Dove in Flight

Title: Dove in Flight

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Dove Cameron

Codes: MF, cons, oral, exhib

Summary: Dove Cameron shares a first-class flight with a man.

Disclaimer: The following is a consensual story featuring a real female celebrity and a fictional male. Any similarity to reality is coincidental.


If you have any questions, comments or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – or chat with me on my site’s Discord (ask for link). When it comes to requests, I am currently not taking them anymore, people get too pushy with wanting it as fast as possible and it takes away the enjoyment of writing.


Late one Thursday evening, a plane boarded in Seattle with a destination of New York City. It was not a full flight but still had a healthy amount of people on it, at least in coach. First-class was barren, only occupied by a man named Victor Free and a woman named Dove Cameron. Victor was a nobody taking a vacation while Dove was a former Disney star making the trip for public relations purposes.

The blonde was none too thrilled with having to share the section of the plane. She had paid extra money to clear all people out, wanting a peaceful, quiet and lonely flight. Almost everyone accepted the airline’s offer for either an upgraded coach experience or a flight at a different time. Victor, however, could not move the time of his flight and refused to sit in coach.

“I thought I’d be getting this area to myself?” the twenty-three-year-old asked the flight attendant.

“Sorry Ms. Cameron, Mr. Free declined every alternative offer,” the Indian female flight attendant replied.

Victor waved at Dove with a shit-eating grin, causing her to sigh and kick her feet up.

“I just want to be left alone, kay?” she said, putting her earbuds in and starting an audiobook.

Victor, an average sized thirty-year-old, sat back in his chair as the flight took off. Occasionally, he would look over to Dove and admire her body. From her C-cup breasts hugged tight by a sleeveless maroon hoodie, down to her pale legs showing up to the edge cut-off denim shorts. Anytime Dove’s eyes would look over towards him, he would quickly shift his focus elsewhere, something he was succeeding at. After Dove put her hair up in a ponytail, she rolled a bit to her side, facing away from him.

“Damn!” the man whispered to himself as he saw her ass filling out the shorts well.

The man took his black hoodie off and hung it on the back of the seat, leaving him in just a black t-shirt to complement his neon-green basketball shorts. He kicked his sneakers off and put his feet up, reclining the seat. He could not help but continue to glance over at Dove’s ass. He closed his eyes and imagined viewing it uncovered.

“Will you need anything, sir?” the flight attendant asked, not paying attention to his growing erection.

“No thanks, in fact Ms. Cameron, who I think is asleep, and I would like some privacy for, say, an hour nap?” he asked.

“Absolutely, sir,” she said. “We will give you the area to yourselves. Enjoy the flight!”

Victor turned the light above him to low and continued his day-dreaming. His nearly-six-inch cock was forming a full tent in his shorts, but he did not have a care in the world. He kept imagining the beautiful actress lying feet away from him, in the nude. His hand slipped down his body, reaching into his shorts and pulling his cock out. Without any fear of being caught by either an attendant or the girl of his desires, he started to stroke himself slowly.

The six-foot tall man stifled any grunts or groans as his rock-hard cock responded to every stroke. Wanting to refresh his mind, he opened his eyes and looked over at Dove, but he almost jumped out of skin when he did.

Victor caught Dove sitting upright, her head turned towards him and her big green eyes staring directly at him. She did not seem annoyed or angry, instead she looked happy. After their eyes locked on each other for a few seconds, Dove’s eyes slowly ran down his body until they stopped at his cock, which he had stopped stroking. The blonde’s tongue poked out, licking the center of her upper lip before she bit down on it. Still remaining silent, Dove pulled her earbuds out and rested them on the seat near the window before rolling to her side and facing him.

Victor slowly started to stroke himself again as Dove’s fingers pinched the zipper to her hoodie. Slowly, she pulled it down, showing him her breasts being held very tightly by a lacy pink bra that seemed a bit small for her. She kept the unzipped hoodie on as she started to fondle herself, squeezing her breasts together and nudging her chin down between them. Victor began to stroke himself faster.

Dove started to lick her lips more while her eyes hung half-opened. Her finger tickled the edge of her bra, hooking and pulling it down until a little pink nipple peeked out. Victor could not keep his groan quiet, loudly letting it out and causing the sultry woman to giggle and expose her other nipple.

“You like?” she asked in a very cute, yet seductive voice.

“Fuck yes,” he moaned in response.

Leaving both nipples poking out, Dove’s hands fell to her shorts, which were quickly unzipped and pulled down her legs. After she picked them up off the ground and placed them with her earbuds, she stood up and walked a few seats over until she stood in front of Victor. The blonde faced away from him and pulled her pink panties up, the back disappearing between her pale cheeks. Slowly, she bent down until she felt his hot cock rest between them.

“You’re big,” she moaned before pushing her ass cheeks with her hands and squeezing them around him.

“You’re naughty,” he responded.

Dove stayed quiet for a minute while she very slowly moved her ass up and down against his throbbing cock. He reached up and undid the woman’s bra, letting her sweet breasts free of their tight restraint. She pulled it off and tossed it aside before standing up straight, turning towards him and pulling the panties down. His eyes grew as big as possible as she pinched her nipples and moaned like an angel.

Victor grabbed Dove by the waist and pulled her over him, locking lips and holding her tight. Dove cupped the back of his head in her hands and allowed her tongue to work its magic in his mouth. Their tongues danced away while the woman started to grind her wet pussy against the bottom his shirt, his cock resting against her ass. After a few stiff slaps to her ass, he grabbed her, lifted her up and moved her until her cunt was resting against his stiff cock.

