Dressing Room Disaster

Title: Dressing Room Disaster
Author: Proudstar81
Codes: voy, anal, oral, first, nc, cons, MF
Celebs: Danneel Harris & Sophia Bush

Disclaimer: Don’t read unless you are over 18 and aren’t opposed to consenting sex between adults, or two women having sex with each other. If you are under 18, stop now.

It was a wet and windy day on the set of one tree hill, the cast and crew were filming a cheerleader catfight scene between the sometimes friends and rivals Rachel Gattina and Brooke Davis – played by Danneel Harris and Sophia Bush.

The girls where rolling around
on the ground pulling hair and ripping at each others uniforms… for the past 10 minutes, when the director yelled “CUT” that’s a wrap for the day. About fuckin time screamed Sophia i’m fuckin freezing as she stormed off to her dressing room.

Mac a new crew man, who’s job was to retrive all camera gear and pack it away, was laughing quitely to himself about Sophia’s tantrum, untill he noticed Danneel looking at him from under the catering tent, and quickly stopped untill she smiled and waved at him, he guessed she too thought Sophia was rather amusing. Mac bent down to pick up one of the camera bags and then looked up to see if Danneel was still there looking at him… but she was gone, all of a sudden he felt a tap on his shoulder – Mac spun round to see Danneel standing there dripping wet, she leaned in kissed him on the lips and then whispered “when you finish packing up meet me in my dressing room” she then turned and left.

Mac couldn’t believe his ears, nor could he believe that Danneel Harris had just planted one smack bang on his lips. This was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up even it it was a prank, so he quickly began to gather up the rest of the camera gear and cram it away in the media van, so he could rush and find out for sure.

Fifften minutes later, Mac was standing outside Danneel’s dressing room door wondering if he should knock or not. He thought for a minute and then said “fuck it” as he plucked up the courage and knocked on her door… “just a minute” a voice from behind the door called, a couple of seconds later the door opened and there stood Danneel wrapped in a one tree hill robe (which all cast members got) hair still dripping wet, come in she said as Mac stepped in and closed the door behind him.

As Mac closed the door behind him, he couldn’t believe how flash looking Danneel’s dressing room was – he had seen some of the guys ones and they where always trashed and run down, but this was amazing…. “Please sit down” as Danneel motioned for Mac to sit down on the couch that was next to him, before dropping down next to him herself rather closely.

They began chatting about work on the set and the upcoming episodes and plot lines, but Mac was distracted as he happened to notice Danneel’s robe had fallen open and one of her perky well shaped breasts had popped out into view, he was thinking to himself what he would give to suck on the breast right there and then – he then deicded to move in and kiss her, as Danneel returned the favor Mac reached out and began to massage Danneel’s free breast, as he did so she let out a soft moan in between kissing him – they continued to kiss for about another five minutes before Danneel stopped kissing him and removed his hand from her breast, Mac thought he had did something wrong.. especially when she stood up, untill she smiled and removed the robe, dropping it to the floor.

Danneel was now standing in front of Mac completely naked, he couldn’t tear his eyes away from her gorgeous well toned body – he also noticed that she was completely shaven downstairs… which Mac preferred on his woman. Mac then pulled Danneel back down to the couch, before sliding off and moving between her legs, he spread her legs and then slipped a couple of fingers into her, she yelped as he thrust one, then two and finally three fingers up her snatch – he began pumping his fingers in and out as Danneel tried to rock with the rythm of the thrusting fingers, Mac stopped and pulled all three digits out which disappointed Danneel, untill he moved his head down between her legs and began to lap away at her now wet pussy. Mac continued to lick at Danneel’s pussy as her moans became louder and louder, he then began to work his tounge over her clit which sent a thundering orgasm through her body, but he didn’t stop and continued to ravage her dripping wet snatch, untill she came another three times.

Mac finished after Danneel had came a total of 4 times just from his tounge and finger action. He then stood up removed his shirt and began to unzip his pants saying “my turn now” with a smile on his face as he freed his rock hard 9inch cock from his trousers. Danneel gasped at the size as it wasn’t just long it was quite thick as well and then with a smirk on her face reached out and began stroking it with both hands before leaning forward, opening her mouth and began to bob up and down on Mac’s member.

