Double Dari

Double Dari by Foxfan69. Story text follows.


I was in a hurry to leave this hot friday

evening. It had been a long, hard week at the Foxxy

News Network and I was glad it was almost finished.

It had been over three months since I last had a

two day weekend so, naturally, I was full of ideas

of how to spend my mini-vacation, such as it is.

When you are a highly worked and lowly paid intern

I am, weekends off are as good as gold! And I

did not plan to waste a second of this one, I can

assure you!

Two whole days of relaxing; kicking back watching

sports on big screen tv; and sending some long

overdue time with my girlfriend Cindy. A perfect

weekend, indeed! Of course you know the saying about

the plans of mice and men are prone to failure.

I was almost to the doors of the lobby; free;

when a voice cried out to me.

“Greg, hey Greg!” It was from my security guard

friend, Ralph. “Not so fast buddy! Pay up, dude!”

I was in such a hurry I had forgotten that I

owed Ralph five dollars from a bet we had made

earlier in the week.

“My Detroit Tigers made hash out of your Yankees

last night!” Ralph was enjoying his victory over me a

little too much as he stretched out his hand for


“Who would have thought,” i answered as I fished

around my pockets for a five-spot, ” That Bobby Higginson

would come off the bench in the ninth inning and

belt a three run homer!”

“I keep telling you, my man,” Ralph was grinning

ear to ear as he accepted the crumpled bill I thrust

into his hand;

“I’m originally from Detroit and my Tigers always

play the Yanks tough!”

I could’t disagree with my friend as I turned toward

the exit, and freedom. I almost made it; but not


“Hold up a minute, Greg!” I froze in my tracks as

the voice of Mad Marty, one of Foxxy News’s directors,

was directed at me.

Even before he spoke, I knew my planned weekend of

fun and sex was soon to be nothing more than a pile

of doggy-doo on the sidewalk.

“Glad I caught you before you left, I need you to

come in tomorrow to fill in for John. He just called

and said he can’t make it. A death in the family, I


“What time do you want me in?” I reluctantly

replied. I knew that protesting would do no good. I’m

low man on the totem pole here. A personal life

outside of work was a luxury I did not have.

“Eight am, sharp” Mad Marty instructed me. “Sorry to

mess up your weekend, Grag.”

‘You’re sorry!’ I thought to myself. ‘Not half as

sorry as I am! Not to menion my girlfriend, Cindy.

She is going to be pissed off big time when she hears

about this!’

I exited the building in a foul mood.

My guess on Cindy’s reaction to the bad news was

right on the money, I’m afraid.

“Damn it Greg!,” she screamed at me. ” That job of

yours is more important to you than I am! Go and fuck

yourself with your bitchy Foxxy News sluts!” The door to

my apartment slammed shut in my face.

I had to admit that Cindy had a point. What

normal, horny, young man wouldn’t want to be around

ladies like, Laurie Dhue, Linda Vester, Brigitte Quinn,

Donna Fiducia, etc, etc, etc. This job does have a lot

of appeal to a sex fiend as myself; I suppose.

The following morning found me in even a bigger

foul mood as I disovered that my duties would be

those as an erand boy. I was to run updates from

the newsroom to the on-the-air people, as needed;

nothing more.

My foul disposition brightened as I found, much to my

delight, that Lauren Green would be in the newsroom

this morning. It was always a pleasure to work with

the lovely ex beauty queen winner.

“I’m surpried that you got roped into working this

saturday.” I said this in greeting the pretty black

newscaster as I entered the newsroom.

“I don’t mind. I had to come in anyway to tape

my show with Cal Thompson, you know. I’m playing the

classical piano for the show’s opening segment.” She

flashed a wide, welcoming smile at me as she said this.

It appears that things were begining to pick up for

me. I gazed in silent admiration at the lovely vision

of Lauren Green in front of me.

She was seated at a computer console, on an open

desk which did nothing to hide her long, slender, legs

to me. She was wearing a short back skirt with slit

in one side which went practically all the way to

her hipps.

Her legs were crossed in such a manner that I

could see almost every inch of her gorgeous gams;

right up to the panty line of her hose.

She also had on a tight red sweater that showed

her two perfect, pear shaped breasts, to their best


I approved of this lovely vision before me. That

was evident because of the raging hard on I had

in my pants. I kept my hands in front of me;

trying to hide my excitement from the lovely Lauren.

