Dreams Come True

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Dreams Come True – Elisha Cuthbert (mF cons oral anal)

My name is Joe Phelps, I’m 17, and I have leukemia. The doctors have given
me six
months to live. My favorite show is 24, it helps me get through the week waiting
to see
the next episode. My one goal left in life is to meet Elisha Cuthbert,
who plays
Bauer on the show. I was hoping to attend UCLA this fall but things change when
you get


“Yeah?” replied Elisha, looking up. She’s on the set of her show between

“You all right?” It’s Kiefer Sutherland her co-star. “You look like you’re
“I’m fine, just a sad fan letter is all.”

“What’s it say?”

“This kid who was going to go to college this fall, but he’s been diagnosed
leukemia so that plans out,” Elisha says as a tear rolls down her cheek.

“Ouch, that would be rough,” replied Kiefer with a grimace.

“Yeah, being 17 and being told that you only have six months left. He’ll
never go to
a bar, probably never smoke. He might even still be a virgin. Can you imagine
sex? Never knowing love, never get married.”

“Or get left at the altar by Julia Roberts,” joked Kiefer with a grim face.
a lot of stuff he’ll never get to do, but what can any of us do about it?”

“He said his one wish was to meet me, I guess I could help him do that.”

“You sure? You have no idea if he’s for real or not. Or even if he is, what
he might
do,” Kiefer warns her. “But if you do go, at least take him something to
remember you
They both get up to go back to work, Elisha still mulling the idea over in her

A few days later, on her off day, she set off for Joe’s house. She wasn’t
about what might happen, just that meeting him might at least help ease his
pain. She
about noon and rings the doorbell. The door is opened by a cute guy about 6’2″,
slim build
with blond hair and blue eyes. As she looks him over she notices his eyes
widening with

“Are you Joe?” Elisha asks.

“Yeah, you look like someone famous, but you can’t be her. There’s no way,”
Joe says
still looking at her.

“Actually, I am. I got your letter and it touched me so much I thought I’d
come meet
you in person.”

“Oh my god, I can’t believe this. Can I get your autograph?” He asks
running into the
house. She follows him in and closes the door as he comes back with a copy of
the Maxim
magazine she was in.

“Sure,” she says as she quickly signs the cover. “I also brought you the
DVDs of the
first season of the show since you said you loved it so much.”

“Oh wow, I was planning on getting that next week when I could get to the
store. I
guess I can use that money for something else now,” As he opens the DVDs he
“want to
watch one with me?”

She looks at her watch and says, “Sure, I’ve some time. I didn’t get to see
very many
of the finished episodes, so it should be fun what they wound up looking like.”

Joe grabs the first DVD, pops it in. As it plays they watch it and make
small talk
about what acting is like, what the other actors are like.

“What other shows do you watch?” Elisha asks.

“Well, I love CSI. I watch Seinfeld everyday and Dark Angel was great.
and Smallville are some of my favorites too.” he says. “Do you get to see any
other shows
between work?”

“I’ve seen CSI a couple times and it was pretty good. But I love Buffy,
Sarah Michelle
Gellar is the best.”

“Yeah, she’s hot. God damned Freddie Prinze Jr. How does a pansy like him
get a girl
like her?”

“He’s cute and he’s in the business as well. They have a lot in common,”
she replies.

“He’s cute? He’s got no talent. All he is is a pretty boy. Name a movie he
was in that
made money because of him. Scooby-Doo drew on the people who grew up watching
and Sarah’s fans. That basically leaves I Know What You Did Last Summer, and
more for the fact it was Kevin Williamson’s follow up to Scream.”

“Maybe she just wanted a trophy husband like most men have,” she says with
a shrug.

“That must be it, it’s the only thing that makes sense. You want something
to drink?”
He asks as he gets up to go to the kitchen.

“What do you have?”

He opens the fridge and says “well it looks like there’s water, Pepsi, Diet
Pepsi, or

She thinks a minute and answers “a Diet Pepsi would be great, thanks.”
Joe grabs a Diet Pepsi for Elisha and a beer for him. He walks back into
the room and
hands her her soda.

Cracking open his beer he asks “want to watch the next episode?”