Mac let out soft moans as Danneel continued to suck his cock and each time she heard him moan, she gripped tighter and sucked harder, till he couldn’t hold on any longer and let out in a deep voice “I’m gonna blow” which just spurred Danneel even more. She kept pumping away till she felt him tense up and shot his warm sticky load down the back of her throat, she made sure not to lose a single drop as she gulped it all down and then looked up at Mac with a smile and said in a sly voice “seeing as how your still hard, i want you to ravage my pussy with that cock of yours” Mac didn’t need to be told twice and pulled Danneel up off her knees, he then bent her over the end of the couch. Parting her legs, he moved behind her and lined his cock up with her dripping wet pussy and sunk the entire length of his 9inch cock into her in one go – which caused Danneel to scream out as he forced his way into her, Mac began to pump in and out slowly at first so she could get get used to him. After awhile Danneel began to moan which Mac took as a sign that he could change pace and began to build up rhythm as he thrusted faster and faster into her dripping snatch… as Mac continued his assult on he pussy, he licked one of his fingers and then forced it deep into her arse “what the fuck, i didn’t say anything about anal play you prick” hissed Danneel as Mac forced his finger deeper into her virgin arse. “Just going with the flow baby” laughed Mac as he slipped anothr digit into her tight hole, Danneel now with tears begining to stream down her face begged him to stop the fingering of her arse, “I invited you to my trailer, I sucked you off and i’m letting you fuck my pussy, please leave my arse alone”. Mac stopped, pulling his cock out of her pussy and also removed the two fingers from her arse… “thank you” she said.

Who said anything about stopping Mac said, as he repostioned himself and lined his cock with her arse and pushed the head of his knob into her… “Nooooooooooo” screamed Danneel, please not in the arse, but Mac just forced more and more of his cock untill he had his entire length inside her now no longer virgin arse “Nice and tight” he laughed and then began to slowly thrust in and out of her. Danneel was sobbing as the searing pain in her arse was to much for her to take. Mac continued to pound Danneel’s arse for another twenty minutes as he did so he would alternate from cupping her breasts to fingering her pussy, even though Danneel was objecting from the anal intrusion he could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter – “someone’s enjoying herself isn’t she” he joked, she wasn’t impressed with his continues jokes and laughing, but he did have a point, she didn’t want to admit it… but her body was giving way to the pleasure and she knew it wouldn’t be long at the rate he was going before she would climax. She was trying to hold off from climaxing but the continous anal pounding and the constant rubbing Mac was giving her clit sent her ove the edge.

Mac felt Danneel’s whole body began to shake as her orgasam washed over her as she screamed out in ecstasy, after she came down from the high she sighed in relief once it was over as she knew it was now over on her end and just had to wait for him to finish, but Mac continued to work away at her pussy which caused Danneel to cum again this time harder than before – which suprised her as it had never happened before… this time as she orgasamed she clenched her arse checks together which sent Mac over the edge as he let out a loud moan and began to empty his load deep into her arse, Danneel was suprised at the amount she felt him empty inside of her. Once Mac finished he pulled his now deflating cock out of her arse and watched his cum flow from her gapping hole and run down her leg.

Just then Sophia Bush walked in the door with a smile on her face “Did you enjoy pounding her little arse baby” Sophia said to Mac with a smile on her face. “What the fuck is going on Sophia, do you know this creep” hissed Danneel. “Of course, I set this whole thing up and told him him if he got the chance to ravage that tight little arse of yours” – “Why!!! cried Danneel”, “It was cos you’ve been getting all the special treatment since your new – you got the better dressing room, more publicitiy and i wanted a little revenge” laughed Sophia.

Sophia then grabbed Mac by the hand as they left Danneel naked on the floor sobing into her hands and said to him “now that my revenge is out of the way, your coming with me to my place, i love a good anal pounding and from what i saw through the window your just the man for the job”

Mac just smiled and nodded as they walked away.

The End.

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