Dream Weaver

"Dream Weaver"

Dedicated to Stardog Champion – as he told me about Mariah, "DAMN is she

Prologue: "Vision Of Love"

Jon Anderson couldn’t believe his luck; this afternoon he had gone to
the National Stadium to see a concert, and now here he was backstage
after it. He’d summoned up enough courage to go backstage, to tell her
thanks for visiting Barbados on her tour of the Caribbean and doing her
hugely expensive but well worth it thing… the security guards outside
her door
had allowed in ONE fan, and he was the lucky one.

And now, Mariah Carey – gorgeous, silver-voiced, chart-topping Mariah
Carey – was writhing away under him, clutching him like a lifebuoy as
his hard 19-year-old body pumped away at her on her longue chaise. Her
hands were running down his back, buttocks and legs as she cursed
passionately into his ear and told him not-so-sweet nothings. "I’ve
done this on each island," she whispered fiercely. "I thought those
Jamaican and Trinidadian guys were something… but YOU… oh man…"

Jon was too happy to care about her lusts for others; he was one of her
most devoted fans, and here he was making love to her, about to fill
her wonderful pussy with his come, fulfilling a scenario many had to
make do with just dreaming about. As the cries of passion filled the
air, one of Mariah’s hands scrabbled on the floor for a remote control;
she found it, and as she gasped at Jon’s deepest thrust yet she
switched on the stereo. Mariah was now there twice – reaching the high
notes as a result of Jon’s expert use of her body, and out of the
stereo with "Hero."

The song had a quiet ending, but Mariah was never quiet when she was
having sex. Jon loved the look in her heavenly eyes as he erupted into
her box…

That was just one of the many erotic thoughts that went through the
young man’s mind as he studied the cover of one of her albums. What a
beauty: the soft voice, the creamy skin, the long hair, the doe eys,
the alluring smile, the body that could turn a eunuch on. He had dreamt
before, and would again. Someday it might not be just dreams. Someday,

1: "I’ll Be There" (not originally a Mariah song, but I like her
version better)

>From the ‘Weekend Nation’: "Get out the earplugs and lock up your
menfolk – Mariah Carey’s coming to Barbados. The immensely successful
singing star will be on the island for two weeks shooting her new $80
million film ‘Dream Weaver’ around the West Coast, under the direction
of Mimi Leder (‘ER,’ ‘The Peacemaker,’ ‘Deep Impact’). Joining her will
be her costars Ben Affleck, Calista Flockhart, Vince Vaughn and Martin
Lawrence. Mariah will also be singing three songs for the
TriStar/DreamWorks thriller, due for release in America this Christmas
– and yes guys, she will be doing some bikini scenes!"

2: "Someday"

"So what’s this film about, Jon?" asked his brother Darren. "You’re the
one who’s so hot for Mariah you even wrote a poem about her… how did
it go? Oh yeah -‘I want to make love to Mariah Carey/Her skin is so
smooth, not rocky or hairy/Her body’s so beautiful she must be a
fairy/I want to make love to Mariah Carey…’" interrupted by Jon
Anderson throwing a pillow at him.

"If you must know," he explained, "it’s about this woman on holiday in
the Caribbean who finds out she can enter guys’ dreams – that’s Mariah
– and she plays parts in their fantasies, and she starts an affair with
a guy she meets in there but she doesn’t know he’s a homicidal maniac
who wants to use her to kill for him; get her to get them in dreams a
la Freddy Krueger. Cue lots of sex, lots of effects, lots of violence,
and Mariah sings over the credits."

It did sound great, especially as part of the buzz was that Mariah
would be doing nudity for the first time, including a full-frontal (and
reverse), but due to Barbados being an officially God-fearing island
the sex scenes had been a problem until the producers had signed blood
oaths that the exterior scenes wouldn’t be filmed there – as they were
chiefly set in the fantasy world ("Mariah Carey’s Dreams And Special
Visual Effects By Industrial Light And Magic," the credits would
eventually read), they couldn’t be anyway. In return, they had gotten a
special permit to shoot the scene where Mariah emerged from the sea
stark naked.

