Donkey: Holly Willoughby

Title: Donkey: Holly Willoughby

Author: Blackjack

Celebs: Holly Willoughby

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal

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I had been hired by ITV Studios to ferry Holly Willoughby, a presenter on several ITV shows, most famous for currently being one half of Holly and Phil from the daytime TV show, This Morning and famous for wearing certain low cut tops and upsetting various mums who had nothing better to do. I had picked her and her husband up from one of the more high end part of London and the three of us had quickly made our way over to the awards show for some daytime TV show thing. It was supposed to be a quick job and I could do with quick jobs at this time of the year. When we got there, I had opened the door to the back of the limo up and as Holly passed me, I could have sworn that she had been glancing at me more than a normal client would have done.

As the celebrities and their plus ones swarmed into the building, I was left with the rest of the drivers to keep ourselves entertained.

Staring at my phone, I tapped away at some of the messages I had gotten during my shift and casually smiled to myself while some of the other people came back to me, popping up on several of my Messenger apps as well as my actual text messages too. Looking upwards towards the sounds of the latest TV awards show, I rolled my eyes and went back to my phone. Sure, my job wasn’t glamorous and it wasn’t really a well paying job either but it did pay my bills and I was living fairly comfortably within one of the slightly trendy London boroughs. Sure, my Oyster card got a lot of usage on days where I wasn’t working but at least it was always topped up!

Hours passed and as I finished up the rest of the thermos of coffee I’d brought with me, the sounds of a large crowd of people filling out of the building came to fill the skies of London. Looking up to wait for my clients, I tipped the remnants of my coffee down the nearest drain and quickly put the plastic container back together again. Tossing it into the front of the car, I walked down to the back of the expensive looking car and waited for Holly and her husband to arrive. My eyes caught the busty blonde presenter making her way down to me, her hand holding her clutch bag but she wasn’t accompanied by her husband. Before I had a chance to even ask where he was, Holly was in front of me.

“Hi.” She said in that sexy, husky voice. “Are you ready to go?”

“I am Miss Willoughby-”

“Holly. Please.”

“Holly. I thought we were taking Mister Baldwin with us?”

“Oh Daniel isn’t coming with us. He’s got some fancy thing with his production team to go to so you’re just taking me home.” Holly said, a bright smile on her gorgeous face before the smile turned slightly flirty. “Bet you’ve thought about that before huh?”

That took me back, before I even had a chance to say anything though, she nodded towards the door and my training quickly took over. Reaching down, I undid the door for her and she was able to get in out of the London cold. She quickly slipped the cream coloured coat she had brought with her on and she folded her arms over her lap, ready to go home.

So, that was what I was going to do.

Getting back into my driver’s seat, I pulled out from the rink of cars and we were well on our way back to Holly’s place.

“Oh, we’re not going home home. Can you take me to the Notting Hill residence?” Holly asked, seeing me key in the details to the SatNav. Looking up to the mirror, I nodded my head and keyed in the other details that Holly’s agency had provided my company with. Joining another lane, I casually drummed my fingers against the inside of the steering wheel as I could feel Holly’s big, blue eyes focusing on me through the rear view mirror. Finally unable to resist, I looked up into the mirror and offered her a smile but her face wasn’t one of pleasantry, it was more… Different. There was something else to her face and I couldn’t place it right away. “You really don’t recognise me do you?”

“I… Of course I do? I watch the TV every now and again.”

“You don’t recognise me from ten years ago? In Southampton?”

And then, the penny dropped.

I had been at Southampton University with some of my friends for their Fresher’s Week  and I had been very… Lucky with several girls at the party. Holly had indeed been there as well as a sort of guest of honour/DJ/MC where she basically got paid to throw some music on iTunes and dance around a little bit. I hadn’t met her then but apparently, she had heard of me. My mouth opened as I tried to find the words to ask how she knew me considering I wasn’t part of the student roster there but Holly beat me to it.


The car rolled to a stop at the traffic lights and as London’s pedestrian traffic moved from one side of the street to the other, Holly leaned forward slightly and she looked up into the mirror and then down to the profile of my face.

“That’s what those girls called you isn’t it? Donkey? Not because of your brains though right?”

“I… Miss Willoughby-”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh I think you do. Your face is as red as those traffic lights and it already looks like you’re sweating. So why don’t you tell me… Are you a Donkey?”

