Donna Clubbed

Donna Clubbed NC/anal/Reluc/Rape?/vio/knife
By Maxim

This is the third and final story in my Donna Air Trilogy.
Which started with “Donna’s Big Break”, followed by “Donna Selected” .

The Warnings….

This Story Is NOT True, It is a Fantasy.

Warning: This story contains strong depictions of adult sexual
situations, If it is illegal for you to view this subject in your
area do not view this file. If you find these situations unpleasant
or offensive then you obviously won’t enjoy reading this story, so
don’t read it.

The author takes no responsibility for any illegalities
arising from
the viewing of this file.

It in no way reflects the real personalities of the real persons

Donna Clubbed

By Maxim

London U.K 2001

This had been a good night for Donna Air, no Big Breakfast to present
in the morning meant she could stay up past her 10.30pm bedtime.

“Fuck I must be getting past it ” Donna say to herself, sitting in a
club in Central London downing her sixth Vodka and Red Bull in two

In reality Donna was far from past it, she was 21, well off and was
currently enjoyed a very successful media career and was now an
partner in her own media company.

Donna may appeared to be an airhead, but the truth was very different.

It was already 2.30am, Donna was tired and was way past her bedtime.
Donna had some fun, not paying to get in, (as usual) she danced, had
drinks bought for her and Donna being Donna indulged in one of her
favourite pastimes….. flirting.

Going out in general and not paying for it were one of Donna’s
favourite things to do.
Tonight Donna had gone out alone; Nat and Nic (the Appleton Sisters
from All Saints, Natalie being Donna’s best friend) were busy with
their boyfriends.

But going alone has it’s advantages after all she is Donna Air and
everybody loved Donna because she was famous and if there was one
thing that Donna loved apart from loving herself was her love of
being a celeb.

So there were times Donna liked to go to a club alone and Donna knew
a guy sees a girl alone in a club, wearing a dangerously short dress,
dancing, well. dancing the way Donna dances, they’ll think they are
on to
a promise.

Well, they are partially right- But Donna rarely goes home with
anyone; too risky these day’s with Kiss n’ tell stories being sold to
the Sunday Papers
and anyway guy’s rarely ever lived up to Donna’s fantasy fuck’s, and
teasing them and making them want you is what turned Donna on.

Donna loved them lining up, drooling, ready to give you almost
anything to fuck her; and then she simply look them all over…
slowly… and then goes home alone, you can look, but you can’t

Guy’s….. what dumb fucks.

Donna’s a celeb, she’s the one with the power and they have nothing.

Tonight was no different, except somebody at the club saw through
Donna’s game, and decided that tonight with be different…….

Donna paid the taxi and walked up the steps to her central London
flat and put the key into the front door turning the key and opening
the door, (it’s a double door foyer) and before it has a chance to
close her key is in the second door’s lock.

Donna thought that’s strange…she didn’t hear the first door slam
closed behind her…

As Donna started to turn she saw a pair of black leather gloved hands
hands pushing her hard and quickly through the second door so that
before she could react, or even think, Donna was slammed up against
the inside wall of her flat.

Donna felt the gloved hands pull the back collar of her dress sharply
back and then pushed her roughly and violently to the carpeted floor
with a thud.

Donna feel the carpet roughly burn her face and knees.

“Shit” Donna said to herself “I’ve got a photo shoot this afternoon”.
After all Donna was a celebrity.

Donna was held immobile- a hand pressing on the back of her neck and
a knee on the small of her back.

“Scream and you’ll fucking regret it!” a voice angrily hissed, Donna
decides that she should believe that voice…

“Listen to me very carefully and do what I say”. Donna lay there,
drenched in sweat and breathing hard.

“Slowly roll over on your back but don’t try to stand up”.

Donna rolled over with quite a bit of difficulty onto her back and
for the first time she saw her attacker, dressed from head to toe in
black leather, their face masked.

Dona could see a long shiny hunting knife, it must be a good 10″, her
eyes began to well up with tears.

Donna tried to catch her breath again, her attacker straddling her
body with
the knife held up to her face.

“I suggest you listen to me cock tease and really listen, it’s in
your best

The attacker took the tip of my blade and slipped it under the thin
shoulder strings of Donna’s dress, and cut through them.

