Don’t Mess with Disney Chicks

Title:  Don’t Mess with Disney Chicks

Author:  Tori


Subject:  Olivia Holt, Piper Curda

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

The minute she walked into the convenience story she knew she was in trouble.  Olivia Holt and her costar and best friend Piper Curda, were on their way home after spending the day at the beach.   They were still in their bikini’s and wore baggy men’s shirts as cover ups.  Olivia looked at the gas gauge and saw that her Mercedes SUV was nearly empty.  She pulled into the Quik Mart and told Piper she needed something to drink so while Olivia pumped the gas, Piper went in to get a couple of bottles of water.  Olivia finished filling the tank and waited for Piper come out.  After about 10 minutes she decided to see what was keeping her.  When she entered the store, the pretty blonde stopped dead in her tracks.  She saw her friend being held by the neck by a large man holding a sawed off shotgun pointed at the clerk.  She started to say something when another man came up behind her and stuck a pistol in her back and pushed her forward towards Piper.

“Well, well, lookie here Joey, we gots us a coupla cute little beach bitches.”  “I likes them beach bitches.”  “I bet you can suck a mean cock, can’t you blondie?”

Olivia just stood there staring at the shotgun.  Piper started to turn blue from the choke hold the man had on her.  After she passed out, the man dropped her to the floor and screamed for the clerk to give him all the cash in the register.  The young kid opened the register and Joey pushed him out of the way and grabbed the cash.  “37 dollars?  Are you fucking kidding me?  37 fucking dollars?”  The kid just held up his hands and started to apologize when all of a sudden, Joey let loose with both barrels.  The young clerk flew backwards into the shelf behind him and fell to the floor dead.  Olivia started to scream out loud and that was when her world went black.

When Olivia came to, she was laying on a cold metal floor and she heard the sound of an engine.  Her head hurt like hell and when she opened her eyes, she saw Piper next to her.  Both girls had their hands tied behind their backs and Olivia realized they were on the floor of a van or some other kind of truck.  She looked over at Piper and saw her friends left eye was all black and blue and her lower lip was split and swollen.  Piper looked over and saw Olivia staring at her and started to cry.  Olivia looked a little closer and could see that Piper was naked from the waist down.  Her knees were bleeding and she had bruises all over her legs.  Piper rolled over to her friend and whispered, “they raped me Liv, they raped me.”  Olivia started to cry too and then she asked Piper the inevitable question, “did they rape me too?”  Piper shook her head, “no, but they will.  They’re just waiting for you to wake up.”

Eddy, the younger skinny guy, looked back and saw that Olivia was awake.  He yelled back to both of them and told then to shut the fuck up.  Joey, the big guy was driving and looked back at Olivia.  She saw him reach down and grab his crotch and said, “Yeah baby, I’m gonna feed you my meat stick just as soon as we get to the cabin.”  Olivia closed her eyes and cried harder.  Neither girls made a sound for the rest of the trip.  It was just past dawn when the van came to a stop.  When Joey and Eddy got out, Olivia looked at Piper and told her there was no way she’s going to let these guys rape her or Piper again and told Piper to stay strong.  The side door opened and Eddy pulled the girls out and stood them up.  Olivia saw Joey come around the front of the van holding the shotgun.  She said her hands were numb and asked him to untie her.  She promised she would behave.  Piper stood beside her friend and realized what Olivia had in mind.  She told the two that her hands were also numb and that she’d let them do whatever they wanted to her if they untied her too.  Joey tossed Eddy a knife and told him to cut them loose.  After he did, the girls rubbed the feeling back into their wrists and hands.  When Joey came towards Olivia, she glanced over at Piper and winked.  All of a sudden, she jumped up and kicked Joey in the chest.  The shotgun went off in the dirt and Olivia kicked it out of his hands.  When he stood up again, Olivia did a backwards spin and kicked him in the face, shattering his jaw.  Teeth and blood flew out of his mouth and his unconscious body fell to the dirt with a thud.  At the same time Olivia was beating the shit out of the big guy, Piper turned and kicked Eddy in the balls.  When he hunched over, she hit him in the back of the neck with her fist and he fell face down in the dirt, breaking his nose in the process.  Olivia grabbed Piper and held her tight and both girls started to cry.  “Sweetie, I’m so sorry this happened to you.  We’re going to teach these two sick rapists a lesson they’ll never forget.”  Olivia looked in the van and found some cable ties and secured the two men’s hands behind their backs.  She also cable tied their ankles together and wrapped some duct tape around their mouths.  She laughed when she looked at all the missing teeth in Joey’s mouth and then kicked him the side for good measure.  Olivia picked up the shotgun, handed the pistol to Piper and then they dragged the two men into the house and looked around.  There was plenty of food and although it had no running water, there was a well pump behind the house with nice cold spring water.