Biting down on my bottom lip, I looked up to the rearview mirror and when I didn’t answer, Holly nodded her head in agreement.

“Can I see it?”

“You want to see it?” I asked, completely unsure of what I had just heard. Looking into the mirror, I waited for Holly to answer, trying to gauge her reaction.

“Yes. I’ve never seen a donkey dick before and I’d love to see one in the flesh!”

“Don’t you have a husband?” I asked, looking back to the road as the lights changed and we were able to keep heading out towards the Notting Hill residence.

“Oh we have a thing.” Holly explained casually. “He can fuck whoever he wants and I can do the same. So can I see it?”

Sinking back in my chair, I looked up to the rear view mirror and then back to the road. Was this really happening? It seemed like one of those stories you would tell someone and they’d instantly call you a liar. As we drove onwards though, I could almost feel Holly getting more impatient and my own dick was close to making a decision for me. Holly couldn’t see my length over the back of the car but impossibly, she seemed like she could tell I was aroused.

“I think you want to show it off… We can go inside, I’ll take a quick peek at it and then you can go on your way. Unless you’d rather see what I’ve got underneath this dress?” She asked, adding a very nice sweetener to the deal. As she spread her legs in the rear view, I could see the coat parting and her legs spreading as well. Holly rolled her long dress up and while I could see her legs were still covered in the matching stockings, the smell of her arousal flooded the car, a scent that quickly overpowered the hanging air freshener off of the rearview. “Come on Donkey… Be smart about this. Don’t you want to brag about being able to fuck a TV presenter? You must have wanked off to my magazine covers right?”

Chuckling, I fidgeted in my seat.

“I do have your FHM somewhere.”

“Dirty boy. Now imagine doing everything you fantasized about doing to me with me.” Holly purred, crossing her legs and then closing the coat to obscure more of her skin. “I know you want it, I want it. What’s the problem?” She asked, her tongue sneaking over her ruby red lips and making them shine even more impossibly bright than before. “Tell you what, I won’t say anything for the rest of the trip. You think it over. When we get to the block of flats, all you have to do, if you want to have sex with me, is come out and open the door for me. Otherwise, I’ll just go on to my place and Daniel can come back over.”

That seemed very fair to me and while I was making our way to the building, I quickly changed into the zones for Notting Hill and I knew that the time to make a decision was coming up. Going over the possible options here, I figured if anyone ever found out what I had done and what I had passed up I would never, NEVER live it down. Taking a hand off of the wheel, I grabbed at my crotch over my pants and that was enough to make my mind up.

I was going to fuck Holly Willoughby.

The streets, mercifully, were pretty empty and I had an easy spot to pull into. A modern miracle if you knew London at all. Slipping into the parking space, I got out of the front of the car and quickly made my way over to the back door, opening up the back door for Holly and she had a big smile on her face as she got up and out of the backseat.

“Smart boy.” She complimented, her eyes running over the front of my body and then up to the stairs that led to her flat. Dipping her fingers into the coat pocket, Holly pulled out a keyring and pushed forward the main key that would unlock the front door. We made our way inside of the front lobby and Holly took the lead, her left hand came backwards and taking a hold of my right hand to lead me exactly where we needed to go. Walking through the lobby, we were soon in front of a door to a flat and Holly nodded her head. Unlocking the door, she pushed it open and allowed me to walk in after she allowed me to.

We made our way inside of the very nice looking paid for accomodation and as soon as she had the door shut with a click, Holly had her fingers on the deadbolt and we were doubly secure. I turned to look at her and as soon as she dropped her bag to the floor, she had her coat open and her dress was being rolled up her long legs. Holly moved forward, fast, as if she were a cat, and had her hands against my shoulders and she was leading me further into the room without a chance to even really guide my direction, fully trusting the busty blonde to lead me to somewhere safe. The back of my legs hit something and I was soon falling backwards off of the arm of one of the chairs, quickly moving myself into a more appropriate sitting position, Holly was stood in front of me and was working on stripping down her dress.

Holly turned away from me and with a flick of her head, her long sunshine coloured hair floated over her shoulder and slightly obscured her profile before her fingers worked on unzipping the length that ran along the side of her dress. Bit by agonising bit, the zipper came open and fell apart and I could see more of her skin with each passing moment. Holly looked over her shoulder at me and then offered me a wink before lifting her hands up and the dress fell away from her delightful body, hitting the floor in a puddle of silk and velvet with a silent noise. Standing before me, her legs were encased in midnight black stockings and a thin strip of a thong that sat around her hips. Her magnificent breasts were covered in a matching bra and before me, she stood as a Goddess.

