Donkey: Jenna Coleman

Title: Donkey: Jenna Coleman

Author: Blackjack

Celebs: Jenna Coleman

Codes: MF, cons, oral

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Sitting in the rented car that had been especially rented for the evening, I sat in the front seat of the expensive looking vehicle with my newspaper fully extended so I could read all of the articles. It had been a couple of weeks since my last major pickup and my last major sexual experience with the star of British morning television in Holly Willoughby and while I had certainly not forgotten it, it seemed like Holly had done as I hadn’t heard from her, or any of her people since then. I had settled with the idea that she had had her fun with me and now I was back to reality. Only problem with having the job I had meant that it was pretty difficult to even get laid regardless of whether she was a celebrity or not.

Still, the money was good and when I had picked up a drunken socialite I’d have a juicy paycheck with tips and I could live easy for a bit longer. Not that I’d be interested in any of that of course. The last time I had gotten laid, it was nuts beyond all sorts of my wildest dreams and I really wasn’t sure if anything else would even come close to living up to it.

Reading the paper, I coughed to myself slightly, popping a cough sweet into my mouth and sucking on it while I read the paper, occasionally looking at the dashboard clock that was slowly ticking by. I was sitting in my car outside of a fancy banquet hall in the middle of a nice part of London, not the main area near the famous Leicester Square Theatre but in one of the outer suburbs. The hall looked like it was one of those old libraries that had been converted into more of a meeting place. There were a couple of spotlights that had been anchored to the front of it, two thin beams of light were cutting through the near midnight air and slowly spinning in circles, rotating and drawing attention to the front of the hall. Looking back to my paper, I had finished a couple of lines of the article before I heard a general pattering of noise coming from the front of the hall. Looking out of the car’s window, I could see that people were starting to file out of the hall.

The award show must have finished.

Getting out of the driver’s seat, I stood up and walked over to the passenger’s side door, a hand on the door handle and my eyes looking out towards the people who were filing out of the front of the hall, the people were all making their ways towards their own individual cars and my celebrity guest was nowhere to be seen. I had been briefed on who I needed to pick up, Jenna Louise Coleman, from Doctor Who fame. Looking through the crowd of people, it was there that I saw her being propped up by one of the people who was wearing a tux and one of those big plastic name badge things that covered their official identification. He had an arm around her waist, seeming to keep her upright while he was desperately looking around to try and find whoever was picking her up, me in this case.

Shooting him a wave, both he and Jenna looked over at me and slowly, the two made their way over to me. Jenna seemed to be stumbling a lot but with that grab the guy seemed to have a hold of her on her it did make sense that she would be stumbling a lot as well. The guy managed to get her to the car door and as I pulled open the door for Jenna to get in, the guy shook his head to me.

“You want to watch her mate, she’s absolutely wasted.”

“Oh I am not!” Jenna protested as she was struggling with the seatbelt harness. Leaning in, I guided her hands to make the seatbelt clip in place and she was now marginally safe. “I’ve just had a couple.”

The guy shot me a look before shaking his head gently. “Whatever man,” He started, whispering to me before clapping a hand on my back. “Good luck.”

Watching him walk up, I turned to look at Jenna who was trying to focus on her phone. Closing the door on her, I walked back to my driver’s seat and pulled out of the parking rink. Moving onto the main street, I rolled down the partition and formally announced myself to her.

“Miss Coleman? My name’s Adam Parks. I’m going to be taking you straight home, is that still correct?”

“That’s fine Adam, and don’t call me Miss Coleman. Makes me sound like I’m fucking sixty!”

Sighing, I nodded my head and pulled out into the horrific London traffic. Of course, the best course of action with the London traffic was to just pretend your car was the only one on the road and you’d need to just go a little slowly and try to inch your way in front of any particular big red bus that was just sitting there being obnoxious and such. Pushing my car forward and joining one of the many glittering rows of car lights, I made sure to keep my eye on the rear view and looking at my passenger who had her eyes open but her eyelids looked incredibly heavy as well. Almost like she was struggling to stay awake. Shaking my head, I tapped in the details on my phone and hit the big red button on my phone’s screen to direct me towards Jenna’s trendy flat in Soho.

My eyes were focused on the road for a brief moment, my gaze drifting from side to side as I watched all the other idiots on the road try to cram their way home before I could take my passenger home. Shaking my head casually, my eyes floated back up to the rear view to see Jenna staring right back at me like we were in a horror movie. Almost jumping out of my skin, I watched a sly smile creep across Jenna’s face before she sat back down. She seemed to pause for a moment before she spoke to me.