As she finished her task, she turned towards me and

handed me a few pages of updates.

“I hope that I’m the cause of that!” She exclaimed

as she put the papers into my hand. Her eyes were

fixed on the bulge in my pants. Straining to break

free and ravish the lovely lady before me.

I was beat red with embarassment that my rigid

little buddy was spotted.

“Sorry about that.” I mumbled.

“Oh, don’t be sorry, Greg. Actually I’m flattered that

you find me that attractive!” Those lovely brown eyes

twinkled at me as she once again; flashed me a

smile that would melt the heart of any man.

“You had better scoot along now and get these

updates to Dari Alexander now. She’s with John Thomas

in studio B.”

I turned to leave the newsroom. I was glad that I

had the papers in my hand. The better to hide

my excitement from prying eyes.

I turned back as I left the room and was greeted

with the sight of Lauren’s lovely legs once more.

She had dropped a pencil on the floor and bent

over to pick it up. Her breasts showed through the

opening of her sweater and her legs had parted

slightly. This revealed her smooth. soft, thighs to me,

All the way up to her cotton panneled covered pussy.

I hurried down the corridor. I hoped that I had

time to stop off at the men’s room. I had a

definate problem pop up on me that I had to get a

handle on; and fast!

But lady luck was not with me this saturday

morning. When I turned the corner, just a few feet

away from the door of the bathroom; I ran into the

pretty figures of two of Foxxy News’s business babes.

Terry Keenan and Molly de Ramel were headed in the

other direction to the break room. A cup of coffee

before their respected business shows were to air.

“Oops! I’m sorry ladies!” I appologised as I tried

to get past the two lovely girls.

“It looks to me like you’re more horny than

sorry!” This came from the pretty blonde, Terry.

“From the looks of things,'” this coming from the

auburned haired Molly, “You might need a hand in

getting rid of that!”

I blushed crimsom as the two business babes fixed

their gaze on my rigid penis in my pants.

The two lovely ladies continued on their way down

the hall, laughing to themselves at their little joke.

Just before they turned the corner; Molly turned back

towards me and said;

“You will let us know how it all ‘cums’ out,

won’t you?”

Having said that the two beautiful reporters

disappeared around the corner; their sexy hipps swaying

to and fro.

This sight caused my pecker to begin to twitch as I

entered the washroom. The door hadn’t even completely

shut before I had freed my problem from it’s

confinement and began to jack myself off to a

welcome, creamy, relief.

As I cleaned myself up, I thought of how someday I

would realish the thought of giving these two lovely,

sexy, ladies the business end of my penis! Right in

their pretty mouths, tight pussy’s, and up their oh

so virginal butts!

Paybacks can be fun, you know!

The beautiful, ebony-skinned, Dari Alexander waited

patiently on the set of studio B to present her

final report of the day.

She had her right leg crossed over her left;

revealing almost all of her lovely legs to any and all

males pesent. She had also flashed more than one

upkirt to the viewing audience on today’s program.

Dari had the sort of legs that would drive a man

wild with wanton lust. What’s more; she knew this and

played her two trump cards; her gorgeous gams; whenever


Television is a visual medium and Dari made certain

that her two best assets were always out to be

noticed and admired.

She also had the good sense to be dressed in a low

cut, light blue, silk blouse. Her pert, braless, nipples

peeked invitingly into view from time to time.

Dari was an exceptionaly atractive woman. And she

liked the looks from her male admirers.

Looking at her watch, she wondered where Greg might

be. Her final report was due in about ten minutes and

she needed the information he had in the papers he

was carrying.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she spotted

Greg coming down the corridor towards her. At least

she wouldn’t have to ad-lib her final report of the day.

As I approached the set of studio B, I was glad

that I had made my pittstop and had ‘handled’ my

problem. No use having Dari get a chance at getting

a peek at my bulging manhood.

“Sorry I’m late,” I said as I handed the papers to

Dari. The lovely lady flashed me a pretty smile as

she took the updates from me.

The smile wasn’t the only thing that Dari flashed

me. When she took the papers from me she slowly

uncrossed and recrossed her legs. This gave me a

perfect view of her soft thighs and white panty

covered love mound.

