Don’t Treat Me Like A Woman

Don’t Treat Me Like a Woman

Starring Chyna

A Sequel to the story “Don’t Treat Me Like a Man”

NOTE: This story(and the previous one) is written in the time period of
Chyna’s first playboy shoot or so, so adjust your mental picture

I switched on the faucet and inspected my face. Some swelling over my left
eye which was gonna be a helluva black eye come daylight. A good sized gash
on the side of my face. And my right earlobe was still bleeding a bit. “Who
knows what a dirty bitch like that is carrying,” I muttered looking at the
teeth marks in the tender
flesh of my lobe as well as a painful bite in my
shoulder. I dabbed some peroxide on the cuts for the all good it’d do, then
slapped some warm water on my face. I turned off the sink and left the

I stalked into my bedroom. The frame of my exercise equipment stood near the
wall. Four sets of handcuffs were secured to the edges by one cuff, the
other securing a wrist or an ankle. A woman was held there, unable to escape
their confines. She’d been stripped of her clothing and her muscular form
was completely revealed. Her breasts were full and supple, the nipples
standing out. Her belly was flat and smooth all the way down to her snatch.
It was neatly trimmed, but the silken hairs couldn’t quite hide the opening
beneath. Her thighs were thick and strong and her legs were long and lean. I
walked around her to inspect the other side. Her raven hair cascaded down
her shoulders, nearly to her waist. Her ass was round and juicy. I gave it
a little spank. Revenge would be sweet.

“What the fuck do you want from me?” Chyna growled.

“I’m going to pay you back tenfold for every bump you gave me. I’m nobody’s

“You’re not even that to me,” she sneered, “you’re just my cock, and I can
jerk you whenever I want.”

“I think you’re wrong about that woman.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“Call you what?” She was silent. “What, woman?” She winced. “Well you are
aren’t you?”


“Well I can see your tits and your cunt right in front of me.”

“Look, just shut up and rape alright? That’s what you’re going to do isn’t
it?” Well, I conceded, that had been my plan. But this seemed a bit more

“So, you’re not a woman huh? So how come you’ve got a cunt?”

“I was born.wrong.”


“Fuck it! I’m not supposed to be this way!” she exploded. “I’m a man!” A
single tear rolled down her cheek. Then it hit me.

“You weren’t raping me were you? You were just.masturbating.”

“You see? You’re just my cock, and when I broke you I’d take another.”

“But didn’t you fuck HHH?”

“Strap-on.” I choked a bit on that.

I walked closer to her. I could smell her and it was intoxicating. She was
raw and animal. I wanted to take her like an animal. I reached out a hand
and clasped her breast. My thumb circled her erect nipple. I could tell it
felt good because her breathing quickened imperceptibly. She tried to ignore
it, to deny her femininity, but she was becoming aroused. I had an idea that
making her orgasm would be a worse torture than any other I could devise. I
leaned down and stretched my tongue out to her nipple, licking it and
circling my tongue around it. I took it in my teeth a little, nibbling
gently. My left hand cupped her other breast, while my right squeezed her
meaty ass. As I applied a little suction to her tit, she began to struggle.

“Get off me! Get off me you shit!” she cried, tears rolling down her cheeks.
I straightened up and looked into her eyes. I began to kiss her face,
kissing her tears away. She looked at me incredulously, seemingly unable to
believe the tenderness of my touch. I drew near her mouth, but she
remembered her hatred at that moment and bit at me. I threw my head back,
easily avoiding the bite. If I couldn’t kiss her mouth, maybe I could kiss
her someplace else.