Donna whimpered a bit- the attackers full weight sitting on her,
their knees holding her arms down.

The knife went through the thin material at the collar; Donna began
to pant in a panic not seeing where the point of the blade is heading

With both hands the attacker tears the fabric from top to bottom with
a loud rip.

Donna wants to cry out but knows that that would be a bad idea.

“Stand up”

Donna tries to stand up, staggeringly, due to the combination of the
and the drink coursing through her system.

Donna’s tattered dress falls to the floor and she stand’s there
shivering from fear now not sure what to do with her hands.

“Donna you must have known that something like this would happen



“That wasn’t a question!”

The attacker lunges forward a step which making Donna jump and
instinctively grab and hold her crotch.

“Look at you!” ”

“Do you have to piss or something?

“You look like you do.”

Donna shakes her head no.

The truth was Donna did have to pee; she had been heading for the
as she went through the front door.

“Yes, you have to piss right now, don’t you?”

“Your underwear is nice”.

The attacker was right- they were new, shear, light black bikini’s
with a matching bra- showing that Donna’s nipples were erect, and her
thin blonde tailored patch of hair through the slightly damp
material; something Donna never showed in the magazines.

“Yes, cock-tease, you’re going to piss right now”.

Donna looked scared as the attacker slowly pointed to the open door
of her bathroom.

“No, not there Donna ”


” Spread your feet far apart”


Donna slowly, reluctantly opened her legs.

“Wider Donna”

Donna moved her long legs wider across the carpet.

“Now, piss for me DONNA!”

“I.. I can’t!”

“Well I’ll tell you what, you piss here and now or I fuck you dry up
your tight ass!”.

“So what will it be?”.

Donna started to cry out of embarrassment, but bite her lip and shook
her head up and down.

“Piss DONNA!”

Donna closed her eyes and try to concentrate, but was so nervous that
she couldn’t seem to let it go.


“Look slut- just shut up and piss”.

” I’ll start counting to 10″


Donna had never done this in front of anybody since she was child.


Here she was standing in her flat, her legs spread with a attacker
Her to piss for them


Donna felt the tingle and warmth, as she knew she was about to go…


No I can’t do this………


then a few drops…



Donna looked down to see her panties darken with the moisture…


and then….



the hot gush of piss runs out at full force, pushing her panties down
with it’s weight and pouring through the fabric in one thick current,
as two slower trickles run down each of Donna’s thigh.

“Hey that was really nasty Donna!, you’re a real slut!”

“Look down Donna”

Donna looked down at the puddle that she was now standing in and her
feet shift nervously.

” Now Donna I want you to take off your bra”

Donna just stared at her attacker

” Haven’t you made me suffer enough?” Donna said.

“Baby didn’t you hear me, something wrong with your hearing?”.

Donna continued to stare.

Her attacker waked up to Donna and in one motion slide the knife
blade under the front of her bra, between her cleavage and cut right
through the material.

Donna gasped as she felt her breasts bounce down against her ribs as
the material fell to either side.

Donna looked down and sees that the knife had cut her a bit between
her breasts and there is a thin line of blood trickling slowly down.
Her attacker takes the edge of the blade and uses it to scrape along
skin and collect’s a small bit of blood along the edge.

The knife is put in front of Donna’s mouth.

“Lick it off”

Donna was now really terrified, she slowly poked out her soft, pink
tongue pokes and very carefully licked her own blood off of the 10″
hunting knife.

“You disobeyed me Donna, baby now what am I going to do with you?”.

Donna was pushed down onto the floor again- this time her face being
pressed into the piss drenched carpet and rolled in it.

” Well Donna, when my dog goes pisses on the floor I have to punish

Donna’s attacker got their boot and pressed Donna’s head down into
the carpet, her face pushed into the piss soaked carpet.

” I have to put the dog’s face in it…..”.

“Now stay there and don’t move.”

Donna could not believe this was happening, this was worse than what
happened to her when she was 18 and working as a temp in a
advertising company and those guy’s blackmailed her.

Donna laid still, her face down in her own piss.

