into Sophie’s ass.

“FUUUUCKKKKKKK!!!” Sophie screamed, burying her head in the cushion on the table, again clutching the edge above her head.

Casey was pushing hard into her pulling on her hips burying more and more of the thick length up Sophie’s back passage.

Sophie screamed and shrieked as Casey drove the whole 14 inch shaft up her ass, grinning and loving every inch of pain she was causing.  Sophie was sobbing and wailing as finally Casey’s hips rested on her ass cheeks.

“noooo, ohh fuck nooooo,” Sophie blubbed “Fuckkk, you nasty fucking witch”

Casey gripped Sophie’s hair with one hand, her hips with the other and started to rut the shaft deep up her ass. “Fucking take it you little whore” she snarled, tugging Sophie’s head up so everyone could watch her face.

“ohhh, oooh pleeeasse Casey, pleeeasssse noooooo” Sophie sobbed as her ass was being fucked.

“Look at her, this little whore is gonna get worse than this isn’t she girls?” Casey asked.

“She is gonna get FUCKED up” Kitty replied grinning.

Sophie was sniffing, her crying stopped, as her ass adjusted to the anal fucking.  Casey gripped her hips and started really ramming hard, nearly the whole length in and out with a single thrust.

“Why do you do this Sophie?” Leah asked, watching her intently.

“because I am worthless” Sophie gasped in reply, “A worthless fuck whore, who deserves to be used like a slab of meat”

Casey was rutting hard, her crotch slapping furiously on Sophie’s buttocks, as she pounded her. “Fucking cum whore, cum for me” she shouted.

Malene moved over to me and got on her knees, my throbbing hard on bouncing in front of her face. “Looks like you need some help” she said gripping it in her hand and sucking on the head.

“FUCK!!! FUUUUUCCCKKKK!!! FUUUUCKKKK!!!” Sophie screamed, her legs trembling collapsing down onto the table.

“That’s it whore, let it all out” Casey panted.


Malene sucked deep on my shaft, her tongue working magically up and down, Christina knelt down behind me, and spread my ass cheeks, tonguing my asshole.

“Oh she’s filthy” Sammy said grinning.

Casey was laying on top of Sophie, grinding her crotch tight, as Sophie gasped and panted her orgasm over.

“Fucking dirty slag” Casey whispered, “We are going to do things to you today that you have never ever imagined”

Casey pushed Sophie’s head down into the cushion, twisting it sideways.  She eased out of Sophie’s asshole, still pinning her head down she moved to stand beside her.

“Spread your ass bitch” she said to Sophie.

Sophie reached back and held her already gaping ass wide open, as Casey roughly held her down.

“Is he ready to cum Malene?” Casey asked.

“Bursting” Malene replied coming up for air.

“Stick it in her asshole and fill it with your hot spunk” Casey said to me

Christina moved back, and Malene released me from her throat, so I could move around behind Sophie.

“He is going to use your ass whore, you may not cum while he fucks it, do you understand” Casey said to Sophie

“Yes mistress” Sophie whimpered.

Sophie’s asshole was gaping wide as my cock easily slid in, her normally tight sphincter open and accepting as my whole length slid in.

“Beg for him” Casey said “beg for his spunk”

I stood up above her ass, rutting my cock down into her loose ass.  Sophie’s hands spread her asshole wide as I fucked it furiously.

“Pleeeaasseeee spunk up my asss, fill it up with your hot jizz” Sophie begged.

Casey forced her head down harder, putting a knee into her back making her bend into an incredibly uncomfortable position.

“Beg harder you slut” she said.

“Use my worthless shit pipe, pleeeeaseee,” Sophie begged “Shoot your hot thick spunk up my ass”

My balls were absolutely bubbling with cum, and I drilled deep up her ass, before injecting it.  Sophie squealed as the hot spunk pumped into her bowels, jet after jet of spunk flooding them.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you” Sophie gasped over and over as I came up her ass.

“That’s it, you filthy piece of shit, take all that hot semen in your asshole” Casey said.

Eventually my cock was empty and I eased from her ass, Sophie released her grip on her buttocks.

“Oh no whore, keep that ass spread” Casey said letting go of her hair and walking around behind her. Sophie gasped now free of her grip.

`           Sophie moved her hands back spreading her ass wide again, as Casey knelt behind her.

“Hmm I think you need more than that massive load up your ass Sophie” she said, before spitting a large wad deep into her open asshole.

“Line up girls I want everyone to spit in this fuckbitch’s  asshole.

Malene eagerly joined Casey, both of them spitting a couple of thick globs into Sophie’s open ass.

“Your worthless, you piece of shit” Malene snapped as she moved away to let someone else in.

The girls lined up as Casey straddled her back, reaching down helping to hold her asshole wide.   Each bent over and spat into her ass, thick lumps of mucus and spittle filing it up.

“Fucking dirty whore, your ass is full of spit and cum!” Casey teased.

Sophie whined as Casey got up off of her back and pulled her roughly to her feet, using her hair.

Malene bent over and spat in her face, “Whore!” she snapped before putting a large brandy glass down on the floor. “Now squeeze all of that spit and semen out into the glass Sophie”

Malene and Casey steadied her as she squatted down, the mixture dripping from her asshole into the glass.  The others watched intently as the glass filled, my cock throbbing hard once again.

Thick spit and spunk mixed together, as the glass filled, Malene and Casey holding Sophie over it, “Ohh you filthy cunt!” Christina said as the glass brimmed with thick white fluids.

Casey and Malene picked up Sophie, and dumped her down onto her knees in front of the rest of the girls.  Michelle picked up the glass and carried it over to her.

“Drink it down whore, tell us how good it tastes” She told Sophie, handing her the glass.

I sat between Christina and Sarah, as they stroked my hard shaft, watching Sophie lift the glass in her trembling hands, and lift it to her lips.

“You puke it up and I will make you lick up every last drop slut, and swallow it all again” Malene told her.

Sophie gulped down 2 or 3 mouthfuls before gasping and dry gagging, her stomach urging.  She forced it back down her throat, swallowing hard.

“Oh thank you girls, it tastes divine” she said, “ I love the flavour of your spit, it’s so thick and lumpy”

She swallowed several more mouthfuls,  “Mmmmm, delicious” she gagged, struggling to keep it down.

My cock was throbbing and I got up quickly standing in front of her stroking my shaft rapidly.  “Ohh paint her face with spunk” Lucy said enthusiastically.

“Yes please, spunk all over my whore face, empty your balls over me” Sophie begged.

She tipped the glass back and finished the contents, sitting back onto her heels waiting for my cum.  “Fucking do it babe, shoot your hot spunk over my slut face, cover me in your seed” Sophie gasped.

“Finish your drink bitch” Malene snapped, “Clean out that glass”.

Sophie scooped her finger around the glass, collecting every thick spitwad, lifting her fingers to her lips she let it drip in.  My cock exploded, hot jets of jizz blasting her face as she gagged and swallowed.

“Thank you, oh thank you” she spluttered, as my thick spunk blasted into her mouth coating her tongue.

She knelt below me, revelling in my eruptions, eyes open unflinching as my thick white spurts coated her face.  Each eye was criss crossed with long rivulets of semen, as finally my balls were empty.

“Thank you master” she gasped kneeling in front of us all.

“You filthy worthless piece of shit!” Casey snarled, “What a waste of spunk on you”

“Clean it off now whore, and swallow every drop” Malene told her.

Sophie scooped her fingers across her cheeks, hoovering in every line of cum, sucking it into her mouth and swallowing avidly.  She cleaned her entire face, every drop of spunk being delivered to her belly.

“Get up slut, let’s get you ready for Kitty, Leah and Alice” Malene said hoisting Sophie to her feet.

“We get first use of the bitch” Kitty said grinning.

“Be in the master bedroom in 10 minutes” Malene said leading Sophie out.


Kitty, Alice and Leah led me upstairs to the main bedroom, where Sophie would join us. “We are gonna abuse her good” Alice said, as she sat down on the bed with the other girls as she filled me in on their plan.

Malene led Sophie in shortly afterward, she wore a tight black Basque, far too small for her tits which nearly spilled from the top of it, and a thin black thong.

“Here is your slut, do whatever you want to her” Malene said as she left.

“Come here bitch!” Alice told her, “Stand here so we can look at you”

Sophie stood in front of the bed, as Kitty and Leah stood up and walked around her inspecting her.

“What are you worth whore?” Kitty asked

“nothing” Sophie replied

“Less than nothing” Leah corrected, pulling Sophie’s hair.

“What are you most famous for?” Alice asked

“My tits” Sophie answered.

“Yes, your huge fucking tits” Kitty said, “Well we are gonna make you wish you never had them”

“Yes whore we are gonna abuse those famous assets of yours until you are screaming for us to stop!” Leah said grinning.

“First up, lets coat those ‘chebs’ as you call them is some thick spunk” Alice suggested.

“Yeah, beg for it Sophie, beg and plead with him for his jizz” Kitty told her.

I stood in front of Sophie, Kitty got down on one side of me, Leah on the other, she sucked on my balls while Kitty stroked my hard cock.

“Ohhh baby, I want your spunk again, all over my fat whore tits” Sophie pleaded.

Alice got behind Sophie and reach around bouncing her huge breasts in her hands.  Kitty spat on her hand and smeared it over my cockhead as it throbbed in her grasp, Leah sucking on my balls while she stroked it.

“Please cum on me, cum all over my worthless huge chebs, I want your thick white semen all over them” Sophie whined.

Leah moved down between my legs, sucking hard on my balls, as Kitty moved around behind me, stroking my hard shaft with both hands.  Alice jiggled Sophie’s cleavage mesmerically as she begged for my spunk.

“Kneel down” Alice told her making her kneel between her legs, Sophie sitting back onto her claves.

“I want it baby, I want is sooo bad, that hot sticky spunk all over my big tits” Sophie gasped.  “think of every filthy thing you are going to do to me today, and shoot that muck all over me”

My cock twitched as Kitty stroked it, creamy thick spunk rocketing out over Sophie’s chest, thick splatters coating her tits and pooling in her cleavage.  A couple of blasts hit her face, and Alice took a thick bolt over her right eye and cheek.

“thank you, oh thank you baby, thank you, ohh yeah all over me” Sophie panted.

Kitty milked every drop from my cock, flicking the last few drips all over Sophie’s cum covered tits.  Leah moved from between my legs to kneel beside me examining her work.

“That is acceptable whore” Leah said, watching as Alice started to unfasten her basque.

“Good aim Kitty” Alice said blinking her eye, which had a large strand of cum across the eyelash.

“you love it Gooders” Kitty replied.

“Up you get” Alice said to Sophie helping her up onto her knees, she unfastened the corset and peeled it off.

“Mmmmm good job” Kitty purred admiring the thick streams of spunk slowly oozing down Sophie’s body, and the glistening layer over her tits.

She knelt down and slurped a large globule of spunk from Sophie’s belly as it crept down her body, pulling Leah’s head back she spat it into her mouth, “None for you whore, you don’t deserve it” Kitty said.

“feed me girls” Alice asked, opening her mouth and wiggling her tongue.

Both Kitty and Leah feasted on Sophie’s breasts, sucking very drop of my spunk from them, sharing it amongst themselves or with Alice.

“Right then boob whore” Leah said, “get up, knickers off”

She roughly helped Sophie up and off with her tiny thong, then threw her onto the bed.

Kitty was strapping on a huge dildo, as Alice circled the bed, “ready slut” she purred, as Tossed a couple of pillows onto the bed, and lay back getting comfortable.

“ride me bitch, ride me hard” Kitty told Sophie.

She eased over Kitty, hands on her legs as Leah, Alice and I watched.  All 14 inches nestled into her wet pussy, as Sophie began bouncing up and down on the shaft.  Kitty held her hips and fucked her pussy, as Sophie worked up a fast pace.

“Oh fuckkkkkkk!” Sophie groaned, as Kitty slammed her cunt hard.

“Bounce those big tits!” Leah told her.

Sophie’s hooters jiggled furiously as Kitty and Sophie bucked up and down, Sophie’s massive breasts slapping down onto her chest and almost hitting her in the face.  Leah and Alice walked over to stand either side of Sophie, both leaning down to suckle a breast each.

“FUUUUCKKKK!!!! FUUUCKKKKK!! YEASSSSS!!!!” Sophie cried coming hard.

She shook and squealed as both girls bit her nipples hard, tugging at them with their teeth, as Sophie came.

“FUUUUCKKKKK!!!! FUUUUCKKKKK FUUUUUCCKKKKK!” she howled and Leah and Alice chewed on her nipples.

Kitty eased her thrusts as Sophie calmed down, both girls still latched to her breasts, she rubbed her hands over the top of Sophie’s buttocks, as Sophie gasped and groaned calming from her orgasm.

Leah and Alice stops sucking and roughly pinched her nipples making Sophie yelp, tugging hard they lifted her up off the shaft as Kitty slid out from under her.

“Enjoy that whore?” Kitty asked, “Well we are gonna make you pay for that orgasm”

My cock was throbbing as I pulled Sophie by the legs until her hips rested on the edge of the bed.  I gripped her thighs and pulled her legs apart, thrusting deep into her pussy.  Sophie gasped as my cock plunged in and out of her went cunt hole.

“Ohh use the whore” Leah said with glee.

Leah got up onto one side of Sophie, Alice the other.  Kitty knelt above her lifting her head and placing it in her lap.

“fill her pussy with spunk” Kitty said looking at me.

Leah gripped one of Sophie’s breasts, Alice the other, the tugged them up as high as they could, watching them stretch and bounce with every thrust.

“NOOOOOOO!!!” Sophie howled as she slammed her arms down onto the bed.

I pounded her tight wet cunt as she squealed and squirmed Leah and Alice holding tightly to her nipples stretching her breasts taught.  Kitty grinned, “Ready whore” she snarled before viciously slapping one of Sophies breasts.

Sophie screamed in pain, trying to get away from the strike, but Leah held her breast tightly by the nipple. “Take it slut, you deserve it” She teased.

Kitty slapped the other breast hard, Sophie screamed again, Kitty laughed.  She slapped each breast repeatedly, whilst I fucked Sophie.

She squealed with every slap, shaking in almost fear of each strike, my thrusts got faster and faster as I neared the point of release. “tell him you want it in your pussy whore” Alice said to Sophie.

“Spunk in my worthless cunthole BABY!” she squealed as Kitty slapped her again, “Fill me UP with your spunk”

Hot jets of spunk filled her pussy, as I slammed home, injecting it deep inside her.  Sophie was squealing as Kitty slapped her tits over and over again, I sat there cock going soft inside her, watching Sophie squirm and shriek with ever blow.

“Fucking Chebs!” Kitty snarled “These bastards made you, now for some returns on them”

“Wank for me!” Leah said shaking her breast, “I want you to cum while Kitty spanks those big boobs”

Sophie moved her hands down to her pussy and started to frig her clit.  Leah and Alice lowered her breasts, but still clutched a nipple each as Kitty whacked them.  Her breasts slapped together as they were relentlessly spanked by Kitty.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Sophie screamed as Kitty slapped her over and over, her fingers working furiously on her clit.

