Dominque And Shannon


Subject: Dominique!! and Shannon! (ff, mf, young, gymnast)

NOTE: This
story is entirely fictional, and does not depict real events or correspond to the actual
lives of the people mentioned within it in any way. Both Dominique Moceanu and Shannon
Miller are highly respectable people, and only their names are used here. The characters
who share names with these two share nothing else in common as far as character goes. I do
not condone the activities herein,
nor do I think they really happened or wish them to
happen to these wonderfully talented girls. This is fantasy, and not even mine at that.

WARNING: This story describes graphic sexual scenes and should not be viewed by minors
or anyone else who may be offended or emotionally scarred by such obscenities.


The girls’ hotel room was empty except for Dominique, all the others having gone their
separate ways in exploration of Atlanta. Dominique had opted to stay in the luxuriously
large room – apartment was more like it – and take a shower. She entered the bathroom and
looked at herself in the full length mirror against the back of the door. At 4’6",
she was still too short to see into the mirror over the sink. As she viewed herself, she
wondered whether she would ever have the experiences other girls her age had had with
boys. She began undressing. First she removed her shirt, then her bra. Her breasts had
only just begun to develop, and she was going to be 15 in a few months. Her nipples had
enlarged a bit, but little else. She removed her shoes, and her tiny little feet were
surprised by the cold of the bathroom floor. Next, she slipped off her pants and panties,
and Dominique looked at her naked body, feeling down. She still looked eleven. Her breasts
were so small, and very little hair at all had grown over her twat, just a barely
noticeable tuft. As she stood there, Dominique began to imagine a nice, muscular boy
coming on to her. Only her imagination saved her from what she felt was the sad truth that
she would never develop. She let her fingers drop between her legs and watched in the
mirror as she spread her own cunt lips apart, imagining the hand to be that of her
imaginary muscular boyfriend, whose cock was just the right size for her small body. She
could feel the dampness there immediately. Before she got too steamed up, she turned the
shower on and got into the stall. She let the water fall all over her tiny, young, naked
flesh, all over her face, nipples, feet, and belly. She continued to let her hand rub the
small nub between her legs. Since no one else was around, she felt a bit more free to make
some quiet noises as she masturbated. What Dominique didn’t know was that Shannon had
arrived back from her trip around Atlanta, and was walking past the bathroom door just as
Dominique let out a small yelp. Shannon smiled knowingly, for she’d been nearly as small
five years earlier, and just as worried about boys. Shannon quietly tested the bathroom
door and found that it was unlocked. She poked her head in and saw Dominique standing in
the shower, eyes closed, hand moving rapidly between her legs. The scene turned Shannon
on, and she quietly undressed herself, squeezing the door shut behind her. She peeked in
the mirror at herself and smiled. Her breasts had blossomed since the last olympics.
Although they were still smaller than average, they now were at least noticeable. And her
pussy hair had now grown completely in. At 19, she was a woman now – a small woman, but a
