Double Team

Double Team
by RandyPan
Story Codes: Mff, cons, oral, voy
Celebs: Chloe Moretz, Elle Fanning
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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My name is Jack, and I’m an eighteen year old PA, on the set of this superhero movie(my uncle got me the job).  This movie has a huge cast, but the two who are important to this story are Chloe Moretz, who’s playing Wonder Girl, and Elle Fanning, who’s playing Supergirl.

One day, I was sent to get Ms. Moretz.  I approached her trailer, and was about to knock, when I noticed the window next to the door, and decided to take a look inside(I’m eighteen, so sue me).  I leaned over, and saw Chloe walking around in her jeans and bra, the latter of which she then took off.  I couldn’t believe it!  How many guys can say they’ve seen Chloe Moretz’s tits?  My dick got very hard very fast, seeing those perfect titties of hers, bouncing and swaying as she moved.  Man, if anyone had seen me looking, I would’ve been so fired.  She grabbed the shirt for her Wonder Girl outfit, and put it on, so I un-leaned, then straightened my shirt out, in an attempt to cover up my rock-hard erection, and knocked on the door. “Ms. Moretz, you’re wanted on set.”

The next day, I was sent to get Ms. Fanning.  Remembering what I got to see the day before, I again took a look in the window.  This time, she was already naked, except for a pair of white cotton panties.  Was I lucky, or what?  First Chloe’s, now I was seeing Elle Fanning’s tits!  Like Chloe, Elle’s tits were absolutely perfect, and I once again got hard very fast.  Elle picked up her Supergirl outfit, and started to put it on, and I once again straightened out my shirt, and knocked.  “Ms. Fanning…”

Needless to say, I jerked off after seeing both of them.  Apart from that, I didn’t think much of it, until a few days later.  It was my day off, and I was sitting in my apartment, a few blocks from the set.  There was a knock on my door, so I went to answer it.  It was obviously a big surprise to see Chloe and Elle standing there.

“Um, can I help you?”

“Yeah,” Chloe spoke first, “are you Jack?”

“Um, yeah?”

Elle cut in, “We caught you peeping on us.”

“What?  I…”

“Oh, don’t act so innocent.” Chloe narrowed her eyes at me, “We know it was you.  By the way, for the future, you should probably put a little more effort into concealing your hard-on.”

“You know, you would be out on your ass right now, if me and Chloe hadn’t been talking the day before you decided to get an eyeful about how much we wanted to fuck your brains out.”

Well, that I wasn’t expecting. “I’m sorry, what?”

“Yeah, this is your lucky day, Mr. Pervert.” Chloe said.  They both came in, and Elle closed the door behind her.

Before I knew it, both of them were on me, rubbing their hands all over my chest and shoulders.  Elle shoved her tongue in my mouth, and Chloe chewed on my earlobe.  Needless to say, I got hard very fast, and Elle must have noticed, because she started rubbing it with her hand.

“I think he likes this, Chlo.”

“Then, why doesn’t he show us where his bedroom is?”

Taking the hint, I led them to my room.  Once there, they pulled my shirt off.  I’ve always seen myself as being kind of scrawny, but these two definitely liked rubbing their hands on my bare chest, even kissing it a little.

They then pushed me down on my bed.  They were both wearing t-shirts and cut-offs, and they got these off quickly, as well as their bras and panties, before climbing onto the bed with me.  Elle again tongue-kissed me, while Chloe worked to undo my pants, while kissing around my navel.

Eventually, she got my dick out. “Jeez, no wonder you couldn’t hide this thing.”  As I watched, Chloe wrapped her luscious lips around my cock, and began to suck me off.  It felt really fucking good, her licking and sucking on my swollen cock-head.  While she did this, Elle got up on her knees, and straddled my actual head.  Again taking the hint, I put my hands around her waist, and pulled her down, and started eating out her dripping wet pussy.

“Uh…mmm…ah…” Elle started feeling herself up, and based on the sounds she was making, she was really enjoying the feeling of my tongue probing deeply into her twat. “Oh, God!  Oh, God, yes!” I could tell when she came, because she let out a high-pitched shriek, jumped off me, and started flailing around on the bed, like she was being electrocuted.

Chloe looked at her and smirked. “That good, huh?  Wanna switch?”

Now, Elle was sucking me off, while Chloe sat on my face.  Elle’s technique seemed to be more based on moving her head up and down like a piston.  It felt about equally good.  Chloe, as I ate her pussy, was more still and quiet, but I could still tell she was enjoying it.  When she did cum, she bit down on my headboard, and let out a muffled scream, and then started beating on my wall with her fists.  I can only imagine what my neighbors thought was going on in my apartment.

A moment later, they both lay side by side, with their legs spread.  I started with Chloe, sliding my cock into her tight pussy, causing her to grimace. “Oh, fu—Fuck!” Chloe’s face screwed up, and her titties bounced around, as I thrust into her repeatedly. “Yesyesyesyesyesyes—OAH!” This last sound she made when she came.

Giving her time to catch her breath, I moved over, and started fucking Elle.  I knew she was again gonna be more animated; she clenched her teeth, and bucked her hips, forcing me to grab her sides and hold on.  When she came, she let out another shriek, and clutched at herself.

Over the next hour or so, I tried a few different positions with them.  Chloe seemed to like doggy-style the best, while Elle really enjoyed being on top.  And, yes, I ended up with a few claw-marks on my back.

Finally, they decided to let me cum, so I lay on my back, and they took turns sucking me off.  When they sensed I was about to cum, Chloe started jerking my dick, going faster and faster, until I came all over her hand, which she and Elle licked off.

They then crashed down on either side of me, and we did a lot of kissing and rubbing against each other.  They eventually got up and dressed, and left, blowing kisses and giggling. “Bye, Mr. Pervert!” Chloe said, and they both laughed out loud.

Interestingly enough, since then I’ve been getting a ton of job offers to work on other movie sets.  I’m suddenly very in-demand in Hollywood.

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