Leah and Alice each jiggled her teats after every slap, making her breasts wobble and gyrate.  Sophie was near to coming, as Kitty  pushed her breasts together before slapping both simultaneously. “Piece of shit!” she snapped, as Sophie came.

“FUCK!!! YEAAASSS!! YEAAAASSS!! OH! OH! FUUUUCKKKK!!!” Sophie howled, as her body shook.

“Dirty, nasty tart!” Alice said, getting off on all this punishment.

“This one loves it rough” Leah added.


Kitty grabbed her breasts and mauled them roughly as Sophie shook her orgasm ending.

“That was just the warm up!” she said grinning.

“Yeah now for the real punishment” Leah added getting up.

“reckon you can fuck those beauties for a bit while we get set up” Alice asked.

Not about to miss that opportunity, I eagerly straddled Sophie’s chest, drumming my hardening cock on her molested breasts.

“ohh baby do anything you like to me, I am just a slab of meat laying here for your pleasure” Sophie groaned, as I eased my cock between her breasts.

She stared up at me, eyes wide begging me to use her to get off.  I squeezed her tits together around my shaft and started fucking them hard.

“Do it baby, fuck my chebs, fuck them hard” She panted.

I rutted her tits, this wasn’t gonna take long, it was gonna be hard and fast and nasty.  Sophie was lying there letting me fuck her tits, watching my cock intently, then looking into my eyes, as I pounded her boobs.

“Ohhh fuck baby, Spunk between my tits, shoot your hot jizz over my pretty whore face” Sophie gasped.

My rock hard dick was sawing back and forth between her tits, the soft skin gripping my shaft, the perfect titwank.  Sophie was pleading with me to cum, as I rolled her nipples in my fingers.

“Pleaase baby, pleaaase shoot your load for me, I want it, I want it bad” she whined.

Kitty came up behind my stroking my shoulder, kissing my neck, “We’re ready for her, so anytime you want to, cover the slut” she said.

“I’m worthless babe, do it, cover me in your spunk” Sophie gasped.

My balls were boiling as I came, thick spurts of semen rocketing from my bellend, splashing down on Sophie’s face, as she looked up at me.  She blinked her eyes as my cum rained down, coating her face, landing in her open eager mouth.

“Oh Phuuuuck,” she spluttered “Drain those balls over me”

Kitty, Leah and Alice were watching as I covered Sophie’s face and neck in spunk, she lay there taking every spurt, accepting the deluge.  Sophie kept her eyes open as the thick spurts splashed down her face, clinging to her eyelashes.

“Thank you, thank you” she whimpered.

“Right slut” Kitty said, as I got up off of Sophie. “Time for you to scream!”

She pulled Sophie up, she was blinded by semen, as it dripped from her face onto her tits, Kitty made her stand at the end of the bed, and fastened her arms to the posts.

“Abuse me Kitty, please fuck me up” Sophie begged.

Kitty then spread her legs wide, strapping her ankles to the bottom of the posts, Sophie stood, spread wide unable to fight back.

Leah had a big 14 inch vibrator, which she eased into Sophie’s pussy, making her squirm and shake as she turned it on.  Alice then strapped a wand style vibrator in place over her clit, Sophie shrieked as it was switched to the high setting.

“Ohh now you really get it” Kitty said.

Sophie was stood body contorting as her pussy was set alight, the thick shaft deep inside her, plus the constant buzzing of the wand making her squirm in her restraints.

“Fuuuuckkkk!Fuuuuucccckkkk!!” she sobbed as she attempted to escape the stimulation.

“Ready whore?” Kitty teased, “Do it girls”

Leah, and Alice stood either side of Sophie, each had a long string of clothespegs, Taking one of Sophies wobbling boobs each they set about clipping them in a big circle around the edge of each massive tit.

“FUCK!” Sophie screamed, as the first one was clipped on, pinching her skin tight.  She tried to shake them off, fighting in her bonds.

Sophie squealed and shrieked as each peg was clipped to her massive tits, all the while her pussy was throbbing from the vibrating want and dildo.  Kitty stood in front of her, twisting her nipples as the pegs were attached.

“You filthy slut, you fucking waste of space whore” she sneered watching Sophie, who was now crying tears running down her spunk covered cheeks.

“Ohhh the little slut is crying” Leah said, attaching another peg to the squirming Sophie, “squeal little bitch!” she said before spitting on Sophie’s face.

Leah and Alice completely ringed Sophie’s shuddering breasts with pegs, and clamped the final one over her nipple, Sophie was hanging limply from her arm restraints sobbing uncontrollably.

“Look at the whore, can’t take it eh you weak BITCH!” Kitty said laughing at Sophie.

“Head up you cunt” Alice said, lifting Sophie’s chin.

She sniffed, trying to stop her crying, her eyes now washed clean of semen.

She looked up at us, eyes red, mascara streaking down her cheeks,  sniffing and squirming.  “Noooo, ooooh pleaaaase nooooo” she whined.

“Pathetic” Kitty sneered, spitting on her face, “pathetic little slut!”

Leah walked in front of her looking her up and down, “Ugly worthless whore” she said gobbing another thick wad of mucus over Sophie’s face.

“You fat, piece of shit!” Alice snarled, gripping Sophie’s nipples in both hands and twisting them fiercely”

Sophie screamed, trying to back away, as Alice spat on her face, once, twice and then a third time.  All 3 stood in front of her, spitting on her blubbering face, flicking her nipples and tweaking them.

Sophie was a wreck, her huge tits ringed with clothes pegs, sobbing and crying as the 3 ladies spat over her face and chest.  Thick wads of spit clang to her forehead and eyelashes, as she hung there, limply.

“You worthless old slapper” Kitty said, “All these younger models, all much better looking than an old trollop like you”

“Yeah, the dirty whore relies on fucking her way into the mags, those chebs have been her only meal ticket for months now” Alice added.

“She’s gonna feel that huge shaft soon, no way she can ignore all that pussy action” Leah said, “Then it all happens” she said grinning.

Leah was right, and Sophie’s legs started to quiver, the huge shaft throbbing in her pussy, wand vibrating on her clit.  “Ohhhhh, OHHHHH!! OOOOHHHHHH!!!” she whimpered.

Sophie was struggling in her restraints as her cunt was assailed by the vibrating devices, her body shaking, as she came, very hard. “YEAAAASSSS!!!! YEAAAAASSSSS! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!!” she cried.

“Now girls!” Kitty said.

Alice and Leah each wrenched at their strings, the circle of pegs zipped from each of Sophie’s breasts, she roared and squealed bucking and yanking at her bonds.  Her legs collapsed as she hung by her hands shaking vigorously, gasping unable even to breathe.

“FUCK YEAH!” Leah cried watching her

“OH YES!” Kitty shrieked as Sophie convulsed.

Alice just stood grinning as Sophie shuddered.

Her eyes were rolling up in her head, breasts literally shaking independently, her legs flailing as her pussy spasmed still orgasming.  Alice moved over and dragged her by her hair back to her feet.  Sophie pretty much was incoherent at this point, her body overloaded by the sensations.

“Good Whore” Alice said kissing her, licking the spit trails from her forehead.

Leah and Kitty unfastened her restraints, Sophie fell to her knees, rubbing her wrists, then clasping her breasts, rubbing them to dull the pain.

“Hurt bitch?” Kitty asked.

“FUCKING HELLL!” Sophie gasped.

“That’s what you deserve, slut” Leah said to Sophie, pulling her head back so she looked up at them.

“Fuccckkkk” Sophie cried still squirming thanks to the Dildo and vibrator buzzing at her pussy.

“That was incredible” Alice said, “The look on the whores face when we ripped those pegs off, simply incredible”

Sophie looked up at them “thank you mistresses” whined.

My cock was raging hard, and I hauled her up by the hair, dragging Sophie over to the bed.

She screamed as I tossed her around by the hair, pushing her head down into the bed, she held her hips high, the vibrators still working away.

“Use her baby” Leah said, “Stick it in her”

I held her head tight to the mattress, standing on my toes I pushed my cock between her throbbing ass cheeks, and forced it against her tight sphincter.  Sophie squealed as I burst through it, plunging my shaft deep into her.

“FUCK! FUCK!” Sophie cried as I held her head down, resting on it, my cock drew back and rammed back in, full hard deep strokes.

Kitty bent down over the bed, whispering in Sophie’s ear as I pounded her asshole.

“Give it to him whore, give him yours nasty asshole for his cock,” Kitty purred, “Let him shoot that hot spunk inside your ass you worthless slut!”

Holding her head down sideways to the bed she squealed and squealed as I fucked her asshole, my balls bashing on her ass cheeks, the vibrators whirring on her pussy and clit.  I was intent on coming, uninterested in Sophie’s needs, harder and harder I stuffed her back passage, until finally my balls erupted in a torrent of scalding hot semen.

I jammed her head down into the mattress, as I grunted and shot my cum up her ass, Alice, Kitty and Leah surrounding the bed watching us.

I pushed her down one final time before pulling out from her ass, slapping it one final time.  Sophie was a wreck, she lay on the bed panting, gasping as her pussy still vibrated furiously.  Rolling over she unfastened to wand and pulled it off, she gasped in relief from the constant stimulation.

“you did well whore” Alice said.

“Now get up and follow me, we need to get you cleaned up and ready for your next trial.”  Kitty added.

“And why don’t you come back to the lounge with us” Leah said to me, “We can amuse you while Sophie is getting changed.”


We walked back into the lounge, it was empty all the other girls had gone to get ready.  Leah and Alice sat down on the sofa, I stood in front of them, they softly kissed each other Leah stroked my cock hard, as Alice fondled her breasts.

“look what we have here Alice” Leah said, “a nice hard cock full of spunk!”

She pulled the head of my cock free, and flicked her tongue over the head, swirling it around the shiny bellend.  Alice move went below her, softly licking then sucking my bollocks.

“ohh yeah Alice suck those balls babe, make them burst with cum” Leah teased, before engulfing my cock in her wet, warm mouth.

Leah pushed her lips down my shaft, sucking hard until my head pushed against the back of her throat.  Her eyes looked up at me, as she pushed her tight throat down my shaft, until her nose pressed tight against my belly.

“Dirty girl” Alice gasped, her tongue flicking against Leah’s, who was licking my balls with the shaft of my cock still down her throat.

Spit dribbled from her mouth down over my balls, Alice slurped it all up before spitting back over them and Leah.  Hot breath panted from Leah’s nostrils as she deep throated my shaft, tears running down her cheeks from the corners of her eyes.

“Mmmmm let me suck it Leah” Alice gasped, coming up for air.

Leah gasped for air as she eased up from my cock, spitting a thick wad of mucus down my shaft.  Alice dived onto my dick, avidly sucking her way down until I was again embedded up to the hilt in her throat.

“Ohhh fuckk yeah baby” Leah croaked, wiping her fingers around my spit covered balls, “You need to cum I bet!” she gasped.

Leah sucked on my balls slurping up every drop of spit oozing from Alice’s mouth, she moved under me and started to tongue my asshole, as Alice expertly deep throated my cock.

“Cum for us baby, cum for us now” Leah gasped.

Leah squeezed my balls with one hand whilst Alice gargled on my shaft, thick drool running down and splattering on the floor.  Her tongue probed me expertly and it was only a few seconds later hot cum rocketed from my head and injected deep into Alice’s belly.

“Yeaaaahhhh” Leah gasped.

I clasped Alice’s head tight and pulsed every drop of spunk down her throat, directly into her belly.  Spit poured from the corners of her mouth as she choked and gagged.

Leah reached out her hands and cupped them below, catching several wads, she slurped them up greedily. “Ohhh I am sooo horny” she purred.

“Well then you best help Me and Michelle” Lucy said, she was standing in the doorway watching us.  “get changed and meet Kitty and Sophie in the pool room”

Alice lifted her head up off my softening shaft, gasping for breath she turned and grinned at Lucy.  Leah eagerly got to her feet, and helped Alice up. “This will be fun” she said leading her out.

“Come on then let’s get going” Lucy said as I followed her to the poolroom.


Upon reaching the poolroom I found Michelle, Kitty and Sophie all seated on the loungers by the pool, Kitty and Michelle wore swimsuits whilst Sophie was dressed very smartly, a tight white blouse, pencil black skirt and stockings, plus high heels.  You could make out the outline of a black bra under her blouse.

“Good Kitty, the whore is dressed as we wanted” Lucy said. “Sit down and watch, your pals will be here soon, and then you can all join in”

Michelle and Lucy stood up, Michelle passed Lucy a huge thick strap on, probably 18 inches maybe more. “This is going to be amazing Lucy!” she said as they both fastened them into place.

“Kneel down slut!” Lucy snapped, tossing a cushion from a lounger onto the floor.

Sophie did as asked and knelt down in front of Michelle who now had a massive cock strapped to her pussy.

“Look at me whore, I want you to suck my huge cock, suck it like you want me to shoot hot spunk all over you” Michelle told her.

Lucy was fastening her huge cock on, and she sat next to Kitty, rubbing her shaft.  Kitty was fondling her breasts as Sophie stuffed several inches of Michelle’s thick fake cock into her mouth.

“Suck it, suck it whore, Ohhhh fuck yeahhhhh” Michelle gasped, rubbing her hands up and down the shaft as Sophie slobbered on her knob head.

Her red lipstick smeared up an down the shaft, as she managed to get it deeper and deeper down her throat, her neck bulged as about 5 or 6 inches now disappeared down inside her.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck yeah Slut, you filthy filthy whore” Michelle groaned.

Sophie kept suckling on her head then pushing her down her neck as far as she could, Michelle was wanking her cock, and playing with her big fake balls.  Lucy gripped kitty’s hand and moved it to her fake cock, “Wank me baby” she gasped to Kitty.

Michelle pulled Sophie’s head off of her cock and furiously wanked it in front of her face.  “ohh beg for my cum whore, beg for it NOW!!” she snarled

“Please Michelle, please shoot your spunk all over my face, I deserve it, I am a worthless cocksucking whore” Sophie gasped pleading with Michelle.

Michelle groaned as Sophie kept begging for spunk, wanking faster and faster on her fake dick.  Lucy was gasping as Kitty sucked on her cock, flipping her tongue rapidly over the head.  Michelle was gasping and groaning as her legs started to tremble, an orgasm approaching.

“Drown me pleeeaaasssse” Sophie whined, “I want to be covered in your cum”

“Take it! Take it! TAKE IT!” Michelle snarled.

I huge jet of cum burst from her massive fake cock, splattering Sophie’s shocked face, again and again a torrent of cum blasted her gasping face.  Michelle was shuddering her abdomen twitching as she furiously wanked her fake pulsating shaft.

“Holy FUCK!” Kitty gasped watching Michelle blast Sophie “How did you do that?”

“These are Kathy’s latest thing,” Lucy said smiling.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck” Sophie spluttered, Michelle drowning her in fake cum.