“Gentle or rough?” he asked.

Dove slammed herself down on his cock, engulfing every little bit of it around her damp cunt walls.

“Gentle sex is for pussies,” she said, pulling his shirt off.

Victor lay back as Dove began to wildly ride him; her nails digging into his slightly-muscled chest muscles. His hands started on her hips, tickled their way up her waist until they cupped her bouncy breasts, holding them in place during the rough fucking she was giving him. He pinched her nipples hard, eliciting a squeal of minor pain and major pleasure. Meanwhile, her hands had drifted up to Victor’s neck, giving it a light choke.

“You like being choked?” she grunted. “I love being choked!”

Dove held her head up, exposing her neck for him to grab. He wrapped his hands around her neck and pulled her down until they were nose-to-nose. Every second or so, he would squeeze, tighter. Dove gritted her teeth with a huge smile, encouraging for more.

“Yeah baby, choke me!” she groaned. “Choke me like the bitch I am!”

Victor squeezed tighter and tighter as redness replaced the paleness in her face. Never for a second did she slow down her hips or pussy, which was riding him so hard, she was struggling to keep him from slipping out. She tapped her palm on his chest and he let go, allowing her to take in some air. He went to grab her again, but she quickly spun around, shoving her abused pussy in his face and grasping his slick dick. She was audibly still gasping for air while rubbing the head on her cheeks.

Dove cooed when she felt his slimy tongue invade her cunt, slithering its way past the lips and exploring the depths of it. She gave his balls a little tug once his chin pushed against her clit. Her body softly wiggled back and forth as the intense rush of oral pleasure spread past every nerve. Once her breathing was back to normal, she began teasing the tip of his cock with the tip of her tongue. She tickled the hole for a few seconds before treating the meat tool like a lollipop.

Victor moaned hard into Dove’s cunt as her tongue swirled around. She pulled her mouth away and gave him a few hard, fast pumps after a big wad of spit landed for aid. The slutty girl felt his hands grip her ass muscles hard and his tongue find its way to her swollen nub.

“Oh, ho, wow!” she exclaimed as her clit was tickled. “God damn, fuck!”

Dove quickly wrapped her lips around Victor’s rock-hard cock and took it as far down her throat as she could. She tickled his balls while she held the deep-throat in place for several seconds. Once she pulled away, she let out a loud gasp and a large string of saliva hung from her lower lip down onto it.

“Fuck this, I want this back in my cunt,” she said, crawling off him.

Dove sat in the seat next to Victor, her legs spread wide and her eyes locked on his cock.

“Give it to me hard, baby,” she purred.

Victor got up and stood in front of her. He grabbed onto the top of the seat while lining his cock up to her hot hole. She smiled big and pushed a few strands of hair out of her eyes once she felt the head touch her.

“You are one hot slut,” he grunted, shoving his full length back into her.

“You bet your sweet cock I am,” she moaned.

Victor proceeded to resume the rough fucking from earlier, only with Dove as the helpless one this time. She covered her mouth with both hands and let out a scream that, uncovered, may have been heard from the ground. Victor was unsure what caused it until he felt the muscles inside of Dove began to tighten and clench around him, followed by what felt like a waterfall push him out. Dove’s eyes began to roll to the back of her head while her legs shook violently. She pushed him away for a second and started rubbing the cum out of herself.

“You okay?” he asked, stroking himself to the sight.

Dove quickly nodded and took a deep breath.

“That was fucking intense,” she said, wiping tears from her eyes and letting her ponytail out. “Okay, I’m good now. Resume.”

While Dove watched on in her hazy bliss, Victor returned to his position and resumed giving her rough sex. Her moans and cries were much subdued but still noticeable. The woman’s eyes never left his face for a second, admiring the man the gave her a once-in-a-lifetime orgasm. She ran her hands against his sweaty chest, pinching his nipples like he had to hers earlier.

Never for a second did Victor’s thrust lose intensity. He went as fast and hard as ever, occasionally looking down to her loving eyes and sultry smile. She bit on her lower lip every time he glanced at her, the last one being what pushed him to his limit.

Victor pulled his cock out of Dove’s soaked slit and stood up straight. Dove slid her sweaty butt forward on the chair and grabbed his cock with both hands. She shut her eyes hard and opened her mouth wide, happily waiting to taste her lover’s seed. Victor let out a primal grunt as his semen began to paint the happy girl’s tongue and the inside of her mouth. She giggled as several shots hit the back of her throat hard. A long strand of cum dripped off her tongue and slid down and off her chin, landing in between her well-formed breasts.

Dove slowly opened her glowing green eyes and stared up at her lover. She closed her mouth, took a big swallow and started giggling once more. She kissed and licked what cum was leftover on his relaxing rod. Victor sat back down in his seat and put an arm over Dove, hugging her close.

“Still mad I’m in first class?” he asked.

“A little,” she said before laughing. “That was amazing.”

“All done?” the flight attendant asked, causing us to jump.

“Um, you didn’t see-” Victor started before she handed him a towel.

“Oh I saw,” the slender Indian woman said. “I saw and I liked. You are a very lucky woman, Ms. Cameron.”

The woman scooped up the cum from between Dove’s breasts and slowly licked it off her finger. Victor could smell the fresh pussy juice on her hand as it passed by his face. He looked down and saw white panties hanging off her ankle.

“If you ever are on a flight with me, I want a closer show,” she said as she stepped out of her panties and rested it over his cock. “I’ll warn you when you should get dressed for the landing, but I’ll leave you two to relax until then.”

Dove snuggled up against Victor’s chest and lay there until it was time to land.

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