Dominique Moceanu’s Rape [Parts 1-6]



Dominique Moceanu had a really arguest practice at her gym in
Dallas Texas. She was exited about her upcoming trip to the
Olympics, so a little extra work was reqired to prepare for

it. She had just finished her last routine on the "pomel
horse". Looking up at the clock placed on the wall little
Dominique Moceanu saw that it was already 9:30 in the evening.
The cute little 14-year-old knew she would catch hell from
her dad upon her return. All her coaches had left hours
before now, but Dominique was a perfectionist. She wasn’t
gonna quit til she got everything just perfect. But it was
time for her to get ready to go. She dismounted the "pomel
horse", gave the back edges of her red loeotard a tug because
she could feel the spandex material creeping in between her
perky little ass cheeks, (a bit of a wedgy). She walked over
to a chair to her right, about 20 feet away from her. Sitting
down on the folding chair, she grabbed a white rag that hung
on the back support, and wiped the persperatoin off of her
adorable face.

Her pretty brunette hair was tied back in a pony-tail, and her
developed muscular legs glistened very nicely with sweat under
the lighted gymnasium. Her five foot frame looked absolutly
beautiful as she slowly got up from her chair and strolled in
the direction of the lockerroom. She had a smile on her face
as she walked, her world was going just the way she wanted.
She even had a boyfriend that she could tease anytime she
wanted. Yes, she was a gold medal girl, but on this evening
she would see that perfect world crumble down.

She made her way to the lockerroom, the quietness in the air
was an eary feeling. Dominique stood in front of her locker
and began to open it. Inside was a pair of blue jeans, pink
silk panties, a white flowery training bra, and a very
unimaginaive white t-shirt. The piksy little girl was just
about ready to unzip her tight-red leotard, when she heard the
lockerroom door close, and the clicking sound of a lock being
applied. She thought it might have been the janitor closing
up for the night not knowing anyone was there. "Hey wait im
in here don’t lock me out." It was no janitor as she would
find out in a matter of seconds. The little girl stopped her
undressing, and sprang in a hurry towards the locked door
around the corner from the locker area. As she reached the
door she spotted three men dressed in black jumpsuits and ski
mask gawking at her.

"What are you doing here?" Dominique asked, with an edge of
fear in her squeeky little voice. It was cute seeing the
little girl slowly back away grabbing a large white towel in a
bench beside her trying to cover up her innocent beaty, not to
mention igzuding midesty. The three men kept glareing eyeing
their fresh young pray, following her ever so slowly back into
the belly of the room.

"We’ve been planning this for quite some time little kid," one
of the masked man said to the trmbeling child. "The boys and
I wanna pop your cherry."

"What!" Dominique was really scared now. She tried to flee
but the three large six-foot figures surrounded the helpless
girl. She was now incircled she had no place to run. "What
do you want?" she asked. Tears were forming in her beautiful
brown deer-like eyes. "I don’t have any money. Please let me
go." One of the man ripped his mask off his face, revealing a
stubled face. He looked as if he was in his early thirties.
He went up to the sobbing hirl grabbed her roughly by the arm,
twinsted her around and pinned her body against the tall steel
lockers. This must have hurt little Dominique, because you
could audibly hear the sound of her face making contact with
the hard lockers.

"Honey, we don’t want any money," the man said. He reached
down with a free hand and began fondeling Dominique’s tight
ass. The girl tried to sqirm away, but the mans free hand had
too tight a grip on her wrist. "The boys and I are gonna fuck
you. "Hope you didn’t have any plans tonight," he said.
"Were gonna fuck you every which way but loose.

Dominique began to wimper like a puppy dog. "Please don’t!"
Another masked man came up beside the trapped girl and pulled
out a pistol. He reached behind her head and yank it back
away from the locker, holding tight to her pony-tail. Her neck
was crained back to the skies. The armed man twisted her head
in his direction, causing her to scream a bit. "You see this
gun babygirl?" the man asked her. He placed the barrel of the
gun against her lovely lips. "It’s loaded. You be good and
do what we say, or i’ll blow those pretty little brains out."
The other man gripping Dominiques wrist let go now, as his
friend had her nice and still now. He got to his knees and
begand roughly squeesing the poor girls butt.

