Dream Date


by BDSMChick

FF, MC, Oral


Laura Prepon

All of the events described in this piece of fiction are, shockingly, fictional. As far as I know, nothing like this has ever happened, unfortunately. You must be at least 18 years of age to read this story. If you are under 18, I advise you to turn around, step away from your computer and get a life, maybe some friends. Then, when you turn 18, ditch the stupid time-hogs and run back to your precious porn. 😉

A date with Laura Prepon. For one night, you and Laura Prepon will be together. You’ll go out to dinner,
maybe catch a movie, buy tons of “That 70’s Show” merchandise and just generally “hang out.” If you’re lucky, things might even go a bit farther than that. Sounds like any guy’s dream, right? Same goes for the switch-hitters on the other side of the fence, if you know what I mean. For years I had fantasized about her, about how great it would be to have her in bed with me, to lick her until she was completely dry, and then to let her do the same to me. I had spent more nights than I could count sprawled on my bed, fingers attacking my pussy as I thought of the things I could do to her, or that she could do to me.

When Fox had run their “Win a Date with Laura Prepon” contest, I had entered not really thinking I could win. And even if I did win, there would be no way Fox would let Laura go out with me. Rumors of homosexuality–even if just for publicity of a TV show–didn’t exactly do wonders for one’s career. Even still, knowing that I had no realistic chance, I had entered. I couldn’t live with myself if I hadn’t given myself the chance to be close to this demi-Goddess. As stipulated by the rules, each contestant had to send a picture of themselves, and I picked one that I hoped was flattering and yet not slutty. In it, my hair was in a simple ponytail and I wore a short, yellow dress. It had been taken two years previous, at my family’s annual spring barbecue. I had sent the form and picture in, not really expecting to win. Each time I got a letter from Fox saying I was in another round, I wrote it off, ignoring my growing anticipation. Then, when I was told I had won, I was dumbfounded. Some would have called it a great breakthrough for women’s rights, or a huge step on the path to acceptance for gays and bisexuals. I called it a dream come true, a chance to meet a woman I had lusted after for so long. Even if the date was a spectacular failure on every level, I would at least get to say that I had met Laura Prepon, and that was good enough for me.

I checked my hair and makeup one last time in the mirror before heading out to the limousine that Fox had sent for me. I wore a simple black dress, stylishly cut to reveal just a bit of cleavage. The dress went down to just above my knee, and a pair of black heels completed my outfit. Being daring, I decided to forgo any undergarments, loving the feeling of the slight wind that I knew would greet me when I left as it snaked up my dress and tickled my pussy. My long, auburn hair hung freely behind me, washed and combed but otherwise left untouched, being allowed to fend for itself and, at least in my opinion, doing a fine job of it. The last piece of my ensemble was my black handbag, hanging from my right shoulder as I gazed into the mirror. It contained every “essential” I always brought for a date: My cellular phone, $50 cash, an extra tube of lipstick (“Passion Pink”), my keys and a pair of handcuffs. Hey, you never know, right?

Sure, the night could (and probably would) end with a friendly handshake. And the date could be boring, mindless PR stuff. And, a little part of me that I quickly shut up said, Laura Prepon, hot as she may be, could be a total bitch. But then you get to the “what if” part. What if Laura isn’t a bitch? What if the date isn’t boring? What if we become friends? What if I actually get to find a use for these handcuffs after all? I could see it clearly as I reached for the doorknob: Laura, hands cuffed above her head and secured to the motel bedpost, writhing in pleasure and moaning as I teased her mercilessly, my fingers and tongue holding her on the brink of orgasm for seemingly forever before finally letting her cum. I’d lick up all of her cum hungrily and then kiss her, letting her taste her juices as they mixed with my lipstick. It was a vision that was making me wet…too wet, I quickly reminded myself, remembering I wasn’t wearing panties as I opened the door and walked towards the waiting limo.

