Dreams Come True With Shakira

Dreams Come True With Shakira

By Cassidy

With Shakira (MF, mast, Pedo, oral, ws, fist, anal)

DISCLAIMER: You know the rigmarole the events in this story are fictional and based in fantasy, they in no way represent the person in

question. If you are offended by sexually charged material or are underage, STAY AWAY FROM THE STORY!! Like the story? Other

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Levi looked over at his sister. He still couldn’t bring himself to believe what was going on. She glanced at him then turned back to face

the road with a self-satisfied smile on her face. Levi sighed with frustration at the sight of her smirk.

“I knew it, you’re lying,” he complained.

“What? Me? Surely not me,” she said playfully wanting to draw out his insecurity a bit longer.

“Come on Amanda, let’s go back. Maybe I’ll have time to hang out with Todd or something.”

“Nope sorry, no can do,” she said cheerily. “Plus, I’m not lying; you’re just assuming I am.”

Levi stared at her but she ignored it, instead she reached down and flicked on the radio. Instantly her small car filled up with the strong

ululating vocals of a very familiar voice to both she and her little brother: Shakira.

“Wow, how’s that for a coincidence?!” Amanda was overjoyed at chance playing to her whim and helping her tease Levi even


However, Levi didn’t even seem to notice her anymore. His attention was fully on the song blaring out of the speakers. He was

completely entranced with the Columbian’s voice and Amanda didn’t even want to think what his little teenaged brain was thinking about as

he listened. She smiled as she gave his bug-eyed face one more look before she made a turn off into the L.A. city limits.

The song finally over, Levi looked back at her.

“So help me god Amanda, if you’re kidding about this I’m gonna kill you,” he warned.

Amanda laughed, nothing else. The laugh, of course, didn’t ease Levi’s nerves in the least. It kind of made him wish he’d never woken

up yesterday because what the hell was he going to do if she was right? He shuddered at the thought. Rather than let his mind get the

best of him he drew back his memories to early the previous day.

He had been sleeping on the eve of his fourteenth birthday when the feeling of a presence in the room with him awoke him suddenly.

His eyes had darted around the darkened bedroom as they began to adjust to the opaque night’s gloom. What had been incredible and

sudden paranoia turned into instant annoyance as he saw the person responsible for waking him up, his sister Amanda. She was looking

at his wall lined with posters of everything from Rammstein to Fight Club but the ones she was paying more attention to was the multitude

of Shakira posters he’d bought off of Ebay and other sites that catered to his teenage desires by putting any form of delicious T ‘n’ A up on

the auction block.

“What the fuck are you doing Amanda?” he’d said groggily.

“Admiring your little collection here,” she had replied, her voice amused.

“Hey, shut up! Just because I like heavy metal doesn’t mean I can’t like

her also,” Levi had said, defensively.

“Hey, I’m not judging. I was just thinking how much more beautiful she is in real life,” she gave the posters one last glance.

“Well, get up. I came all the way up here to celebrate your damn birthday. Let’s get celebrating,” she said as she exited his


Levi had sat there for what seemed to be five minutes, frozen solid in place. Had

she said what he thought she did? His mind rolled over the possibilities. Finally, able to collect himself, he’d gotten up and walked into the


“Where is Amanda?”

“In the restroom,” his mother said as she poured over the morning breakfast.

From that point forward he’d made sure her entire visit centered around him verifying what she had said. He had asked all types of

question and basically turned her claim inside out for the sake of trying to figure out what kind of trick she was up to. After all Amanda was

prone to this type of shit, especially around holidays and birthdays as it tended to amp up the effect.

Finally, Amanda had caved in and said, “I can call my friend and ask if she can ask her to meet you if you want, just SHUT UP


And he had, with a self-satisfied smile.

Now here he sat increasingly doubtful that this little trip was anything but one really drawn out joke. He turned to face Amanda and

decided to drill her again.

“So how did you meet her again?”

“I already told you, my friend knows Rick Rubin who introduced them per her request. She took me over to meet her the first time and

now every time she’s in town we tend to hang out,” Amanda said.

“Right you two goofballs are Shakira’s L.A. friends. That’s possible,” he said distrustfully.

“Look Agent Scully, you either believe me or you don’t. The girl’s gotta have friends. We just happened to be the ones that she ended

up with here.”

Levi leaned back and took in the possibility again. Was he really going to meet Shakira? He sure as hell hoped so. If Amanda knew,

although he was sure she suspected, why he actually had all those posters up on his walls then maybe she wouldn’t be bringing him

along. The almost sure fact that she suspected his true thoughts about the singer only made him believe ever more strongly that this was

all a ruse, but it seems that he was going to have to wait and see. He let his mind drift, but it never really ventured from images of Shakira

gyrating, he felt his pecker grow in his pants and his heart start to beat as they entered the large part of the city.

