Dream Girl

If you are under 18, you shouldn’t be reading this, or if it is illegal in your area to be reading this. The events in this story are totally fictitious and I no way reflect the personality of the celeb involved.

Dream Girl

By Mr. Fantastic

My name’s Tim Cole. I have a pretty much set routine for my life. For five days a week, I work 9 to 5. On weekends, I laze around
the house or go to the mall. I rarely do anything special at the mall. Just look around, essentially be a mallrat. One weekend though, my activities got thrown into the air.

I was wandering around my mall as I usually do on Saturday when I walked into this store. Its called “As Seen On TV”, and it has a shitload of infomercial crap in it. I just decided to go in, look around, and leave, as I did with most stores. My usual way of doing things was interrupted however, when I saw a beautiful red head in the same store. She was tall, about 5′ 9″ , with an incredible ass. I eagerly anticpated her front being as appealing as the back. She was wearing tight hip huggers and a balck t-shirt.

She turned around and I saw her. Beautiful face, incredible green eyes. When it all sunk in, I realized I was looking at Laura Prepon, my dream girl. I swear, I can not count how many times I jerked off to my copy of Maxim with her pictorial. I decided to go and talk to her. I mean, when was I ever gonna get this opportunity again?

“Hi,” I said to her. My name’s Tim.” I stuck out my hand for a handshake.

“My name’s Laura,” she said, extending her hand and taking mine. “What brings you to this store? Addicted to crappy products like me?”

“Somewhat. I was actually on my way to the food court, but I wandered in here to check the goods, and in some cases, the bads.”

“Mind if I join you?”

“Not in the least.” I said with a smile.

We walked together to the food court and got in line at a chinese place. We both ordered chicked dishes, and sat down to eat. A conversation soon started out. Mostly chit chat. Somehow, the chit chat lead to a discussion about sex.

“I’ve always wanted to have sex in a public place youo know. But now, with the success of my show, it probably won’t happen.”

“I don’t know about that,” I said. “There are a couple of places in the mall where no one could see you if you decided to anything there. A couple employee hallways, stock rooms.”

“And how do you know this?” She asked with a smirk.

“Well, those places are good to do anything wear you don’t waana be seen, or just get away from the crowds for a while.”

“Why don’t you show me one of these places, for future reference?” she asked with a smile.

“Sure,” I said, figuring I’d just be giving her a tour that would later benefit some lucky guy.

We finished our meal and I led her to a remote stock room.

“Here it is,” I said. “This stock room is rarely visited. Probably once a month. Hope this is what you were looking fo….” I was stopped dead in my tracks. Laura had stripped down to nothing. I stared in awe at her gorgeous body. Her breast were perfect, at least to him. 34 C. Nice light pink nipples, about the size of a nickel. I looked down at her pussy. Her pubic haird was trimmed into a landing strip formation, a particular favorite look of mine.

“Like what you see Tim?” She asked seductively. I could only nod in response. “Good she said, and she started to walk over to me. As soon as she was close enough, she gently pulled my face to her and kissed me. Our tongues intertwined and massaged each other. I did not want this kiss to end, and uit di unfortunately, but it DID lead to something much better. She broke the kiss and removed my t-shirt from my chest and start to lick it. I moaned softly as Laura bit lightly on my nipple. She slowly kissed and nibbled her way down to my crotch. She undid my belt and unzipped my pants. She slowly slid her hand in and took out my hardening cock. She stroked me a few times to get me to my full hardness, then slowly took me into her mouth. I am by no means a large guy. I’m pretty much average in the size dept., if you catch my drift, but it didn’t seem to matter to her so far. She started to bob up and down and my cock slowly at first, occasionally swirling her tongue around the head. She removed me from her mouth and started to gently suck on my balls.. I felt as though I would blow at any second, but I held it in. I reached my hands down to her head and ran my fingers through her hair. She released by balls and once again engulfed my cock with her mouth.

“Laura,” I gasped, “I’m gonna cum!”

With that, Laura took me out of her mouth and pressed her tits together. Knowing what she wanted me to do, I slid my cock between her globes. Being so close, it took only a few thrusts for me to spurt out my cum. I let out a loud moan and shot my wad. It shot out a bit to hit some of her face, just below her lower lip mainly. The rest pooled around her neck and breasts. I thrusted a few more times, savoring how she felt, and then leaned back against a wall. I watch her as she licked under her lips to get at the cum there, and then picked the rest up with her fingers and licked them clean. She motioned for me to come over to her again. I of course complied, and she licked my cock clean.

“Now its your turn, lay down.” I told her. She did, and I removed my clothing as well. I crawled over to her, and slowly spread her legs. She sighed as I licked her inner thighs, slowly working my way to her slit. Her moaning became louder the closer I got. Soon, my head was near her opening. I lightly licked her aroused lips. I formed a tight seal around her pussy and started licking and sucking. My tongue darted in and out as fast as I could, moving in all directions to get as much as I could. I caught her clit and gently teased it with my teeth and slowly licked. I sped up and started to spell out words on it with my tongue.

“OH MY GOD!!!” She cried, lifting and grinding her hips into my face. I started to finger her as well, getting her clit between my fingers and rubbing it, alternating it with my tongue. It was beginning to be to much for her, and in a few minutes, she came. I drank in her honey, and shared a kiss with her, causing her to taste herself.

By this time, all her moaning and caused my dick to get rock hard again. She motioned for me to get on my back, and I did. She got over me and soon lowered herself onto my aching hard cock. We both let out a moan when I was all the way in. She started to lift her self up and down, grinding her hips all the way I took my hands, one massaging her breasts, the other rubbing her clit while she was on top of me. II lifted my self up a bit so I could kiss her as we went at it. I put my arms around her and held close, me thrusting while she was grinding. Our bodies were intertwined with each other, our mouths connected, our tongues massaging each other. I started to lower my hands to grab her hips as she started to lean back, her hands supporting her as I started to thrust harder. In return she ground and thrust back harder. We looked at each other right in the face. I saw nothing but pure animal lust in her eyes, and I’m sure she saw the same in mine.

After what must have been thirty minutes, Laura threw her head back and moaned loudly, her pussy was spasming and contracting as her second orgasm hit her. Her contracting pussy was too much for my cock to take. I held her hips in place as best I could and shot my load deep into her. I held her there for at least a minute, until every last drop had been shot. I pulled her close to me, and we kissed and embraced. We fooled around a bit more, sucking and kissing each other, before we finally got dressed. We exchanged phone numbers.

Now, my weekends are WAY more fun than they used to be.

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