“FUCK YOU!” FUCK YOU FUUUUUCKKKK YOU!” Michelle screamed, her hand wanking furiously back and forth, as the thick white spunk rocketed forth.

Sophie was gasping as the thick white coat of cum dripped from her face, her eyes were glued shut cum clinging to her lashes.  Lucy got up swiftly, standing beside Michelle she gasped coming as well.

Thick bolts of spunk splashes across Sophie’s face as Lucy joined Michelle in soaking her.  Lucy was snorting her legs trembling as she pasted Sophie with her spunk.  Kitty was sitting rubbing her pussy, amazed at all this action.

Michelle collapsed back, leaving Lucy to continue to drench Sophie, gasping in post orgasm.  “That’s a good slut, take all Lucy’s cum” she panted.

Sophie’s blouse was drenched in jizz, see through and clinging to her body.  Lucy’s face was a mask of pleasure as she furiously wanked her shaft, her body was bucking, hips jerking forwards, projecting large arcs of spunk over Sophie.

“More, please use my face some more” Sophie gasped, as Lucy spunked all over it.

“YES! FUCKING YES BITCH!” Lucy screamed at Sophie as her cock pumped thick bolts all over her face.

Lucy finished cumming and sat back by Michelle, Sophie was a mess, her face smothered in a thick white layer, blouse soaked, black skirt covered in pools of white spunk.

“Good start whore” Michelle said, now open those eyes.

Sophie blinked hard eventually forcing her eyes open.

“Cum in her eyes” Lucy said to me.

“While we get Kitty, Alice and Leah strapped in”

As if on cue, Leah and Alice arrived.  Both wore tight black underwear sets, with stockings and suspenders.  “Holy Fuck!” Alice said looking at Sophie.

“Good timing girls” Michelle said.

Sophie was looking up at me, big eyes wide, cum dripping from her chin.

“Shoot your hot salty spunk into my eyes please, make them all red, make them sting” she pleaded.

Lucy and Michelle had Kitty, Leah and Alice strap on huge matching cocks.

“The more you wank them, the more they stimulate your pussy, then when you cum, they shoot the spunk out”” Lucy explained.

“Fucking amazing isn’t it!” Michelle added.

I was stroking my cock right in front of Sophie, the head inches from her nose, she looked up at me, begging for my cum, “Ohh do it please master, do it now” she panted.

Kitty started stroking her fake cockhead, gasping as her pussy received a jolt.

“ohh man that’s good” she gasped.

Leah sat down and started sucking her own cock, “This is brilliant” she spluttered between sucks.

I stroked my cock inches in front of Sophie’s face, she knelt eyes looking up at me, begging for my cum.  “Spurt it in my eyes baby, make them burn and cry!” Sophie gasped.

“Do it, fucking make the whore cry” Lucy gasped, in between sucks of her fake cock.

All 5 girls were now sitting around Sophie and myself, sucking and wanking themselves silly.  Sophie was shaking in anticipation of my spunk, I moved my cockhead closer to her right eye, wanking faster and faster.

“yeah, now baby, do it, do it now” She pleaded.

Hot semen blasted out of my cock, straight into Sophie’s eye, 2 or 3 jets as she fought the urge to dodge it and sat there eyes open.  I switched to the left another 2 or 3 jets, before Sophie tilted her head back and I tried to fill her eye sockets with spunk.

“Oh fuck yeah, do it, do it!” Michelle panted watching us.

Sophie had her head tilted back, my shots of spunk pooled in her eyes, filling the sockets and trickling down her face.  Her eyes were wide open swimming in the semen, as I finally finished cumming.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” She cried clenching her fists, shaking.

I told her to open her mouth, before slowly spitting a long wad down onto her shaking tongue, watching her swallow it.

“keep your head back bitch, and take off your blouse” Lucy said standing up.

Sophie unfastened her sperm soaked blouse, easing it off Lucy took it from her.  “now the bra, we want those chebs on view” She told Sophie.

Michelle stood up next to Lucy, “Get up girls, let’s watch the whore”

Sophie’s eyes were wide open, thick spunk filled her eye sockets, she moved them side to side in a vain attempt to see what Lucy and Michelle had planned.  She unfastened her bra, freeing her big breasts, they were looking enormous, full, maybe slightly swollen from her tit torture.

The ladies all circled Sophie, stroking their cocks hard.  Lucy was grinning as she watched Sophie struggling, her eyes on fire, full of cum. “Lean back show off those tits” Lucy told her.

Sophie arched her back, resting on her palms, head still boobs thrust upwards towards, her big nipples were rock hard.  Lucy wrung the blouse out all over Sophie’s tits, scraping her hands down the cloth dripping thick globs of girlspunk all over her.

“We are gonna drown you whore!” Michelle said, “Absolutely soak you in our thick spunk!”

Lucy and Michelle and the others all closed in around Sophie, starting to slap their cocks on her tits, “clean your eyes whore, we want you to see what you have coming” Lucy told her.

Sophie sat up, cum running from her eyes, down her cheeks, she used her fingers to wipe her eyes clean.  “Swallow it slut, don’t waste it” Michelle told her.

Sophie scooped my cum from her face, dragging it all between her plump red lips, her eyes were now open, but very red.  Sophie gathered every drop from her face, her mouth full of cum, thick lumps swirling around. She turned her head to show them all, before swallowing it down in a huge gulp.

“Good whore, swallow all that spunk down into your belly, you dirty cum dumpster” Lucy said.

Now they all got even closer, slapping her face with the ends of their huge dicks, wanking them furiously.  Leah spat on Sophie’s face, Lucy and Michelle followed suit.

“Dirty old slag!” Kitty said, “Fucking worn out has been”

“Worthless whore” Michelle spat at her “Fucking piece of shit!”

“Oh shit! Oh Shit oh SHIIIITTT!!!!” Leah cried her cock exploding.  She wanked furiously her body trembling, huge arcs of spunk splashing down over Sophie.

Sophie was blasted, white glistening gloops flowing down her face, clinging to her hair.  Alice joined in her cock exploding, body bucking as she came as well, she tossed her head back howling “YEAAASSSSSS!!!!!!”

Sophie was gasping as her face and body was drenched in cum, white thick floods running down her face and tits, as Alice and Leah erupted over her.  Kitty now shot her cum, big splashing jets down over Sophie’s hair, completely drenching it with white thick spunk.

“Open your mouth whore!” Michelle snarled

“Yeah we are gonna drown you” Lucy added.

Sophie held her mouth wide open, cum running in as Leah and Alice continued to blast her forehead, Lucy and Michelle both shrieked as cum exploded from their cocks, each thick spurt going straight into Sophie’s mouth.

“FUUCKKKK!” Lucy squealed, furiously wanking blast after blast of spunk from her cock.

“OHHHHHHH!!!” Michelle howled.

Kitty was snorting, biting her bottom lip as she came over and over, Sophie’s hair was drenched in her semen. Michelle and Lucy had filled her mouth with cum, “Swallow!” Lucy cried.  Sophie gulped down every drop, before opening her mouth again.  Lucy and Michelle whined and groaned as they filled her mouth over and over, Sophie swallowing repeatedly.

“Filthy, filthy whore” Leah gasped, as she and Alice were spent.  They sat back watching as Sophie avidly gulped down her mouthfuls of spunk.

Kitty came to join them , Lucy and Michelle either side of Sophie, finally drained, they slapped their cocks hard on Sophie’s cheeks.  Sophie looked up, here eyes bloodshot, hair caked in thick white spunk.  Rivers ran down her body over her tits, pooling in her crotch.

“belly full of our jizz bitch?” Michelle said, “feel it churning, all those little sperms swimming inside you”

“Yeah plus all of Kathy’s added extra, you are gonna be so horny in about 15 minutes!” Lucy added.

“Slave on heat!” Michelle said

“We are gonna go to town on you, and you’re gonna beg for every second! Lucy added, they went and sat by the other 3, leading Michelle with her.

“Now go into the master bedroom, get cleaned up, I have put your next outfit on the bed for you”  Michelle said.

“Thank you ladies” Lucy said kissing Alice, Kitty and Leah

Sophie got up, cum still dripping from her body, and slowly walked out from the poolroom.  Lucy and the others unfastened their cocks, “Go with her if you want babe” Lucy said, “She’s your whore today as well”

I moved over and kissed her, then Michelle, then the other 3, groping tits as I did so. “Naughty boy!” Michelle said as I squeezed her breasts.

“Go on, give the whore a workout before someone else arrives” Leah said.


I walked out and up the stairs making my way to the master bedroom, I could hear the shower running and was about to go and get Sophie, when it stopped.  Moments later she appeared, wrapped in a towel.

“hello” she said, “how can I service you?”

I gripped her arm and pulled her over to the bed, tossing the towel to the floor leaving a naked Sophie on her back on the bed.  I pulled her roughly by the hair so her head was back over the end of the bed, her wet hair hanging down. Grabbing a fruit bowl from the side, I emptied the fruit and placed it on the floor below her.

“Please fuck my whore throat!” she squealed as I gripped both her tits, mauling them hard.

I pushed my cock into her mouth, my head running down her tongue until it touched her throat.  I pushed hard and it popped open, my shaft stretching her gagging neck.  I groped her massive tits as I thrust my cock into her throat, face fucking her hard.

I pounded harder and harder, destroying her face, my cock driving as deep as I could down her throat.  Sophie kicked her legs and struggled, her arms gripping the sides of the bed, hands clenched tight in the sheets. I pushed all my weight into her throat, resting there and bouncing less than an inch deep in her gullet.

Sophie was gagging, thick streams of mucus running down her face, dripping into the bowl.  I kept pounding away, until finally she urged, her belly rolling hot puke gushing from her flooding over my cock and into the bowl.

I kept pounding away, balls bashing her nose, I slapped her tits hard, making her squeal as she puked and gagged.  My cock was poking up through her neck every stroke, the head bulging through as I slammed harder and harder.  Sophie was struggling more and more, so I held her shoulders down and set about slamming harder.

Over and over I fucked her face, as she gagged and puked, I could hear the splats as it fell into the bowl.  I was so close, so I released her shoulders and clasped her tits, squeezing them tight as I came.  Burying may spurting head deep in her gullet I came, over and over, shooting my hot thick spunk into her belly.

I clawed at her tits as I shot every single drop of cum from my balls into Sophie’s belly, as she choked below me.  My cock throbbed as it erupted thick spunk flooding her insides.  I rested on her still mauling her globes as I finally finished my orgasm.  Sophie was gasping and gagging on my limp shaft as finally I withdrew it from her mouth.

“Thank you” she croaked, “did my whore throat satisfy you?”

Her face and hair were soaked in spit, thick rivers ran through her hair, the bowl was well over half full.  “Barely” I replied

I pushed my soft cock back between her lips, Sophie sucked on it working hard to get me up and ready again.  She squeezed my balls as my cock sprang back to life, growing in her mouth.

I pulled my cock out pulled Sophie up, spinning her over so she knelt on the floor bending over the bed.  Pushing my hard cock to her asshole I slammed it in hard, all the way until my crotch rested on her ass cheeks.

Sophie squealed as her sphincter was broken open, my cock burying its way up her ass.  “Fuuuckkkkk!” she yelped as I lay on top of her holding her down to the bed.

I spread her hands wide pinning her down and pushed my cock deep up her ass, jabbing short shallow strokes and she gasped for breath.  Sophie was squirming as I drilled her back passage, harder and harder, deeper and deeper strokes.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUUCCCKKK!!” she cried orgasming.

Her sphincter spasmed on my shaft as I pounded her, body shaking and shuddering in pleasure.  I kept ramming my hard cock into her ass, pound her relentlessly as she came.

“YEASSSS!!! YEAAASSSS!!! YEAAAAASSSS!!!” she howled her face pressed into the mattress.

My crotch slammed against her ass as her was pinned to the bed, her body quivered in excitement as she calmed from her orgasm.  Over and over I used her ass just to release my aching balls, until finally I was about to explode.  Pulling my cock from her asshole I wanked my shaft as a massive spurt of semen erupted from the tip.  It splashed down into the bowl, followed by many, many more.

“Your whore ass doesn’t deserve my spunk!” I told her spanking her hard.

The fruit bowl filled with my semen, as I jerked every drop into it.  Sophie lay there panting hard as I stepped back.  “Get up whore, pick up your bowl” I told her.

I told her to put it on the side, and then get ready, asking her where we were going next she said the study.


I entered the Study, to find Sarah and Christina waiting.  Sarah had a tight white T-shirt on, with tiny turquoise hotpants.  Christina wore a slinky gold dress, showing off her mouth watering cleavage.

“Hello babe” Sarah said, “Hope Sophie will be here soon”

“Oh yeah, this is going to be fun” Christina added.

We waited for a few minutes, and then Sophie arrived, she wore tight blue denim hotpants and an orange jumper tied under her tits to push them up so they appeared truly massive.

“hello bitch!” Christina said, “you are gonna get used and abused!”

Sarah moved around behind Sophie, she reached around her body groping Sophie’s breasts. She pushed one hand down the front of Sophie’s shorts, fingering her pussy.

“Wet already whore!” she said.

“get over here and eat my pussy” Christina ordered, sitting back on the desk.

Sophie complied, as Christina pulled her dress up over her hips revealing her pussy.  Sophie delved in with gusto, sucking on her swollen lips.  Sarah moved over to sit on the floor below Christina.

“Make her cum slut, make her cum and squirt all over me!” Sarah teased.

Christina held tightly to Sophie’s head as she worked hard on her pussy, Her legs were starting to shake as she came closer to orgasm. Sarah looked up awaiting the gush of warm girlcum.

“Do it bitch, make her squirt!” Sarah teased.

Christina roared in orgasm, “YEEEAAASSSS!!!!” she screamed, releasing Sophie’s head. Gushes of Squirt basted from her pussy, hitting Sophie in the face and spraying down over Sarah.

“YEASSS!!! YEEEAAASSSS!!! YEAAAASSS!!!” Christina roared as she came, juice fountaining from her cunt over Sarah.  Sarah was revelling in the shower, her face covered, t-shirt now see through and soaked.

“Yes Christina, yes baby, soak me with your cum” Sarah gasped.

Her orgasm subsided, and Christina collapsed back on the desk gasping.

Sophie moved down to Sarah and started to suck her tits through her top, licking all of Christina’s juice from her cleavage.  My cock was raging hard, I stepped up behind Sophie, yanking her tiny hotpants down.

“Oh use the bitch baby” Sarah gasped as Sophie mauled her big breasts.

Not for the first time today I rammed my hard cock into her dry asshole, Sophie screamed “FUCK!” as my length battered its way through her sphincter.

Sophie braced herself against the desk with her arms, as Sarah unleashed her breasts from her top, allowing Sophie to suckle on them.  Christina removed her dress, and started to fasten a huge 14 inch shaft to her crotch.

“Do it, slam that dirty whore up her ass,” She said, adjusting the harness.

