Double Justice

Title: Double Justice

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Victoria Justice, Madison Reed Justice

Codes: MMFF, cons, oral, inc

Summary: Two guys meet Victoria Justice and her sister Madison

Disclaimer: The following story is purely fictional. Madison Reed Justice turns 18 years old on April 29, 2014. This story takes place on that date so she is at the legal age in the story. It is March 23, 2014 as I start this story.

If you have any questions, comments, story requests or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – or chat with me on YIM, I am almost always online.

“It’s okay, I know you’ll be allowed in. The club is eighteen and up,” Victoria Justice told her sister Madison as she parked in the lot next to the Pangea Lounge in their hometown on Hollywood, Florida.

“Awesome! I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks,” newly eighteen year old Madison said as she exited the BMW.

The young brunette sisters casually approached the entrance to the club. Twenty-one year old Victoria was wearing a low-cut, sparkly blue dress that barely covered her ass while her younger sister was in a clone dress; the only difference was the black color as opposed to the blue. The approached the bouncer and handed over their IDs.

“You make sure she doesn’t drink,” the muscular black man told Victoria as he let the girls in.

“Don’t worry, she’ll be a good girl,” she said as she brushed her hand across the man’s chest and winked at him.

“Someone’s in a flirty mood,” Madison giggled as they entered the club.

Victoria went to the bar and ordered a margarita for herself while Madison got a glass of sparkling cider. The girls grabbed their drinks and made their way towards the dance floor.

“Get out there birthday girl,” Victoria told her sister. “Show these guys what they want to see.”

“I don’t know, I’m nervous,” Madison responded.

“Fine,” Victoria said as she swallowed the rest of her drink and slammed the glass on the table. “Let big sis show you how it’s done.”

Madison sat down at a table as Victoria made her way to the center of the floor. A new song hit and the older of the Justice Sisters started gyrating around in the sexiest of ways. She bent over and slowly rotated her ass in the direction of a group of guys. Slowly, she straightened her body up, looked behind her and winked before spinning around and shimmying her shoulders, causing her bra-less breasts to swing around in the tiny dress.

Little sis was clapping along with the song as Victoria put her hands on her hip and stomped her feet down while wildly swinging her long dark hair around. She slowly slid over to a large-chested blond woman and started grinding her crotch against her ass, which was covered by a very short, very tight mini-skirt. The blond woman turned around and they grabbed each other’s hands, spread them out wide and eskimo-kissed each other before kissing each others cheeks and spinning away.

Victoria danced her way over to Madison and grabbed her hands, pulling her onto the dance floor.

“You’ve seen enough, get out there with me and show these people why the Justice Sisters rock!” she yelled.

Madison had no choice but to smile and make her way to the floor. Victoria got behind her, grabbed onto her hips and swung around as they sank down to their knees. Big sis ran her fingers through little sis’s hair and shook her head around while licking her own lips. She reached under her arms and brought her back to her feet. Madison turned around and pushed her breasts against her sisters and slowly rolled her shoulders back and forth. It looked like all four breasts were about to be pushed out of their dresses.

Victoria grabbed the sides of Madison’s face and pretended to make out with her as their hips went quickly left to right. She let her hands fall until they were barely above her cleavage, teasing that she would drop them further and grope the younger girl. Madison grabbed her sister’s head and pulled her close to her chest. Victoria’s tongue was just a few inches from her younger sister’s cleavage when she slid up, leaving a saliva trail from the center of her chest to her chin. Victoria spun around and bent over in front of Madison, who grabbed onto her waist and started rubbing the sides of her torso when still swinging her hips left to right. The song suddenly stopped and Victoria flung her body upright, turned around and hugged her sister as the group of thirty people on the dance floor applauded.

The girls giggled and made their way back to their table. They sat down and were instantly met with free drinks.

“These are from the two guys at the bar,” the waitress said as she handed the margarita and sparkling cider to the exhausted sisters.

Victoria looked over at the bar and saw the two guys who bought the drinks and smiled at them.

“Look at the guys that bought us these,” she said, nodding in their direction. “Aren’t they fucking hot?”

Madison looked over and locked eyes with the shorter of the two men, smiling and waving to him as she said, “yes he is”.

Victoria noticed the shorter guys waving back and turned her sister’s attention away from them.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” she asked.

“What are you thinking?” Madison asked back.

“I’m thinking we cut the club short and go see if those guys want to have some ‘fun’,” she said with a devilish smile.

“I…I don’t know…’fun’?” Madison stumbled.

“Yeah ‘fun’…you know, sex?” Victoria said as she looked back and winked at the taller man.

“I’ve never had…” Madison said.

“I thought you said you lost your virginity last year?”

“Technically yes and no…my hymen broke when I fell off my bike last summer but nothing’s ever been inside there,” she whispered.

“What better day to become a woman than on your eighteenth birthday?” Victoria said as she grabbed her sister’s hand and smiled.