She had started to sweat, which aroused me all the more. I pressed my lips
against her neck, tasting her pulse and her salty sweat. I began to kiss
down her chest, all over the swell of her bountiful breasts and down her
smooth belly to her pussy. The hairs were wet, though wet by her sweat or
her arousal I could not tell. I began to trail my tongue around her crotch,
licking her muscular thighs, the crease where her legs meet, and finally
moving in towards the strip of brown fur that covered her cunt. I licked her
velvety lips, slowly working my tongue between them to get at her secret
flesh. My tongue probed through, and I tasted her cunt. I was stunned at how
wet she was for me. I looked up to see her biting her lip and quivering.
Smiling to myself, I went to work on her. I tongued her, licking her walls,
tasting her unique juices. My hands crept up her slick thighs to grasp her
firm cheeks. I pressed my face deep inside her, caressing the little bud
that sat at the top of her cunt.

“NO! NO YOU BASTARD!” she cried as I ate her out. “No, no, no.unnnnhhh.YES!
YES YOU SHIT.” she half-sobbed, moaning, “eat me like that.Fuuuuckk.”

She began shaking with the power of her orgasm, her walls clenching against
me. I grabbed her ass harder, stretching my tongue as deep into her as I
could. I lapped up and down enthusiastically, intoxicated by the smells of
her sweat and her cunt. I swallowed her juices, tasting them, savoring them,
my nose squashed flat against her crotch. Finally I pulled away from her
tunnel. The chains rattled a little as she sagged, panting hard after her
hard orgasm. It was probably the first time she’d had cunnlingus performed
on her. I retrieved the keys to the cuffs from my pockets and unlocked her
ankles from their bonds. Then I stood up.

She trembled as she looked into my eyes. I could feel her warring with
herself. I moved closer to her, close enough to feel her ragged breaths on
my face. I wrapped my arms around her, embracing her and leaning in for a
kiss. I thought she’d refuse me again, but she leaned into me and pressed
her lips against mine. Her lips opened slightly admitting my tongue. I was
only conscious of her warm, wet mouth as we kissed passionately. Her tongue
wormed and writhed in my mouth, my hands caressing her strong back as we
made out. I quickly unzipped my khakis and let them drop to my knees. My
boxers followed them. I could feel my cock stand to attention. I broke the
kiss. She looked dazed, but she could see that I was offering her a chance
to leave. She gazed down at my swollen member that she’d abused only hours
before. It throbbed, painfully almost at the nearness of her sex.

“Please.please make love to me,” she said to me, in a voice full of longing.

I measured her. Then I nodded. My cock pressed against the opening between
her legs. I pushed in, penetrating her smoothly. Her pussy admitted me,
embracing my cock. It was like it was meant to be there. We just stood there
a moment, enjoying the completeness of our union. I think she orgasmed then,
just loving the natural feel of my cock inside her. Then I began to pump,
slowly sliding around inside of her. Suddenly she pulled herself up with the
chains, wrapping her legs around me and I just went wild. Her legs held me,
like a soft but firm vise. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pumped
away like there was no tomorrow. My hips jerked in and out in a rhythm that
felt so good. My head penetrated deep inside her, filling her like nothing
had before. She was frenzied, kissing my face and neck, licking everywhere
she could reach. The wet slapping sounds of our fucking only aroused me

“Oh baby,” Chyna moaned, “Ohhh fuck yes, make me feel like this, gimme all
you got!” Our sex could’ve roused the neighbourhood for all we cared. I
stopped the rhythm, for but a moment, to unhook her hands from their
confines, before driving into her once more. We fell to the floor, her hips
rising to meet mine as we went at it like animals on the floor. We rolled
around, seeking dominance over each other. I managed to pin her down,
pistoning away at her cunt, coming ever closer to my orgasm. She twisted her
hips and wrenched us over, her atop me again. She bounced wildly, screaming
my name as she rode me. My back arched up, my hips lifting against her wild
gyrations. Finally I could take no more.

“Fuuuuck!” I shouted hoarsely, my cock exploding in pleasure as I climaxed
over and over into her waiting cave. Her raven hair flung wildly as she
ground into me, eagerly dragging out everything I had. Finally she fell on
top of me. My cock was still almost hard inside me. We kissed then, lovingly
touching each other. She had finally accepted what she was, and she loved
it. And so did I.

~The End~

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