Don’t Upset Daddy

Title: Don’t Upset Daddy
Author: TheBigLove126
Celebs: Madisyn Shipman
Codes: Mf, rape, anal, oral, inc
Summary: Madisyn Shipman comes home late from a party and runs into her angry father

Disclaimer: The following is a non-consensual story featuring a real 16 year old celebrity and her father. Any similarity to reality is coincidental.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – or chat with me on my site’s Discord (ask for link). When it comes to requests, I am currently not taking them anymore, people get too pushy with wanting it as fast as possible and it takes away the enjoyment of writing.

It was very late on a Saturday, or more like Sunday morning. Around two in the morning, in a quiet suburb of Los Angeles, a sixteen-year-old girl came home to her dark house. It was not just any sixteen-year-old out late that night, it was an actress by the name of Madisyn Shipman. The Nickelodeon star was wrapping up a night of partying with people, some older than her, some her own age. Ever since grasping the smallest bit of celebrity, the teenager has taken advantage of it.

Madisyn fumbled around with the key to her house, a house she shared with her parents and brothers. The North Carolina natives moved to Los Angeles to aid the daughter in the family in her career. On this night, most of the family was back in North Carolina visiting relatives. Madisyn and her father were the two that stayed back. Madisyn begged to be left alone but her father knew it would lead to trouble, just maybe not the trouble that was about to come.

The last time Madisyn was left alone, the family came back to a messy house following day after day of teenage parties. They could not take the risk of a kid getting drunk, getting their car and killing someone as they would be responsible for it. So, for every family trip since then, one parent would stay behind. Even though her father was her preference, since he seemed to be less annoying than her mother, she would quickly regret that.

Madisyn finally got in the house and tried to quietly sneak upstairs. She almost jumped out of her skin as the lights shot on and her father stood atop the staircase.

“Do you know what fucking time it is!” he yelled to his daughter.

“Daddy, it’s only two, it’s not THAT late,” she said, adjusting her glasses.

Madisyn’s father walked down the stairs to her and got up close, taking a big sniff.

“I can smell the weed all over you,” he said, looking into her bloodshot eyes. “You are fucking high, aren’t you?”

“Calm down, I just had a joint or two, it’s not like I’m doing meth or anything,” she said with a laugh.

“Did I say something funny!?” he yelled. “I’m not letting my sixteen-year-old daughter stay out all night getting stoned with a bunch of teenage boys!”

“There weren’t just boys!” she yelled back. “There were plenty of girls there too!”

Madisyn’s father got close to his daughter again and inspected over her, tugging at her yellow t-shirt to look at her neck and shoulders. Madisyn was getting uncomfortable and gently pushed him away.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m looking for any marks or hickies,” he said. “Did you have sex with any of those boys?”

“DADDY!” she screamed. “You cannot ask me that!”

“I’ll ask you whatever the fuck I want to ask you, now answer the damn question!” he continued to yell.

“Fuck off!” Madisyn yelled, pushing him aside and running up the stairs, her father quickly behind her.

Madisyn made it to her room, shutting the door. Before she could lock it, her father came rushing in. He grabbed her by the chin and pushed her down on her bed hard.

“Don’t you EVER talk to me like that again, you little cunt!” he screamed in her face. “You are my daughter and you will do whatever I say, you understand me!?”

Madisyn’s heart was racing as she froze. Never before had her dad been this loud or violent with her. She felt like crying but tried her best to hold it back.

“Daddy, you’re hurting me,” she squeaked. “Please let me go.”

“I will when you answer my fucking question,” he said. “Did you have sex tonight?”

“No,” she softly said.

“You’re as good a liar as your stupid, cheating mother,” he said, reaching down and shoving his hand up her denim skirt.

“NO!” she screamed, feeling him grab the band of her panties, roughly pulling them down her slender legs.

Madisyn’s father held the panties up in front of his face and glared at them. His eyes shifted to his helpless daughter, the anger building in him.

