Downloadable Fantasy

Title: Downloadable Fantasy
Author: Money
Codes: MF,cons,oral,anal
Celeb: Lacey Chabert
Feedback: YES

Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is not true and never happened. This is total fiction! I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality. Anyone under the age of 18 or can easily be offended stop reading now please. Any questions or comments on the story send them to I would like to thank DarklordZ for his help on this project now on with the story.

I began to log onto my new webpage from a site an old friend of mine sent me that he was a part of. I went about the task of building my profile. I forgot how much of a pain in the ass these things were but it was better than sitting at home watching Smallville on DVD during a dating dry spell, which I was looking to avoid.

I had picked the best picture I had from my stockpile of pics and filled out the sections that were required and placed it on the site and decided to call it a night.

I didn’t check back for nearly two days since I was busy I was busy as I went looking at my page I noticed I had fifteen instant messages. Ten were from countries notorious for having cyber hackers or guys posing as women. The other five were all cyber matches by the site given certain aspects for a compatable match between profiles since they clicked yes. I decided to check them out and maybe strike up a friendship with them so I replied to all five instant messages.

I was busy filling in more of my profile page when one after another the five women sent me another instant message back in reply so I checked the one from a girl with the profile handle “Crazywitch” who was a brunette from England.

“Hello.” It said

Since I was still new at this I went ahead and said hello back and moved on to the next one with the profile handle “Albaholic1.”

“U r too cute.” it said

Since her profile had a shot of Jessica Alba in it that told me one of two things, either she was the real thing or she wishes she looked like her. I would have put my money on the latter. The next two didn’t have a photo, so I left them alone until they put one up.

I was down to the last message sent by a girl with the profile name Lacey & Fun. The profile had a photo of Lacey Chabert and Lindsay Lohan at a red carpet affair in the photo box. I was nice and said hello back when I saw she was online right then just like me, she sent a mesage back quickly.

“Hi,Oh you look so cute in your photo can we chat?” It said

“Yeah sure fire away.” I said back

We talked over the next three hours getting to know each other playing a game called three questions. The rules were you, the other person could ask any three questions regardless of content, and the other person had to answer them no matter what. I stayed away from any questions that would make me sound like a creep even though I was dying to know what she really looked like.

The next day I logged on and saw Lacey was there too but she had already sent me three questions so I had a look at them.

1 Can I get your email address?

2 How big are you down there?

3 Can you send me a photo of your dick?

I decided to have a little fun with her so I answered.

1 Maybe

2 12 inches

3 Send me a naked photo of you as well 😉

we exchanged emails and I sent her my photo and waited when I got another instant message.

“WOW” it said

I ended up getting a body photo with the head missing in return the girls chest was huge I would say about a 36C if not bigger.

“You like? lol” the message asked.

“Your head is missing but otherwise a work of art.” I sent back

“Sorry Lindsay was laughing when she took the pic give me a minute.” the new message said.

I got another email with another photo this one had everything down to her bellybutton. I really liked the pic. When my eyes locked onto her face, my brain shutdown once I saw it was Lacey Chabert. I fell out of my chair.

“Hey, if you want to hangout in a few days I’ll call you can I get your number?” a new message asked.

“Yeah sure” I sent back with my number.

Lacey sent back hers as well so I would answer when she called since we only lived a few miles away from each other. I just waited until she called a few days later.

Since I was sure my online friends or even my family wouldn’t believe I met a celebrity, I kept it quiet no matter how much it killed me inside when Lacey finally called me after the longest three days in the history of time.

“Hi Money.” She said

Hi Lacey, how are you?” I asked

“Starving…I’ve been busy all day and I’d love some dinner care to join me?” she asked

She told me to meet her at my favorite out of the way Italian restaurant and she’d be there so we could meet face to face. I think I broke every land-speed record that existed getting there it was worth it.

“So now I get to talk to you without a computer screen.” Lacey laughed.

“Me too.” I lightly chuckled.

I tried so hard not to stare at her big boobs but the sheer dynamics of such a petite girl having a pornstar sized chest fitting that dress just fed the need to ask the question of how she got in it. As we finished dinner, Lacey was tired but I must have made a good impression since her next question I wasn’t expecting.

“So when can I see you again.” She asked

“I’ll be free this weekend if you want to hang out again.” I said

“That sounds like fun.” She said

It was killing me when my friends would call me and ask about my dating life and not being able to spill the beans about dating Lacey the only thing I could do was describe her as a dead ringer for Lacey and leave it alone.


“Hey Lacey.” I said hugging her at the door.

“Hi Money you look great.” Lacey replied.

