Dream At Wrestlemania 17


This is about Teen Group Dream’s trip to Wrestlemania 17, and how one of

them found out if her favorite wrestlers love her or love her not. By


It was the night of WrestleMania 17. The Hardyz were in there dressing room

getting ready to defend their WWF tag titles against Edge and Christain.

Jeff is known as the 2nd coming of the "Heartbreak Kid" and for a good

reason, he is a trimmed and toned man with a hansom face.

As Jeff did his warm-up and Matt left to talk over the match with E&C, a

member of teeny-bop group, dream,entered his dressing room. Melissia is an

incredible looking woman, 15 years old with the gorgeous face, great rack

and ass for her age. teenagers were discovering masturbation because of her

and the new Britney video, and she knew it. BUT she also loved wrestling.

She was a top fan of The Hardyz, and was shown to their locker room since

she was the only fan of wrestling out of the group, the security said it

wouldn’t be a problem if she went inside.

"Hi, Jeff,I can’t believe i’m this close to you! YOu are like my hero! I

love your Swanton, it drives me nuts!" Melissia said as she watched him

doing sit-ups.

"Oh, really?" Shawn said "Hey, that really means alot, and I saw you

the National Anthem, that was one of the best I’ve heard!"

"Oh Thank you sooooo much Jeff, that means alot!" Melissia said with her

eyes batting and her incredible smile, Jeff got a hard-on just from the

smile! only one woman had done that his whole life, and that was when he met

Torrie Wilson at Lita’s house, but that’s another story. "Jeff, i really

want to thank you for that compliment." Melissia started to make her move.

"Whoa! Jest a second, I KNEW this was going to happen" It took all his will

to stop her, "You have no idea how hot you are, BUT every time I’ve seen you

on TV, you always make it clear that you’re only 15" Melissia gave her best

pout and said "Jeffery, when all the teenage boys love you like they do us,

you want to give them something they can cling to, by saying I’m 15, i’ve

got all the teeage boys shooting cum everytime they see me, and that’s all i

want Jeffery, Im really 19 and here’s my lisence to prove it. With that, she

whipped out her New York license and there it was, DOB-1/20/81.

"Wow!" was all Jeff could say while he thought, "I heard she was into

guys, butI had no idea."

"Yeah, so now, will you get 2Xtreme with me?," Melissia said without

blushing over Jeff’s stare. "I have a feeling you want to see my great

NINETEEN year old body." Jeff nodded. Melissia pulled her tight Dream halter

top off to reveal the most beautiful set of REAL tits Jeff had ever seen!

She said they were a 32c and they swayed in front of Jeff like pure gold!

"Wow!" Jeff just repeated and then came back and said, "your skin looks

perfectly alright to me."

"It’s all right. you want to feel it?" Millissia said and put his left hand

on her tit. Jeff massaged it like it was no other, and it truth, it was like

no other.

"Mmmm!It feels great. Don’t stop." Melissia said

obviously enjoying Jeff’s strong hands.

"Well, I certainly won’t stop." Jeff said and then he ran his hand over her

large nipple and felt it getting hard. Then he kissed her nipple softly and

as she did noting to remove his hands or mouth, she just moaned for him as

he kissed the nipple harder and started to fondle both her breasts. He

cupped her tits and took the right nipple in his mouth.

"Suck it." Melissia said and Jeff was quick to do as she said.

He kissed her down the belly and then started to kiss her crotch on the

outside of her tights. He put his hands inside her waistband and pulled

them down, exposing her cleanly shaven pussy. Jeff could see that she was

soaking wet and wasted no time in tasting her juices. He kissed her cunt and

sucked on her clit.

"Oh, Jeff! Dammit Jeff take me to the Xtreme!" Melissia moaned.

Melissia started to buck her hips as Jeff’s tongue probed her pussy.

Melissia grabbed Jeff’s head and pushed it deeper into her cunt and Jeff ate

her with great joy.

"Now you suck it," Jeff said as he slid his jeans down revealing a raging

hard on.

Melissia grabbed it with both hands and rubbed it up and down while she

kissed it, tasting the pre-cum on the tip. Then she slowly closed her lips

around Jeff’s cock and started to suck on it. Melissia’s head bobbed up and

down faster and faster as she started to get into the blow-job, she sucked

him loudly while she used one hand to finger herself.

