Donny And Marie

Donny Osmond former teen idol and talkshow host(his second).
Marie Osmond the only girl in the Osmond family. Mother and wife of 6
kids now expecting her 7th baby this summer. Also singer and actress and
co-host with her brother Donny.

Right after the show, Marie went to her dressing room to relax a while.
Being pregnant can take a tull on a womans feet, back and body.
Marie was sitting there in her chair thinking about only one thing sex.
Yes ever since she found out she was pregnant her hormones have kicked
in over drive. Marie’s husband isn’t there to do what she’s wants to do
is have sex.
Its been more then a month
now since she had sex with her husband and
she’s very horny.
Well she has to find some way or someone to help her with her sexual
urges, but who?
Well suddenly, Donny walks and scares Marie alittle by saying BOO. Well
Marie didn’t think that was funny and said”Oh shit Donny you asshole you
scared me half to death”.
Donny apologized.

Donny was sitting in a chair next to Marie and she said”Forget brother
I’m just on edge, I have something on my mind and don’t know how to do
solve it”.
Donny asks”Well sis if you want help I’m here for you, just name it and
I’ll do it what ever it is, your wish is my command”.
Marie thought about that and she was thinking na she could get Donny to
do that’ll be wrong.
But Donny did say anything for her what ever it is he’ll do it. Then
Marie smiles and asks”Donny sweet dear brother of mine, you said you’ll
do anything for me if I just ask and you’ll do what ever it is”? Donny
smiles and said”Marie I mean anything at all just say it I’ll do it no
matter what it is I’ll do it, I’m here for you sis”.

Well Marie had a little evil smile on her cute face and ask”Well Donny
sweet brother, I do have a big favour to ask and I’m very desperate to
have solve. See ever since I found out I was pregnant my hormones has
kicked in over drive, and I haven’t been home with my husband in a month
to um you know have our thing together if you know what I mean”.
Donny laughs and said”Marie your talking about sex, is that what your
desperately trying to solve, I do understand how a woman goes through
the body changed and her sexual urges is at her highest peek, so what do
you want me to do for you”?
Marie smiles alittle says”I know its illegal or is it but is incest
legal in this state of Calif. I will understand if you don’t want to do
that but I’m in such desperate need Donny please”?

Donny did think about it and he said he’ll do anything for her, even if
its this.
So Donny said”Marie as your brother I said I’ll do anything for you no
matter what it is, even if its wrong and yes I think it is illegal here,
but its for you”.
Marie smiles as she almost cried.
Then they went over to the couch in the corner.
Marie is five months pregnant with her 7th baby, her stomach looks not
bad for five months.
Well they did look into each others eyes and wonder what they’re suppose
to do.
So Marie pulls her panties off and said”Well Donny you gonna make the
first move since I took my panties off”? Donny suddenly realize the door
has to be locked so no one can barge in on them. So he went to lock it
and sets back down. Marie says good thinking.

Then Marie lays down on the couch her legs were spread open. Marie had
on a dress what she wore on stage and she pulls it up over her thighs.
Donny noticed Marie’s pussy and it was hairy and black. It was also very
wet. This is the first time he seen her pussy.
Then he pulls his pants down and took out his cock which was about 9 or
10 inches long.

Marie couldn’t believe how big her brother was she said”Boy Donny your
big, almost big as my husbands cock”. Donny laughs”Oh Marie stop it”.
Then Donny looks at his sisters dark wet pussy, and as he got close he
got a whiff of her pussy scent. He thought she smelled very nice as his
sister. Then Marie watches her brother as he tastes her pussy with his
tongue she almost jumps.

Donny was licking and sucking Marie’s sweet tasting pussy. Donny loved
how she smells, she almost smells like Donny’s wifes pussy.
But Marie was indeed enjoying every lick of Donny’s tongue on her clit.
She just had couple of good orgasms.
Then Marie was doing Donny. She was licking his cockhead then she went
down his cock.
Donny still can’t believe they’re doing this but he’s enjoying it just
like Marie is.
Marie was sucking her brother’s cock like she sucks her husbands cock
slow and easy. Enough to get it soaking wet to slid in easy in her
Marie sucked his cock almost too hard and he almost came inside her
Then Marie lays back down and Donny was laying sofly on top of her. He
slid his cock inside her pussy and he was sliding in and out slowly.
Marie was feeling his whole cock inside her pussy and she was enjoying

Donny was alittle nervous, he was afraid his cock was gonna hurt the
baby. But Marie told him it won’t hurt it just keep doing it.
Donny was pumping her pussy slow and they decide to kiss each other on
the mouth.

Marie loves to kiss even her own brothers.

Then Donny felt he was about to cum but wasn’t sure. Marie told him she
can feel him cuming.

But Donny was sliding in and out little faster, then he just squirts and
squirts his hot load of sperm inside her pussy.

Marie thought felt great.

They got up and straighten up.

Donny snuck back to his dressing room without being seen.
Marie sat in her chair again but this time with a big smile.


I hope you all let me know how you like this story.

And hope you will be kind about it.

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