“You know, I heard something about you. I want to know if it’s true.” Jenna said, her thumb coming up and rubbing against her peach coloured lipstick. She leaned forward and then backwards, wriggling herself on my backseat as she tried to find a position to get herself comfy. “Is it true you drove Holly Willoughby home the other day?”

Now how the hell did she know that?

Chuckling, I shrugged my shoulders to her, trying to work out a decent way to answer.

“Don’t you famous people have anything better to do than gossip about who drove who home?”

Jenna chuckled and shook her head.

“I think you know why I know you drove Holly home.” Jenna licked her lips and moved forward so she was now peering over the little window divider so she could see my lap. “Is it true? Do you… You know? Have a donkey dick?” There was a brief pause before she spoke again. “Can I see it?”

“Miss Coleman!” I exclaimed, this was probably the more weird of the two encounters I had had with the two celebrity clients. With Holly she had at least had the decency to surprise me from my long distant past, Jenna was talking about an event that happened within the fortnite.

“Come on, I won’t tell anyone. I’ve never seen a huge one in person before. Closest I ever got was one of those sex shows in Prague. I won’t tell anyone.” She further encouraged, her voice now a sing song sweet tone.



“Jenna… I really can’t comment on what past clients have said to me.”

“I wasn’t asking what Holly said, I wanted to see your dick.” Jenna said matter of factly and that only made it more difficult to focus on the road in front of me. “How about… You take your dick out and I’ll pop my top off? You don’t want to see my tits?” Jenna teased.

I was kind of tempted to tell her I’d already seen them in the movie Room at the Top but I decided to bite my tongue and just focus on driving. Nodding towards one of the small cameras in the front of the car and then the one behind me focused on where she was sitting.

“Well Jenna, there are two cameras here. If I just unzip for you without any sort of audio it could really fluff my job opportunities here.”

Jenna made a soft noise and sat back, looking at the two small, long and thin cameras, she raised an eyebrow before smirking.

“So what? Is this like Fake Taxi or something? We pull over and you just climb in the back with me?”

Rolling my eyes, I shook my head.

“The cameras don’t have any audio so as far as they’re concerned we’ve just been having a lovely chat. I whip my dick out and boom, indecent exposure to a customer. Especially one as famous as you are.”

“Well can’t you kill the cameras?”

“I do that and I lose my job for tampering with very expensive equipment. Unless you want to pay my bills for me, I’d rather not.”

“I can think of a couple of things I’d pay you for.”


“I just don’t understand why you’re blocking me on this? All you have to do is unzip, hell come up to my place and I’ll do all the work. Take a seat, I’ll wrap my hands around it, stroke it and play with your balls. Isn’t that like every man’s dream?” She made a very good point there. I could disappear into her room, unzip and she’d be able to answer all the questions she had about it.

But it wasn’t right.

She had definitely had a couple of drinks, with her being so close to the window divider I could smell the wine on her breath. I just couldn’t do it.

“Jenna, you’ve had some drinks in you.” I admitted, a heavy sigh. Not quite wanting to really give in to my modern sense of decency but I had to.

“So you’re really going to pass up a chance to shag me because I’ve had a couple of drinks?”

“I worked in bars for a couple of years, that smell on your breath is not a couple of drinks. It probably is more.” I said with a simple shrug of my shoulders, focusing my attention on the road ahead of me. Occasionally looking down at the GPS to make sure I was going in the correct direction, I did want to look into the back of the car to see what Jenna was up to but I also had to resist the urge. Because while I knew what I was doing was morally correct, I also felt pretty fucking stupid for declining the offer as well.

“You sure I can’t change your mind Mister Donkey?”

“Jenna, please. We’re nearly at your home now so you can get a pot of coffee on and we can both forget this ever happened.”

“Oh, I probably will forget this happened but will you? I bet you’ll spend a long time thinking about this and wondering just why you turned this down.” My eyes did float up to the rear view and it was there that I saw Jenna had a handful of her chest. Shifting in place, very uncomfortably with how this conversation was going. Wetting my lips, I shook my head and just focused on getting the woman back to her flat and I’d have to just go home and jerk off pretty hard to try and deal with the frustration that was building up.

“Sorry, that was rude of me.” Jenna continued, her hands coming down to rest on her lap in the back of my car. “How about we kiss and make up over it?”

Bloody hell, she was relentless! Running my fingers across the wheel, I shook my head and just focused on the GPS and taking the woman home. Finally breaking through all of the boroughs and towards the trendier part of the capital, I pulled the car up to one of the stairwells and looked up towards the top of the apartments.