Donna could hear her attacker get behind her and grab the back
waistband of her panties.

Donna could feel her panties being tugged into her arse crack.

Her attacker pulled harder with a jerk and Donna could feel her
panties being forced in between her pussy lips.

“Arrr !” Donna cried out.

“Bad Girl!”

The attacker starts to smack Donna’s now exposed arse cheeks.

What an arse it is…..


Again and again the attackers hand falls on Donna’s moist arse.

Pulling so hard Donna’s panties that at times she’s lifted off the
and at others being roughly dragged along the damp carpet.

After 5 minutes, Donna’s arse was a beautiful bright red colour…..

“Now stand up”

Donna stood up.

Looking like a naughty schoolgirl who’s been caught out smoking while
at school, her panties still wedged into both of her cracks.

“Now Donna… Baby I want you to do exactly as I say”

The attacker sits down on Donna’s very expensive couch.

“Donna, now using only one of your hand’s, I want you to pick the
fabric out of your pussy”.

Donna’s hand went to her panties.

“NO Donna, not from the edges, from the middle.”

“I’m going to enjoy this Donna, so you don’t mind me getting comfy
do you?”.

” Now Baby to do this you have to thrust your hips forward….”

Donna knew the only way to do this was to go digging in a
the most humiliating way, pulling the fabric out until it rested
her by now very tender and sore pussy.

“Now turn around and do the same thing to your ass”

Donna turns and tries…..

“Use only one finger baby!”

Donna by now had her impressive arse nearly bend over towards her
attacker. She had to take one finger and after some trying picking
around in the deep crack of her arse, Donna managed to hook a
fingernail into the fabric and pull it out.

“Now turn around and face me… good now take them off”.

Donna knew this was coming.

Slowly Donna pulled her panties off and stepped.

“Well, well Donna, a natural blonde”.

“I think I need a drink Donna”.

Her attacker got off from her couch and made their way to the kitchen.
Donna saw her chance, if she could only make her way to her front
She could be out in the street in seconds, yes she’d be naked out in
the street, but that would be the least of her worries at the moment.

” Not thinking of going anywhere are you Donna?, I don’t think that
would be a very good career move, naked out in the streets of London
in the early hours….. you wouldn’t last two minutes and then what
about all those photographers camera’s…. I could see the Sunday
Paper’s now, you trying to cover yourself up from the camera’s”.

Her attacker walked over to Donna looking right in her face.
Donna looked down and saw a can of red bull in their hands, then
the click as the can was opened.

The can was raised above her head, the suddenly Donna felt the red
being poured over her head running over in rivers over her blonde
hair, down over her face and onto her breasts, the attacker emptied
the can by pouring what was left over Donna’s large breasts, running
over the twin globes dripping off Donna’s by now erect nipples.

“Don’t let it go to waste Donna, lick it off them….. NOW” her
attacker shouted in Donna’s face.

Donna looked down unable to believe this was really happening to her.
She grabbed hold of her large right breast and brought it as far as
she could
by bending down her head, her tongue licking off was left of the red
bull on her breast, this was followed by her left breast, Donna’s
tongue licking against the by now very hard and sensitive nipple.

Her attacker picked up her piss soaked panties off the carpet and
held them
by one finger in front of Donna’s face.

“Donna your panties seem to be wet, stained and nasty”.

Sitting on the couch, the attacker drank down the second can of Red

” Donna take your panties and stuff them up your pussy Baby”.

Donna just looked out into space, had she heard right?.

As her attacker comes at her with the knife, Donna knew that she did.

” Donna put your foot up on this chair, so I can get a good look, and
stuff them all the way up your pussy so they disappear!”

Donna had never felt so humiliated, but she knew she had no choice,
in fact her life may depend on it.

Donna slowly put her leg up onto the chair, arching her pelvis
forward and trying to pull her pussy lips apart.

That’s when her attacker noticed.

Donna was wet, no not with her own piss or even Red Bull, was it
pussy juice?.

“Donna this is strange, you’re pussy seems to be wet as if you’re
turned on!, But you couldn’t be, could you?, I want those panties to
disappear Donna NOW!”