This caused a predictable response from my flacid

little friend. Once more, my cock was at full attention

in front of a beautiful, leggy, lady!

If I had any notion that perhaps Dari would be too

busy to notice the bulge in my pants; she quickly

put them to bed.

“Is that for me, too?” She asked me this as she

was staring directly at the bulge in my pants. This

was turning into “let’s all look at Greg’s crotch day”

at the Foxxy News network!

“When I’m done here, maybe you would like me to

help you out with your problem?” The glint of lust in

the pretty black newscaster’s eyes told me that she

wasn’t kidding about her offer.

I positioned myself out of sight, across from Dari

and watched as she finished her report and her on the

air shift for the day.

My penis throbbed in anticipation of the help Dari

was about to give it.

Her soft hands; her full pouty red lipps; her tight,

hairy, cunt; or her even tighter anal opening! Any

and all of these would more than solve my problem!

My mind raced at all the possible pleasures Dari’s fuck

holes could provide!

I was so lost in my lustful thoughts that I

jumped in surprise when Dari came up to me at the

end of the program.

“Ready for me, stud?” She asked me this as her hand

cupped and squeezed my pecker through my pants. I

began to moan as her fingers began to caress my

member. She quickly gave me a passionate, tongue

probing, kiss to quiet me.

My mind raced once more as I tried to come up

with a out of the way place for our sexual playtime.

The head guru’s at the Foxxy News Network might

frown on me banging the hell out of one of

their lovely ladies in the middle of the hall!

I spotted a staircase off of a short narrow

hallway and practically carried Dari up it! At the

top of the staircase was a small storeroom which was

used for storing old, files, video tapes, and the


The door was unlocked; lucky for us; and we were

able to slip in unoticed.

I fumbled around in the dark and found a

lightswitch. A single naked lightbulb illuminated the


Looking around we could see an old stuffed chair in

one corner; a sagging stuffed leather couch against

the wall next to it.

There were three or four rows of metal filing

cabinets across the middle of the room and not much

else. It was clear that this room hadn’t been used

in a long time. Certainly not for the purpose we


“It’s not the penthouse suite, but it will have to

do,” I said this as Dari laid her purse, laptop

computer, and keys on top of the filing cabinet

beside her.

“Start stripping, honey! I want to see if you have

some pop in that white pecker of yours.” Dari

said this as she walked over to the couch and began

to undress.

I needed no encouragement to get prepared for my

fuck-fest with the beautiful Dari Alexander. I dropped

my clothes in a pile on the floor. Neatness doesn’t

count when you’re in lust.

I turned towards Dari and found myself staring at

the most megnificent, eboney colored body I could

ever immagine.

This naked vision of lovliness in front of me caused

my erect love tool to begin twitching up and down.

Dari’s breasts were like two perfect black pears.

Her flat stomach was shinny and inviting. But the

piece of prime pussy burried inside of her hairy

mound was what I craved most. The long slender legs

this magnificent specimen of womanhood possesed just

completed the picture!

Dari approached me with a gleam of lust in her eyes.

She licked her full, pouty, lipps as she eyed my rigid,

still twitching cock.

She stopped in front of me and stared deep into my

eyes as if to let me know that I was in for the

best fuck of my life!

Our mouths came togeher in a torrent of lust. Our lipps

crushing one anothers in a mad rush to taste each

others skin. Our tongues probed and caressed the

mouths and throats of our counterpart!

We hugged and surrounded our bodies with our arms.

Savoring the feel and sensation of each others body.

My cock spasmed as it rubbed against the warm, hairy

mound That was Dari’s wet, moist, tunnel of love.

Our lipps parted; our eyes met for a brief second.

Lust and desire were burning deep from within them.

Dari started to kiss her way down my chest. Her

goal was clear; the twitching member of manhood pointing

at her lovely body.

She got on her knees; my cock pistoning up and down.

Precum was dripping from it’s head.

The black skinned goddest smiled up at me as her

mouth opened to recieve my lovetool. Slowly at first;

Dari began to lick and kiss the tip of my penis.

Each lick, kiss, and soft suck on my cock caused a

wave of pleasure to radiate from my manhood throughout

my body.