“Okay, we’re here.” I said, almost bluntly as I slipped out of the car and made my way down towards the back. Opening up the door for her, I watched as Jenna slowly wriggled her way out of the car and then took a stumble forwards.

“Bloody cobbles!” She cursed, despite there being absolutely no cobbles on the street. Lifting an arm up for her to grab a hold of, she seemed resigned to the fact that she would need to. So, her arm linked with mine and we slowly began the climb up to her flat at the top of the building. Reaching her door, Jenna fumbled with her purse before finding a set of keys complete with a TARDIS on the keyring. “Here we are…” Jenna purred, managing to slip the keys into the lock and undoing it. Crossing the threshold into her flat, Jenna turned to me and placed her dainty hand on the front of my crotch, giving it a firm squeeze.

“How about we really get down to it now? No cameras in my flat.” She said, a dirty smirk on her face as she did so.

Finding the last bit of strength in my body, I sighed and took her hand up off of my lap and placed her to the side of her tightly clothed body. Walking into the flat, I made my way straight over to her breakfast bar and made a start on brewing her a big pot of coffee. I heard the door close behind me and Jenna had made her way inside, kicking her heels off so they hit the wall with a gentle thud. She followed me into the kitchen and made a very audible groan as she saw me fiddling with the coffee pot. Before she had a chance to even fight me on it, I was brewing the coffee and I had one of her small porcelain cups down on the counter.

Turning to face her, despite her being so close to me again, I looked down into her face.

“Okay Jenna, I’m brewing you this coffee pot and I’m going to come back in,” I paused briefly to check my wrist watch before continuing. “A couple of hours. I’m fully expecting to see most of this pot gone and then I’ll leave you alone, you understand what I’m saying?” I asked her, taking a step to the side and looking over at her. Jenna made a face but nodded her head at me.

That was good enough for me.

Nodding my head, I placed my hands on her shoulders and patted them gently, almost patronisingly as I slipped out of her kitchen and walked out towards the cool outside of London. Closing my eyes as I slipped out of her flat, I closed my eyes and silently wondered whether I had made a terrible mistake but… I hadn’t been raised to take advantage of drunken women and I certainly wasn’t going to start now.

Walking down to my car, I quickly got in and grabbed my bottle of water, taking a swig and looking up to Jenna’s apartment, I saw her staring down at me. I offered her a smile but she just turned from the window and walked back, to hopefully have some of the freshly brewed coffee. Looking around the streets, I worked out the best way to get back to the home base and quickly pushed out onto the roads of London. Brushing my thumbs against the steering wheel, my eyes were quickly floating from side to side as I tried to spot the nearest underground station that could get me back to Jenna’s place. The trip had been more of the same in terms of wrestling myself onto the road and back to the correct part of the capital.

Checking out and picking up my working hours for the next week, I changed out of my driver’s uniform and into a more casual look of jeans, a button up shirt and then a blazer to go with it. Looking over what I was supposed to be working, I stuffed my hours into my pocket and left the station and headed over to the nearest underground station. With a couple of swipes of my Oyster card and a few swaps on the underground, I was now well on my way over to Jenna’s flat. Checking my wrist watch again, it had been a couple of hours since I had last been there and while I wasn’t a coffee fiend, Jenna certainly had the paraphernalia in her flat to suggest that she did have something of a fondness for coffee. Hopefully, she had managed to work her way through the pot and we’d be able to have a decent conversation.

Stepping up and out of the underground station, I ignored some of the drunken cries from weekend revellers and made my way over to Jenna’s flat. Walking up the steps again, I got closer and closer to the door and thoughts were floating through my mind as to what I was going to see. Was Jenna going to be frustrated? Angry? Still absolutely hammered? I wasn’t sure but I also wasn’t exactly happy with the idea of the fact that I had essentially put my foot down with her and made her take care of herself. Knocking on her door, I took a step back and casually rested against the railing of the small balcony platform that sat atop the set of stairs. I listened to the sounds on the other side of the door before the sounds of a lock being undone was heard and the door swung open.

On the other side of the door stood Jenna Coleman. Standing there, she did look a lot better and the alcohol did seem like it was flushed from her system but that wasn’t all. She had now stripped down from the luscious dress and was standing in front of me in a small bathrobe, her legs had been encased in black stockings that ran all up her legs and I could see the slightest hint of a garter belt to go with it as well. Looking back up to her face, she had a dirty, flirty smirk on her face she took a step back, inviting me into her flat with a smile on her face.