“So what do you think… Donkey?” Holly asked, turning to fully face me, a dirty, flirty smirk on her face.

“I think… I’ve seen your FHM shoot.” I said, shrugging my shoulders with a matching grin on me face.

“Oh those lad mags eh… What will we do with you and them?” She asked, walking forward and straddling my lap in one smooth move. Her hands came up and her palms rubbed against my chest before she let her hair fall back over her shoulder blades, the two of us staring eye to eye. Then, she closed her eyes and her face moved forward, very quickly alerting me to the fact that we were doing this. My hands came up and touched against her sun kissed skin, holding her as I closed my eyes and pursed my lips. Her legs were spread and I could feel the fabric of her thong up against me as she slowly slipped herself backwards and forwards, grinding herself against me as our lips made contact for the first time this evening.

Holly’s hands ran up to the top of my spine and she held me in place as I turned my head to the side and opened my mouth up ever so slightly, my tongue pressed against her lips instantly and I could almost taste the smile on her lips as she opened her mouth up and our tongues met together. We could taste each other for the first time as we both moaned into the kiss, her fingers stroked against my spine as she slipped herself backwards and forwards. My hands ran down from her sides and down to her ass, my fingers digging into her skin and holding her flesh in my hands for the first time.

If I was in the right frame of mind, I could have considered just how wild this scene was. Holly Willoughby, THAT Holly Willoughby, was on my lap, half nude and making out with me! I was concentrating on not blowing my load in my work pants though and I was making sure to give it back to Holly as best as I could get. Her tongue curled around mine and she slowly sucked on it as I moaned into her mouth, Holly purred onto my tongue before she broke the kiss off, the two of us needing a break from the hot kiss. Her fingers ran over my spine before running over to my front, her hands undoing the knot of my tie, loosening it before she ripped my shirt open and her bare fingers were on my bare chest. Her nails rubbed against my flesh as her mouth opened and she caught my bottom lip between her teeth, tugging on my lip before she smirked down at me.

“Didn’t get this in those dirty mags did you?”

“Nothing like this…”

Holly leant into the embrace and sank her teeth onto my ear lobe, tugging on it before she whispered in my ear.

“You haven’t seen anything yet Donkey…”

Holly then slipped down off of the chair and down to the floor between my legs. Her knees hit the fluffy cut out carpet she had set out before the artificial fireplace and her hands were on the inside of my legs almost instantly. Her fingers ran over the inside of my thighs, her fingers combing through the fabric of my charcoal grey trousers before she found exactly what she was looking for. Finding it, Holly let out a little noise before she moved her hands up along my leg and up to my zipper, her fingers working on unzipping me and pulling my tugger down. Her hands slipped inside of my boxers and she popped the button of my boxers open, her fingers ran inside of my underwear and slowly pulled my hardening dick out of my underwear. Looking at it, Holly cooed in pleasure before she sat back on her knees and looked up at me.

“They… They really weren’t kidding huh?”

Before I even had a chance to answer, she had her head into my lap and her right hand was holding my dick upwards. Her tongue ran along the underside of my shaft, tracing from the balls up to the head. She was already working my length like a pro and with every passing moment, I could feel my body already reacted to this insanely sexy MILF presenter working on me like she was my own personal private cocksucker porn star. Her right hand wrapped around the top of my cock and she pulled my length up, pressing it up against my stomach so that she could bring her tongue down from my balls and then run it upwards towards my the head of my cock, making sure to cover the entire underside of my length. As her tongue came up to bump against the bottom of my dick’s head, she opened her mouth and closed those sexy, plump lips down around my head. Her tongue lashed against my head, bathing it in her spit before she wrapped her hand around the base of my dick and she pushed her mouth down onto my cock. My fingers gripped at the arms of the chairs as Holly let out a long, lewd moan with my dick in her mouth.