“OH SHIT! OH SHIT! OH SHIT!” Sophie squealed as I sawed in and out of her tight asshole, my cock plunging deep into the tight depths.

“Where’s his cock slut?” Sarah teased.

“Up my asssss” Sophie gasped in reply.

Sarah spat in her face, “open your mouth whore” she said, spitting into it as Sophie complied.

“Fill her ass with Spunk baby, use her for your pleasure” Christina said standing next to me, the huge 14 inch shaft bouncing at her crotch.

I had hold of her soft fleshy hips and dove my cock furiously up her back passage, my balls were bursting and the moment Sophie’s sphincter clenched in orgasm, my head exploded.


Hot thick semen flooded her bowels, I clawed at her hips as I jerked and jerked inside her.  Sarah eased out from below Sophie, as she screamed and shook in orgasm.

“FUCK YES! YES!!! YEEEAAAASS!!!” Sophie cried.

Christina moved over as I eased from Sophie’s ass, she sat up on the desk, “lose the shorts bitch and sit on my shaft” she told her.

Sophie kicked off the hot pants and got up onto the desk, where Christina was now laying, fake cock jutting upright, Sophie knelt across Christina facing down away from her, reaching back she eased the shaft to her freshly fucked asshole.

“Good decision whore, I didn’t even need to tell you” Christina said.

Sophie sat down on the shaft, all the way until the hilt touched her ass cheeks, she squirmed and gasped as the huge length filled her back passage. Christina reached around to her breasts, “Ride me whore let’s see these boobies bounce” she teased.

Christina gripped her hips and set about poking the dildo deep up Sophie’s ass, harder and harder as she rode her.  Sophie’s glistening breasts bounced furiously in her tight bra, and jumper combo.

Sarah moved behind her and unfastened the jumper, then her bra, peeling them off of Sophie letting her huge titties escape.  Christina moved her hands up from Sophie’s hips and groped her breasts hard, mauling the nipples and teats.

“FUCK! FUUUCKKKK!!!” Sophie cried, her body shaking, Christina had made her cum hard.

Sarah moved up and gripped both her nipples tightly and started to bounce her tits hard.  She stretched them out as Sophie shrieked and trembled, her body still climaxing.

“FUCK!!! FUCKKK!!! FUCCCKKKK!!!” Sophie screamed.

“give her to me Christina” Sarah said, pulling Sophie off of her, Sophie was in mid climax as she was dragged to the floor and bent over the desk.  Christina quickly moved out of the way as Sarah bent her over the desk and started to fuck her in the Pussy hard.

Sophie’s asshole was still spasming open and closed as Sarah rammed her thick shaft into her cunt, hand resting on her back, pushing her down onto the desk.

“FUUUCKKKKK!!!” Sophie yelled.

Sarah rammed her pussy for a few seconds, then pulled out and buggered her ass.  She kept going back and forth between Sophie’s 2 holes, furiously fucking both.  Christina held her head down to the desk bending over she got right in Sophie’s face.

“You see whore, we can have you when we want, however we want” She sneered, “And you just let us don’t you”

Sophie squealed as Sarah again rammed her pussy hard.  Her legs were shaking as she came again.

“Why is that?” Christina asked.

“Because I am a whore” Sophie gasped back at her.

Christina spat in her face, “Yes a worthless piece of shit whore” she snapped.

“YEAAASS!!!! YEAAAAAASSS!!! YES! YES! YEEEAAAASS!!!” Sophie screamed her body bucking and trying to rise.

Sarah held her down firmly as Christina put more pressure on her head, gripping her hair tight and holding her down.

“FUCK!” Sophie screamed “FUUUUCKKKK!!!!”

Sarah kept poking both her holes hard, 4 or 5 strokes then out and into the other, Christina had Sophie’s face pinned to the desk, her cheek  pressed tightly down onto the wood.

“You dirty piece of shit,” Christina hissed moving her head down level with Sophie, looking at her face while she twisted her hair harder. “Being held down and having that monster shoved into both your holes, makes you feel so pathetic I bet”

Sarah had both hands on the small of Sophie’s back pressing her down, her hips churning as she crammed the whole length up Sophie ass.  Spanking her ass hard, she made Sophie squeal.

“You fat, ugly Whore!” Christina snarled, “The only way you can get anywhere in this business is to let people fuck you!”  I stood next to them, my hard cock bouncing, Christina grabbed it and slapped it on Sophie’s face.

“That’s it whore, let him rub his cock all over your face” She sneered.

I took over holding Sophie’s head down, my throbbing cockhead smearing pre cum all over her cheek.  Christina went and found a large silver dog bowl, she tossed it onto the desk.

“Pull her up Sarah” she said.

Sarah grabbed her hair and yanked her upright , back arched painfully, she kept stabbing her ass harder and harder.  Christina moved the bowl so it was in front of Sophie, Moving me over she started to slowly wank my cock into it.

“You’re a filthy animal Sophie, you dirty slag. Look at this cock, bursting with spunk.  I am gonna wank it until every drop spurts out into this bowl.  Then you’re gonna drink every drop down” Christina told her.

Sophie was gasping as Sarah held her tight, Sarah’s massive breasts bouncing furiously.  Christina slowly stroked my cock, bending down she slurped on the head with her tongue, roaming it all over.

“please sir, please cum in the bowl for me” Sophie pleaded.

Christina moved my pulsing head, as my balls erupted, hot thick spunk filling the bowl.  Sophie was snorting and whining as Sarah really thrust deep into her, Christina rubbing my twitching shaft milking every drop from my balls.

“FUUUCKKKK!!!! FUUUCKKKK FUUUUCKKKKK!!!” Sophie screamed, coming hard.

Sarah twisted her hair harder, as she shook and screamed.  Christina had drained my balls and I stepped back to watch.

“YYEAASSSS!!!! YEEEEAAAAAASSSS!!!!!” Sophie howled.

“Fucking put your hands behind your back slut” Christina told Sophie.

She did as instructed, Sarah gripping her hands tight holding them at the small of her back.  Sarah held them there with one hand, tugging hard on her hair with the other.  Christina pushed the full dog bowl under Sophie’s head, Sarah pushed her face down into it, holding her submerged.

Sarah pumped furiously into Sophie’s ass, as she struggled, her head held in the huge bowl of spunk.  Tugging her back up she let Sophie breathe, before pushing her back down into the bowl.

“Drown the whore Sarah, fucking destroy her” Christina urged.

Sarah leant forwards resting her weight on Sophie’s head as she ground it into the bowl, cum was leaking from the sides as Sophie fought and struggled. Sarah was panting as she drove hard up Sophie’s asshole, finally pulling a gasping Sophie up for air

“Fuuuucckkkkk” Sophie croaked, her face a mask of cum, thick streaks in her hair which clang to her forehead and cheeks.

Christina grabbed her head by the hair allowing Sarah to grip Sophie’s hands tightly with both of hers.  Pulling her head down she held Sophie’s face in the bowl, cackling as Sarah pounded her ass.

“Fucking yes you filthy slut, you worthless whore”  Christina gasped.

Sarah’s huge tits bounced as she buggered Sophie, Christina grinding her face into the bowl full of semen.  Sophie rested on her huge tits, arms behind her back, she was fighting and squirming as Cristina held her head in the bowl, and Sarah destroyed her asshole.

Sophie was really fighting now, her lungs burning as she was unable to breathe, her fighting became stronger, and just before she broke free Christina lifted her head from the bowl.

“Fuuuuckkkkkkk” Sophie gasped, struggling for breath, as she tried to clear her nose.

“Lick it up whore” Christina said, releasing Sophie from her grasp, “lick your bowl clean”

Sophie started lapping her bowl, licking up the cum,  Sarah stopped fucking her ass and ground the shaft deep, stroking Sophie’s shoulders, she leant forwards kissing her back, licking up her spine.

Sophie squealed as she felt Sarah kiss her, and Christina moved the bowl away.

“You’re enjoying that far too much whore” she said.

Sarah eased from her asshole, Sophie sighing as the huge fake member was removed, she moved over to get up on the desk, perching on the edge, stroking the shaft.  “get over here and sit on my cock!” she told Sophie.

A gasping Sophie got up from bending over and slowly backed up onto Sarah, who held her hips helping her to lift up off the ground and lower her asshole down over her strap on.

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!” Sophie gasped, the huge shaft buried once more up her backside.

Sarah lay back on the desk, as Christina approached Sophie, she took the bowl and lifted it up over Sophie’s head pouring the rest of my spunk over her.  The thick white cum flowed down over her head, clinging to her hair, dripping down her body.

“That’s better whore, you should be reeking of cum” Christina sneered.

She stepped up in front of Sophie and bounced her strap on shaft, wiping it up and down Sophie’s pussy for a second, before pushing it against her asshole next to Sarah.

“Noooooooooo” Sophie squealed as Christina grabbed her thighs and push hard.

The thick shaft bust into her ass, squelching up alongside of Sarah, Sophie’s body was shaking, as she wailed her ass torn open.

Christina had the whole length deep inside of Sophie who was twitching and shaking, now crying.  “Ohhh does it hurt your whore ass?” Christina teased. Pulling out and slamming home, making Sophie scream.

Sophie was blubbering, thick cum dripping down her body, hair soaked in semen, Christina and Sarah were buggering her hard.  Both shafts were working in and out fast.

“Take it whore!” Christina snarled.

She gripped Sophie thighs tight and slammed her shaft deep, pumping relentlessly.  Sarah held her hips and rutted upwards making Sophie bounce and buck.

“Fuuuucccckkk!” Sophie moaned, her body starting to accept the torment.

“That’s it you slut, fucking cum for us, cum and revel in your whoredom” Christina panted.

Cristina gripped Sophie’s massive tits and squeezed them together, she then grabbed her hair pulling her head back.  Sophie yelped as her hair was tugged roughly, Christina spitting in her face.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUCKKKKK!!!” Sophie cried, her body quivering

Sophie’s abdomen was twitching as she came hard, her ass being assaulted by 2 huge shafts.

Christina and Sarah were furiously slamming up Sophie’s asshole, she was shaking and screaming as she came. “FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUCKKKKK!!!!” she howled.

Thick cum was plastered all over her face clinging to her hair, dribbling down her huge boobs and they shook.  Eyes wide she screamed and wailed as her ass was reamed repeatedly by the monster cocks.

“HOLY FUUUUCKKKK!!!” She cried as neither girl relented, banging her as hard as they could.

Sophies massive tits were quivering and bouncing as her ass was wrecked by Sarah and Christina.  I got up onto the desk and wanked my cock furiously watching her scream and cry.

“FUUUUUUCCCKKKKK!!!!!” Sophie screamed, her eyes rolling back into her skull as she came hard.

Another huge burst of hot spunk blasted her face, thick streams covering her hair, making it cling to her head.  I coated her trembling tits with hot spunk, as she shuddered and continued to orgasm.

She looked up at me, “Thank you “ she gasped as my balls unloaded over her face, thick trails in her eyes and over her forehead.

Sarah groped her tits hard, smearing my spunk all over them, crushing them in her grasp as Christina battered her ass. The last few drops of cum dripped onto Sophie, and I got down from the desk.

“Cum for me again slut, then we have finished with you” Christina told her, continuing to bugger her ass.

Sophie rested back on her arms, looking up, eyes begging Christina to finish, to give her one final orgasm.  Clasping Sophie’s thighs tightly Christina rammed hard and deep up her ass, hips a blur as she buggered her relentlessly.

“Like a filthy Whore!!!” Christina snarled “take it like a filthy slut whore!”


Christina and Sarah were pounding her ass, driving all the length deep up her ass, making her huge boobs bounce and shake as she came hard.  Semen was splashing everywhere as her nipples shuddered, eyes wide with excitement.


Christina had hold of her quivering thighs, as Sarah reached around and groped her slimy breasts.  Sophie was shaking furiously as she came, her body spasming and writhing in pleasure.

“YEAAASSSSS!!!! YEEEEAASSSSS!!!!!” She screamed.

Christina really pounded her harder and harder, Sarah twisting her nipples, Sophie was roaring as she orgasmed, her whole body convulsing and shaking.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” She screamed.

“That’s all your getting!” Christina snarled, stabbing her shaft up Sophie’s ass one final time before pulling it out.

She released her legs and Sophie kicked them wildly as Sarah jiggled her huge tits by the nipples.  Christina was exhausted, having buggered Sophie relentlessly for a good 10 or more minutes.

“Ohhh shit, Ohhh fuck!” Sophie squealed as she calmed down, rubbing her pussy, sitting up.

“Good slut” Sarah said as Sophie eased up off of the shaft of her strap on, and stood, barely, on her shaky legs.

“Take her away” Christina, said to me, “Get her looking nice, then bring her to the lounge in about 15 minutes”

I led Sophie out and back to the bedroom, where she showered and changed again.  Her next outfit was a tight pink sweater, tied under her boobs to form a miraculous cleavage.  Tiny pink knickers and socks topped off the outfit.

“Lets see what the girls have in store for you now slut” I said to her as we moved back to the lounge.

All the other ladies had gathered in the Lounge, and when we returned, Malene explained all.

“The spunk tank,” she said “hope you are thirsty whore!”

The coffee table was covered in cushions, and a large square tank was sitting at one end.  The front had a semicircular hole cut into it, the top half removed.  Sophie was positioned on the table lying on her back, head in the tank.  Lucy then fitted the missing half of the tank side over her neck, a rubber collar sealing it tight.

Casey stroked her big fake cock, all the girls were now wearing the massive shafts.  “Ready bitch, we’re gonna cover your pretty face in our spunk”

“Would you like the honour?” Lucy asked me.

I stood over the box, Lucy stroked my shaft, Malene licked my balls.  Sophie stared up at me, licking her lips, panting in excitement at what was to come.  Her eyes were wide, watching my shaft as it throbbed in Lucy’s hand.

“You are gonna drown in our cum whore” Casey teased.

Kitty got down onto her knees, and spread my ass cheeks, driving her tongue deep up there.  She knew this would have the desired effect, and within seconds my hot cum blasted out all over Sophie’s face.

“Fuck!” Sophie gasped, as my hot spunk drenched her face, clinging to her nose, dripping into her eyes.

Lucy stroked my exploding cock all over Sophie, watching as she loved every hot splash pelting her face.  The other girls all moved in, circling the tank, as I finished and stepped back.

“You nasty, dirty slut” Malene gasped, wanking her cock furiously, “take it, take it like a whore!” she snarled.

The girls were all furiously wanking their shafts, Gemma M was the first o cum, squealing as she blasted Sophie, thick white spunk gushing over her panting face.  The others soon followed, Sophie was quickly getting covered in semen, a good few inches now filled the tank, it was up above her ears and brimming her cheeks.

Sophie was spluttering, only Lucy, Malene, Casey and Sammy had yet to cum.  Both Gemmas were now kneeling down beside Sophie, her jumper was unfastened, they feasted on her tits.  Christina was on her knees Sophie’s panties discarded, buried in her pussy, wantonly servicing it.

