Dominion: Chapter 2

Dominion: Chapter 2
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, anal, drugs, cons
Celebs: Jennifer Lawrence, Isabelle Fuhrman
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Jennifer Lawrence was at a Hollywood party, when she ran into Isabelle Fuhrman. “Izzy!  How long has it been?”

“Uh, three years?”

Jen suddenly gave Izzy a big hug. “Ohhh!  We gotta hang out more often!”

As Jen let her go, Izzy noted a familiar smell on her breath. “Just how drunk are you?”

“Little bit.” Jen gestured with her fingers as she said this. “Working on increasing that amount.  Care to join me?”

“You know I’m underage, right?”

“Don’t worry, I know the bartender.  C’mon.” Jen took Izzy’s arm and escorted her to the bar.

As they sat and drank, they talked. “So, is it true what I heard about you being in the new Star Trek movie?”

“Yeah, as Ro Laren.  And I hear you’re playing Tasha Yar.”

“Right.  I’m playing a character who got killed in the first season.”

“I know, I think the network had something to do with that.”

“What I heard is they were uncomfortable with having this badass female character on the show.”

“You know what’s also funny is we’re playing two characters who never met in the old continuity, and we have a ton of scenes together.”

“Yeah, well, reboots.”

“I mean, your character never even saw the Dominion war, and yet there’s a scene where us and Major Kira are fighting a bunch of Jem’Hadar.”

“Which I’m totally looking forward to, by the way.  I already know you can be a convincing badass.”

“Well, thanks.”

“You remember when we were making Hunger Games, and you had that knife to my throat?  You were so convincing in that scene, I don’t mind telling you…I got a little wet, if you know what I mean.”

“Okay, moving on…”

“What?  I’m not embarrassed.”

“You know I was, like, fourteen at the time, right?”

“Hey, my pussy don’t care.”

“You know what?  I can’t really get too squicked out, because, well…”


“I…had a bit of a girl crush on you at the time.”

“Really…Have to file that away for later.”

“Oh, that’s comforting.” Jennifer laughed her ass off at this.

After the party ended, Jen took Izzy bar hopping on the Sunset Strip.  Around dawn, the two stumbled down the hall of the hotel both were staying at, drunkenly singing a song that was playing on the jukebox at the last bar they were at.

“Well the…danger on the rocks has surely passed…Still I remain tied to the mast…Could it be that I have found my home at last…”

They stopped at the door to Izzy’s room.  Izzy stopped to fish her key card out of her pocket, but then Jen spun her around.

“Hey, what’re you…” Jen cut her off with a long kiss on the lips.  After she stopped, Izzy slurred, “The hell?”

“Izzy, I am really, really horny right now.”

“That’s nice.  Can I get us inside first?”

“Oh, of course.”

Izzy opened the door, and the two were immediately hit in the face with the morning sun.

“Ah, jeez!” Jen groaned, covering her eyes.

“Yeah, let’s close those.” Izzy went over and pulled the curtains, darkening the room. “Ah, that’s better.”

As she stood there, Jen came up and wrapped her arms around her. “Mmm, c’mere…” Jen kissed Izzy’s neck, and groped the front of her body.  Her hands arrived at Izzy’s breasts, and Jen smirked, “Ooh, you’ve grown, little girl!” Jen then grinded against Izzy’s butt. “‘Anyone ever told you you got a sweet ass?  Makes me wanna do something nasty.”

“Like what?”

“Like this…” Jen then dropped to her knees, and yanked down Izzy’s pants, exposing her ass.  Izzy then felt Jen’s tongue on her butt-hole.

“Oh, shit…” Izzy moaned, “Yeah, that’s pretty nasty.” Izzy nearly doubled over when Jen began to finger her pussy, while continuing to lick her ass.  As Jen went, Izzy got close to falling over several times, so she finally moaned, “Take me over to the bed.” Jen grabbed Izzy, and bent her over the bed, and then continued to eat out her ass, while fingering her twat. “Oh!  Oh!  Oh!” Izzy whined as she felt the orgasm approaching. “AAAHHH!” Izzy finally came, screaming.  As Izzy recovered, she reached behind her, grabbing Jen by the arm. “Okay, your turn.”

“Ooh, I’m in trouble now!”

“You have no idea, bitch.” Jen grinned at this.

Moments later, Jen lay on the bed, naked, as Izzy, also naked, dug through her overnight bag.  Finally, Izzy pulled out a strap-on dildo, and Jen immediately started laughing.

“Okay, I understand the dildo, but why is it a strap-on?”

“Maybe I was expecting to bring someone back here tonight.”

“Ooh, you knew you’d be coming back with another girl?”

“Not necessarily…” This caused Jen to laugh at the top of her lungs. “On your back,” Izzy said, as she put on the dildo.  Jen turned over on her back, and Izzy, walking over to the bed, said, “Legs in the air.”

“Oh, God,” Jen again laughed, “I am in trouble, aren’t I?”

Jen brought her knees up to her chest, as Izzy climbed on the bed.  In a moment, Jen felt the dildo slide between her butt-cheeks, then… “Ohhh, fffuck!” Jen groaned throatily, as the dildo entered her asshole.  Jen threw her head back, as Izzy started to thrust into her. “Oh, God, fuck me, little girl!  Yes!” Izzy thrusted faster and faster, until Jen came, screaming like she was being raped, and squirting all over Izzy.

“Oh, that’s a nice little present,” Izzy snarked, wiping Jen’s pussy juice off her stomach, and licking it off her fingers.

Moments later, Jen and Izzy lay asleep, spooning, not to wake up until late afternoon, both with a slight hangover.

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