Dreams Do Come True (Even For Dirty Old men)

Dreams Do Come True (Even for Dirty Old Men)

By Jonathan Pieffer

Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears.

Spank, M/F, M/f, F/f, F/F, NC, RAPE


This story is fake. LIES all LIES!!!! It has not and probably will never happen, but if it does take pictures and call me!! The people in this story do not exist, any similarity to real people is your overworked imagination… figments fantasy, fiction and stuff.

No celebrities were harmed during the writing of this story,
if their careers are in the toilet look to their parents or agents, not me. Your mileage may vary, void where prohibited by law.

If you happen to be one of the celebrities that are included in this story, please don’t sue me, I’m piss poor!!!

Continue at your own risk, you’ve been warned.

“What an unappreciated live I live!!” Jeff screamed into the night from inside his small taxi cab. Jeff was a cabbie in the city of Detroit, the only “white” man to drive a cab in his district, the worst district as it was. He had the task of having to through Auburn Hills and having to transport “stuck-up” and wealthy people, obviously looking down on him.

Jeff drove home that night, collapsing into his bed after a long night, and flipping on the TV, watching the local news. The anchor on TV was talking of something that Jeff could care less about, until the words “Spears Sisters” was mentioned, Jeff turned around immediately. It turns out that Britney and Jamie-Lynn Spears were in Detroit for the weekend for a publicity meet.

Jeff had always obsessed over Britney Spears, a 40 year old man, living alone and in a three room apartment, MTV seemed as though it was the only thing Jeff had, but watching the teen pop-star grind her hips or dance around the rain in her underwear was all Jeff had.

Jeff sighed heavily and turned off the television, slipping off to sleep in the thoughts of Britney Spears and all of the things he could do. Four hours later Jeff had to greet another ungrateful day full of chauffeuring around rich people for little to no appreciation, but today was the day that his life would change….along with the lives of Britney and Jamie-Lynn Spears!


They had been shopping for hours, Jamie had gone into various shops as Britney signed autographs, and they had just finished chatting over Mocha Lattés and Ceaser Salads, and the sun was setting in Auburn Hills and the Spears wanted to return to their hotel before it could get any darker.

They stepped out of the small bistro and looked up and down the block, not wanting to take public transportation, but neither had their cell phones to call their chauffeur and their bodyguard had gone to fetch a paper, and had not yet returned. They decided to hail a cab, as it would be cheaper than to pay for gas money and they wouldn’t have to wait for Brutus to return.

Jeff noticed the extended arm of a young woman from the corner of his hot across the street. He pulled up the corner, slowly pulling towards the woman, when he noticed their was two, as he pulled closer, he noticed who they were; the Spears Sisters!! Jamie opened the door for her older sister, both climbed in closing the door, as Jeff drove off onto the freeway.

He decided to strike up a conversation immediately; after all, his secret obsession sat in his back seat, a woman he had craved to “taste” since she had reached puberty! “What are you two doing in Detroit!?” Jeff asked, hoping to make conversation. Britney turned to her sister, rolling her eyes and sighed; “we’re here for some off time and publicity.” Jeff looked at the two from seat, suddenly realizing the power he held over the two, but shook it off. “That sounds great, how long will you…” Britney didn’t want to hear anther middle aged man drool over her while they attempted to talk to her, especially this low-class, balding man, he smelled funny, or so Jamie said. “Okay, look we’re not here to talk to you or listen to you, we don’t care about what you have to say, just shut up and drive!!”

The rest of the drive was quiet, as Jeff had now made a decision, he would not be disrespected by a 21 year old stuck-up bitch, he would make her pay for that! He pulled off the freeway and off the exit to Sandra, a local suburb right outside of Detroit, much like what South Beach is to Miami. He drove through the night, until he reached the Four Seasons, where he stopped and collected the fair, cursing off the young women under his breath as they slammed the door behind them, the windows shaking.