They also needed a location for the house where the characters played
by Mariah and Calista Flockhart lived while on the island; which is
where the Andersons came in. Despite Denise Anderson’s objections – she
hated movies, didn’t like Mariah Carey records and had been jealous of
her beauty ever since she caught Jon, Darren and dad Thomas watching
her on TV and sporting enough wood between their legs for a rain forest
(hearing Thomas groan "Mariah…" while sleeping didn’t help). But
Hollywood money and the promise that they wouldn’t try a Roberta while
she was in the house had changed her mind. (Roberta Flack had had a
fling with a local once, leading to a fair bit of embarrassment when
the story broke, complete with the Mighty Gabby coming up with a
calypso about it. This, by the way, really happened – VAF)

Jon would have loved it if she had a fetish – say, for good-looking
young men who couldn’t currently walk thanks to a disagreement
involving a car and a zebra crossing, and probably wouldn’t walk for a
long time if ever. But that would depend on her even meeting him while
she, the director and that skinny Flockhart woman (who wasn’t his type
– he liked Courtney Thorne-Smith more) were staying with them to shoot
the scenes. Still, being an eternal optimist, he consoled himself with
the thought that it was Mariah Carey staying in his house and not Missy

3: "Fantasy"

Tomorrow was the day of the Nude Scene. The Anderson men were all
wishing they could be there for it, but Thomas had to work, and Darren
and Denise had "decided" (i.e. Denise had decided) to go to St. Peter,
leaving Jon alone upstairs with a promise that he wouldn’t interfere.
As Thomas and Denise lay in bed, the head of the family couldn’t think
about anything else but that scene…

Strolling along the coastline in the morning, Thomas’s happy beach walk
was interrupted by his seeing a trail of footprints out of the surf.
Scuba diver? Thomas’s interest was piqued as he followed the steps. He
was not as alone on the beach as he had thought. He could smell
something on the air… a strange, heady perfume like nothing else on
Earth. Something in him stirred for the first time in years, causing
him to run faster after the steps.

The smell grew stronger the more he followed. Thomas was being driven
crazy with desire, which propelled him over the edge when the steps
stopped at the source. A woman was lying on her front on the sand,
humming to herself while resting. She was naked and curvy, gleaming
with water. Thomas was hypnotised by the glistening droplets on her
buns, and – when she looked over her shoulder on noticing the shadow
cast over her – by her wide smile.

"Hi, Thomas," grinned Mariah. "I need a rubdown baaaad after that swim.
Could you…?" and she indicated the bottle of embrocation liquid next
to her. Trying not very hard to ignore the stiffening in his shorts,
Thomas picked up the jar and opened it.

"I don’t want to sound forward or anything," Thomas said as he applied
the lotion to Mariah’s beautiful body, "but you have a body just like
your records; well made and very entertaining."

"Your sons like it too," she added, reaching behind her and grasping
Thomas’s groin, slipping her hand inside and stroking his cock and
balls. "You play your cards right and you might just get to see how it
feels. Now if you could just turn around for little Mariah…" she
pouted. Thomas would have burned down Government House for her, so this
was no problem.

Mariah pulled the shorts down, and gulped at the scalloped rump she
found. "I can return the compliment, Tom," she sighed. "But I need to
have my legs done first…" Thomas turned around, enjoying the way
Mariah’s eys widened at the sight of his equipment – he was proud of
what he had in his trousers. As he was equally impressed with what
Mariah had, it all balanced out. As he bent and picked up one of
Mariah’s legs, he
relished the thought of what the world’s sexiest singing star would do
to him; she was going to eat his ass, while Denise wouldn’t even give
him a blowjob ("Anything that goes in MY mouth doesn’t come out," she’d
informed him the first time they’d had sex). Did this make her a whore?
Not as far as he was concerned; and all he had to do was massage Mariah
Carey’s beautiful legs.

He caressed each foot in turn, rubbing the heels slowly and running his
tongue along each of her lovely long toes, loving the sensation as she
wriggled them in his mouth. Thomas’s fingers moved along Mariah’s
calves and up her long, smooth thighs, delicatedly probing as they
went. His lips were dying to take the trip, but he forced himself to

Mariah took his throbbing cock in her hand, and placed it between her
thighs, and clapped them shut. She began to jerk to and fro on the
cock, and Thomas joined in, using his prick rather than his hands to
ease her legs’ tension…as it were. He stroked her legs like a crazed
person as he fucked them; no chance of leaving her pregnant with all
the fun still intact.