I moaned as Dari’s experienced mouth took the length

of my cock into the soft. willing treasure of her


She began bobbing her head back and forth; slowly

deepthroating me. Each suck on my cock was heaven

on earth. Dari was a prize, cocksucking cunt. That

was for sure!

I moaned out loud as my balls tightened; my orgasm


Dari grabbed my ass cheeks in her hands and

concentrated her licking and sucking on the head

and first two or three inches of my lovepole.

Her lovely mouth and tongue gave one final lick

and suck causing my penis to erupt! My cock spasmed

and jerked as it emptied its contents deep into

the willing receptical of Dari’s beautiful mouth!

She swallowed each spurt I could give her and then

some! The pretty black newscaster drained me of

my love juice.

When my flacid little friend could give no more;

darling Dari gave it one final kiss.

Getting back to her feet; she kissed me long and

hard. She shared the flavor of my cum with her.

“How’s that?” She questioned me. Her lovely brown eyes

sparking at me.

“Oh God!” Was the only answer I could give her.

My knees were weak; my legs felt like rubber.

My beautiful, ebony skinned, loved goddest had just

given me the blowjob of my life! Dari Alexander had

sucked my gonads dry!

“Now it’s MY turn to cum!” She said this to me as

she walked back to the stuffed chair in the corner

of the room.

She sat down on the chair and positioned her legs

on it’s arms. The sight of her spread lean legs;

revealing her hairy bush; was an instant turn on for


I wanted to go slow. I wanted to entice and

pleasure her like she had me. But in the end;

carnal lust won out.

I burrid my face deep inside of her hairy mound of

love. My mouth and tongue searched out her hot tastey

cunt and savored the flavor of her womanly love


My tongue was drawn like a magnet to her erect love

nub. When my tongue licked her clitoris; Dari screamed

out in passion! Her legs tightened around my head and

she started to thrust her pelvis up at my face.

My tongue continued it’s assault upon Dari’s clitty.

Each kiss and lick giving her pleasure! I gave one

last lick and thrust of my tongue into her moist

cunt which sent her over the edge.

She screamed out with desire as her orgasm overtook

her. Her black honeypot spewed forth it’s love nectar

into my throat and on my face. I swallowed what I was

able and let the rest of her love juice cover my


When my love much was over; I lifted my pussy cum

drenched face from between her legs. Her face was

contorted in ecstacy as her orgasm continued.

Her pussy was spasming; inviting me to impale it. I

positioned myelf at her entrance and thrust myself

deep inside of her convulsing love tunnel.

Her pulsating pussy surrounded and gripped my cock in

it’s grasp. She let out another scream as my thrusting

member continued to bury itself deeper and deeper

inside her. I could not hold out for very long in this

ride of lust. Soon my love member was depositing it’s

hot, creamy, jism deep inside of beautiful Dari’s

love hole!

We laid there together for a few minutes. We enjoyed

the closeness of one another. Damn! I’m telling you now

that Dari is one hot, tight, piece of ass!

I pulled my spent member out of her still spasming

pussy. Dari was still in the throes of her last

orgasm. I stood back and admired my work. Hey, it

takes two to tango you know!

After a few more minutes, Dari finally came down

from her orgasmic ecstacy! The lovely lady sure can


I kissed her and then began to caress her breasts

as my hands found their way down her body.

When my mouth found her breast; I tenderly took a

nipple into my mouth and sucked and swirled my tongue

around it. My hand pinched and fondled her other breast.

I switched my mouth and hands from one breast to

the other.

Dari was moaning in pleasure as I sucked and

fondled her black melons of womanhood. She grabbed

my head and kissed it as I enjoyed her mounds

of flesh.

After a few more minutes; my penis was one again;

up and ready for action. I raised my head

from Dari’s chest and looked into my beautiful

black lovers eyes. I started to ask for what I

wanted next; but the pretty reporter beat me to

the punch.

Dari kissed me again and got up out of the

overstuffed chair. Without saying a word, she turned

around and placed her hands on the back of the

chair. She wiggled her hipps and smiled back at


“I want you to fuck my tight, black ass now!” It

was a dream come true; or should I say ‘cum’ true.

I softly kissed each velvetly smooth ass cheek of

Dari’s perfect butt. I wanted to thank her sweet

ass for the ride it was about to give me.

I positioned myself behind her soft sexy butt

cheeks and spread them apart. Her puckered little

browneye stared at me; inviting me to enjoy the

pleasure that it can give.