“I can watch some more, it’s just weird watching yourself on screen,” she
says as she
opens her Pepsi and takes a sip.

“I gotta ask whether Nina really killed Terri or if she lives happily ever

“Yep, she dead and Nina’s in custody.”

“Talk about a non-typical Hollywood ending. In Hollywood they seem to think
everyone’s life has a happy ending. No one dies early unless it’s so someone
close to them
can spend the rest of the season grieving before finding out the person right
under their
nose is the one their supposed to be with,” he says as he takes a gulp of his
“That’s a pretty cynical view of the world, but it’s pretty understandable
the circumstances.”

“Well, when you’ve got six months to live, you don’t have time to beat
around the
It makes you realize how short time is and you learn to be honest. If someone
doesn’t like
what you have to say, who cares. Their not gonna have to hear it much longer

“That’s a good way to live, more people should adopt that philosophy.
However, I
help but notice the bitter tone in your voice,” she points out.

“I’ll be lucky to see 19, of course I’m bitter. Not to mention that women
shy away
they find out I’m sick. It makes any relationship, let alone a long term one,
“You don’t have a girlfriend?”

“I had been dating a girl for a couple weeks, but when she found out I was
sick she
decided she didn’t want to be emotionally involved. So she essentially broke up
with me
I haven’t talked to her since.”

There’s a long silence as she lets him calm down a little before
continuing. “I guess
I can understand not wanting to get emotionally attached to someone you know
going to
be in your life very long. But really, that’s what love’s about. When you fall
in love you
don’t know how long it will last. Sometimes it’s a matter of months, sometimes
it’s years.
It always hurts when it ends but I wouldn’t go back and change them even if I
because everything that’s happened, both good and bad, have made me what I am.
I’d be
that I changed anything that I’d find myself in a different place that I
wouldn’t enjoy nearly
as much. You were already semi-involved weren’t you? If you were then how much
could she have gotten? She’s still going to be sad at the end and maybe even
wind up
what have been.”

“The least she could have done was put out before she left,” jokes Joe.

“I’m guessing your still a virgin then.”

“Not from lack of trying let me tell you, but the furthest I got was second
“Second base is good,” points out Elisha. “A lot of guys your age haven’t
even been

“Yeah, but they’re not staring the barrel of a shot gun that’s ready to go
off any
moment. “I’m gonna die a virgin, and a virgin who couldn’t even get a woman to
touch his
How pathetic is that?”

“That’s not pathetic. It’s not the most ideal situation but it’s far from
pathetic.” She
takes another sip from her pop and thinks about his problem. “What if I were to
say I
help you with your situation?”

“How could you do that? Got any friends you can hook me up with?” he asks
with a
note of

“What if I were to help you out?” she asks more than a little turned on at
the thought
being the first and possibly only woman he’ll ever know.

Joe’s eyes widen at the question. “You mean? Your gonna have sex with me?”

“Why don’t we start slow and see where it leads. I can’t let a cute guy
like you die
without at least experiencing something. Besides, it’s been awhile and I’m
feeling horny.
where’s your bedroom?”

He points out his bedroom and lets her lead him. She closes the door behind
them and
leans in to kiss him.

“I don’t know what I’m doing so you’re gonna have to guide me,” Joe says

“That’s ok, I don’t mind as long as you follow directions,” Elisha answers
with a
in her eye.

“Oh I am. I’m an eager learner and more than willing to do as I’m told.”

“Good, now kiss me,” Elisha commands as Joe steps up and hesitantly kisses
her. “I
having my neck nibbled on, so go ahead and nibble on my neck.”

As he moves his head down to kiss and nibble on her neck, she grabs his
hand and
it to her breast. He takes the hint and fondles her tit as he moves his lips
along her neck.
After a couple minutes he gets bolder and slides his hand under her shirt to
play with her
tits through her bra. She stops him, so she can lift her shirt up over head and
take it off.
She reaches behind her to unhook her bra and tosses that on top of her shirt,
the sight of
smooth stomach and bare tits causing him to gasp.

“Are they as good as you thought they would be?” She asks.

“They’re even better, can I play with them?” He asks looking like a kid in
a candy store.

