Dream Role

Fictional Story Disclaimer: It’s just a fantasy. It’s not the real thing.

If you are under the legal age, please leave this sight now. This is just an
erotic story, with not the slightest element of truth, or fact, even though
we might wish the opposite to be true. Although this story is based upon
real people and contains certain factual information, all actions,
mannerisms, statements, and events are completely fictitious. Quotes and
references that are based on fact are used only for creative purposes and
are taken completely out of context. This is NOT to be taken seriously. This
is not meant to slander
anyone’s reputation.

Dream Role-starring Mackenzie Rosman by Dudester

Mf, cons, seduction

The vacation itself was a year in the planning, but that I found john was a
stroke of luck. In the service, we had been the best of friends. We had had
some adventures together-great fun. It was on a military bulletin board that
I had stumbled across him. We exchanged several emails. I told him that I
was going to Los Angeles for a vacation and he suggested lunch. I was a
little taken back that he only suggested lunch, considering our history, but
I guess he had his reasons.

At the lunch, he walked up talking on a cellphone. From the conversation I
correctly guessed that he was a busy lunch order. I also easily picked up
the impression that he was trying to rush the lunch to get back to his
business. We made small talk, then he just hit flat out hit me with the

He ran a limo service and one of his most trusted drivers was at the
hospital because his wife was giving birth. He desperately needed someone to
fill in. Since he usually ran backgrounds on his drivers because of his
clients, and I was a trusted friend, he basically pleaded with me, telling
me just needed one day and he would pay three hundred. I was a little
shocked, but I took the gig.

The next morning at 7 I was at his limo service. I was given an address and
and a password. I drove to the address and pulled up to a large gated house.
I gave the password, when asked, over the gate intercom. The gates opened
and I drove up to the front door. A short cute girl walked out of the door.
She was talking busily on a cellphone and hardly paid me any mind. I opened
the limo door and put Mackenzie Rosman of Seventh Heaven in the back.

As I drove off to the studio, she continued talking on her cellphone. I
tuned her out, but did glance occasionally at her in the rear view mirror.
Finally, at the studio, as I let her out of the car, she looked directly at
me. She gave me a look, then walked off to do her acting thing.

I camped out in the limo, reading a book and enjoying the radio. I would’ve
been at Disneyland today, but that could wait. A nice caterer brought a box
lunch out at noon. Mackenzie finally reappeared just before four in the
afternoon. She gave me another look as she got in the limo. She was quiet
for the first couple of minutes, then broke the silence with:”You’re not my
usual driver”.

“His wife gave birth. I’m only filling in today. John, the owner of the
service is an old friend. We served in the military together”.

“Really?” she asked.

I then told her the hilarious story about how John had once accidentally
punched our unit commander. The story made her laugh. I quickly followed
that story with one about how John’s family had forgotten he was going home
on leave and he had to break into his own house. She laughed again and
saddled up to the seperator between the driver and passenger department.

“Tell me another story” she said.

I then told her a story about whoring in Hong Kong. She was spellbound. As I
finished the story, we arrived at her place. I got out and opened the door
for her. She thanked me as she climbed out, walked a few feet towards the
door, and paused.

“My mom and sister are out of town for the next couple of days”, she
admitted, “would you come in and keep me company for a little bit?”

It’s not everyday that I get that kind of offer from a TV star, so I went in
with her. The first couple of minutes were a little awkward, so I asked if
she wanted another story. Her smile and rapt attention returned. I told her
a revenge story about an overzealous military cop on our base. John and I
had framed him to make it looked like the cop had intentionally crashed his
patrol car.

The story made her laugh and put her at ease.

“You’ve led such an exciting life” she said.

“Naaah”, I protested, “you’re the TV star. I’m sure you’ve met some famous
people and went to some parties”

“Well, yeah”, she admitted, telling me about the time she met Julia Roberts
at a party.

“See” I said, playfully poking her in the ribs as she finished the story.
She giggled, then stood up.