“Come on in.” She said, almost coaxing me in. Taking a step inside, while she had definitely freshened up with perfume but I could still smell the coffee on her breath and it did look like she’d gone through some of the coffee at least. Walking inside her apartment, the mood of the small flat had turned into something very different from when I had last been here. A gentle ambiance of music was playing through the bluetooth speaker and the lighting was low to really set the mood for the evening. As I walked inside and looked around the front room, Jenna closed the door behind me and then slipped the deadbolt across the door. Walking into the kitchen, I saw that the coffee pot had almost been completely emptied and as I was about to speak, she beat me to it.

“I did my homework don’t worry.” Her hands were pressing against the small of my back. Her whole body was pressed against me and when I turned around to face her, she  now had her hands on the inside of my belt. Looking me over, Jenna smiled and took a step a little bit closer to me so that she was now looking directly up at me. Jenna then took a step back and pulled herself up onto the side of the breakfast bar. Her fingers ran over my belt and she pulled me a little closer to her. “And I really dig it when people don’t take advantage of drunken girls.” She said with a sly smile, her eyes settling on mine for a brief moment before looking back up at me. “And I do still want to see that donkey dick…” She added, her hand coming down and grabbing a hold of me.

Well, she certainly didn’t seem wasted any more. Was this okay? I didn’t have much of a chance to really decide on it when Jenna pulled me down to her face and her lips instantly collided with mine. Kissing her back, my hands ran down to her sides and then rolled over to her ass, giving her cheeks a big squeeze as she groaned into the embrace. Our kiss was broken ever so briefly as Jenna pushed her hands against my chest and our lips parted.

“You taste like coffee.” I rather dumbly stated.

“Really? That’s your first line?” The Doctor Who actress asked incredulously. The petite woman’s hands ran over my chest and then she started to take control, something I was very happy to give up. Her hands came up to push me backwards and we were soon pressed up against the door of her flat. Her hands slipped down to my belt and she quickly started to tug at my leather belt, pulling it open and undoing the restraints of my pants and pulled them open. When my pants slipped down to my ankles, I took a step out of them and let Jenna look at the bulge that was starting to grown in my pants. She licked her lips and then put her fingers in the waistband of my boxers, pulling them down, Jenna leant back slightly and watched as my dick popped out from my boxers and hung heavily in front of her face.

“Fuck…” Jenna breathed heavily, looking over at my cock as it throbbed in front of her face. “That is… Fuck!” She gasped, her small hands came up and wrapped her fingers around the base of my cock, giving it a soft pump as if to see just whether my dick was legitimate or not. With her hand curled around my dick, she looked down at it and bit down on her bottom lip. “I can’t even fit my whole hand around it…”

With my hands on my hips, I offered her a sympathetic shrug of my shoulders/

“You wanted to see a donkey dick.”

“I did! But now I want to see what else you can do with it. And what I can do with it too.”

“I mean, if you want to stop…”

“Not at all.” Jenna said, looking up at me as she slipped down to her knees before me. With her face now effectively eye level with my dick, she bit down on her bottom lip before shaking her head slightly. “This really is bloody massive.”

“Thanks.” I said, rather stupidly but she didn’t seem to mind as her hands curled down around my shaft and she slowly stroked her hands up and down on my length. She wetted her lips gently before opening her mouth and holding my dick steady and directly in front of her face. She bit down on her bottom lip and giggled at it as she stroked her hands up and down.

“I can’t believe I’ve got this big dick in my hands.” She said, shaking her head while she slipped them both up and down. “Fuck… Holly wasn’t kidding.”

Before I even had a chance to say anything else, Jenna opened her mouth and pushed her tongue down against my cock’s head, offering it an experimental lick to taste my cock’s head. Moaning at the taste, Jenna opened her mouth up just a little bit wider and then closed her mouth down around my entire dick’s width. Jenna’s eyes went wide at the fact that her mouth had managed to stretch out around my cock, but she kept going. Pushing her mouth down just a little bit further on my length, Jenna was seemingly doing the impossible for someone as small as she was. Her mouth pushed just a little further and my cock slipped just a little bit further into her mouth and she was left with an impossibly large object in her small mouth. Both of her hands were left wrapped around the base of my shaft, her two hands stroked up and down on the bottom of my dick working on getting me more and more worked up over her.