"You ever fucked in the sea, Tom?" she gasped as the legfuck continued.
"Nobody’s around…"

As Thomas started to come all over Mariah’s trim midriff, he knew he
was just getting started. He just hoped his alarm wouldn’t go off…

It went off, as he came into his sheet. He was damned thankful that
Denise wouldn’t be awake until long after he was gone.

4: "Emotions"

The trip to St.Peter promised to be long and boring (for Darren,
anyway), and try and try as he might he couldn’t get out of it. "You
want to see Mariah’s cunt wait until it’s on the big screen!" his mum
had said – in addition to not liking Mariah, she was a very straight
talker. "You’re just as bad as your dad – I saw some stains on his
sheet, and I just hope it was me he was thinking about…"

It was not, luckily for Darren’s mental health, his mother that he was
thinking about that night in bed. To take his mind off the trip, he
wondered where Mariah would be changing today. Maybe it might be his
room? If only he could sneak in…

…to watch her undress. She seemed to know he was watching; Mariah
knew men dreamed of her gorgeous body, and was happy to let them do so.
She did it slowly, savouring each moment as Darren watched from inside
the closet. She had her back to him as her gown slipped off. As she
turned around to get her towel, Darren cried out in joy at the sight of
her naked body – the large round breasts, the soft tummy, the horny
legs – and instantly wished he hadn’t.

Mariah pulled the wardrobe doors open, and found the nervous young man,
his cock out and stiff. Darren wanted to die, but Mariah just giggled –
"C’mon, kid, it’s not like I haven’t seen hardons before…but you’d
better do something about it before your mum sees it."

She knelt down, took Darren’s prick in her hand and began to stroke it,
gently at first while breathing on the tip. "So long for one so
young…" she murmured. "What a work of art." She gently kissed it.
Darren’s cock pulsed like mad as she worked on it, kissing it and
licking it. He had difficulty believing he was being masturbated by
Mariah Carey; he also had difficulty believing how amazing her body

"Oh my God, where are my MANNERS?" she laughed, and lay back, still
holding his cock, and spread her beautiful legs. "I’m all for equality
– you can do it too."

Darren ran his fingers through Mariah’s silken pussy hairs, along her
fat lips and inside the box. "Dear God…" he whispered. As one hand
ran down each of her long, smooth thighs in turn (Darren had been known
to come just THINKING of Mariah Carey’s legs), he started to massage
her hot wet pussy with the other, using the same care and dedication
she gave to his cock. It was good and tight, and it was so much better
than playing with himself. Mariah, meanwhile, manipulated his teenage
prick faster and faster, as if she was in a race to make him come
before she did. Darren worked her cunt ever more eagerly, imagining
there would be a "prize" if the gasps and cries she started to generate
led to something more…

Denise, standing in the doorway, watched with disapproval as her son,
caught up in sleep, thrust his fist up and down his cock, whispering
"Mariah… Mariah… sweet, sexy Mariah… Mariah, I’m on fire…"

5: "One Sweet Day"

Jon was all alone in the house, as shooting progressed. The nude scene
would be first, and as he was upstairs he knew if he could have fixed
something with the telescope, he would have an ideal shot of the
Moment. But his mother had removed the telescope when he looked for it,
replacing it with a note indicating that he could damn well wait for
the film. He was, needless to say, not happy.

He sat on his bed, watching TV and listening to the sounds they made
downstairs. The crew seemed to be eating lunch – he silently hoped they
made a mess. Mum was trying to ruin everyone else’s day, let them
return the favour.

Footsteps in the corridor. Jon was on his guard – he always got a bit
nervous… he was like that. The door opened, and a head popped in with
a smile.

"Hi!" beamed the owner of the smile. "I thought someone might be up
here when I heard the TV… look, I don’t want to bother you, but can
you tell me where the toilet is, I gotta go REAL bad…"

"Ummm…er…ah…it’s the second door to the right."

