Dreams of Genie

Title: Dreams of Genie

Author: Tori

Celebs: Scarlett Johansson, Megyn Kelly, Ivanka Trump, Sabrina Carpenter, Selena Gomez

Codes: MF, oral, anal, fantasy

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Dylan was at the end of his rope.  He’d been out of work for almost four months and he just spent the last of his money on a cup of coffee.  He rolled up his filthy sleeping bag and hung his backpack over his shoulder and headed up to the boardwalk.  Venice Beach was full of homeless people just like he was.  They strolled along the bike paths and past the shops like zombies, begging for spare change and searching through the garbage for something to eat.  Dylan was now just like the rest of them and he didn’t like it.  No sir, the 24 year old didn’t like it at all.

As he walked through the sand, he stepped on something making him jump back.  When he looked down, he saw a multi colored bottle sticking up.  He bent down and pulled it out.  Dylan looked at it and then shook it, trying to hear if there was something inside.  Just then he heard a voice say, “Hey, knock it off already.”  He looked around but didn’t see anyone so he shook the bottle again and the voice said, “Knock it off asshole and let me out.”  Dylan stared at the bottle and then pulled the stopper out.  As soon as he did, a large plume of blue smoke poured out of the bottle and suddenly, a huge black man was standing in front of him.   He spread his arms out and took a deep breathe and said, “Oh thank you for freeing me.”

Dylan took a step back and stumbled, falling on his ass.  The black man put his hands on his hips and laughed. Reaching down, he grabbed Dylan’s hand and said, “Here, let me help you up.”  When he was back on his feet, he started brushing the sand off his ass and said, “What are you?”  He smile and said, “I’m a Genie dumbass.  What do you think I am?”  Dylan looked at him and said, “You don’t look like a Genie.”  The Genie laughed out loud and then crossed his arms and blinked.  In an instant, the man changed into a tall brunette dressed in a tiny harem outfit.  She looked at him and said, “Is this better?”  Dylan smiled and said, “Jesus, you’re sexy as fuck.”  The Genie giggled and said, “I bet you say that to all the Genies.”  Dylan laughed and said, “Funny but I think you should change into something more appropriate.”  The Genie looked around at some of the girls up on the boardwalk and then blinked.  Her harem costume was instantly changed into shorts and t-shirt.  Dylan’s jaw dropped at the sight of her beauty and felt his cock getting hard.

Dylan stared at the gorgeous Genie for a few minutes and then said, “What now?  I mean, I freed you so do I get a wish or what?”  The Genie smiled and said, “You are my Master.  I will do whatever you desire.”  Dylan couldn’t believe it.  He didn’t know what he wanted first.  A moment later he said, “I want a big house on the beach.”  The Genie crossed her arms and blinked.  Suddenly, they were standing in the living room of a gorgeous home.  Dylan looked out through the huge window and saw the beach and the ocean just a few feet away.  He looked around and then said, “Holy shit!  Is this mine?”  The Genie nodded and said, “Yes Master.  It’s all yours.  Why don’t you go get cleaned up and while you do, think about what else it is that you desire.  Remember, your wish is my command.”

After his shower, he put on a pair of shorts and went downstairs.  Genie was sitting on the couch channel surfing through the TV.  “Master?  This device is fascinating, what is it called?”  Dylan smiled and said, “That’s a TV.  You know, television?”  Genie put the remote down and stood up.  She looked at Dylan and said, “You look so much better now.”  She leaned in and sniffed and said, “You smell much better too.”  She giggled as Dylan looked her over and said, “Tell me, is this the real you or was that black guy the real you?”  Genie put her hands on her hips and said, “I can be whatever you desire Master.”  Dylan looked over at the TV and saw The Avengers on the screen.  He looked at Genie and said, “Well then, I wish you looked like Scarlett Johansson.”  In a blink of the eye, Genie changed into Scarlett.  She smiled at Dylan and in Scarlett’s voice said, “So, am I more desirable now?”  Dylan got closer and put his put his hands on her fabulous breasts and said, “Wow, I can’t believe it.”  He looked at Genie and then the TV and said, “You look and sound exactly like her.”  Genie pulled her t-shirt up over her head and said, “You do know that I belong to you Master.  You can do whatever you want with me.”

Dylan thought for a second and said, “If that’s true then I think you should get on your knees and give me a blowjob.”  Genie/Scarlett dropped to her knees and pulled his shorts down.  She opened her mouth and engulfed his raging hardon with her mouth.  Her full lips wrapped around Dylan’s shaft as her tongue poked out, licking his balls.  She began to bob up and down on him and as she sucked him, she reached around and squeezed his ass.  Dylan placed his hands on the back of her head and helped her deep throat his hard cock.  The gorgeous redhead sucked and sucked and suddenly Dylan cried out, “SHIT!! I’M CUMMING!!!!!”  She took him down her throat and swallowed his hot load and when he finally finished, Genie pulled off and sat back on her heels.  She looked up at him with Scarlett’s big emerald eyes and licked her lips.  “Mmmmmm Master.  It’s been a very long time since I tasted anything so delicious.”

