Dove Cameron, Guest of Honor

Title:  Dove Cameron, Guest of Honor

Author:  Tori


Subject:  Dove Cameron

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Dove Cameron was the newest Disney starlet.  Her new show just recently started playing on the Disney Channel.  One day after shooting, Bridgit Mendler stopped by Dove’s dressing room and invited her to a party they were having in her honor.  Bridgit told her it was customary for all the Disney stars to throw a party for their newest addition.  She explained that Hillary Duff and Ally Michalka started the tradition years ago and threw their first party for Miley Cyrus.  Dove happily accepted.

The party was being held at a private club in the Hollywood hills.  It was a little after 8pm when she arrived.  The valet opened her door and escorted her to the banquet room.  Two very handsome men swung the doors open and she took in the huge room filled with close to a hundred people.  They all turned and faced her and then stood up and started clapping and cheering as she entered.  Dove was overwhelmed with emotion and tears ran down her smiling face.  Everyone gave her hugs and kisses as she made her way to the main table.  She saw Selena Gomez, and Debby Ryan.  Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens were at a table with two of the Cheetah Girls.  She looked around and waved at Caroline Sunshine, Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman from Shake It Up.  There were just so many people there.

She took a seat next to Bridgit at her table.  Stefanie Scott and Peyton List were also at her table.  They both had very handsome dates with them.  It struck her a little odd though that only the female Disney stars were here.  She didn’t see one male actor in the entire crowd.  Well, she guessed it was just tradition that the girls threw a welcoming party for the girls and probably the guys did the same for the other guys.

Several of the girls made speeches welcoming Dove and cracking jokes about her like they do at those celebrity roasts.  There was a band playing during dinner and afterwards, many of the couples danced and stopped by to pay their respects to the guest of honor.

The crowd started thinning out a little after midnight and soon only a handful of people remained.  Bridgit told Dove to come with her.  She took her hand and led her out of the hall and upstairs to another room.  Bridgit opened the door and turned on the light.  In the middle of the room was a larger than king sized bed dressed in silk sheets.  Dove looked around and saw several large couches along the walls.  Bridgit took her hand and led her over to the bed.  She told Dove that the dinner was only the beginning of a night she’ll never forget and then kissed her.  Dove was a bit startled by the kiss and pulled away.  Bridgit took her face in her hands and pulled her close and kissed her more deeply than the first.  Dove opened her lips and let Bridgit’s tongue into her mouth.  They put their arms around each other and pressed their bodies tightly together.  When they broke apart, Dove looked into Bridgit’s eyes and felt her hands caressing her back and her cute little butt.  Dove had never been with another girl before and was trembling.  Bridgit told her to relax and just enjoy what was about to happen.

Bridgit slipped her dress off, letting it fall to the floor.  Dove saw that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath and took in her beautiful body.  Bridgit turned her around and helped her take off her dress and then removed her bra.  She turned Dove to face her and sank to her knees and pulled down her pink panties.  Bridgit began to kiss Dove around her pussy and then ran her tongue along her slit, nibbling at her clit.  Dove leaned her head back and closed her eyes as Bridgit began to lick her pussy.  She was enjoying the sensation when she heard the door open.  Stefanie and Peyton came in and joined them.  The two new girls removed their party dresses and climbed on the big bed.   Dove and Bridgit joined them and they each took turns kissing Dove and then went down on her and each other.  The four girls formed a daisy chain and brought each other off several times over the next hour.  They were it total bliss, their young bodies glistening in sweet sweat and their wet pussy’s throbbing from orgasm.

Bridgit pressed a button on the headboard of the bed and soon the two men that were sitting with Peyton and Stefanie at the dinner came in.  Peyton and Bridgit went over to them and helped them out of their suits while Stefanie went down on Dove again.  Dove was moaning in delight and looked over and saw the two girls on their knees sucking two of the biggest cocks she’d ever seen.  Peyton was deep throating at least 10 inches and Bridgit was doing a pretty good job on the other guy who had to be at least a foot long.  The biggest cock she’d ever had was Simon Baker when she guest starred on the Mentalist.  He was 8 inches long and she had a bit of a problem taking her in her tight little pussy.

Peyton stood up and led her man by his cock over to the bed.  Dove looked up at the handsome man and opened her mouth for him.  He offered her his cock and she took it between her lips and started sucking him.  He gently ran his hand along her cheek and she took him deeper and deeper into her mouth, licking and sucking him.  Stefanie was pushing her tongue deep into her soaking wet pussy and she started to shake with another orgasm just as the man filled her mouth with cum.  Stefanie came up and kissed her and they both enjoyed the hot load and swallowed it all down.

Bridgit was on one of the couches riding the other man’s cock.  She slammed her pussy up and down on the foot long monster screaming in delight as she came all over him.  Peyton got behind her and started licking her asshole and sucking his balls.  She was fingering her wet pussy and soon she started to get herself off.  Bridgit turned around and slid the big cock into her ass.  Dove and Stefanie got on all fours next to each other and the man on the bed slid his cock into Dove’s pussy.  He alternated between the two beautiful girls and they all watched Bridgit riding the big cock.  Peyton was fingering and licking Bridgit and got her off again.  The guy fucking her said that he was going to cum and Bridgit slammed her ass down all the way let him and let him fill her up with his spunk.   After he finished, she pulled off of him and Peyton opened her mouth and drank down all the cum that ran out of her ass.

Just as Peyton was drinking the cum from Bridgits ass, Dove asked the guy to fuck her in her ass.  She put her head on the sheets and reached back and spread her ass cheeks apart.  Stefanie grabbed a tube of lube from the table and worked some into Dove’s tight hole with her fingers.  She also smeared some on the man’s cock.  Dove closed her eyes as he slowly pushed his cock into her.  She asked him to be gentle with her since this was her first time.  Stefanie rubbed her clit and watched as the 10 inch cock slowly entered Dove’s butt.  He slowing started to fuck her and soon she was relaxed enough to take his full length.  She felt him fill her bowels with his massive manhood and started to push back on him, taking him deep inside.  Stefanie got underneath her and licked her pussy as she got assfucked.  She came several times, one after the other, screaming out in ecstasy.  Several times the man pulled out of her ass and fed his cock to Stefanie.  She sucked Dove’s ass juices from his cock and then he would drive it back into the cute blonde’s ass.  Dove looked over and saw Peyton bent over the couch and she was also getting sodomized.  Her tiny asshole was gaping from the 12 inch monster.  She was getting pounded and screamed like an animal for more.  Bridgit was sitting on the other couch fucking her pussy with a huge dildo as she watched the pornographic scenes being played out in front of her.

The private party went on and on for hours.  Peyton and Stefanie left with their dates around dawn.  Bridgit and Dove fell asleep in each others arm soon after.  Dove woke up just before noon and found herself alone in the big bed.  Bridgit left a rose and a note thanking her for being such a beautiful guest of honor.  She got dressed and went down to find her car waiting for her.  The valet refused any tip, telling her it had all been taken care of.  She saw him smiling as she drove away.  The following week on set, everyone in the cast remarked out radiant she looked and couldn’t get over the fact that she never stopped smiling.

The End.

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