Ten minutes later they were driving down a busy street and up ahead he could see all the five star hotels lining the glamorous road.

Amanda dropped the car down to a crawl and turned on her blinker. Levi’s heart went into overtime as he saw her turn into the Hilton. She

drove in and parked.

“You ready?” She was looking at him with a big smile on her face.

He could barely squeak out a yes, his throat was dry and he was shaking from head to toe. Despite all this he managed to get out of

the vehicle and make it into the building and into the elevator. He leaned up against the wall of the elevator once the doors shut and caught

his breath. If this was a trick on Amanda’s part, it was an expensive one. He was feeling more and more sure that this was the real


The ding of the door chime almost made his heart leap out of his chest. He followed Amanda out into the plush hallway. She made

one right turn and headed toward the last door.

Stopping before it, she turned and faced him, “Brace yourself, I don’t want you vomiting or fainting or something stupid, ok?”

He could only nod.

Amanda knocked and within you heard a few shuffled steps. The door opened and standing before him was…a guy. A fuckin’ guy?

What the fuck is this? Levi thought, but before he could say anything the young fellow spoke up.

“Hello Amanda, is this your brother?” He kept his voice a mere whisper.

“Yeah, that’s him,“ she replied cheerily.

“Shhh, she’s sleeping. Come on in,” he stood aside and pushed the door open for them.

Amanda walked in but Levi couldn’t move. This was real. She was inside, sleeping. He was freaking out; thankfully the guy put his

hand on his back and guided him in. Levi finally looked up at him as he was led into a large living room area in the hotel room, which was

larger than his own house.

“Don’t be nervous Levi, she’s very down to earth,” he gave Levi a smile and a wink. The man led him before the entertainment center

that took up the furthest wall of the room..

The man let go of him and offered them a seat before sitting down himself. Levi, however, could not bring himself to sit down just yet.

What lay before him had frozen him up again. The man had plopped down next to the pretty young woman sleeping on the couch in front

of the entertainment center. Her golden locks were draped over the edge of the cushion and her cheek was resting on her arm. The other

arm hung over the edge of the couch. One of her legs was drawn up which only emphasized the insane curve of her backside. She was

barefoot. She was beautiful. She was, without a doubt, Shakira.

Levi snapped out of it and realized that his staring had started up some possibly troublesome stirrings down below. He quickly sat and

continued to stare. The man smiled as he ran his hand through Shakira’s hair. For a while they sat in silence, Amanda and the man

amused at Levi’s fascination. Suddenly the man stood up and offered his hand.

For a second Levi was so out of whack he almost took the man’s hand, but then realized he had offered it to Amanda. Amanda took it

herself and stood up.

“Come on Amanda,” he led her toward the hall that led to the door and turned back to Levi, who know sat confused in his own


“Hope you two have a nice meeting. Don’t worry, she’s expecting you, she’s just tired from last night’s show. She didn’t even get to

dress out before she fell asleep. Happy birthday, we’ll be back in a few hours,” and before Levi could even be sure what the hell was going

on the two had left. A few seconds later he heard the door shut.

As weird as he was feeling, the first thing that ran through his mind was whether he should be here alone with Shakira. Not even his

teenage hormones could save him from the unreality of the situation. That passed soon though as he turned back and looked at the

amazing girl that lay before him. His eyes ran the length of her body and took in every scintillating curve and every delicate detail.

Cautiously he stood up and approached her, suddenly emboldened by the absence of his host and his sister. He tip-toed close to her

and bent down, close to her hair and took in a big whiff of her scent. It became instantly evident that the man had not been lying to him,

the sweet musk of her sweat wafted up from her. It was intoxicating and had an instant effect on Levi. He felt his pubescent shaft stiffen

instantly. He closed his eyes, pleasure filling his mind with an endless array of images all involving her.

Below him she shifted and Levi instantly jetted back to his seat, afraid he’d been caught. Once his heart stopped leaping from his

chest he noticed she’d done just that: shifted. No more, no less. He sighed with relief and got up again, this time the boner in his pants

aching to break through its bounds. Once near her again he grabbed on to his hard on through his pants and adjusted it. His mind was

becoming clouded and it was clear that only one thing was on it.

Here was the subject to all his fantasies before him, asleep. This was now or never. Without a second thought he unbuttoned his

jeans and dropped them down. His cock was tenting the front of his boxers and before he could even register that thought he dropped

those to. He had never seen his cock so hard before but he sure as hell didn’t wonder why it was just that at the moment. Consumed with

lust he set to stroking himself as he looked down on her beauty.