Sophie was groaning, nearly orgasming, Sammy exploded all over her, the level rising to just below her eyes. “Fucking keep them open whore!” Malene told her, “I want your eyes buring when that spunk gets to them”

The other girls were all sitting around, sucking on their own dicks, or on the dick of the girl next to them. Malene screamed her huge fake cock pumping all over Sophie, the cum brimmed over her face now, pooling in her open eyes.  Her hair was matted and floating on the surface, breathing hard through her nose.  Sophie’s body twitched as she came, unable to open her mouth she whined and groaned.

Malene fitted a large snorkel to Sophie, forcing it over her mouth she clutched it in her teeth, “Now you can breathe slut!” she teased.

Cristina came up for air, gasping, her face smeared in Sophie’s juices, “Let’s make the bitch cum hard!” she purred.

Lucy and Michelle exploded together, covering Sophie’s face completely.  You could see her eyes moving under the thick white layer of semen than now engulfed her.  Christina was now poking Sophie with her thick fake cock, while both Gemma’s feasted on her huge boobs.  Squeezing each one hard they suckled on her trembling nipples.

“Holy FUCK!” Leah screamed, standing up and wanking furiously, “You FILTHY MOTHERFUCCCCKKKERERRR!” she cried shouting down at Sophie as her shaft exploded for a second time.

Jen joined her, cock pulsing, thick white spunk splattering on the surface, level rising with each jolt.  Sophie was roaring, her orgasmic wails echoing through the pipe.  Christina was thrusting the head of her shaft in and out of her pussy, which clamped and spasmed on it.

Leah collapsed back, as Kitty and Alice emptied their balls, Sophie getting deeper and deeper below the surface.  You could see her head tossing as she was cumming, hair floating in the mess.

“My God that bitch is a total motherfucking slag” Leah panted watching Sophie buck and shake.

Charley and Sammy now stood around Sophie’s head, stoking their fake dicks hard, Christina pulled out and all 3 girls stood wanking over Sophie.  Lucy, Malene and Casey were all taking it in turns to fuck Sammy, who lay on her back on the sofa.  Each would stick there cock in her for a few strokes then swap out.

“Oh fuck, fuck yeah, do it” Sammy gasped.

The 2 Gemmas had finished suckling on Sophie’s tits, and now stood wanking hard over her submerged head.  “This is fucking unbelievable!” Gemma A said grinning as her cock exploded, her hips quivering.  Gemma M roared as her hot spunk flooded the box brining the level up to about 2 inches from the top.

“gonna cum, gonna cum” Sammy gasped, pushing Lucy off of her and scrabbling up to wank her exploding shaft into the box.

The thick spunk hit the surface, creating ripples, Sophie was still submerged, you could hear her breathing through the tube.  She had both her breasts clasped tightly, twisting and tweaking her own nipples hard.

Sarah was bent over, sucking off Lucy and Malene, while Casey fucked her hard from behind.  “Ram it in Casey, fucking slam my pussy!” she cried.

She stroked Malene and Lucy vigorously, Shaking her head as she started to orgasm,  moving swiftly over she stroked her exploding shaft as her hips twitched, she tossed her head back screaming.

“YEAAASSS!!!!!” Sarah roared.

Malene, Casey, Lucy and Michelle all surrounded the tank, with a grunt they all came almost simultaneously, the level rising quickly.  Sophie clawed at her tits, legs quivering as she squirmed and shook.

“Holy fuck, that is disgusting!” Gemma gasped as the tank was filled.

Casey and Malene got down beside Sophie and grappled her arms, forcing them under the table, they tied them together with her jumper.  Lucy and Michelle grabbed her legs and fastened her ankles to the table with some padded cuffs.

“So girls, this is the bit we hadn’t told you” Lucy explained.

Malene fitted a lid on the box, the tube sticking up through a small hole purpose cut into it.

“we went over this with Sophie before we started today and she agreed to this 100%, it was her idea!”  Michelle added.

“We are gonna take that snorkel out, and leave her there, she has to drink all that cum down, or drown in it.” Malene explained.

“Fuck NO!” Gemma A gasped.

“Yep this whore is gonna have to guzzle all that down, or be on the front pages in the morning!” Casey said.

Malene gripped the tube, “in 5, 4, 3…” She shouted so Sophie could hear. “2, 1” she pulled the tube free.

Sophie swallowed, and swallowed and swallowed.  Her belly undulating as she gulped it down.  The level fell quickly, as she easily gulped the thick liquid into her gullet.  We all sat mesmerised by her efforts, she was doing very well the tank was half empty after about 40 seconds.

She started to thrash and buck, her body arching as she struggled to get more down, she was fighting hard to breath, her neck was pulsing as she swallowed and swallowed, her body shook, arms fought and legs trying to kick.  The level fell slowly , until finally her nose was clear and she managed to get a deep breath.

Sophie gasped for air as she swallowed enough to free her mouth, Lucy removed the lid so we could see her.  “You fucking dirty cum dumpster!” Casey sneered, looking at Sophie.

“That is the most disgusting sex act I have every seen!” Leah gasped, as Sophie lay there panting, belly swollen with semen.

Sophie suddenly urged, puking up a huge volcano of semen, it filled the tank back up over her face, and again she had to swallow it down.  She guzzled hard, forcing it down into her belly, gasping once again.

“keep it down you little tramp” Lucy told her, “keep all that spunk in your belly”

Sophie spluttered and gasped, her hair floating in the cum around her head, thick lumps still plastered her face, pooling in her eye sockets eyes wide still looking around.  Lucy moved around and unfastened her arms, Sophie shaking them from her exertions.  Malene unfastened her legs, Sophie stretched them as well.

“Sit up whore” Michelle told her, putting the tank lid back on.

Casey and Lucy helped her up, the tank still fastened around her neck, once she was sat up, the cum levelled out to under her chin.  Lucy released the neck holder and it gushed out, running down her body like a river, over her tits, pooling on the table in front and behind her.

“Holy fuck!” Sarah gasped, “That was brutal!”

Sophie blinked her eyes as the cum ran down her face, they were red and very bloodshot. She looked around, half dazed, as all the girls sat watching her.  thick lumps of cum oozed down over her tits, dripping off her nipples and splashing on the table.

“That’s it slut, sit there so we can see you for the useless cum whore you are!” Malene teased.

Her belly was swollen, full of the huge amounts of cum, she blinked and stared blankly at her audience.  “Thank you” she gasped, finally.

“oh I don’t think you’ve quite finished yet bitch” Leah said, “I think you need to clean yourself off and lick up your mess!”

Sophie’s hair was matted and soaked in cum, she started to run her hands up over her body, scooping up the thick white spunk and licking it from her hands.  She got down onto the floor and bent over lapping the huge puddles of cum from the table.

“hoover it up you cum loving slut!” Christina said.

Casey grabbed her hair making her cry out, pushing her head down into the cum she wiped it from side to side roughly.  Sophie collapsed forwards letting her head be dragged through the thick layer of semen.

Casey dragged Sophie’s head through the thick layer of viscous cum, back and forth, before letting her sit up.

“She’s fucking out of it!” Gemma A said, as Sophie sat there.  Her eyes were red, but glazed over, as she stared aimlessly off into space.  She played with her breasts, pinching her nipples in an almost trance like state.

“The tramp is cum drunk” Lucy replied, “Out of her face on spunk”

Malene Snapped her fingers in front of Sophie to get her attention, “Whore, oh whore!” she said loudly.  Sophie focused back onto her, as Malene passed her a drinking straw.  “I want to see you snorting up our cum” She said grinning.

Sophie bent over, sticking the end of the straw up her nose she sniffed hard, drawing a load of spunk up her nostril. She coughed and choked slightly before snorting some more.  All the girls were sat around watching her, stroking their fake shafts, as she sniffed more and more spunk.

“Ditch the straw bitch, I want to see you do it old school” Michelle told her.

Sophie tossed the straw to one side and pushed her nose into the pool, she closed one nostril with her finger and snorted hard with the other.  Swallowing hard she sucked up a huge volume of semen through her nose.

“Right you little slag, hurry up and clean up the rest!” Lucy told her, “I want this table licked clean”

Sophie bent over and kept slurping the cum from the table, sucking up the thick layer with her big red juicy lips.  Sammy got down behind her and pushed her huge strap on straight up Sophie’s asshole.  Sophie gasped slightly but barely registered the massive girth breaking her sphincter open.

“Fucking hell she is totally gone!” Sammy said as she rutted hard into Sophie.  She kept slurping away as her asshole was being fucked.

Sophie kept on licking and sucking up the cum, as I stroked my cock watching her.  Gemma M got down on her knees between my legs and wrapped her big fake tits around my cock, “Let me help you baby” she purred.

More than half the cum was gone from the table as Sophie lapped it up like a dog.  Malene moved over and straddled her back, slapping her big fake cock on Sophie’s ass cheeks.

“You dirty piece of shit!” she snarled, edging backwards and pushing her cockhead against Sophie’s asshole, next to Sammy’s shaft.

Sophie paused for barely a second as Malene pushed in next to Sammy, both huge fake cocks stretching her ring wide.  Malene started pounding away alongside of Sammy, hands holding Sophie’s waist, big tits bouncing as she thrust hard.

Sammy gasped, her body twitching, cumming as the cock stimulated her.  Her fake balls were already spent though, and she pulled out of Sophie collapsing back onto the floor.  My cock was throbbing between Gemma’s big tits, as she wrapped them around it, wanking me hard.

“holy fuck that was good” Sammy gasped, as Malene moved up tight to Sophie, rutting her, grinding deep up her butt hole.

Sophie had pretty much all of the semen gone from the table top now, as Malene gripped her head pulling it up.  Her eyes were half closed, she looked barely conscious, as Malene viciously twisted her hair.

“You filthy little Whore!” Malene sneered, “What a cum guzzling slut!”

My cock erupted between Gemma’s tits, cum splattering her face and running down her body.  She squealed in delight as I pumped hot thick spunk all over her face and chest.  Malene released Sophie and pulled out of her ass, moving to sit back down with the others.

“Ohh baby yesssss” Gemma gasped, my hot cum dripping from her face, trickling down her tits.

Sophie once again sat back onto her heels, Cum was glistening on her face, lumpy large globs on her massive tits.  She was struggling to keep her eyes open, her mind fogged with the effect of all that spunk.

“Well then whore, what are you waiting for, fuck off and get changed” Casey told her.

Lucy and Christina helped her stand, she was staggering all over the place as they helped her out.  Gemma sat back onto the sofa, Alice and Leah set about devouring her tits, sucking up all my cum.

“Ohh fuck yeah!” Gemma gasped as they chewed on her nipples.

Casey got down on her knees and started sucking Gemma’s strap-on, making her gasp and groan.  She sucked harder and hard on the shaft, deeper and deeper down her throat, spit and slobber running down over the fake balls.

“Fuck, oh fuckkkk” Gemma gasped clasping the Sofa cushions.  Alice chewed on one nipple whilst Leah suckled the other.

Casey was gagging and urging on the shaft, slamming her throat down onto it, grinding it around. The others were all removing their weapons, getting ready for whatever was next.

“YEEAAHHHH!H! OHHH FUCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!” Gemma yelled as her body shook.

Casey choked herself on Gemma’s thrusting shaft, her hips bucked wildly trusting the length hard and deep down into her gullet.  Casey held her arms wide, tongue out accepting each deep stroke.

“YES! YEAAAASSS!!! YEEEAAASSSS!!!!” Gemma screamed.

Her body shook, both Leah and Alice gripped her tits in their hands, biting on her nipples, she screamed and twitched, Casey gagging over her crotch.

“Wow!” gemmas gasped as she recovered, Casey slipping the length out.

“Fucking good Gemma!” Casey croaked scooping up a long drool stream and twirling it around her fingers. “how fucking horny did that make me!” she gasped, swallowing it down.

“Well it’s about to get even better!” Michelle said, “you ready?”

“Oh yeah baby” Casey replied.

“We are headed to the Pool room” Malene said to me, “will just need a quick change and be there shortly”

“Yeah babe, meet us they why don’t you” Casey added as she and Malene left.

“This is absolute filth”  Leah added.


I moved back into the poolroom, where a table had been setup on the tiles, 4 mats had been placed on the floor, below one end, spread out in a semi circular pattern.

Sammy and Michelle were the first to arrive, both wearing skimpy bikinis, “Hello hun, you ready?” Michelle asked.

“Yeah, you want to watch that whore puke all over us” Sammy added.

Casey and Malene walked in, holding hands, each was naked, bodies glistening covered in oil.  “Mmmm, girls are we ready for some hot lumpy puke!” Casey teased.

All 4 turned as Lucy and Leah led Sophie in.  She had on a tight black bra, no knickers though.  Her makeup was redone, and her hair washed and clean.  Her eyes still looked glazed and she staggered as she walked.

“She’s still out of it!” Lucy said, “fucked up totally”

“lay down here slut” Leah told her, as Michelle, Malene, Casey and Sammy all lay on the mats on the floor.

Sophie lay face down on the table, head hanging over the edge above the girls, Lucy placed a large bowl in the centre of them, so they all fanned out from it.  Malene grinned as she looked up at Sophie.

“Get up on the whore and ride her, hold her down” Leah said to me.

I straddled the table, getting up over Sophie, and figured that I may as well have some fun while I held her down.  I pushed my hard cock against her ass hole, and thrust in hard.

“Uhhhhh” Sophie panted, barely registering my cock bursting through her sphincter.

Pulling her hands back I held Sophie down, Leah stood on one side of her, Lucy on the other.  Leah gripped her hair with both hands, pulling her head up, arching her back uncomfortably.  Lucy took a big 28” double dildo and pushed it into Sophie’s mouth.

“Ohh I want it Whore, your hot lumpy spunk puke” Michelle gasped, opening her mouth wide.

I held her arms tightly behind her back resting my full weight down, pinning her in place while I buggered her ass.  Sophie had almost 14 inches down her gullet as Lucy pushed it deep.  Leah held her hair back with one hand and mauled be breasts through her bra with the other.

Spit and snot dripped down from her chin, into the bowl between the girls, all 4 were looking up eagerly awaiting their deluge.  Sophie’s body urged, and Lucy pulled the dildo free, a huge gush of semen coloured puke splattering down over Michelle.  Another torrent blasted out over Malene.

“Fuuuuckkkk” Michelle gasped her face awash with the hot liquid.

“More!” Malene gasped.

Lucy rammed the shaft back down Sophie’s gasping gullet, as I continued fucking her ass.  Very quickly Sophie puked again, this time Sammy and Casey were the target.  The hot lumpy puke/cum gushed down, covering them.

“Keep going Lucy!” Casey urged as Lucy again throat fucked Sophie hard with the thick plastic weapon.

Sophie puked repeatedly all over the awaiting girls, and into the bowl, the lumpy white fluid splashed into the container which was now nearly ¾ full.  Malene’s mouth was wide open catching as much as she could, it brimmed her lips before she swallowed with gusto.