The driver of the limousine, an aging man with white hair and a rather mischievous grin, opened the door for me and I got in, thanking him. I looked to my left and was stunned to see that Laura was in the limo as well! “Hi,” she said, taking my right hand in hers and shaking it firmly, “Julia, is it?” I hesitated for a second before correcting her. “Julie, actually. Julie Collins.” “Oh, I’m sorry,” she blushed slightly, not letting go of my hand. “I’m Laura Prepon.” “I–I know,” I stammered. It was very hot in the limousine and I hadn’t noticed that we were already moving. I felt dizzy, like the entire world was spinning…no, it was me spinning. My head was spinning and I couldn’t get it to stop. “Are you okay, Julie?” Laura asked. “Yeah,” I said, not wanting to lose it and embarrass myself in front of this beautiful woman. I found myself staring at her body, her magnificent breasts straining against a tight, blue dress that did little to hide her impressive cleavage. The dress was much shorter than mine, stopping well above mid-thigh and letting me get a good view of her fantastic legs. On any other woman the dress would have been considered obscene, but on Laura it looked heavenly. “I guess I’m just a little star struck is all,” I said, noticing that Laura had not yet let go of my hand. “That’s okay, Julie,” she said. “Look at me.” I did, and noticed how much taller she was than me, even though we were both sitting. I had to crane my neck slightly to look into her beautiful brown eyes, and I noticed her flaming red hair framed her pretty face marvelously. Again I felt incredibly dizzy, but now it was only when I wasn’t looking into Laura’s eyes. As long as I looked into Laura’s eyes everything stopped spinning and became clear, but the second I looked away or blinked everything went back to being hazy and dizzying. “Really, Julie, you just need to relax. Look into my eyes and relax, just feel yourself relaxing as you look deeper into my eyes.” I had to look deeper into Laura’s eyes, and at the same time I felt my own eyes getting heavier. I tried to keep them open, but I found that I was fighting a losing battle as I looked deeper into Laura’s eyes. I just had to go deeper, continue to listen to Laura’s voice and look deeper into her eyes. Everything would be okay as long as I kept looking deeper and deeper into Laura’s eyes. I started to feel hot as I looked deeper into Laura’s eyes and listened to her voice. It was getting very hot in the car, and it was making me dizzy, so dizzy. I had to close my eyes, just close my eyes and let the dizziness go away, close my eyes and relax totally as I listened to Laura. I needed to relax and listen to Laura, just close my eyes and listen to Laura as I completely relaxed.

“Well, we’re here! Boy, wasn’t that meal great!” As soon as Laura said that, I immediately felt full, even though I couldn’t remember eating. “I hope you had a good time, Julie.” “Oh, I did, Laura, thank you for everything. It was wonderful.” I shook her hand gratefully and, to my surprise, she kissed me on the cheek. “Just between you and me, okay?” She winked at me and I said, “Yeah, between us. Okay.” I was helped out of the limo by the driver and as I walked towards my front door I heard Laura’s voice say, “See you later, Julie!”

As soon as I was in the door and had closed it, I tore my dress off and started rubbing my tits. Oh, that kiss had made me so hot, why didn’t I do anything? I thought about returning the kiss as I pinched my nipple, thought about pressing my pink lips to hers and eagerly sucking on her tongue. I thought about kissing my way down her neck and to her tits, freeing them from their blue prison and licking the delicious mounds. I collapsed onto my couch and started teasing my pussy, imagining myself pushing Laura against the door of the limo and hungrily licking at her nipple. Laura would moan as I licked, running her fingers through my hair and encouraging me to go on. “Faster,” she’d pant, “lick my tits faster!” I’d comply, willing to obey any command of hers as long as I got to keep licking her soft flesh. My tongue would switch between the left and right nipple, hands rubbing her breasts and slowly working down to her pussy, tearing away ripped fragments of her blue dress as they went. When the dress was finally gone I would kiss down her stomach and start teasing her pussy, licking her natural red hair lightly. She’d press her hand against the back of my head and hold me close to her, crying “Don’t tease me!” I wouldn’t, plunging tongue first into her pussy, lapping up the juices as I attacked her cunt. I’d lick at her with a vengeance, hungrily burying my tongue in her pussy as she continued to hold my head in her hands, pulling my hair. On my couch I was pulling my own hair, thrusting two fingers in and out of my cunt as I tried to bring myself off. “Oh, yes!” I moaned, loving the picture I had inside my head. I was on all fours now, rocking against Laura as she fucked me from behind with a massive strapon. I moaned and rocked back against her, feeling my orgasm build as her big fake cock filled my hole. “YES, LAURA, YES!!” I screamed. “I’M GONNA FUCKING CUM ALL OVER YOUR BIG HARD COCK!” “No!” she commanded, “Don’t cum! Not until I tell you to!” Immediately I felt myself, on the couch and in the limo, fall farther from the brink of orgasm at Laura’s command. My mind felt like it was in a long tunnel, my screaming climax forming the light at its end. I could see the light, but it was getting darker, and I was getting dizzier. Each time Laura shoved the fake cock into me, each time I pressed my fingers against my clit, the light got darker. With every passing second I felt dizzier, heavier even. My actions slowed almost to a crawl as the world around me became dark. I was now feeling no pleasure from my fingers on my clit…in fact I was feeling nothing. The light was fading quickly, leaving me only with growing darkness as my eyes started to close involuntarily. Just as they were about to close completely, my phone rang, waking me from my near-slumber.