Donna her leg up on the chair, like some Soho stripper began stuffing
your own panties up her snatch, very much like a tampon, but this is
not like a tampon.

” Donna turn around and bend over.”

Donna bend over her full arse in the air, wondering what was coming

Looking at the upside view, Donna could see her attacker walk up
behind her and then roughly stuck her finger right in Donna’s moist

“Arrrrrrrrr no pleaseee not this ”

Donna could feel the edge of the fabric of panties being pulled in
one go.


Before Donna knew It, her disgusting panties are being rubbed all
over her face making her gasp for air and shake her head.

Donna was pushed hard onto her back onto the piss soaked carpet.

Her attacker was on their knees in front of Donna.

” Donna roll on your back so your legs are up and by your head”.

“Do it!”

From the position Donna was laying, she could see her own pussy and
her attacker between her legs. That’s when Donna saw the knife come
up and being held over her spread open pussy lips.

Donna was filled with panic and could hardly breathe.

“Such a pretty pink clit” Donna could feel the breath from her
attacker on her
snatch as they got closer, seemingly inspecting her once private

Donna could see the knife catching the light as her attacker lay the
side of it on top of her clit, it was cold and made Donna shiver,
slowly the knife is flipped around so the handle is pointing down
into towards Donna’s pussy mouth, the handle is slowly slipped into
Donna’s pussy.

Staring into Donna’s eyes, her attacker slowly moves the wooden
handle of
The knife in and out of her snatch going a little deeper each time
most of the handle is in her pussy.

The knife is removed and her attacker begins to lick Donna’s juices
off the knife handle, then the attacker move their face over Donna’s
and squeeze her cheeks until Donna took the hint and opened her

Her attacker let’s a long line of pussy juice and saliva slowly drip
out of their mouth and hit the back of Donna’s throat.

“On your knees Donna, Arse in the air and spread those cheeks”

Donna pulled her legs apart and reached behind to spread her cheeks,
exposing her tight, pink anal opening, as well as the entrance to her
still tight pussy.

Donna jumped as her attacker buried their face into the warm musk of
Donna’s crotch. The soft honey of her blonde pubic hair tickled their
lips and nose.

Their tongue dipped and tasted her most tenderest flesh, nuzzling the
deepest spot of her cleft with their nose, snaking their tongue out
to taste Donna’s puckered anus.

Donna’s attacker brought each pussy lip into their mouth, running
their tongue as deep as they could, their nose bumping against her

Donna moaned and her legs raised further up in a vee, spreading her
legs wider. Her attacker crawled behind the kneeling Donna, spreading
the cheeks of her arse, with a deep, guttural moan; Donna’s attacker
shoved their cock into her asre, stabbing her with it in one hard

Donna yelled, then groaned and groaned again when her attacker pulled
back and shoved it in deep again. The hard cock thrust over and over,
her ass was so tight

So tight …

So hot …

So tight …

Sinking the shaft into the depth of her, taking her tight hole
completely in one shove.

Donna grunted and tossed her head to the side, fucking her in such a
brutal way that her attacker could hear an long low moan come from
her lips.

Slamming hard over and over grunting and mumbling….

“bitch….whore….fucking slut….”…

Donna felt herself starting to cum as she’d never cum before; perhaps
this was her fantasy fuck after all….

She screamed out…

“yes! Fuck me! Please!

” Fucking rape my arse!!!….”

Finally Donna feels her attacker slowly pulling out of her arse….

The dark room goes quite, she then becomes aware of her front door
slowly closing…

Her attacker is gone….

Donna is alone

Her arse still in the air….

Her ruined panties on the floor beside her head.
A empty crushed can of red bull in the corner.
Right next to her handbag….

From inside the handbag suddenly Donna’s mobile phone starts to ring….

Donna slides over the damp carpet, taking the phone from her handbag…


A voice on the other end of the phone whispers into Donna’s ear….


“NATALIE” Donna cries….

” You were amazing Natalie, that was the best time ever, I came so

” I aim to please” said Natalie.

“When you got that knife handle in me, and the when you got your
strap on in my arse….. fuck I love role-play”.

“Well Baby after all you are a actress….” Natalie said.

Donna after all had her fantasy fuck and what guy could compete with


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