Dr. Bullock Is Exposed

First off, If you’re under the age of 18, don’t read this. For everyone else enjoy!


by rawballz

Victoria Beckham

Jessica Alba

Jessica Biel

Sandra Bullock (of course)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Brittany Murphy

(Special guest: Minnie Driver)

Dr. Bullock ran a very successful practice. She was a very brilliant
psychiatrist with lots of patients.

She got out of her limo & made her way into her office. Expecting the
already ho-hum patients for this Monday morning. But after today, she
will never be the same.

She opened the door to the waiting room. “Here’s your coffee”, a too
happy for a Monday morning Brittany said. “It’s about time”, Sandra
responded while taking a sip. She rushed right past her to the front
counter. “You’re welcome, bitch”, Brittany whispered to herself.

“Any calls?” Sandra asked Jennifer. “Ms. Driver called & said she was
running late because…” “That’s fucking great! What else should I
expect from Monday?” “Hold all my calls! And clean this counter here,
it’s filthy” “What do I pay you girls for?” Snadra stormed down the
hallway to her office. As she turned the corner, Jennifer gave her a
middle-finger salute.

Sandra had her coat half off when she opened the door to her office. She
saw a woman sitting on the couch. She was dressed in a skin tight black
leather dress. The dress ended well above her knees. She also wore black
high heels with a strap around just above her ankles. She had short
black hair & was smoking a cigarette.

“There’s no smoking in here, and who the fuck are you?” The woman looked
at her and ashed her cigarette on the carpet. “My name is Victoria. I
need to talk to you.”

“Well, that’s great. Why don’t you make an
appointment like every other normal person?”

“Because, my dear, I am not
a normal person”, Vic said in a thick Brittish accent.

“You got that
right. Now get the fuck out of here before I call the police!”

“You will listen to me!” Victoria stared into her eyes. Sandra shut the fuck up.
“Now sit down!” Sandra immediately sat in her chair.

“What do you want me to do?”, Sandra asked.

“I can make you do anything I wish you to do.”
Victoria took a drag off her cigarette & blew it in Sandra’s face. “I
have this gift of making anyone & everyone do exactly what I want. I can
make anything appear, disappear or reappear at any time I wish.”

“That sounds like a bunch of bullshit”, Sandra interjected. Vic looked in her

“Take your coffee & pour it into your lap.” Sandra grabbed her
coffee mug off the counter & poured.

“Ow! Shit!”

“Now does that sound like a bunch of shit?”

“How did you do that? I couldn’t stop myself.
It’s like I wanted to do it” Sandra was twitching from the pain.

“Believe me, I know.”

“The thing is I have all this power. I have everything I have ever wished for.” “I don’t want it anymore.”

“Well, I’m sorry. I can’t help you with this. You need a witch doctor or someone
like that.”

“The thing is..”, Victoria interrupts,” I become more & more
careless when I don’t get my way, or when someone is mocking me!”


“Shut the fuck up!”, Vic growls. “You want more proof, eh?”
Victoria looks down at Sandra’s feet. Her heels vanish.

“What the…”

“Sit back!” Sandra slams her back into the chair. Sitting there
barefoot, Sandra has regretted pissing her off.

“You must need to get that stain cleaned off.” “Send in one of you receptionists.” Sandra
reaches over & rings up front.

“Jessica B., could you come to my office?”

Jess B. arrives in 10 seconds. “Yes, Dr.?”

“Come in & close the door!”, Vic replies. Jess does so. “Come over here!” Jess slowly walks over to
her. “Suck my feet!”


“You will shut up, kneel down & bathe my
feet with your mouth!” Vic’s heels vanish. Jess kneels down & takes
Vic’s left big toe into her mouth. She begins to suck on it hard.
Sandra sat there dumbfounded. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.
Jess licked in between every toe. She licked her feet heel to toe. Jess
was on all fours, not being able to get enough feet in her mouth. Vic
shoved both of her feet into her mouth, just up past the last knuckle.
Jess’ mouth was stretched wide, but she still managed to wiggle her
tongue around.

Victoria looked over at Sandra. “Take your skirt off!” Sandra stood up &
unzipped the back. Her skirt fell to the floor. You could see the huge
coffee stain right in the front of her panties. “It stained your panties
too. That’s a shame. Take them off!” Sandra grabbed the waistband &
pulled her panties down to the floor. She kicked them to the side and
stood back up.

Victoria loved the sight of Sandra in nothing but her blouse & bra
underneath. She had a neatly trimmed bush.

Victoria looked down at Jess. Vic blinked & Jess was suddenly naked.
“Stand up!” Jess did what she was told. “Take your boss’s blouse off!”

Jess reached out & started unbuttoning Sandra’s blouse. She couldn’t
speak. It fell to the floor. “Rip her bra off!”