Olivia helped Piper clean up her cuts and bruises and then found a pair of overalls for her to wear.  She was putting a bandaid on Piper’s elbow when Piper opened up and told her what happened.  “After they knocked you out, I woke up.  That big asshole there picked me up and tore my bikini bottoms off of me and started to shove his fingers in to my pussy.  The other guy came over and tied my hands behind my back and shoved me to my knees.  Both of them made me suck their cocks.  The laughed at me after they came and then Joey raped me.  He told me I was just a worthless piece of meat to him and that my cunt was the only thing I had going for me.  After he came, the other guy raped me.  He had me on top of him and then Joey raped me in the ass.  It hurt so much.  I screamed and begged for them to stop but they just kept going.  They laughed when they finished with me.  After they pulled me up and put me in the van, they carried you out and I heard Eddy say he was going to rape you in the ass too but Joey wouldn’t let him.  He told him to wait until you woke up.  You know the rest.”  Olivia hugged her friend and let her cry it out.  “It’s OK baby, I’m going to make them pay for what they did to you, I promise.”

Olivia suggested they eat something so Piper heated up some canned soup on a gas cook stove while Olivia went out and searched the van for anything they could use.  Eddy started to come to and was moaning through the duct tape.  Piper walked over and kicked him hard in the balls.  He screamed through the tape and she kicked him again.  She went back and filled a couple of bowls with the soup and called out to Olivia that the food was ready.  Olivia came in and sat down.  The two girls finished their meal and then Olivia showed Piper what she found.  There were all kinds of tools and a saw.  She also found a small blowtorch that was still half full.  Piper looked over and saw that Joey had woken up.  He started to mumble something but shut up when Piper pointed the shotgun at his groin.  She liked the look of fear in his eyes and pulled the hammers back.  She laughed out loud when she saw him piss himself.  “Don’t worry lover, I’m not going to kill you right away, I’m going to take my time.”  With that, she pulled the triggers and blew a hole in the wall just inches above his head.  Olivia looked down and pointed at him.   “Look Piper, the dickhead shit himself.  Pee Yew!!!  Guess we need to go get him some diapers.”

After both Joey and Eddy had come too, Olivia pulled a chair over in front of them and pointed the pistol at them.  “I’ll bet you’re wondering how two 17 year old Disney chicks could get the better of you.  Well, I’ll tell you.  You see Piper, that’s my best friend, she’s also the girl you brutally raped and for which you will pay dearly.  You see, Piper is a third degree black belt in Tai Kwan Do.  She’s half Korean and her Father is a General in the Army, you fucking dumbass.  She’s been taking lessons since she was 5 years old.  Now me, I’m just a second degree black belt in Karate but I’ve been studying mixed martial arts since I was twelve.  We really don’t need guns to hurt you but I do want to thank you for supplying these.”  Olivia pointed the gun at Eddy and blew his left kneecap off.  Blood and pieces of bone flew over and covered Joey’s face.  Eddy was screaming like a banshee when Olivia blew his other kneecap off.  Eddy passed out and Joey just stared up at Olivia shaking his head pleading with his eyes for her not to kill him.  “That is only a sample of what we’re going to do to you, rapist.”

Piper and Olivia both grabbed a knife and started cutting Joey’s jeans off.  They tried hard not to puke when they took off his shit filled underwear and after they put them in a trash bag, Piper tossed it outside.  Olivia poured a bucket of cold water on him and washed some of the stench away.  Piper took hold of his cock and started to slowly stroke him.  “You like that, don’t you lover.  You liked it when you made me suck this big fat cock, didn’t you?  You really enjoyed raping and sodomizing me didn’t you lover?  You laughed at me after you finished.  Why aren’t you laughing now?  Why?”  Joey looked into her brown eyes and all he saw was hatred.  Piper took one of the cable ties and pulled it tight around his ball sack.  She continued to stroke his cock and reached back for a knife.  She keep jerking him off and then she sliced his balls off, castrating him.  She laid them on floor next to him and then stood up and stomped on them with her foot.  She laughed out loud and looked Joey right in the eyes and said, “Gee lover, I always knew you didn’t have the balls to be a real rapist.”  She kept laughing while Olivia lit the blowtorch and cauterized his bleeding scrotum.  The pain from castration and the blowtorch were too much for him and he passed out.