Jeff drove home that night, plotting in his head, he knew what he was going to do, and he was going to enjoy doing it. He noted the address in his head, and drove home as fast as he could, running into his kitchen and called up the only friend he really had; a 6’11 305lb “black” man, armature basketball player for the Detroit Stars, Kareem.

Jeff told the man of what had happened and of his plans, and asked that Kareem bring the other four members of the starting five for the Detroit Stars, all fairly tall, fairly built “black” men and also to bring his van. The five men and the van arrived 15 minutes later, just as Jeff was done getting dressed. He was wearing a black sweat outfit and had a skiing mask on his head, as did the other five men, minus the ski masks.

They drove back to the hotel that Jeff had driven to earlier, having made a quick stop on the way, picking up three of the Star’s cheerleaders, in the offer of 20,000 dollars each to suck the cocks of the six men and to kidnap the Spears sisters! The three women swallowed their pride and six men’s cum for 60 grand and shortly there after arrived at the hotel.

They parked the van outback of the building, and gave the women a bottle of chloroform, a rag and a knife to help assist them in their task. The three women quickly hurried through the office, into the elevators, ridding up to the 40th floor in hopes of finding the Spears sisters in the penthouse. They knocked on the door and awaited an answer, which they got in the form of an “Who is it?” from Britney Spears, again they knocked, this time they door swung open in a haste and in front of the four women stood the stunning Britney Spears, wrapped in a robe, looking shocked not knowing the three people standing out front of her door.

Faster than Britney could think, she was in the hallway, struggling under the grasp of three women, attempting to cover her sheer teddy before realizing there was a knife at her throat! One of the women, the one holding Britney’s chin and the knife at her throat spoke slowly; “listen slut, you’re going to bring you and that whore of a little sister are coming with us, and if either of you refuse, I’ll slit your fucking throats!” The woman throws Britney to the ground and pushes her through the door to get her sister, “what am I going to tell her?” Britney thinks, but before she can answer, she is laying out cold on the floor, now in the hands of three women and a knife.

SLAP! SLAP!! “Get the hell up bitch!” Someone was continually slapping her ass as she tried to get up, feeling as though she had a hang-over. “What the fuck are you doing?!” Britney screamed as loud as she could for this “early in the morning.” The woman that stood above Britney laughed, pulling the poor girl up by her hair, pressing Britney’s nose down with the tip of the gun. “Whatever the fuck I want to do bitch I have the gun here!”

That’s when it all came back to her, the hotel room, the knife, the cab ride…here sister! Britney looked around the room, feeling a sense of relieve…for all of about two seconds before she saw her sister. Her sister sat tied naked to a chair, a rope running around her body, between her legs, and around her breasts, binding her to a chair. She was blindfolded with her own panties, and as if the women had read Britney’s mind, stated as she twirled Britney’s hair around her figure; “those are your panties in her mouth”. Britney herself was neither gagged nor bond, only naked, now sitting on a bed in a cheap hotel room, and from what Britney could see out the window, there was nothing around her, that’s when she realized what was going to happen.

Before Britney could say anything, the woman stopped toying with Britney’s hair and walked over to Jaime-Lynn and jammed the gun to her head, turning towards Britney, talking slowly. “Okay princess here’s the deal, we’re getting paid sixty grand to suck six guy’s cock and kidnap you and your sister’s sleazy ass. The other two are taking care of the blowjobs; the only ‘blowing’ I have to do is blowing her brains out if you don’t do what I say. At this point Jamie is making nervous “MPPHH!!” sounds through her gag, but the woman slaps her in the face, quitting her down.

Britney thinks for a moment, staring at her bound, wide-eyed sister, before beginning to cry and giving in. “Okay, okay fine just please don’t hurt my sister! What do you want with me?” The woman holding the gun laughs for a moment before slapping Jamie for the hell of it and turning to Britney. “I don’t want anything with you slut! I’m only being paid to kidnap you and watch you become a fuck toy! On the other hand,” the woman begins to rub Jaime’s nipple “I wouldn’t mind making her my own fuck toy.”

