Dracula – Part 1

Dracula – Part 1
by The Chemist

***This story is just that, a story so it is fiction, a.k.a. not real. Therefore, this event never actually happened, but if it did it would have been amazing. Oh well, enjoy the story if you’re 18 or older***

Celeb: Jessica Biel
Codes: MF, oral, anal, mc, vamp

It was another warm night in Prague, just like all the other nights that summer, but tonight was much different. This was the evening that the first vampire, Dracula, awoke from his centuries long slumber in the Czech Republic capital. Many years before this one, Dracula
was defeated by the legendary monster hunter Van Helsing and after the bloody affair Dracula was forced to take rest to regain his strength so that he may walk the Earth again and rebuild his nation of vampires. It wasn’t until tonight that he had the power to stand, but he was planning on making a grand return to the living, after all he had a long time to think about what was to happen.

Dracula had managed to crawl back into his coffin filled with Transylvanian dirt to rejuvenate and while asleep his trusted companion Canaban had moved him into a vast and dark castle on the outskirts of his hometown, Prague. Canaban was one of Dracula’s army of the undead, but he was loyal to Dracula all throughout their adventures and treated his master like a god. Canaban had been sensing that his master was going to wake soon so he made sure that he had humans on hand to feed to him for he must have quite the hunger. He had gathered 4 men and 4 women, the men were young and strong while the women were also young and very beautiful.

At last Dracula had rose from his coffin with a loud burst as he didn’t bother to remove the lid, rather go right through it. He was once again standing and it felt great even though his body was weak from needing fresh blood although he knew some was close as he could smell it.

“Hello master, I have been waiting for you and have fresh blood, just what you have been desiring,” Canaban said with great anticipation.

“My trusted friend Canaban, I knew you of all things would take care of me in my moments of weakness and much will be rewarded to you, but where is the humans?” Dracula asked getting hungrier by the second.

“They are just around the corner in cages. They were captured last week and I haven’t touched them so they are in great condition,” Canaban said knowing he once again pleased his master.

“I will be with you shortly to recap on what has occurred over the past century as I want to be at the heart of the world, but for now I have to get to business.” With that Dracula rounded the corner and listened to the screams to guide him to his feast.

Dracula had drained every last drop of all of them, not bothering to spare any of them even though the men would have made fine soldiers and the women would have been pleasant to have around since they were so pretty. No matter and now the vampire king was ascending the basement stairs to greet his friend in the main den of the old castle.

“Just from the limited knowledge of the blood of the slaves, I gather that Europe isn’t the center of the world is it. It still seems to be beautiful and exotic but not as vibrant as another place in the world. The one word that kept being repeated was America, but when I last walked this planet that was the name of the New World across the ocean. Also my friend, what is this California place, as I have no recognition of it yet I sense it is important.” Dracula was very much confused with the information he had received.

“Master, what you sensed was correct that America is the land where much in the world is happening as it has grown and expanded since last time. It is now the world power where many of the world’s elite live. California is the main state within America where many of the beautiful media people reside, the media capital of the world.” Canaban eagerly shared.

“Well this is where I must go then, to this California and set my roots for that will be the start of my new regime as a bring the vampire nation back into the terror of hearts.” Dracula said as he rose from his seat and headed to the door. Tight on his heels was the scrambling Canaban who couldn’t wait to travel since he was confined to the castle for so long to guard his ruler.

Along the way out of the door Canaban instructed Dracula to get into the car, for it had been built while he was sleeping and told him of the advancements in travel and that they would take an airplane overseas. It sped the travel to a few hours with the time change rather than days on end with a boat crossing the Atlantic. Canaban drove them to the International Departures gate at the Prague Airport so that they could board a red eye flight to Los Angeles, California. Dracula and Canaban were allowed to walk straight onto the plane just as it was leaving as Dracula used his infamous mind control powers on the airport workers so that no money or passport was required.

The captain of the airplane came on the overhead speakers to tell them information about what time they would arrive and the flying conditions and such. The two vampires were sitting in first class of course since that is what Canaban told Dracula to insist when getting on the plane so that they would not be bothered. As the plane finally rose into the sky and the flight was underway, Dracula’s other main urge was starting to effect him and that was his horniness. He had not had sex in a very long time and had no time to indulge the imprisoned females in the castle as he was too famished. He knew he was going to need to release his sexual tension and he also knew that to gain full strength he needed to takes his three wives again. His last wives were lost in the battle with Van Helsing and besides that he had grown tired of them as he picked them with thought. It was very important that he used his instincts to pick them this time and it was also very important that he not get confused between wife material and a good lay.