Jess took one hand in between the cups & yanked it off. Sandra shrugged forward. Both
beautiful women staring at each other, butt naked. Sandra was about 20
years Jess’ senior. She still had a gorgeous body. Her breasts were
small but firm. “Both of you stand in front of the bookshelf. They did

Victoria then got up & went over & pressed the button. “Jennifer,
Brittany & Jessica A., come back here to Ms. Bullock’s office with no
clothes on now!” 30 seconds later the door opened.

“Why are we naked?”, Jen asked.

“The 3 of you, shut up & do as you’re told! Walk over to
the bookshelf with the other 2!” Jen,Brit & Jess A did as they were

Victoria reached into her purse & pulled out a straight razor & a can of
shaving cream. She walked over to Jen, knelt down a sprayed the cream on
her bush. She smeared it around & began to shave. It didn’t take long
before she was finished. Vic wiped her clean with Sandra’s blouse. She
walked back to the couch & sat down. As soon as she sat back her clothes

“That’s enough physical work for me”, she exclaimed while
crossing her legs. She looked at Jess A’s thighs & blinked. Her pubic
hair vanished. She did the same next to Brittany. Gone. Jess B was next.

“The four of you, shave the doc’s pussy.” The Jessica’s grabbed
her legs & pulled them apart. Brit grabbed the cream & sprayed it on her
bush. Jen smeared it around with her fingers & began to shave away.
After she was done, Vic said, “Brit, lick her pussy clean!” Brit took
her tongue a lapped at her newly shaved pussy. She spat the cream on the
carpet after each lick. Sandra quivered all over as the young mouth ran
all over her privates.

“Sandra, get on all fours on the coffee table!” Sandra did exactly that.
“Jess A, eat her asshole!” Jess walked over behind her, bent over &
starting licking her asslips.

“Ohh my”, Sandra exclaimed. Jess pulled
her asscheeks wide apart & shot her tongue into her butthole. “Ohh lord”

Vic stared at Jess A’s hand. Suddenly a 14″ dildo appeared in it. “Cram
it in there!” Jess shoved all 14″ up Sandra’s bunghole.

“Jesus!”, she shouted.

“Shut up & take it!”, Vic yelled. Sandra stopped screaming &
just groaned a little. Jess A was stabbing it deep into her doodyhole.
Another 14″ dildo appeared in Jess A’s asshole. “Holy Shit!” The dildo
rammed in & out of her ass all by itself.

Victoria motioned over to Jen & Brit to come to her on the couch. They
did so. They got on each side of her and were sitting on their legs.
“Lick my tits, girls!” Each one leaned over and began licking her
breasts. “Oh yeah, that’s it.”

She looked up & saw Jess B standing alone,
just staring at everyone. Vic blinked & a 3′ dildo appeared on the floor
between her legs. “Squat down!” Jess B did so, shoving 6″ of it inside
her pussy.

“More!” She slid down another 6″.

“Aarggggghhhh!” Vic blinked again & jerked her head forward. Jess B suddenly felt an invisible force
shove her down another 12″.

“Ffffffffffuuuuuuuuuccccccccccckkkkkk!” she
screamed. Vic then shook her head from side to side. Jess stood up &
squatted back down again. Up & down, up & down, up & down. Faster &
faster. She couldn’t control her own actions.



“God” She would let one word out at a time on every squat.

Meanwhile, Jess was still fucking Sandra up the ass. Sandra reached back
& started to finger Jess A’s pussy. This was accomplished on her own.
Jess A was still getting her ass pummeled by the dildo. She reached down
& began to play with Sandra’s pussy.

Meanwhile Vic had Brit spread-eagle on a table behind the couch. She was
fucking her hard with a strap-on. She held each leg up in both hands.
She was fucking her without mercy. Vic looked down at the strap-on &
blinked. A second dildo appeared under the first one. She rammed it up
Brit’s tight asshole.


“Sit on her face!”, Vic told Jen. Jen straddled Brit’s face, facing Vic. Vic blinked & a 18″ dildo
appeared in Jen’s asshole.


“Brit eat Jen’s pussy!” Brit started to lick away.

“Ooohhh…..fuck” Vic blinked again & the dildo in
Jen’s ass started to spin.

“Uuuuuuhhhhh!” She blinked again. Both of the
dildos on her strap-on began to vibrate & spin.


Brit couldn’t hold back anymore. She almost started to speak in tongues. She
came hard. Jess B., across the room, let out a yelp. She came all over
her three footer. Sandra & Jess A. came at the exact same time. Sandra
fell onto the coffee table & Jess A fell on her back. Jen couldn’t take
anymore. She let out a squeal & came on Brit’s face. She slumped on top
of her. Vic didn’t come. She doesn’t have to. She can come anytime she
wants. That gave her an idea. She looked around at all the women &
blinked. All of them started writhing again. Moaning & moaning. They all
screamed & came again. Vic blinked again & they followed through a third
time. There was a sudden knock on the door. It opened & a woman stuck
her head through.

“Dr. Bullock? Sorry I’m late but….” She stopped and
looked around the room.

“Oh, hello Ms. Driver. Pardon the mess.”, Sandra replied. Vic stared into Minnie’s eyes.

“Come in!”


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