woman. And young Dominique would have to learn the ropes still. Dominique gasped and
opened her eyes as Shannon slid the stall door open. "Don’t worry," said
Shannon. "It’s okay, Dominique. I’m going to show you something better than frigging
yourself." Dominique was silent, stunned, and her face grew a bit red. Water rolled
off her young body as Shannon stepped into the stall. She brought her breasts close to
Dominique’s face. "Now Dominique," said Shannon, "take hold of my
breasts." Dominique hesitated, then brought her hands up and cupped Shannon’s
breasts. She smiled nervously, and Shannon smiled back. Shannon brought her own hands up
and pinched the younger girl’s tiny nipples. Dominique bit her lip in horniness and moved
closer to Shannon, their bare toes touching. Shannon placed one hand behind Dominique’s
head and guided Dominique’s face to her breasts. Dominique found Shannon’s nipple and
sucked hard, playing with it with her tongue. Shannon closed her eyes, loving it, and soon
felt Dominique’s hand between her legs, rubbing through her pubic hair. Dominique spoke
against Shannon’s breasts: "It must be nice to have so much hair there. I wonder if I
ever will." "Don’t worry," said Shannon, breathing heavily. "I was
like you once. Don’t worry about that now. Let’s just fuck and lick." Shannon brought
her hand from behind Dominique’s head and dropped it between the young girl’s legs. She
shoved a finger into her. Dominique was incredibly tight, and even Shannon’s finger had
trouble passing through. The little girl trembled as Shannon finger fucked her in the
shower. "I know," gasped Dominique. "Let’s go out and get onto my bed. The
others won’t be back for a while. The two little women quickly left the bathroom, still
naked and with ecstasy filling them, and found their way to Dominique’s bed. The lay down
and Dominique spread her legs wide, spreading her pussy open to Shannon.
"Please," said Dominique, "show me what it’s like, Shannon." Shannon
dipped down between Dominique’s legs and dipped a tongue into her little snatch. She
tasted good. Shannon found the little girl’s tiny clit and began flicking her tongue on
it. Dominique started moaning and bucking her hips as Shannon licked away at her
underdeveloped little cunt. Shannon was amazed at how much younger Dominique’s pussy
looked than it really was. Had she even had a period yet? Shannon wondered. Soon,
Dominique’s breathing became incredibly rapid and her back arched up. Her orgasm shot
through her strong, and Shannon kept up with the juices as the poured out into her mouth.
Dominique fell back down, and then smiled at Shannon. "Is that your first time?"
asked Shannon. "Yes," replied Dominique, through heavy breaths. "With
anyone else. And my first real orgasm. I didn’t realize how good they could be."
Shannon smiled knowingly, then said, "My turn." She spread her legs further
apart than any non-gymnast could, and her cunt lips opened automatically. Unsure of
herself, Dominique crawled between Shannon’s legs and looked at the older muff in front of
her. The lips were so much more defined, and the clitoris was plain as day. Not to mention
all the hair. "I’m not sure what to do," said Dominique. "Just follow your
instincts," said Shannon. "Lick me." Dominique touched her tongue to
Shannon’s cunt and decided that it tasted pretty good. She began sucking Shannon’s clit,
just as Shannon had done to her. Shannon gasped, "Yes!" and her hips began