In the airport he had seen many beautiful women as well as he seen more in the plane on the way up to first class, but one was more beautiful then the others. All the women dressed weird to him and left little to the imagination but he had gathered that those were the times he was now living in, but this girl looked amazingly attractive and yet dignified at the same time. She was in a lovely dress that came down halfway down her toned thighs and wore her hair down so that it looked really wavy. She had light brunette hair, a cute face with plump lips, a magnificent pair of boobs that seemed to pop out of the dress and a killer ass that he had never seen before (and he’d been around for centuries). She treated everyone with respect and was very polite even though she must have been exhausted from taken such a late plane ride.

Just then the on-flight movie began to play and that finally broke Dracula’s concentration on the twenty-something girl that was infatuating him. To his dismay the showing was a movie on vampires, it being the third installment of the Blade trilogy titled Blade Trinity. He was both offended and pleased with shows regarding the vampire myth as they always portrayed them losing and grossly misunderstood many of the actual facts of vampires however they were always works of fiction making people clueless of the truth. Vampires in fact were as real as humans but how many more advantages than their simpleton counterpart while also having a few negatives of their own. Vampires were stronger than humans, healed faster, moved quicker and had increased agility, but they couldn’t walk in sunlight and could be slain a stake through the heart or decapitation. Garlic, holy water and crosses were merely fables because they had no adverse effect on the great undead. Vampires were immortal and got stronger and wiser from the more kills and conversions they managed as well as the more powerful vampires could inherit the life stories of those they drank from.

All of these thoughts of the pros and cons of vampire movies playing in Dracula’s mind came to a sudden halt when that same girl’s face he was admiring from a few aisles away appeared on the screen in front of him. She looked even more gorgeous in the television set as she was wearing tight fitting clothes that hugged her in all the right places and she also proved to be quite athletic and energetic. He was very pleased with what he saw on both accounts so it was certain he would turn her into on of the supernatural but he needed to know if she was going to be wife material. She was meeting all of the criteria to this point however the biggest indicator was she performed at filling his needs.

“Canaban, what do you think of the women sitting in the front of there and do speak freely” Dracula asked of his closest friend.

“Well master while you slumbered I had much time on my hands so I turned to entertainment to help. Her name is Jessica Biel, she lives in California and she is an actress, which is why she was in Prague in the first place, filming a movie. She is very sweet and beautiful and also pure.” Canaban added, which brought a surprised look to his master’s face.

“I think I must audition her for a chance to be one of my wives as from afar I know I can spend countless centuries with her and never get bored of her loveliness.” Dracula said.

With those words spoken, the vampire king looked intently at the object of his affection and closed his eyes to further focus more. Something seemed to be working because Jessica had gone from quietly listening to her music to sitting upright with a dazed look on her face. She unhooked the earplugs from her eyes and tried to come to grasps with her new feelings and thoughts when a tall, dark and handsome man crossed in front of her to make his way to the washrooms. The entire time since he had boarded the plane Jessica had sensed him throughout her entire 24-year-old body, but she had deemed it to be tiredness after all she was on a red eye flight back home. Despite going to the washroom an hour ago back on land she felt the strongest of urges to revisit the stall so Jessica told her agent she needed to use the restroom then unbuckled and made her way to the front. All the while she was wondering that she shouldn’t have to go, but at the same time she had the need to go to the washroom being led by this mysterious man. She noted the man was extremely good-looking with a tall muscular figure, perfect face with the darkest of eyes and he was dressed in all black.

“Oh shit I’m really sorry I wasn’t watching where I was going,” Jessica said in rush as she had just bumped into the stranger she had been vigorously thinking of.

“That is okay my dear as it was my fault. By the way my name is Count Dracula,” he said while staring straight into Jessica’s eyes using his mind control to destroy her will and free thought.

“Count Dracula? Well Count Dracula have I met you before, I know this sounds crazy but it feels like I have known you for quite some time.” Jessica asked as her mind became cloudier.