“There’s a fucking cum stain on the inside, you little tramp,” he said in his most serious tone.

Madisyn could not respond. She had been lying to her father. She and her boyfriend had hooked up in the bathroom shortly after they got high at the party. The teen did not expect to be inspected when she got home, so she simply pulled her panties up after her boyfriend shot his load in her pubic hair.

“I’m sorry daddy,” she said, starting to cry. “Me and Logan had sex after we got stoned. He didn’t have a condom so he pulled out and I just pulled up my undies and we went back to the party”

“I’m sorry too, baby,” he said, letting go of her head and standing up. “I’m sorry that I have to punish you like this.”

Madisyn was horrified as she watched her father, that man she respected more than anyone, pull his shorts down, exposing his rock-solid cock to her.

“Ew daddy, no, you can’t,” she said, frozen in fear.

“Shut up, I can do whatever I want,” he said, pulling his shirt off. “If you are going to prance around and give your cunt to anyone who wants it, you deserve this!”

Madisyn tried to scurry away but was stopped when her father grabbed her by the ankle. He sat his naked ass don on her leg to pin her in place before reaching down with both hand and ripping the t-shirt off of her. She was too scared to fight back as her violently ripped her bra off as well, letting free her shapely teen tits.

“Stop, please,” she begged as he undid and removed her skirt, leaving her completely nude.

“The sooner you calm down and accept your punishment, the faster and smoother this will go,” he said. “You need to be taught a lesson and I’m the only one who can do this.”

Madisyn wanted to fight back but having already been choked, she was afraid of how far her father would go. She shivered as she felt his cold hand explore her young cunt. She was dry as a bone from the fear, but the rough touch quickly dampened her up.

“Your pussy is so much softer than your mother’s,” he said, making her gag. “She hasn’t let me touch her in months, she’s too busy fucking half of Hollywood to get you a career.”

Madisyn continued to shake in fear as her father rapidly rubbed her pussy until it was as wet as can be. Not wanting to wait anymore, he got up off her leg and made it to his knees. He grabbed both of her knees and spread her legs wide. Tears were streaming down her face as she felt the soft head of his cock bump against her swelling lips.

“I won’t be gentle, this is a punishment,” he said.

Before Madisyn could respond, she felt one violent thrust and all six inches of her father was in. The same cock that created her was now balls-deep inside of her, sending a shockwave of horror throughout her.

“Daddy,” she squeaked.

Her father ignored her and began to give her a rough fucking, one to a level she had never experienced before. It felt like his balls were slapping against her every half-second. Her entire body was numb except for her cunt, which was pulsating in a combination of lust and panic.

“You’re tight for a loose whore,” he snarled, smacking her across her breasts after tugging on her short pubic hair.

After a minute of violent fucking, he pulled out and scooted across her body. With her breasts touching his ass, he grabbed a handful of her brown hair and pulled her towards his glistening cock.

“Open up, slut!” he yelled, yanking at her hair. “I’ll pull every strand of hair out of your head if you don’t!”

Not doubting his threats, she opened her mouth and accepted his thick meat into her mouth. He violently thrusted and pulled her closer. He felt her nose and glasses hit his pubic area with every move. He could hear his daughter gag as his cock went down her tight throat.

Madisyn’s face was beat red as her mouth was abused violently by her father. After what felt like hours, he finally let go of her hair and pulled his red cock from her lips. Without saying a word, he went back to his previous position and pushed his cock back inside of her pussy. The young girl was coughing and recovering from the oral assault. Any euphoria from her earlier smoking session was gone. She was stone cold sober and scared out of her mind.

“Please stop,” she inadvertently said, causing her father to freeze.

“What did you fucking say to me!” he yelled before smacking her breasts again. “You just do not learn!”