Suddenly there was a loud sound at the door to the apartment, and the two girls looked
up in horrible anticipation. Who had come home early to find them in bed together? The
stories would be viscious! But it wasn’t one of the girls. It was a man. A man neither of
them recognized. He was in his early twenties, it seemed, and both girls thought him quite
attractive. But they didn’t think much about his looks. They were more concerned with what
he was doing here. Dominique removed her face from Shannon’s snatch and Shannon closed her
legs, then turned to face the man. Both girls covered their breasts. The man smiled.
"Well what have we here?" he commented. "The little gym girls. Naked and
waiting for me." He began unbuttoning his pants. "Now you get out of here!"
yelled Shannon. "You fucking pervert, get out!" "Who’s the pervert?"
he asked. Shannon was 19, after all, and Dominique was only 14. "Besides, I don’t
think you’ll mind having some of this." The man dropped his pants and the two girls
gawked silently at his cock, which stood erect. It was about 6 inches long, and quite
wide. Shannon had never seen one as big before, even though it was average length, and
Dominique had never seen any at all. "Come on," he said. "We’ll have some
fun." He approached, his hard dick pointing right at Shannon. Shannon couldn’t help
herself. She reached out and grabbed his cock, then began stroking it. She knew this was
dirty and bad, but her lust had built up too far. As the man sat down on the bed, Shannon
took him deep into her mouth as Dominique watched, her finger rubbing at her clit. The man
lay back and his head was inches from Dominique’s open pussy. He reached up and shoved a
finger deep into her. "God, you’re tight," he said. "I’ll have to fuck you
later." He began moving his finger in and out of the little girl, and she smiled,
closing her eyes in pleasure. Shannon’s mouth moved insistently on the guy’s cock as she
fingered her own pussy, legs spread far wider than most people can, giving all a great
view of her inner pinkness. The guy placed a hand on the back of Shannon’s head and urged
her on. Finally, Shannon could take no more. She straddled the man, one knee on either
side of his hips, and slid his cock deep into her pussy, gasping in pleasure as she did
so. She began riding up and down on his wonderful cock, rubbing her tits aggressively, and
the man reveled in her small tightness. While Shannon rode his dick, the man moved
Dominique’s spread-legged body closer to him, eventually positioning her little cunt over
his lips. She felt his tongue enter her, and lick all the right spots. Soon, her young
pussy was pouring juice into the man’s mouth. Shannon began flipping out as she rode, and
finally let out a cry and collapsed, the man’s cock still in her. She pulled him out and
Dominique immediately made a move for the cock while the man ate her out. Dominique didn’t
expect a cock to feel as hard as it did, but was quite turned on by it. She leaned over
and sucked it into her mouth, the way Shannon had done before. "That’s it," the
man said against her little cunt. She couldn’t take muck of the cock into her mouth, but
she jerked on the rest of it. She could taste Shannon’s juices on the cock, and saw them
shimmering in the man’s pubic hair. Suddenly everything went black and she could feel
surges running through her again. An incredible orgasm overcame her and she yelled loudly,
creaming the man’s face with her juices. He lapped up what he could, but the rest covered
his cheeks. Dominique continued sucking the man’s cock, but moved over so that Shannon
could climb onto his face. He licked Shannon’s pussy while Dominique quickly gained skill
at cock sucking. She began taking it more and more deeply into her young mouth, pressing
her little lips hard against it. The cock seemed humungous to her, and she could barely
open her lips wide enough to get it in. Shannon came quickly. After only about two
minuted, her juices spilled out to join Dominique’s on the happy man’s face. Finally, it
was Dominique’s chance. Dominique let go of the cock and lay on her back. She pulled her
legs incredibly far apart and looked at the man. "Fuck me," she said. The man
looked at her face, then her cunt. He had seen her tightness and knew it would be her
first time. What an honor. He would move slowly. He grabbed her ankle and brought her left
foot to his mouth, kissing each of her cute little toes, then dragged his tongue up her
ankle, then her leg. He licked up the inside of her thigh, but detoured just before
reaching her cunt. She moaned in frustration as he passed her navel, then found her
nipples. He took her left nipple between his lips and sucked hard, squeezing the other
with his hand. She squirmed in pleasure as Shannon watched, fingering her own cunt. The
man then kissed Dominique’s collarbone, her neck, her chin, and then he shoved his tongue
into her tiny open mouth. She quickly caught on to the mechanics of the French kiss, and
soon their tongues where locked. He could feel his cock rubbing against her nearly
hairless wet little pussy. Dominique gasped as she felt the head of the man’s cock squeeze
into her tight little pussy. He felt ten times the size as he slowly pushed his cock into
her cunt, first one inch, then another. It hurt her, but it was the best hurt she’d ever
felt. She was finally getting fucked. She whispered to him as they fucked and kissed:
"Cum in me." Suddenly his cock thrust deep into her, destroying her virginity
bloodlessly. He moved it out, then in again, slowly. He picked up speed as he fucked her
young twat. Now Shannon stood over him and pushed his ass as he fucked Dominique,
fingering herself with the other hand. Dominique had never imagined such pleasure. She
could not stop herself from crying out as he continued plunging his cock deep into her
beautiful young body. She gasped each time she could feel the ridge of his cockhead
against her lower lips. Soon the man was fucking her quite quickly. Once again Dominique
saw the world go black, and now the orgasm was so intense that she thought she would
explode with pleasure. It seemed to last minutes. "I’m gonna cum!" he cried,
banging away at Dominique’s tight pussy. "Save some for me!" cried Shannon,
lying next to the fucking and opening her mouth. Dominique could feel the cock inside her
surge and squirt its juice deep into her. Then he pulled out, and cum splattered on
Dominiques belly, small breasts, and innocent little face. He made sure to get a couple of
squirts into Shannon’s mouth and on her tits and face before falling back onto the bed. He
saw his cum already dripping from the younger girl’s tight snatch as Shannon began licking
it from Dominique’s chest and rubbing it into her own tits.

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