"Thanks – I’ll be right back." And Mariah Carey closed the door,
leaving Jon to sit back and think about it. Mariah’s perfect bottom was
about to grace the Anderson family’s toilet seat; he wished he could
watch. In fact, he wished he could watch her shower… combining her
singing with her bathing made him hard.

The bulge was visible when Mariah returned, and looked at him, checking
him out. "Thanks a lot… Jon, is it?"

"It is indeed," he replied. "Taking a break?"

Mariah laughed, and started to walk towards him. "They got the scene
done in one take. I’m done for the day."

A suspicion was uncurling in Jon’s mind. "And you’re still here

The beautiful singer sat down on the bed and reached out a finger as
Jon started silently wishing he was right. "Call this research… I’ve
been watching you for the past few days," she cooed as she traced the
finger down his body. "I get a lot of letters, and I definitely
remember the one you sent me…" Mariah’s finger stopped at the
uprising under the sheet. "You still have feeling down there."

Jon couldn’t move his arms for the excitement. Mariah slowly removed
his clothes for him, and scanned the result. "If Tommy was that
well-built I’d still be with him," she smiled and kissed him softly on
the lips. Jon pulled her to him and pushed his hands under her gown.
"If you knew how long I’ve dreamed of this…" he whispered. It was
indeed many fans’ dream, as he guided his hands down Mariah’s
curvaceous frame.

Mariah whipped off the gown, and Jon had to try hard not to come at the
feeling of her beautiful nude body. "Before we start, I got to see you,
so it’s only fair that you get to see me," she added. She clambered off
the bed and stood at the end. Jon sighed deeply at her incredible form
– large breasts, super pussy, and when she turned around… "My dad and
my brother love your ass," he whispered. "So do I… it’s beautiful."

"Thank you," Mariah replied, turning around again and bending down. "A
lot of men send me letters about my butt; I’m proud of it, I gotta tell
you." She stroked Jon’s legs, licking the inside of the thighs all the
way up to his eager baton. "You’re great too…" Mariah then sucked
Jon’s balls before beginning to consume his cock. Up and down her head
went, hungrily working the organ. He was fixated on the sight of a
Mariah Carey blowjob; he started breathing harder, afraid he’d come
within seconds.

Jon knew that if this got out, people would really believe she was a
slut. But he wouldn’t tell… he was happy to keep this a secret.
Mariah knew when to stop – "Can’t have you ending before it’s
finished," she told him with a smile. She clambered up his body slowly,
sidling back and forth as sinuously as a snake, before placing herself
on his face. Jon deeply inhaled the aroma of her beautiful pussy, and
without a word started to indulge the banquet between her legs. Mariah
fondled his head and shoulders as she started to get thrilled almost at
once. This was the first time Jon had done it… oh God, the kid was a

Jon’s hands roamed up Mariah’s body, finding her big, bouncing breasts.
They were so great to squeeze and stroke – if they were silicone she
had a great surgeon, if they weren’t, it was jackpot. He rubbed her
luscious nipples, and levered himself up, licking his way up to suck
briefly on each boob, pushing them together and kissing them. "Go down
and have seconds…" urged Mariah, pushing him back down towards her
box. Jon needed no real urging, as his hands caressed her smooth back,
making their way as far down her long, sexy legs as he could.

"Ummmm…Mariah?" he asked nervously.

"Yeah…?" she gasped, enjoying his tongue.

"You know, it’s my birthday tomorrow… I was wondering if I
could…um…have your butt?"

Mariah pulled his head up as if he was a puppet. "You WHAT?" she asked
in disbelief.

Jon’s head returned to normal, as he realised he’d put his foot in it.
"Oh God, Mariah, I’m sorry – I don’t know what came over me, I’m such a
fucking idiot–"

Mariah studied him, breasts heaving with her initial rage, before she
gave him his answer.

Downstairs, some members of the crew was having lunch while the
director did some catchup shots with other cast members. The Andersons
would (they told themselves) be reimbursed for all the food they
ate…they could hear groaning and bumping while they polished off the
beer and burgers.

"Think that’s….?" one crewmember asked.