“No we haven’t but I feel an attraction to with you. You are beautiful by the way and after reading your soul you are as elegant on the outside as you are in the outside. I have recently been resurrected in a sense, and need to take my three wives before I rebuild my nation and you would be a perfect spouse.” Dracula said to her, knowing he had her.

“I don’t usually do this but Count, would you please follow me?” Jessica questioned as she now led her stranger that he felt like she knew forever into the small airplane washroom stall.

As soon as Dracula was in and the door was locked they turned to face each other and began kissing with intense passion. Jessica did not know why she had such strong feelings for some man she had just meet but cared very little, if at all as it felt like she wasn’t in command of herself anymore.

“You are to be one of my three wives Jessica and will live forever to please my sexual desires. Whatever you are now will be no more and you will become my personal whore to fill my needs whenever I need you.” Count told her as he quickly went back to kissing the young future bride.

“I understand what you want me for and it is yours, but I need to have you right now.” Jessica added as she started to undo the buttons of his black dress shirt then peeled it off of his broad chest went they were all open. He had a very pale skin tone since he was never able to be out in the sun and he was very cold to the touch but those were just side effects of being one of the undead. Soon Ms. Biel would share those characteristics.

Jess wasn’t the only one with happy hands in the small airplane stall as Dracula had lifted up the bottom of Jessica’s dress so it was now over her waist and he had just finished pulling the thong that was under the dress all the way down to her ankles. Jess was now working on unhooking the stranger’s belt and when that was completed she worked her fingers down to the button and zipper so that his pants slid down to his ankles. With no instruction at all, Jessica sexily slid down to her knees right in front of the powerful vampire king while licking his chest the whole way down. When she was eye level with his groin, she pulled his underwear down to cluster at the bottom of his legs just like his pants were.

“Wow master, this is a large cock” Jessica said stunned as she was face to face with the biggest dick she had every seen. Dracula was already rock hard and Jess wasn’t exaggerating at all about the size, as it was an impressive 12 inches long with around a 2 and a ½ inch girth. It true was a cock meant for a man with 3 wives!

“Now my lovely whore, exhibit to me your cocksucking skill. I want you to make me cum, swallow it down and then suck me until I’m erect again.” Dracula was many, many centuries old so he knew how to have great sex and demanded professionalism from the women, especially those who were to become his wife. And like the obedient puppet that she was under her master’s trance, she was fully intent on doing all of her chores and first on the list was making him blow. Jessica was no stranger to sex as she was a 24-year-old woman living in Hollywood so she had given the odd (or hundreds) blowjob so needed no further instruction. She clasped her right hand around his thick base and started to gently stroke the length of the shaft as her left hand dropped down to play with his large, full balls.

“Put it into your mouth now, beautiful mistress,” Dracula said as he knew that this is what he waited so long for underneath the ground for all those years. That was confirmed when Jess’ plump lips finally wrapped around his pole and started to take the first few inches into her mouth while using her long tongue to lick the underside at the same time. Dracula was really getting into it so he started thrusting his large-sized cock so more was filling the mouth of the beautiful actress so that he now had 6 inches nuzzled inside her oral orifice. Dracula wasn’t the only one enjoying things as Jessica was bobbing with quiet determination while getting more and more of the monster’s cock in her mouth by relaxing her throat muscles and also brought a hand down to finger herself.

This latest development pleased Dracula greatly as the former “7th Heaven” star was fitting more inside her mouth until those dick-sucking lips were touching the base of his rod. She had just put a foot of rock hard cock in her mouth and throat! Showing off her talents now, Jessica was taking it all the way down her gullet and then bringing it out all the way to the head and back again in quickening cycles. The vampire was in shire joy as he watched the brunette goddess on her knees sucking him off like a pro, when his eyes wandered down to her amazing bare ass (since the dress was pulled up). Amazingly, watching her ass sway as she gave head made him even hotter as her smooth, fat, bubble butt was now the object of his affection.