Without saying anything else, Madisyn’s father pulled out of her cunt, flipped her on her stomach and started pinching at her ass cheeks. After several hard spanks, he placed his across her crack.

“I wasn’t going to fuck you in the ass but since you still think you have any say or control, I have to keep teaching you a lesson,” he said, horrifying his daughter.

“NO! Please daddy, I’ve never done that before! It’ll hurt!” she screamed.

“Punishment is supposed to hurt, cunt,” he said, teasing her asshole with his wet cock.

“Please!? I’ll shut up and let you fuck my pussy, just don’t fuck my butt!” she begged.

“Who told you that you can use that language, young lady?” he asked. “You disrespectful little whore.”

Madisyn wanted to point out the hypocrisy but at this point, she feared for her life, so she kept her mouth shut. Defeated, she tried to relax her anus as mush as possible top relieve as much pain and discomfort as possible. She gasped as she felt his bulbous cock-head poke past her anal opening. As his cock continued to slide in, he reached down and grabbed another handful of hair. With every bit that went in her ass, he pulled her head back more. She silently cried and bit her lip as the pains in her ass and scalp were almost unbearable.

“Fuck, you are one tight slut,” he groaned.

As soon as he felt his balls smack against her damp pussy, he gave her hair another tug before beginning to take her ass just as hard as he had taken her mouth and cunt. Any quiet moans or squeals she had let out before were long gone. Madisyn screamed at the top of her lungs with each forward thrust in backside.

“Scream, bitch!” he yelled. “Scream for daddy!”

Madisyn was too focused on the fucking to have heard a word her rapist father had said. She wanted so bad for him to just cum and end this horror. He violated her ass for several minutes. She wondered how he could possibly had been lasting so long. Her boyfriend was only able to make it a few minutes every time she had ever been with him. This had been going on for more than double the longest sex session she had ever experiences.

While Madisyn would never admit it, there was some pleasure spreading throughout her almost five-foot frame. There was pain, mainly from the force of which her father was penetrating her, but there was some of the good feelings becoming more noticeable. Her anal cavity was starting to numb from the constant invasion. Almost like he could sense it, he removed himself from it, not wanting any pleasure to hit his victim, and roughly turned her back onto her back.

The rapist father sat down on his daughter’s pelvis and started to smack his large, damp cock across her firm breasts as she looked up him through fogged glasses and sweat-matted hair. He placed his cock between her breasts and squeezed them tight around him. He quickly thrusted himself, forcing a titjob on his vacant daughter. Madisyn just stared forward at him, occasionally dropping her eyes to meet the single eye of his cock.

As Madisyn started to push the hair out of her eyes, she saw a small squirt of clear cum shoot out of her father, landing across her collarbone. Quickly after, a large wad of white cum shot straight up her nose. This startled her and caused her to lunge her head forehead, making the left side of her glasses a target, which was bulls-eyed by a second shot of cum. Another shot of her father’s semen hit her in the glasses before the next hit her lips. She coughed from the cum in her nose and, in a perfectly timed shot, felt another huge bit of cum hit her in the back of the throat.

Madisyn froze as one more big shot of cum hit her in her front teeth, dripping down to her lower lip and trickling onto her chin. The last bit of her father’s cum hit her in the neck before he had nothing left to give.

The teenager froze in horror once again, shocked that she had the remains of incestuous cum all over her. She stared at the drying cum stains on her glasses. Slowly, she put her head down on the pillow and began to sob loudly. Her father lay down next to her, wrapping his arms around her waist, rolling her on her side and pulling her close.

“You tell anyone about this, you won’t live to cry about it,” he whispered in her ear. “Good night, angel,” he said followed by a kiss to the back of the neck

Madisyn shivered as she felt him put his softer cock back in her gaping ass. Seconds later he fell asleep. As Madisyn lay there frozen, she felt his cock began to swell in his slumber. As he snored, his hips started to move back and forth. She cried as he sleep-fucked her and continued this horrific night.

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