"God she’s one tight-ass slut guys," he said. Dominique was
absolutly terrified. She knew without a doubt rhat her once
virgin body was about to be voilated in a horrible way. She
felt the zipper of her leotard being slowly lowered. "Let’s
see what "Americas Dreamgirl" has to offer."

end of part one



The chill in the room was evidant to little Dominique. She
could feel the chill flow down her quicky exposing spine, the
chill of the air conditioning still wufting throughout the
gymnasium. But even more chilling to the precious young
14-year old, was the presance of the three men pawing at her
very nubile young body, almost toying with it. It was as if
they wanted to torment her as much as screw her. The zipper
on her leotard was now undone to its fullest and the man that
was once squeesing her perky bottom was now caressing her
spine. He even had the disgusting nerve to lick the spine, all
the way from the bottom of her zipper to the very top of her
shoulder blades. It was as if he was licking a popsicle.
"Man, you sure do taste good honey," the man behind her said,
after a long lucious taste.

"I bet she does," the third masked man said, watching the
action from a close distance. This particular man seemed
almost mesmurised by the girls innocance. "Want me to get the
stuff ready guys?" he asked, with the gleefulness of a child.

"Sure bud," the man holding the pistol instructed. "You go
get things ready for miss piksy bitch here." He looked into
Dominique’s frightened eyes. Even though he was wearing a
dark colored ski mask, though the mouth cutout portion you
could see a slight grin forming under the covered face. "We
got so many nice ways to turn you into a woman here you know
that little one?" He kept ahold of her ponyttail, but lowered
his gun. Dominique wanted to die, the anticipation of her
upcoming hell was unbareable.

"What do you mean? she asked, in between her baby-like sobs.

"Listen Joe," the man gripping Dominique by the hair stated
towards his friend. "Before you stip her down right here and
now i wanna play our first game on her while she’s still got
her ass packed in those sexy little tights. With that
Dominique was shocked to find the zipper of her leotard being
pulled up.

"Okay I guess that would be a bit more fun huh?" Joe replied.
The next thing the future olympian knew she was being carried
in the arms of her unmasked asailent out of the lockerroom and
back into the belly of the gym. She was held across his
forearms like a parent would cradle a baby.

"Let me go you pig!" Dominique yelled as she licked and
sqirmed as much as she could. Unfortuneatly for her there was
no escapeing these big strong men. After they reached the
gymnasium floor, the third man had everything all set up.
Dominique was thrown roughly on the floor exersize matt. As
she fell and made impact with the ground, the wind temporaraly
came out of her. She lay face down on the matted area, and
within second felt a rag cover her innocent mouth. The girl
was cloraformed. Little did she know that when she awoke her
intire world was going to be turned upside down, literally.

END OF PART 2…..More to come if anyone is interested in
finding out what happens next



When the uncontious young girl woke up from the dose of
cloraform, she found herself hanging upside down on some sort
of raised apperatus. Her ankles were stapped to a bar and she
was unable to kick herself out of the clampes that held her un
this most awkward position. "Let me go you creeps!" she
shouted in anger. The three men were standing in front of her
looking at her stuggle, she looked like a fish out of water,
twitching and wiggleling her virginal body, attempting
desperatly to get loose.

All the men had taken off their mask now, and two of them had
already began to pleasure themselves while Dominique was
uncontious. Besides Joe, the middle aged dark haired man with
stubble protruding from his face; there was Dave, a well built
strong athletic looking man also in his mid-thirties; and
there was Jess a large imposing black man who looked as if he
was ready for some rough play. "Look at the little thing
struggle," Jess said with eyes fixed on his little prize.
"This is gonna be so much fun." He grinned broadly as he
continued to stroke his meat with everyone of the childs

Dominique’s vantage point was bizzare, unless she pulled her
trunk upward she could only see the three men from the waist
down. This was exactly where she belonged. "Let me go now!"
she demanded. With this Dave walked up to her upside down form
and squatted on his knees to get more eye level with her.