The Doctor Who actress slipped her mouth up and down on just over the bellend of my dick, the head of my cock now nestled firmly in her mouth and she was left to  just deal with that inside of her mouth. I could feel her pooling more saliva over my dick, as if she was working to lubricate it. Slipping my dick against her throat, Jenna started to push my cock inside of her mouth and moving herself down just a little bit further with each bob of her head. I could already feel the head of my dick pressing against Jenna’s throat even with her working on sucking my dick down a little bit further with each push of her mouth. My dick bumped against her throat again with another push and she coughed against it. I thought she was ready to give up but instead she furrowed her brow and then took one of her hands off of my dick’s base. She moved that hand up to my stomach and held me in place before she pushed her mouth forward once more and my donkey dick slid just a little bit further down into her mouth. Looking down at her, as she took my dick into her mouth, I could see that she had as much of my dick buried inside of her mouth as she could do, but now, her throat had a slight bulge in it from where she had swallowed my dick. It was actually pretty impressive to look at the fact that someone so petite had taken my dick so deeply in her mouth and throat.

Her hands moved up off of my waist and down towards the door to her flat, she pressed her palms down flat against the door and then she started to push her mouth down even further on my cock. Now fully lodged inside of her mouth, Jenna’s big eyes floated up to look at me before she moaned and coughed around the object in her mouth. With her having my dick so deep inside of her throat, I could feel her squeezing me and it was enough to make the teasing I had received all night come to life and I was going to cum. Looking down at her, we both seemed to know what was happening and Jenna simply dug her fingers into my ass and kept my cock buried inside of her throat.

That was definitely a mistake for her.

Having such a large dick often meant that I would cum a lot more than the average person and with my dick inside of her, I started to cum. Shooting a large series of ropes into her mouth and right down her throat, I kept going and going until I had fired maybe eight or nine ropes and she had to simply kneel there and take it. Pushing up off of the wall with a soft exertion, she brought her mouth up off of my cock and the large, thick cock popped from her mouth and then almost slapstick-esque slapped her in the face. She let out a moan at the contact before looking up at me and licking her lips slowly.

“Oh fuck me… Do you always cum that much?” She asked, looking up at me.

“Most of the time yeah…”

“Fuck… I just about fitted this in my mouth. Do you think I can get it in my pussy?”

She pulled herself up off of her knees and placed her hands on my chest to gently push me back to give us some room. Moving into the kitchen, her bare feet moved from the carpet of the inside of the flat and she then walked over into the kitchen and towards the table. Bending herself over the edge and effectively presenting herself to me, it was definitely a tempting target for me. Moving off of the door and heading over to where she was, I licked my lips and joined her inside of the kitchen. Looking at the pastel blue colouring of the table, it was a nice contrast with her pink skin and the black of her underwear as well. Jenna looked over her shoulders at me and raised an eyebrow.

“Well? What are you waiting for?”

“I’m just thinking…” I started, stroking my length slowly and keeping it hard while I inspected the hot wet spot between Jenna’s legs. “This is pretty big and you’re pretty small. I don’t know if the blowjob will get me inside of you. We’re probably going to need to get you wet too.”

“Oh I already am…”

“I don’t know if that will be enough.” I replied, looking at the rear of the Doctor Who actress and genuinely wondering just what I could do to get my dick inside her. Getting down on my knees behind her, I slipped my thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slowly tugged them down and away from her groin and down towards the floor. Jenna giggled gently as the cool air of the flat danced against her pussy’s lips, her hand came down from the table and knitted their way through my hair as I stayed down behind her and between her legs.

My hands ran down the back of each of her legs before I slowly guided her right leg up and then her left, slipping the midnight black thong off of her legs and into my hands. Looking at the lacy material, I licked my lips and then looked up at her gorgeous, glistening pussy. Moving my face up, I used my index and middle finger to spread her pussy’s lips apart and then took a long, experimental lick of her folds. Jenna moaned in pleasure at the contact of my tongue to her folds before I ran my tongue over her pussy’s lips again, weaving my tongue up and all over her folds to make sure I got as much of her as I could do. My hands ran up to her ass and I got a good handful of her cheeks to keep her bent over while I ran my tongue against her pussy’s lips, weaving my way up and then down. Running through her delicious folds, I made sure to get every little bit of her as she was left bent over the table and was just lying over the edge and taking it.

“Ohhh fuck yeah… Fuck… Donkey dick can eat pussy too? Fuck that’s good…” Jenna moaned as she was left bent over the edge of the table.