“I guess you’re right…I’m just nervous,” Madison responded as she looked back and saw the men again.

“Well…I guess…if you want, I could be there for you when it happens,” Victoria said, stunning her sister. “I have two beds in my hotel room, we can bring those guys back and be there and I can make you feel okay about everything.”

“Won’t it be weird to lose your virginity with other people in the room?” Madison asked, still repeatedly looking back at the men.

“That’s how I did it,” she casually said. “I lost my virginity on my eighteenth birthday with Liz Gillies getting laid on the floor next to me. I promise it will all be fine. It’s time for little girl Madison to become a woman. What do you say?” Madison looked at the men one last time before looking at her sister with a nervous smile. “Good, let’s go!”

Victoria shot up and grasped Madison’s hand, pulling her over to the men. She whispered for her to go talk to the shorter man. Madison nervously walked up to him, her hand holding her elbow.

“Hi, my name is Madison” she softly said as the man stood up.

“Hi, I’m Nick,” he said. “You two were great on the dance floor.”

“Thanks,” she squeaked out before clearing her throat. “This is my sister Victoria.”

“Wait!” the other man said as he stood up. “You two are sisters!?”

Victoria walked up to him and placed her hand on his chest. “Doesn’t that make what you saw sooooo much sweeter?” she said as she put her lips close to his cheek.

“Damn!” he said as Victoria backed off. “I’m Shane.”

“Well Shane and Nick, what do you say we get out of this club and go have fun somewhere else?” Victoria said as she placed a hand on her sister’s shoulder.

“Where are you thinking?” Nick asked as he stared down Madison with a happy look in his eyes.

“Well, Victoria has a hotel room,” Madison said.

“Two beds!” Victoria yelled out. “And it’s Maddy’s eighteenth birthday and she is looking for a great ‘gift’ if you catch what I’m saying Nick.”

“Your sister is pretty up front isn’t she?” He asked Madison.


“Maddy is a little shy, she just wants to get rid of that whole ‘virgin’ thing tonight,” Victoria said, cutting Madison off.

“Victoria!” Madison yelled, covering her head in embarrassment.


“You’re a virgin and you want to bring us back to your sister’s hotel room?” Nick asked.

Madison was beat red with embarrassment as her sister’s plan was revealed.

“She’s nervous and I want to be there with her,” Victoria said.

“Shut up,” Madison whispered.

“It’s okay Madison, you have nothing to be embarrassed about,” Victoria whispered back. “I’ll be there the whole time.” She turned her attention back to the men. “What do you say?”

The men needed no time to agree. Victoria grabbed Shane’s arm and led him out of the club while Nick held his hand out.

“I’m sorry about her,” Madison said.

“No problem. If you don’t want to do anything we can just go hang out somewhere else,” he responded.

“No, I think I’m ready to become a woman,” she said as she grabbed his hand. “Even if my crazy sister is there.”

Madison and Nick, who stood at the same height, left the club behind Victoria and the much taller Shane. They walked across the street and around two blocks before they arrived at the hotel. Victoria was rubbing up against Shane as they went up the stairs while Nick and Madison held hands like a young loving couple. Once they got to the room, Victoria flung the door open and pulled Shane to the bed. By the time Nick and Madison stepped in, she had already tackled him to the bed and was furiously making out with him.

“Damn,” Madison said. “She’s hornier than I thought.”

They walked to the other bed as Victoria’s dress flew over their head. Since she had worn no underwear, Victoria was completely nude already. Madison sat on the bed as Nick stood in front of her. He leaned forward and their lips met for the first time. Slowly, she fell to her back and Nick crawled on top of her. Her hands went right to his waist and she pulled at his shirt until it was half way up his body. She bit down on her lip and cooed as he tossed his shirt off and showed her his fit frame.

“Fuck me!” Victoria yelled in the other bed.

Madison looked over and saw that Shane was completely naked and his seven inch cock swung in front of him. She looked back up at Nick and reached for his belt. He took control and removed the belt, pulled his pants down and revealed the eight inch member he had been hiding.

“It’s so big!” Madison squealed.

Nick smiled and reached for Madison’s black dress, pulling it up and over her head. Unlike her sister, she was wearing a red bra and red panties. As Nick pulled her panties down, she unhooked her bra and tossed it towards her sister. He rubbed his hand over the small patch of pubic hair she had left above her cunt.

“I don’t need a bra Maddy,” Victoria said as she looked over and saw Nick naked. “Looks like we both got lucky in the size department tonight!” She turned to Shane and grabbed at his ass. “Fuck me hard before I get pissed off!”

Madison felt Nick’s tongue press against her virgin pussy while she stared at Shane inserting his cock into her big sister. She almost jumped out of her skin at the first touch of his warm tongue. She looked down at him and closed her eyes as she realized how great it felt. She had completely blocked out Victoria’s various grunts and groans. Her first sexual touch felt purely amazing.

As Victoria felt Shane’s cock stretch the walls of her pussy, Madison was softly moaning and breathing heavy as she felt her clit being flicked at by Nick. After a minute, he stood up and crawled onto the bed.