"We’ll let u go," he said to her. "Just as soon as we get
what we came here for." He watched as tears welled up in her
face. She looked so pretty hanging like that, her little
ponytail dangiling towards the ground. Dominique was getting
dizzy now, the blood was really rushhing to her head. Dave put
his right hand over her mouth as the other two boys went to

Through the sounds of her muffled screams, the two men began
fondeling the lower half of her body. Jess was particularly
interested in her ass, he reached his hand under her tight
leotard, stretching it to its fullest until he had a firm
grasp of her ass cheeks. "Oh baby I’ve never felt such a
tight little ass before," Jess said. Then as if they were two
wolves attacking their wounded prey, Dom felt her spandex red
leotard being slowly cut away on her sides. The two blades
cut the apparel like butter, but they were very careful not to
peirce any skin. The sides of her suit were cut away now. All
that remained was to pull it off now. "On the count of three
baby you’ll be hanging upside down in your bra and panties."
Jess counted to three and he and dave tore the remainder of
her leotard away from her body. All that was covered were her
arms, the sleves for the moment were left on the girl. But
from her small budding breast on down there was nothing but
flowered panties, a white bra, and beautiful pink fresh skin.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!" the captive screamed now looking rather
immodest. Dave had removed his hand from her mouth and was
now standing in front of her weeping little face, his crotch
level with the young girls face. Being the only one without
his cock out, he undid his pants and whipped it out.

"Shut up girl," he said coldly. "Or we’ll gut you like a
fish." He put his hardening shaft against her young lips, he
was getting so huge. "Open wide baby it’st time for the first
part of our little game." At first she resisted as he tried
to put his rod in her mouth, but she then felt the jerk of her
panties being torn from her body. Then she felt the awful
pain of a man violently finger fucking her. As she began to
scream in pain her mouth widened and Daves cock slid right in
the opening. He grabbed the sides of her head and began
pulling it back and forth on his shaft. "GOOD BITCH DON’T YOU

Slowly he guided himself in and out of her young mouth, the
others were finger fucking both her cunt and butthole.
Dominique was in such pain, but the shock had taken her over
so much she couldnt relate to the pain she was feeling. After
2 minutes of constant finger fucking, the other two men had
made their way around to the front and also began to slap the
little girls face with their hardening cocks. Dave threatened
to shoot her and showed her his pistol once more before
resuming his atack on her mouth. Before she knew it
Dominigues face was being streched to the limit as Dave and
Jess began to swoard fight in her face, you would have never
though such a sweet lttle face could handle to cocks ramming
in and out of it simultaniously, but with a stuggle she was
complying, and quite well too. When would this toture end for

Part 3 finished….want more?



Dominiques ears were being pulled hard, as the two nine inch
cocks penetrated her youthful mouth. The girl could barely
breathe as the stiff rods pounded hard to the back of her
throat. She fought the temptation to bite the two cocks off,
for if she did, she knew she would be beaten severely. "Look
at her go," Jess said in extasy. "Bet daddy’s fucked this
sweet face before, she sucks like a pro. Pound, pound, pound.
The two men iside Dom’s mouth were about to shoot a load of
cum in her, the girl could taste the precum forming on her
tounge. The cocks were starting to throb inside her.

"Joe go over get my bag," Dave directed to his friend who was
as the time waiting for his turn in her face. "I think its
time we prepare this little girl for a fantastic fuck." As
Jess and Dave continued to rape the young girls mouth, Joe
made his way to the other corner of the large empty gymnasium.
He grabbed a small backpack that lay on the floor and brought
it over to his friends. The two men pulled thir throbbing
cocks out of her face and relaxed for a second. It wasn’t
time to cum just yet.

Dave gave the pistol in his hand to Jess. He pressed it
against the little girls tummy, while Dave removed a couple
items from his bag. He went over to the weary young girl, and
one again crouched down to look at her weeping face. "You see
these things baby?" Dave asked her holding the two items close
to her face, while Jess backs up slightly to get out of his
way. "What am I holding miss priss?"

Dominique was in shock, she wasn’t exactly sure what this
awful man had in mind. She relunctantly responded after Dave
slapped the side of her face with the palm of his hand. The
two items were now residing on the floor underneath her
dangeling head on the floor. "Saving cream and a razor?"
Dominique said to her capture, after another hard strike
against her face.

That’s right honey," Dave said now sroking her sore face
gently. "The boys and I wanna watch wile you shave that peach
fuzz off your pussy. Domiinique struggled and screamed once
more, but Dave shut her up quickly by gripping her neck and
pressing hard against her windpipe til her protest quieted.
"You don’t wanna ever get out of here do you bitch?" "Want us
to leave you upsidedown like that til Monday morning?"

"No," she replied timidly.

"Well then we want you to cooperate fully." Jess said, moving
over towards Joe who was preparing to let Dominique down.
Dave relased her throat and stripped the sleaves on her arms
off, and threw him to the side.