Looking down into her big eyes, she had them locked on mine and her bright red lipstick was already working on smearing against my dick. Holly opened her mouth and pushed her lips down a little bit further, the sound of another low, guttural moan filled the room as my dick hit the back of her throat and with one, lewd cough, spit fell from her mouth and down onto her glorious tits that were hanging beneath her. I reached down and ran my fingers through her long blonde hair, stroking her hair out of the way so I could see her face and her lips while they stretched out around my dick. Holly slipped her mouth up and down, her lips a tight vacuum around my dick as she slurped her mouth up and down all while her tongue was still bathing the underside of my cock with warm spit.

Holly’s hands cupped my balls and she gave them a soft squeeze before she pushed her mouth all the way right back down and my entire length disappeared into her mouth. Her hands came down and she placed them against the inside of my thighs, keeping my legs spread and giving her enough room to work. Holly’s nose nestled in my wiry pubic hair before she pulled her mouth all the way up off of my dick she let out a very audible gasp of air. Looking down at her, I could see there was a strand of saliva that was attached to my dick’s head all the way over to her lips. Holly brought her hand up and broke the string with a swipe of her hand letting her be free from my cock.

“How was that Donkey?” Holly asked, looking up at me with a big smile on her face. “Better than those Uni girls?”

“Much better.” I admitted, sighing in pleasure as her hand wrapped around my dick and offered it a very slow casual pump. Holly nodded her head and looked up at me, offering my dick’s head a gentle kiss, she sat back on her legs and turned her head to the side slightly.

“How about I make you cum harder than you’ve ever done before?”

Before I even had a chance to ask her what she meant by that, Holly lifted her large breasts up and then right back down over my dick. My cock split right through the valley of her breasts like it was a hot knife through butter and almost right away, my dick was appearing at the top of her chest. Holly brought her arms forward and pinned those cushiony breasts down tight around my dick and as soon as they were trapped around my dick, she started to work her breasts up and down. If there was a better feeling on Earth, I couldn’t tell you what it was. Holly had her breasts wrapped tightly around my dick and she was already driving me insane with it. Slipping her breasts up and down in a slow, steady and repeating rhythm, Holly’s big eyes were locked on mine and how she looked with her lipstick, slightly smeared, was just driving me insane with pleasure.

“Look at that big fucking cock…” Holly purred as she pushed her large breasts together, adding an extra level to the tit fucking, she looked up at me and then down at my dick that was quickly popping up and sliding out of the valley of her breasts. “How the fuck am I going to be able to get that inside my pussy? Or my arse?” She asked as she started to work her tits up and down, faster and faster, getting herself into an easy rhythm in fucking my cock with her tits.

Holly was definitely a pro at this and as she slipped her large breasts up and down in perfect synchronicity with both her and my breathing, I could feel my orgasm starting to creep up on me. My fingers sank into the arms of the chairs all while I was watching Holly bring her breasts up and then down again. My dick twitched and a lone bead of my hot pre cum slipped from my dick’s head and rolled down between her tits. Holly could definitely tell that I was close and she started to lift her chest up and down, moving quicker and quicker and she was working on making me cum hard. I bit down on my bottom lip and before I could even say anything, Holly spat down on my dick and between her tits one last time.

With that, that was all I needed and I very quickly blew my load. My cock twitched and I started to cum. Leaning back on the chair, I let Holly continue using her tits on my dick and she continued to bring the orgasm hard out of me. My dick twitched with every single rope that I shot, strands of the pearly white ropes were smeared across her breasts and onto her neck and throat as she continued to stroke her breasts up and down, encouraging more of my cum out of my dick. As my dick fired the last bits of my orgasm, I simply gave up and slumped back down on the chair, leaning back and sucking in some needed air as Holly slowly dropped her breasts down on last time.

“Look at the mess you’ve made.” Holly said with a grin, her arms falling away and her breasts moving away from my dick slightly letting it find some breathing room. She moved her entire body up and my dick slipped from between her breasts with a nearly audible pop as my dick moved down against the edge of the chair. Looking down at her big tits, Holly moved her head down and opened her mouth up. Her tongue escaped and she started to lap against her large breasts, scooping up what cum was left on her tits with a slow, steady cleaning motion, making sure that those perfect tits were almost cum free. With the tops of her breasts done, Holly brought her right hand up and using her index finger, Holly scooped up some of the cum that was over her neck and some of her breasts. Looking at the top of her finger, Holly nodded her head and then stuck the finger right into her mouth, sucking on it and cleaning it right up again.