She was on her knees with four fingers up her wet cunt and sucking Jeff’s

cock with great joy. She rose a bit on her knees and put Jeff’s cock between

her great tits, and started to move up and down while she pressed her tits

around his dick. Jeff felt enormous pleasure as he

fucked her incredible feeling tits faster and faster. Melissia felt that

Jeff was about to come and sped her tit fucking up.

Jeff came with a loud "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH" as he squirted his jizz all over

Melissia’s tits and face, while she lapped it all up. Melissia continued to

lick Jeff’s cock until she had licked all the cum of it, then she lifted

her tits and licked the cum off the nipples.

"Sit down," Melissia said and gently pushed Jeff back onto a chair while she

stroked his once again hardening cock. When it was hard again Melissia stood

up and moved in over him. Melissia slowly sat down on his cock, she

felt her ecstasy rise as she felt each inch of his cock in her pussy. When

she felt his cock all the way inside her, she started to pump up and down on

Jeff’s lap. Then the door opened and Matt Hardy along with the Xtreme Girl

of the group, Lita walked in. "Hey, Jeff, I talked to E&C, it’s a clean…"

Matt said and then he stopped

dead in his tracks as he saw Melissia bob up and down on Jeff. "I’m gonna’

make me a dream." Matt said and pulled his jeans off.

Matt put his hands on her shapely ass and parted her buttocks. He stroked

his cock until it got hard and then he pressed it against her ass hole.

"Lube it up for me baby." Melissia said in pain as Hunter tried to ass fuck


"Allow me." the amazing Lita said as she got down on her knees and started

to suck on Matt’s cock. She took all of his cock in while Matt starts to

fondle her firm silicone tits on the outside of the small top.

Then he flipped first the right and then the left tit out.

Lita quickly got Matt’s cock so wet that he was ready to try ass fucking

Melissia again, but before he did, Lita gave Melissia a rim job so there was

sufficient lubrication. She licked Melissia’s ass hard and long until she

moved aside to make room for Matt. Matt grabbed her bucking hips and shoved

his cock up her ass while Jeff continued to slam into her cunt.

While Melissia fucked Jeff and Matt Lita undressed and started to finger her

black haired cunt. She wasn’t a natural redhead or blonde from her ECW days.

She moved her muscled arms up and down as she lay on the table fingering


Jeff and MAtt changed positions as Matt lay on the floor with Melissia

bouncing up and down on him, while Jeff fucked her up her tight ass. Lita

pulled the fingers out of her pussy, stood up and moved over to matt’s head.

She sat down on his head facing Melissia. The two women started to kiss as

Matt worked his tongue all over lita’s cunt.

Melissia felt two cocks inside her for the 1st time ever, and the strong

hands of Lita on her

tits and she new she was about to cum. Melissia’s body started to convulse

as she came, so violently that she saw stars. Matt felt her cunt tighten on

his cock and came as well coating her cunt with cum.

Moments later Jeff came as well, squirting cum deep inside Melissia’s ass.

Jeff slumped down on Melissia in exhaustion. "You’re entering next,Good

Luck" They all heard Edge say.

The Hardyz match was next and they had to scramble to get ready, but at


they were warm and limber. They left to go defend their titles, almost

forgeting the belts on the way out.

"Hey that doesn’t mean that we have to stop." Lita said and kissed Melissia.

Lita picked Melissia up in her strong arms and placed her on the table. She

spread Melissia’s legs and started to lick Melissia’s hairless cunt. Lita

lightly blew on Melissia’s clit and felt the shivers running up Melissia’s

thighs. Lita stopped and pulled her dildo out of her deep pockets. "These

pants are so handy." and with that rammed the dildo as hard and far as

possible inside Melissia.

Melissia’s hips began to buck as Lita rammed the dildo deeper and deeper

into her cunt. Melissia arched her back as she came again, and then she

collapsed on the table.

Lita laid back on the table besides the dazed Melissia and started to speak.

"This really is the best PPV of the year! Now I realize all the hype behind

WrestleMania." Melissia kissed Lita passionatly and then said, "If every

time I sing the National Anthem turns out to be like this, Im singing in

every state twice over again, and with that went to work on Lita’s soaking


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