"Where gonna let you down Dom," Dave said. "But if you’re not
a good girl I won’t hesitate to shoot you." Her ankles were
set free and Dave and Jess slowly lifted her down to the
ground. They let her collect herself for a second, but then
the surrounded her fondeling her young body once more. "Jess
and Dave hold her legs apart."

As the two men obeyed there frinds orders. Dave took the
bottle of shaving cream off the floor and applied a gob of it
to his hand. Then to Dominiques horror the shaving cream was
being roughly smeard to the pussy of the young girl. The
other two men backed away fter the creamy substance was coated
on her nether regions. Dave crawled over to Domi’s head and
gave her a kiss on the mouth. Then as if to finishe the job
right, he reached down to Dominbiques cheast, pulled the bra
she was wearing up a bit, then with his other hand sliced it
off with the straight razor in his hand. Throwing that to the
side, Dave motioned to Jess to come over. "Make sure this
bitch is careful with this razor," Dave said. "Never take
that gun off of her temple. With this he kissed Dom once more
full on the mouth and layed the straith razor on her naked
belly. "I want you to shave every lasyt hair off babe. I
want you to be as smooth there as a babys bottom.

Dominique lay there with a large naked black man pointing a
gun to her head, her other two assailents watching as she was
expactived to shave her pussy. This was the worst nitghmare of
her young life.



Dominique lay motionless on the hard wood floor. The
fourteen-year-old was frozen in fear. Jess was dangling his
hardened black cock in front of her face, teasing it with the
closed lips. The shaving cream smeared on her clit felt
slimey and cold. On her bare belly lay the razor blade, just
above her cute outy belly-button. "Come on baby let’s get
started!" Joe shouted at her from his seated posiotion acroos
the room. Timidly Dominique began to do as she was told.

She took the razor blade off of her belly, slowly crained
herself into a seated posture, (so as to not make the angry
black man with the gun think she was resisting), and calmly
carefully began to shave her pubes off. She was seated with
her thick athletic legs spread wide apart, her pussy lips were
there for all to see. Jess still pressed the gun to the back
of her head just in case.

Five minutes of careful grooming and little Dom was pink as
can be, between her legs laying on the ground was a small
patch of black hair, that used to reside on her youthfull
body. "That’s a girl," Said Dave, as the the small princess
was once again pulled into a prone position, with one hard
yank on her ponytail, her mouth less than an inch away from
Jess’s cock. Dave and Joe came runnig up to her once again.
"MMMM Just as pink as can be. Dave started to play with her
clit very gently as Dom squirmed at his touch. She wanted to
protest, but Jess grabbed her face, forced her jaw open, and
once again mouthrammed the back of her thoat.

"Oh this is going to feel so sweet," Dave said. With that he
mounted the poor girl, and with a few seconds of teasing her
pink virgin hole, ramed it home. He thrusted inside of her
hard and fast. With each lung cousing the little helpless
girl to spasm. Knowing this would hurt her, and not wanting
her to stop sucking his stick, Jess roughly grabbed Dominique
by the thoat causing her to gasp for air, opening her mouth
very wide. Dave continued to rape her pussy for 5 minutes or
so, then the climax was beginning. "Oh baby im gonna cream
inside that baby hole of yours." Then with on last angered
thrust streams of sticky cum entered Dominique. "Okay Jess
your next." Jess climed off her sweaty and exausted.

Jess handed the gun to Joe as he looked at the little freshly
raped girl on the floor. With that he had an idea. "Look at
the little schoolgirl," he said. "She doesn’t know what to
think. Would you liked to be double fucked honey?"

"No please leave me alone," she said. She was reinvigerated
with fear as she knew what was about to happen. "I won’t tell
anybody please!" she started to weep once more.

"Shut up kid," Joe said. Slapping her hard across the face,
with the handle of the gun. This voilent action caused her to
roll over on her side and daze her. Jess picked her up by the
hands and brought her to her feet. Joe laid down on his back
rubbing his meaty cock.

"Did you enjoy that schoolgirl?" Jess asked her grabbing her
by the arms.

"No sir," she replied as obedient as a trained dog.