Dylan sat down and looked at the beautiful women in front of him and said, “I can’t believe I just came in Scarlett Johansson’s mouth.”  Genie giggled and then Dylan said, “You know what I mean.”  As she stood up, Dylan slapped her ass and said, “Give me a couple of minutes and then I want to fuck that ass.”  Genie crossed her arms and said, “Why wait.”  She blinked and Dylan’s cock was rock hard again.   She turned around and with her hands, spread her ass cheeks apart as she sat down on her Masters cock.  The gorgeous redhead slammed her ass up and down on him, taking him balls deep each time.  Dylan grabbed her huge breasts and squeezed them, pulling her back against his chest.  He slid his hands down and under the thighs, picking her up so he could ram his cock deep up her ass.  He sodomized the Genie for several minutes and then filled her gaping ass with another load of hot cum.  Genie/Scarlett quickly dropped to her knees and licked his cock clean.  After she swallowed, she hopped up on the couch and snuggled against him.  “Oh Master.  You really know how to treat a woman.”  Dylan ran his fingers through her soft red hair and then picked up the remote.  He flipped through the channels until he stopped on a news program.

Up on the screen was Megyn Kelly, NBC News anchor, reading a story.  Dylan looked at Genie and said, “See that bitch?  I really hate her.”  Genie watched for a minute and smiled, “Would you like to have some fun with her Master?”  Dylan nodded and then Genie crossed her arms and blinked.  Suddenly, as Megyn read her story, she farted.  Megyn shifted in her chair and then farted again even louder than before.  Dylan started to laugh and then Genie blinked one more time.  The camera man pulled back showing Megyn sitting at her desk looking nervous.  Suddenly another loud fart erupted only this time Megyn shot up out of her chair and looked down.  Several people standing nearby pointed at her and started to laugh.  The camera followed Megyn as she tried to run off the set but just before they cut to commercial, the entire world saw the huge brown stain on the back of the newscasters tan slacks.  It seemed she had shit her pants right there on camera.  Dylan and Genie were laughing so hard, they both fell off the couch and rolled around on the floor.  Dylan pulled Genie up and hugged her and said, “That was awesome.”  He kissed her and Genie said, “Thank you Master.  I love watching you laugh.”  Dylan held his stomach and said, “I haven’t laughed like that in a long time.”

Genie sat up and said, “Should we find someone else to have fun with Master?”  Dylan grabbed the remote and flipped through the channels and then said, “This looks interesting.”  Genie watched and said, “Who is he Master?”  Dylan said, “That is the President of the United States.”  Dylan had stopped on CSPAN.  The President was holding a press conference and standing behind him, along with his aides, was his daughter Ivanka.  He saw the puzzled look on her face and said, “He’s kind of like a king only with no real power.”  Genie nodded and said, “Oh, I think I understand.”  Dylan pointed and said, “See that blonde?  She’s his daughter.  She should show everyone just how much she loves her Daddy, don’t you?”  Genie smiled and then blinked.  Suddenly, as the President spoke, Ivanka moved to his side and then dropped to her knees.  In front of everyone, she took out his cock and started to suck him off.  The entire room was silent except for the slurping sound of Ivanka sucking her Daddy’s cock.  After several minutes, Ivanka took his cock out of her mouth and stroked it until he shot his load on her face.  She squeezed out the remainder of his cum and then stood up and walked back behind him, seemingly unaware of what she’d just done.  The President stood for a second before stuffing his cock back into his pants and then said, “I think that’s all for today ladies and gentlemen.”  He quickly walked off the podium and grabbed Ivanka’s hand, pulling her behind him.

This time though, Dylan didn’t laugh.  Instead, he grabbed the sexy redhead and kissed her.  The two made out for several minutes and then Dylan pulled her on top of him and stuffed his cock into her sopping wet pussy.  Genie rode him long and hard, pounding herself up and down on his cock.  Dylan grabbed her hips and shoved his cock balls deep inside of her, filling her with cum.  Genie leaned down and kissed him deeply and said, “I’m famished Master.  Can we go out and get something to eat?”  Dylan kissed her back and said, “Of course we can.”  After a long hot shower together, Genie blinked Dylan into a brand new suit and then blinked herself into a gorgeous evening dress.  He looked her over and said, “I wonder what everyone at the restaurant will think when I walk in with Scarlett Johansson on my arm?”  Genie just smiled and said, “They’ll probably all be very jealous Master.”