Before Jessica could even comprehend what had happened she was staring straight into the vampire’s testicles but was still burying the huge penis inside her mouth just now her tongue was massaging the top of cock. With his extraordinary vampire powers restored, Dracula had picked Jess up into his arms so that they were in the standing 69 position so that he could taste his bride for the first time. His prize was beautiful in every way; it was shaved clean with no hint of hair, bright pink pussy lips and best of all appeared to be tight. Dracula had to inspect the last comment himself sticking his index finger to her twat and slowly inserting it until his long digit had fully disappeared. He realized his original statement was right, that she was tight since her vaginal walls were pressing against his finger, so to help loosen her up he stuck his middle finger in as well. Dracula knew it was time for time to give the starlet the oral thrashing of a lifetime as he was going to eat out Jessica’s pussy using his super speed.

Meanwhile as Dracula was probing about in her firm, young cunt Jess was still working the huge meat stick in and out of her mouth as her saliva was starting to drip to the floor. She knew that when he finally came that it was going to be a mouthful plus some as she could see that the sack was as large as softball from centuries of built up sexual juices.

“Mmhm, ohmygod, umm” Jessica grunted were muffled as Dracula had finally started the tongue lashing on her sweet pussy lips and clitoris. She had stopped all voluntary movements and just laid still as her mind was washed over in pure ecstasy but the cock was still being slid in and out of her mouth, now at superhuman quickness. Jess struggled to remember to breathe as she was completely taken with the pussy licking she was receiving from her undead husband. She was nearing her orgasm when she felt stinging on her inner thigh and heard Dracula taking gulps when he pulled his fangs from her glowing skin and took a long lick starting at her clit and ending at her asshole. This sent a different sensation through Jessica’s mind as the man she just met was licking her small asshole. In reality, one of her ex flames has convinced her into having anal sex since he was totally infatuated with her plump arse and although she didn’t like it, she did it a few more times since then, when she really wanted to impress her boyfriends are as a reward.

Dracula knew right then that he was going to cum up her ass but first he wanted to toss the young woman’s salad since he knew he needed more than just a taste of her shapely ass. He had to tone down his strength as if he separated her ass cheeks to hard then it may have split her in two, so gently he pulled apart her heavenly globes before sliding a very lubricated finger all the way into the knuckle. He could hear her yelp and heard her yelp again as he pulled his first finger out and replaced it with a second finger, which went in with a bit of a struggle. He moved them in and out in a slow motion for a few pumps before pulling them out completely and diving in tongue first and immediately started lapping the inner walls of her ass. Jess knew that this was the strangest sensation normally but it felt like his tongue was moving at an ungodly speed inside her butt.

Jess was having an even harder time focusing with a tongue up her ass but she snapped out of that haze when the desire to please her master exceeded that of receiving her own pleasure. Now with her purpose back in mind she increased her head bobbing so that she was bouncing on his stick with reckless abandonment of the effect it would have on her throat. She knew her re-motivation was going to yield immediate results as she saw his balls suck in and his cock twitch and then the coldest cum she had ever tasted exploded down her throat and straight into her stomach. Unfortunately it was such a massive load that she couldn’t hold it all so some started to flow out of her mouth and run down her face and hair.

Just like she was instructed earlier, she kept swallowing and swallowing the cum as it still came pouring out of his member and after thirty seconds the semen finally stopped and he began to go limp. Jess was just starting to take in the ecstasy of her bum being eaten out when she realized she had to get him hard again, so she caught his dangling soft pole with her mouth and picked up where she had left off. Knowing it would take all of her expertise in blowjobs, she started by taking the head into her mouth and working it around with her tongue as she used her hands to massage his nuts and remaining shaft. It was going to be a struggle as the cock was barely responding to the attention so she quickened the actions she was doing and every few second would take both his cock and balls into her mouth to suck on and work her tongue around. This was the key and his erection was coming back, inch by inch until it was at its full, throbbing length again.

Satisfied with his quick rimming, Dracula had placed the beautiful starlet onto the small countertop so that her ass was hitting the end mirror but her crotch was still hanging over the edge. In less than a heartbeat, the vampire had sunk his foot long cock into the soaking wet cunt, which had to expand considerably to allow for the width of the large dick. This caused Jessica to moan as his prick filled her until it butted against her cervix and then he drew it back out and slammed it in again, a process he continued and got faster and faster plowing into her young, tight twat. Jessica wasn’t even trying to conceal her screams anymore as it felt too good so with every thrust she would let out more and more. All she could do was wrap her smooth, long legs around his powerful midsection and hold on for the ride as he was giving her the fucking of a lifetime.