“Are you ready to be a woman?” he asked.

“Make me a woman,” she softly responded.

Nick grabbed on to his cock and pressed it against her warm, moist opening. He looked her in the eyes as he gently pushed himself in. Madison’s eyes shut and her back arched as she felt her vaginal walls stretching for the first time.

“Oh my god!” she yelled.

“Feeling good?” he asked her.

“It feels so…weird,” she said with a giggle as he fit all eight inches into her.

“Little sis isn’t a virgin anymore,” Victoria said as her body was being violently rocked from the rough fucking she was receiving herself.

“I’m not!” Madison said as her eyes were still locked on Nick’s.

Nick leaned down and kissed her as he pulled back and started to properly fuck the newly legal girl. He lifted himself up and grabbed at her knees; spreading her legs as far as possible and making her feel as good as possible. Madison continued to moan and groan with each thrust while she stared up at the ceiling. She grabbed at her own breast and held them tight to stop them from moving around too much.

Meanwhile in the bed next to them, Victoria was now standing up while leaning over the foot of the bed while Shane was behind her with his hands grasping her ass and his thick cock slamming into her. She locked eyes with her sister and blew her a kiss as she exploded in orgasm.

“Fuck me harder Shane, I’m fucking cumming!” she screamed. “Fuck her harder Nick so she can cum too!”

“Yeah, fuck me harder Nick I want to cum!” Madison said as she sat up on her elbows.

Nick reached forward and grabbed her by the shoulders before increasing the power of his thrusts. Madison’s head rocked back and forth violently as he slammed into her as hard as Shane was doing to her sister. The smile on her face never went away…she loved every second of her first sexual experience.

For several minutes, only the sound of hard grunts and flesh-on-flesh contact could be heard in the fourth story hotel room. Victoria pulled away from Shane and walked over to the other bed. She gently pushed her sister flat onto her back and rested her own head on her chest. She signaled Shane over.

“Fuck me on my sister,” she said as she looked up at Madison and smiled.

Madison smiled back and tried to turn her attention back to Nick but was stopped when Victoria grabbed the side of her head and pulled her in for a more-than-sisterly kiss. Both guys stared on as the siblings made out in front of them. Nick held up his hand and Shane instantly high-fived him.

Once the kiss broke, Victoria looked back at Shane. “When you have to cum, do it on her face,” she turned to Nick. “And I want yours,” she then turned back. “Now fuck me.”

Madison rested her head on the pillow as she felt Victoria rock back and forth against her sweaty body. The sweat on her body was intensifying, as was her breathing. For the first time in her life, Madison was about to experience a non-manual orgasm. She grasped onto her sister’s hair and buried her face in it, squealing as her body exploded in orgasm. Her back arched up as Victoria laughed and reached down, rubbing little sister’s clitoris which only made the feeling more intense. The feeling of her orgasm had gotten Nick to his breaking point.

Nick pulled his cock out of the young girl and reached for Victoria’s head. He turned her face to him and held his cock in front of her. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth in time to catch the large shots of semen hit the roof of her mouth. She grabbed onto it and took it in her mouth, swallowing as each shot landed inside. She continued to suck his cock after the last few drops had fallen. She suddenly felt the cock inside of her cunt pull out and got out of the way.

As Victoria rolled off of Madison with Nick’s cock still in her mouth, Shane got onto the bed and gently opened the younger girl’s mouth. Madison stared up at him as he shot his load across her cheeks. Only a little amount of semen went into her mouth while most of it covered her virgin face. The last few shots exited him and he inserted the head into her mouth. She gently sucked him clean as the first sexual experience of her life was coming to a close.

“Madison is all grown up,” Victoria said as she crawled across the bed and lay flat on her sister’s body.

Victoria started to lick up the cum off of Madison’s cheeks while the younger girl continued to clean Shane’s cock. Victoria’s tongue would occasionally brush against his cock, catching some left over residue off of him. She suddenly stopped and looked up at the men.

“You guys can just leave your phone numbers on the dresser, we’ll call you in the morning. This is a sister-sister moment,” she said as she sat up.

Victoria took one last lick of Shane’s cock before sending him on his way. Nick walked over to Madison and kissed her on the forehead before leaving. After the men left, Victoria snuggled up next to her little sister again and continued to lick her clean.

“So…how was your first time?” she asked.

“That was the best thing I’ve ever done!” she exclaimed. “I can’t believe I waited this long!”

“I told you that you’d love it!”

Victoria gave her sister another deep kiss on the lips which Madison took to quickly.

“You think we’ll see them again?” Madison asked.

“We’re here for a week and we have their numbers…of course we’re going to see them again…tomorrow night if I get my way!”

The girls shared another kiss before the girls got up and started to clean off. Victoria simply toweled herself while Madison went into the shower. Once she was out, little sis crawled under the covers wither her sister and spooned with her before falling asleep.

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