I was going to say the same thing but the obsenely low-cut dress she was wearing screamed fuck me more than anything did since her tits were ready to fall out at any moment given the chance.

Since it was my weekend off Lacey let me do things I wanted with such a short timetable. I decided on a movie marathon Lacey was feeling cool with the idea of being a regular girl instead of the celebrity aspect of life. She was happy to give it up for a while to be normal as she went through my movies with me ribbing me ever so often when she found one with her in it.

“Oh come on Lacey, why are you giving me such a hard time?” I asked

“Because I can.” She giggled

“Alright I found our starter movie.” I said

We sat apart this time around, watched some of my favorite movies, and had some fun at Lacey’s expense sneaking Lost in Space and Mean Girls into the rotation ribbing her during the films I was cracking jokes about the Santa’s little helper outfit she wore.

When we were watching Lost in Space, I was quiet until her character Penny arrived on screen and whispered “Jailbait” in her ear, which made her groan, and slap me with the couch pillow. I fell on the floor laughing.

“Come on that’s funny.” I said

Once I got back up, Lacey curled up next to me in a heavy blanket with the fireplace going. She seemed to be cold since she kept moving around but the more she moved the more her tits were rubbing against me causing my dick to throb against her abs.

“Oh yeah…I’ve been waiting to see this big thing.” Lacey moaned

“Ditto” I said as I tore open Lacey’s top freeing her big tits and started sucking away while she opened my pants and stroked my shaft.

“Mmmm yeah, you wanted to do this the moment we met, didn’t ya?” Lacey asked

“Mmmm hmmm.” I said while I was sucking her tits.

Lacey leaned her head forward while she kept jerking my member. I was still sucking on her tits, getting lost between them. Hell, anyone could get lost between them and would enjoy it.

“Mmmm.” Lacey sighed

“Ohhhh” I groaned as Lacey was jerking my cock a bit faster.

“Oh, I wanna taste this big dick now.” Lacey said

“Well then, go right on ahead.” I said

With that said Lacey moved her head down, opened her mouth, and started to slowly suck on my cock. I stretched my arms and legs out while I watched Lacey working on my shaft.

“Ahhh yeah.” I groaned

“Mmmm” she sighed.

While Lacey was sucking on my cock, she had one hand groping my ballsack. I could tell she was really getting into this. I looked over and saw her rump sticking out through the dress I lifted the skirt part of the dress up to see her blue lace thong she had on.

“Oh yeah, you like?” Lacey giggled

I responded by taking her dress off her. She giggled before lying on the couch with only her blue lace thong on. I moved her thong to the side and shoved my cock into her cunt.

“Ahhh yeah, I like.” I said

“Mmmm” she moaned

I started to pump in and out of her pussy slowly, going back and forth watching it go in and out of her.

“Ohhh fuck.” she moaned louder

“Uhhh yes.” I said

“Ahhh…uhhh fuck yes…” Lacey moaned

“What a tight pussyfor such a petite lady.” I said

“Fuck yes…”

“Mmmm” I grunted

I started to pump into Lacey’s pussy, making her moan louder. I looked up and saw her tits bouncing back and forth right in front of me. I moved my hands, held onto her big soft tits, and groped them while I was fucking her. Lacey moved her hands behind me and held onto me.

“Ahhh yes, fuck me.” she moaned.

“Fuck, you really wanted this, didn’t ya?” I asked

“YES…OHHH GOD YES..” Lacey yelled.

I chuckled. I moved my hands away from her tits, moved them to her back, and lifted her up. I was fucking her while I stood for a few minutes.

“Ahhhh yeah.” I groaned.

I sat down on the couch with Lacey right in front of me. She leaned back and started to bounce on my cock.

“Mmmm yes.” she moaned

“Ohhh fuck yes.” Lacey yelled

“Hot damn.” I said

I placed my hands onto her hips and began thrusting harder into her cunt. Lacey moved her hands behind her butt, putting them on her own ass cheeks, and started to move them around while I kept fucking her.

“Ahhh.” I groaned

“Uhhh…oh god…fuck yes.” she moaned

“Ohhh fuck, I’m gonna cum soon.” I groaned

“Spray it over my ass.” Lacey moaned

“Well, if that is the case…” I said

I wrapped my arms around Lacey once more, got myself up while holding her, turned around, and placed Lacey down on the couch on her knees I stood behind her and continued on penetrating her cunt.

“Mmmmm yeah.” she sighed

“Ahhh yeah…uhhh fuck.” I groaned

As I kept fucking Lacey from behind, she placed her hands on the top part of the couch to relax. I decided to reach for her hands and hold onto them while I pumped my member inside her.

“Oooohhhh.” she cooed.