“Go ahead, I like to have one sucked on while you play with the other.” He
moves in
immediately covers one of her tits with his mouth, and rolling the nipple of the
other one
between his fingers. She moans as she reaches down to place a hand on his jeans
The moment her hand touches she knows he’s ready, probably too ready to last
very long.
her hand up she unbuttons his jeans and pushes them down. As he steps out of his
looks down and sees his boxers tenting obscenely.

“That’s a pretty good bulge in your underwear,” Elisha says as she pushes
his boxers
and he steps out of them. “That’s what, 7-8 inches? Not bad, it’s got good
thickness too.
long do you think it is?”

“That sounds about right,” replies Joe. “But contrary to popular belief men
don’t measure or walk around comparing ourselves to our buddies. I guarantee you
purposely looked at more of them than me. I’ve really only seriously studied

“Well, I know it’s longer than most of the ones I’ve seen, and it’s thicker
too,” she says
as she idly strokes him. Getting on her knees, she pushes him down to sit on the
bed. She
the head, then licks the shaft from balls to head. Opening her mouth she slowly
slides it in,
sucking the head. Keeping the suction intact, she starts pushing her head
further down.
halfway down she swirls her tongue around the shaft before pulling back to the
Soon she’s
pistoning her head up and down on his cock, taking it all the way back to her
Joe pushes her head down further causing her to deep throat his dick. She pulls
off so she can suck on his balls, while continuing to stroke his cock. Moving
back to the
she slides it in and licks the shaft as she moves down. Moving her hands, she
places them
on his
stomach and bobs her head up and down using nothing but her neck muscles.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum,” he warns expecting her to pull off. Instead she
increases her
until he explodes pumping cum into her mouth. A little dribbles out the side of
her mouth
and runs
down her chin, which she quickly scoops up with her finger and rubs it into her

“Wow, I’ve never felt anything like that,” he says out of breath.

“I hope you don’t think your done, cause I’m sure not.”

“Want me to return the favor?”

“For future reference, if you’ve got a naked girl in your room, you don’t
need to ask if
wants you to go down on her. She’s not gonna say no. Would you say no to a girl
you head?
Well, neither am I.”

“You might need to give me some pointers though, remember I’ve never done
before,” he
says. Unbuttoning her pants he pulls them down to reveal a little white
g-string. Silently he
whistles to himself as he pulls the g-string off and sees that she’s completely

Laying back on the bed she says “use your fingers to trace the outline of
my pussy lips.
now slide one finger into my pussy and start to finger fuck it. Now find the
clitoris, look
for the
little man in the boat. Ooooh, that’s him right there. Now swipe your tongue
over it a
couple times,
then use your mouth to suck on it. Uhhhh, those are the basics, the key is to
change it up and keep her guessing what’s coming next. Or if you really want to tease her, get her
going really good and then just pull off.”

“Like this?” He asks as he pulls his fingers and mouth off her pussy.

“Don’t do this to me, I’m so close dammit. I need to cum, let me cum
please,” she
pleads. When
he doesn’t respond, she reaches down to try to finish herself off. But he just
pulls her hand
before finally diving back in. Mere seconds later an orgasm rips through her
clamping her legs
to his head and forcing her pussy into his mouth. When she comes back down
enough to
open her eyes,
she sees him standing there ready to go.

“I see I won’t be needing to get you ready for the main event. Lay down on
your back.
For the
your first time I better be on top so I can have better control of the speed.”

He lays down, his pecker pointing at the ceiling. She climbs on top,
positions him at
opening, and slowly slides herself down his shaft. They both let out a moan when
reaches the
end. She’s so tight he can feel the velvety folds encompass every inch of his
dick. Putting
hands on his chest to steady herself, she starts to raise herself back of his
cock till only the
head is left in. Then she quickly forces herself back down feeling him bottom
out in her
Quickly she starts picking up speed, as he places his hands on her hips to give
leverage to meet her thrusts with thrusts of his own. As she starts losing
herself in the bliss
he wets one finger in her pussy juices and moves it up to rim her asshole. As
she continues
slam herself down on his cock he applies more pressure to the finger on her
Suddenly her
asshole relaxes and his finger plunges in to the first knuckle. That’s enough to
set her off
her second orgasm of the day. Feeling her tight pussy clamp down on his cock
even tighter
him over the edge as well, and he grabs her ass and with one final thrust pumps
his seed
deep into
her cunt.