"You’ll get it again if you don’t shut up and do as your
told!" Jess said angrily. Dominique was thrown to the gropund
once more by the voilent slap of Jess’s hand. Then her worst
fear was realised, she was ordered to straddle Joes hard-on.
As she did she felt the pain of Joe’s lust for her thrust
upward in her. Behind her Jess had taken the left over
shaving cream and began to coat it all over her perky ass
cheeks. Dom had never felt so much pain.

I’m tired of doing all the work bitch," Joe said in a
breatless way. "Fuck me sweetie. Dominiques ribbon was taken
out of her hair, and it flowed freely down her back now. Joe
took his hand off her hips and waited for her to follow
orders. After five seconds of no action Jess Grabbed her hair
and yanked her head back.

"Fuck him girlie," Jess demanded. Reluctantly, she obeyed and
rocked up and down on Joe’s cock. Her rythem was speratic at
first, but then she began to get used to the peircing pain
inside her. "Your gonna have to do it yourself now Joe, i
think the little bitch is gonna be to distracted to fuck
anyone in a second. Frank pushed her down on top of Joe. He
grabbed her neck pulled it to his face kissing her and
continuing to thrust upward in her sore clit. She would never
forget the next few minutes.

(end of part five…there’s one more part to it….if you all
ask me nicely 🙂 )


Jess had his strong hands all over Dominique’s pink ass. Joe
wrapped his hands on her back holding her flat against his
cheast. The rythem of his upward thrust was nice and calm.
Her ass was Jess’s play thing, her ass cheeks were spread wide
apart. "Here comes Daddy," Jess excaimed. The shaving cream
was making her buns illuminate with moisture. Putting his
finger up her butthole, along with a fresh glob of cream,
Dominique’s hips began to guiver with the enterance of this
foreign hand. "There you go babygirl. You’re gonna love this
little bitch!"

Dominique fought and managed to seperate her mouth from Joe’s
grasp. "Please don’t do this to me." Joe pulled her back
down to him, he could feel her legs tightening around his
puming waist. He could also feel something else however. Even
through all of her child-like crying her baby clit was
beginging to exzude wettness on his pole.

"Oh baby, you love this don’t lie," Joe said before he gave
her another rough push deep inside her virgina. She screamed
at the peircing bolt inside her. "I can feel you cumming."
Dave was now recouperated from his cherry picking. He reached
into his duffle bag and pulled something small from it.
Holding it in his hand he made his way over to the girl about
to get raped in both holes.

"Before you start to fuck her poop shute Jess, let me teach
her not to be such a whiney bitch. Jess stepped aside for a
second. "Let’s see if you can endure a little pain babe. He
positioned his naked body behind her cream soaked bottom.
Gave her one violent slap on her ass. Then to even out the
pain, and to put her in her rightful place as their fuck toy,
Dave took a small tack out of the palm of his hand and got
ready to peirch one of buns. Dominique was to busy trying to
deal with the incesent pumping of her pussy from below. She
had no idea what was coming. Then the tip of the small tack
was pushed into her right ass cheek. then quicky pulled out.

"AGHHHHHHH!!!!!," Dominique was suprized by the needle prick
in her bun. Dave gave her butt a hard kiss where the needle
penetrated. Then stepped aside and watched as Jess readied
himself to pop her butthole.

"Fuck her as hard as you can for a second," Jess directed at
Joe. He gladley did so. His dick went in and out of her so
fast, as Joe gabbed her hips to help himself jackammer her
pussy. "Here we go babe," Jess said. He alighned his big
black prick to her slippery anus. "OOOOH." Inch by inch Jess
forced himself in her tigh sphinkter. Domonique wanted to
die. The pain was so bad that tears flowed out of her eyes
and dripped on Joe’s chest. Ram, Ram, Ram, the two meaty
cocks tore into the young girl. The pain she felt was the
same as the pain of an ant getting screwd by two elephants.

This ensesent fucking went on until Jess exploded up her anal
canal. Before Joe blew he yanked her off him, turned over her
sweaty weary body and thrat fucked her. He made sure she took
it in her throat all the way til his balls touched her lips.
He was so far in her throat, she couldnt help but swallow.

The little gymnast lay naked on the gymnastic floor, beside
her sporawled out body was 300 dollars. Before the three men
left, they had told her not to bother calling the cops. Her
rape was planned and arranged for, by her father. It seems he
was in some debt, and in order to get out of it, the three men
wanted to rape his daughter like a piksy whore.

All of this helps to explain why she is having trouble
relating to her father. She still has not forgiven him.

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