Standing up off of her knees, Holly turned around and unclipped her bra, her fingers working quickly to undo the expensive looking piece of underwear. Unhooking the bra and throwing it to the side, Holly brought her hands up and cupped her large breasts, hiding them from me. She turned to look at me, flashed me a smile and then her hands were gone from her front. As soon as her breasts fell down into view, her fingers were down in the waistband of her thong and she was sliding it down her long legs, able to step out of it and kick it across the room with the bra too. Still stood before me in her stockings, Holly reached down and using some of her strength, she pulled me out of the chair and took my place on it. Spreading her legs apart, Holly showed me that glistening pussy of hers and using her index and middle finger to spread her lips apart, Holly nodded her head gently.

“Come on… Come and get it.”

Now that was something I could do. Getting down to my hands and knees in front of her, I wrapped my hands around her legs and pulled her towards me. With one swift tug, I was shifting her body so that she was closer to me and I could already smell her arousal. With one hand on her leg, I used my right index finger and middle finger to spread her lips apart and then, I pushed my face between her legs and brought my tongue out. Using the flat of my tongue, I pressed it up against her folds and as I used the entire width of my tongue to stimulate her, Holly let out a low moan and her body was already reacting to my touch.

Keeping her against me, I started to go to town on her entrance, using my tongue to run it up and down, I could taste her delicious honey on my tongue as she started to get more and more into it. Her hand came down and threaded through my dark brown hair, keeping me where I was as I tasted her entrance. With my tongue working against her entrance, I made sure to use the entire width of my tongue to cover all of her entrance, touching every little bit of her bundle of nerves and making her feel it as well. Rubbing my tongue up and down, I continued brushing my tongue against her entrance before I pulled away for one quick breather and brief pause for relaxation for my tongue.

Before she had chance to complain though, my tongue was right back to work and I was using the tip of my tongue to weave up and down and all through her folds, making sure to run a trail and trace every little bit of her folds all while Holly started to moan louder. Her hand came up off of the edge of the chair and she grabbed a hold of one of her giant breasts, squeezing and kneading it roughly as my tongue ran all around her hard little clit, making sure to keep her nerves on fire while I ate her out. Slipping my own hand up, I grabbed a hold of her free breast and used my finger and thumb to rub and stimulate at her nipple while my tongue licked in and out of the individual grooves on her folds. Slowly coming down to the bottom of her folds, close to her arse, I moved my mouth right back up and let out a cool jet of air over her entrance, making her jump and shake in surprise before my tongue went right back inside of her and splitting her folds open so that I could run my tongue inside her.

Holly’s legs almost closed on my head as I finally pushed her folds open, her hand in my hair gave it a sharp tug before she went right back to moaning and panting as I went further and faster inside of her. I could smell how aroused Holly was and her pussy seemed to be leaking juices onto my tongue more and more with every moment. I could only work on drinking up what she gave to me as she whined and panted for me, her head falling back off of the edge of the chair as she bit down on her bottom lip and her orgasm seemed to be coming closer and closer. I brought my hand down from her thigh and pressed the top of the digit up against her hot little clit, making sure to keep rubbing it all while my tongue dipped in and out of her entrance.

Pushing my tongue against her walls, making sure to move in and out and all around her entrance, I loved how she tasted and how she was reacting to me while I devoured her snug little entrance. Pushing my tongue inside of her and then flicking my tongue upwards to encourage more of a reaction from her, I listened to how she was taking it and then it happened.

Holly’s back arched off of the back of the chair and her legs instinctively clamped down on my head and little bullets of sweat started to form on her skin, her breathing moved from a normal, standard pattern to slow, heavy deep breaths before her body shook in pleasure and she started to cum hard all over my probing tongue. Smiling into her folds, I made sure to keep going until she was going to beg me to stop.

Using my tongue to dip and dive in and out of her, my tongue weaving from side to side and then up and down, I found a steady rhythm to toy with her and it was a winning one that would make her cum harder than she had possibly hoped for me to give it to her. Rubbing her clit faster and faster, my tongue started to work in a lapping motion, using the tongue to scoop inside of her folds, as if I was trying to hollow her out using only my tongue. As I made that motion, Holly’s pussy pulsed again and she started to cum all over my tongue. Holding her against me, I carried on licking against her before I slowly pulled my tongue back and wrapped my lips around her clit, suckling on it as if I was trying to work her down from the orgasm.

