Double Jeopardy

Title: Double Jeopardy

Author: X-tremeFAN

Celebs: Britney Spears

Codes: cons, MF, oral, snuff


Be aware that this story is for adults only and should not be construed as a true story in any way. It is pure fantasy and for non-commercial use only.

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I didn’t have any time to react as two security guards grabbed an arm each and bustled me down the hallway.

“Don’t fret”, one of them spoke with a toned down dial. “Britney wants to speak with you.”

My mind went blank for a second as I tried to comprehend that. But they weren’t lying. There she was in front of my eyes as the tight grip loosened from my arms.

And I had never seen her look more stunning. Her long blonde locks draped over some brand of creamy lingerie that barely covered her young perky breasts, and thighs that screamed open me wide and ignore my pleas for mercy. And her makeup. She wore pink Pascal on her cheeky lips with perfectly blended, softer than butterfly facial tones and fine black eye shadows that really made the whites of her eyes shine, and without overpowering those arching eyebrows I simply couldn’t get enough of. Yes. She had the look and she knew how to exploit it. My wobbling knees told me she knew.

She smiled knowingly as the door clicked quietly behind me. My god – that smile for REAL.

“I saw the way you were looking at me.”

I wasn’t sure if it was what she said or the breathy sound of her voice, perhaps it was both, but my cock abruptly expanded to a bulge in my jeans. I tried to cover it up with my surprise if only my jaw would’ve lifted up off the ground. I mean I had spent all my money for a meet and greet with Britney but who could’ve imagined that this would happen?

She approached me like she was at complete peace with herself, with the world; with everything. Looking me in the eyes she placed her hand, which looked as though it had just been manicured with perfectly chiseled curves and natural pink tones beneath clear nail varnish, onto my chest, and changed her tone of voice wanting to get straight down to business.

“I want to know how much of a man you are.”

Tingles began to reverberate throughout my body at her touch and my blood pressure rose in tandem with my heart rate and shallow breathing. I tried to shake it off but up close and personal she was even more perfect and my senses were so off the charts I could almost hear her eye-lids blink.

“Shall we play a game?”

She slowly dropped her hand off my chest and gently cupped my groin. I groaned as she squeezed my cock and touched my lips ever so slightly with hers.

“I’ll give you every chance with me. But first you have to show me that you can last. I NEED a man that can last. If your cock can endure just three minutes in my mouth then you pass the test.”

“Uh huh”, I groaned with my eyes closing, causing me to sway to and fro yet at the same time I was unsure that I this was at all happening.

“But there is a catch. I don’t want no guy wasting my time. If you don’t think you’re man enough you should say so now because if you don’t last I will be quite content after I bite your cock off and enjoy it as a light snack.”

My eyes abruptly opened to her steadfast stare as she mouthed a bite at me. I doubted myself instantly of course but my cock shook as Britney’s hand continued, slowly pulling down the zipper of my jeans. It did not understand the meaning of no and she knew.

“Wait. Wait, wait, wait”, I cried out with half a laugh.

Britney lifted her eyebrows to even greater heights with a smirk that said did I really have some kind of choice in the matter? But she paused in anticipation that I might actually have something to say worth hearing.

“Are you asking permission to murder me? Are you – the devil?”

Britney cheekily bit her lip as she slid her hand down to her groin and squeezed it tightly between her thighs, “Stop it you’re turning me on.”

She was definitely on fire.

Continuing to laugh I cried at the same time, “I don’t think that’ll stand up in any court of law.”

“I’m not trying to please the court”, Britney immediately retorted as she reached once again for my bulge this time sliding her hand through my jean zipper into my boxers which only had one button holding me back. Her hands were warm and soft, and my cock wanted nothing more than to be freed by their touch.

“What if I do last?”

Britney’s pupils fully dilated as she stared back at me and giggled.

“You know it’s never come up.”

My cock was harder than I thought possible as Britney tugged at the resistance my jeans offered her, truly exemplifying the moment.

“This isn’t the first time?”

Instantly perceiving no way out of this situation I decided to respond in kind and maybe connect with this devil goddess.

“I think it’s only fair that you should commit yourself to jeopardy too… ”

Those gorgeous eyebrows lifted up again this time in surprise as I made my proposal, but she listened intently. And she knew I was telling the truth because my cock got no softer in her hand.

“I’ll be blunt too. If I can last the three minutes I get to cut your throat open ear to ear and watch your arousal drain from your neck and cover your naked breasts as I instead cum deep in that gorgeous ass of yours.”

I thought for a moment before continuing with another laugh, “Don’t worry I promise it’ll be quick.”

Britney was defiant with a non-bemused smirk as she roughly pulled my cock free of its moorings and tugged on it, not providing anywhere near the relief I was hoping for. Maybe she was angry. In any case she glanced at the gold watch on her wrist and exclaimed, “If you can last three minutes then you can do whatEVer the hell you want to me.”

And without taking her eyes from mine she squatted down and swallowed the full length of my cock along her tongue and down her throat, and pressed that cuteness of her nose against my naval. My hips immediately bucked uncontrollably but Britney had the sic sense to grip them tight and she was right – like the ecstasy in her eyes loving the struggle she was causing. I considered closing mine but I didn’t want to miss all the fun: Those cheeky pink Pascal lips that slid along my shaft pausing only to caress the head and never once leaving my cock. Her blonde locks, that swayed to and fro with every swallow she made… pleading for my cum to find its way onto them.


Britney couldn’t help but grin as she sucked, trying her hardest not to choke. But she only put the pressure on more, dropping her shoulders so the shoulder straps of the lingerie fell down her arms, exposing her breasts and some delicious nipples that made my mouth water. And beyond she slowly opened her thighs lifting the lingerie hem to her waist, just like in her music videos but leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. Her clit was naked; which she rubbed up and down with her forefingers and she began moaning in beautiful rhythm as she sucked. My knees felt like jelly I just wanted to lay her back and…

“O shit!”

There was no escape as Britney sped up her movements in response to my obscenities. And trying to control myself only made it worse the pressure was literally too much.


I had only lost my focus for a split second but that’s all it took. And now I’d never get to. It was useless. The onset of orgasm overtook me sending tingles up the back of my neck and I completely relaxed. The calm before the storm as they say.

“Oh my – GOD!”

All I could do was watch in shock and awe as Britney began masturbating my cock with her hand taking a lashing of cum on her tongue before redirecting it to her face, allowing her nose a whipping as she swallowed the first helping. It was so excruciating, she was really that good cum made it all the way to her blonde locks. But she wasn’t finished and that meant I wasn’t either. Relentlessly she pulled me back into her mouth for another serve and my cock was more than willing to provide as much as she could swallow. And swallow she did.

It wasn’t until she gently massaged my cock with her lips that it began to soften. Still a pool of cum gathered in her eye and it was enough to squeeze out yet another drop which she licked off with delicate ease. I was done. I was beat. I –

I realised it had taken just as long to orgasm as it took to get there. I had been enjoying her so much that time had really gotten away.

“Did the orgasm count?”

Britney’s look said she knew exactly what I was thinking.




Ok well I wouldn’t be around to tell you my story if Britney had actually bitten my cock off and painted her face in a lovely shade of red. Let’s just say… we married and lived happily ever after!

Ok that was a lie too but what do you think happened! And I tell you it was the BEST GOD DAMN night of my life.

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