Sammy had her hand down the front of her bikini bottoms, vigorously wanking, her body arching and shuddering as she came. “FUUUCKKKKK!!!!!” YEASSSSSS!!!” She whined as the spasms of pleasure hit her.

“Fucking make her puke!” Casey snapped, as Lucy kept thrusting the shaft deep in Sophie’s throat.

I kept thrusting my balls about to boil, harder and harder making the table creak as I buggered Sophie furiously.  Puke sprayed from the sides of the dildo as she vomited, splattering like rain down over all 4 sluts.  Thick lumps ran down her body, between her big tits and pooled on the table top.

“Fuck yeah” Michelle purred, as it rained down over her.

My cock exploded deep up Sophie’s ass, my hot spunk flooding her bowels. I ground my jerking crotch against her, gripping her ass cheeks in both hands kneading them fiercely.  Cum pulsed from my hard dick, over and over again Sophie’s ass filling with semen.

“Use that whore ass baby” Leah said.

She leant down slurping a mouthful of puke from the big pool on the table, leaning over above Casey she looked down. “Mmmmm yes please babe” Casey gasped opening her mouth.

Lucy pulled the whole length out of Sophie’s throat, she gasped for air, “turn her over” Lucy said.

I pulled my soft cock from her ass, and helped Leah to spin Sophie onto her back.  Lucy picked up the full bowl from the floor and Michelle moved to be directly below Sophie.  The others all knelt up around the side of the table watching as Leah and then Lucy fastened huge strap ons to their crotches.

“We need to empty that whore belly bitch” Lucy said.

“Take off that bra Whore!” Leah instructed.

Sophie heard this and complied, tossing her bra to the floor, revealing her huge wobbly tits.  Leah straddled Michelle, pulling Sophie’s head back over the edge of the table.  She pushed the hard shaft into her mouth and down her throat.

“Oh fuck do it Leah!” Michelle gasped.

Malene lay on a sunlounger, Casey ontop of her, both were sharing a puke filled kiss, licking each other clean.  Sammy was bent over clutching her ankles as Lucy slammed her strap on balls deep into her ass.

“FUUUCKKKK!!!!” Sammy wailed as she very quickly came.

Leah had hold of the back of Sophie’s head as she thrust the whole length of her shaft into her throat, I watched as Sophie’s neck bulged as the bulbous head invaded her throat, until Leah’s crotch was pressed tight to her lips.

“Feel that whore!” Leah snarled as she bounced the whole thing deep in Sophie’s gullet.

Sophie gagged and puked, thick streams running down her face, into her hair and splashing Michelle.  Leah laughed in delight as she held her crotch tight to Sophie’s face, making the puke spray from the sides of her lips.

I climbed across her chest, and pushed my cock between her huge swollen breasts, Leah gripped my head and kissed me hard, as her hips rocked and thrust deep into Sophie’s throat.

“YEAAAASSSS!!! YEAAAASSS!!! YEAAAASSSSS!!!!!” Sammy wailed as Lucy held her hips tight and buggered her asshole with all her strength. The loud noise of her crotch slamming against Sammy’s buttocks echoed around the poolroom.

Michelle was avidly scooping up all of the puke from her chest and body, whilst still swallowing the large drips that fell into her mouth.  My cock thrust between Sophie’s sweaty tits, sawing back and forth in her cleavage.

She held her tits tightly around my shaft as her body bucked and urged.  Michelle was feasting on the digested semen waterfall.  Lucy eased out of Sammy’s trembling asshole, spanking her hard, she squealed before standing up and shaking her hair.

“Hungry Sammy?” Lucy asked, “Think it’s time to swap over Chelle”

Leah eased her shaft out, Sophie gasped for air her head lifting up.  Leah stepped back and Lucy took her place. Sammy replaced Michelle on the floor, and Lucy pulled Sophie’s head back down before jamming her thick shaft deep into her throat.

“fuck those tits, fuck those tits” Lucy taunted as she thrust the long shaft into Sophie throat.

She leant forwards kissing me hard, as Sophie urged and threw up all down her face.  Thick streams of puke splashed onto Sammy, who opened her mouth swallowing avidly.  Lucy kept thrusting her hips working hard, Sophie choking and struggling below me.

“Shoot that hot spunk baby, Splatter her neck, cover me!” Lucy gasped

Lucy grasped her hand over Sophie neck, pinning her head back, feeling the thick shaft as she pushed it in and out.  She grinned as me, as Sophie bucked and urged, her tits crushed around my cock.

“Nasty little whore!” Lucy gasped, her crotch pinned tight against Sophie’s mouth.

My throbbing shaft erupted, pulsing spunk out from between her tits, drenching Lucy’s belly, and pouring down Sophie’s neck, over Lucy’s hand and down her face.  Sophie clasped her tits incredibly tightly, squashing them around my dick as I spurted over and over again.

“Fuccckkk” Sammy gasped as Sophie threw up all over her face and it rained down onto Sammy, filling her open mouth.

My hot spunk ran down Sophie’s neck, as Lucy clasped it tight, thick shaft bulging as she half choked Sophie.  Malene and Casey were on their knees, sucking on Leah’s huge shaft, taking turns to deep throat it, Michelle had found another strap on and was attaching it to her pussy.

I eased up from Sophie’s tits, leaving a slippery trail of semen between them.  Lucy leant forwards crushing Sophie’s head against the side of the table.  Her neck was bent at an almost impossible angle.  Lucy grinned as her crotch held tight to Sophie’s face, thick rivers of puke splattering down onto Sammy as Sophie urged repeatedly.

“You fucking nasty WHORE!” Lucy snarled.  Leaning forwards she licked my spunk from between Sophie’s tits, before slapping them hard.  Sammy was drenched in puke, thick white lumpy semen that had sat in Sophie’s belly.

“Ohh fuckkk” Sammy gasped, scraping it up over her face into her mouth.

“My go!” Casey gasped with glee.

Lucy pulled her shaft from Sophie’s mouth, She gasped and choked, a large globule of puke splashing straight into Sammy’s mouth.  Her eyes were clearing now, red but more focused.

Casey lay back on the floor, as Lucy moved over towards us.  “Sit down here slut” She said.  Sophie got up and sat down over her head, legs either side.  Casey opened her mouth and Sophie cleared her throat spitting down into it.

Leah and Lucy again traded, Leah standing above Casey feeding the shaft between Sophie’s lips.  Leah held her head and rutted her hips, the huge shaft drilling deep into Sophie’s gullet.  Malene was riding Michelle, her pussy eating every inch of her shaft, huge boobs bouncing and jiggling as she bounced.

“Ohhh fuck” she gasped.

Leah was gleefully skullfucking Sophie, the whole length of her shaft pounding back and forth into her throat.  She would gag and puke as the shaft pulled out, Casey laying there eagerly swallowing as much as Sophie could produce.

Lucy moved over to Malene, and pushed her down onto Michelle, she brutally rammed her whole shaft up Malene’s ass, a single hard thrust to the hilt.  Malene howled clutching the sides of the lounger.

“Ohh yeah bitch, feel that ass burn!” Lucy purred leaning down and pinning Malene between them.

Casey was laying back, thick white puke covering her face, pooling in her eyes, as she looked up at a puking Sophie.  “Do it, do it whore, cover me in your wonderful puke!” she gasped.  Sophie’s thighs were clamped tightly around her head, the puke level rising higher as she was gagged by Leah.

Sammy was on her hands and knees slurping up the puke from in front of the table, her spectacular ass high in the air.  I moved behind her, spreading her ass cheeks and pushing my cockhead against her asshole.  “Ohh yeah baby do it pleeease” she groaned.

Malene was screaming and roaring as Lucy and Michelle double stuffed her, Sophie was still gagging up all over Casey, who was letting it collect over her face, between Sophie’s thighs.  My cock was now buried up to the hilt in Sammy’s ass, my hands on her hips as she slurped up the big puddle of puke.

“FUCK! FUCK!!!! FUUUCCCKKK!!!” Malene screamed as Lucy and Michelle double stuffed her.  She was sandwiched tightly between them, unable to move, her body shaking.

“Do it baby!” Sammy growled as I held her hips, pumping deep into her back passage.

Casey sucked and slurped the huge pool of puke, guzzling it down, scraping every drop into her mouth.  She fought the tide of thick white liquid, as Leah held Sophie’s face to the shaft, making her urge and vomit.

“YEEEAAASSSSS!! YEEEEAAASSSS!!! YEAAASSS!!!” Malene screamed, Lucy and Michelle pounding both her holes.  She arched her back as Lucy held her hips, Michelle squeezing her big boobs.

My cock was pounding Sammy’s ass as she slurped up the thick lumps of puke from the floor, balls bashing her pussy lips.  She was hovering up every drop of it from the tiles, as I drilled her backside.

“YEAAAASSSSSSSS!!!! YEAAASSSSS!!!” Malene howled.  Lucy was furiously pumping her butt.

Leah released Sophie’s head and pulled her shaft out,  she dribbled the remains of the spit in her mouth into Casey’s.  Turning around she looked over to Malene.

“your go Malene” she said.

Lucy eased her shaft from Malene’s ass, and helped her up off of Michelle.  She walked over to Sophie and dragged her up by her hair, pulling her back to the table and threw her down onto it. Casey moved to straddle Michelle, “Do I get some too?” she asked grinning.

Malene settled on her knees below Sophie, noses almost touching, she gripped her head and stared up into her eyes.  “You back with us Soph?” She snarled, “Fucking hope so”

She spat in Sophie’s face, and as the thick globule trickled down her forehead and dripped from her nose, Malene opened her mouth swallowing it.

“Puke into my mouth, Whore! Right in here” She snapped waggling her tongue.

Sophie pushed her fingers down her throat, forcing herself to gag, thin dribbles of spit running down into Malene’s open mouth.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUCKKK!!” Sammy howled my cock drilling her ass.

She trembled and shook as I pounded her so hard, face pushed into the big puke puddle on the floor.

Sophie was properly puking into Malene now, gagging and urging as thick gushes blasted Malene’s face and filled her mouth.  Casey was getting a great DP from Michelle and Lucy.  Leah grinned at me, laying back on the floor, “Sammy fancy that” she teased.

I pulled out of Sammy and dragged her over onto Leah, she straddled her reverse, before bending down and slurping the puke again.

“YEAAAASSSS!!! YEAAAASSSSSS!!!” Casey screamed as Lucy tugged her hair, 2 huge shafts destroying her holes.

Sammy gasped as my cock pushed back into her ass, my crotch soon slamming her cheeks again.  Sophie now had her mouth clamped over Malene’s as Malene held the back of her head holding her close.  She puked directly into Malene’s mouth, she swallowed everything that vomited forth.

Leah spanked Sammy’s ass as she scooped the puke up and rubbed it into her cheeks, Sammy was slurping every thick strand and swallowing the lot.  Malene released Sophie, as she gasped for air.  “Mmmmm wonderful” Malene gasped.

“Are you back Sophie?” She asked, “Yes mistress” Sophie replied “thank you”

I pounded her harder and harder until I came, huge volume of spunk  filling Sammy’s ass.  Hands on her head holding it down, I pumped thick hot semen deep into her ass. “OHHH FUCK!” She cried her body shaking as she came as well.

Lucy eased out of Casey, and helped her up, Michelle stood as well.  Sophie got back onto her feet as I pulled out from Sammy.

“Right then” Sammy said gasping, “Get changed and go to the garage whore, we will all be there in a bit”

Sophie left, as the others watched me pull out of Sammy.

“Fuck that whore is gonna get punished now” Malene said, as she led me out.


“Wait in the lounge while I change” Malene said.

I waited for about 10 minutes, grabbing a drink whilst waiting.  Malene returned shortly wearing a white bra and panties set, her huge boobs displayed magnificently.  “Follow me” she said, “The whore is really gonna get it this time”

Walking into the garage, all of the ladies were there, standing as Sophie knelt on an old rug on the floor.  She was naked, hair and makeup redone, looking up as Casey and Michelle stood either side of her.

“Dirty slut” Michelle said, “nasty little whore”

Casey gripped her hair and tugged her head back making her look up at her, “you are fucking worthless, a nasty piece of shit cumdumpster”.  Twisting her hair harder Sophie grimaced in pain.

“Come in” Malene said opening the door, to the side of the garage.

A group of 6 men walked in, they had very shabby clothes on, were grubby and obviously living on the streets.

“Well whore, see these 6 men, suck them off” Malene told her.

“take out their dirty cocks, suck them until each one spunks in your mouth”  Casey told her.

“Fuck no!” Sophie said, “That’s too far”

“Yes whore!” Michelle told her “Fucking do it NOW!”

The guys all stripped off their trousers and moved to circle Sophie, stroking their dicks.  Most had teeth missing or were yellow and discoloured.  Sophie reached up and gingerly started stroking 2 dicks.  Another guy offered his shaft to her lips and she sucked it in.

“Dirty fucking slag!” Christina gasped, “She will literally do anything”

She had 2 dicks in her hands 1 in her mouth, while the other 3 stroked their dicks watching.  She was vigorously wanking whilst bobbing her lips over the head in her mouth, trying to get this done as fast as she could.

“Suck it whore swallow them all” Lucy said.

The first shaft throbbed in her mouth, the guy cumming hard.  Sophie gagged and swallowed her first load.  Switching she had another cock in her mouth, slurping it down.  The guy who had just cum moved to the side of the garage.  Swiftly she gobbled another load down, leaving 4 men.  1 had a huge cock maybe 10 inches, Sophie was saving him for the end.  Opening her mouth she wanked and sucked 2 shafts alternately, before they exploded at the same moment, thick jolts of spunk filling her mouth.

“Nasty fucking whore, she’s loving it!” Casey said, “look at her she revels in being degraded”

Sophie grasped the next cock in 2 hands stroking it, she slavered her lips and tongue over the head while wanking the shaft.  Thick white spunk exploded out into Sophie’s open mouth, she avidly swallowed every drop.

“Dirty slut!” Lucy gasped as the last man stood in front of her.

“Last one” Sophie gasped, before setting to work on the 10 inch cock.

She wrapped her lips around his head, moving them slowly up and down the shaft.  Looking up she pushed hard and engulfed the whole thing with her throat.  The guys legs were trembling now as Sophie held him deep, hands clasping his ass cheeks pulling him to her face.

“Jesus, look at her!”  Jen gasped.

Sophie furiously deep throated, grinding her face into his pubes, then easing up and down over and over.  After not very long he came, she held him deep in her gullet as each hot load of spunk pumped out.  As he finally finished she released he, her staggered back on wobbly legs.

“Ohh yeah” Sophie gasped, a dirty grin on her face.

“Oh don’t think it’s over yet slut” Casey said.

Leah passed her a large brandy glass, “Hold this” She said.

“Ok boys circle up” Malene instructed them.

“You ready whore, ready for your piss shower!” Casey said grinning.