Holly’s fingers in my hair slowly loosened up and she slumped down in the chair, her hair a mess and her sexy body a mess of sweat and arousal as her eyes were flustered with pleasure. Her cheeks were rosy red and she was slowly taking deep breaths as she tried to recover from the orgasm. Offering her folds a gentle kiss, I stood up from between her legs and gripped my length at the base. Lowering my hips down, I aimed my dick towards her folds and with a quick push forward, my dick slid inside of her with almost a relative ease and the both of us let out a low groan, Holly’s eyes shot open as her walls were split wide open from my dick.

“Oh fuck! Yes! Give me that donkey dick!” Holly cried out, her head falling back and her hands slapping against my chest as she just took my dick inside of her.

I could only grin and reach down, hooking my arms under her legs and hoisting her up into the air and off of the chair. With the new position, Holly sank down on my dick just a little bit further and she could only cry out in more of a strangled gasp of pleasure. Her head fell forward, bumping against my shoulder as my hands rested under her legs, gripping against the bottom of her thighs to keep her in place, I made sure I had a good hold of her before I lifted her up and then dropped her back down again on my cock. Holly’s slick walls were already hugging my dick, stretching against her despite the fact that she had already given birth, her pussy was hugging me like she was a virgin and begging to be stretched open.

“Ugh… Fuck! How tight are you…” I grunted, pulling her down a little further until my balls were pressing against her pussy. We both shared a look before I started to lift her up and drop her down on me, sliding my length in and out of her. My fingers rubbed against the bronze kissed skin of the TV presenter and I slid her up and down on my dick, lifting her up and down, I could feel her tight walls hugging against me and coating me in her arousal, not only encouraging me to go further and faster with her but also making the trip up and down easier.

“Oh fuck… Easy when you’re trying to ram a fucking beer bottle in me!” Holly cried out, her head falling backwards and then rocking forwards, her golden hair whipping around as she was rocked up and down on me. Holly’s legs wrapped around the top of my waist, linking at her ankles as she helped steady herself on me. Lifting her up and down, I let out a low moan, joining Holly’s slightly more high pitched whines of pleasure as she was rocked up and down on me. I could feel her walls hugging me tightly and my own dick was stretching her out with ease, how tight she was was definitely helping pleasure the both of us as I rolled her up and down. Looking down at her chest, I could see her breasts slipping up and down, slapping against her stomach and then upwards. Taking a chance, I leant in and wrapped my lips around her left nipple, sucking on it and sinking my teeth into the hardened nub. Sucking on it, I could hear Holly crying out again in pleasure, her legs tightening slightly around me as she was bounced up and down on me.

Holly’s back arched in my hands as I slipped her up and down on me, my dick sliding further inside of her with each hard rock inside. Her large breasts were pushed further into my mouth and it was something I was more than willing to play with, my teeth nibbled against her nipple before I moved over to the other one, latching on and sucking against it while I moved her up and down. Holly’s legs were wrapped around me and as she pulled herself closer to me, my grasp moved up from her thighs and up to her soft, plush ass. Digging my fingers into the skin, I groaned into her breasts at just how good her ass felt. Holly’s fingers moved up over my back, her nails digging into my shoulder blades as I lifted my hips up into her folds, giving her my dick while she rocked herself down.

“So fucking tight…” I whispered against her skin, my tongue running from one nipple over to the other. I could taste her sweat on her skin and it worked to give me more of an incentive to make her sweat and cum all over my dick. With my fingers in her ass cheeks, I lifted her body up until just my dick’s head was left inside of her. I kissed against her neck before my hands continued to knead against her ass cheeks.

I picked up the speed of my strokes, lifting Holly up and then lowering her all the way down on my shaft. Her eyes were closed and there was a tiny smile on her face, she was clearly enjoying the position, but, the whimpers were gone and except for the novelty of it, it wasn’t anything special. So the next time I lifted her to maximum safe distance, I let her drop the length of my pole, letting gravity do its thing.

Holly’s eyes shot open and she screamed out in a wave of surprised pleasure, “AAAAHHHH!”

She turned her head to look at me but before she could say anything I lifted her and dropped her again. Another scream and her eyes locked on mine. Again. And again. I started bouncing Holly on my rod faster. Her screams gave way to soft grunts, her breath coming out in huffs each time my cock slammed into her.

“Hunh… Hunh… Hunh… Hunh… Hunh… Hunh… Hunh.”