“Mmmm” I said

“Uhhh fuck.” I groaned.

I felt the sperm oozing a bit out from my memberinside her. I could’ve pulled out already but we were both lost in this, so I kept thrusting harder into Lacey’s cunt.

“Ohhh yes.” Lacey moaned

“Oh yeah…ahhh fuck.”

“Ohhh yes, I’m coming.” I said

I quickly let go of Lacey’s hands, took my cock out, and started to jerk myself right in front of her ass. Lacey turned around in time to see me firing the first load onto her back before the rest dripped down onto her ass cheeks. A few dripped onto her blue lace thong that she left on, as she moved her hands around her cheeks to spread my load around them.

“Ahhh fuck.” I gritted before shaking my member.

“Well…at least that movie had a happy ending.” Lacey said

“Yeah it did.” I chuckled.

“This was so fetch. When do you have another weekend off?” She asked

“In about 3 weeks.” I said

“Computer or call? She asked

“I’ll send you an instant message with the details.” I said

As the days crawled by, I was thinking of some new stuff we could do for fun, Some of it seemed lame but Lacey gave me the freedom to do what I wantedsince it was my time off and not hers, which was refreshing since I half expected her to pull a diva stunt at some point. I saw her online every now and then. We would send funny messages when we felt the urge. Normally hers were a dirty limerick or a random commentary on what she was doing with her chest at the moment and wishing I was there to help. I normally responded with minx, tease, or dirty girl in capital letters or saying I was typing naked. Lacey would rant about not having a webcam handy to see me when the day finally arrived when we could meet again.

“Hi Money.” Lacey said

“Hey Lacey.” I said picking up my phone

“Instead of eating out, can we eat at your place?” she asked

“Yeah sure.” I replied

After the meal we sat at the table just talking, I was in regular jeans and a t-shirt while Lacey was in denim shorts and a tank top that showed off most of her chest.

“Care for another movie marathon?” she asked

“I was thinkiing about a videogame tournament.” I said

“You are so on.” Lacey said

We went through my entire library of games she would win one then I would it went back and forth for hours it was a tie going into the latest Halo release whoever won this had bragging rights until Lacey had an idea and raised the stakes.

“I have an idea, if I win this the next time we hang out we do stuff I want to do and if you win…you can fuck me as often as you want in any position.” she said

“Deal.” I said

Lacey was outmatched from the word go since I used to hang out with military guys and learned some cool tricks from a former Marine sniper. I just “forgot” to tell Lacey that. Lacey wanted to do a deathmatch first one to ten kills won after 5 minutes I had 9 kills and Lacey had 8 only because she rubbed her chest in my face before I could pull the trigger and her character threw grenades at me among other methods she used. I didn’t say anything but my dick was rock hard.

As I zeroed in for the final kill Lacey pulled her top off to distract me but I unzipped my pants and let my big cock out to distract Lacey and it worked as Lacey’s character took a bullet to the head and she was defeated.

“You lost.” I said

“On purpose” Lacey said before wrapping her lips around my cock. Since Lacey was on the second controller, my controller was the main one to turn off the system, so while she was sucking on my cock, I turned the system off and threw the controllers to the other couch. I looked over and saw Lacey’s ass up in the air as it was a few weeks ago. I moved my hands and unzipped her shorts down to see the same blue lace thong on.

“Same thong?” I asked

“Mmmm hmmm.” Lacey replied.

Once I got her shorts down, I moved one hand towards her pussy and felt that she was wet already.

“Uhhh yes.” I groaned

“Mmmm” Lacey moaned

This time, I took Lacey’s blue lace thong down to her ankles and started to rub her ass cheeks with my hand. Lacey turned her eyes to face me while she kept sucking on my tool. I had one hand rubbing her cheeks, as I had my other hand to finger her wet cunt.

“Ahhh fuck.” I signed.

“Ohhh yes, finger my twat” Lacey said taking my cock out from her mouth and began stroking it while kissing it from the side.

“Here, let me get under you then” I said, as I lay down on the couch underneath Lacey while she was on top of me.

My head was between her legs, as I began to finger her whilst she jerked and sucked my cock. The hand that was rubbing her ass cheeks was now groping her tits.

“Oh fuck.” Lacey moaned

“Mmmm, tight and tasty.” I said

Lacey giggled before she went back to sucking on my cock. She was bobbing her head up and down on all 12 inches of my shaft, holding her hair in a ponytail.

“Uhhh.” I groaned.

After a few minutes, I scooted to the side to get up. Lacey was still on all fours on the couch, staring at my member. I looked at her round backside, knowing what I wanted to do first. I got back on the couch behind Lacey positioning my cock right above her asshole.