Sophie eyes went wide, “no, no fucking way!” she snapped, “Sucking them off is one thing but fucking pissing on me, no”

“Whore you will do as instructed” Lucy told her, “For your lip you now must let them piss in your mouth and swallow it as well”.

Sophie was looking furious,   The girls were all grinning watching her take this torture.  “fill up that glass we want to see you drink the contents down as well when they are done”  Malene said to Sophie.

Sophie was looking up as the first guy started pissing, shortly followed by several more.  Hot steaming piss drenched her head, soaked her hair, she opened her mouth and let it fill before swallowing it.  Half gagging she kept the first mouthful down, the large glass filling up with piss.

“Whore” Lucy snapped, watching intently.

The second batch of piss, hit Sophie, she swallowed it down faster this time, her system becoming used to the warm liquid.  The glass was nearly full, and Sophie was totally drenched in piss.  She blinked her eyes, which were red from the torrent that had blasted her.

“Thanks guys” Casey said, as the men dressed again.  She paid them as they left.

Sophie sat, drenched in piss, holding the glass as everyone gathered around.  Casey bent down sneering at Sophie “Drink it down then slut!” she hissed.

Sophie lifted the glass to her lips and started to drink, she gagged and choked forcing it down.  You could see her abdomen twitching as she nearly threw up several times.  Casey had her arm around Malene, and kissed before turning back to watch Sophie.  “Disgusting little bitch!” Malene snapped.

Sophie chugged down the last of the liquid, screwing up her face as she finished it off.  She shook her head and gasped when done, sitting back on her heels looking up.  The girls all surrounded her looking down.

“Nasty little piece of shit!” Sammy said.  “Fucking enjoyed that didn’t you”

“You are so fucking worthless, you whore” Christina added, spitting on Sophie.

Sophie was trembling, the garage had gotten slightly chilly, and she sat in a pool of piss, her body covered in it, hair soaked. Malene grabbed her by the hair and pushed her face down into the piss, “hands behind your back bitch!” she told her.

Sophie had her face in a huge puddle of piss, arms behind her back, ass in the air.  This was too good to resist and I moved up behind her, pushing my cock into her dry ass.  She squealed as I burst through her sphincter, and roughly pushed my cock deep up her back passage.

“FUUCKKKKKKKKKK!!!” She screamed.

“Yeah pound the whore’s ass baby” Lucy said, “Fucking destroy it” Christina added.

I slammed my dick hard and deep into Sophie’s ass, no pretence just brutal buggery to unload my balls.  I clutched her full asscheeks with my hands squeezing and clawing at them as I dropped my whole weight down on my shaft.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Sophie howled as her sphincter got destroyed.

Malene pushed Sophie’s head down, holding it so her cheek rested on the floor, Casey got down level with her and slurped up a large mouthful of piss.  She then spat it all over Sophie, laughing as she did it.

“Fucking pathetic” She said.

My dick was ravaging her ass, hands clutching her hips and ass, balls bashing her wet pussy.  Sophie was sobbing Malene now standing her foot on her head holding her down.  I kept thrusting awaiting my explosion.

“Fuck her up, make the bitch cum like this!” Lucy sneered.

I hammered away on Sophie’s ass, she was properly crying, but her body still responded to my thrusts.  I could feel her Start to tense, her ass spasming on my shaft.  She blubbered and cried as her orgasm arrived.

“You dirty little whore” Casey laughed getting down to Sophie’s eye level.

“FUUUCKKKKK!!!!” She cried.

My dick was sawing in and out, my hands clasped to her ass cheeks holding them wide.  Her arms were curled behind her back giving me full access to her back passage.  She was roaring now her body fully climaxing, constant spasms on my dick.


My balls pulsed, hot spunk flooding her bowels, I drilled deep, pushing her down hard.  Gripping her arms I forced her to arch her back, she snarled and squealed as I bent her almost double.

“Shoot that spunk up her ass!” Malene cheered as I came.

My dick was pulsing stream after stream deep up Sophie’s ass,  she spluttered and gasped, until finally I was empty.  Easing out I clawed one last time at her soft ass cheeks, before slapping one hard.

Malene dragged Sophie up by her hair, making her stand up.  She shivered her body glistening with sweat and piss, huge boobs, nipples hard and quivering.  Releasing her hair, Malene groped her tits hard, before licking them.

“Feel good does it bitch” She said to Sophie, “Standing here covered in piss, while all your friends watch you get fucked up the ass?”

Sophie was crying again, sniffing.

“Well answer me!” Malene snapped

Sophie nodded. “Yes mistress” she answered.

“What are you?” She asked.

“A whore” Sophie replied.

“A nasty piece of shit WHORE!” Malene snarled slapping her tits hard.

Sophie squealed, with each hard slap, Malene got right in her face, their noses touching.  “Your mine next whore, best go and get cleaned up and meet me in the guest bedroom”

Sophie walked out, leaving us to make our way to the next area.


“We are gonna push her limits now girls” Malene said grinning.

All the girls moved through into the large guest bedroom.  Malene had a large wooden structure built in place of the bed, sofas around the sides of the room.  A single padded bench ran through a wooden ‘wall’ with a hole in it.  A series of straps fastened to either side.

“This is proper hardcore” Casey said a look of glee on her face.

All the girls sat around in the sofas, waiting for Sophie to arrive, she soon appeared, freshly showered and changed into a matching black bra and panties set.  Her tits looked enormous as the too small bra squashed them tight.

“Come in slut” Malene said, “let’s look at you”

She walked around Sophie running her fingers over her body.  “You look like the whore you are”

Lucy and Michelle moved to her and Lucy unfastened her bra.  Michelle pulled her panties off so she stood nude looking around at everyone.  Her huge firm tits were glistening, she had obviously oiled them, full hips and slender waist enticing us all.

“Lay down then whore” she told Sophie.

She scooted onto the bench moving through the hole to lay back, her legs dangled off the side and so did her arms.  Casey took her legs and lifted them up, fastening her ankles into the straps above so the were held wide apart and up in the air.  Kitty got down between her legs and started sucking her pussy.

“ohhhhh” Sophie gasped

Malene held Sophie’s arms below the board, fastening them together,  Sophie looked up at Lucy and Alice who stood either side of her, big 14 inch fake cocks strapped to their crotches.

“ohh you’re ours now whore”  Lucy purred.

“So what’s next ladies?” Alice asked.

“She is looking so pretty” Casey said, setting a large bowl down below Sophie’s head, Then standing to slap her strap on shaft on Sophie’s Face. “Let’s change that!”

She straddled her face, easing the tip of her fake cock between Sophie’s lips, gripping her hair in both hands.  She pushed the Length down Sophie’s throat, as each inch went in she tipped her head back further over the edge.  Malene setting a second large bowl down below her once more, knowing exactly what was happening.

“Fucking stick it in!” Lucy snarled as Casey pushed further and further down her throat.

Kitty had finished eating Sophie’s pussy, and now the girls were taking it in turns fucking her.  They swapped around regularly so everyone had a turn, while Alice, Lucy, Casey and Malene, worked on her top half.

Casey had hold of Sophie’s head, bent fully back over the bench, her pussy was now tight to Sophie’s face, 14 inches of shaft in her throat.  Her back was arched, arms straining at their bindings , spit snot and phlegm bubbling from her mouth and nose.

“Look at the whore” Casey purred, as each thrust in her pussy bounced her back a bit onto the shaft in her throat.  Casey softly rubbed her hands over Sophie’s neck, feeling the bulge as the head of her fake cock poked up.

Casey kept rubbing Sophie’s neck as she pushed back and forth, feeling the skin stretch and mould to the tip.  Sophie was pinned, chest high, as Casey held her there fake balls deep.

“Let me help” Alice said getting down on the floor.  She grasped Sophie’s hair and pulled it tight, bending her even further back if that was possible.  Casey rested her hand either side of Sophie next to her shoulders, then started fucking her face.

Malene and Lucy moved to her breasts and started suckling them, squeezing them in their hands and biting the nipples.  Michelle was rutting Sophie’s pussy, as she came, her body taught and fighting its restraints.

Sophie screamed and screamed on the shaft, as it repeatedly violated her throat,  Spit spraying out and splattering in the bowl.  Casey bore down hard and rutted deep as Sophie quivered and shook in orgasm.

“Ohh dammm, you whore” Michelle gasped, pulling out and being replaced by Sarah.

Thick drops of mucus hung from her face, more oozing down over her nose and eyes, Casey was gasping and groaning, as she hammered Sophie’s throat.  She cried her body shaking, stepping back and stroking her shaft.  Hot spunk erupted from the tip, all over Sophie’s face.

“YEAAAASS!!! FUCKKK! FUUUCKKK FUCKKKKK!!!” She screamed, drowning Sophie.

Lucy and Malene released their lips from Sophie’s nipples, turning their heads to catch the odd stray spurt as Casey wanked furiously.  Sophie was gasping and spluttering as her face was coated in spunk.  She swallowed some, but  a large amount dripped off into the bowl.

“Holy fuck these are awesome!” Casey said body quivering after she came.

“My turn!” Malene said grinning.

She moved above Sophie’s head, and Lucy got up to straddle her.  Malene pushed the full length down her gullet as Lucy wrapped her tits around the thick fake cock strapped to her crotch.  With her body held down, her neck was bent back even further, Alice tightly holding her hair, Malene driving her full weight in and out.

“Ohh fuck this feels good” Lucy gasped, her fake cock sawing back and forth between Sophie’s breasts.

The girls kept fucking her pussy, now Gemma A had a wand vibrator held to her clit, making her squeal and gasped through her facefucking.  Spit and cum was still splashing down into the bowl, as Malene drove her hips back and forth.

“Bet you are bursting baby” Casey said moving over to me.  “Why don’t you copy Malene with me”

She tossed some cushions into a pile on one end of the sofa, laying back she arched up over the arm, leaning her head right down, hair hanging onto the floor.  Folding her legs behind her back she lay there ready for my cock.

“Fucking pound my throat baby, don’t stop,” She teased grinning.

Malene was destroying Sophie, her hips driving deep, hands on her shoulders holding her down.  Lucy was titfucking her hard, gripping her tights tightly, squeezing them together.

Casey gagged as my cock pushed into her throat, deeper and deeper until her neck bulged and my balls covered her nostrils.  Thick spit trickled from her mouth, down her cheeks, to meet the tears that ran from her eyes.

“Holy fuck how do you not cum!” Malene gasped throat fucking Sophie, “I am so close”

Spit, cum puke and cum was running down Sophie’s face, her body shuddering and fighting. She was screaming so loudly even as her throat was being violated.  Her legs were taught and twitching against their fastenings as her pussy was stimulated and fucked.

“hold it Malene, keep it back as long as you can” Gasped Lucy.

My dick was now ramming down Casey’s neck, matching Malene, maybe even harder under my extra weight.  I gripped her tits hard, mauling them.  I could feel and hear Casey scream as I squeezed them.

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck FUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!!!” Malene screamed, unable to stop.

She drove herself balls deep into Sophie’s throat, it bulged and pulsed as each jet of semen blasted out.  Twitching her crotch tight ,Malene shook and screamed cumming hard.

“YES!!!! YEEESSS!!!! YEAASSSSSS!!!!” she roared.

I held Casey’s tits, twisting the nipples squeezing them tight.  She squealed and yelped as I mauled them.  My balls were crashing into her face, but she took each thrust with relish, I could feel the thick spit running down my shaft dripping from my balls.

“Ohhhh fuck, ohh fuck you whore” Malene gasped, easing her quivering shaft out.  Sophie was drenched in spit, and cum, as she gasped for air.

“No! Noooooo! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” she screamed her body climaxing again.

“Look at me whore!” Lucy snarled, rolling her hips thrusting between Sophie’s tits.

Alice released her hair letting Sophie move, she curled up her neck so she could raise her face to her.  Spit and puke matted her hair, and forehead, she blinked her red eyes open, and studied Lucy.

“So fucking close now bitch” Lucy gasped.

I was slapping Casey’s tits now, making her scream with each strike.  I could feel her urging, gagging on my shaft as hammered her throat.  She was croaking and retching over and over.

Alice was now standing up, kissing Malene, as I pummelled Casey’s throat, slapping her tits faster and faster until I finally came.  My cock twitched deep in her gullet, as I pushed myself tight to her face, balls smothering her nose.  Clutching a breast in each hand I squeezed them incredibly hard, forcing her to howl on my pulsing shaft.

“FUCKKKKK!!! FUUUUUCKKKKK!!!” Sophie howled, Christina slamming her fake cock in and out of Sophie’s pussy, while kitty wanked her clit.

I drained my balls, just as Lucy climaxed, her fake dick spraying a thick strand of spunk over Sophie’s face.  She drilled it back and forth, as it blasted Sophie, coating her in cum.


Stepping back from Casey, I looked down to admire my work, she was drenched in spit, eyes caked in thick globules, hair matted and full of white streaks.  She coughed and spluttered her airway free.

“FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!” Lucy screamed at Sophie as her fake cock exploded, her orgasm setting it off.

Casey sat up, a big grin on her face, thick drips of spit and drool running down her face, onto her glowing massive tits.  Blinking her eyes she admired Lucy’s drenching of Sophie.  Malene and Alice now moved over, as Lucy dismounted Sophie.

Alice straddled Sophie’s neck gripping her hair and slapping her shaft all over her face.  She smeared the spunk around before easing the shaft into Sophie’s mouth.

“Swallow my shaft, whore, I want you to wank me with your  throat” Alice said.

Malene grinned at Lucy, before moving over to Casey, winking.  She knelt up on the sofa offering her fake shaft to her lips.  Casey eagerly started sucking on it, Lucy got up beside her and offered her shaft as well.

“Fucking filthy whore!” Alice sneered as Sophie, shaft down her gullet thighs clamped either side of her head as she gagged and gagged her throat trying to swallow.  This milked Alice’s shaft sending waves of pleasure through her pussy.

“Think you can take us both Casey?” Malene asked, pushing her back down.

“Oh Fuck, let’s try” she gasped in reply.

Casey wriggled back, folding her arms behind her once more, Lucy took another bowl and placed it below Casey, “Shame to waste it” She said.  Malene pressed Casey’s head back, hand clutching her forehead and hair, holding her in position.  She pushed the shaft deep into her open mouth, down her throat, until her fake balls rested on Casey’s nose.

“Oh Shit, oh fuck you whore!” Alice gasped, her shaft being milked by Sophie’s throat.  Thick wet mucus dripped from her face as her throat was full of dick, she gagged repeatedly the muscle contractions driving Alice crazy.

Malene eased out a bit from Casey, as Lucy stepped over her head.  Casey’s Jaw stretched wide as the thick shaft moved into her mouth.  Lucy held her shoulders down, pinning her in place as she tried to force the shaft into her throat next to Malene.

“YEAAAASSSSS!!!!” Alice screamed cumming hard in Sophie’s gullet.  She squeezed her own tits hard, mauling them as her crotch drove against Sophie’s face.

“FUCK! FUCK FUUUUCKKKK!!” She cried, her fake cock exploding into Sophie.