“Count, Count, I’m gonna, I’m gonna, cum! OH MY GODDDDDDDDD! Yes Count yes! Keep fucking my pussy! Fuck it raw! OH MY GOD I’m cumming!” Jessica screamed and screamed with enthusiasm as she suffered the longest and most extreme orgasms of her life.

Just as she was reaching the peak of her climax, Dracula pushed all the way into her and dove into her neck with his fangs and began to feed on the innocent girl. He wasn’t feeding to satisfy his hunger, he was feeding to convert the first of his three stunning wives. Jess had no idea what was going on as she felt like she was on some type of strong drug as everything was turning into a blur but she knew that she loved Dracula and wanted to pleasure him every minute of her life. She didn’t even notice when he flipped her around and pulled on her hair to keep her standing on her feet but bent over at the waist on a 90 degree angle. With blood dripping from both of Dracula’s mouth and Jessica’s neck, the vampire lined up his cock that was covered in pussy juice with the amazing bubble butt of the lovely movie star. She had no response or movements when he drew it close enough that it was bumping against her little rosebud and only briefly squirmed and murmured when he pushed hard enough for the head to enter.

“Jessica, I know you are dazed from the blood loss but I want you to know that this will be the first of many ass fucks I give you so savor this moment” Dracula cooed into her ear as she still was limp and held by the hair by him. Dracula propped her down all the way so she was bent in half with her ass hanging straight in the air for easier access and that is when Dracula pushed in all the way.

“Oh it hurts, be gentle hunny,” Jessica howled in pain to her husband, which semmed to enrage him.

“Listen bitch, I tell you what to do and you take what I give you!” Dracula screamed at her as he pulled himself completely out of her ass until her hole started to close and then rammed it in till the hilt to inflict punishment while also giving that plump behind several hard slaps.

“Ugh, ugh, oww! Sorry lover, I’ll do whatever you want,” Jess said in total compliance as she really did want to please him, she was just in a moment of weakness due to the blood loss.

“Excellent, I really didn’t want to hurt you so thank you for making it easy on me, no shut your mouth as I fuck your tiny asshole and be ready to taste your delicious ass honey and my cum again.” With that said Dracula started to push in and out of her building his speed up so that he was smashing off her ass 10 times a seconds making her ass jiggle non-stop. Jessica did her best to hold everything in by biting her bottom lip when suddenly she was pulled up by her brunette hair into a standing position as Dracula brought his fangs back to her neck again.

“Yes lover have another taste. It feels so good when you drink from me,” Biel said in pleasure as the sodime she was receiving left her mind for good. Knowing he was getting close to taking to much blood, he let the starlet drop so she was bent in half at the waist again and resumed pumping into her butt.

“Ready to get a taste of both your holes and me again Jessica?” Dracula asked his new wife without caring what the answer was as he was just going to do it anyway.

“Yes hunny. I want to taste my cunt and my ass and have another helping of your cold cum.” Jessica’s answer bring a giant smile to the face of her husband, which in return made her happy. Extremely dizzy, she found herself on her knees in front of his massive foot long cock, so she reached up and grabbed it with her hand and slowly guided it into her warm mouth. Dracula knew that she needed rest very soon because of the feedings he had done so he hastily shot his second load since his rebirth into the waiting mouth of his young mistress.

Dracula had to steady himself as he was drained but he knew that his bride must have been in worse shape, so he quickly composed himself and get them both dressed before opening the door and leading them out. Once they were back into the aisle he steered Jessica towards her seat and let her do the rest as he went and took back his seat beside his ally Canaban. Dracula told Canaban that he was going to sleep so to keep watch over Jessica and that is what they both did until the announcer went off saying to reattach your seatbelts for the landing.

Dracula had succeeded in getting his first wife and he knew that he wouldn’t be satisfied until he recruited the next two women for his coven of beautiful spouses. Processing the blood memories from Jessica informed him of the inner working of this “Hollywood” place and it definitely surprised him of all that happened there. He had seen or experienced nothing like it before and knew that he would love his new home, once he found a place to live of course, but he did have a lead on his next bride who would be even more lovely than the first.

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