"Nah," said another, "it’s probably Claire again." Claire was another
member of the crew whose penchant for fucking any local she could get
her hands on after the day’s work (wherever she was) was well known,
but as long as none of the cast gave them any trouble – and none of the
cast HAD given them any trouble – they weren’t complaining.

Upstairs, Mariah was moaning, as Jon slowly kissed and stroked her
creamy, fleshy ass. Like his dad, he had dreamed of savouring her seat
(and vice versa), but this was no dream.

"I can’t stay for the party," Mariah panted, "but think of this as a
sort-of early present… kind of a thank you for letting us use your

If Jon’s mouth hadn’t been busy rimming her succulent asshole (it was
slick and soft, and clean as a whistle) he would have said "The
pleasure’s all mine." As it was, he continued exploring her anus while
his hands spread over to the front and caressed and finger-fucked her
box, before returning to her rump. "Kind of a good thing your parents
liked ’70s English bands and not the Grateful Dead," she gasped, "I
hate the idea of having my ass eaten by a guy called Jerry – those
Spice Girls suck…"

Jon had been in Barbados all his life, and this was the first time
anyone he’d met here had ever gotten the joke of his name. Before he
could express his gratitude, Mariah pulled her bum away from him and
clambered off the bed. "Hang on for a sec," she told him, and padded
off to the bathroom, leaving him to reflect on his luck. All those men
who could walk dreamt of plunging their organs into someone like her,
and here he was, a guy who needed a wheelchair, actually pulling it
off. He couldn’t help feeling a but smug…

Mariah returned, holding a jar of Vaseline. "They wouldn’t let us shoot
this scene here," she told him. "Goddamn Puritans… call this a sneak
preview." She expertly applied it to Jon’s upright cock, whistling a
merry tune. Her fingers were so delicate, he was tempted to ask if
she’d done this before. Then she stood with her back to him, her round
and juicy cushions right in his face. Jon rubbed the Vaseline into her
ass, massaging it up her asshole and carefully loosening it – "C’mon,
it’s not the first time," she laughed – until it was so pliable he
could have fisted her. (If only.)

She climed onto the bed again, positioned herself over Jon’s tower and,
spreading her cheeks, slowly began to lower herself onto the cockhead.
Her aim was true; the puckery hole started to take in the penis. Jon
watched in amazement as it slowly disappeared up Mariah’s fundament.
Mariah started to gasp as she was cored.

"ooooohhhh BAYbeee…" she panted as she went further and further down,
before levering herself up somewhat, then going back down – up and down
she went, driving Jon’s cock in deeper and deeper, pushing heat through
his lower and upper regions. Mariah started writhing to and fro, as the
"punishment" continued.

Jon was savouring the inner walls of her asshole as much as she loved
his organ; it seemed as if it would go on and on and on forever. As she
tightened her sphincter muscles, increasing the pressure on his prick,
she began to scream with passion. "COME ON, JON!!! GOD, YES!!! YES,

STOP!!! DON’T STOP MARIAH!!!" And Jon gave in to her, punching out his
come up into her, as he filled her with his love and his lust, and his
fantasies spread their wings and prepared to fly…butterfly.

The workers donwstairs never told a soul.

6. "When You Believe"

It was a year later, and the Andersons were watching the closing
credits of "Dream Weaver" as Mariah Carey’s version of the Gary Moore
song serenaded the list of the cast and crew. Even Denise had to admit
that it had been a great film – lots of suspense and romance, action
galore, and as with everywhere the film played, there was a cumulative
sigh from the men in the audience when Mariah appeared naked ("If
Nicole Kidman is theatrical Viagra, Mariah Carey is the equivalent for
films and music," one particularly lustful critic drooled). Now, as the
song ended and the instrumental music by Alan Silvestri took centre
stage for the rest of the credits, Denise Anderson turned to the rest
of the family and said, "Well, that wasn’t so bad…"

"No, it wasn’t," said Jon, smiling as the acknowledgements started.

"What the SHIT?!?" yelled Darren. "Look at THAT!"

There, scrolling up the screen, was the line – "And Mariah Carey
extends special thanks to Jon Anderson. He knows why."

As one, the rest of the family turned to look at Jon, who merely

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