Genie was correct, when they walked into the restaurant, everyone stared at the couple as they walked over to their corner table.  Luckily, the topic of conversation of the evening seemed to involve a certain President getting a blowjob from his daughter on live TV.  The two ate their dinner and as they were just about to leave, a young blonde approached them and said, “Ms. Johansson, could I please get your autograph?”  Genie smiled and looked at Dylan for help.  Dylan took the girl’s notepad and handed it to Genie.  He leaned in and whispered, “Sign Scarlett Johansson’s name on the paper.”  Genie said, “Oh, I understand Master.”  The girl looked at her and said, “Wow, you call your date Master?  That’s so hot!”  Dylan laughed and said, “She’s just having fun.  Now if you don’t mind, miss?”  He looked at her and she said, “Sabrina, Sabrina Carpenter.  I’m a huge fan.”  He looked at her and recognized the gorgeous actress and said, “Well Sabrina Carpenter, it was very nice to meet you.”  The two walked out to the parking lot and Dylan opened the door for Genie.  After closing the door, he walked around to the driver’s side and saw Sabrina standing on the sidewalk smiling.  Dylan waved at her and got into the car.  When they arrived back at the house, Genie said, “Master, may I ask you a question?”  Dylan took off his jacket and said, “Sure, what’s on your mind?”  Genie sat down next to him and said, “You were quite taken with that young girl, weren’t you?”  Dylan looked at her and said, “You mean Sabrina?  Well, yes, she’s very beautiful.  Why do you ask?”  Genie ran her hand along his leg and said, “You can fuck her if you want to Master.  I won’t mind.”  Dylan smiled and said, “It doesn’t work like that Genie.  I just can’t go up to anyone I desire and fuck them.  There has to be a mutual attraction.”  Genie smiled and said, “Oh Master, you’re so silly.”  She folded her arms and blinked.  In an instant, the young singer was standing in front of them.

“Holy shit!”  Sabrina looked around and said, “What the fuck just happened?”  Dylan stood up and said, “Sabrina, I’m sorry.  Genie here kind of jumped the gun.”  The cute blonde looked at Genie/Scarlett and said, “Ohhhhhh fuck.  You’re not Scarlett Johansson are you?”  Genie laughed and said, “Nope.  I’m Genie and my Master wants to have sex with you.”  Sabrina stepped back and held her hands up and said, “Wait a minute, hold on.  Are you trying to tell me that you brought me here so he can fuck me?”  Genie blinked and suddenly Sabrina was completely naked.  Dylan looked at the gorgeous blonde standing in front of her and when she realized she was naked, she screamed.  Genie blinked again and Sabrina was frozen in time.  She looked at Dylan and said, “Master?  I don’t understand.  Why is she screaming?”  Dylan walked over to the naked teen and as he admired her perfect body, he said, “I’m not into rape Genie so please, just blink her back to where she came from, ok?”  Genie looked puzzled but crossed her arms and said, “As you wish Master.”  She blinked and Olivia disappeared.  As soon as she was gone, Dylan sat down and said, “Don’t ever do that again, understand?”  Genie looked down, pouting and said, “I’m sorry Master.”

After a few minutes, Genie stood up and said, “I have an idea Master.”  Dylan looked up and said, “I’m really not in the mood right now.”  Genie stood in front of him and said, “If you can’t have the real Sabrina…..”  She blinked and said, “…..you can have me.”  Dylan looked up and saw that Genie had turned herself into Sabrina Carpenter.  The gorgeous 18 year old was right there in all her glory and even though Dylan knew it was Genie, he did want to fuck her.  “Well, I guess if I can fuck Scarlett Johansson, I can fuck just about any woman I want, right?”  Genie dropped to her knees in front of him and said, “Of course Master.  I saw the way you lusted after her and I do want to please you.”  Dylan pulled his cock out and said, “Then shut up and start pleasing me.”

Dylan spent the next several hours fucking all of Sabrina/Genie’s holes.  After he couldn’t get it up anymore, he made his way upstairs and took a shower.  When he came out, he found a gorgeous brunette lying on the bed.  She had her legs spread wide open and was fingering her sloppy pussy.  Dylan stood at the end of the bed and said, “Genie?”  Selena Gomez opened her eyes and winked.  Dylan looked at the gorgeous Latina.  She was perfect right down to the mole on her breast.  Selena/Genie smiled and said, “I can be any woman you desire Master.”  Dylan hopped on the bed and said, “On your knees bitch.”  Genie did as she was told and within seconds, Dylan shoved his cock into her asshole and sodomized her until he filled her with cum.  She licked and cleaned his cock before the two fell asleep in each other’s arms.  When Dylan woke up, he was alone in bed.  The shower was running so he went in and found Genie had turned herself back into Scarlett.  The two showered together and Genie sucked him off before the two went downstairs and had breakfast.  Dylan sat across the table from Genie and smiled.  The gorgeous Scarlett Johansson lookalike smiled back and they ate their eggs in silence.

Outside in the hallway, Dr. Shields and his nurse were observing their patient through the one way mirror.  The nurse watched the young man as he appeared to be eating.  She said, “Doctor?  He’s definitely had a psychotic break.  Do you think he’ll ever come back to reality?”  The doctor shook his head and said, “Maybe but I doubt it.  He’s been unresponsive ever since they found him on the beach talking to a broken beer bottle.”  As the two turned to leave, the nurse added, “I wonder who Scarlett is?”

The End

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