Just as the woman says that, six men walk into the room followed by two women who are naked, cum trying on their breasts. The man Britney recognized as the cabbie she had yelled at the day before turned to the woman holding the gun and asked if they were ready, the woman nodded and smiled toward Jamie; “I’ll make sure her sister has a front row seat.” The woman turned her back on Britney as the other two women who had just walked in followed her, and they began to explore Jamie-Lynn, first playing her tits, before working their way down to her inner thighs, Jaime’s young pussy getting warmer.

“Okay slut.” Jeff said, grabbing Britney’s hair, “lets see how good you are at sucking cock.” Jeff unbuttoned his pants and pushed Britney down, level with his crotch as he pulled down his boxer-shorts, grabbing the back of Britney’s head and forcing it within inches of his cock.

“Listen up bitch you’re going to suck cock if you want to get out of here alive…or if you’d rather your sister take a bullet to the back of the head!” With that Jeff pushes Britney’s head as close as he can, she finally opens her mouth and brings herself to nothing more than in her eyes a second class whore.

“That’s right bitch, you like that don’t you!? You cock teasing bitch!” Jeff continues to yell as Britney works at the only thing she is good at in hopes of saving her sister’s life. “That’s enough whore, you’re not as good as I would have thought” Jeff said slapping Britney in the head, she lands on the bed face-up.

Without warning, Britney felt a sudden pinch to her nipples, as Jeff began to rub his hands down her silky naked body. He leaned down, his hard cock resting on her stomach, she tried to move away, and this only pleased him more knowing that she was not comfortable with the situation. He slid up her body, his hand being wrapped around the cock, searching for the small entry that was still tight from other uses. He slid the head into her and she bucked, but it was not a buck to get away from, she was pushing him deeper inside her, suddenly she craved it!!

He felt a shudder rack through her body all of the way to her toes and he enjoyed the feeling, the whole shudder tightening her inner pussy walls around him. He pushed in and out of her, gripping her hips and pushing her legs around his waist. He lifted her off of the bed. He lifted her and entered her to the maximum of his penis, driving deeper still. She shuddered and moaned, and her eyes finally opened to see the pleasure on his face. He smiled at her and was racked with the pleasure, he would barely look at her. He let his eyes just focus on those perky breasts that swayed with him, thrusting into her. He shook with need and want, his lust larger for the both of them.

She let out a cry of happiness as he found the spot that was her joy button. She tightened and fought not to, she wanted to stop this feeling, but instead she loved it, and then she was dripping with more juices that they knew she had in her. She was dripping with her lust for having a hard cock inside her, and she was full of shame, it showed on the blush on her face. Jeff kept riding her, his cock growing and hitting parts of her, and then he was cumming, filling her with his semen and loving every moment of her. He pulled her hard against his body and came inside of her, holding her still.

What had seemed like hours to Britney was over…but was she upset?! Did she crave that sex? Did he give her something she could not find elsewhere? Her mind cleared and she finally realized this horrible incident was over…why were they going over to Jaime?! Across the room, Jamie-Lynn Spears was being playfully spanked and mocked by the three women, they tweaked her nipples, and ran their hands along her thighs but what scared Britney was the fact that Jeff was now walking toward Jamie!!!

“What are you doing?!” Britney called out. One of the women picked up the gun from the bed across from Britney and pointed it at her; “shut the fuck up before I blow your brains out!” Jeff pulls Jamie up by the hair, batting away one of the women who are still rubbing her, and throw her on the bed across from Britney. “Tied the other bitch up, it’s time for some fun.” Jeff orders from the women, who are now binding the unmoving Britney with the ropes that once held Jaime-Lynn. “What are you going to….” where the only words Jamie could get out before she was forced face first against the mattress, her ass in the air. “Okay Kareem, we’re going to fuck this bitch raw from both ends so to speak.” Jeff said as he lifted the helpless girl onto the floor, a bright red ball gag now secured on her face.

“Get her on the ground and straighten this bitch up Jeff, then we’ll double her pain.” Kareem said as Jeff pushed Jamie to the ground, her ass in the air…

*TBC (I’ll leave you hanging)

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