I opened my eyes and looked around, trying to find my phone and silence its annoying ringing. I noticed as I struggled to get off the couch that I was again very dizzy. I took a few stumbling steps to where I thought the phone was before falling to my knees. I was so dizzy, and the ringing of the phone kept echoing inside my brain, making it seem ten times louder than it was. The entire room was spinning, and I couldn’t keep my eyes focused on anything long enough to make out what it was. With every ring of the phone I grew dizzier, having to put my hands on the carpeted floor in front of me just to maintain my balance. Slowly, carefully, I put my right hand forward, followed by my right knee. I repeated this motion with my left hand and knee, slowly building speed as I crawled towards the ringing phone. All of a sudden I could see it, a lone solid object floating in a sea of unidentifyable shapes and forms. The ringing was deafening now, but somehow it didn’t hurt as much as it had before. I was slowly advancing towards the phone, and all the haze and dizziness in my mind was becoming clearer. I could feel a sense of purpose overcoming me as I reached for the phone, and even before I picked up the receiver I knew who was on the other end. I heard her sultry voice say, “Sleep time, my pet,” and immediately my eyes slammed shut as I listened to her instructions.

I still couldn’t believe I had won a date with Laura Prepon! My favorite celebrity in the whole world was coming, in a Fox-sponsored limosuine no less, to pick me up and just hang out for the day! This was a dream come true for me, and I wanted to be sure I made a good impression on her. I looked at myself in the mirror one last time before heading out. I was wearing a simple black dress, stylishly cut to reveal just a bit of cleavage. The dress went down to just above my knee, and a pair of black heels completed my outfit. Being daring, I had decided to forgo any undergarments, loving the feeling of the slight wind that I knew would greet me when I left as it snaked up my dress and tickled my pussy. Suddenly, I felt incredibly dizzy, and a new thought entered my head. Without pausing to consider it, I stripped out of the dress and left it in a pool at my feet before heading out the door. As I saw the limo and began to walk towards it, I felt another wave of dizziness. I sank to my hands and knees and began to crawl, loving the feeling of the hot concrete against my flesh as I crawled to the waiting limo, wiggling my bare ass slightly. The door opened, seemingly by itself, and I saw the wonderful nude form of Laura Prepon, her wet pussy calling to me as I entered. Slowly I began to lick her feet, moving up past her ankles and sliding my tongue across the beautiful flesh of her shins. I pressed my “Red-Hot Red” lips to her knees and kissed her creamy thighs.When I was mere inches away from her dripping pussy, I looked into her eyes, asking for permission. She nodded and I quickly dove in, my tongue lapping up all of her wetness as wave after wave of pleasure consumed my mind. I worked my tongue over every inch of her pink pussy, licking and sucking on everything I could taste. I heard her moan saw her begin to rub her breasts as I licked her. I buried my tongue deep inside her snatch, loving her shriek of pleasure as I found her clit at the exact same time that she pinched her right nipple. I hungrily took the hardened nub into my mouth, sucking on it as hard as I could and trying to taste every drop of Laura’s magnificent cum. As soon as the thought of cum entered my mind, Laura pressed her hands against the back of my head, pushing me harder onto her pussy as she began to cum. I eagerly sucked and licked up the fountain of cum, hearing her moans slowly scale down as I finished my delicious meal. When I had swallowed all Laura’s cum and licked my face clean, she took my head in her arms and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. “Just between you and me, okay pet?” she asked, winking. “Yes,” I agreed. “Just between us, Mistress.”

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