At first he tried to hide the sound of flesh slapping flesh but his desire made that a moot point after a while and he just went all out.

Then, in the midst of his frenzy, an image shot through his mind. He stopped and smiled, his eyes dropping from her serene face to the

arm dangling off the couch. He took one reassuring look around the room and, once sure he was most definitely alone, he dropped to his

knees in front of the Latin goddess.

He could feel his heart beating at his throat and his body was shaking like never before but this was a risk he couldn’t afford to pass

up. He let go of his raging hard-on and slowly reached out for the limp hand that was almost touching the floor. His fingers made contact

at last and he felt a surge of blood force his cock into even more rigidity. Shakira did not flinch so he slipped his hand over hers even more

confidently. He could feel the warmth of her small palm in his sweaty grasp. He slightly tightened his grip on her and then scooted closer

to her.

Lifting her arm up slightly and ever so carefully he slipped under it, spreading his legs out and positioning his throbbing cock under the

area were her hand would hang. He slowly lowered her hand down and then let it go. He felt the smooth fingers of her slight hand slide

over his shaft and rest on his balls. It was simply too much, the thought of her hand on his penis made a spasm go through his body and

suddenly he shot out a thick wad of cream followed by a seemingly endless series of smaller shots. He looked at his dick as it helplessly

shot streams of warm goo all over her hand and arm. He shut his eyes and threw his head back in ecstasy.

The surges of orgasm washed over him until he felt the faint hints of pain in his cock. He looked up at it and realized that it was

resultant of his lingering hard on. Despite the hardest, not to mention best, cum of his life he was still raging hard. He glanced around the

room again, still unsure of himself but too far ahead to give a damn. He set his eyes back on her arm and let them drop to her hand.

Semen oozed down her arm and webbed between her thumb and forefinger. A single strand connected it to the pool at the base of his


The full implications of what he had done hit Levi head on and, emboldened by his bravado, he reached out again and took a hold of

Shakira’s hand. He brought it back over his cock and then closed it around the stiff shaft. Holding her hand tight so that it encircled his

manhood he began to make her stroke him. He tugged her hand slowly, as not to rouse her, his eyes jetting between the sight of her tiny

fist over his cock and her sleeping face. The adrenaline shot to his body as now he risked waking her with the escalated amount of

movement he was making her undergo.

After a minute it seemed she grew accustomed to the feeling of his forced manipulation. He had not only grown accustomed but was

literally burning up with desire as his cock pushed its limits of growth. The semen that coated her hand and his penis was serving as a

lubricant to the actions creating a foamy coating that pooled on the edges of her tiny palm. Levi stared at his hand guiding hers and felt his

balls pull up against the base of his cock, he was about to explode…

He whimpered as he felt her hand tighten around his cock. His eyes shot up to Shakira’s face, she was staring at him angrily. He

stuttered, trying to find an explanation for his actions but was finding it impossible to even think. He attempted another explanation but was

instantly muted as he felt her hand slide down his shaft and over his balls, she tightened her grip.

“What do you think you are doing?” Shakira asked, her grip tightening even more with each accented word.

“I…uh…I’m sorry, I just…I…,” he was at a loss.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my room?” Again she tightened her grip, but this time when Levi groaned it was out of pure

ecstasy, he felt another heavy load of cum shoot out at the feeling of her grasp on his sensitive balls. He opened his eyes in time to see a

massive wad of cum arc up onto the couch and hit the side of her hips, the semen forming small rivulets down her curves and soaking

down her belly and the crotch of her tight pants. Shakira stared at the mess, her grip on his pulsating balls loosening. Levi stared at her

stained hips and stomach, it was enough to make his cock harden again. She was like living, breathing Viagra, he thought, suddenly not

caring that he got caught.

Shakira glanced back at him and slid her upper body off the couch, bringing her other arm down beside his own hips to support herself.

Levi couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Shakira looked up at him, she was holding his cock in one hand and her hair was brushing up

against his balls. She spoke, her warm breath caressing his purple head.

“You’re the birthday boy aren’t you?”

Levi could only nod.

“Well then, happy birthday,” she said, a smile creeping up on her face.

Levi was about to stutter something undoubtedly stupid when he saw her look down at his cock, open her mouth and bring her head

down on it. His own head felt every detail of her mouth as it slide down her tongue and into her throat. He desperately wanted to close his

eyes and let the sensations take him over but that would mean that he’d have to banish the sight of Shakira sucking his dick. So he looked

and made sure that every second of this was permanently etched in his memory.