“Ohhhh.” She cooed

Lacey laid herself down on the couch, raising her backside up in the air I grabbed her hips and thrust my cock right into her asshole.

“Ahhh fuck!” Lacey yelled

“Uhhh” I groaned

Her asshole was tight as I expected but I kept pushing slowly my 12-inch member into her ass, letting her get ease with it.

“Ohhh fuck” Lacey moaned

“Ahhh yeah”

I looked down and saw that nearly my entire member was inside her asshole, so I began thrusting back and forth.

“Ohhh….uhhh yes”

“Ahhh shit, that’s a big dick….” she moaned

“Uhhh fuck”

I breathed slowly while I thrusted into her butt. I repositioned my legs to get a better holding on the couch. Lacey kept facing down on the couch, Lacey kept facing down on the couch, moaning with each thrust I took into her. Her tits weren’t moving back and forth as much seeing how they were lying on the couch as well.

“Ohhh god.” I groaned

“Fuck me….Ohhh yes, fuck my ass.” she moaned again

“Uhhh Lacey” I moaned out her name

I took my cock out from her ass, grabbed a handful of her hair, and lifted her head up so she could suck on my member. Lacey had a confused look on what was going on but she didn’t feel like asking why.

“Ohhh yeah, suck that cock.” I groaned

“Mmmm” Lacey muffled.

“Ohhh, alright…get up” I said taking my member out of her mouth.

Lacey got up as I sat down on the couch holding onto my dick. She bent down once more to suck on it. After a few seconds, I moved Lacey from my cock and turned her around so her ass was facing me. I held onto her hips, bringing her down to my cock, as it was entering her asshole once more.

“Ooohhh” she cooed.

“Ahhhh Lacey” I groaned

I started to move Lacey up and down my shaft while she was positioning herself on the couch. She had both legs up with her knees up while I was fucking her ass.

“Uhhhh” she moaned

“Fuck yes….ohhh”

I was thrusting hard into her asshole, making Lacey moan louder. Her tits were bouncing around and around, back and forth.

“Ohhh Money” Lacey cried out my name.

“Yeah….ahhh god” I groaned

I felt Lacey’s ass cheeks smacking up against my pelvis while I penetrated her ass. Just then, I laid her down onto the couch, lying behind her, lifting one of her legs up, and continued on fucking her.

“Ohhhh yes” Lacey moaned


I looked up and saw Lacey having her hands on her own tits, feeling them up. I moved my other free hand that wasn’t holding her leg up to cop a feel of her tits.

“Mmmm” she sighed

“You like your own tits, don’t ya?” I asked

“Oh fuck yes.” she moaned

“Mmmm….then that’s the next thing I will fuck.” I told her.

“Ahhh yeah…you do that….I wanna see a cock in between my tits.” Lacey said

“Why wait but first, why not taste your own ass again?” I said to her, as Lacey moved one hand from her tits to take my cock out from her asshole. She got down on the couch, started to jerk my dick first, and then Lacey took my member into her mouth. She still had her hand around my shaft whilst she was sucking on it. I moved both hands towards her tits and groped them while Lacey was sucking on my cock.

“Ahhh fuck” I gritted

“Mmmm” Lacey said

I sat right back up, as Lacey repositioned herself to make herself more comfortable. She was still in front of me, still sucking on my cock while she was looking up at me with her eyes.

“Ohhh” I groaned

Lacey took my member out from her mouth while she kept jerking it. She positioned herself back up and placed my cock right between her tits, removing her hand that was holding my dick go, and placed her hands around her tits to make sure it wouldn’t slip out.

“Ahhh fuck yes.” I moaned

“Mmmm yeah, this big cock fucking my big tits.” Lacey said

Lacey was moving her upper body up and down, moving herself while she made sure my cock was still in between her tits. I felt the cum from inside my shaft was ready to blow at any moment, so instead of taking control, I decided to let Lacey end it.

“Ahhhh god…” I groaned loudly

“I take it your ready to cum soon?” she asked

“Yeah just keep going.” I told her

“Come on baby blast my face with that huge cock make me a busty blonde.” Lacey purred

I was trying so hard to unload but a small section of my brain didn’t want to drown the girl in cum.

“Plaster my pornstar curves with your honey stud drain that big thing all over me.” she cooed

That did it that small section of my brain shutdown so I could enjoy what was about to happen.

“Uhhh god…here it comes” I groaned, as my cum just shot out from between her tits.

The first load hit right onto her face, as the rest oozed out from her tits, and dripped down onto her tits.

I kept my webpage going and kept in touch with Lacey and some other friends I had made there. It is still fun to talk and hangout with Lacey but those are stories for another time

the end

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