Lucy was pushing her hips forwards trying to get in next to Malene, frustratingly she was just bending Casey’s neck further back, rather than getting into her throat.  She gripped tighter holding Casey down so she couldn’t move, and instantly her throat gave.  Lucy’s shaft eased into her throat, neck bulging with both poking down.

“Holy Fuck!” Lucy gasped, watching her neck stretch.

“You in?” Malene asked quizzically.

“Fuck yeah I am, what a dirty freak!” Lucy gasped.

Casey’s body was trembling, almost thrashing as she struggled with the 2 huge shafts in her throat, her chest was thrusting up, loud gagging noises as she puked full force over herself.

Alice stepped back from Sophie, sated.  She was unable to take her eyes off of Casey though, watching in amazement as she got double throat fucked.  Several of the girls had moved around from the other side of the partition to watch as well.

Lucy and Malene were both thrusting now, pushing back and forth into her throat, her hips were rising and falling, thrusting the fake cock strapped to her waist up and down.

“Holy fuck!” Sarah gasped watching Casey being violated.

My cock was raging hard, as watching Casey getting destroyed, so I straddled Sophie eager to get off again.  I crushed her tits around my shaft and set about fucking them,  Sophie looking up and gasping, her face a mess of spit and spunk.

Casey was thrashing around her hips rising and falling as Malene and Lucy drove into her throat.  Christina moved over and straddled her body, “can’t miss out on this” she gasped.  Scooping a load of thick spit from Casey’s bowl before she mounted her, she covered the shaft of Casey’s strap on in it.

“Fuuuckkk” she gasped sitting down onto the thick member, her ass eating its way along.

Sophie was gasping, her pussy being pounded, body restrained.  My hard dick pumped her tits, as she turned her head to watch Casey.  Malene was jabbing into her throat, holding Lucy’s shoulders stroking them.  Lucy was ferociously slamming home, her hips driving against Casey’s face.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” she cried hands on Casey’s shoulders pinning her down.

Casey was full on puking now, spraying spit and cum all over the place, covering Lucy and Malene in it.  Lucy didn’t relent the strap on reacting to her climax, as it fucked Casey’s throat.  Christina leant back hands onto Casey’s knees and her hips bucked wildly slamming hard up into her ass.  Her massive tits bounced up and down as she rode a spasming Casey.

Sophie was coming, her body shaking as her pussy was pounded, she remained focussed on Casey though, unable to take her eyes off of her.  Lucy was shuddering her crotch deep into Casey’s throat, her orgasmic trembles jabbing it back and forth.

“YEAAASSS!!!! YEAAASSSS!!!!” She howled.

Christina was bouncing hard, Casey driving her hips erratically up and down as she choked on her double facefucking.  My cock was twitching between Sophie’s soft tits, spunk boiling in my balls waiting to explode.

Lucy shuddered her last and leant back gasping, Malene kissing her neck and squeezing her tits.  Christina was now wanking her big fake cock, watching Lucy and Malene.  My dick exploded, hot spunk spattering down the side of Sophie’s face, and in her hair.

“Fucking look at this” Malene gasped, her hand touching Casey’s neck where the heads of both shafts bulged.

“Fuck her throat hard until you cum Lene” Lucy gasped leaning forwards.

Sophie was drenched in my spunk, her face layered with semen.  Thick clots dripped from her hair down into the bowl below her.

“Ohhh fuck!” Christina gasped, Lucy sucking on her fake cock, Casey’s hips rutting another shaft deep inside her bowels.

Malene was ramming furiously into Casey’s gullet, her hips driving back and forth,  she held Lucy’s shoulder for added purchase.  Casey was totally throwing up all over the place, spraying Lucy and Malene before it splattered into the nearly full bowl.

“Cummmmmmiiiinnnng!” Malene screamed, her hips shuddering deep into Casey.

Sophie’s body shook, as she came, never taking her semen blurred eyes from the action.  She whined and shuddered as she watched Casey puke.

“YEAAAAAASSSSSSS!!!” howled Malene.

She clasped Casey tits tightly dragging them up, stretching and twisting them.  Casey screamed on both shafts as finally sated Malene pressed down as deep as she could.  Lucy played with Malene’s tits, as she sat there crotch tight to Casey’s puking gagging face.

“Fucking awesome” Lucy panted, “but we have a whore to torture”

“Oh yeah!” Malene replied, casually bouncing her crotch into Casey’s throat.

She eased out and stood up, Lucy following her.  Casey gasped and choked as her airway was freed, lifting her head and trying to open her eyes.

“Holy fuck!” Christina gasped, as she saw Casey’s face.  It was a mask of puke and spit, eyes glued shut.

Lucy moved around behind Sophie, she took the wand from Gemma, and held it on Sophie’s clit.  She gasped loudly, as Lucy ground it over her throbbing bean, Lucy grinned as Malene pushed her fingers up Sophie’s cunt.

“Step up girls, pick a hole, fuck her till your gonna cum” Lucy explained, “but not inside her, get around and drown the whore, face, tits, down her throat”

“Then leave us too it” Malene added.

Jen moved up and pushed her shaft into Sophie’s pussy, grinning she gripped her legs and started thrusting.  Sophie’s pussy ate up the shaft as she fucked her hard. Sophie lay back head hanging down, big breasts swaying back and forth as J    en fucked her pussy.

“ohhh fuckkkk” Sophie spluttered as she was fucked.

Casey, Lucy and Malene removed their strap ons, balls now empty.  They directed the girls into position. Jen was pumping furiously her orgasm imminent; she pulled out and scooted around to Sophie’s front section.  Cock in hand Jen stroked furiously, as Lucy moved to grab Sophie’s hair yanking her head up.

“Where do you want it slut?” Lucy asked.

“Cum on my face Jen!” Sophie spluttered.

Charley replaced Jen, fucking her cunt, while Jen stroked off over her face, letting out a roar of ecstacy Jen splattered Sophie with her spunk.  Thick white bolts of semen splashing across her already soaked face, into her matted hair, some hitting Lucy.

“oh yeah, ruin her Jen!” Lucy gasped.

Malene held the vibrator tight to Sophie clit, as Charley rutted deep up into her, gripping her thighs hard.  Jen flicked the last of her spunk off and stepped back grinning,

“Guess we’ll meet in the lounge when you’re done” she said.

Kitty stepped up over Sophie’s chest, cock slapping between her tits, while Leah moved to her face, tugging it back and down over the end of the board.  Sophie gagged as Leah forced her mouth open, ramming her shaft deep.  Kitty squeezed her tits tightly around her cock and started fucking her tits.

“Ohh fuck yeah” Leah gasped as her cock disappeared down Sophie’s throat.  She pushed it deep, until her crotch rested on Sophie’s chin.

Charley fucked her pussy, Leah her throat, Kitty her tits, Sophie shook and squirmed as she struggled to breathe.  Her body was trembling and shaking climaxing hard.  She screamed on the shaft in her throat, as kitty clawed at her tits, pinching the nipples ferociously.

“FUCK! FUCKKKKK!!!!” Leah cried her crotch slapping hard against Sophie’s face, she was cumming hard, deep in Sophie’s throat.

Pushing her hands down she half choked Sophie as she felt the head of her exploding strap on poking from her neck.  Kitty was rutting harder and harder until spunk blasted out of her cock, spattering all down Leah’s abdomen, and flooding Sophie’s neck as it arched over the edge.  Spunk poured down over her face as she spat and choked on Leah’s pumping cock.

“CUMMMING!!!” Leah screamed, cock exploding in Sophie’s gullet, flooding her stomach with cum.

Kitty and Leah, drained their cocks, down Sophie’s throat and over her face.  She was shaking arms fighting to be set free.  Charley was fucking her hard, as Leah and Kitty removed themselves, leaving the room.  Charley swiftly pulled from Sophie’s pussy, and ran around to her face, cum blasted straight from her fake dick, as she shook in orgasm.  Gasping she came over and over Sophie’s face.

“Fuck that was close” she gasped, balls drained.

Gemma Atkinson rubbed her shaft over Sophie’s ass, preparing to plunge deep, the wand vibrator, held tightly to her clit. Gemma Merna and Sammy Braddy stood above Sophie, wanking their shafts.

“Beg for it whore, beg for our spunk” Sammy teased.

“CUMMMMMM!” Sophie howled, her body almost in a state of constant orgasm.

Christina and Sarah stood by Gemma, as she fucked Sophie’s ass, hard and deep as long as she could, before switching out.  All 3 took turns power fucking her up the rear, as she lurched back and forwards on the bench screaming.

Both bowls below her were nearly full, as Gemma and Sammy double dick slapped her.  She was a mask of spit/snot/puke and cum as he hung her head back, broken.

“fucking take me, use me, cum on me” she screamed, unable to move in her restraints.  “Fuckkkkkkkk!” she gasped, her abdomen constantly churning and clenching from the stimulation.

Casey now held the wand in place as Malene and Lucy watched Sophie shaking, Sammy grinned “how about a little help?” she said gesturing to her fake dick.

Lucy knelt in front of her, Malene in front of Gemma Merna, both sucking hard on the shafts.  Gemma gasped her hips shaking, as she nearly came straight away.  Sammy squeezed her own nipples crushing her tits, as Lucy sucked on her head.

“FUUCKKKK!!! FUUUCKKK OHHH FUCKKKKKK!” Sophie howled her body straining, every muscle taught as she came for maybe her 20th orgasm of the session.

Sammy howled, her orgasm arriving and she pulled her exploding shaft out and pressed it to Sophie’s face, thick cum sprayed everywhere as she roared, by accident she pushed the tip of her dick to Sophie’s nose, and cum flew up her nostril.

“NASTY!” Gemma gasped cumming too, and she copied Sammy, her dickhead pressed to Sophie’s other nostril

Sophie choked, cum blasting up her nose so quickly, it filled her throat.  Lucy grabbed her hair, tugging her head back, Sophie struggled, cum filling her throat from the front up, she coughed and gagged, but the level rose.  Thick white cum bubbled over now running down her face from the large pool that was in her mouth.

“Holy Fuck!” Malene gasped “never seen that before”

Sammy and Gemma finally finished, as they pulled their cocks away cum poured from Sophie’s nose, into her eyes and down her forehead.  Thick clots gathered in her hair and dripped into the bowl.

Sophie struggled to swallow, head upside down, throat blasted with semen, her hips were furiously rising and falling as much as she was allowed, Gemma A pounding her ass, Casey the vibrator clamped to her clit.

“FUCK! FUCK FUCK!” Sophie howled, her body alight, every inch of her over sensitive now.

Gemma was about to cum, she pulled out and moved quickly around to the front.  Her cock exploded in her hand, cum blasting Sophie’s already drenched face.  She prayed her tits and body with her cum as she gasped and groaned wanking the fake shaft.

“YEEESSSSSS!!!!” Gemma growled as she coated Sophie.

Christina and Sarah were all that remained, with cum to give, both taking turns to ram her ass.  Christina shoved in, then Sarah stepped over her, shaft pushing deep in alongside.  Both huge fake cocks now pounded Sophie’s ass as she screamed and howled, her body in a state of constant orgasm.

“FUUUCKKKKKK!!!!!” she cried.

Casey pulled another huge dildo out and rammed it up Sophie’s pussy, keeping the wand firmly pressed to her clit.  Sophie was begging now, her body so stimulated, mind assaulted with pleasure.


“Fucking Whore!” Malene sneers, “You’re our piece of fuckmeat and we’ll do what we want”

Sophie was shaking violently, every inch of her body tense, as waves of unstoppable climax rolled through her.  2 huge shafts violated her ass, while her clit buzzed relentlessly.  She screamed and screamed, unable to escape the stimulation, her body in shock.

Luckily for Sophie, both Sarah and Christina were ready to cum, so her torture lasted only a few minutes.  Both pulled out and moved hastily around to her face.  Sophie was screaming, her pussy and clit being stimulated by Casey.  Michelle the last to cum, was now in her ass.

“FUIUUCKKKKK!!!” Sophie wailed.

Sarah and Christina exploded torrents of cum soaking Sophie’s already covered face, dripping into the bowls, brimming them with cum.  Sophie was out of it, cum raining down, eyes rolled up drowning in the semen.

“Fuck you SLAG!” Sammy gasped, ferociously wanking.  Christina eyes wide watching Sophie writhe in her semen bath.

Finally they finished and left, leaving just Michelle hammering Sophie’s asshole hard.  Lucy and Malene now feasted on her sperm covered tits, sucking and biting her nipples hard, swallowing down mouthfuls of semen.  Casey held the wand tight, dildo up Sophie’s pussy, Michelle rutted her spasming asshole until she was ready to cum.  Moving around to the front along with Casey, she stood over Sophie’s head.  Casey wanked Michelle fast, until she came, another drenching of cum over her face.

“Nasty bitch, fucking take it!” Casey snarled hosing Sophie down.

Lucy and Malene ran their hands over each breast, as Sophie quivered, her body still in a state of climax,  smearing thick while cum all over her huge tits, before sucking it all up.

“Holy Fuck!” Michelle gasped, her cock spent, “Look at the whore!”

All 4 women stood watching Sophie, she shook and gasped, drenched in cum.  It ran down her face, dripping in the bowl as her head hung back, no fight left.  Her chest rose and fell as she panted heavily, completely exhausted from her climaxes.

Malene unfastened her legs and they fell limply to the floor, as Lucy released her hands.  Casey grabbed her hair and hauled her up, making her slither out from her position, and collapse onto her knees on the floor.

“Fucking nasty slag” Casey said looking at Sophie.

She sat, body shaking, eyes red, looking up.  Her lip quivered, this was possibly the closest I’d ever seen Sophie to breaking.  Malene laughed, seeing Sophie sat there, almost about to cry.

“Look at the weak whore, we fucking got her” She sneered

“You fucking gonna cry little girl” Lucy teased.

Sophie sniffed, unable to answer, her bottom lip starting to wobble.  Casey spat on her, a thick wad joining the glistening cum.  Malene moved up, Standing over her, she twisted her head slightly as Malene stuck her fingers down her throat and puked a thick white gush of cum over Sophie’s head.  The white spew covered her hair, ran down her face as she sat there shivering.

“Ahh our nasty little puke slag” Casey teased, as Lucy joined Malene, puking up what they has sucked from Sophie’s tits.

Sophie sat, silent, staring straight ahead, as both women emptied their stomachs over her head.  Her hair was sticking to her head, thick white lumpy clots slowly oozing down her face.  Finally both finished and stood back admiring their work.

“You fucking ugly bitch!” Casey screamed at her.  “Fuck off get out of my sight, I don’t want to see your face!”

“Get up whore!” Lucy snarled, “Fucking come with me we’ll get you cleaned up ready, so at least he can get hard looking at your slag body”

Dragging Sophie up she pulled her roughly out, and off to the bedroom to clean up and change.

“Why don’t you meet us back in the lounge in about 30 minutes baby” Malene said to me.

“Sophie has some more nasty shit to do yet!” Michelle added.

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