Offering her cheeks an experimental slap, I listened to how she reacted as I continued to weave my tongue all over her folds, the texture of her pussy lips. Licking my tongue in and out of every little drop and part of her folds, I could taste her delicious arousal on my tongue and with every flick of my tongue I could almost feel her body tensing and she was seeming to get closer and closer with each flick of my tongue. My hands rested on the curve of her ass and I gently squeezed down on her cheeks as I flicked my tongue over her folds and running down to the hood of her clit. Using my thumb, I gently revealed the hard little nub and wrapped my lips right around it to start teasing it with the tip of my tongue. Jenna reacted very strongly to it, her fingers clawed at my hair as I started to suck on her. Using my left hand, I rolled it down from her ass cheek and to her pussy, slipping my finger inside of her to further stretch her out all while I focused on getting her wetter and wetter.

Jenna’s pussy was positively dripping wet now and I could feel her juices dripping against my jaw all while I slipped my tongue against her clit, dancing over it while my lips sucked on her clit. Jenna’s hips started to roll from side to side and her body was trembling in my hands all while I fingered her folds and also sucked on her clit. Jenna was panting and I could almost hear her orgasm coming on, my eyes looked up at her over the curve of her ass and all I could see was a mess of dark hair sliding from side to side as she was eaten out and fingered from behind. My right hand continued to massage and touch at her leg, sliding up and down and exploring her thigh while I continued to drive her through to a hard orgasm. Sucking against her hard little clit, I pressed my teeth down against it and very gently rolled it from side to side before watching her head drop down to the table and her body seemed to tighten up and her hot body exploded.

Holding Jenna upright as best as I could do, I continued to lick and suck at her while she came hard over my face. Her body rocked forward and made the table bounce and shake underneath her as my tongue made short work of her. Slowly, I pulled my face away from her pussy and rocked back on my knees, looking up at her with a delighted smile on my face. Jenna managed to lift her head up off of the table and looked back at me, a smile on her face as she sucked in some air and tried to steady herself on her feet.

“Fuck me…”

“That’s the plan.” I said with a smile as I got up to my feet and helped Jenna roll over. With her hips pressing against the side of the table, she placed her hands on the side of it and pulled herself up so that her ass settled on the side of it and she then laid her back down flat on the table. Spreading her legs elegantly, Jenna managed to prop herself up on her elbows so that her big, dark eyes were looking directly at me. Walking between her legs and gripping my dick at the base, I looked down at it and then at Jenna’s dripping folds. It was definitely going to be a tight fit… Pushing my hips forward, the head of my dick slipped against her folds and I did my absolute best to move my dick inside of her. The head slipped past her folds and as I ran my hands down to her side to keep a hold of her, both me and Jenna let out a low groan as my cock worked inside of her. Shaking my head, I looked up at Jenna who had her head flat back on the table and she was biting down on her bottom lip as she screwed her face up.

“This isn’t working.” I said, the head of my cock barely inside of her as I looked down at it and then up at Jenna’s face. She opened her eyes and looked up at me, shaking her head with me in agreement. She pulled herself backwards a little bit, scooting herself up on the table and sitting upright so she was eye level with me.

“I really want to get fucked tonight too…” She almost whined by the realisation. Looking down at my dick and then over her shoulder, she clicked her fingers and hopped off of the table. On wobbly legs, Jenna walked away from the table and towards her bathroom, she was gone for a few moments before coming back with a small bottle of a clear liquid. “Sit down.” I did as requested and took a seat at the kitchen table and sat down on one of the fancy looking breakfast bar stools. Spinning myself around so that I was facing her, I braced myself as she squirted a puddle of the gel into her hands and rubbed them together. She bent over at her waist and wrapped her hands around my pole stroking her hands up and down and making sure my dick was nice and lubricated. Rolling her hands up and down, Jenna licked her lips and then stroked her hand up and down once more before she took her hands away and looked down at it.

“That might do it…”

Jenna tossed the bottle of lube to the table and then threw her leg over my waist and hopped onto my lap. My cock slipped between her ass cheeks and then, she lifted her hips up held my dick steady before she pushed her hips down again and my cock slipped down inside of her. Her walls spread apart and then, with a lot of effort, she managed to sink all the way down and my cock was full inside of her. Jenna’s head fell back and her long brown hair dropped down between her shoulder blades as her breasts were pushed out for me to grab a hold of. My hands ran up her body and came to rest on her chest, squeezing at both of them as she managed to sink my entire dick inside of her. I could feel her pussy lips pressing against my base and slowly, she rolled her body around, grinding herself against me and driving both of us insane. She pressed her hands on my shoulders and she started to lift herself up and then down again, riding herself up and down on me while my dick managed to stretch her out hard and fast.