As she slipped all the way down on my dick one last time, her sunshine blonde hair whipped backwards and her voice let out a tremendous wail of pleasure. Her pussy was milking me tightly and I could already tell that her orgasm was coming up again. With me fucking Holly to orgasm number two, I wanted to have her cum hard on my dick while she was rocked with her younger lover, someone who wasn’t her husband but had gotten the pass to do so. As she was slammed down again, Holly’s body snapped to a freeze and her walls exploded around me. Her pussy contracted hard and her pussy started to squeeze me tightly and her pussy flooded my dick with her slick love juices. Holly froze on my length as her mouth was spread open in a silent scream, her walls continuing to milk me as she trembled her way through the orgasm.

Holding her on my dick, I let her fall all the way down on my dick before I looked around and reached my hand up her back, giving her hair a sharp tug so I could whisper in her ear.

“Where’s your bedroom?” I asked.

“Upstairs… Ca… Can’t miss it.” She whimpered, her body still pulsing through the orgasm.

Smiling, I made my move with Holly still on me. With every step I took, Holly’s body was shaking and she was given a tremor with each movement I made. She was definitely being rocked by my dick, and as much of a boost to my ego that was, I still wasn’t done with her yet. So, I took the steps, my feet pressing against the hardwood of the steps up to the bedroom and each step was making Holly pant and purr with every movement.

Making my way up, I could see the large, Queen sized bed that was fastened to the wall. It had a black duvet cover on with white sheets and the headboard did also have an interesting design feature in that there was a lighting feature behind the board. Holly looked behind her and then turned back to face me, a smile moved over her face before she leant in for a kiss.

“Come on then Donkey, come fuck me.”

Taking her request to heart, I bent in and pressed my lips to hers, kissing her softly before deepening it. Still carrying her in my arms as we made our way towards the bed, I wondered just how much more I had left inside of me and whether Holly was going to focus on getting all of that cum out of me as well. Our lips quickly broke again and I offered the tip of her nose a gentle kiss before I lifted her up off of my dick. With my cock sliding out of her, the both of us let out a low groan in displeasure at her pussy not being filled with my dick. At the foot of her bed, I let her drop from my hands and she fell down to the bed with a soft thud.

Holly pulled herself forward, slowly managing to get herself up to a suitable doggy style position. She gracefully arched herself up off of the bed and lazily flipped her hair over her shoulders, her big blue eyes looking towards me as she wiggled her arse from side to side.

“Come on Donkey… Come give it to me…” She cooed, biting down on her bottom lip and her fingers and toes already curling into the sheets in apprehension, or maybe eagerness, for what was to come. Walking behind her, my cock was still rock hard and positively glistening under the artificial lighting, her love juices were dripping down my shaft and off of my cock and onto the sheets beneath the two of us. I climbed onto the bed behind her, my hands came down to her sides, holding her in place as I slipped my knees, I lifted my hips up and the head of my dick was already pressing against her slit.

“Come on, come on, come on, come on… -Ah!” Holly was repeating as if it were her mantra but when my dick was pushed inside of her, Holly’s words fell from her vocabulary and she moved back into becoming a moaning mess. Her long blonde hair rocked forward and her head hit the sheets with a silent noise, her body was already reacting to the stimulation of me fucking her and the sounds of us both panting but also the sounds of our sex filled the room too.

“Unh… Unh… Unh… Oh… Oh… Oh… Oh… OH!!!!” Holly was screaming out, her head down against the sheets and her head already down in a weakened state. My hands came down and while my right hand was left on her thighs, steadying her in place, my left took a grip of her blonde hair and I pulled her head up off of the sheets, manhandling her and making her pussy just get wetter over my dick. “You fucking big dicked Donkey!” She screamed out as my hand kept a grip of her long blonde hair. With her head up off of the bed and her hair in my hands, I continued to ram myself in and out of her from behind, slamming myself in and out and fucking her hard. The sounds coming from the room were one of the most erotic noises I had heard from previous encounters, I couldn’t put a reason as to why this was more exciting but with the fact that I was fucking Holly Willoughby on her bed could be something to do with it.