While Piper went outside for some fresh air, Olivia cut Eddy’s jeans off and looked at his mutilated legs.  She smiled and went to work on him.  When he woke up a few hours later, he looked down and saw that his legs had been cut off above the knee and he wore bandages placed there after Olivia used the blowtorch on him to stop the bleeding.  He was in severe pain and was having a hard time breathing through his broken nose. Piper reached over and pulled the tape from his mouth.  When she did, he leaned over and vomited on the floor.  Piper grabbed his head and turned it towards his friend.  He looked over and saw Joey sitting there with his balls gone.  “Don’t worry lover, I’m not going to cut your balls off.  We have bigger plans for you.”

Both men slept through the entire night.  While they slept, Olivia took the van down the road to find out where they were.  She found out that they were in a remote mountain area in Western Nevada.  She stopped at a small country store and grabbed a newspaper.  The headlines were about the girls going missing.  They found her SUV at the scene of a robbery and murder but the girls were missing and presumed kidnapped or possibly dead.  She used the cash she got from Joey’s pockets and bought a five gallon gas can full of gas as well as a lighter.  She got back to the cabin a little after 10pm and found Piper laying the bed crying.  She held her friend tight and gently kissed her cheek.  Piper smiled and then kissed her best friend on the mouth.  She pressed her lips against Olivia’s and when she felt her lips part, she pushed her tongue inside and the two tasted each other with a long passionate kiss.  Piper looked into Olivia’s eyes and kissed her again.  She nuzzled against her neck and kissed her earlobe and whispered, “I love you Liv.  I’ve been in love with you for a long time.“  Olivia looked into Pipers eyes and said, “I love you too baby.”  The two girls fell asleep in each other’s arms and sleep through the night.

The next day, Olivia woke up first and went out to find both men wide awake.  Eddy pleaded for her to let him go.  He said it wasn’t his idea to rape her friend, it was Joey’s.  “Oh, so you didn’t tell old Joey there that you were going to rape my ass?  Piper told me.  She told me everything you sick bastard.  You have no idea how much I hate you for what you did to my best friend, the girl I happen to love with all my heart.”  Piper came out of the bedroom and kissed her hard, “I love you so much right now but I think we should end this and go home.”

Piper walked over and picked up the shotgun and blew Joey’s head off.  Olivia told her to get in the van while she poured gas all over the cabin.  She made sure to wipe their prints off of both guns and then laid them on the floor, just out of Eddy’s reach.  She emptied the last of the gas on Eddy’s head and the headed for the door.  Eddy was crying and begging her not to do it when Olivia rolled up the newspaper, lit it with the lighter and set the cabin on fire.  The place went up like a tinderbox and was quickly engulfed in flames.  She thought she heard Eddy screaming but she just put it out of her mind as the two girls drove away.  Once they crossed over into California, Olivia pulled down a dirt road and stopped.  “Look baby, we can’t tell anyone what we did, ever.  We need to tell them what they did to you but what we tell them is that they let us go last night and we’ve been walking ever since.”  Piper thought about it for a moment and then agreed.  “You’re probably right.  OK, I’ll do it because I love you.”

Olivia drove down the road until she found the perfect place to dump the van.  They got out and pushed it down a long steep hill covered in trees and brush.  They heard it crash its way to the bottom and when they looked, they couldn’t see a trace of it.  They started walking and held hands and even sang a couple of their favorite songs.  When they finally made it back to the highway, they only had to walk a few more miles until they saw a gas station.  Piper stopped in front of the door and Olivia took her hand and squeezed it.  “It’s OK baby, I’m never going to let anything bad happen to you again.”  They each took a deep breath and walked into the story and told the woman inside who they were.  The police arrived about 30 minutes later and news of their rescue hit the media.  They were taken to the nearby hospital and examined.  Olivia told the cops about the robbery and murder and then Piper did her best to tell her story through her tears.  Olivia held her while she repeated the details of her rape to the detectives.  They then told how the two men started to panic and threatened to kill them but instead, they just let them go in the middle of nowhere and drove off.  They had no idea why they let them go or where they went.

The two girls were returned to their parents later that day and eventually made the talk show circuit and sat holding hands while they endured the endless questions from the media.  They were also very much in love and made no effort to hide it.  Disney didn’t approve at first but because of what happened to them, they quickly changed their stance and openly accepted the two girls as the first lesbian teens on Disney.  The world loved them and they loved each other.  They moved in together soon after they both turned 18 and have been lovers and companions ever since.

The End.

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