Jenna’s pussy tightened a lot around me as she lifted her hips up and down on me. Groaning while she worked to milk me dry, my hands came up and squeezed at her breasts before rolling down to settle on the curves of her ass, squeezing at it while she slid up and down on me. Jenna let out a long, loud groan as her body slipped up and down on me, her ass clapped against my thighs while she rode me up and down on the breakfast bar stool. Jenna’s head came forward and she sank her teeth into my ear, closing her pearly whites down on my ear lobe and tugging on it. My fingers worked on kneading her ass, squeezing at the flesh while she worked herself up and down on me. Gritting my teeth and hissing in pleasure as she rode herself on me, I wondered just how I had managed to fit my impressive length inside of such a small opening.

The lube probably helped and the fact that Jenna had deepthroated me and I had made her cum already could have helped as well.

As Jenna pushed herself down, she threw her head back and her body trembled as she almost came there and then again. Holding her by the hips, I started to help roll her up and down, sliding her along my cock as she seemed to give up the control for me to take over. My hands came down to her thighs and keeping hold of her, I lifted her up off of the stool and carried her in my hands. Moving over to the wall where her main window was, the curtains were drawn and the bluetooth speaker was pumping out music, I pushed her right up against the hard wall and held her there as I started to roll my hips back and then forward.

With Jenna Coleman sandwiched between me and the wall, I started to slide my hips in and out of her. Jenna’s stocking clad legs curled around my hips and her ankles locked together just above my ass as I started to roll my hips back and forth, sawing my dick inside of her. Keeping a hand on the underside of her thigh, I used my other hand to plant myself against the wall and to keep me upright while we got into a rhythm. Flicking my hips upwards and into her, I listened to the noises that were spilling from her mouth as I started to fuck her. Working my dick inside of her tight walls, she was still squeezing down on me as I pumped in and out of her with long, heavy thrusts. I gave her a particularly hard thrust and her body jolted, almost arching up off of the wall as her nails sank into my back, scratching at my skin as I rolled myself inside of her.

Keeping her pressed up against the wall of her front room, I held her up and in a perfect place for me to keep driving my dick inside her, sliding in and out with each torturous rock of my hips. The fact that I was so deep inside of her had definitely helped me stay inside of her and as I slammed my cock forward, Jenna’s back arched again and her body tensed in my grasp. Rocking my cock inside of her again, I hissed in pleasure as Jenna’s nails dug into my back and then she seemed to go limp, her arms falling back off of me and moved high up above her head as if she was searching for something to grab a hold of.

Looking up, I grinned and watched as she grabbed at the curtains that were hanging above the windows. Her fingers tugged on it and she held herself steady all while I started to saw myself in and out of her with a quickening pace. Her lips were parted in an almost silent moaning and her walls were working on squeezing me tightly while I pushed my dick inside her. Sliding my big dick into her and hitting one particular sweet spot inside of her, Jenna’s eyes shot open and her back arched upright off of the cold plaster of the wall, her hands that had a firm grip on the curtains above us both were starting to shake and the curtains almost looked like they were coming away from the little hooks that held the fabric up.

Was I really fucking her that hard?

Shoving myself inside of her with another swift couple of pumps, Jenna’s body started to wiggle and writhe while I slammed in and out of her. Slamming my hips forward and inside of her, my balls started to clap against the curve of her ass while she was pressed up between me and the wall. Sliding my hips up against her, I started to pick up the pace, rocking inside of her with a series of hard and fast shoves into her and with each hard push into her, her voice caught up in a collection of loud and long moans that were just dripping from her lips as she was bounced up and down harder and faster on my length. Sliding myself inside of her, using the head of my dick as a means to explore her inner lips and beating against all of her slick inner walls and only making the woman squeal and pant while I slipped inside of her.

With each flick of my hips inside of her, my dick was working on stretching her out and making sure to keep herself up and off of the ground while I slipped in and out of her. Holding her against the wall, my hands had a firm grip on her long legs and while my fingers had a decent grasp on her, her legs tightened and her arms started to shake and pull at the curtains above us both. With a loud squeal and another hard tightening of her walls, Jenna’s hands shot forward and the curtain was pulled clean off of the rail and the lacy net curtain dropped down over the two of us as her hands came up from the curtains and knotted themselves in her hair as her walls were tight like a vice and she was cumming hard over my dick again.