Dari shuddered as I slipped my white ass reamer

into her forbidden hole. I took it slow and easy;

I did not want to spoil this for either of us.

Finally my penis was completely engulphed my her

anus. Dari’s beautiful ass was soooo tight! I

slowly began thrusting my self in and out of that

sexy black ass. Dari thrust her hipps back at me in


Her breath started to come in short breaths as she

started to buck her hipps back at me faster.

Almost at a whisper; Dari looked over her shoulder at

me and comanded: “Fuck my ass hard; please!”

As I am great at taking orders from a beautiful

woman; I proceeded to fullfil Dari’s wish.

I began to slam my white ass reamer deep up that

beautiful, tight black ass! I grabbed her hipps and

pounded my pecker as hard and as far as I could

reach. It was apparent that Dari was no stranger at

having her; oh so sexy and tight; ass invaded by a

thrusting lovepole!

I increased my slamming of that beautiful black

butt until I could hold back no longer!

Dari screamed out; “YES!” As my penis began to

sputter and spurt it’s load of cum deep inside of

Dari’s anal receptical. I spluged forth four or

five streams of hot, creamy, cum deep within Dari’s

sexy ass.

When it was over; I did not want to pull out of

that beautful, just fucked; ass.

I reluctantly pulled my flacid member out of Dari’s

butt. It’s anal adventure over!

Dari turned around and kissed me once again; thanking me

for the ass reaming I had just given her.

She then dropped to her knees and prepared to clean

my cock with her lovely mouth. I had never had a

girl perform the ‘big nasty’ on me before. My cum and

brown stained penis sprang back to attention for the

unheard of action it was about to rrecieve.

“Would you mind if I did that?” A soft, sexy, voice

came from the doorway of the file room.

Standing in the shaddow of the doorway was the half

naked figure of another beautiful black Foxxy News lady;

Lauren Green!

“Be my guest.” said Dari as she got up off of her


Lauren had discarded her tight red sweater. Her two

magnificent breasts; [they were larger than Dari’s]; hung

down waiting to be sucked on. But first, the lovely Miss

Green had some sucking to do on her own: my penis!

Lauren wasted no time in starting her task. With the

expertice of someone who has done this many times before; she

proceeded to kiss and lick and suck my cock clean. Once

more I was in heaven as a very beautiful lady with ebony

colored skin sucked me off!

I was about to cum once more. I grasped the top of

Lauren’s head and began thrusting my cock in and out of that

lovely mouth! The only sounds were the sucking, slurping,

sounds of Lauren performing her ‘flute magic’ on me and my

moans of lust and rapture!

I increased my tempo of thrusting as my impending orgasm

neared. My face fucking; and the great blowjob I was

recieving from Lauren would soon end!

I felt the stream of jism rise from deep within my

scrotum. Sensing this, Lauren took my cock out of her lovely

mouth and started to furriously pump my member.

She stuck out her tongue and gave one last lick to my

ready to explode penis!

I let out a cry of pleasure as my cock spewed out

stream after stream of my hot, creamy, cum all over

Lauren’s beautiful face and breasts!

When I had finished giving Lauren’s lovely face my cream

facial; she kissed my cock. Just like Dari had done.

Figuring this fuck-fest with my two beautiful black lovers

was over; I went to where my clothes were piled on the floor

to get dressed.

“Not so fast, loverboy! Just where do you think you are

going?” This came from Dari who was lying back on the

old couch; her legs spread wide. “We’ve only just started our


“And you’re not going to forget about me, are you?” This

was from the now totaly naked, Lauren Green.

Lauren went to the couch where Dari Alexander was spread

eagle; and burried her face into Dari’s hairy honeypot.

As I watched Lauren enjoy the tasty fruit of Dari’s

sweet, succulent, pussy; I positioned myself behind Lauren’s

sexy anus.

I pushed my cock deep inside of Lauren’s beautiful, tight,

ass and began to partake of it’s pleasure.

As I humped and fucked the beautiful black lady in front

of me I thought to myself; “Wow! This turned out to

be a great weekend after all! A chance at a Double

Dari love-fest and Lauren Green for desert!”

I made a mental note to myself to thank Mad

Marty for making me come into work this saturday.


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