Shakira let go of his cock and brought her other hand down besides his hip, letting her expert mouth do all the work. She slid her tongue

over his head and then, mimicking a push-up she brought her head down on his cock again, this time all the way down to the base of his

rod. Once there she rammed her head up and down in quick, violent succession until she felt her lungs scream out for air. Finally, in dire

need of oxygen, she rose up from his cock tracking heavy strings of spit up with her.

“You like that, birthday boy?” She said, any sense of anger she once had now completely gone.

Levi could only moan and nod.

“Then you’ll love this.”

With that she slid off the couch and above Levi. Her knees coming down with catlike grace by the sides of his head. She leaned

forward, resting her stomach on his and then looked at him over her curved back and the rise of her supple latex clad ass.

“If you want your birthday gift then you have to give me something in return,” she said.

Levi felt his dreams shatter just then. He had nothing that a woman of her prominence could possibly want. He felt his rush begin to

die, his cock begin to drain of its previous exuberance.

Almost as if she sensed it, Shakira turned her focus back to his cock and wrapped her mouth around its head. With a mind-blowing

slowness she began to go down on it. Halfway down she began to rotate her head, her hair flying wildly about, on Levi’s package. He’d

never felt anything like that, the frenzied way she made his foreskin slide on and off his glans was enough to drive a man wild. He would of

done just that had her constant attention drawn forth yet more from his already drained balls. He felt his load flow out with unexpected

thickness into her mouth.

Shakira didn’t stop either, instead she kept on milking his cock until she felt she had taken everything it had to offer. Only then did she

stop. She looked back at Levi and smiled, letting his thick semen run down her chin, down her throat, and into her cleavage.

“You want to feel that way again, you have to earn it little boy,” she purred out.

Levi nodded, knowing that right then he would kill a man for the opportunity to feel her mouth on him again.

“Good,” she said, and with that she laid her body down on his and reached back with her hands.

Levi watched as Shakira slid her pretty little hands over the cum that had hit her form-fitting latex pants and down over her world

famous ass cheeks. She gave them a little jiggle which, when it came to Shakira, translated to a big jiggle. He was instantly mesmerized,

of all of Shakira’s attributes her huge ass was his favorite and now it sat mere inches from his face shaking like a damned plate of


“I want you to eat my pussy,” Shakira said, her ass coming to a rest. She brought one of her hands down hard on her ass. Then, as if

that were her cue, she dug her fingernails into the weak latex material right at the cleft of her perfect butt. Once in she pulled and, with a

hard thwacking sound, the material ripped open to reveal the glory of her bare ass and pussy.

Levi’s eyes widened and both his hands reached up and came down firmly on a respective butt cheek. He glanced back at her and she

gave him an encouraging smile. He looked down at her oozing bare pussy and, not really knowing what he was doing, began to stick his

tongue in and out of it. He could hear Shakira instantaneously react to his attentions. Her lust filled moans literally bounced off the


And it was the very thought of her pleasure-filled screams bouncing off the wall that made Levi think of the one thing he wanted to do most

at the moment. He stopped tonguing her velvety folds and glanced up between her most sacred of places, her ass. A tiny uncorrupted

asshole winked at him, beckoning him. Without even a second thought he launched his face in between her massive buttocks and, first

taking a mighty sniff, he plunged his tongue into her puckered anus. Any other woman and the smell of sweat mingled with the pungent

stench of her filthy asshole would make him retch, but this was Shakira and the scent seemed almost holy to him.

“What are you…,”she started to say but instantly closed her eyes and laid her head down over his cock as waves of pleasure ran

throughout her. She had never been touched there in that way.

Levi, deciding to make it all the more a pleasant experience for himself, began to wobbled her ass cheeks toward his face, making

them slap him violently as he tongued her almost violently. It’s all it took, suddenly he felt Shakira’s ass begin to tremble on it’s own and

he pulled back to watch it undulate in all it’s glory. And glorious it was. She threw back her head and screamed with all her might as her

body involuntarily shook with pleasure. Levi felt warmth at his chest and glanced a bit down to see that her orgasm had been so intense

that she had urinated on him, having lost control of herself. Finally, she collapsed on him, exhausted.

Levi smiled but there was still the matter of his continuously raging boner. He tried frantically to reach for it so he could at least rub it

out, but he didn’t have a chance. He felt her vicious grip and suddenly she leapt from atop him until she stood above him, still holding his


“You didn’t think that wiped me out did you?” she smiled wickedly. “I think it’s time to but something bigger than a tongue in there,

don’t you?”

Levi had to agree.

…To be continued….

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