With Jenna cumming hard on my dick, I held her pinned against the wall and while the curtain draped over us as if it were a sheet for us to rest in. Jenna’s face was a twisted mess of pleasure as her walls squeezed down on me and her voice was crying out in the sounds of a hard, crazy powerful orgasm that was overpowering her body. With her cumming, I lifted her up off of the wall and spun her around, her body shook with each push of my hips and as she came, her body wriggled in my arms and while I managed to move her in my arms and over to the sofa in the middle of the room. Moving over to the sofa, the curtains fell from Jenna’s grasp and her arms almost went limp as she collapsed in my arms. Now standing in front of the couch, I look down at Jenna who weakly opened her eyes and flashed me a smile.

“Come on, I want it doggy style.” Jenna said, almost dreamily as she looked up at me.

Raising an eyebrow, I grin and put my hands back on the bottom of her thighs and slowly pull her all the way up and off of my dick. Feeling the sudden difference from not having my dick inside of her, I was tempted to let out a defeated whine from it but with Jenna now on her hands and knees in front of me and using her right index and middle finger to spread her pussy lips and open them for me, the difference was soon gone from my mind. Moving to the arms of the couch, I reached down and grabbed a hold of her hips again. Lifting her up and presenting the dripping wet entrance to me, I took a hold of my dick and then pushed myself forward and right back inside of her.

The both of us let out a long, loud moan as my dick slid inside of her and hit the same spot I had hit when I had her pinned against the wall. My hands had a firm grip on her hips and as I pulled myself backwards and then rocked them forward again, my balls slapped against Jenna’s clit and the mousy brunette squeaked in pleasure as I took her from behind. Looking at the brown hair that had dropped down to the side of her face and I couldn’t really see what her face looked like, but with every push inside of her, her voice cracked a little bit and her head shot back as her body was rocked backwards and forwards. The way her voice sounded was as if she was ready to explode and when I placed my fingers in her hair and brushed the brunette locks away from her picturesque face, her next command surprised me.

“Pull my hair.” That wasn’t even a question, she wanted me to pull her hair.

With her brown hair against the side of my fingers, I moved my hand and entangled some of her brown locks in my fingers. The hair was weaved through my palm and then, I closed my fingers to make a fist and then yanked her head backwards with a sharp tug. Jenna’s head shot back and her mouth and eyes tore open and she let out an almighty shriek of pleasure. Her walls went tight around me and I could almost feel her orgasm hitting her again and her pussy went right back to squeezing me tighter and tighter. My hand was left on her hips and while she was being pounded by me from behind, I made sure to keep a hold of her by two means as my dick slid in and out of her while my balls beat against her hard clit as well.

“Oh fuck! You donkey dicked bastard! Keep pounding me!” She groaned, her voice now an octave higher than when we had first met and while her head was stuck upright and her voice was much clearer, I simply groaned in pleasure and kept working myself in and out of her. Sliding my dick into her, and holding her in place, I could only moan and groan while my dick spread her apart. Fucking her harder and faster, I could feel my orgasm starting to build inside of me and as I kept hitting her from behind and with my hand in her hair, I could only grunt and growl.

“Going to cum…” I uttered, looking down at her and watched her body shake up and down while I took her hard from behind. Sliding myself in and out of her quicker and quicker, my teeth sunk into my bottom lip and I could only listen to the noises of our sex and Jenna’s squeals and slight shrieks. Pumping against her ass, Jenna managed to pant out a single command.

“Not in me…”

That was easy to follow.

Sliding my cock out of her pussy with one single pull of my hips, I groaned and shot my final load. Shooting as much as I could do, spraying over the curve of her ass and onto the small of her back, I used my hand to steady my dick and shoot my cum all over her slightly darker, tanned skin. Looking at the pearly white cum that was dripping down her ass cheeks, I slapped the heavy head of my dick against her ass before sitting back and looking at her. Jenna had essentially given up, her body was slack and her entire frame was dropped down on the sofa and her head was to the side, sucking in air and trying her best to recover.

“I can’t move my legs.” Jenna giggled, her eyes managing to roll over to look at me. Taking another breath, Jenna pushed her hips up a little bit and then collapsed down again. “Fuck! That was… Fuck!” Her head hit the side of the sofa and as she took another couple of deep breaths, Jenna opened her eyes again.

“I’d love to see you out but… I think I’m just ready to pass out.”

Smirking, I nodded my head and stood up. Looking down at my slick dick, I quickly packed myself away and made my way out of the flat, offering her a goodbye, it was as if she had just passed out much like what had happened with Holly.

I could definitely get used to this…

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