I could feel sweat dripping down the sides of my face and my forehead and the feeling of Holly’s body, slick with her own sweat, was a further increase to the pleasure that we were both going through. Our skin slapping against each other, combined with the sounds of us moaning and panting was joining the crescendo that was flowing through the air and as Holly pushed her hips backwards to meet my thrusts. Holly lifted a hand up off of the bed, rather impressively, and reached between her legs, her finger rubbing against her clit as my balls bounced against her while I pushed my body backwards and forwards. Controlling how my dick moved inside of her, improving the pleasure we were both getting and every little noise or squeak that came out of Holly’s mouth was definitely a nod in the right direction that Holly was getting the same sort of feeling as I was. Pulling Holly back one last time and the TV presenter’s voice broke again, her mouth filling with a constant stream of expletives as she came hard again over my dick.

With Holly cumming over my dick again, I held my shaft inside of her while we both recovered from the raw pleasure that was running through all of us. Keeping my hands on her hips, they ran down to her ass cheeks, each of them taking a handful and kneading against it while Holly managed to lift her head up off of the bed and looked over her shoulder at me.

“Like my arse huh? Nice to have someone pay it some more attention.” She purred, pushing her body back to me and almost arching her back up to meet my thrusts.

“Nobodies fucked it before?” I wondered aloud, offering the ass a slap and making her squeal in delight. She looked over her shoulder at me, biting down on her bottom lip and shaking her head with a big smile on her face. “Want me to be the first too?”

“With that dick? I don’t think you’ll fit…” Holly challenged me. Never one to back down from a good challenge, I pulled my hips backwards and then my dick was pressing up against her arse hole. Holly was quiet for a moment before she bit down on her bottom lip and turned her head back to look at the headboard of her bed. She offered me a gentle nod before she seemed to pass over the control to me.

So, with that in mind, I gripped the base of my shaft and pushed the slick head against her back door. Moving my hips forward, I gave them a quick push and met a lot of resistance, despite Holly trying to ease me in. I wasn’t going to be put down though and with my hands on her hips I held her in place and continued to move forward. Eventually though, with a push forward, my dick’s head slipped inside of her arsehole, passing her sphincter with an almost popping noise. Holly let out a long, low groan as she had her head fall backwards and up towards the skies as she had her arse filled.

“Oh fuck… Fuck!” Holly panted, looking over her shoulder to see me.

“The head’s in. That’s the hardest part done now.” I reasoned, not really fancying my length going inside of my own arse. Holly simply hissed as I rocked my hips forward slowly. Moving at what felt like a snail’s pace, I worked my hips forwards until I had roughly the first third of my dick inside of her arse. Holly grunted and her fingers clawed at the sheets, her hands slapping against the bed sheets as she seemed to signal that she was full. So, I moved my hips backwards and then pushed them forwards again, sliding myself in and out in a slow manner of penetrating her arse.

“Jesus… Fuck! I mean Jesus!” Holly panted out, her head shaking from side to side as she reached beneath her and started to rub against her clit. That was a clever idea I figured, with her rubbing her clit it should at least ease up some of the pressure she must have been feeling from having her arsehole stretched open. Holly slipped her fingers faster and faster, working her fingers quicker and quicker as I started to slide myself in and out of her. Despite wanting to hold on and fuck her arse a little longer, I knew I wasn’t going to last and with every rub of her clit, Holly’s arse tightened around my dick and I knew that that was the warning signs for me. Grunting, I pushed my dick inside of her for as long as I could muster before I started to explode.

With my dick still inside of her arsehole, I started to shoot my ropes inside her arse and painting her back door with my cum. Filling her with hot rope after hot rope, I fell forward and pressed my lips against her shoulders, offering her a meek kiss before I pulled my hips backwards and back onto my legs. My dick fell from her arsehole and as she took some deep breaths, her arsehole seemed to wink at me and the anal creampie slowly leaked from her back door and my pearly white ropes were being pushed out of her and down over her body. Watching the cum run down her body, I watched Holly collapse on the bed and give up almost completely. Her body collapsed down and she seemed to just fall fast asleep.

Looking over at her, I realised that it would probably be pretty uncouth of me to spend the night in someone else’s bed. No matter if Holly had gotten the OK from her husband or not. So, I got up off of the bed, my legs still shaky from all the orgasms and managed to make my way downstairs to the rest of my clothes. Getting dressed, I made my way out of the house in the middle of London and towards my car. Looking at it, I found my face stretching out to a big, wide grin at the mere thought of being able to fuck Holly Willoughby.

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