“Do you mind if I change clothes?” she asked, “I usually change clothes at

“Go ahead” I told her.

I was alone in her living room for several minutes while she was gone. Her
living room was like any other upper middle class living room. There was the
prerequesite family pictures, but also a very clean smell that comes from
maid service. Mackenzie finally reappeared in a white terry robe and
matching slippers.

“Can I show you my game room?” she asked.

She then led me back to a spacious game room, that included a pool table,
arcade video games, and something that caught my attention-a bumper pool
table. I hadn’t played on one since I was a kid and asked if she would play
a game for me. The game brought out the kid in her, but I noticed her glance
over at a curtain that hung in the corner of the room. We finished the game,
then walked around the pool table contemplating a game when I noticed her
glance in the curtained corner again.

“Is something wrong?I asked.

She was quiet for a few seconds, then asked, “Can I show you my dream role?”

She had been so nice that I said yes.

“I got a script last year” she explained. “I wanted this role so bad, but my
parents absolutely wouldn’t let me do it. I’ve wanted to do this so bad”.

“Go ahead” I said.

She walked over to a panel and pressed some buttons. “Detriot Rock City”
started playing over some speakers as the curtain opened to reveal a small
stage and a stripper’s pole. She took off the robe to expose a black two
piece babydoll negligee on her tight little body. She took the stage and
started doing the bump and grind. She had a smile as she spun, shook, and
posed sexily. Then, in a practiced maneuver, she undid the top and twirled
it off exposing a pair of small mounds topped with dark brown nipples. As
the song ended, and the slower “Wonderful Tonight” began, she sank to the
stage floor, lying on her back and sexily wiggling her hips. In another
practiced maneuver she raised her hips and sexily slid her panties down her

She discarded the panties, then spread her legs wide to give me a view of
her bald pussy lips. She rubbed her hand over her pussy several times and
briefly parted her lips to give me a peek of vagina. Then she smiled and
beckoned me forward with a finger. I walked up between her legs.

“Aren’t you going to tip me?” she asked.

I fished the two singles I had out of my wallet and laid them on her
stomach. Then I put my hands on her small tits groping them before sliding
down her ribcage to between her legs. I slid fingers up and down her crack
before finding her moistness and inserting a finger in her. She moaned and
raised her hips to give me greater access. I began finger fucking her, using
my thumb to play with her clit.

She got into it thrusting her hips as her moisture leaked out of her and
down her asshole. She suddenly squealed and shook as she experienced an
orgasm. Before she could lose the feeling, I picked her up and placed her on
a couch in the room. I quickly unzipped and entered her. She panted,
thrusted, and clawed at me as I undressed and fucked her at the same time.
Already aroused, I quickly felt my cum rising and shot a load into her.

We paused for a few minutes, then, as I remained in her, I began making love
to her. I played with her neck and ears, nibbled on her nipples and brought
her to anotherr orgasm with slow thrusts before I began pounding her again.
She had her third orgasm as I had my second.

We caught our breath, then she asked if I had ever done that with a
stripper. “Not onstage” I answered.

“Tell me about your dream role” I asked.

“It’s about a fourteen year old girl who strips to support her crippled
father” she explained.

“I’d go to see that, but you couldn’t make that movie in the U.S.”

“My father said something like that”.

“You are definitely the hottest stripper I ever saw”.

“Really” she asked with a big smile.

“If I saw you in a strip club, I’d become your biggest customer”.

She opened her mouth to say something, but I began playing with her clit. A
moment later we were fucking again. We broke for a naked dinner, then I
fucked in her kitchen. To complete the evening, we fucked in her parent’s
bed, then remade it as if nothing happened.

I spent the night with her, then resumed my vacation the next morning. John
was a little ticked that I returned the limo late, but gave me a look
wondering if I had done what I had really done. As for Mack, I gave her a
memory and a chance to do her dream role.

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