As she rolls off of him she says “You’re pretty good for a beginner.”

“You’re not bad yourself,” he says panting.

Absently she lets her hand wander down to his cock and starts to stroke it.
else you’d
like to try while we’re at it?” she asks.

“Well, there is this one thing I’ve always wanted to try, but I don’t know
if you’ll want
to or
not,” he says timidly.

Grinning she points out “you never know till you ask.”

“Well, I’ve always had a fantasy about fucking a chick in the ass.”

She thinks about it a minute before responding. “I’ve never taken on there
before. In
fact, your
finger was the first thing I’ve ever had there. I guess if you got me hot enough
I wouldn’t
say no. A
friend of mine tried it and said it feels good as long as the guy goes slow and
uses lots of
lube. Get
me ready, and if I don’t feel up to it then you can settle for fucking my pussy
again, sound

“I guess that’s as good as I’m gonna get,” Joe says as he sets off on a
search for
something to use
as lube. He searches the bathroom but can’t find anything, so he goes into his
room. Finally he
finds a bottle of his mom’s hand lotion and decides that’s good enough.

He holds the bottle as he enters the room. “This is the best I could find.
It was either
this or
soap, and I had a bad experience with soap once so that’s out.”

“That should work fine. Now get some on your fingers and lube me.”

He squirts some lotion on his hand as she gets on all fours. The view of
her ass sticking
up in the
air makes him stop and appreciate it for a moment or two. Finally he gets lotion
on one
finger and works
it around the outside of her rosebud. Then he gently, but firmly, applies
pressure. As she
relaxes her
muscles the finger pops in. He rotates the tip inside to help loosen her up,
before pulling
back out for
more lotion. When his finger is covered again he pushes in and keeps going till
it’s fully
inside. She
starts to hump her ass back against his finger as he starts to move it in and

“I’m read, your finger felt really good back there. It’s just so naughty
that just thinking
your cock in there gets me going. Just remember to be gentle and go slow. I’d
like to be
able to walk
in the morning.”

Joe steps behind the sexy actress and smears lotion on his cock before
lining it up with
her butthole.
He starts to push but meets only resistance, so he reaches down and starts to
rub her clit
to get her to
relax. Finally his cock head pops past her sphincter, and she lets out a
surprised yell that’s
part pain
and part pleasure. He rests there with just the head in until she starts pushing
back against
him. He
starts feeding her the rest, occasionally stopping to let her get accustomed to
the feel.
When his pelvis
hits her ass cheeks they both know it’s all the way in.

“How is it?” Joe asks.

“It feels big. My ass feels like it’s gonna split in two, but in a good,
naughty way,”
Elisha grunts.

“Should I continue, or do you need more time?”

“Go ahead and go slow.”

As he slowly pulls out until just the head is in he says, “You should see
how hot it
looks to have my
cock up your ass.”

“You like fucking my ass don’t you? You love fucking my virgin asshole, I
know you
do.” Elisha says
breathlessly as he plows his way back down her shit chute. She reaches a hand
back and
starts to finger her
pussy while he works her backdoor.

“Hell yeah I do. It’s so tight I don’t think I’ll be able to last much
longer.” He starts to
speed up
his thrusting while she continues to play with her cunt.

“Fuck… ass… God… so good,” Elisha babbles almost incoherently.

“Cum… close…
harder… Oh God.”

She feels the strongest orgasm of her young life rip through her body. Every
tightens up and goes
rigid. At first Joe’s able to hold on, but finally the whole experience
overwhelms him and
he shoots his load
deep into her bowels.

Collapsing in exhaustion she says “never would I have guessed it would feel
that good.
It hurt a little
at the start, but then it just felt so good.”

“I’d love to do it again, but I think I’m done for a while,” Joe says

“Good, cause I’m too tired to even move.”

They both drift off to sleep only to be awakened by the sound of Joe’s dad
opening the

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